introduction: this story is about a group of young boys gangbanging a horny teen girl and makes her their bitch...
a bitch for dez and his friends

I'm a 17 year old girl who for some reason loves boys younger than me... much younger. at school I spend a lot of time looking at boys aged 8 to 13, admiring their young innocent looks and smooth skins, wondering what their dicks look like...

so one day I just couldn't control myself anymore. I just had to have a boy fuck me and do all kinds of things to me uninhibited, unlimited, uncontrolled. that lucky boy will have unadulterated access on my whole body...

just thinking about that made my pussy so wet. I have to put an action to my plan.

but the thing is, I'm still a bit shy to just approach a boy and offer him a free fuck... don't get me wrong I'm no virgin. but I guess what scared me is the fact that he may say no. I might scare him off. so I had to plan this carefully.

I came up with the idea that maybe I can do the approaching indirectly. I could send a boy a messege of who I am and what I can offer.

now, where do horny boys like to hang out?

THE BOY'S ROOM.... that's it...

we were in the middle of a class and I raised my hand and asked to be excused. I went straight to the rest rooms and instead of going to the girls', I checked the hallway, empty, went inside the boys room...

the smell of urine is pronounced. but instead of it disgusting me, it sort of turned me on more... I imagine those young little studs standing here and slowly opening their pant zippers and taking out their uncut dicks, and then peeing.... what i'd give to be on my knees and them peeing in my mouth and face, feeling and smelling their warm pee... I went to one of the cubicles and took out my pen. before I wrote, I read some of the graffitys there.

most are really sexual in nature like some kid drew a sketch of a nude girl, a pussy...
some are bad words and curses like 'fuck you's and a bunch of others.

I found an empty spot and wrote... 'HORNY GIRL 17 LOOKING FOR BOYS 8 TO 13... INTERESTED CAN CHAT WITH ME TONIGHT... WITH CAM' and I gave my email address...

afterwards I came out of there like a ninja and I'm back in my classroom in no time. feeling hornier that ever knowing some boy's gonna read that.......

as I was in my class, unknown to me, a boy did come into the boy's room and went into the cubicle and saw my messege. he's name is dez and a really good looking boy. he first read the messege twice, then after school bell rings, he asked all his friends to come and see this messege written in the boy's cubicle.

the boys were giggling and chatting excitedly as they read the messege.

"what a slut!" said one...

"hey dez, let's chat her up!"

and they all went to dez's house that night for a sleepover. now since dez's folks have to go to a party at work, dez and his friends have the house all to themselves. espescially the computer...

I have the house almost always all to myself too. my folks are the really hardworking class. when I got home that afternoon, I went straight to my room and locked the door. I set up the webcam, so it focuses on my bed behind me... changed my clothes and did a little make up and hair...

I was wearing a really tight halter top without bra so my nipples are showing, a red lace thong and my cheerleader skirt that barely covers my ass, and knee high black stockings...

I turned on my messenger and waited for any boy to chat with me...

I guess dez and his friends weren't the only ones to read my messege because a number of guys from my school added me and wanted to chat. most had their cams on so I can see them.......

meanwhile, rick, one of dez's friends, suggested they don't show their faces on cam so it would appear that dez is alone. they'll just be watching and coaching on the sides, out of the cam's focus. and they went online...........

the minute I saw dez on his cam, my heart just stopped. he looks like the boy on tv who played ninja and ended up getting a bamboo stick through his neck... come to think of it, that boy's name is dez too! but at that instant my pussy just leaped.

so I turned off all those others I'm chatting with and focused on dez, not knowing his not alone. I turned on my cam for him only and we chatted a few minutes. he said I look very pretty... thank you I said. you look so hot and handsome, he kinda blushed and typed thanks....

that's when I caught a glimpse of a small shoulder on the far right side of his screen. then I knew he wasn't alone. he has friends with him. that just drove me wild with lust. but I'm not gonna let him know that I know he's not alone.

"you have a gf?" I asked
"nope but I wish I have one" he replied
"y do u wish for one?"
"so I can kiss a girl and walk with her in school while holding hands"... wow this kids so sweet and romantic I just melted.......
"is that all you wanna do with ur gf?" I asked

there was a pause, and I saw him smiling about something. I know his friends are coaching him on what to say... then he typed "nope. I wanna do some more stuff"

that was the opening I was waiting for. I wasn't gonna play all goody missy with them.

"I wish I was ur gf" I typed with a smiley

he went off the cam for a few seconds and I caught him laughing wildly. I have a hunch they're having fun with this, flirting with a 17 year old slutty horny bitch like me...

when he came back on, he asked "if you were my gf, wat would we do?"

I asked if he has speakers coz this is gonna require his hearing. he said yea and he turned it on.

I first typed "if I was ur gf, I would do this for u every after school,"

then I turned on my mic, turned on my cd of some lewd rap songs, and danced in front of the cam. I saw dez getting cramped as his friends went crazy trying to watch me dance. I turned around and made sure they see my thonged ass, then I bent over...

then I went back to the computer and saw boys going crazy with laughing and pointing...

"do that again" dez typed
I replied... "this is what awaits u and ur friends with u ryt now, if u come over to my place tonight"

then I stood up, went to my bed, taking off my top first, then my skirt, then cla only in my thong and stockings, I climbed on the bed on all fours, and fingered my pussy with 2 fingers... right in front of the cam where dez and his friends watched...............

I came right away knowing their watching my pussy and ass and going crazy over them. and they typed "where is ur house?"

I can't believe this is happening! boys as cute as justin beibers are coming over here to fuck me.... I typed in my address knowing it isn't very far from where they are, and said I'll be waiting. we turned off our computers and I got ready.

I put on a bath towel barely covering my cleavage and ass. oh those boys are in for a treat tonight. I'll make sure they don't just fuck me. I'll make sure their first time is very memorable and the horniest for them. those boys are gonna be able to do anything they want to a naked horny 17 year old whore. I'm gonna be their slutty horny cuntwhore bitch from now on.........

it took them about 15 minutes to arrive. I saw them walking on the driveway, there's about 9 of them, ranging from 10 to 13 years old. all look so cute and handsome, I couldn't see one that's ugly.
I watched them get to the door and pressed the doorbell. they do seem nervous and giddy at the same time excited... I said just a minute and listened to what their saying.

"I can't believe were gonna have sex with that slut tonight" said one
"yea! I'm excited coz this is my first time!!"
"hey me too!!! and did you guys see her ass??"
"yea! and her pussy too?"
"but what if she's just playin with us? what if its a tricK?" asked one
they all kinda fell silent afterwards, so....

I opened the door and waved them in. they at once saw I'm wearing a towel and I saw some of them already have bulges in their shorts and pants. once all of them are in, I locked the door and told them to sit. they were all staring at me wondering what's gonna happen next.

dez was sitting in the middle of his friends and they were all huddled together in my couch. I played another lewd rap song really loud and started dancing slowly. I wasn't looking at them while I danced. I started touching and rubbing my own thighs and slowly going upwards... then I looked at dez and licked my upper lip while giving them a brief snatch of my hairless pussy.

it was such a turn on for me just looking at them watching me. they all have stupid looking grins on their cute faces and their eyes are bugging out of their sockets as they try and stare at my pussy area.

then the song went to the sexual parts and the lyrics repeated the words 'your a slut you dirty whore, come drink all my cum and ask for more,'.... that's when I suddenly tore the towel off of me.

the boys erupted in a whoop and then they fell silent as they stared at my bare boobs and thonged pussy.
"shit man look at her!"
"shit! shit!"
"oh fuckin wicked!!!"
"look at her boobs! oh shit"
"what a slut!!!!"
I didn't recognize who said what because I was so busy dancing and being turned on by hearing them say those things. I turned my back to them,
"look at her ass!!!"
"oh fuckin shit!!"
and lots of laughing and giggling and pointing...
I placed my right foot on top of my low center table, and slowly bent over till both my hands are touching the floor.
"whoooooo" they shouted
"fuckin whore. FUCK YOU BITCH!"

I stood up, took dez by the hand, and led him to the bedroom. his friends followed. while walking, I placed dez's hand on my ass. he slowly massaged by cheeks but still kinda shy about it. I wanted them all to be dominant and feel like they own me and I'm at their mercy. so I told them "YOU BOYS CAN DO WATEVER YOU WANT WITH ME... FUCK ME LIKE YOUR DIRTY LITTLE CUM CUNT SLUTTY WHORE..."

they all shouted with joy and called me dirty names while touching whatever they want on my almost nude body. I couldn't tell how many soft little hands are roughly massaging and squeezing my boobs. and a few ticklish soft fingers snaking into my thongs to my wet pussy and ass. I heard one from behind me say "I'm gonna fuck her ass." oh shit I almost creamed.

when we got to my room, I pulled down my thongs and am very naked in front of 9 very handsome boys ogling my privates.
I looked at dez and said "I wanna suck your huge cock baby"
dez was wide eyed and shocked. "in front of my friends?"
"yup... y not? and when I'm your gf, I won't only suck you in front of your friends, they can share in the action too. and not only suck you baby,... I want you to FUCK ME HARD... "

with that, he unzipped his trousers and took out his 3 inches uncut penis, its so cute being so young and small but sticking straight out. like a little middle finger... I took him gently by his butt and licked his cock.. he moaned a little and his friends are nervously whooping and giggling.
then I took him completely into my mouth and sucked him so gently. but I think what I said gave him the dominant energy because he took hold of my hair and held me in place as he slowly fucked my mnouth...
I had my eyes closed as I taste and smell dez's cock, faint dry urine and salty silky foreskin and smegma. hearing his friends cheering dez on and telling him to fuck my face hard. dez started moving hard and rough a little bit and I heard him happily moaning aaaahhs and ooohhs. then he called me a face fucked slut...

then he pulled out and stared at me smiling. I smiled back and lied down spreading my legs high and wide apart so they all have a front seat view of my wet hairless pussy. dez laid on top of me and his friends grew a little quiet as they watch dez slowly insert his cock in my pussy then fucked me. he did about 5 short stabs before I felt him cumming inside my pussy. it wasn't much, but I felt the warm sticky wad ooze inside me. then he pulled out and stood with a very satisfied grin on his face.

then it was ricks turn. he went straight for my pussy, his 4 inch penis stabbing my pussy while staring at my boobs and grinning. I said "oooohhhh that feels so good boys"
rick looked at me while fucking me and said "FUCK YOU BITCH!"

then one of them, I think the youngest of them, took off his pants and briefs and stood on the bed then almost sat down on my face.
"suck me too like dez slut"

I stuck my toungue out. and I lapped on that boy's cock and balls. oh he tasted great. the soft skin of his penis and his balls still tight like little walnuts. then I felt a hard little cock on my free left hand and gave that boy a good handjob. feeling his dick and smooth balls....

I felt like I'm in boy heaven! the feel of 9 smooth hard little cock and balls all over my body, the smells of boy sweat, dry faint urine and smegma, sweaty socks, sweaty briefs and shorts, I thought this is so beautiful...

but the boys only grew more perverted by the minute. next thing I knew I was in doggy position on the floor and their all over my ass and back, little fingers inserted in both my ass and pussy.

then they took me to the bathroom.

I was fingering myself while they all stood in front of me. dez told me to sit on the floor. I did.
he took off his dirty sweaty gym shoes and socks and pressed themn to my face.
"sniff that you whore!" they all started laughing and calling me dirty names.

now I know their gonna make fun of me and play with me. that only made me hornier than ever.

almost everyone of them did what dez did. made me sniff and lick their dirty sports shoes. then rick came over, pulled down his pants, turned around, stuck his ass on my face, and farted...
"FUCKIN BITCH!!!!!" it started another laughing streak.

then another stood on top of me, showed me his semi erect penis. I thought he wanted me to suck him again. but suddenly a thin yellow stream of pee fell on my boobs. he made it crawl up to my face, laughing.

then another boy joined in until all 9 of them was pissing all over me....
then one of them spat at me and next thing I knewn all of them is spitting at me while I fingered my wet pink pussy... they continued while calling me dirty names and nonstop cursings.

afterwards they all said I was so dirty and stinky. they all demanded I shower while they watch.
after my bath, we went to my bed again and I laid spread eagled while once more they took turns fucking me and cumming inside me. but this time they were a little gentler. almost like being romanced by 9 young boys.

then they all said thanks and started leaving my room while getting dressed. and I heard them leave through the front door....

but then I heard someone running back to my room. it was dez.
"thanks again slut. can we come back tomorrow after school?"
I nodded while smiling sweetly at him. I remembered its basketball tryouts for them tomorrow so I'm sure to smell more sweat and boy odors.

"cool. and were telling all our other friends about you and what we did to you. I'm sure they'll all want to come tomorrow too."
then he left.....

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