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John finally loses his straight virginity!
Last night, John lost his "gay virginity" to Alex's huge ginger cock. Today, the two will tagteam Sara as she gets the fuck of her life!

I woke up at about 6:30 am. I went and brushed my teeth and put on some new clothes. When I went to go downstairs and eat breakfast, I heard Alex call my name. "Hey handsome get your ass back down on this bed." He said it in a flirty tone and I had morning wood so fuck it. We made out for like 5 minutes before exchanging blowjobs to get rid of our morning wood. Alex's soft moaning must have awoken Sara because she said "Well well what do we have here? I knew this would work!" I love that we can have this threeway because now I don't have to choose between Alex or Sara. " We'll get to hotter stuff later Sara but we just woke up let's have a good morning first!" I stated. Truth be told I didn't want to be half asleep when I lost my straight virginity. Alex and Sara agreed and we all went downstairs and ate sandwhiches for breakfast. Alex ands Sara were still nude so I stripped because it felt awkward. "I have an idea for some morning fun guys!" Sara said. "Wanna shower together?" "Sure but we aren't having sex yet. I want to do that tonight." I replied. Alex backed me up and we all got in the shower. Because Alex wasn't a virgin, he held Sara up as he fucked her ass and she blew me. Was I jealous at all? Nah. We were sharing her! If he wants to fuck her that's fine! After shower sex we all dried off and Sara took a nap on the couch while me and Alex played more xbox nude. We gave eachother handjobs and blowjobs a few times because we are horny teenagers! At around 9 we all got dressed and went to the mall an hour away to spend the day away. Me and Alex went and bought an extra remote for Sara so she could play with us. She went and bought lingerie and Makeup. She had something great in mind!

At around 12:30 we ate lunch at the mall. We had a big order of nachos and steaks. Sara had a steak salad because she said she had to keep her size 2 figure. I don't know about what these breast sizes mean but her breasts were average. Not too big not to small. She was too sexy for me and I'm lucky im dating her. We walked around the mall more before heading back to Alex's. We popped in a couple games we got and Sara joined in. We played nude because it felt comfortable to us. At about 5 Sara started cooking us dinner. Alex dragged me upstairs for fun time while we waited. This time, he was to take my cock up HIS ass! He got on hiz knees and tried to blow me. After giving him advice he was a master and i came in his mouth fast! I dry humped him while jacking him off for like 5 minutes before I quit the teasing, and to recharge my balls for another round. I poked at his hole and he screamed in pain. "Haha Alex just relax and'll feel good soon." I kept just my dickhead in for a couple minutes when he said the pain went away. I started thrusting as hard as he did yesterday. He was moaning like crazy and so was I. We loved it. "God I love you John!" "Right back at you Alex!" After a couple minutes I started spasms. "Oh shit Alex! I'M CUMMING!" I screamed. "Do it in my ass!" he replied. I doubled my thrusting speed and released my seed inside him. "oh god..that felt good!" I said while catching my breath. He grinned and we kissed for 5 minutes before cleaning up and heading downstairs.

"Did I hear what I think I heard Alex? Were you letting John fuck you?" Sara asked. Alex nodded and said "It felt amazing. He was stretching my ass and I could barely last as long as I did! I came right after him!" Sara said dinner was ready and presented us with steak, fries, and Ice Cream! How perfect! We ate dinner and watched Tron on Netflix. My head was resting on Alex's shoulder and his on Sara's. At 9 we went upstairs to finally do it!

Me and Alex did rock paper scissors and I won so Sara blew me first. She was just as good as Alex. I taught him well. Sara deepthroated me and jacked Alex off with her free hand. I blew a load into her after a couple minutes, so me and Alex traded spots. He lasted as long as me and Sara got on all fours. " I want John under me fucking my pussy, and Alex behind me fucking my ass." Awesome idea. Me and alex kissed for 5 seconds and we took Sara in. We eased ourselves in and started out slowly. Sara was clearly in pain from two cocks in her holes at once, so once she was relaxed we cranked it up real fast. I could feel Alex's cock through the skin as it thrusted It's way up Sara's ass. He slapped her ass causing her already very loud moaning to become even louder! Her vagina felt cool and warm, and inviting too! I was all the way in but never felt her hymen...I guess Sara wasn't a virgin. Oh well that didn't bother me. After 3 minutes me and Alex swapped spots. I took my girlfriends ass and he her pussy. He started off licking her down there, something I wasn't very good at yet, in addition to licking my balls too! It felt amazing! Sadly he got down and started pumping her so it ended. "Guys I want both of you to cum in my pussy, so Alex just swap positions after you do." Alex nodded and kept going, massaging Sara's boobs with his hands. Alex spasmed and came into her and we swapped. I pumped really deep really fast and soon I came too.

It was done. Finally. I was forever no longer a virgin. We all got cleaned up and fell asleep. Me and alex faced eachother with Sara on the other side of me.

More can come if you guys really want it, but I am out of ideas so I need suggestions in the comments of what I can do next! If you like this story please positive vote it and leave feedback! thank you!

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2014-04-08 19:43:45
Wow- this just keeps improving!

I especially like this cuz that was very similar to MY first fuck at 17. You brought up more than just great memories! Boner City!! Since that happened years ago, I've often fantasized about BOTH dicks in her pussy at once.

Imagine the feeling for both guys having their sensitive "underdicks" (as I call that great place just below the head & on the underneath side) sliding on each other, making each other pump that extra engorged squeeze when the other guy's head rim rakes across that tender, sweet area... ahhhh......

But I digress (& leak a little!)

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2014-02-28 21:28:17
mpx3B3 Really appreciate you sharing this blog.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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2014-01-08 03:26:23
aHP7cb I value the blog post.Much thanks again. Great.

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2011-12-31 21:27:21
I agree, Sarah should be let go, and you should add another boy.
Gay guys are the best!

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2011-10-12 02:05:58
drop sara and add aother boy my be 12 years old

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