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Title credits go to Hendrix on this one.
Foxy Lady

It was just like any other morning. My mind knew I needed to wake up to call in for work, but by body refused to start, as usual. The sun was restrained by my ever shut venetian blinds. My phone alarm was ringing, playing Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. Just like any other morning, but there was something different. It was nothing that my groggy brain could identify, but it was like getting that tingling on the back of your neck when you know someone’s looking at you. Then an arm fell across my chest.

In my trancelike state, I saw nothing odd about this. I just lay there enjoying the feeling of whoever it was laying next to me. Then my brain started to work, and I noticed a few odd things. One, I sleep alone; I’ve never even had a steady girlfriend. Two, this was either a very skinny dude, and that would bother me, or a chick. I was hoping for a chick. I was really hoping for a chick.

I was really just enjoying her (I hoped) holding onto me, feeling her soft breathing on my neck as she cuddled closer to me. That’s when it got weird. She pulled her arm up just a bit over the collar of my t-shirt. Her soft fur rubbed against my shoulder. Wait, fur? What the hell? I thought. That’s when I finally opened my eyes and beheld the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

She lay there, sleeping quietly. She was a fox. Literally. She was a fox, and a chick. Awesome combo. She had blue fur, and a long ridiculously fluffy tail bound with cloth rings. The long flowing hair on her head was a slightly darker shade of blue. It cascaded down her shoulders and to the middle of her back. Her chest rose and fell slowly with her steady breathing.

I was overcome. Feelings of affection and attraction I didn’t know existed welled up in me. I looked at her, and the feelings of tender affection were almost incapacitating. Which I found odd, because I had no idea who she was. She must have sensed my gaze. She opened one icy blue eye, and smiled, which is also when I noticed the really sharp teeth. The strange fox in my bed sat up, stretched and yawned, displaying her sharp fangs. Around that time is when I found my voice.

“Who are you?” I coughed. I know, lame right, but you try coming up with something witty with her in your bed.

“I am whoever you want me to be.” She replied tilting her head to the side cutely and smiling. Oh yeah, cause that totally answers my question.

“You couldn’t be a little more specific could you? A name, what mental institution I’m in, maybe?” I asked, my humor returning a little.

“You are not crazy. But my name, I suppose would be Krystal. It is the name you ascribe to this form, is it not?” she asked, studying me.

“It is. So, why are you here, in my bed? Not that I’m complaining.” I said quickly.

“I am here for you. You have done something important. I do not know what. In thanks for this act one of the great powers in the universe has granted me to you. I am designed to be all that you desire in a female. I found that in your mind, you find this form visually appealing, and so I adopted it.” She said, as if this shit happened every day. Maybe it did.

“Ok, I guess that makes sense. What did I do though?” I asked, wondering just what the hell I did to deserve this.

“I do not know. But I am here, nonetheless. If you do not find this form pleasing, you can change it. You have the power to change anything about me. My appearance, my personality, anything.”

“What? Are you kidding? You look awesome. But I do have a question.” My mind was already whirling at a million miles an hour. The possibilities were endless.

“You said I can change your appearance. Can I give you like superpowers or something?”

“I suppose you could. What did you have in mind?” I was really beginning to like that sly smile she was wearing. Very foxy.

“I was thinking kinda like a shape shifter. Like you could look human when people are around, but when it’s just us revert back to the goddess I see right now.”

“Yes, I suppose that would work. I like it. I wouldn’t want to be stuck inside all the time. If you want to do this all you have to do is concentrate and will it to be so. When you think you have done it, I will try to change.” She grinned.

“Ok, how hard could it be?” I closed my eyes, and tried to concentrate on her, which wasn’t hard. I saw her in my mind’s eye, and I mentally poured power into her, giving her the ability to change shape at will, or so I hoped. When I’d finished, I opened my eyes, and nodded.

Krystal closed her eyes and lowered her head, deep in concentration. I closed my eyes for just a second, and when I looked up Krystal was gone. She had been replaced by an equally stunning, just maybe not as exotic human girl. She looked up.

“I think it worked.” No shit.

“Holy hell. And you kept the blue hair, awesome.” But something else nagged at my mind. “Ok, we’ve established you can go out in public. But what’s the actual reason you’re here? Why did you just show up?”

“I am here for whatever you want. If you want a companion, I am here. If you want a sexual partner I am here. I am here for you.” She said, holding her hands apart. I had mainly heard the sexual partner part, but the companion thing caught my attention too.

“So you were basically sent down from heaven to be my girlfriend?” I asked, having no better grasp on the situation.

“Basically, yes.” She said, and laughed. I’d never heard such a beautiful sound before, and I resolved to make her laugh like that every day.

“What’s so funny?”

“I wouldn’t have phrased it exactly like that, but your right. I was basically sent down from heaven to be your girlfriend.” she kept laughing, and I couldn’t help but join.

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked, wondering how I’m going to work this out. I couldn’t exactly tell my friends the truth about Krystal. There’s no way in hell they’d believe me. I’d come up with something.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry.” She laughed, looking around as if expecting to see a refrigerator in my room. Unfortunately, the one in the kitchen is poorly stocked since I haven’t been to the grocery store in a while. Well, unless she subsisted on PBR and single malt.

“Well, there’s no food here. Can you hold the human form indefinitely?”

“Yes, however long you need.” She said, starting to look around the room curiously.

“Want to go get something? I haven’t restocked the fridge in a while, so there nothing here.” I said, thinking about what was close, fast and halfway decent. Then I remembered the Mexican place up the street. They were pretty good, and they had fast service. “How does Mexican sound?”

“I’ve never had Mexican food. I know what it is from your memories, but I have never tasted it.” She said, getting up off the bed. Then I realized something. She had no clothes.

She was gorgeous in her human form. She was about 5’ 5”, with that shiny smooth dark blue hair cascading down her back. She was shaped wonderfully, with all the right curves in all the right places. She really did get the perfect figure from my mind. Damn she looks good. Unfortunately, she needs some clothes.

“I think it would be best if we found you some clothes, as much as I hate to say it.” I said with a pained grin. This seemed to amuse her.

“Yes, that would probably be best. I must admit, I like being free like this, nothing covering me up.” She said, giving me that cheeky grin.

“Oh, I agree wholeheartedly. But I’m afraid that outside this house, it would attract the unwanted attention of every male that see’s you, as well as the police.”

“Very true, but unless I am mistaken, you have no female clothing here.”
“Also true, but I think we can make do with a t-shirt and some sweats.” I was already rummaging through my closet.
When I had found her some clothes that fit reasonable well, Krystal and I went down to the Mexican restaurant. We talked for hours, getting to know each other better. I was able to surprise her more than I thought, seeing as how she knew what she knew of the world from my memories. She had yet to grasp sarcasm. We also learned that she loves chicken enchiladas, really loves chicken enchiladas. When we finally got back to my house it was close to dark.

“So do you have a place or did you just drop straight into my room?” I asked, wondering if she lived somewhere else.

“No, I appeared in your bed, I was hoping I could stay here…” she trailed off. As if I was letting her get away.

“Oh, I think that can be arranged.” I smiled, looking down into her eyes. We were standing at my front door, her in my arms, staring intently into each other’s eyes. I leaned down, and our lips met. I could sense her apprehension, so I pressed my tongue against her lips, and hers met mine. Our tongues danced in an intertwining, swirling motion. We parted gasping for breath. Without a word we quickly went inside. We ended up in my room, her having shed her clothes on the stairs, me still fumbling with my belt. Once I had finally gotten down to my boxers I stopped as I had a thought.

“Can you do me a favor?” I asked, almost ripping off my shirt.

“What might that be?” she asked, breathing hard.

“Fox form. I want the Krystal I woke up to.”

“My pleasure.” She yipped, transforming into the blue fox I fell in love with that morning.

Once she was fully furred, not waiting for me to finish disrobing, she tackled me back onto my bed. She held me there as we kissed for what seemed like a blissful eternity. We held onto each other just savoring the embrace, not wanting to let go.

“What is poking me?” she looked down, “Oh, well, I think I might be able to do something about that.” There was that grin again, so sexy.

She ripped by boxers off. I don’t mean down, she ripped them off, as in in half. Now I’m not the biggest guy in the world, but I think I had what I needed. Krystal seemed to think it was plenty; she couldn’t stop staring at it. Then I suppose she remembered what she was doing. She ran her hand up and down the length. Her soft fur felt amazing.

She leaned her head down and gave the head a tentative lick. I guess she found something she liked, because she started to get enthusiastic. She was licking the head like she wanted to get to the creamy center, which wasn’t far off. Then she placed the entire head in her mouth and began to move her head up and down. She could only take a few inches at first, but soon she was taking most of it down her throat. She was a natural. After one particularly deep pass, she came up and looked at me, saliva running at the corners of her mouth, her fangs gleaming in the soft light.

“Come on baby, I can’t take it anymore. I need you.” She whimpered, so cute. I couldn’t have said no even if I wanted to. But why the hell would I?

“Come here, babe. Let’s really have some fun.” I said, hugging her close.

She got on top of me, her hips straddling my waist. I could feel the heat radiating from her, and I could feel her desire, her anticipation. We shared a unique bond. We were in each other’s minds, and right now it was powerful. I could feel her ever sensation and she mine.

“Uhh, Krystal, stupid question.”

“Stupid answer.” She panted, hovering just above me.

“I’ll assume you’re a virgin, right?” I asked, trying to think with this head on my shoulders, and not the one between my legs.

“Dude, I’m about 12 hours old. When between now and then would I have had a chance to fuck?” she giggled.

“Ah, good point. Way to make me feel like a pedophile. Thanks.” I said, trying to get past the fact that she’s not even a day old.

“Oh, you know you like younger girls. I’m just a bit younger than you normally like.”

“Yeah, younger, normally about 18 is where I start.” I was making an effort, and failing.

“What, you want to wait till I turn 18?” I knew she was screwing with me now, and not the way I wanted.

“Hell no.” and with that I thrust my hips upward a few inches. Just enough to get her attention.

Now that we had gotten that uncomfortable conversation out of the way, she lowered herself slowly onto me. I had serious doubts about my ability to fit. As she lowered herself, I felt the tip slide in just a bit. From there we slowly worked until I felt her hymen. With a sharp intake of breath, she plunged herself down onto me, breaking her barrier. She shouted and fell against me, onto my chest. She was out cold.

She woke up with me still inside her, kissing her. I couldn’t really move, so I just tried to comfort her as best I could. I knew she was ok when she started returning kiss. She put a determined look on her face, and pressed herself down onto me until I was completely lodged inside her. Once she had grown accustomed to the intrusion, she began riding. She moved backwards and forwards, up and down, and side to side. I knew I wasn’t going to last long as tight and hot as she was, but I made damn sure she came before I did. When her orgasm hit her, I thought she was going to pass out again. She clenched, and shook uncontrollably. When she came, I lost my last dregs of restraint. With one last thrust deep inside her, and exploded. Wave after wave of my seed filled her womb, and I somewhat detachedly wondered if I needed to worry about getting her pregnant.

Once we came down from our respective orgasms, she fell against me, her fur damp with sweat. We fell asleep like that, in each other’s arms, me still inside her. We woke to my phone yet again, and I needed a shower. We both did. I tried to get out from under her without waking her. Guess it’s hard to sneak around a fox.

“Where you going babe?” she asked sleepily, one icy blue eye open.

“I need a shower. Want to join me?” I asked, sitting next to her rubbing her back.

“Hmm, that sounds wonderful. I’ll warn you though; I think I’ll use a lot of shampoo. You know, having fur, and all that.” She giggled at that last part.

“Oh come on. Let’s get cleaned up.” I said, heading into the bathroom.

I got the water good and hot just as she walked in, her fur matted from out activities last night. We got into the shower, and she just started washing me. Hell, I’ll go with it. Krystal is a very thorough girl when it comes to cleanliness apparently. She handed me the shampoo and turned around. I took my cue. I lathered her up, working my fingers into her fur. I was meticulous, making sure I got everywhere. I could tell she was very careful and self conscious of her fur, so I took extra special care, making sure everything was clean. As I worked on the hair on her head, massaging her scalp I could feel her relax in my hands. I could tell she liked when I played with her hair. We stood there in the hot water for I don’t know how long. But we decided it had been long enough when the hot water ran out.

After we got out of the shower, we laid down on the bed together, just enjoying each other’s presence. I was thinking about how my life was changing, and how I’m going to come up with a suitable back story for Krystal’s sudden appearance. My friends would not believe- oh shit. I was meeting the guys tonight. We always meet on Fridays. And I’m always the only single guy there. I grinned, thinking, not tonight boys.
Tonight I’ll have the hottest girl in the group. The thought was intoxicating. Their faces will be priceless.

“Hey Krystal, what do you think about meeting my friends? Do you have like a cover story to use? I can’t
exactly say ‘hey guys, this is Krystal. Yeah, she just appeared in my bed yesterday morning’. No way will they believe that. Hell, I still have a hard time with it.”

“I don’t have a story, but I think you can make something up. You can be very creative.” She gave me that foxy grin again. Damn it I love that.

“Of that I have no doubt. But how about papers, identification, anything like that is a bit out of my realm of expertise.” I was getting worried now. I hadn’t thought of any of this.

“Baby, relax. I’m sure you can come up with something. But, if I am going to meet your friends, what am I going to wear? I can’t go around naked like I can here.”

“Ah, good point. Hmmm, well, my sister stays here sometimes. I didn’t think of it yesterday, but she may have left something.”

As we were looking around my house for clothes, we started talking about what she was going to do. It didn’t take us long to decide she was staying here. I had no argument there. I suggested that we get her some ID; one of my friends knew a guy who might be able to help. By the time we had worked out all that we had thought of we had come up with a pair of skin tight jeans that I loved, of course. We had also found a white t shirt that looked like it was made to stick to her curves. I loved that too, go figure. No luck on the underwear front. Not that she really needed any chest support. But we resolved to go shopping tomorrow.

We walked in to the restaurant, and being the first there, we got the table. I was really worried about my friends. I knew they’d want to know where I got her and how much I was paying to say she was my girlfriend. Sometimes it really scares me how well I know them. The first thing out of Dave’s mouth.

“Hello, gorgeous. Where did he find you and how much is he paying?” he asked, with that charming smile I wish I could have.

“I knew I should have put money on that. I told her you’d say that. Never could let anybody else have anything nice could you Dave?” I said, and he noticed me for the first time.

“You know it. It’s my only flaw.” He said, laughing.

“Only? What about that time in high school? You remember when you and Miranda got cau-“

“Never mind that, that’s ancient history. Besides, that wasn’t my fault. She didn’t tell me her dad was home. But even I’m not perfect, close, but not quite.”

Dave and I generally go through some routine like this. We really are good friends, but we always rag on each other.

We had all been friends since elementary school. Dave and I first met in second grade, and Joe and Alex transferred in halfway through the next year. We had all immediately gotten along, and had been friends all through middle and high school. We’d gone to college together and graduated last year. We still got together every Friday night, just to talk and have a good time.

When Joe and Alex showed up with their extremely good looking girlfriends, I had the satisfaction of watching their jaws drop. Cindy and Caroline were definitely beautiful, but seeing them next to Krystal, there was no comparison. I could barely stop staring at her the whole time we were there. I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was to have been blessed with this girl. I hadn’t realized how long I’d been day dreaming.

“Dude! Jesus, man, you didn’t drink that much! Welcome back, was it nice in dream land?” Dave was next to me, looking at me like I’d passed out drunk.

“Uh, yeah. Great place, you should go sometime.” I said, trying to come back to Earth.

“Well, now that you’re back with us, we can head back to Alex’s place. You and your stunning friend coming with us?” he asked pointedly.

“Yeah, baby, you want to go to Alex’s place?” I asked turning to Krystal.

“Sure, babe.” She said, grinning. She leaned in for a deep kiss, just to see the look on Dave’s face.

We all went to Alex’s house, which was a pretty nice place just outside of town. We all had a good deal more to drink, and decided to stay the night. Krystal decided to stay in my room, while Cindy and Carolina took a room together. I wasn’t nearly as drunk as the rest of the guys, and I can hold me stuff pretty well. But I decided I was too drunk to drive home, and Krystal hadn’t really drunk at all, but she was pretty tipsy.

Before too long after Krystal and I went to bed I felt her soft skin on my stomach as her hand moved down to my crotch. I was nowhere near too drunk to get it up, so I was standing at attention pretty soon. Her small hand grabbed me through my boxers, and she knew I was ready. She threw the sheets off the bed and pulled down my boxers, while I shed my shirt. Then she jumped on the bed and straddled me. She slowly lowered herself onto my rigid prick. She sank down until I was fully lodged inside her. She bounced on my cock for a few minutes before jumping off me. She got on her hands and knees at the end of the bed and slapped her ass, giving me that grin I love so much. The message was clear.

I got behind her and slowly pushed into her. She was so tight; her pussy gripped my dick and squeezed on every movement. I pushed until I felt her soft skin on my thighs, which I must say I prefer the fur. Soon I found my rhythm, and was pumping in and out of this beautiful girl beneath me. I wasn’t going to last much longer, but considering how long I’d been at it so far, I was pretty proud of myself. I gasped that I was close and she jumped out from under me. She twisted and sucked my cock into her hot mouth, looking straight into my eyes as her head moved quickly up and down. I felt my balls tighten and my orgasm hit, hard. I fired stream after stream of hot jizz into her hungry mouth. After I finished cumming she looked up at me with a mouth full of cum. She swished it around for a second to really get a good taste, and then swallowed.

“That’s pretty good. I might have to do that more often.” She panted.

“Any time you want, babe, any time you want.” I said, falling back onto the bed with her in my arms.

We fell asleep soon after, exhausted from our late night activities. When we woke up the next morning, we went into the kitchen and were greeter by applause. Apparently, we were a little bit louder than we had thought. It seems everyone had heard us in the throes of passion. Oops. I took my bow, as did the stunning female next to me. Krystal deemed to be in a fit of giggles afterwards.

We left soon after and headed back to my place. We spent the rest of the day laying around, not wanting to do much. We watched a few movies and ordered pizza. As it turns out pizza ranks nowhere near chicken enchiladas.

Through our mental link I could tell Krystal was getting anxious about something later than evening. Even without it, she seemed almost twitchy, and jumpy. She was back in her blue furred form, all the more sexy knowing I was the only one to see her like this.

“Babe, is something wrong?” I asked, concerned.

“No baby, I’m just horny, but I know you’re tired.” She said, somewhat sheepishly. True, it had been a pretty wild past few days. But I was nowhere near too tired for that.

“Never tired enough to help you with that. Come here.” I said, moving over to her.

With that we made our way to the bedroom, shedding my clothing as we went, stopping our fierce kissing only when we needed to remove my shirt. We fell onto my bed, in nothing but my boxers. She prefers to be naked around the house, which is perfectly fine with me. She reached down to grasp my erect member, and to give it a few good stokes. A promise of what is to come. Or cum.

She quickly removed my last coverings, and settled between my legs. She licked up and down my shaft before engulfing the head in her hot mouth. Krystal held only my head in her mouth while swirling her long fox tongue around the head. The sensations were incredible. Soon she had had enough and began trying to swallow my cock. She had all of me in her mouth, and my head was at the back of her throat. Her throat muscles were milking my head and I knew I wouldn’t last long at this rate.

She sensed that I was close, and pulled my cock out of her mouth, strings of saliva connecting me to her. She took a moment to regain her breath, while slowly and sensuously stroking me. When she was ready to continue she jumped on top of me, getting into a 69 position, placing her delicious pussy right in my face. She slowly began sucking me again, grinding her pussy onto my tongue. I loved the way she tasted, sweet, and yet slightly wild, she had an almost gamey flavor, and I loved it. I drove my tongue as far into her tight sex as I could, trying to fuck her with only my tongue. I lapped up and down her slit, teased her clit before sucking it into my mouth and playing with it with my tongue. I knew she was close because she increased her pace on my cock. When I felt her begin to shudder I clamped my mouth around her pussy and drank from her as her orgasm wracked her body. I drank all the delicious juice she gave me and loved every drop. She rolled off me and said only two words.

“Fuck me.” she almost whimpered. She needed this, and who was I to deny a girl her pleasure?

I rolled on top of her and placed myself at her entrance, rubbing my head just inside her folds, teasing her. She whined and squirmed, trying to impale herself on me. She’s so damn cute when she’s horny, whining like that. I pressed myself slowly into her. I knew she wanted me to just bury myself in her all in one go, but she was way too tight for that. I pressed into her, until her fur tickled my balls. Damn that felt awesome. I slowly began moving in and out of her, watching her squirm under me. She wanted to throw me down and ride me like a rodeo bull until I emptied myself in her, but she could barely move. I picked up the pace, sawing in and out of her tight sex, her moans like music to my ears, urging me to go faster and harder. I was pounding her like she wanted now, triggering another orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on me like a warm fleshy vise, working her muscles and milking me. I was close, so I moved onto my side and spooned her, my rigid member still inside her. I flew in and out of her, building my own orgasm. I thrust as deeply as I could into her and exploded, triggering one last orgasm. We came together, my seed firing into her womb and filling her completely.

We fell asleep there on the bed, my slowly softening member still lodged firmly inside her. We slept through the night and woke at the same time early the next morning. I held her close, my flaccid member still inside her, held fast by our combined dried fluids, glued inside her. She turned her head to look me in the eyes as she kissed me. We kissed slowly, lovingly, while staring deeply into each other’s eyes. As we kissed, staring into each other, I knew I had found happiness. I had been gifted with a woman, a woman I deeply loved, and who loved me. I knew I wanted to be with her and her with me. We held each other close, and stared into each other’s eyes, enjoying the love we shared.

I have found happiness, and her name is Krystal.

Ok, sorry I took so long to post something else. This one I wasn't even going to post, but decided to. And depending on the reception this gets, I'm considering a sequel, possibly involving the sister. Anyway, I thought some folks might enjoy this, so here you go.

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