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"You did well out there son," Jim Love told his 13-year-old son Larry as they walked up the garden path.

"Thanks dad," Larry replied, carrying the soccer ball. He had been to a soccer game and still wore his shorts and T-shirt, both father and son squinting in the late afternoon sun that blazed brightly in the sky. It was a Saturday in mid-June and temperatures were hitting the 80s in this affluent suburb.

The Love household had three offspring in total. Larry was the youngest. The eldest was Martin - who preferred to be called Marty. He was 17 and already over six-foot tall like his father. Finally, the daughter, Clarissa, was 15, neatly between the ages of her two brothers. Jim's wife, Jane Love, was indoors, judging by the presence of her car on the driveway. Marty was probably in too, thought Jim, but Clarissa he knew was still out with her friends.

Jim and his son went into the house, the large, spacious rooms cool with the air-conditioning on full.

A 43 year old man with blonde hair and a strong, handsome face, Jim was a building contractor, his earlier years doing the heavy work making his 6-foot-2 frame well built. He wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Best take your shoes off," Jim said, and Larry tugged off his muddy football boots.

"Where's mum," he then asked.

"Probably in her bedroom," Jim smirked, hearing the faint sound of fucking coming from upstairs, "Let's go see."

Larry grinned and followed his dad upstairs, both of them walking towards the door to the master bedroom.

The sound of the squeaking of bed-springs and panting of pleasure grew louder as Jim and Larry walked down the hallway. The end door was shut but privacy was neither need or desired in this house anymore and Jim swung the door open and stepped in.

The master bedroom was quite vast, with pine wardrobes flanking the two side walls whilst a massive bay-window was set in the far wall, overlooking a large, leafy garden. Before the window lay the bed, a king-sized one with luxurious beige silken covers. Lying on the bed was Marty, naked, his mother Jane astride him and similarly naked. She was riding her elder son at a steady pace, his thick cock pumping up into her cunt.

"Hey dad," Marty smiled.

"Hi you two," Jane added, grinning over her shoulder without breaking her pace.

"Mind if we join?" Jim asked, undressing already as he knew the answer to his query.

"Climb aboard," Jane invited him, "And you two Larry. C'mon kiddo! Your sister is out so you all might as well service me!"

Larry was already stripping too and soon, like his father, he stood naked. The recent situation in the family - namely the incestuous orgies - had revitalized Jim's already strident libido so that he felt as if he were a teenager again. Larry, like his older brother Marty, was flooded with testosterone anyway and the pair of them were permanently randy. Marty and Jim were pretty well endowed, each of their cocks almost 9" in length and pretty thick. Larry would clearly grow up to be as big as his father and Marty, but at the moment, being only 13, he was lagging behind a little in the size department. His dick, however, was nonetheless a respectable 5" long and gaining a lot of girth. He was feeling as horny as ever as he watched his nude, graceful mother being fucked on the bed.

Jane Love was two years younger than her husband. She worked at a local gym where she taught aerobics classes and private running lessons to athletes from the local college and high school, Jane having been a sprinter for her college athletics team as a student. With sporting fitness being a hobby as well as a job, the matriarch of the Love family kept in very good shape. At the age of 41, Jane Love had a body women twenty years younger would be happy with. Tall at 5' 9" and slim, Jane was tanned with sleek, bronzed skin, a testament to her free pass for the tanning salons at the gym where she worked. Her glossy black hair was long, tumbling down her back almost to her waist. She had a sharp, pretty face; slender nose, high cheek-bones and wide blue eyes. Her tits were large and heavy, still retaining their shape well, whilst her arse and thighs were mouthwateringly firm. She could have passed for a Hollywood actress. Jane's tight cunt, bordered with neat black hair, was sliding up and down on Marty's hungry cock.

"Christ I'm horny," Larry said to no-one in particular, jerking off his stiff member.

"Where do you wanna fuck your mum?" Jim asked, likewise erect, "Which hole?"

"I dunno," Larry pondered. He wasn't a particularly decicisive boy; his mum's bum was nice and tight and hot, but her mouth felt good too, and Jane could give one fuck of a blow-job.

"We'll leave it to fate," his father said, and took a quarter from the pocket of his jeans that lay crumpled on the floor. He tossed it, catching it in his hand and showing it to his son.

"Tails," Larry announced.

"You get your mum's tail then," Jim smiled, and Larry eagerly got onto the bed, getting astride his brother's legs and edging up to his mother's spread arse-cheeks. Jane stopped riding Marty for a moment whilst Larry spat on his fingers and slicked his prick up with saliva before placing the head to his mother's anus. He pushed forward and steadily eased his cock-head up into his mum's arsehole, Jane urging the boy on and moaning in pleasure as, inch by inch, her youngest son's prick journeyed up into her hot, greasy shit-tunnel. Lodged in fully, Larry began buggering his mother in time with Marty's renewed thrusts, Jim meanwhile getting up on the bed and standing at the head. His fat cock was too long for Jane to fit entirely in her mouth, but she made a good go of it, swallowing down five inches into her wet gullet and sucking deeply on it.

For ten-minutes they fucked in relative silence, the three guys panting and sighing in pleasure, Jane's ecstatic cries all muffled as she was triple-fucked to perfection.

"Fancy a switch around anyone?" Jim asked eventually. His wife gave good head, but he wanted a quick change.

"Sure dad," Marty announced from below, and Larry meanwhile eased his soiled dick from his mum's arsehole.

There was a moment of repositioning with Jim getting down on the bed and Jane mounting his dick, before Marty got in behind his mum and stuffed her arsehole with his heavy cock. Finally, Larry stood before his mum and offered her his arse-flavored cock, which Jane took into her mouth without hesitations, sucking it to the hilt as the humping recommenced. The matriarch of the Love family was once again sandwiched between the three humping males, their cocks ramming up and into her body from three directions.

Larry was as good as his elder brother and dad when it came to lasting the distance in these sessions, but at the moment there was no real need to hold back his orgasm. He began thrusting his hips a little, fucking his mother's willing mouth, Jane still sucking on the thick cock and realising from the boy's rising pants of pleasure that the outpouring was not far off. Sure enough, it soon came, a lovely fountain of gooey, salty sperm. Larry cried out and held his mum's head in his hands, fucking his dick down her throat, Jane guzzling every drop as fast as it spewed out, savouring both the warm taste as well as the feeling of it sliding into her belly. She utterly loved sperm, and to drink her own son's was pure ecstasy.

Larry's orgasm having finished, the boy stepped back from his mother and the pair exchange smiles before he hopped off the bed.

"I'm gonna get some food," he announced, tugging on his boxer shorts and leaving the room.

"Don't eat too much," Jane called, still retaining a maternal tone despite her husband and son's cocks still slamming into her cunt and arse respectively, "You'll not eat your dinner!"

"Okay," called Larry, descending the stairs and leaving the still-humping trio on the bed to finish off.

Marty's orgasm rose next, the teenager gripping his mother's shoulders as his body was wracked with orgasmic pleasure.

"Aw shit mum," he cried, "Yeah, fuck I'm cumming!"

"Fuck my arse," Jane urged him, "Fuck it right up there!!"

Marty's grip on his mother's shoulders tightened further, his knuckles white, but Jane didn't mind at all. She loved the feeling of her son; his powerful hands holding her shoulders, his pelvis slamming up against her asscheeks, and most of all his lovely big dick deep inside her bum, spewing it's creamy load. Jim was all the while ramming his dick up Jane's cunt and giving the woman a delightful accompaniment to her arse fucking.

"Yeah mum," Marty cried as his orgasm was in full swing, "Uh uh! YEAH! Fuck!"

His cum-squirts finally began to die down, the jizz splashing around inside Jane's rectum, Marty leaning forward and resting his sweaty forehead against his mother's upper back.

Jim wasn't finished yet though, and his pace quickened as he groped at Jane's tits and cried out, his sperm now flooding up into his wife's cunt.

"Oh fuck me!" Jane begged, her own climax, having been built up so long, finally rocketing through her body as her husband's fat prick exploded deep inside her cunt.

They came together, panting and grunting, finally slowing down, out of breath. Marty still hung in his mum's arse, his prick still semi-hard and swimming in the sperm filled rectum it'd filled so thoroughly. They remained squashed together in thoroughly-fucked trio, getting their breathes back.

"Anyone fancy an encore?" Jim eventually asked.

"Leave it till after dinner," Jane said, "Clarissa will be back then."


They finally broke up and staggered off the bed.

Clarissa returned home at six that evening, just in time for dinner. She was one of the hottest girls in her class and her lack of interest in the boys at school was something of a minor mystery to her classmates, none of them guessing that the girl's libido - which was as strong as her mother's - was satisfied by her father and brothers.

Like her mother Jane, Clarissa was tall - at 5' 7" she was a actually a couple of inches taller than her younger brother Larry. She had the same long, flowing hair as her mum although Clarissa's took after her father's in being sandy blonde. Exceptionally pretty, she had the same big blue eyes as her mother and a smile that was both innocent and sexy at the same time. Her body was firm and slim, her breasts small and pert but growing bigger each day, her hips developing outwards and giving her plumpness of the arse that lay above long, mouthwateringly toned legs.

The family of five sat round the dinner table like a normal household, eating dinner and chatting about the weeks events.

As was pretty much traditional, after the plates had been cleaned up after the meal, they all went into the living room, sprawling across sofas and armchairs, the TV on and sex impending in the air. For some reason, the Loves nearly always felt horny after dinner, and little attention was paid when Clarissa casually pulled off her summer dress and slung it aside, laying down on the floor on her stomach, watching the TV in her white panties and bra. Jane sat on the sofa in a floral dress, the hem riding up as she draped her legs over Marty who sat next to her, the boy idly rubbing his mother's long legs with his hands and admiring the smooth skin and the toned muscles of her calves and thighs whilst his prick steadily stiffened in his jeans. Jim and Larry, meanwhile, sat on seperate armchairs.

They all watched the TV for a while in silence, fatigue from the big meal steadily ebbing away as horniness seemed to fill the air. When a TV programme finished, Clarissa rolled onto her back, smiling to herself and gently sliding a few fingers down her panties and frigging herself. Larry wasted no time in getting down on the floor next to his big sister, helping her removed her knickers and proceeding to masturbate the girl with some skill, rubbing her clit whilst burying a few digits into her wet slit.

"Oh yes Larry," Clarissa sighed, her eyes closed, "Mmm! That's good."

Jim watched from his armchair, pulling forth his erect cock and stroking it as he watched the scene before him.

On the sofa, meanwhile, Jane had got on her hands and knees, her arms folded on the arm rest. After quickly stripping from the waist down, and now wearing just a T-shirt with his long cock jutting erectly from his groin, Marty knelt behind his mum. The 17 year old licked his lips as he lifted his mum's short dress hem up and over her arse, pushing it up past her waist before tugging down Jane's lacy black knickers and pulling them to her knees. The woman's beautiful arse was thrust straight out at him, and the boy ran her tongue up and down the damp cunt lips that hung between her thighs, tasting the moist juice whose abundance indicated how horny his mum was. He buried his tongue up into her cunt, eating her out, juice running down his chin whilst Jane gripped the armrest and panted in pleasure.

On the floor, Larry was giving his sister similar treatment, eating out her cunt as Clarissa lay on her back, removing her bra and pulling on her nipples as her slender thighs clamped her brother's head as she was rocked by a climax. Raising up, Larry quickly stripped naked and lay down, Clarissa returning the favour to the boy and sucking on the lad's cock, kneeling between the boy's legs and slurping the stiff member down into her throat. Jim was unable to resist joining in, and after removing his clothes, he got down behind Clarissa and kissed her arse, running his tongue over her smooth, firm buttocks then up the crack from her cunt, over her arsehole and over her lower back. The horny father could wait no longer, and he knelt up and pushed his big stiff cock up into Clarissa's cunt. The teenager quivered pleasurably at this penetration, but still kept Larry's cock down her gullet, deep-throating him whilst her dad fucked her doggie-style.

Up on the sofa, Marty had moved on from foreplay too. Having eaten out his mother's cunt, he was kneeling up and cunt-fucking her from behind, Jane humping her hungry cunt back onto her eldest child's dick.

"That good mum?" Marty asked needlessly.

"Yes son," Jane sighed, "Mmm! Yeah, fuck me a bit quicker love! That's it...yeah. Yeah!"

"You're so fucking hot mum!"

"So are you sweetheart. Yeah. Sweety, pull out will you? Pull out and shove yourself up my bum, mummy's arsehole is itching for a fuck!"

"It'll be my pleasure mum!"

Marty eased out of his mother's cunt and placed the cunt-juice slick head to Jane's anus, which he'd licked out briefly earlier. Slowly easing forward, the boy's bell-end slide up into Jane's bum, the sluttish mother moaning pleasurably as her sphincter was pushed wide open and the big rod of hot meat filled her rectal passage. Knowing his mother's hot desires well, Marty showed no mercy and pounded the woman's arsehole fast and hard, ramming his dick up into the hot depths her of her shit-tunnel.

Meanwhile, Larry was holding his cock upright whilst Clarissa buried her cunt onto the boy's manhood, the girl sinking down her cunt onto the erect prick. Once she was thus impaled, she began riding her brother slowly whilst her father stood next to her, his hefty cock thrust out into her face. She sucked down her dad's prick, tasting her own cunt juices on the erect organ, slurping hard as her brother fucked her cunt from beneath. After being suitably deep-throated, Jim pulled his dick from his daughter's mouth and knelt down behind her. Clarissa leaned forwards so that her pert arse-cheeks spread and exposed her anus. His cock slimy with phlegm, Jim skillfuly eased himself up into his daughter's arsehole, sliding his long dick into the girl's shitter before humping her hard, Larry doing likewise with the girl's cunt so that Clarissa was soon wracked with orgasmic pleasure. She bucked and humped beneath the two pistoning cocks in her young body, crying out ecstatically before collapsing in her younger brother's arms.

Deciding for a switch in partners, Jim and Larry disengaged themselves from Clarissa, leaving the girl sprawled naked and sweaty on the plush carpet, tired out but not finished yet. Having the same idea, Marty tugged his meaty member from his mum's arsehole and got up off the sofa.

"She's all yours," he smiled to his brother and father, as he in turn went over to his sister. He kissed her on the lips, lovingly, frigging her clit with his skillful hands.

Jane, meanwhile, was soon being attended to once more. Larry sat on the sofa whilst his mum sat on his lap, impaling her cunt down on her son's prick, facing away from him. Jim stood in front of his wife so that Jane, now bouncing on Larry's thrusting prick, could suck her husbands dick down into her gullet.

Across the floor from them, Clarissa was lying on her back with Marty on top of her, shafting the girl's cunt in the missionary position, his sister writhing ecstatically beneath him. Marty's cum began to boil up and he let it go, clenching his sister's hot body to his own as his sperm fired up deep into Clarissa's cunt. His sister wrapped her thighs round his lower back, pulling her brother into her and savouring the feeling of his erupting cunt stuck deep in her tight cunt. Marty finally pulled out and rolled aside, brother and sister breathing hard as they lay in each other's arms.

Positions had switched on the sofa once again. Jim was laying down flat with Jane astride him, his cock fed up into the depths of his wife's hot cunt. Larry was kneeling behind, the youth's prick wedged in his mum's tight arsehole which he eagerly fucked, clenching his mother's waist as his climax approached. It hit him hard, the boy almost doubling over and crying out triumphantly as his cock exploded thick gushings of sperm up into the depths of Jane's arsehole. The squirting went on seemingly endlessly, Larry's slender, naked body shuddering with pleasure as his cum continued to spew out into Jane's bowels. After his orgasm had finally finished, Larry finally tugged himself free from his mother's heavenly arse and staggered to the armchair nearby. He slumped down and watched as his mother got up off Jim. She sat on the edge of the sofa whilst Jim stood before her and began jerking off with his cock thrust straight at his wife's face. His climax rose quickly and he pounded his meat furiously as thick wads of sperm began gushing forth into Jane's face. She caught what she could in her mouth, swallowing it thirstily, whilst stringy ropes of jizz hung across her face and in her hair. Jim thrust his dick into Jane's mouth at the end of his orgasm, the woman before him sucking out the remaining cum and swallowing that too.

They dressed after their living room orgy and sat around watching TV like a normal family. Marty and Larry went off to play computer games shortly, Clarissa briefly popping upstairs for a long soak in the bath.

As it was Saturday evening, they all stayed up late, watching telly around 11:00 PM. Eventually, it was bed-time, and Jim hugged his daughter and asked if she fancied going to bed with him that night.

"Sure thing daddy!" she replied, and kissed him.

"Looks like your sleeping with mummy tonight," Jane said to her two boys, who grinned in a manner that clearly indicated how horny they were.

"Excllent!" commented Larry.

"I'm going to get ready," Jane whispered, and went up the stairs.

"Let's go," Jim said to his daughter, and the pair of them went up to bed, Marty and Larry sitting on the sofa waiting patiently. Clarissa lead her father into her bedroom, horny giggling eminating from there before the door shut.

Shortly afterwards, Jane stepped out of her room and sauntered down the stairs and into the living room.

"Whoa!" gasped the two boys as they looked at their mum.

"Nice huh?" Jane smiled. She was wearing thigh-high leather boots, black velvet gloves that reached up to her elbows, glittering diamond ear-rings and a pearl necklace. The only other garmant she wore was a whispy, white silk scarf wrapped round her neck and hanging down her firm torso. Her big tits, her neatly trimmed cunt and her firm, tanned arse and thighs were on full display.

"You look so fucking hot mum!" Larry announced, "I'm getting a stiffy already!"

"You've always got a stiffy!" Jane laughed.

"You do look nice though," Larry added.

"Can't fault him there," agreed Marty, "Man, I'm fit to burst I'm so hard. C'mon mum! Let's go upstairs, me and Larry are going to fuck you all night long!"

The two teenagers got up and raced towards their mother, Jane proud that they were so eager to be the one to escort her upstairs. Luckily, the stairway was wide enough for all three to walk together, so Jane, her firm arse wiggling sexily as she ascended the steps, walked upstairs with a son on each arm.

It hadn't occured to any of the Love family that what they were doing was wrong. Sure, they knew it was illegal and scandalous and therefore no-one would ever tell anyone outside of the family what was going on. But they didn't think for one second that there was anything fundamentally wrong. Jim and Jane loved each other too much to have affairs during their two decades of marriage, so this arrangement gave them a greater scope for fucking but without straying from outside of the fmaily. And Jim, like any guy in his forties, couldn't be happier with both a lovely wife and a horny teenage daughter to fuck.

It had been Jane's idea primarily, six-months ago when they'd seduced all three of their children at once. She was a nympho, she admitted to herself without pretence, and had loved being fucked ever since she'd seduced and fucked her kid brother when she was 14. She loved cocks; big, thick cocks plugging up her hot cunt, her tight arse and thrusting and spurting down her throat. Like any mother, she thought her two sons were gorgeous, both objectively and through the eyes of a doting mother. They were fit, sexy, indredibly horny, so why let such enthusiasm go to waste?!

She'd borne the two boys, fed them from her own breast as babies, taught them to crawl and walk, helped them through elementary school and a million other things to help them through emotionally and physically to adulthood. Now, at the last hurdle, when they were as horny as hell and distracted by boiling testosterone and near-permanent stiffies, why should she abandon them? Let them turn to her for sexual release. When they were older they could find other girls for long term relationships and other such boring, mature stuff. Right now, instead of leaving them to hide second-hand porn mags under mattresses and such, let them turn to mummy, with three ever-willing holes.

Marty and Larry were as happy with this set up as their mum. They saw her through the same rose-tinted glasses most boys saw their mothers; she was incredibly pretty and had always been there for them. But of course, objectively, she was fucking sexy; a fine body, big tits, hot slit. What more could they want? Their lovely sister was a major bonus too!

In Clarissa's bedroom, the girl and her father were naked and on the large double bed, both of them kissing each other passionately whilst watched by the button-eyes of dozens of cuddly toys sitting on nearby shelves. An open text-book and pens on a desk nearby hinted at Clarissa's other life as a school-girl, but at the moment she was the sluttish daughter.

Jim lay on his back whilst his daughter clambered over him into a 69 position, the lithe girl's height, whilst still being considerably shorter than her father, still being comparable enough to position herself so that her cunt was grinding down onto her dad's face whilst her own mouth was level with his cock. She licked at the swollen purple head before taking most of the meaty length into her mouth, suckling hard and greedily whilst her cunt was eaten out by her dad from below. Jim was an expert at this, and he shifted his hands so that he could lightly rub his daughter's clit whilst he lapped at her moist lips, both of them shuddering with pleasure, the room filled with slurping and licking noises.

When they got up a little later, they were grinning at each other and eager for the heavier work to begin. Clarissa got on her hands and knees whilst her father knelt behind her, pushing his fat, slick cock up into her tight cunt, the girl sighing pleasurably as she was impaled. Holding his daughter's slender waist with his powerful hands, Jim began fucking the girl hard and fast, both of them grunting with animalist lust as the bed-springs squeaked under their humping bodies. Jim had a lot of stamina in him, and fucked his daughter for a full twenty minutes at a good pace, Clarissa wracked by a couple of hard orgasms and crying out loudly with wild abandon. Sensing his own climax approaching, Jim pulled out and sat back, breathing hard and cooling off for a moment. Similarly recovering, Clarissa sprawled on the bed for a moment before hauling herself up and round to her dad, taking the lovely big dick into her throat and sucking off her own juices as if it were a lollipop.

Jim eventually lay right back and held his cock aloft for his daughter to mount, the girl squealing delightfully as she plunged her hot cunt down onto the towering member, taking it inside her cunt to the hilt whilst her father gripped her tits. She rode him hard, her flowing, golden hair whipping round her face as she picked up speed and ground her groin down onto her father's pumping prick. Jim thrust up to meet the girl, pinching her nipples lightly as he did so, his cum beginning to boil up from his balls. He gripped Clarissa's waist and pulled her down onto his prick, crying out as he rammed his dick as far into his daughter's cunt as he could when the critical moment arrived. Jim's sperm exploded out, his cock shooting the creamy load far up into his daughter's womb, Clarissa bouncing on her dad's spurting prick with glee.

After his orgasm had subsided, Jim breathed deeply and closed his eyes. His daughter kissed his lips then dismounted him.

"Shit that was good!" Jim sighed, happily.

"Damn right!" her father agreed.

"Fancy going at it again?"

"Sure. Give your old dad a minute will you."

"Oh, I'm sure you can manage it now daddy!"

Clarissa got up and gripped her father's semi-stiff cock and began sucking on it, deep-throating the large member and feeling it begin to swell in her mouth. It tasted good.

Once he'd restiffened, Jim eventually got up and had his daughter get on her hands and knees before him. He bent down and licked her arsehole, rimming her thoroughly until her hairless little pucker was slick with saliva. Then, he got up and squeezed his dick into that hot hole before him. Clarissa clenched the duvet in white-knuckled fists, eyes shut as her anus was pushed wide open by her father's invading cock.

"You okay honey," Jim asked, the first couple of inches of his cock up Clarissa's bum.

"Sure dad," the girl gasped, "Yeah! It feels good! Just...go slowly."

Jim did so, gently feeding his rod up into her until, finally, he was up his daughter's arsehole to the hilt.

He humped her steadily for almost half-an-hour, Clarissa grunting into her plump, pink pillow as her dad's cock burrowed into her shitter. Her arsehole was stretched wide and her rectum pounded hard. Jim gripped his daughter's shoulders with his powerful hands, his grip tightening as his orgasm approached. With a lustful cry he eventually exploded in Clarissa's arse, his throbbing cock gushing thick spunk up into the girl's hot rectal passage, the greasy walls of her hot rectum sloshed down with frothing spunk. They collapsed to the bed together, Jim sprawled on top of his daughter, his dick wilting in her spunk-filled bum. It was a while before he summoned the energy to roll off, turning off the light and falling asleep with his daughter wrapped in his strong arms.

As soon as they'd entered the master bedroom and closed the door behind them, Marty and Larry had quickly stripped off. Jane had removed the silk scarf from her neck and, wearing just her sparkling ear-rings and necklace, knee-high boots and long black gloves, flicked off the main light leaving on just the bedside lights which cast a warm glow across the large bed.

Despite being dressed in such a sexy manner, Jane somehow still held a maternal look in her eyes and smile as she beckoned her now nude son's, their cocks swining heavenward like stone clubs, to the bed. They all clambered onto the cool, satin sheets, Jane lying back whilst Larry kissed her mouth and neck, Marty moving lower down to kiss her belly. Things remained slow for a while, Larry content to snog his mother whilst rubbing her erect nipples whilst Marty knelt between his mother's spread legs and lightly tongued her cunt.

Things heated up eventually, though, with Jane inviting her sons to lie down next to each other. She took one boy's cock in her mouth and sucked him off whilst jerking the other lad's cock, before switching over, repeating this several times whilst the two brothers panted lustfully. Jane could sense the cocks in her throat and fists getting even stiffer, the boy's thrusting their hips a little as they were sucked and masturbated, clearly eager to fuck their mum.

That opportunity arrived soon enough. Jane got astride Larry and took the boy's cock up into her cunt, whilst beckoning Marty to get behind her.

"Fuck it up my arse," she urged the older boy, wanton lust in her voice.

"Yes m'am!" Marty grinned, kneeling behind his mother and spreading her arse-cheeks. His dick was nice and slick with saliva, so despite it's size he took little more than thirty seconds to cram the bulging head of his steel-hard cock past his mother's sphincter, and only another thirty to feed the whole length up there.

Jane loved getting double fucked, and soon cried out obscenely as she thrashed between her two beautiful boys, their dicks sliding to and fro in her cunt and arse.

"Oh fuck me darlings," she urged them, "Oh, yes! Yes! Larry, fuck my cunt! Fuck your dick up there you randy boy. Marty, go faster! Harder! That's it, fuck mummy's arsehole! Oh yes! Yes, yes, my beautiful boys, fuck mummy! YES!!"

She was hit by a climax that almost reduced her to a limp mass of flailing limbs, her body crush between her strong son's humping frames, her hair whipped across her sweaty face, her shiny tits glistening in the lamplight and both her holes burning with pleasure.

Marty and Larry disengaged from their mum but didn't give her any time to recover.

"Let's fuck her again," Larry grinned, jacking off his thick, hard cock, knowing how much his mother liked to be treated and spoken about as just a slut.

"Nothing I'd rather do!" agreed Marty, looking at his mother, sweaty and out of breath, "You take her up the crapper this time Larry. I'll fuck her cunt!"

Marty lay down and beckoned his mother to mount him, which she did, taking the lengthy cock up into her wet cunt and loving being treated like a fuck-object. She leaned forwards, assuming the position to allow a second entry, Larry wasting no time in sticking his dick right up the tight, puckered hole between his mum's mouthwatering bum-cheeks. Once again the room was rocked by the sounds of the two lads grunting and panting as they worked hard to fuck their mother, Jane moaning and crying out lustfully as yet again she was double-fucked to perfection and hit another climax after ten-minutes of such treatment. Again, both boys withdrew intact and jerked their hard cocks.

"I think mum wants the same treatment again," said Marty.

"I'm shattered!" Jane exlaimed, breathing hard, "A moment or two...please."

"No no mother," Larry insisted, knowing how his mum often faked pleas for mercy, "Come on mum, you need it, we need it...let's do it!"

Jane pretended to weakly resist, but really was thrilled at her son's insistences. Larry lay down and helped pull his mum down onto his dick, Marty taking up the rear-gunner position once more and sliding his burning hard rod into his mother's rectal chute.

"Oh fuck me!" Jane was soon crying out as she was sandwiched once again, "Yes! Yes!"

"Mum's fucking hot tonight!" Larry commented, looking past Jane's shoulder and to his brother, who was holding Jane's waist as he fucked away.

"Damn right," Marty agreed, "Mum's always fucking hot!"

"Oh my lovely boys!" Jane panted, "Keep fucking mummy! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my arsehole! YES!"

Such displays of sluttish lust turned both boys on even further, and Larry's cum began to boil up. He fucked his arse off the bed as he drove his dick into his mother's cunt forcefully, his sperm shooting forth as he cried out in pleasure!

"I'm cumming mum!" he announced, "YEAH! SHIT! Oh mum, you're cunt's so hot! Yeah, I'm cumming in it! Mum! YEAH!"

His fountain of jizz continued for a dozen seconds of hard squirting, Jane riding the boy's dick and loving the sensation of being pumped full of her own offspring's lovely sperm.

Moments later, Marty hit his orgasm, the boy gripping his mother's shoulders as his cock twitched and flooded Jane's rectum with cum.

"Oh shit mum," he grunted, "Yeah, here's some more sperm! Fuck, yeah! up your shitter!"

"Fire it up me sweety," Jane purred over her shoulder, "Fire it right up my arsehole motherfucker! Yeah! Mmmm!"

Marty thrust his dick up his mum's spasming sphincter to the hilt as he shot the last of his cum into her arsehole, sweat running down his forehead as he watched his cock slide back and forth in that tight anus.

Finally, he pulled out, falling back on the bed whilst Jane dismounted Larry, sperm leaking out of her cunt and bum and running down her thighs. Hot and sweaty, she took off her leather boots and gloves, now lying back in just her jewellry, the air cooling her damp body as she recovered along with her two sons.

Ten minutes passed, before Jane sat up, brushing her hair from out of her face. She looked aside to Larry, who was seemingly half asleep, his eyes shut and his slim belly rising as he breathed slowly. Looking to the other side of her, Jane saw Marty looking at her. He smiled, sat up and stroked his hardening cock.

"Ready for an encore mum?" he asked.

"Sure thing honey," Jane replied, and kissed Marty on the lips, "Larry? You awake son?"

"Yeah," replied her youngest child, his eyes still shut, "Gimme a minute or two to recover will ya? Then I'll join in."

"Sure thing sweety," Jane replied. She then got onto her hands and knees and arched her back, wiggling her firm, shapely arse sexily, "Hop aboard honey," she said to Marty, "Give mommey another ride!"

Marty was round behind his mother in no time, stroking her bum-cheeks and kissing them, running his tongue over the warm, smooth flesh then tongueing her anus, still loose from it's previous penetration. His dick was fully re-stiffened and, kneeling up, he placed his shiny cock-head to Jane's anus. With a swift heave of his hips he planted his raging hard cock up his mother's shit-chute to the hilt, proceeding to bugger her with long sweeping strokes of his cock. Jane shuddered ecstatically, the 41 year old mother of three gripping the duvet and humping her arse back to meet her son's thrusts, looking over her shoulder and urging him on with fire in her eyes.

"Fuck mummy's shitter," she panted, "Fuck my dirtbox! Yeah! Unh!!" Larry opened his eyes and watched this for a while, stroking his stiffening cock until, fully hard, he got up and knelt in front of his mum. Jane quickly took the boy into her mouth, sucking deep on the stiff dick presented to her. Marty increased his pace, fucking his mum's bum with short, fast thrusts, whilst at the other end Larry began humping his hips and fucking his mum's mouth. Jane was gagging and grunting as she was spit-roasted, humping to and fro on the impaling rods of veiny meat rammed inside her body from opposing ends.

As always, the two boys soon switched positions. Larry got behind his mum and pushed his dick deep up into her bum whilst Jane deep-throated Marty's soiled prick, the cock-loving woman wracked with pleasure as she was fucked orally and anally. This was kept up for a while, Jane in heaven as she sucked hard on the cock down her gullet whilst her sphincter was burning electrically from it's serious pounding.

Larry withdrew before he came and Marty did likewise, Jane sitting up and grinning like a slut at her two boys.

"You're both fucking mummy so well tonight," she said, looking incredibly pretty in the lamp-light. Her son's kissed her in turn.

"Whaddya fancy now mum?" asked Larry.

"Two willing cocks here for you," Marty added, stroking his huge cock threateningly towards his mother, "Where do you want 'em?"

"Up my cunt!" Jane growled, lustfully, "Both at the same time! Like we did last week!"

"Okay," Marty said. He lay on his back and held his cock aloft. It was a simple matter of Jane mounting the boy's dick, but a bit trickier for Larry to get in behind and penetrate her already-penetrated cunt. Nonetheless, the operation was completed, Larry squeezing his cock up into his mother's hot cunt alongside his brother's, both of the thick members now wedge up Jane's stretched cunt.

"Oh fuck!" she cried, "Oh fuck, yeah that's good! Oh, sweethearts...yeah, mummy likes that! Oh, start fucking me! Fuck me! That's it!"

Her lustful commentary descended into barely comprehensible obscenities as the two cocks pistoned inside her, working in alternate thrusts inside her body, her cunt feeling more penetrated than ever.

Jane had hit another climax by the time the two boy's pulled out, kneeling up at the end of the bed together, whacking off their throbbing rods as they watched their mum sprawl out before them on her back.

"That was great," she grinned, "Jeez! I've been well fucked tonight!"

"I'm almost ready to cum," Larry announced.

"Where do you wanna blow your load sweety?" asked Jane, "Up my cunt? Arse? Mouth? Over my tits?"

"All over your face," Larry replied, wickedly, "Like dad did earlier."

"Come on then honey," Jane beckoned, "Shower me in it!"

Larry moved forwards and knelt astide his mum's chest, his balls dangling over her heaving tits. He jerked off his cock speedily, his fist pumping madly as his prick hovered over his mum's neck, thrust right into her face. It soon welled up and exploded, a veritable supernova of sparkling white cum that ejected all over Jane's face in gooey squirts. It pumped out in a dozen squirts, coating Jane's face in thick cum whilst she frigged her cunt, licking her sticky lips.

After Larry had finished and moved aside, Marty edged forward, his cock fit to burst. He knelt between his mum's legs and jerked himself off, soon hitting his climax, his long cock squirting forth an arc of jizz that splattered down onto his mum's torso. The cum kept spewing forth, splashing over Jane's tits and belly so that they were as thickly creamed as her smiling face, both boy's sperm looking as white as milk in contrast with their mother's slender, bronzed body. His orgasm finishing, Marty wiped his creamy cock-head over his mother's stomach, leaving a silvery trail over the skin as his dick leaked the remainder of the contents of his balls.

Finally, Marty lay down, joining his brother on the bed in slowly recovering from their efforts, the dicks growing flaccid as they lay over their bellys. Jane took off her jewellry and quietly went to the en-suite bathroom and showered. Not bothering to dry herself, she returned to the bedroom wet and nude, turning off the lamps and clambering onto the bed between the sleeping brothers, soon falling asleep herself between them.

It was already hot and sunny at nine in the morning when Larry woke up. He yawned and stretched, feeling his cock erect across his belly. There was no need to jack off any more, of course, and he opened his eyes and turned. His mother wasn't there though, Just Marty lying on his back, still asleep.

Looking the other way, Larry saw his mum in the en-suite bathroom, the door wide open and revealing Jane, facing away from Larry, naked as she combed her hair whilst looking in the mirror above the sink.

Larry slid off the bed and padded into the bathroom, his cock jutting out erectly, and coming up behind his mum he nudged her left buttock with his cock-head.

"Oh, his son," Jane smiled, "Up and about with your morning wood eh?"

"Sure am," Larry grinned, "You look nice this morning."

"Thank you!"

Jane put the hairbrush down and looked back in the mirror as she ran her hands through her hair and bunch it up behind her.

"Want it putting in a ponytail mum?" asked Larry.

"Yes please sweety."

Larry took a golden, silk ribbon and helped his mum place a large portion of her flowing black hair through it to form a neat pony-tail. Then, the boy reached up and ran his hands up and down his mum's side, Jane still facing away from the boy, closing her eyes at the sensation of her son's hands exploring her body. Larry stroked Jane's back, then down to her arse, cupping her firm cheeks, his dick all the while prodding the back of her thighs.

"Fancy a morning fuck in here mum?" he asked.

"Just a quick one sweety. I'm going out in a little while to work. I've got to give a private lesson to a client, so I'll need have a shower and get going soon. Just warm up with me then go and see if Clarissa is awake and ready for a fuck."

"No problem mum," Larry replied, his mother then bending over the sink before him, spreading her legs and arching her back. Larry held his cock aloft as he stepped up and ran his purple head over Jane's moistening slit, running it back and forth for a moment before easing it up and in there. Gripping the edge of the sink, Jane let out a long sigh of pleasure, her son's thick cock pushing right up her hot cunt. Larry was only 5'5", four inches shorter than his mother, so Jane had to bend her legs a little whilst her son held her shoulders as he began fucking her with quick strokes.

"Oh Larry," she crooned, "Mmmm! Yeah. Fuck it up me!"

The teenager did just that, a look of concentration on his face as he worked his dick in his mum's cunt, his hips thrusting hard.

A moment later, they heard movement in the room behind them, and in the mirror both saw, through the doorway, that Clarissa had entered the master bedroom. They heard her saying good morning to Marty, who remained on the bed.

"Hi mum," Clarissa called through the doorway to the en-suite bathroom, "Hi Larry!"

"Morning sweetheart," Jane said. "Hey sis," Larry replied, "I'm just warmin' up in here, so keep that lovely cunt of yours wet for us will ya?"

"Okay," Clarissa grinned, then turned to her older brother on the bed. She knelt between Marty's spread legs, stroking the 9" of veiny hard meat that the boy presented to her before licking it, running her warm, wet tongue up the shaft before sucking on the bulging end, her blonde hair bouncing as her head bobbed up and down.

"Yeah Clarissa," Marty purred to his sister, "Suck my dick. That's it. God, yeah, you give fucking good head!"

Feeling ever more confident, Clarissa sucked more meat into her throat, taking a good half of the large cock into her mouth and sucking hard, her sprouting titties dangling against Marty's legs.

"Now that's a nice sight to see in the morning!" Jim announced as he entered the room, naked, his prick hard in his fist as he spotted his daughter's arse thrust out on the bed as she remained bent over Marty.

"Do you wanna pull out now?" Jane asked Larry, "I'm going to be late otherwise."

"Sure mum," the boy replied, easing his cock from his mum's slit, albeit grudgingly.

"Go and service your sister!" Jane said as she turned and kissed the boy on the lips, "Now budge over sweetheart, I need a shower."

Larry turned and padded out the room. Marty was still spread-eagled on the bed being sucked off by Clarissa, Jim now kneeling behind the girl and licking her arsehole. He ran his tongue over the hairless, puckered rose-bud between her luscious cheeks, fingering it lightly before pushing his finger up to the knuckle.

"Hey dad," Larry greeted his father.

"Morning son," Jime replied, "Hey, fancy giving your sister a triple pack like we did with mum yesterday?"

"Sure thing dad."

Clarissa took Marty's cock from her mouth and flashed a grin of appreciation.

"All aboard," she said, then mounted Marty. As experienced at fucking as she was, Clarissa had to lower herself slowly, steadily accomodating the enormous cock into her tight young slit. Once she was fully impaled, she leaned forwards, as well versed in this operation as her mother. Kneeling behind Clarissa, Jim slowly edged his imposing cock to his daughter's arsehole, loosened up from it's earlier fingering. The swollen purple head of Jim's cock pushed it's way up passed his 15-year-old daughter's sphincter, the rubbery anus parting to allow the first inch of his cock to enter. After a brief pause, Jim gripped Clarissa round the waist and, with a single, elegant stroke of his hips, he sank the remaining length of his long, hard cock into the clasping depths of his daughter's shitter.

"Come on Larry," Clarissa then said to her younger brother, "Come and feed me that nice dick!"

Larry hopped onto the bed and stood before his sister, who took the lad into her mouth, swallowing down his entire length and sucking forcefully, bobbing her head. Larry gently fucked his cock to and fro in his sister's mouth, in utter heaven thanks to Clarissa's skillful tongue.

They remained fucking for fifteen minutes in that set-up, Clarissa almost hidden from view thanks to the powerful limbs and torsos of her powerful fuckers, her tender body utterly penetrated.

Jane entered the room from the en-suite bathroom, now dressed in a neat, black skirt and white blouse.

"I'm off out then," she announced, "I'll be back in an hour or two."

"Okay mum," came Marty's voice from somewhere amidst the humping bodies on the bed.

"See ya later honey," Jim said, humping his daughter's arsehole.

Jane smiled and left the room. A moment later came the sound of her car pulling out of the driveway.

"Right kids," Jim began as he slid his long dick from Clarissa's anus, "Let's all rotate. Let's all get a go of each of your lovely sister's charms!"

"Sure thing dad," Marty said. He and his brother tugged themselves out of their sister, Clarissa getting her breath back whilst Larry now lay on his back. She mounted his cock, taking it fully into her dripping cunt, whilst Marty got in behind her. The eldest Love child slid his slick dick up into Clarissa's bum, the cock-crazy girl meanwhile taking her father's arse-flavored member into her mouth. She took half of it down her gullet and sucked deeply on the lovely dick whilst her cunt and arsehole were shafted by her randy brothers.

Later, they switched round for a final time, Jim now down on the bed cunt fucking his daughter whilst the girl was anally penetrated by Larry whilst sucking off Marty. As usual, father and sons kept themselves back from their orgasms throughout all this, but forty minutes into the long session, there was an unspoken signal that it was okay to let loose with their climaxes.

Jim came first, gripping his daughter round her hips as he slammed his dick up into her cunt, grunting as his shot his sperm deep up into her womb. Just after he'd finished, his cock softening in Clarissa's wet, spermy cunt, Marty began to cum. Clarissa didn't waste a drop, gulping down ever drop of salty jizz that fired down her throat. At the same time, her rectum was being flooded with sperm, Larry's cock spasming inside his sister's tight, rubbery shit-ring and firing it's sticky load into the girl's wet poop-chute.

"Oh fuck," Clarissa panted with Marty's dick now out of her mouth and leaking sperm over her forehead, "Oh fuck, yeah, that was good! Phew!"

Larry tugged himself out of Clarissa's arsehole so that the girl could finally dismount her father. She sprawled onto the bed, sweaty and satisfied.

"You are one horny girl," Jim said, kissing his daughter, "Just like your mother!"

"Mum was well hot last night," Larry boasted, "Me and Marty fucked her cunt at the same time. Two dicks in her cunt at once! How cool was that!"

"I think I'll have to try that sometime," Clarissa said, "I love those triple packs though, a cock in each of my holes!"

"Anyone fancy fucking Clarissa again?" Jim invited.

"I'm starving," Marty said, "I think I'll have some breakfast first."

"Me too," Larry said, "Let's all fuck again when mum returns, she shouldn't be too long."

"Okay," Clarissa said, "I need some breakfast too."

"Marty," Larry began, getting off the bed, "fancy going out back to play some soccer afterwards."

"Sure," his brother replied, also getting up, "I'll make the brekky first. Anyone fancy waffles?"

The others nodded and agreed to this suggestion. They all moved apart and went off to get dressed, a normal, happy family going about their early morning business.

At the gym, Jane was changed into skin-tight biker shorts, bright blue and showing off her sexy arse and legs. She also wore a matching lycra top, a sport bra beneath to contain her large, round tits. Her client was a 22-year-old College athlete, who's wealthy father was paying the $100 an hour for private lessons to help the boy get in even better shape.

Jane was a good coach, and ran the boy through a long session in the gym before taking him out and jogging with him round the track. The young man was handsome and couldn't help but arouse Jane as she watched him work out in his shorts and T-shirt. Even though he could - and did - have an almost free choice of all the nice looking chicks on campus and would not normally have thought of a woman old enough to be his mum in a sexual manner, the student couldn't help but eye up Jane's sexy body; her long legs, firm, shapely arse-cheeks and heavy tits jiggling as she jogged alongside him round the circuit. Innuendoes were occasionally dropped, making both Jane and her client feel more at ease at each other, but though Jane correctly guessed that the young man would be more than willing to fuck her, she knew that it'd be far to complicated to get caught up in such an affair. Instead, she carried on with the training regime with the handsome athlete, bade him farewell, then after showering and changing into her skirt and blouse, drove home with a hot wet cunt. A lot of other young men had been working out that day all around her, and Jane was feeling as randy as hell for youthful cocks.

After parking the car on the driveway, Jane walked into the house, closing the door behind her and kicking off her shoes.

Stepping into the kitchen, she spotted her two boys playing soccer in the garden, dressed in shorts and T-shirts like the young athlete she's been training that morning. Smiling to herself, Jane stepped outside and greeted her sons, who stopped playing immediately.

"Who's winning?" she asked, squinting in the sun, the grass soft and springy beneath her bare feet.

"We're just practising," Larry insisted.

"In other words," interjected Marty, "I'm winning."

"Not by much," pouted his younger brother.

"Where's your dad and Clarissa?" asked their mum.

"In the living room," Marty replied.

"I see," Jane nodded, "Either of you got plans for the rest of the day?"

"Fucking you," Marty smirked.

"Oh you," Jane laughed, playfully slapping the boy's shoulder, even though Marty wasn't joking at all, "Let's go inside."

"Right behind you mum," Larry said, and he and his brother followed Jane in walking towards the house.

"It'd be great to fuck you out here," Larry said as he walked behind Jane across the lawn, "You know, the sun beating down on us, humping on the grass. That'd be cool!"

"Well, we can't I'm afraid," sighed Jane, "The neighbors may not be able to hear us but they can see us if they look over the fence. We'll have to make do inside."

They were in the house now, wandering into the living room, the two boys having kicked off their shoes and bring the smell of grass and sweat with them as they entered the large living room with their mother.

"Hi everyone," Jim cheerfully greeted them, slumped back naked in an armchair with Clarissa, likewise nude, kneeling before him and sucking his fat cock. The teenage girl had her long hair tied in pig-tails with big pink ribbons, emphasising her schoolgirl look which her daddy loved.

"Couldn't wait for us then?" Jane smiled, taking out the ribbon from her hair, her pony-tail falling apart and her long black hair cascading freely down her back.

"Nope," her husband replied, "We began when we heard you arrive back, knowing you'd be ready for a fuck as soon as you came in. C'mon honey, strip! Get naked! You too boys! Your mum looks desperate for a fuck!"

Already, Larry and Marty were undressing, Jane doing likewise. Soon enough, all the Love family members were nude.

"Right," Jane began, clapping her hands together, "I've been surrounded by hunky young men at the gym all morning, so I need cock! Marty?"

"Yes mum?"

"Come and suck mum's cunt," Jane said, sitting down on the sofa and spreading her legs, lewdness filling her speech as it usually did when they got down to fucking, "Lick my cunt out! Larry? Kneel next to me honey, I want your cock for lunch!"

Marty was soon kneeling between his mother's legs and eating out her cunt, running his tongue over and into her wet cunt and lapping at her clit. Nearby, Larry knelt on the sofa next to Jane and thrust his erect prick into her gob, his mum sucking hungrily on his dick.

"Mum sure is horny," he commented as Jane guzzled on his prick.

"She always is," Jim smiled from across the room, his own dick being sucked on by Clarissa.

Marty's tongue worked hard on his mother's cunt, soon bringing his mum off to a climax.

Meawhile, Clarissa took her dad's dick out of her mouth and got on her hands and knees on the big rug in front of the fireplace. Her wiggling arse attracted her father like a magnet, Jim getting down behind the girl. He lapped at her cunt from behind, his jaw chomping as he sucked on Clarissa's dripping cunt. He ran his tongue up and down the wet lips then pushed it into the pink moistness inside his daughter.

Finally kneeling up, Jim sank his cock - glistening with saliva - deep into Clarissa's cunt, burying it to the hilt and proceeding to fuck the girl hard.

Marty had meanwhile finished eating out his mum and shuffled over to Clarissa, offering her his raging hard dick to suck on, the girl fellating the big prick whilst her father continued to cunt-fuck her from behind.

Larry was getting it on with his mother on the sofa. Jane had her youngest child sit back whilst she knelt astride him, lowering her cunt onto the lad's stiff dick. She kissed the handsome youngster passionately, their tongues thrashing against each other as Jane rode her son hard, her arse-cheeks smacking the boy's thighs as she bounced on his prick.

Back on the floor, Jim and his eldest son had switched sides. Clarissa now sucked her dad's long dick whilst Marty got behind her and fed his rod up into her hot wet cunt. The girl emitted muffled grunts of pleasure as she was spit-roasted, the two long pricks pumping into her mouth and cunt in alternate strokes and sending ripples of pleasure through her heavenly young body. Marty shortly slid his long cock from his sister's cunt, his veiny rod dripping with cunt juice, and he began pushing it up into Clarissa's anus. The elasticy, puckered ring bloomed open slowly, eventually swallowing up the long cock. Buried in to the hilt, Marty sodomized his sister who continued to deep-throat her dad with abundant enthusiasm. She loved the taste of her own juices on her daddy's dick, and she sometimes took it from her mouth to suck on his balls and run her tongue right up the long veiny shaft, eventually sucking on the head once again and taking almost half the 9" prick into her hot wet mouth. Meanwhile the girl's arsehole was burning with fiery pleasure as Marty's prick hammered in and out of that tight hole, his throbbing cock-head pushing her shit back into the depths of her bowels. The boy eventually pulled out, air lapping at Clarissa's gaping anus, before Marty shoved his dick back into her cunt and resumed his fucking action.

"Wanna go at this end again dad?" Marty asked his father eventually.

"Maybe later son," Jim replied, pulling his dick from his daughter's mouth, "I'm gonna go fuck your mother. I think she's in need of two cocks at the same time!"

He got up and went to the sofa. Jane dismounted Larry and invited the boy to lay back, which he did, stretching across the sofa. His youthful body glistened with a light sheen of sweat whilst in his hand he held up his erect cock, throbbing stiff in his fist. Jane knelt down in front of the sofa and took the boy into her mouth once again, deep-throating him whilst bent over, on her knees, thrusting her arse outwards. Jim got behind his wife and quickly shoved his dick up into her cunt, holding her waist and slamming into her cunt hard and fast. Jane grunted and gagged on her son's cock as she was dealt out such hard fucking treatment.

Eventually, he pulled out and allowed Jane to get up and mount Larry. Once she'd sank her cunt onto the boy's prick, Jim got on the sofa behind his wife and pushed his juice-slathered cock into her butthole. Cunt and arse-fucked simultaneously, Jane bucked and panted hotly between the two guys, urging them on with breathy obscene cries.

From the floor, Marty watched his mother's double-fucking whilst shafting his sister doggy style.

"Wait a minute sis," he said, pulling his cock from Clarissa's cunt, "I'll be back."

He walked over to the sofa and offered his dick to his mum, who didn't hesitate in clamping her lips to the boy's rod, sucking it down and fellating him. Her head bobbed as she sucked her eldest son off, Larry and Jim meanwhile fucking her hard throughout this. Clarissa decided to join in too, shuffling over on her knees and positioning herself next to her mum. She took one of her mum's nipples into her mouth, sucking hard on the erect teat whilst with one hand she pulled on the other nipple and her other hand rubbed Jane's clit.

Jane was in utter heaven. A cock pumping in and out of both her cunt and her arsehole whilst her clit was frigged and her tits groped and sucked, all the while a big meaty dick down her gullet. Her head span, her muffled cries became more insistent and her body shook. Her orgasm was powerful and lengthy, her sweaty tanned body spasming amidst her husband and children's bodies, every nerve in her body tingling with pleasure, especially those parts of her body receiving such lustful attention.

When the climax had ended, Clarissa moved away from her mother, as did Marty, Jane slumping into Larry's arms and panting for breath. She wasn't given any mercy just yet though. Jim continued fucking his wife's arsehole whilst Larry humped his dick up into her cunt, Jane continuing to moan in ecstasy as she was double-shafted.

Clarissa had meanwhile sat on an armchair and raised her legs, spread them and hooking her feet over the arms. Her spread cunt and winking arsehole were thrust over the edge of the seat, a beacon of sorts to her brother. Smiling, Marty knelt before his sister and licked out her cunt, rubbing her inner thighs as he tongued Clarissa's dripping cunt, eventually moving down and shoving his tongue right up into the teenager's yawning arsehole. Then, he knelt up, his cock as hard as steel.

"Which hole sis?" he asked, jerking off in front of Clarissa.

"My arse!" she urged him, smiling, "Fuck it up there!"

In no time at all, Marty had fed his long dick up into Clarissa's hungry butthole, his swollen prick-head squeezing up into her rectum until the tight anus was clenching the root of Marty's cock, his pubic hair bristling her arse-crack.

"That's it Marty," Clarissa purred, placing her hands to her brother's chest, his pecs hard and scuplted beneath her palms, "Fuck my arsehole!"

"You're bum is so tight!" Marty commented, shafting the orifice in question with long, smooth strokes.

Brother and sister fucked away whilst, on the sofa across the room, Jane was continuing to be double-fucked, her son Larry cunt-fucking her from below whilst Jim buggered her. Another orgasm hit the woman eventually, reducing her to another twitching mass of spluttering pleasure.

Marty's orgasm was rapidly approaching, sensing this, Clarissa asked him to pull out.

"Give me a nice facial!" she asked with a wicked smile.

"Sure thing sis," Marty replied. He gave his sister a quick kiss then slid his cock from out of the girl's bum, his cock-head emerging from the hole with a slurpy 'pop'.

Standing on his shaky legs, Marty jerked off his dick whilst Clarissa sat up, her face level with the hard cock being masturbated in her face. She frigged her clit and closed her eyes, the fountain soon spurting in her face. It splashed over her, feeling cool against her hot, flushed face. Thick sperm squirted into her gulping mouth, other wads of cum striking her cheeks and forehead. Marty's orgasm was lengthy, the flow of cum seemingly never ending. The flow of jizz only ended when Clarissa's face was almost utterly coated in cum, and Marty shoved his dick into his sister's long blonde hair and wiped his leaking prick-head through it, clamming up the strands with sperm. Clarissa was rubbing her clit, loving the feeling of being practically bathed in cum, the taste of salty fluid in her mouth.

Marty finally moved aside. Jim had watched all of this from the sofa and the erotic sight insired him to withdraw from Jane's arsehole. He staggered over to Clarissa, who was still sitting up, and began whacking off in her face. His orgasm rose soon enough, thick wads of hot cum squirting over his daughter's already spunk-slathered face. Jane dismounted Larry in the meantime, and once Jim had finished and stepped back, Larry eagerly went over to his sister. He jerked off and Clarissa got another explosion of sperm in her face. She tried to catch and swallow some, but a hefty amount ended up coating her face. By the time her younger brother had completed his climax, she was utterly splattered in jizz! Three loads of spunk had been ejected over her pretty young visage. Thick cream coated her face, ran down her chin and dripped to her tits and shoulders. Strings of cum hung in her hair, thin lines of silvery sperm slashed across her upper chest.

"Wow!" was all she could say.

Her legs shaky from her own hard fucking, Jane got up and went over to Clarissa. She kissed her daughter long and hard on her mouth, then proceeded to lick her clean. Jim and his sons sat on the floor, recovering and watching this lovely sight, Jane licking her daughter like a dog. Her tongue cleaned up the cum from Clarissa's face quiet quickly, the mother often kissing Clarissa on her spermy lips and swapping the jizz between their mouths before they took turns to swallow the stick fluid. Finally, Clarissa was pretty much cleaned up, though her face still shone with sweat, jizz and saliva, her tits still dotted with cum, as was her hair.

Marty, Larry and Jim had restiffined whilst viewing this, and Jane and Clarissa turned to the three hard cocks and grinned to each other.

"After you," Jane said.

"Thanks mum," Clarissa grinned, and got off the sofa, moving towards her father and brother's who were jerking off their hard dicks. Her mother was close behind her.

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