Tammy's little sister joins in
The schoolgirls on the bus Part 2

I stared nervously at the piece of paper in front of me. I had decided not to mail the girls, as I didn’t know much-scratch that-I knew nothing about them at all except their names. I didn’t get why I was so nervous in calling them, I mean it was them who initiated sex with me, and on a moving bus for that matter! I decided to grow some balls, and slowly dialed Tammy’s number. It rang 4 times before I could hear a young girl on the other line.
“Hello, Tammy?” I asked.
“No, this is her sister Chloe, hold on I’ll call her.”
My skin started curling. I can’t believe I was actually on the line waiting for one of the 12 year old schoolgirls I fucked just days earlier, wanting to know if she’ll fuck me again! I was just about to hang up for a reason I can’t explain, when a slightly familiar voice spoke on the other end.
“Tammy hello! May I ask who’s calling?” She sounded so innocent and polite.
“Er, its me…Mike, from the bus…the other day, remember?”
“Oh hey you! Of course silly, how could I ever forget you hmmm? So what’s hanging?” She sounded a bit more sultry and giggled as she spoke.
I lied and said not much, that I saw their numbers in my wallet and called to see how they’re doing.
“Oh that all,” She sounded normal, “A little disappointing, I thought you were calling to see if we would fuck you again.”
There was no giggle as she said this, and I figured her parents were obviously not close by. I gave a nervous chuckle and decided to man up.
“Well, maybe that too…” I confessed, as I heard whispering in the background.
Tammy didn’t reply on this comment but told me that Cindy was with her and says hi.
“Cindy also wants to know when we can taste that amazing cock of yours?” She said, and I heard more giggles.
“Well, I’m free Monday whole day.” I suggested.
“Awwwh we’re at school, and then tennis practice after!” She replied, and I could hear the disappointment in her tone.
I said that was okay, we could always figure something out for the following weekend perhaps. Tammy said that’s cool, and they can’t wait to see me again.
“Oh crap! My mum’s looking for me, but we’ll chat soon, you’ll call again, promise?” She said again.
I said of course I would and that I couldn’t wait either. We said goodbye and hung up. Although it wasn’t as bad as I thought, it fact it was brilliant! But I couldn’t help feeling awkward after the conversation.

The weekend flew by and Monday off was proving to be very comforting as it was pouring with rain outside. I woke up early as I always do, but just lay in bed listening to the rain outside. It was about 7h30 when the phone rang, and I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed to answer it. It was still very early, and my voice sounded very gruff as I answered.
“Hello?” I grunted.
“Er…hey, could I please speak to Mike?”
I cleared my throat before answering.
“Yes, this is Mike.”
“Hey handsome!” I heard a familiar voice, “It’s Tammy. Me and Cindy were thinking of bunking school today, could we crash at your place?”
I was a bit nervous but agreed and gave her my address. She said she knew where I stayed, and that a another friend of theirs stayed closeby. She thanked me and made cute kissing sounds into the mouth piece, and giggled before hanging up.
I went back to bed not thinking about this much, and nearly dozed off when I heard soft knocking on my door. I looked at the clock it was 8h15. I was still bleary eyed as I opened the door, but the sight before me awakened all my senses! Two amazingly gorgeous blonde schoolgirls stood at my door, their uniforms soaking wet. Their skirts were so wet it just clung to their sexy pantyhose clad thighs. Their shirts were soaked and I could clearly see the outline of their pink bra’s and hard nipples. I nearly jumped when another girl dressed in the same uniform came stumbling towards us. She was also blonde, but looked slightly younger than the other two.
“This is my sister Chloe, she’s 10.” Tammy introduced me, “So Mike, are you just gonna let us stand here all wet and dripping, or you gonna let us inside hmmm?”
The preteen girls giggled, as I blushed and let them inside.
“Why don’t you fix us something hot, while we get out of these wet clothes.” Cindy suggested. I smiled and asked if hot chocolate was alright.
“Really Mike, we’re not 8!” Cindy rolled her eyes “You got whiskey?”
I just laughed as they teased me, and led them to my bedroom where they could change, and I went to pour the drinks. 3 minutes later I heard them call out to me. I went to see what the matter was, and nearly came in my pants at the sight before me. There stood 3 hot preteen schoolgirls, with their wet clothes crumpled on the floor and them just standing sexily in their underwear. Tammy and Cindy wore similar matching sets, both pink bud different shades. The panties were still slightly damp, and I could clearly see the outline of both their hot bald pussies. Chloe wore light pink Tinkerbell panties, and although she didn’t have much in the boob area, I could see through her training bra that there was real potential.
“We need something to wear Mikey.” Cindy pouted as she spoke in a little girl voice.
I couldn’t take my eyes off Chloe and her little Tinkerbell panties. Tammy noticed this as she questioned me.
“Hmmm do you like that Mike? I chose it out for her, I thought it might drive you wild.” She said as she winked at me.”Chloe is starting to get feelings…you know, down there. And she feels she’s ready for sex, but we don’t want her to make the same mistake we did and fuck a silly boy for our first time. She needs to be taught by a man.”
Chloe was eyeing me shyly and I found this so seductive. I asked her if this was true and she just nodded shyly, and I told her to come closer towards me. She walked slowly and had as innocent face as any 10 year old would, I couldn’t believe that in a short while my hard 8 inch dick will be inside her. She stood in front of me and I started rubbing her titties over her bra. I asked if she liked that and she just nodded. I took one hand and slipped it under the waistband of her tiny pink panties, and her pussy felt amazing! She moaned and gasped as I pressed my fingers in between the tiny folds of her preteen cunt. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was slightly wet.
“Would you like to watch me fuck your sister and her friend, before I stick my dick inside this?” I whispered in her ear, my fingers still rubbing her 10 year old pussy.
She smiled and nodded, and as I looked towards the girls and my dick stiffened more as I saw Tammy and Cindy with their tongues locked in a passionate kiss. I reluctantly broke them apart as I led all 3 schoolgirls to the bed.
“I think you all are overdressed actually” I winked at Cindy, and the girls giggled as they started stripping each others underwear. I asked Chloe to leave her panties on as I wanted to undress her before I popped her cherry.
“No time for foreplay, we’re wet and ready for you Mike!” Tammy exclaimed, as she went on her hands and knees. I assumed she obviously wanted doggie, but to my surprise she grabbed my dick and placed it at her asshole.
“You felt great in my pussy last week, but I’d like you to fuck my ass please Mike?” She begged. I smiled broadly as I felt her push her ass hard against me, desperately trying to get my 8 inch cock inside her little 12 year old asshole. My dick slid in and the first thing I noticed how tight it was. My dick could hardly move inside this little girl’s ass, and Tammy moaned loudly as she felt me fill her up. I looked to my left, and the sight made me even harder. Cindy was lying on her back with her legs spread wide, and Chloe was hungrily lapping at her very wet juicy preteen pussy.
“Oh yes Chloe, lick me! Just like that you little slut lick my clitty hard!” She urged her best friend’s 10 year old sister.
Tammy was starting to make slow movements and rocked her ass up and down against me. I felt more of my dick slip inside her ass as she pumped me. I could finally start pushing inside her and started speeding up my movements. The mixed sounds of me fucking Tammy’s tight asshole and Chloe licking Cindy’s pussy drove me wild. I started pounding the 12 year old harder and faster, and Tammy moaned and gasp loudly as she pushed hard against me.
“Hmmm Mike Oh fuck shit shit fuck my asshole hmmm make me your schoolgirl slut oh baby FUCK MY ASS HARDER SHOVE YOUR DICK HARDER OH MIKE HMMMM CUM INSIDE MY LITTLE ASS!!!” She screamed as I pounded her ass.
The fucking and licking sounds were too much for me as I felt my dick go very hard just before I shot my load inside the ass of this sexy 12 year old willing schoolgirl. As I was cumming I stuck 2 fingers Tammy’s tight pussy as I rubbed her to an orgasm. We fell together on the bed as my cum kept shooting inside this little girl, and my cock was still hard as I pulled it out of her asshole.
“You want it up the ass too?” I asked Cindy, as she was still spasming from the orgasm Chloe’s pussy licking gave her.
“Hmmm maybe later, now I want you to fuck my soaking wet schoolgirl pussy baby!” She said as she stayed on her back and spread her legs again. I leaned over and she kissed me hard as she grabbed my dick and rubbed it up and down her slit.
“Oh fuck Mike just put it in.” She begged, and I positioned myself above her. I pushed into Cindy very easily as her pussy was already so wet from the orgasm she just had. She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist and started going wild below me. She put her arms around my shoulders and pulled me closer to her, as this horny 12 year old schoolgirl started fucking me harder and faster.
“Oh Mike hmmm do me just like that! Fuck me harder fuck my tiny pussy and cum inside me hmmm…”
We were in ecstasy, and I lasted a little longer than I had when I was fucking Tammy’s ass. I still couldn’t believe that here I was with 3 very horny preteen schoolgirls, and I was cumming for the second time and it wasn’t even 9am yet! I blasted another load inside Cindy’s sopping wet pussy as I felt her cum all over my still very hard cock. I looked over at Chloe, who was sitting on one side of the bed with her eyes closed, and she moaned as her little fingers were digging inside her Tinkerbell panties. I pulled out of Cindy and Tammy immediately went down on her best friend and licked the cum that was seeping out her little pussy. I moved towards the youngest of the 3 hot schoolgirls in my bed and just stared at her as she rubbed her pussy. I think she could sense me gazing, as the next moment she opened her eyes and smiled at me shyly.
“I’m making my pussy wet to make it easier when you fuck me Mike. Are we finally gonna fuck now?” The 10 year old asked me softly.
I didn’t reply and just smiled as I pulled her training bra over her head. She momentarily took her hand out her hand that was rubbing her pussy to raise her arms, and I could see from the shine on her fingers that this little girl was very wet now. I started licking her hard nipples as her hand went back into her pink panties.
“Sorry my boobs aren’t big.” She whispered in my ear as she moaned softly.
I told her not to worry her boobs were magnificent, and it’ll grow into a beautiful set when she’s older. The 10 year old girl seemed to like this as she moaned a bit louder. I layed her down with her fingers still inside her pussy. I stared into the girl’s pretty blue eyes, as she just smiled sexily up at me. I tugged at the waistband of her tight pink Tinkerbell panties, and she automatically raised her ass off the bed as I slipped them off slowly. She spread her legs slightly, and I could see 2 tiny fingers in her wet preteen pussy as her hand covered her crotch.
“Are you ready Chloe?” I asked her.
“Hmmm ready as ever Mike, make me a woman, fuck me please.” The 10 year old purred.
I grabbed her knees and opened her legs a bit wider, and even with 2 fingers deep inside her tiny pussy I could still see how tight her lips were. Her pussy was genuinely bald, and it was a sight to behold.
“You don’t have to worry about my cherry Mike, Tammy popped that last year with a dildo. This will be my first time with a dick, hmmm I’m so excited you’re so big!”
I pulled her closer to me and my dick was touching her hand that was inside her wet cunt. She smiled at me with that innocent sultriness, as she pulled her fingers out of her hot tight pussy and grabbed my cock and placed it at her entrance. I felt my cock head slide inside this little girl as she let out a long groan. It was only the head of my cock in her little pussy, but she felt even tighter than Tammy’s ass. Chloe wrapped her legs around my waist and pushed up hard and 3 more inches went inside her. She was moaning sexily and this sex crazy 10 year old hottie tried to hump more of my dick inside her. I started pumping slowly inside her as she put her arms around my neck and dug her fingernails into my back. Chloe was humping and moaning loudly below me to meet my thrusts, and I started pumping harder.
“Oh fuck get it all in me Mike! Fuck my little pussy harder and faster please oh shit your cock feels sooo good I just love it deep inside my tight wet hairless pussy!”
A 10 year old girl was talking dirty to me as I pounded her tight pussy! It was enough to drive any male over the edge. I started fucking this 10 year old hard and rough now, and from her grunts, thrusts and moans I could tell she was really liking it.
“Oh shit fuck fuck I’m cumming Mike fuck me harder please make me cum hard then pump you hot seed deep inside my little body!”
Chloe was in another world now, all that mattered to this tiny schoolgirl was the dick pounding her pussy, filling her entire body with joy and ecstasy. This was easily the best fuck of my entire life so far, not because this girl was only 10, but because of the sexual power she possessed. She may have still been a virgin 5 minutes earlier, but this girl knew what she wanted all along and was learning quickly. As Chloe fucked me and pulled me closer to her, I looked towards the other two preteens and to my shock Tammy was ramming a dildo up Cindy’s ass! I didn’t even know they had brought one along, and this sight made me harder and pump Chloe deeper now.
“Can I get on top please?” She asked me between ragged breathes.
I didn’t say anything but just slowed down to a steady pumping, and with my dick still in her I moved onto his back. I hadn’t realized that Chloe had already cum, and from the wetness of her tight pussy, she slipped out of me as she tried to get on top. Chloe straddled me and I quickly pushed my very hard cock inside her tiny pussy.
“Now let me ride you hard till you cum in my wet pussy Mikey” She cooed as the 10 year old schoolgirl started bouncing up and down on my cock. I just lay still in complete pleasure as this little preteen girl fucked me. I could hear Cindy coming from the pounding her friend was giving her with the very big vibrator, and suddenly Chloe started moving very quickly as she screamed out she was cumming again. I felt more wetness on my cock as the little girl pumped me. She got off me quickly to my disappointment, but that vanished quickly as she started licking her cum off my rock hard 8 inch cock. She shoved about 3 inches inside her mouth and licked and sucked hungrily. She did this for about 2 minutes as I felt very close to cumming.
“Hmmm very yummy, but I don’t want you to come in my mouth, I wana feel your hot sperm in my tight pussy!” The 10 year old purred.
She got up and straddled me again as she slipped my dick inside her. The preteen schoolgirl started bouncing harder and faster up and down my cock as her sister and friend watched intently. Chloe was really getting into it now and I think she felt me getting closer as she urged me on.
“Hmmm oh year Mike cum in me shoot your hot cum deep inside my slutty young cunt!”
I couldn’t take much any longer as I felt my cum shoot out of my dickhead and deep inside the little 10 year old who was moaning loudly while her pussy milked my cock. I closed my eyes as the little sex hungry schoolgirl fucked me in short hard strokes as I felt her pussy leaking cum all over my hard cock. Chloe collapsed on top of me and moaned into my chest as the schoolgirl bit on one of my nipples.
“Shit that was amazing Mike!” She purred in a little girl voice.
I just rubbed along her back as my dick was still deep inside her, but as I looked over her shoulder I got a shock that made my dick jump a bit. There was my hot little slut neighbor friend Misty, sucking on a lollipop watching the scene intensely.
“Shit Misty how long have you been standing there?” I asked, as I gently moved the limp 10 year old girl off my dick.
“Long enough,” She replied without blinking, “You been having fun Mike?”

End of Part 2

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