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2 years later when they are 17 :)
When Moonshadows first misson, brings him the love of his life, things can only go up from there, or can they?...

2 Years Later.....They have been inseperateable.....

As Moonshadow woke up, he got up straight away and brushed his hair extra nicely. He crept out of his room trying to be as stealthy as he could, into Snowhalk's room. She was still asleep. He crept up beside her leant down and whispered in her ear.
"come on get up" as he dragged her to her feet.
"Your evil, you can't disturb sleep..." Moon chuckled.
"yes i can, so get up" Snowhalk groaned. She hated getting up. She was one moody 17 yo. Moon laughed to himself. Rather be safe than sorry.
"Ok sleep then" when he put her down she pulled him down with her, as he lay next to her she snuggled up close.
"Come on or we will miss the ceremony"
"neh" Snowhalk turned around.
"Why do we have to go? Its Groundspiders?"
"because its his birthday come on give him a break, he will be 1/5 of a century, you can't fight an old man, that's not fair" Snowhalk giggled.
"i guess so"
"then get dressed" Snowhalk didn't wait for Moon to leave to get undressed. Moon looked her over as she did, then turned to him, smiled and went.

When they got to the ceremony there was cake, laughter and food. When they saw Groundspider they went over and talked to him.
"Hey old man" Snowhalk laughed.
"hey Snowy, hey kid"
"OK just because there is a crowd Does NOT mean im not willing to give you another black eye" Moon threatened.
"sure" and Groundspider slapped him on the back, which Moon knew would bruise. AS They sat down they watched as Groundspider clumsily tripped over someones dress.
"Do you think he could ever find someone?" Snowhalk asked.
"Probably not" Moon said as Groundspider accidently tripped over the SAME girl.
"Not like us though" Snowhalk said.
"No, never, no one can find people like us " Moon flashed her a smile. "or anyone as beautiful as you"
Snowhalk turned her head to look in his eyes.
"you think im beautiful?" Snowhalk said with a loving smile. Moon was caught then.
"Yeah, i always have. You know that"
" Yeah but i just never heard you say it" Snowhalk said with fact. Moons cheeks were burning. Luckily or unluckily how ever you look at it, Groundspider stepped up to the Podium to talk.
"hey thanks everyone for coming, it's been a great day and i have had so many people come up to me and say hey your looking pretty good" Snowhalk rolled her eyes.
"I wonder if he has lost count yet" Snowhalk said to Moon teasingly, Moon Chuckled. When Groundspider stepped down from the podium, he walked over to Snowhalk and Moon.
"how did i do?" He asked.
"Umm.. it was a speach i have never seen done before" Moon said unsurely.
"Thanks" he said as he slapped him on the back and walked off.
"He didn't he it did he?" asked Snowhalk.
"Am i still here?" Asked Moon sarcasticly.
"Oh yeah i guess, now your going to dance with me!" Before Moon knew what was happening he was on the dance floor slow dancing with Snowhalk.
"uhh i can' dance. . . . ." Moon said uncertainly.
"Just follow my lead" Snowhalk suggested.

After an hour the party started to calm down. Snowhalk walked up to Moon and whispered in his ear
"Lets get out of here" Moon eagerly followed. Snowhalk led him to her room.

AS they sat on the floor Snowhalk spoke first.
"It was to noisy" I bet Moon thought it was a dull roar. Snowhalk suddenly reached out and kissed Moon. Who kissed her back.
"Moon.." Snowhalk breathed. He put his hands on her waist as she put her hands on the back of his head. When Moon thought that this was as far as she would want to go he relaxed, but Snowhalk unbuttoned his shirt, a gasp escaping his lips. Snowhalk leaned back to have a look at his chest. 12 years of training made his shoulders broad, his stomache flat with a clear 6 pack. His chest was bare. He was kinda embarassed just sitting there whilst she looked at him. She pushed the shirt down his arms and threw it away. She then guided his hands to the bottom of her shirt so he could pull it off. Moon did. He tried not to stare at her breats, but he couldn't tear his eyes away. They were beautiful, she was beautiful. Her breasts were big, and perky. She folded her arms across her body in embarassment.
"No don't" Moon protests. He reaches out and brings her closer. He nibbles on one of her nipples making her groan. Then the other, she pulls away and undoes his pants. When she slides them down she removes his boxers too. He is excited as she can see. She takes him into her mouth, as he groans form the unfamiliar expiriences. All to soo she stopps. He hooks his thumbs around the top of her skirt and pulls down, taking her underwear with it. Now they are both naked. They stare at eachother. Moon makes the first move but gently pushing her down. He kisses all down her body. Untill he gets between her thighs. She gasps at the touch of his mouth on her. As she wriggles underneath Moon, he is enjoying the taste of her. He stops and sits up and he carefully places himself on top of her, he kisses her tenderly as she riases her hips, he lowers his to meet her thrust.
"Are you ok?, Is this your first time?" Moon asks Snowhalk.
"Yes, but it will be fine"
"Are you su..." but Snowhalk raised her hips and pushed him inside her. He heard the rips of her as she fought back tears. When the leaked he kissed them away.
"Are you ok?"
"It doesn't hurt as much now, go" Moon did as he was told, and in a few minutes of their love-making and groaning they reached their climax at the same time. Moon held Snowhalk, and wished he could stay here forever in eachothers arms...
The end...


2011-09-02 04:04:48
He didn't he it did he?" asked Snowhalk.(its meant to be he didn't get it did he?)
"Am i still here?" Asked Moon sarcasticly.
"Oh yeah i guess, now your going to dance with me!" Before Moon knew what was happening he was on the dance floor slow dancing with Snowhalk.

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