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This story will lead to my first adventure with a man
My story starts out at the tender age of 14. Summer time is the best time of the year. I was raised in a small town in Illinois and the whole town was my playground. I had found that I liked playing with my dick, it was of good size for my age and it measured 6 inches hard. I was doing this at least once a day and sometimes twice. I found lots of hiding spots to do this and would alway take my pants off and enjoy the breeze and the excitement of possible getting caught. I did not have to be home till dark and so would go around town and peer into windows and hopefully watch someone taking their clothes off or getting dressed. There was this old lady who run the hardware store and she was always talking with me and telling me what a fine looking boy I was. Sometimes I would expose myself to her and she would just look and smile. This one afternoon I was sitting on my back step and was enjoying the fact that I was alone in the house and sitting out there without any clothes on was just getting me very excited. I started playing with my self and was so involved with that I did not notice a man come up the drive way and as he turned the corner there I was. He was known around town as being the town drunk. You could smell beer on his breath. He asked what I was doing and told me to just sit there and do as he asked. I was in shock and just sat there and did not move. He come close and looked me over and reached down and felt my dick. He said that I had a nice size dick and wanted to know if I enjoyed being nude. I just shook my head and he told me that if I get dressed and get into his pickup he would not tell my folks what I was doing. I got dressed and went with him in his truck and we drove a little out of town. He stopped the truck and told me to drive. I said that I do not know how to drive and he said that he would show me. I got behind the wheel and he told me what to do and how to steer and where the brake and foot feed was. I started out and soon got the hang of it. He was sitting very close to me and his hand was resting on my leg. He told me to pull into this old deserted farm and to get behind the barn. I did and then he unzipped my pants and pulled them down. He told me to get naked for him and not wanting to cause any problems I did. He unzipped his pants and told me to look and feel his dick. I reached over and took his dick in my hand and started to play with it like I always did with mine. All of a sudden some fluid came out of his pee hole and he told me to lick it off. I lowered my head and he then shoved my face down onto his dick. I opened my mouth and it went in and I was choking. He told me to breath through my nose and so after doing that I stopped choking. He was moving my head up and down and told me to think of it as a sucker. He then started calling me his little cock sucker and that I was his to have when ever he wanted. I did not think too much about that as I thought that I could always run away from him. All of a sudden his dick exploded and he was down my throat and I swallowed everything. He then reached over and took my dick into his mouth and sucked and played with my dick until I started to explode. I have never had so much cum erupt before and it felt so good. He told me to get my clothes back on and he zipped up and we headed back into town. He let me out by the park and told me to meet him at 3PM tomorrow right here. I went home and took a bath and played with my self and replayed the whole afternoon over and over in my head. The next day I got to the park early and sure enough he come driving up and told me to drive back out to this place that we were at yesterday. I did that and then we got out of the truck and he had a blanket and we sat down and he removed all of my clothes. He stripped off his pants and shorts and shoes. I looked at his cock and he told me to suck on it like I did yesterday. I did and soon he was getting excited and pulled out of my mouth. He came over to me and took my dick into his mouth and suck and sucked and soon I exploded into his mouth. He licked his lips and then told me to get on all fours. I did this and he rubbed some cream on my butt and started to stick his finger into it and soon there were two fingers. All of this hurt in the beginning but soon was feeling really good. He then put three fingers to my Butt and slowly inserted them and after a bit he was going in and out and it was feeling wonderful. Soon I felt something else and it took some doing but his dick was slowly being fed into my ass. Soon he had about half his dick in me and then started sliding it in and out. Soon he was really going at it and then all of a sudden he exploded into my Butt and I could feel the warm stuff flowing into my ass. We then got dressed and went back into town. He dropped me off and said that he wanted me to meet his dog someday...... That is another story and

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2016-01-11 03:16:44
i was hitchiking on home from school one day and a guy stopped and said get in and i will take you where you want to go. After I got in he drove on and I said turn next street and he said just a minute I have to get something up the street and then come back but we turned into an alley and he forced me to suck his cock and ass hole, I since have wanted to do it again.

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2012-02-21 06:38:48
was pick up hick hiking,this guy had a very large cock,ask me if i suck him.told him never did that. he took it slow entering my mouth,kept going deeper until i had it,shot one hell of a load. love cock ever slnce.

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2011-09-02 11:04:25
I was fucked in the ass when I was 13, It hurt like hell but I often jack off thinking about that time. I am married now and I sometimes have sex with my neighbor when his wife is out of town. I am bi and I got thebest of both worlds. I love it when we 69 and cum down our throats. I liked your story and will be looking for more from you. Thanks.

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2011-09-01 10:46:49
fairly childish story.

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2011-08-31 22:27:17

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