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Julie and Sherry grow
More of Julie:

After the first night of Julie and Sherry’s lesbian encounter, they got together for lunch the next day, and although both were slightly embarrassed about what they had done, soon overcame that and began to talk in earnest. Sherry wound up confessing to Julie the entire story of our reconciliation brought about by her fucking Harvey and me showing up the next day. She told Julie the entire story just as I related it here. Julie was dumbfounded to say the least, however, by the time she heard it all was heated up and squirming in her chair. She kept going back and asking about particular details regarding Harvey’s cock size, etc. Finally she asked Sherry to come back to her apartment.

As soon as they were in the door, Julie was on Sherry like a chicken on a june bug. They were quickly nude, and locked in a 69 again on the floor. Again, while Sherry was sucking her mini dick clit she tried to insert another finger in her beautiful pink asshole. Again Julie shied away from it, but told her to wait a few minutes she had to go to the bathroom. Sherry waited about 15 minutes and Julie came back out, and said “now where were we?” Sherry again let Julie on top in the superior position and resumed sucking her clit. Julie was really leaking juices and Sherry moved a little so she could lick her ass. As she licked that little rosebud, she noticed that Julie really moaned and pushed back to encourage the contact. Sherry licked faster and pushed her tongue in as far as she could. Encouraged, Sherry tried the finger again, and this time Julie abandoned Sherry,s pussy to push back on the finger. Sherry now had her index finger all the way in her ass and she was moaning and telling her to add another finger.

Julie told Sherry that she had gone to the bathroom in order to take an enema and get nice and clean. She loves anal sex, but cant stand the mess she had to deal with the first experience she had and vowed never to have to clean up a mess like that again. That experience it turns out had been about 10 years before and was an experience she had enjoyed but for the mess. After that, she had purchased a small dildo that she used on her own ass when alone and cleaned out

Sherry learned a great deal that afternoon, and found out that Julie was more than willing to get me and Harvey involved and might just bring the guy that had recently fucked her before we met at the pancake house.

That evening at home Sherry couldn’t wait to tell me what she had discovered, their discussion, and plans for the coming weekend. I could hardly hold my breath. Sherry and I went to bed and I was sucking her pussy and she stopped me and said, hold that thought. I need to go to the bathroom. When she finally got back I went back to licking her pussy and she was spreading her legs farther and farther apart in orgasmic bliss. Her asshole was of course exposed and looked inviting so I licked it some and the more I licked the more she moaned. I started to worm a finger into her asshole and she didn’t resist at all. Actually encouraged me. So I took one out and inserted 2 this time. She squirmed more and more until I had the first and second digits as far in her asshole as I could get them. Sherry reached out to the nightstand and handed me a tube of KY jelly I had never seen before. She said “put some of that on my asshole, then use your fingers”.

Who was I to question her, I did as I was told, and as I eased my fingers back in her, now well lubricated, she proceeded to tell me what Julie had taught her that afternoon. She had gone into the bathroom to give herself and enema for me. She couldn’t wait to find out about anal sex done the right way. So we proceeded to learn together after 15 years of regular vanilla sex. After about 15 minutes of my fingers and KY she demanded I put my cock in her ass and go slow because 2 fingers was one thing, but the head of my cock was different. It only took about 5 minutes and 20 attempts, but finally my cock head poped past her sphincter and she gasped “don’t move” and I didn’t.

In a minute or so she said now squirt more KY on your cock and start easing it in my ass. I did as I was told and in a short time was balls deep in this new tight sheath. I was in heaven and she was too. Soon I was fucking her so hard and she was grunting and pissing all over me she was straining so she couldn’t help the pee coming out. I didn’t complain and kept going until I exploded up her ass harder than I have ever cum in my life.

We collapsed with my cock buried in her ass and stayed that way until my cock softened and shrunk and just extracted itself from her ass with no effort on either of out parts. We both loved the feeling of the first time she enjoyed anal sex, and I knew we would soon enjoy it again. All thanks to her afternoon with Julie.

An hour or so later, she suggested we go to the club that night to see if we could find Harvey. She called Julie and asked her to go with us or meet us at the club. Julie told her she would meet us there as she didn’t like to get stranded without a car at her disposal.

At the club I immediately noticed Julie was not wearing a bra, and we were not in my home. She was out in public, and believe me they noticed those nice tits were loose. I asked Julie to dance after we had been setting at the table for a while. When we reached the dance floor she stepped into my arms and got close immediately. As we danced I got close to her ear and said “Sherry told me everything this afternoon, and I wanted to say thank you”. I then proceeded to tell her of our first anal experience, and how much we both appreciated the instructions and the experience. She gave me a light kiss on the neck, and said “believe me, it was all my pleasure”. We went back to the table and Julie looked at Sherry and said “I think we need to go home, I am overheated and just need to get out of here”. Of course we left immediately and Julie was close on our tail until we got home.

More to come….


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I hope you continue this story line.

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