The killer blonde is back and now she has a friend
It has been 2 years since the night at the frat house. The blonde is now 21. She has been moving all around the country, never staying in one place for very long. She continues to feed her insatiable carnal appetite; she has bedded dozens, is it already hundreds? of men in these two years, but only the 12 at the frat house belong to her completely. She feels absolutely no remorse that she is still walking the earth and they are not. They were only put there for my use, she says to herself, just like all men. I can do whatever I want with them.

She recognizes in the girl a fellow wanderer. She sees and approaches her at the fast food restaurant. The girl is also young, without a home and friendless. She accepts the blonde’s friendship readily, and soon the two are travelling together, their destinies now joined. The girl is only 18. Like the blonde, she is stunningly beautiful, with blue eyes and raven black hair that contrasts strikingly with her fair skin. Tall and long legged, her d cup breasts are a magnet to every man she meets.

What’s her story? the blonde asks. The girl has been away from home for a year now, and on the run. Why? Reluctantly, the girl surrenders her secret to the blonde. She killed two men. The blonde’s heart leaps as she asks the girl how it happened. The girl had been out with two high school football players. They drove out into the woods, and they wouldn’t take no for an answer when she refused their sexual demands. Luckily, she had the revolver her father had given her in her purse, and in blind fear, put two bullets into each of the boys. Later, on the run, she found out that both had died. “How did that make you feel?” the blonde asks. “Oh, I don’t know…” the girl replies, her voice trailing off. Finally, frightened by her feelings, the girl confesses to the blonde, “It felt good killing them. I’m glad I did it. I wanted to feel bad about it, but I couldn’t. Their lives really meant nothing to me.” The blonde’s heart bounds with joy. She has found her true soul mate.

The two companions travel the country, and the blonde introduces her more innocent friend to the world of casual, anonymous sex. They prowl the college campuses, teeming with virile young studs whose carnal needs must be satisfied. Initially, the girl is reluctant, but after her first hookup at a frat party, she begins giving herself up to man after man. The blonde is pleased. As she tells the girl, “A woman should have as much sex as she wants with whoever she wants. And it always has to be on our terms, not theirs.” Even more important, the more studs she beds, the more the girl begins to see men as a disposable commodity. All of these hung, studly frat boys and football players have no individual identity; they are completely interchangeable. “There are just so many of them. And they’re all there for us to use,” the blonde continually encourages her companion.

Taking the risk, the blonde tells her friend about the night at the frat house. She is reassured when the girl does not recoil in horror, but rather expresses interest in all the graphic details of the night of death. “Wow, all those guys,” the girl says, looking almost in awe at her friend. “How did it feel?” “It was the ultimate orgasm,” responds the blonde. “I had the ultimate power over all of them.” “I had that power over my two,” agrees the girl, her mind now open to even greater possibilities.

The blonde is once again seeking the ultimate orgasm. She is hungry once again, and this time she knows that only 12 lives will not be enough to satisfy her hunger. She wants to do something even bigger, something that will make the night in the frat house pale by comparison. She will need an accomplice to pull off the great plan that is now forming in her brain, and she has that accomplice. The two women are now in the Tri-Cities area, with its many college campuses. There are more than enough good looking young frat boys and football players in the area to provide the human fodder that the blonde and her new friend will feast upon. The blonde is not only hungry once again, but the two long years since the night at the frat house have awakened a deep streak of cruelty in her heart. Her 12 boys all died too quickly, with relatively little suffering. Those that she will now take will not be so lucky; their deaths will be far more brutal. Now all they need is a setting. It will have to be a large building in an isolated area, big enough to hold a large number of people. Dozens and dozens of young human males will walk into the building, along with two females. Only the two females will walk out again.

The blonde and the girl begin to circulate at the frat houses of all the major colleges in the area; State, the U and the prestigious private college. The crop of good looking studs is abundant and it is just begging to be harvested. They begin taking discreet pictures with their cell phones, matching them up to the plentiful photos posted on the social networking sites. Technology makes this so much easier, the blonde laughs to herself. The list of names begins to swell. It includes 3 brothers who go to State, two of whom are twins. There are another 2 brothers from the U and 2 more from the private school. All the names on the list belong to young, good looking college age males at the peak of their sexual prowess. Halloween is approaching, and the blonde and her acolyte will give the Tri-Cities area a tale of horror that it will never be able to forget.

The chief caretaker at the Miller Mansion can’t believe his good luck. It’s a week before Halloween, and he has just gotten a request to rent the Mansion for the entire weekend for $9,000! The only request made by the mysterious young woman at the other end of the phone was that absolutely no caretakers or groundskeepers be on the property for the entire weekend. The chief caretaker is only too happy to comply. He immediately cancels all tours for the weekend and gives strict orders to the staff to stay away from the property. He finds it a little strange that the young woman refuses to come to his office and sends the cashier’s check by courier. She even refuses to come to the office to pick up the key to the Mansion. But honestly, he really doesn’t care. The woman will arrive at the Mansion on Friday morning. The key will be left in the mailbox, and the staff will return on Monday morning. That means the rental of the Mansion will cost this silly girl $3,000 a day. The Board of Directors will be very pleased with him!

The invitations begin to go out at the beginning of October. Campus studs are approached by two stunningly beautiful goddesses, one a blonde and the other with raven black hair. The beauties hand the studs the invitations to the Miller Mansion for the Friday night before Halloween. “It’s by invitation only. Hope I’ll see you there, babe,” they purr at their prey. “Remember nobody gets in without an invitation.” News of the party spreads by word of mouth, and as other studs receive their invitations in the mail, they are reassured by their lucky friends that they have met these girls, and they are unbelievably hot. It promises to be a wild night at the Miller Mansion.

The Miller Mansion is the perfect setting for the blonde’s master plan. Old man Miller had been the richest man in the County back in his day, and he valued his privacy. His Mansion, wrapped in deep woods, was miles from anything, and so remote that you couldn’t get a cell phone signal. Before renting the Mansion, the blonde has toured it several times, and builds her elaborate plans around it. The Mansion has numerous rooms, which will allow the blonde and the girl to isolate the studs into small groups and devour them one at a time. Friday is fast approaching, and the blonde goes over with the girl, yet again, the detailed plans she has developed for the big night.

The blonde looks one last time at the pictures posted on the social networking sites. She looks at the page for the three brothers, posing in a picture with their 2 younger teen sisters. She feels no remorse as she thinks that after this weekend that family will only have daughters. She looks at pictures of the other 2 sets of brothers, and relishes the thought that she will be wiping out all the males in three families. The girl is also becoming more excited as the big day approaches. She has been thoroughly aroused, by a force beyond her comprehension, by the stories the blonde has told her about her experiences at the frat house on that fateful night two years ago. This is something the girl now wants to experience for herself. This deepening desire begins to gradually overwhelm the second thoughts she had been starting to experience, including the baffling mystery of where the blonde came up with $9,000 for the Mansion rental.
“We’re the same dress size, aren’t we?” the blonde asks the girl. “Yeah, we are,” replies the girl. “Here, I want you to wear this Friday night,” says the blonde, presenting her friend with a gorgeous low-cut red dress. Her heart beating faster, the girl realizes that this is the red dress, the one the blonde had worn for her big night two years ago. The girl ecstatically embraces her mentor and now knows in her heart that there is no turning back. The blonde will be wearing an equally low-cut black dress, and both will be wearing high heeled pumps, the ultimate symbol of female power and domination. The girl will wear red high heels with her dress; the blonde has bought a brand new pair of black patent leather pumps to match her dress.

It is now Friday, and the two women begin to prepare the Mansion for the big night. They have firearms, but these will be used to coerce obedience, and not to kill, unless absolutely necessary. They also have a plentiful supply of plastic handcuffs, blindfolds, gags, rope and chains. Nothing will be left to chance. They begin decorating the massive front parlor of the Mansion, eat a light dinner and then change into their dresses. The stage is now set.

Shortly after 8 o’clock, headlights begin to shoot their beams through the front windows of the Mansion. Cars and SUVs begin to pull up and eager young studs pile out of them, 6 or 8 at a time. Their mouths water as they are greeted at the door by the ravishing blonde, her breasts spilling out of her new black dress. Each stud shows the blonde his invitation. She smiles flirtatiously at each one, while in her heart, she sees nothing more than meat for the slaughterhouse. The front parlor is decorated with pumpkins, skeletons and other Halloween fluff, and is lit by intermittent flashing strobe lights. Cheesy Halloween horror movie music plays in the background. The girl, breathtakingly beautiful in red, begins tapping cheap swill beer from the keg the women had purchased and hands it out to the studs. Where are the rest of the girls? she is asked several times. “They’ll get here later,” is her unflustered response. “Remember guys, this is a Halloween party, and we’re going to have lots of spooky surprises for you, so just play along!” the blonde announces as the front parlor continues to fill up with young men. The two women work the crowd, flirting with and teasing their prey. The blonde hungrily eyes the 3 brothers, all with blonde hair and blue eyes. The girl stays away from them, knowing that they belong to the blonde; they are all hers to devour. Finally, around 9:30, the blonde does a rough head count. It looks like they’re all here. She nods to the girl, who disappears briefly. When the girl returns, she nods to the blonde. The doors of the Mansion have been secured from the outside, except for a small, obscure servants’ entrance. It is time for the night’s work to begin.

The blonde makes her way over to a big, strapping 6 foot stud with brown hair and blue eyes, and whispers in his ear. The two are soon disappearing towards the back of the Mansion, towards one of the bedrooms on the ground floor. A stir runs through the crowd as laughter and knowing remarks are exchanged. We’ve got beer now, and pretty soon, we’ll all be getting pussy, is the exultant theme. The girl selects a man as well, a strikingly handsome blonde with blue eyes, and conducts him towards another bedroom. The studs rejoice in anticipation of the night of their lives!

The blonde and her man enter the bedroom and shut the door. The blonde is determined to waste no time and begins undoing the stud’s jeans, pulling them and the tight briefs down to reveal a fully erect 9 inch tool. I know how to pick them, the blonde thinks to herself. She drops to her knees and takes the stud in her mouth. “Mmm, you taste good, baby,” she purrs to the stud. As she sucks the rigid tool, she massages the stud’s sperm swollen balls. “I want to fuck this cock,” she says, standing up and slipping out of her black dress, revealing her luscious body, naked except for her pink lace panties and black high heels. The stud quickly gets naked, and makes his way over to the bed, where the blonde is already lying on her back. The blonde strips off her panties and puts them on the nightstand next to her purse, which had been deposited there earlier. She keeps on her high heels. “I want to be your fucking whore tonight,” she tells the stud. The stud gets into bed and begins sucking on the blonde’s tits. He is going to be so good, the blonde says to herself as she begins to moan from the oral worship being applied to her big beautiful breasts. The blonde’s love juices are flowing freely as the stud’s mouth moves lower. She can feel the stud’s breath on her pussy as he uses his skillful tongue to tantalize her nether lips. She moans in gratitude, and then can feel the tip of the stud’s tongue intrude past her pussy lips and into her canal of love. The stud then gently runs his tongue again along the blonde’s lips of love and the blonde quivers in anticipation as his tongue reaches upward. The stud now begins to tongue and then lightly nibble the blonde’s clit. Moaning freely now, she orgasms multiple times as the stud works her womanhood for a prolonged session of sweet torment. “Oh, baby!” she moans. The stud’s straining erection can no longer be denied, and he slides his swollen tool into the blonde. The blonde’s pussy, thoroughly soaked with her love nectar, ecstatically welcomes the massive intruder. The stud’s thrusts, slow and tentative at first, become more rapid and rhythmic as he slams himself deep into the blonde. The blonde, flat on her back, with her high heels pointing at the ceiling, again orgasms freely as she relishes the hard pounding being delivered by the stud. She surprises herself by being enthusiastically vocal; “Yeah come on, baby, fuck me! Fuck me!” Her passion mounts as she marvels at the stud’s stamina. He’s been fucking me for half an hour, she estimates. He’s such an animal, she thinks, and begins to anticipate with joy what she’s going to do to this sweating, grunting stud in just a few short moments after he orgasms. Orgasm can no longer be denied. The stud’s balls contract and then spasm, and he groans deeply as he feels his massive load begin to spurt from his well exercised tool. The thick white goo of the male love offering, comprised of hundreds of millions of teeming, thrashing sperm cells, is propelled deep into the blonde’s yearning, welcoming pussy.

For a long moment, the blonde snuggles in the stud’s arms. “You were so good, baby,” she coos, granting him a few extra moments of existence as a reward for his magnificent performance. Finally, she gets up and pulls the stud out of bed with her. Quickly, she reaches into her purse, pulls out a pair of plastic handcuffs, and tugging the stud’s arm behind his back, snaps one end of the cuffs into place on his wrist. Before the stud realizes what’s happening, she pulls his other arm behind him and snaps the other end shut on his other wrist. The naked, still sweaty stud asks “what’s this?” and the blonde replies that it’s all part of the Halloween surprise she told everybody about. “Now, I need you to close your eyes, and open your mouth as wide as you can!”

The stud is now standing before her, naked and vulnerable, his hands secured behind his back, with his eyes closed and mouth opened wide, just as instructed. The blonde’s panties are now wadded up in her hand. Summoning up all the force she can muster, the blonde shoves the ball of cloth into the stud’s open mouth. Propelled by the beautiful hand to the back of the stud’s throat, the panties instantly cut off the stud’s airway and fill his entire mouth. Opening his eyes in horrified disbelief as his breath is suddenly cut off, the stud immediately begins to choke. He desperately tries to draw in air, but the wad of cloth in his mouth makes his efforts futile. His pinioned hands cannot help save their owner. He desperately tries to free his hands, but the plastic handcuffs hold both hands tightly in place behind his back. The stud gasps and gags, frantically trying to pull in oxygen as a feeling of lightheadedness begins to overcome him. Now feeling faint, he takes a few staggered steps, and is stopped by the blonde. She grabs the now weakened stud by both shoulders and holds him up. She is enthralled by the appalling suffering she has inflicted on him, and doesn’t want it to end too soon. The stud begins to drift in and out of consciousness, trying frantically to draw breath, even as the eternal darkness reaches out for him hungrily. The blonde’s pleasure increases as she holds the stud up. She can actually feel his tortured efforts to breathe. She can feel the fits of gagging and choking that are racking his entire body. Cold bloodedly, she looks into his eyes as he endures the agony she has brought upon him. This is even better than I expected, she exults. So much better than just shooting them. This is so much more personal. “Come on, fight! Fight!” she exhorts him with exquisite cruelty, knowing that the longer his suffering lasts, the greater her pleasure. After several minutes of agony, the stud begins to wheeze, as the last of his strength is sapped and his brain begins to shut down. Judging that he can last no longer, the blonde takes her elegant thumb and forefinger and daintily pinches the stud’s nostrils closed. The stud’s face turns blue, his eyes roll back in his head and his body goes completely limp. The blonde orgasms as she realizes, he just literally died in my arms! She keeps her fingers clamped on the stud’s nose for a long moment to insure total cutoff of oxygen to the brain. Satisfied, the blonde now slowly, almost gently, lowers the lifeless male husk to the floor. He has served his purpose and he has served it well. She looks almost lovingly at the stud’s corpse, but she has no regret for the brutal ending she inflicted upon him. Snuffing him out enabled her to experience this most sublime of orgasms, and his life was a small price to pay for the experience. Leaving the stud lying on the floor beside the bed, her underwear lodged in his throat, she turns out the light and locks the door behind her.

The girl and her lover enter another bedroom and shut the door. The girl, once so innocent, now does not hesitate to drop to her knees, undo a stranger’s jeans, pull down his briefs, and start deep throating his tool with gusto. Over the past several months, she has taken many an anonymous penis in her mouth, and has become skilled in her art. She enjoys hearing her stud moan with pleasure, and for the moment her mind is far from what will transpire later this night. This stud is very well equipped, and the girl is looking forward to taking him inside her. The girl continues to thrust her eager mouth down to the root of the stud’s huge, swollen member, the stud’s hand caressing her beautiful black hair as she goes down on him. At length, the girl stands up, and slips out of the red dress, which crumples to the floor in a heap. Unlike the blonde, the girl is not wearing panties, and her beautiful naked body is revealed in its full glory. The stud feasts his eyes on the feminine treat that stands before him. In the first blossom of youth the 18 year old girl’s raven hair contrasts stunningly with her milky white skin. Her deep blue eyes are infused with lust, and the stud’s mouth waters as he contemplates the big, beautiful tits with their erect, hardened nipples. The stud’s eyes move lower, to the luscious, shaved mound of Venus, where he will soon plant his tool and deposit his seed. The girl slips out of her high heels, revealing her beautiful, elegant feet, accented with toenails painted fire engine red. She can feel herself flush with anticipation, as her love juices begin to flow. The stud strips naked, scoops up his delectable prize in his arms, and carries her to the bed. Soon, the girl is flat on her back in bed, with the stud’s head between her open legs. He begins caressing the girl’s vertical set of lips with his tongue, and lightly nibbles at them, eliciting little squeals of pleasure from her. Moving his tongue higher, he begins working her clit with slow, circular motions of the tip of his tongue. The girl’s hand clutches at the sheets as she writhes and moans with an orgasm. In her ecstasy, her mind begins to wander. She involuntarily begins to think about what she must do later this night. I’m going to be having sex with this guy and then later tonight, I’m going to kill him. I’m going to be joining my body to his, and then I’m going to destroy his body. To her astonishment, the thought triggers an even stronger orgasm. The blonde is right; exercising the ultimate power over men is the ultimate orgasm! The stud now thrusts his tool home into the girl’s deep, wet canal of love. The girl gleefully lifts her legs in the air, pointing her lovely feet at the ceiling, to allow the stud to penetrate as deeply as possible. She begins to scream loudly as the stud pounds her mercilessly with his massive tool. The stud’s tempo increases, triggering a chain of multiple orgasms that leave the girl gasping in ecstasy. Finally, he can take no more and his balls explode. A torrent of thick white genetic paste spews from the slit of his tool in spurt after spurt, flooding the girl’s pussy. The girl heaves with another orgasm in a shared climax with her man.

As soon as they get out of bed, the still naked stud suddenly feels the girl pulling one of his arms behind his back, and before he realizes what’s happening, both of his hands are secured behind his back by a pair of plastic handcuffs. “Hey!” he exclaims. “It’s all part of the Halloween party, silly” replies the girl as she stuffs a gag into the stud’s mouth. “You wait here. I’ll be right back!” she says as she leaves the room, locking the door behind her.

The blonde is now in another bedroom with her second stud of the night. She had plucked the boy with the black curly hair and blue eyes out of the crowd, playfully tossing a lasso made of silk around his shoulders, using it to lead him back to the room where they would join in carnal union. Now, she was naked and on her knees, worshipping his erection with her lips and tongue. While she sucks the stud’s tool, she keeps one hand on the dangling end of the stud’s silk noose. After orally pleasuring the stud, she gets up, and giving the noose a playful little yank that brings it up to the base of the stud’s neck , she uses it like a leash to lead him to the bed. The stud is not alarmed by the noose. He takes it for granted that it’s all part of the fun Halloween theme of the party. He’s not into kinky sex himself, but this blonde seems pretty kinky, and he’s also vaguely heard that a little choking can enhance the experience, so why not? There isn’t any pressure being exerted on his throat at this point; the noose is still loose at the base of his neck, and he doesn’t realize that the knot in the noose will get progressively tighter, the more the blonde pulls on the loose end. Now, in bed, on top of the blonde, buried deep inside her, he has only one focus; to fuck the shit out of this little blonde whore. While the stud furiously works on her, the blonde stays coldly focused on her own priority. Patiently, she uses the loose end of the noose to maneuver the knot into just the position she wants on the stud’s neck. The stud, in his carnal fury, is so intent on delivering his pelvic thrusts that he doesn’t notice the noose slowly tightening around his neck. He’s starting to feel vaguely lightheaded, but the feeling isn’t an unpleasant one. Holding the end of the noose in one hand, the blonde reaches up and puts her other hand on the back of the stud’s head. She caresses the now sweaty black curly hair and looks intently into her lover’s eyes as he continues to thrust deeply into her. “I want you to cum inside me. Come on baby, cum for me! Cum for me!” she exhorts the stud even as she imperceptibly draws the noose ever tighter. The stud can feel the contractions deep in his balls and gasps out “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Deep inside the blonde, the seed just starts to spew from his slit when the blonde gives a sharp tug on the noose. The stud is experiencing the ecstasy of orgasm when suddenly everything goes black. The blonde sees the stud’s eyes roll back in his head and his body starts to sag. The blonde uses both hands to brace him up as his tool mechanically pumps its last few spurts of sperm into her. When she’s sure he’s finished cumming, she slides out from under him and eases the body face down onto the bed. She then rolls him over onto his back. She pulls the silk noose around his neck as tightly as she can. There’s no coming back from that, she decides with cruel satisfaction. She looks at the stud’s still erect tool, and uses her hand to squeeze out the few remaining drops of sperm still in the stud’s shaft. Licking the sperm off her long elegant fingers, she purrs at the now blue faced stud, “you taste good, baby.” She gets up, leaving the corpse of the stud in bed, turns out the light, and locks the door behind her. The stud has experienced his own ultimate orgasm.

The girl enters yet another of the Mansion’s numerous bedrooms. She has two studs with her. I can’t believe I’m going to fuck two guys at the same time, she thinks to herself, trembling with excitement. Both studs are good looking with brown hair and brown eyes; they typify the young male fodder that the two women have provided themselves with for the evening. The studs pull their semi-erect cocks from their jeans, and the girl, smiling, stands in front of them and slowly starts stroking them, holding a cock in each hand. In the hands of the raven haired goddess, the studs are soon both fully erect and the girl drops to her knees. Keeping a hand on each stiffened tool, she takes first one cock and then the other in her mouth, gleefully bobbing her head back and forth between the two. I can really taste the difference between the two of them, she enthuses, as the slits of both tantalized tools start to ooze precum. After some more oral teasing, the girl gets up, stripping off her dress and kicking off her heels. “I want one of you in my pussy and the other one in my ass,” she declares, and the studs stumble all over themselves as they strip naked. The girl produces a tube of lubricant and squirting some into her hand begins slathering it on the tool of one of the studs. She then strokes the oiled up shaft with a wicked smile, while the other stud sucks greedily on one of her luscious titties. She hands the lube to the first stud and walks over to the bed with her other man. The stud gets into bed , gets on his back and the girl slowly lowers herself onto his rigid shaft. She begins bouncing up and down on the pole of flesh, slowly at first and then with increasing speed. The stud reaches up and grabs and squeezes the big, beautiful bouncing tits. The girl has increased to a rapid tempo when she feels a hand on her back. The other stud, his well lubricated tool now rock hard, is ready to enter her back door. I can’t believe I’m going to do this, the girl thinks to herself in bewilderment. I’ve never even taken it up the ass before! She can feel the other stud’s tool pushing past her beautifully rounded ass cheeks and entering her anal canal. Double penetration! The hardened shaft penetrates deeper, as the stud slowly works himself in up to the root. The girl winces as she experiences the unfamiliar feeling of a rigid penis deep in her ass. She winces as the stud begins to pump her ass, slowly at first, but then with increasing speed and force. Meanwhile the other stud thrusts upward into the girl’s pussy. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” the girl screams at the top of her lungs as the two pistons of flesh, pumping in unison, ream both of her nether holes mercilessly. The girl lustfully savors the feeling of being penetrated by two men simultaneously. The cock slamming into her ass, painful at first, now feels almost as good as the one pumping her pussy. The sweat soaked hammering continues until the back door stud’s balls finally convulse and he propels a hot load of sperm deep into the girl’s anal canal. He pulls out, spilling some of his seed on the bed, as the other stud continues to thrust upward. Soon, the second stud also ejaculates a massive load, this one being deposited in the girl’s pussy.

Almost overwhelmed by the experience the girl exclaims “Wow! You guys were awesome!” She is still fully conscious, however, of what still needs to be done tonight, and before the studs can get dressed, she snaps plastic handcuffs on both of them, securing their hands firmly behind their backs. “Come on, guys! You’re my prisoners now!” she says cheerfully and leads them to the bedroom containing her first stud, still bound and gagged. She stuffs gags into the mouths of the two new studs and leaves them together with the first. “Hang on guys, we’ve got a big surprise for you!” she calls out as she leaves the three studs together and locks the door behind her.

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To the people raging about this story, quit complaining and just make a story of your own, in this case one with LordofMayhem's characters in the beautiful stranger stories getting killed off by a relative or friend of one of the victims or something.


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