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Love or lust? P.2. (this part came out before P.1. I know, it's weird, but cop it).

This story lies after my return from France; yes, after all the 'Exchange trip to France' stories. However, this is mainly a continuation of 'Love or lust? P.1', which finished with me leaving for France for an exchange.
Read P.1. for the background or beginning of the story if needed, although there is no sex in that chapter, just an introduction (however, I know it's weird, but this part came out first, I just felt like writing this section of the story first, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t find my P.1., it will be out soon!).

This story is where the fun begins, but I will admit it takes a long time to begin the fun stuff. This is a true story and I’m writing it for my benefit as well as for the sex stuff that you guys like to read, so this makes the story rather long and deive. I’m also writing it for here because I love to read stories here too, so I felt the need to give back.

Please NOTE: I am not a virgin because of what happened in France, but Ashley thinks I am a virgin, and I'm not too proud of the French girl ordeal, so I don't tell her (I'm kind of ashamed of it), though FYI, I wasn't 'cheating' on her because we weren't really 'going out' at the time.


I'll first describe myself: I'm a 17 year old Australian guy, I'm relatively tall, 6ft exactly, long brown straight hair that gets bleached by the sun to be blond and I'm a bit lighter than the average build. I keep fit mainly by just doing the odd run every few days, but I don't work out much, so I remain rather slim. I have two sisters, a mum and a dad.


I had arrived back from France; I had had a nice recovery day, followed by a few welcome parties from friends, and a few gatherings or chill fests. After a while, I managed to build up the courage to give Ashley a call. After all, I had ditched her to go to France without telling her, and she seemed pretty pissed off, but I liked her company, and I could use someone to talk to right about now, and I wouldn’t mind seeing if I could start up that ‘fling’ again we had those few months back, where we would just meet up for a make out session; one of them I scored a blow job, but we never actually had sex. I called her and was surprised to hear she was more than happy to hear from me and would be delighted to come around.

This meeting however, deviated slightly from the typical routine we had back in the day. The norm was organised; Ashley told her parents that she was going to Amanda's house (a friend of Ashley’s who lives close to me; Ashley lives really far away), but in fact was going to mine, but this time it wasn't for just for an afternoon, or a few hours. My parents were gone for the weekend to our beach house and one of my sisters was sleeping at friend's place and the other was at her boyfriend's house for basically the whole weekend. Of course, my parents wouldn't approve my sisters leaving me alone in the house for such long time, but they only wouldn't approve if they found out. I did the figures and found that I could safely assume the house would be all mine from about 3pm on Saturday for about 28 hours: until 5 - 8pm on Sunday night, making the perfect weekend. And before you ask, house parties where parents are away are messy and I don't like them; I've been to one and a fight broke out. The cops showed and I had to make a statement, the worst part being that there was weed there; it was really just luck my parents didn't find out about my wrong doings. I didn’t do any weed, but if they found out I was in the vicinity of the illegal substance, I would have been a dead man. This pretty much threw me off the idea of having my own house parties for good.

I had told her the things happening, and that she was welcome to sleep at my house if she wanted to, but I would understand if she didn't want to or couldn't, but I also made the option clear that she could come for a normal day out on Sunday if she wished. I knew it was a long shot, but it couldn’t hurt in trying. The answer also depended if she could sucker her parents letting her sleep at 'Amanda's house'. But I was given the 'all clear' sign when she called back and said that her parents said it was fine, she told them they were doing an "assignment" and it would be easier as a sleep over because it was a pain to drive back to her house. I laughed at that one. If told my parents I was going to a friend’s place for a sleep over for an "assignment" the first question they would ask would be "what assignment?" I guess different parents get enticed by different words. We planned for Ashley to arrive at 4pm, a good hour after the house is clear. I was surprised things were working so well; I guess I didn’t piss off Ashley about going to France as much as I thought.

I was playing of COD (6) on the computer when the knock came at a bit after 4pm. I had just died (losing a kill streak I might add), so I dashed to the door to let her in. I opened the door and my dog Max ran inside to her rug as usual, but I wasn't looking at Max; I was looking at her. She was standing there in pink tracksuit pants, with a relatively baggy jumper on. She had on her beautiful face her big wide, welcoming smiles I could never get sick of seeing. I reckon the world does "stop and stare for a while" when she smiles. I wanted to give her a big hug and kiss, but she was carrying an unusually large number of bags, and they looked heavy. I swiftly walked to her and grabbed the bags out of her hands, and took the one off her back.
"Damn, thanks, I've walked about 2kms with those bags so be happy I brought them." She said as she stretched her shoulders. I realised what was in one of them when I heard the clanks of glass bottles from inside it. I gave it a shake to emphasise the noise and grinned mischievously at Ashley, who looked back at me innocently.
"Amanda thought we might get thirsty so she got her brother to buy some 'refreshments' for us." She said sarcastically, in an innocent little girl's voice, while giving a puppy dog eye look.I just shook my head while grinning and gestured her to walk inside, me following her, while I kicked the front door shut with my foot.

I placed the bags in the kitchen on the bench I told Ashley that I was in an awesome COD game and was doing pretty well so I wanted to quickly finish it.
"Well, guess what I brought Aaron..." She said, as she reached into another one of her bags, and took out her dad's laptop, his really good laptop.
"Let's play some COD together you spunk!" She slapped my ass as she ran past to the computer room. I blinked, slowly. I couldn't believe this. She brought her dad's laptop to play COD with me. Wow. This weekend was really going to be great!

Ashley likes COD, as much as most of we guys do, the only reason she doesn't play is because she can't afford a computer and her family computer is made of wood so it's way too shit to play COD. Even if she did save enough to buy one herself, her parents are like mine; they don't let you buy your own computer for yourself, "anti-social" being the main word of their excuse.

I looked at the table and noticed she left her charger and mouse here, so I grabbed them and took them to the computer room, entering find her continuing my game. I laughed as I began to hook up her laptop. She was really good at sniping and quick scoping so she had chosen my sniper weapons class set, I'm more the opposite; I prefer being up close and personal, using flash grenades combined with melee and shotguns. I could see she was very good, better than I thought, rolling a 10 kill streak in only a couple of minutes. It was cut short by a camping noob tuber; a cheap, but as Ashley just proved, a deadly combination.
"Fuck that!" She yelled at the screen.
"Noob tubing is one thing, but camping AND noob tubing is just stupid!" She yelled, trying to convince no one in particular. It took all my strength to not laugh my heart out at this scene unraveling before me as I set up her laptop with our network. She was a serious gamer, dead serious. Perhaps it's a good thing she doesn't have her own laptop, after all. I finished setting up her laptop and grabbed a spare headset and plugged it in. I grabbed mine I already had connected on my computer and handed it to Ashley, carefully, worried that I might disturb her game. She took them off me and put them on.
"Thanks babes!" She said, I guess she can quite easily separate her game emotions from life, which I'm glad of; I don't want an angry COD addict in my house all weekend. I smiled at the thought of playing COD with a girl, with the knowledge that I was just about to do just that. I put the headset on and sat down at her computer, at the opposite side of the desk to Ashley. I launched COD and looked at Ashley and grinned. I was getting prepared for the most intense games of COD in my life.

We played COD for a good 3 hours; we concluded we'd stop after one of us got a tactical nuke (25 kill streak reward which ends the game). After some heavy team work we got one; we agreed it would be easier to be me, as she could cover me and snipe loose runners while I ran in and flushed them out. And then, as agreed, we stopped. We were massively COD'd out, my voice was sore; too much screaming at the screen, and my eyes felt square. But it was all worth it though. It was great fun. During the course of our game play, as you can imagine, we got pretty worked up. I had taken my t-shirt and socks off, leaving only my jeans on. Ashley had taken her jumper off, followed by her jeans. Later, she took off her t-shirt too and she played for a while with just her bra and panties on, a pretty hot scene if you ask me. I mean, just imagine an extremely hot chick playing COD in just her underwear with a headset on. Yes, hot. Although, it didn't last long because I kept ogling her near-naked top half rather than concentrating on the game. She gave me a couple of chances but ended up having to put one of my oversized t-shirts I wear to bed from the nearby basket of washing, rolling her eyes in the process. The last piece of clothing to hit the floor was when she reached under her t-shirt and snapped her bra off from under the shirt, then dropping it to the floor. She never met my eyes while she did this; I expected a lusty look or something, but this left her just in her large t-shirt and panties hiding her nakedness.

We turned off the computers and got up, stretching as we did so, me being very aware of her near nakedness. She bent over to pick up her discarded clothes and I walked over to her and grabbed her perfectly formed ass, caressing it with my hands, with only her panties to obstruct them.
"You should watch where point that ass, girl, or someone might get ideas." I said cheekily, as she gently pushed back on my hands. Past her ass I could see down the t-shirt and I could just make out the ends of her tits.

After that brief moment of awe, she stood straight up and flipped around, facing me, looking at me dead in the eyes. She grabbed me around the neck and pulled me into a kiss. I grabbed her around the shoulders, I loved it the way our tongues danced with each other; it was amazing. My hands managed to find their way under her shirt, grasping her bare back, while hers had dropped down into my jeans and grabbed my ass, while giving it a nice squeeze. She edged her hands out of my jeans and jumped on me, her hands linking around my neck and shoulders, while my hands quickly gripped her legs to reduce the weight on my back. This sudden jump caused me to lose balance slightly, and I walked backwards quickly and hit a side wall, which hurt my back a but I wasn't really thinking about pain right then; I was thinking more of her tight gripping my shoulders while savagely attacking my lips. However, I eventually got tired, my arms felt like they were going to drop out of their sockets not to mention my back was sore from carrying her for so long, so I told her I had to drop her, and tell her I needed a rest.
"We'll finish this later." She winked as she released my shoulders, dropped down and walked off. I eyed her sexy pair legs as they trotted off that I just had my hands on not two seconds ago, yet I wanted to touch them more.

I walked back to the kitchen while cracking my neck and stretching my shoulders.
"Next time she can do that carrying and I'll force her onto the wall." I laughed at the thought of a girl nearly half my size carrying me with my hairy legs wrapped around her waist. That's when I remembered why I was in the kitchen in the first place.
"Ashley!" I yelled. "Cooking some dinner, did do you want anything?"
"Anything! I don't care!" She called back, her voice echoing from upstairs, probably because she was in the bathroom.
I decided to go for the simple as I wasn't much of a cook; bacon and eggs with toast.

I had just started serving the bacon and eggs when feet sliding across the floor towards the kitchen.
“Mmmm….smells nice.” She said as she walked into the room. Her hair was wet from what I assumed the shower. It made her look just that much sexier, she continued to wear her t-shirt and panties though, from what I could see she wasn’t wearing her bra either. I didn’t wonder for very long; she apparently could read minds.
“I forgot to bring my clothes upstairs, but it was hot anyway and I like this t-shirt.” She grinned. “It suites you well too.” I smiled. I pointed out her seat, with my freshly prepared meal on the table in front. I had cooked it perfectly and I was quite proud of my work. She sat down and I sat down on the opposite side, bringing my plate with me. She asked me what happened in France. The normal questions, how was my family, did we get along, what did I do, etc. I answered them and she seemed a tad jealous, especially the part where I told her I tried weed and how I got drunk so many times.
“Well, we got heaps of booze here.” She winked. I told her maybe later, when we could sleep it off. I followed my responses with some of my own, typical conversation questions. I did learn that she had had a boyfriend while I was away, which upset me a little, but it didn’t last long anyway because she compared him to me, and he just “couldn’t make the scale” she said. She noticed the sport section of the newspaper and we began to talk about the footy; what’d I miss, what was happening how my team was going. Just general chat.

After we had finished, I picked up our plates and took them to the dishwasher. As I was bending over packing the plates into the dishwasher, I felt some hands gently placed on my ass.
“Mmmm…” She purred, “Such a nice feel to it.” She put the tops of hands into my jeans, giving her a feel of the top of my ass. I packed the last plate, closed the dishwasher as I stood up, pulling her hands away. I turned around, my eyes meeting with hers. I leaned in and kissed her, just a deep, soft peck on the lips, but she seemed to have her weapons loaded as she attacked my mouth with her tongue, her hands wrapping around my bare shoulders. I didn’t want break anything in the kitchen, nor did I want this to stop, so I looped my left arm under her legs and lifted her up, my right arm holding her back up and she squealed from surprise. I started walking, or running, up the hallway and up the stairs to my room, being careful of her legs from hitting the side walls. The whole way she was trying to kiss me, but had failed miserably. I threw her onto the bed and jumped on after her.

This make-out session continued for a long while. It felt good: her warm body next to mine, freedom for my hands to roam around on her, under her shirt, but most importantly, her tight ass (my favourite).

After a while of this, she started to kiss down my body, starting down my chin, down my neck, very slowly down my stomach and abs until she reached my jeans. She worked her way in undoing the fly, and then slowly pulled them down with my jocks, my hard member springing from confinement. She pulling my pants and jocks to the end of my feet and threw them on the floor. Now the only shred of clothing I had on was a necklace. I concluded what Ashley's plan was.

"Ashley, you don't have to do that." I knew how much she hated blowjobs.
"I want to though; I want to...make you feel good." She responded, and with that took a mouthful of my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my body; the heat and wetness was amazing, and the sucking and tongue swirling around was an added bonus. I closed my eyes; put my hands behind my head, savoring the feeling. Sometimes my cock would touch the back of her throat. I wished it would happen more often. I alternated my hands between resting behind her head, gently guiding her head on my cock, to back behind my head.

This continued for a few minutes until she suddenly stopped, my cocking leaving her mouth and meeting with the cool air. I guess she wanted a break. I felt her weight shift off the bed, and was so deeply relaxed that I just lay there, eyes closed, waiting for her return to my pulsing member. I must have fallen asleep for a few seconds because when I came too I felt her sweet mouth descend onto my cock again, and the touch of her arms being placed on the top part of both of my legs...but that was when I realized something was different. All her weight seemed to be pushing on me, and her mouth felt...different. My suspicions were confirmed as realized that the arms resting on my legs weren’t in fact her arms, but were the shins of her legs. My cock hadn't been engulfed by her mouth, but had slipped into her hot, wet, steaming cunt! I was immediately wide awake and was about to start yelling at her, but was quickly silenced by a kiss, her now naked boobs crashing into my chest. She must have stripped while I was asleep. The sudden movement of her caused my cock to sink even deeper into her depths; waves of pleasures sparked through my body, me groaning into her mouth as we kissed. Her tongue explored my mouth and I hers. My hands grabbed her tanned back tightly. After the kiss I managed to get a word out.

"I thought we agreed that we would...well agree to do this for one...but also much later?" I said, rather annoyed that she had decided to do this while I was basically asleep to avoid an argument. I could call the cops and charge her for rape. I ought to.
"Yeah, well, I changed my mind. I think we have waited long enough, too long actually." She replied, with a matter-of-fact tone.
"Why didn't you just ask me rather than just mounting me randomly? You know you just took each of our virginities. If you had just asked I would have said yes." I stated, still aware my cock was nested deep inside her pulsing pussy.
"Well I know you Aaron and I know you'd get all shitty if I asked, you may have said yes but only after asking me a thousand billion times if I had thought about and if you were the right guy blah blah I decided for the surprise attack!" She replied.
"It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission." She quoted from a character in a movie we had watched. I wouldn't tell her, but she was right. I would have argued and basically been a brick wall to talk to. I had a very strict moral compass when it came to sex, especially involving cherries being popped; I believed one's first time sticks in your mind the most and should be taken with delicacy. I've told Ashley all these ideals at one stage, which is why she knew the best route to take if she wanted, well, a root. All other three bases were basically ok with no complaints off me, but fourth base is where I start getting ‘shitty’ as Ashley said.

"Man! How come we didn't do this sooner! It feels so good!" She cried out in pleasure, the syllable of 'man' dragging out. She leaned back, my hands releasing her back; the movements of her tight pussy on my cock caused me to moan. She arched her head back as far as it would go, her messy, sweaty hair drooping down her back, placing her hands behind her to keep herself balanced. My hands found her hips, helping her stay still. She wriggled her hips back and forth; getting use to the feeling of my shaft inside her, if not, trying to get it to wriggle deeper. She had the face of a girl that would be in absolute sheer pleasure, yet all she had felt was my cock buried basically only stationary inside her.

She leaned her head forward again, making eye contact with me.
"For the record, I think I made a perfect decision involving my first time." She smiled at me.
"What about me?" I asked, slightly accusingly.
"Well it's too late now, you are forever and ever going to have me in your mind as your cherry popper. Lifelong torture. Cry me a river." She laughed and I frowned, but agreed.
"You're right, sometimes I over analyse things a bit too much." I agreed.
"Just a bit too much. But that’s what I love about you Aaron, you are so selfless. So we going to get started or what?” The compliment seemed to do a good job in making me forget what she did earlier.
“Don't usually girls bleed their first time? Are you ok?" I asked, slightly concerned. She'd already told but I'd completely forgotten.
"I told you: I broke hymen when I fell off a horse; so if you called that as my virginity I lost it when I was 12."
I laughed as my hands roamed from her sides to her ass cheeks, my hands giving her a nice squeeze. Damn, so firm.
"I was just worried about you. That’s all. Well, that's good; we can get right into the action then!"

She grinned at me, her eyes gleaming with lust and she began to slowly wriggle her hips, back and forth, across my belly, my hands guiding her. The slow movement was driving me crazy; it nearly felt like she was teasing me, but according to her screwed up face she was feeling the same way. She was biting her lip as if she was suppressing a moan, but this didn’t last as she started to increase her tempo, slowly getting faster, until she started to begin bouncing rather than just rocking, causing us both to moan uncontrollably. Up and down, up and down, her hair bouncing with each fluid movement. She would drop until nearly all my cock was inside her, then rise again until just the tip of my cock was in her, then drop again. I found my hips had started moving, instinct had taken over, and each thrust meeting her downwards plunge onto my shaft. My hands continued to help her up and down, gripping her ass cheeks as tight as they could. I loved the feeling of her firm ass slapping into me as she came down. A few times she rose too high and my cock slipped out of her pussy, before she came down falling on top of it awkwardly. We’d both just laugh, and we’d work together in getting back in, before resuming the process. Each time it happened she got a little faster in aiming back in line, before descending right back onto it. It was a good sight; watching my cock slide in and out of her pussy. I sat up and took one of her tits into my mouth, my hands grabbing her back, brushing her hair aside and continuing their quest to help her motion of riding my cock. The sucking sent her even wilder than she was; her moaning was now a scream.
“Oh my god! Aaron! That feels…so…good!”

Despite the setbacks and pauses I knew I couldn’t last much longer; it’d had been a miracle I’d lasted so long, even though it wasn’t actually that long, it just felt long to me. I felt the tingling feeling in my balls and the point of no return arriving swiftly.
“Ashley, I’m , I mean I’m gonna…” I was cut short.
“ It’s ok baby, I’m cumming too, just hold on a bit longer, just a bit…Ohhhhhhhh Aaron! I’ve been waiting for so long from France!” She groaned hysterically as she did one final plunge onto my cock. Her orgasm began; her pussy walls began to contract and squeeze wildly around my cock, which caused me to squirt a deep load inside of her, squirt after squirt, load after load. I felt like it wouldn’t end. I had my face buried between her tits with my hands behind her back, her hair draped over them, while I was pulling her into me and was moaning into her tits, using them as a muffler. I was exhausted as a fell back onto the bed, gently pulling her with me. It was only then I realised something of crucial importance.
“Oh my god! We didn’t use a condom! Shit! Do you have a…”
“It’s ok, I’m on the pill.” She said quickly, and rather impatiently, as if to say ‘how dumb do you think I am?’

This answer satisfied me somewhat as I relaxed and drifted off to sleep with her in my arms.


I'll make P. 3. if I get good ratings for this/I can be bothered.
Cheers. P.1 will be up soon too for those who want a background story.

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