My Disgusting Experience with Daddy: Part 8

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I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was sitting in my father’s recliner, my hands cuffed behind my back, my legs spread and my ankles duct taped to the foot rest of the chair, and completely naked with a box wrapped in Spiderman birthday paper over my head. And daddy had just presented me as a birthday gift to my oldest brother, Kevin!

“Who is she?” I heard Kevin ask as he began to fondle my naked breasts. He didn’t know it was me!! And yet he touched me, feeling the weight of my tits, pinching my nipples, pressing them together.

“I’ll tell you later” Daddy said, taking another gulp of vodka right out of the bottle. “Just have fun. Trust me, she’s into it.”

“But, what about Jenny? What if she wakes up?”

“She won’t, I just checked on her, she’s sound asleep.” Daddy lied.

“No Kevin, it’s me!!” I screamed in my head. I wanted to call out to him, to tell him not to do this, it was a trick! But I was too scared of Daddy and what he’d do. He had told me to keep quiet or he’d fuck my asshole!

Kevin kept playing with my breasts, squeezing and kneading them, my own brother!

“Nice tits, eh Kev?” Daddy said to him, as I heard him settle onto the couch nearby.

“Awesome! Heavy, and I love the areolas! They’re huge!”

“Keep playing with the nipples and see how hard they get,” Daddy told him. Kevin used both hands to pinch and roll my nipples until they were rock hard and sticking out.

“See?” Daddy said. “Classic pencil erasers.”

“Oh yeah, really nice” Kevin’s tone had changed. His voice had gotten deeper and more serious and I knew that meant that he was turned on. I felt him lean forward, lift up my breasts and flick his tongue over my nipple. Then he put the tip in his mouth and sucked gently. He wasn’t as rough as Daddy had been.

“That’s it, son. Suck on those titties.” Daddy’s voice had changed too. Was he going to watch and get off on it?? I heard a zipper sound from his direction and figured he was pulling out his cock to play with it.

Kevin moaned into my breasts, sucking one and playing with the other, alternating between the two. He opened his mouth and flattened out his tongue, making them both very slick with his saliva. I could feel the wetness on them, and the slight breeze from the overhead fan made me shiver and my nipples popped out even more.

“Look at that...” he whispered.

Then I felt his hand sliding down over my tummy, headed to the area between my legs. He got to my pubic hair and moaned again, stroking it, feeling it, pulling at it gently.
“Mmmmm, I love an unshaved cunt” he said, his breathing getting harder. I was shocked to hear these words coming out of my brother’s mouth!

He put both hands on my pussy, and using his thumbs he gently spread open my pussy lips.

I felt so dirty. Sitting there so exposed, my brother touching me in such private areas and my father watching him, encouraging him!

“Oh that’s nice” Kevin said, running his thumb gently over my clit, rubbing it in tiny circles.

“Spread it wider, I want to see the hole” I heard my daddy’s gruff voice. Kevin pulled my pussy lips farther apart, and shifted his position, I guess so Daddy could see better.

“Yeah, now put your finger in there and feel how tight it is” Daddy ordered. Had they done this to someone before?? It seemed like it from the way they were talking.

Kevin started to put his pointer finger inside, but felt how dry I was. He withdrew it, put it in his mouth and made it wet with his spit. Then he put his finger back to my entrance and slowly pushed it in. I tried not to squirm and stifled a groan, remembering daddy’s threat. How I wanted this to stop!

Kevin held is finger inside me for a moment, wiggling it around, and used his thumb to continue rubbing my button. Then he gently pulled it out, pushed it back in and started finger fucking me slowly.

My body responded to what he was doing by producing natural lubrication, and my pussy got wetter and wetter on my brother’s finger. He started pumping it faster which created a sloppy sound and seemed to fill the room. I was so embarrassed!

“I can smell it” Kevin said to Daddy. He pulled his finger out and then shoved two more back inside, continuing to finger me.

“Lick it, Kevin. Taste that sloppy cunt.” Daddy was breathing very hard now, and I could hear a steady rustling coming from his direction. No doubt he was jerking off watching my brother violate me.

Kevin pulled his fingers out of me and spread my pussy lips open again. He leaned closer to me and I could feel his breath on my thighs. I knew it was coming, but still I jumped a little when I felt his tongue touch me. He flicked it over my clit a little, and then moaned as he pushed is face deeper between my legs. His tongue went down to my entrance and up again, scooping up the liquid that was flowing from me. Over and over he did that, moving his head back and forth and moaning continuously.
I heard my father get up off the couch and walk over to us. Suddenly the pressure from Kevin’s face in my pussy got much stronger! I could see a tiny bit out of the bottom of the box, and I could see that Daddy’s hand was on the back of Kevin’s head, pushing on it and grinding it into my crotch.

“Yeah, eat that pussy… lick it... fuck yeah...” he grunted, and Kevin seemed to love it. His hands slid under me and grabbed my ass cheeks, pulling me tight against his face and sucking at my lips and clit. The stubble on his cheeks was rubbing roughly on my thighs and the tender flesh between them, contrasting the smooth feel of his tongue.

My vagina was on fire when Daddy finally let go of his head. Kevin lifted his head, breathing heavily. "Oh, God! That tastes so fucking sweet!" he said, panting. "I'm so fucking hard" and gave me another quick, but hard lick.

He stood up and I heard him unzip his jeans and pull them down.

"Can I take the box off, Dad?" he asked. "I really want to fuck her mouth."

"No, leave it on for now. I want you to fuck her pussy first."

"But how, she's in that chair?"

Someone walked around the chair behind me. Suddenly I felt myself fall back and my feet come up as the chair was put into the full recline position. I was almost lying completely flat on my back. Well, except for my arms that were still cuffed. The box started to come off my head but someone, Daddy, I'm sure, slammed it back down and made sure it securely in place. What did he mean "leave it on for now"?? Was he planning on taking it off later so that Kevin would see it was me??! Oh God, I hoped not!

This was all happening so fast. Kevin climbed up on the chair and got between my legs. He leaned over me, using his left arm to prop himself up while his right hand guided himself to me. My pussy was really wet from all his licking, so when he rubbed his penis through my folds and over my clit it glided across smoothly. He was breathing so heavily, and making deep little moans, sort of like grunts, as he prodded me. He put the tip of his cock at my slippery entrance, put it in a tiny bit and then back out, tempting himself with my hole to see how long he could resist.

Right next to me I heard the slosh of the vodka bottle as my dad took another swig. "Fuck her, son! Fuck the whore's cunt!" he hoarsely ordered.

Kevin abruptly slammed into me, shoving his cock deep into my pussy. It was big, much bigger than Daddy's, both longer and much fatter. Inside the box I gasped! It stretched me and filled me completely. He started to fuck me, at a rather quick pace. Daddy was encouraging him, egging him on and telling him to do it harder and faster. I felt a rough hand on my tit and could tell it was Daddy's from the rough way he treated it. He pinched my nipples really hard, and pulled them, and he was really fond of slapping them to watch them jiggle.

My brother fucked me hard and fast, and soon he was starting to gasp and groan. He was getting close to cumming! My father realized that too and said to Kevin "I think it's time to open your final present." Suddenly the light filled my eyes as the box was lifted off my head.

I saw my father standing next to my head, stroking his hard cock that was pointed directly at my face. And then I turned and looked at Kevin.

He was looking back at me, complete comprehension in his eyes. I really thought he would have stopped fucking me right then and there, but his hips kept moving, pounding my pussy. Before I could say a word, he looked at my dad and said, in a gasping pleading voice, "Can I cum inside her, Dad? Please?!"

"Yeah!!!! Fill her up! Fill her cunt up!!" Daddy shouted.

Kevin threw his head back and groaned "Yeahhhhhhhhhh" He slammed into my pussy and held himself there, and I felt his cock jump all around inside me. It was like there were little fireworks going off in my vagina. He pumped once, and then again, grabbing my hips so tightly it hurt.

Suddenly I felt something hit the side of my face. I turned my head instinctively to see what it was, and saw my daddy's cock aimed straight at my face, as another white glob shot out from his tip and hit me in the inside corner of my eye.

There was a lot of loud moaning going on between the two of them, and I couldn't distinguish who they were coming from anymore. Finally, Daddy's load ran out and Keven collapsed on top of me. He was all sweaty and I could feel his heart pounding through his chest.

No one said anything for a moment, they were trying to catch their breath, and I didn't know what to say! Softly, I started to cry.

Kevin finally lifted his head. He looked me in the eyes, stroked my hair, and said "Sorry, squirt, but it was just too fucking good."

Just then we heard a noise coming from the laundry room. We all turned our heads to look at the door. Then it came again. It was a bark.

"Well," Daddy said. "Looks like someone is awake." Then he looked back at me, and chuckled.

(to be continued...)

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