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Twins and their Secrets.

…..We thought we were so clever, fooling mom and dad. That part just made it all the more exciting. Tina and I (Tom), are twins. We are non-identical and people don’t even realize we are brother and sister. We’ve found all kinds of ways to secretly meet at mom and dad’s house.

….We were both married now, but our past lives live on. We were not about to give up the sexual fun we’d been having for years. Mom had caught us once when we were little, and told us not to touch each others ‘private parts’. We ignored her and snuck around and did it anyway. When you grow up with someone who you learned from, tested, tried out and the two of you have great oral sex, you don’t give that up.

…We had never had regular sex.

….My sister was the hottest girl I’d ever been with. She knew me so well, she could make me hot with just a look across a room.

….At family gatherings, she would just smile and rub her lips. I knew that meant she wanted to suck on my cock. A quick finger in her mouth meant, she want me to cum in her mouth. Over time we had set up these secret signals. I would adjust my crouch and that signaled to her I wanted her to jack me off. Fiddling with my shirt pocked meant I wanted to feel her tits. We love playing this game and no one knew a thing….*we thought. (our mom was no dummy to our attraction to each other)

….When we visited each other at our apartments, our spouses didn’t know a thing as we signaled each other to make each other aroused. If we were left alone for even a short time, her hands went for my cock and mine for her pussy and the quick feels we loved. Our spouses figured that because we grew up together as twins, some friendly butt smacking between us was normal….but when they were in the other room or bathroom….butt, pussy and cock feel quickly took place.

...A tongue kiss, a tit feel, a body rub, a cock rub was daring and gave us a thrill. When we talked on our cell phones, it was about family…until they left the room and our whispering began. “Tina, I want to suck on your clit in the back seat of my car”. She would get hot and gasp… “Tom, I’m going to make you cum in my mouth, in your bed, while your wife is sleeping.” ….That was just a sample of our conversations to make each other hot. We came up with erotic things we said we were going to do to each other. Tearing clothes off, fucking in front of our spouses, licking her pussy under the table. Rubbing warm lotion on, whipped cream to lick off her pussy, tasty things to put on my cock she liked.

…Unlike other brother and sisters, we got along pretty good growing up. We were late bloomers about sex. We were in or mid-teens when we started with just asking questions about sex. After a while we asked to look at each others cock and pussy. “Does yours feel good when you do this?”…and “Does yours feel good when you rub this?”….kind of questions.

... I remember one afternoon when our parents were gone, I told Tina that my cock felt so good when I rubbed it up and down, watch this. She watched me stroke my cock faster and then shoot some cum out. She was so excited she touched it and felt the cum. She asked me to put my finger in her pussy and push it in and out like my cock was in there. I did and she got out of breath a little and said how great that felt. From there… she jacked me off and I fingered her every chance we got.

... She showed me how to feel her tits and play with the nipples. We began to lay down beside each other, her face next to my cock and her pussy next to my face. We just let any urge we had take place. I began to lick around her pussy and she stroked my cock. Next she started her tongue licking my cock. I started my tongue in her pussy. We directed each other as to where it felt best.

... We both got hot each time we did it and very excited. She showed me how to rub her clit and where to feel inside her pussy. I showed her where to lick my cock and to put her mouth over my cock as I shot my cum. This was great and we did our oral sex as much as we could. We got good at this and moaned and squirmed as we came.

….No matter what boyfriends she had, or girlfriends I had, we still had our ‘secret sessions’ for us to cum with each other. We got so we could arouse the other one fast and really hot, since we knew all the hot spots on each other. She got hot almost instantly if I tongue kissed her and felt her clit real fast. She knew how to rub my cock in my pants to a quick hardon.

….This went on even when we left home and both got married. Give us 20 minutes and we had each other cuming good. A quick hand in her panties to rub her clit, and a hot tongue kiss and she was moaning and jerking an orgasm. She could put her hand down my pants and jack me off in a hurry, and had me cum in her hand. She licked her hand to make the cum disappear.

…We like to meet at our parents house and have a session in our old rooms.

….One day I got some bad news. My husband had been cheating on me…but with who of all people?….
Tom’s wife.
….I had to tell him. We both had dull and boring marriages, but we had each other, so we just lived with it. At first I felt sad, then it hit me…this meant that Tom and I could…

…Oh my god…as my mind drifted into my favorite fantasy…..having sex with my twin brother. I began to smile as I stood there. As I fantasized I didn’t even realize my hand was rubbing my clit over my skirt. It was different this time. My clit became warm inside it. I got instantly wet and I had to take a big breath. No one was home. I headed for the bathroom.

... I pulled my panties off and sat on the lid of the toilet. The door was locked and I went right back to my fantasy, but now…I had my hand feeling my bush and slit, just the way Tom does it. I leaned back and spread my legs wide. My pussy was already soaking wet and it felt warm. I closed my eyes and I could almost feel Tom’s cock head entering my pussy. I put three fingers in my pussy like he does. I felt a tremendous orgasm building in my pussy.

...I took my other hand and began rubbing my clit like he does. I pictured him sliding his beautiful cock in me finally. It came quick as I jumped with a spasm. I pushed my fingers in me deep with each stroke…and then I orgasmed hard. I let out a loud moan I hoped the neighbors didn’t hear. My pussy felt like never before as it contracted around my fingers. My clit felt so wonderful as I massaged it, over and over. I sat there …exhausted for a long time…

….We had wanted to for years, but never did because we were brother and sister. That put up some kind of block to us fucking each other with his cock in my pussy. We had managed to put it out of our minds for years, but now. I got so horny just thinking about it, I quick called Tom. We agreed to meet and mom and dads as they would be gone for a while.

…It was an afternoon. My husband worked nights, and Tom’s wife was at her moms. We had time for a hot session and I had some news for Tom.

Tom thought….
…Sis sound excited on the phone. I got to our parents house and went up stairs to Tina’s old bedroom where we always met. This time she had on a nightie that was so sexy I was stunned. She had not done this before. I looked her hot body over and she smiled strange as she did a dance and strip for me. She came over and started undressing me.

... I felt she was up to something. We lay in her old bed naked. She got on top of me and squirmed as I got a fast hardon as usual. She said: “I have some bad news and some good news.” She told me all about it and that now things had changed. I told her I already knew my wife was cheating, but I never knew who the guy, or guys were. I really didn’t care as our marriage was about over anyway. Tina said her cheater husband could cheat all he wanted, but she now didn’t want sex with him. Tina smiled big…”..and now for the good news.

…I’ve wanted to have ’all the way’ sex with you for all of our life now, and now“…. That was the last word she got out as she kissed me with that wonderful tongue of hers. No more needed to be said. The one girl I had wanted to fuck so bad, for so long was right on top of me…naked.

….We went into slow motion taking our time to feel our bodies and let the turn on build up. She was so sexy and her warm body on top of me as awesome. We began to lick each other all over. I loved hearing her breathe hard and moan. We rolled over, kissed, licked, felt and played for a ½ hour at least. I teased her pussy by rubbing the head of my cock on her clit. She shook and moaned like never before. I opened her legs wide and kissed her sweet pussy and clit. She trembled and squirmed waiting for the feel of my cock to enter her wet pussy.

…We took it real slow at first to savor the moment….then…we couldn’t hold back any more. We grabbed each other butt cheeks and began to drive us tightly together. She was the ultimate perfect fit. Her wet pussy surrounded my cock. Warm, wet and it massaged my cock as it went all the way in. She gasp!…and lost her breath.

… (…”oh…my…god..”) she whispered. I could only moan. I felt her whole body all over as we started the motion. (“..Tom, I think I’m gonna die sweet brother, it just feels ’too’ good to be real.”) she whispered, as she moaned so wonderful.

…We already knew what the other one liked. I tongue kissed her as she squeezed my butt cheeks. It was two people on a rocket ride to heaven. Our brains and bodies began to flow together, as we became as one, letting the natural urges take us way over the top. It was beyond any previous pleasure we’d ever known. We fucked as one wonderful unit as we felt our bodies all over and drove us together hard as the intense hard fucking caused us to force blend us together. I felt like and animal who finally getting to mate. She moaned and joined me in the ride beyond euphoria.

...The bed bounced as our bodies slapped together when…..we locked up and started shaking. I felt my balls shoot the biggest load of my life. Her pussy squirmed in delight as it massaged my dick. We know we were loud as it happened. He legs wrapped around me as she climaxed harder that she ever had before. We had lost all our air and both gasp for more as the feelings we had went beyond any scale. We just held on for the ride as our fucking acted on it’s own, banging us hard and reaching deep for the last bit of feeling in us…..

…Time seem to stop as we lay locked together for a undetermined amount of time…...

….The next sound we heard was our mom!

…* She stood in the doorway with a big smile and said quietly: “I can’t leave you two alone for 5 minutes without you fighting.”
…Eventually we ended up living together in an apartment. We got some ’smiles’ from some of our neighbors as we got… (kinda ‘loud’ at night.)…..
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