Miss Mays at it again.



Ugh I couldn’t sleep that night. Maybe it was because I missed Amy maybe it was because of the fact that I fucked Sydney for all she was worth and Vampira sucked me to sleep afterwards I dunno. But I couldn’t sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night looking next to me I saw Vampira sleeping naked with the covers over her. I snaked my arm around her and bent down kissing her neck lightly hearing her moan in her sleep. I got up and checked the time. 3:30 A.M. Great I thought to myself as I got out of bed and walked out to the hallway into the kitchen. I heard noises in the living room but didn’t bother to look as I grabbed a bottle of water out of the fridge and sipped it in the kitchen. I was going to go to the bathroom and take a piss before heading back to bed but I heard something that peaked my interest.

“Ya suck my cock you fuckin Slut.” I poked my head out of the kitchen into the living room to see Luna on her knees with her hands behind her back handcuffed with Kemaine shoving his cock deep into her mouth. “You Like that slut!” He said between breaths. “MHMM” Was all she could say. I got a look between her legs as long strings of her spit fell to the ground. “Wow” I said quietly but I guess I didn’t say it quietly enough as Kemaine snapped his eyes open and looked at me. “What the fuck you doin pervert!!! Can I get some privacy with my girl?!?!” He yelled grinding his teeth at me. “Privacy?....your fucking her in the living room.” I said with a laugh. His response was tossing a half empty beef can at me which barley missed my head. I turned around to walk back to my room laughing. I opened the door and was greeted with a sleepy Vampira sitting up in the bed. “Where’d you go?” She asked me eyes half closed. “Water.” I replied as I sat back in the bed and kissed her on the lips. “Hey does Kemaine have any classes tomorrow?” I asked. “I think the schedule for them is the same every day.” She said lying back down. I took off my boxers and slid my hand under the covers between Vampiras legs. “Mmmmmmm Do you really want to go another round?” I heard her say. “No I just wanted to make sure you where wet so I could do this.” I said shoving my cock into her. “Ahhh.” She said thrusting her ass to my pelvis. I draped my arm around her and kissed her neck. “Night.” I said before passing out.

The sun peered through the curtains and stung my eyes as I woke up alone in the bed. Walking out into the hallway shaking the sleep from my eyes. I walked out into the kitchen to see Heather sitting there sipping coffee. “Hey.” She said with a smile on her face. “What’s up?” I said grabbing a cup of coffee. “Where is everyone?” I asked. “Dude its 10:30 everyone’s at their Classes.” She said laughing. “Oh? Well Ima go grab a shower.” I said still shaking the sleep from my eyes. I turned on the water and let it fall over my body. My eyes where closed and I was focused on the water when I felt a hand grab my cock and slowly started stroking it. “The hell?” I said turning around to see naked Heather pressing her tits into my back. “Thought I’d grab a shower with you. My class is in 30 minutes any way.” She said before she started to work her hand up and down on my cock. I rested my hands on the wall in front of me to keep balance. Her soft hand slid from the bass all the way to the steel rod in the head of my dick. “Too bad we can’t have the same fun we did yesterday.” She said with a fake sadness in her voice. “But maybe I can take care of you before I leave.” She said turning me around and facing her. I smiled as she got on her tippy toes to kiss me. I brushed the white-ish blue hair outta her face and snaked my tongue in her mouth but that only lasted a second before she sank to her knees and grabbed my cock by the base of it. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and giggled before she snaked her tongue around the head of my cock and slowly sinking her mouth down my cock. “Ahhh Heather.” Was all I managed to say as she sinked her mouth deeper and deeper on my rod. She licked the underside of my cock and pushed her head forward deep throating my cock. Morning wood plus a morning blow job. I wasn’t going to last much longer. “Heather…Im gunna…gunna cum soon.” She slowly let my cock slide out of her mouth with a nice slutty PLOP sound. “Good, that’s what I want Hurry Up ahah.” She said before sliding my cock back into her mouth and sucking it like a pro. I grabbed the back of her head and slowly brought her head to my pelvis. She just moved her tongue around my dick sucking it . “Oh God Heath Here it CUMS!!!!” I yelled as wave after wave of Jizz fell down her throat. I felt her throat contrast and expand as she swallowed every drop. I took my cock out of her mouth as she giggled. “God Well I had my protein shake for today I might hit the gym afterwards.” She said standing up and kissing me on the cheek.

Heather got out of the shower taking the only towel in there with her. After my shower I hopped out after realizing there was no towel in there I said fuck it as I opened the door and walked out into the hallway. I was starting to walk to my room when I got tapped on the shoulder. Turning around to see a fist flying directly in my mouth. The force of the punch knocked me on my back. Staring at the ceiling All I heard was “I want a rematch.” Sitting up I saw Luna Standing in front of me naked only wearing Spiked Combat boots. No need for a towel I guess. I got up and walked up to Luna smacking her directly in the mouth. “FINE!” I said. “Only pussies smack.” She said spitting in my face. I cocked my fist back hitting her in the stomach and pushing her to the floor. “Better?” I asked sarcastically. Luna got up and pounced on me knocking me to the floor. Before I could moan out in pain she attached her mouth to mine tongues dancing in each other’s mouth. She stroked my cock until it was rock hard. Still with my tongue in her mouth she raised her ass high enough and tickled my head against her wet cunt. She broke the kiss to spit in my face. “Im gunna win this.” She said with determination. “Fuck you.” I said smacking her in the face. “Pussy.” She laughed as she slammed her ass down burying my cock all the way into her tight pierced pussy. “Ahhh.” I moaned tilting my head back. “Ya Enjoy it. Just let me do all the work.” Luna said licking her teeth putting her hands on my chest as she slammed her juicy ass onto my cock. “You….Wish.” I said pushing her off of me. She landed on her back as I flew on top of her trapping Luna in my embrace. I buried my cock back into the warm wet pussy it craved. Luna gasped and moaned trying to stifle it by biting her lip. “You love it baby.” I said laughing jack hammering my cock in her watching her Big D cup tits bouncing up and down hitting the bottom of her chin. “I…IM GUNN-GUNNA C-CU!!!” Luna started before throwing a punch hitting my in the mouth. I smashed my head on the side of the wall and laid there as Luna crawled to my dick talking it in her mouth. Her tongue piercing did all the work as she deep throated my cock taking my balls in her mouth as well. “Ahhh AHHH.” I couldn’t stop moaning she was a true slut taking my cock and balls in her mouth. “GARGLEMHM!!!” Luna kept gagging as spit drooled out of her mouth onto the floor. I decided to let her win this one as I laid back and let her do all the work. Her tongue circled around my cock head. She took my cock out of her mouth with a wet plop. She started stroking my cock and licking the head. “Cum for me baby! Cum for the winner give me your load I want it all over my slutty fucking face!” That’s the last thing I heard her say before my load crept into my dick. I yelled as thick ropes of white cum flew from my cock onto Luna’s face and into her mouth. My eyes slowly opened and I saw the damage I did to Luna’s face. Cum dripping from her chin and her eye brows. I got a few ropes on her front liberty spike. She scooped all the cum off of her face and licked it up and swallowed like a good little whore.

“I won.” Luna said with a smile as she got up turning around to walk away. “Not by a long shot.” I said getting up and grabbing her from behind. “What the fuck are you DOING?” She yelled at the end as I threw her into the living room. Before she could get up I grabbed her by her middle and end Liberty Spikes dragging her to the couch making sure her ass gets a little rug burn. “OWWWWW” she screamed. “Round 3 the tie breaker.” I said before forcefully opening her mouth and shoving my dick in it. “Get me hard again slut.” I said. “MHMHM” she agreed with eyes closed. She pushed me next to her on the couch. “Ok I’ll make it a fair.” Luna said as she sank to her knees stroking my cock. “ahhhhhhhhh” I moaned putting my hands behind my head and enjoying her sucking on my balls and stroking my cock “Ready?” she asked as my dick stood erect in her hand. “Ya.” “…GOOD!!” Luna yelled getting up and kicking me in the side of her face with her Combat boot.

I fell to the ground as she stood on top of me with one boot crushing my chest. She sank down and rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her dripping wet slit getting it nice and lubed up. “Round three bitch.” I said spitting in her face. Her response was a snarl and moving my cock to her asshole. She slowly applied pressure until the head of my dick sank in her ass. “ohhh.” She cooed her eyes close feeling all of my cock slide into her nice tight asshole. I got to win I thought to myself as I sharply thrusted upwards burying the rest of my cock into her asshole. I started thrusting feeling her nice plump ass jiggle as it hit me. I grabbed her tits digging my nails into them and shifting my weight pushing her onto her back. “Take this slut!” I yelled as I started to jack hammer into her asshole making it gape as I pulled out to just the head and then slammed it back into her ass. “Gladly” She said with a slutty smile slapping me in the face. I picked her up with me as I walked over to the kitchen counter. “Bend over Bitch.” Luna hopped off my cock bending over wiggling her ass in front of me. I loved the gap her tight asshole made. I grabbed her hips and put the head of my cock into the entrance of her asshole. I grabbed her left leg and put it on the table as I slammed into her ass. “UGHHH” Luna moaned. I started to jackhammer into her. “HARDER YOU FUCKING PUSSY!!!” Luna screamed. Harder she wants harder she gets. I grabbed the last liberty spike snapping her head back and started to slap her ass with my free hand fucking her. Luna started thrusting back panting and sweating. I wouldn’t last long so I had to make her cum. I let go of her liberty spike and attacked her clit with my hand rubbing and flicking it. “IM….IM GUNNA…..” Luna began. “SAY IT SLUT SAY IT!” I yelled. “CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!” Luna screamed at the top of her lungs. Her asshole clenched my cock while I was thrusting in as her orgasm gushed out of her.

After she was done Cumming I felt myself getting close. I pulled out of her ass smacking it with my clock. I jerked my rod a few times until I felt the tingle in my balls and cum started rising in my cock. I shoved my cock into her pussy. “Wh-Wha-t are…you d-doing” Luna asked almost out of breath. “C-CUMING” I screamed as I thrusted into her tight pussy and wave after wave of my cum spewed into her pussy.

After I stopped cumming I stumbled back into the couch. Luna turned around and looked at me. She was bleeding from her mouth a little bit. She gathered a little bit of my cum in her hand as she brought it up to her lips and licked her hand clean. “You know I could get pregnant right?” Luna asked me. “Well than I guess that would give Kemaine a little surprise.” I said with a laugh as she walked to the bathroom and closed the door. I got off the couch and walked into my room grabbing my clothes and putting them on. I heard the tiniest buzzing. “The Fuck?” I thought to myself. I heard the buzzing in my bag so curious as I was I opened the bag to find my cell phone. I thought I left it back at home. I missed the call but I noticed I had 48 missed calls in the last three hours. All from Amy. I quickly dialed her number and she picked up. “GET HOME NOW!” Amy screamed into the phone. “Nice to hear from you too. Why?” I asked. “Someone’s kicking you out!” She screamed. My eyes widened “I’ll be there soon.” I hung up and called Vampira telling her we had to leave. I grabbed our bags and threw them in the car and sped off. For the whole hour drive all I could think about was our apartment. I pulled into Green View and took the rout to our apartment. I pulled up with the sun shining bright to see Lilith, Jessica, and Amy standing on the lawn as two police officers stood outside the door way with some guy in a suite locked the from door to the empty apartment building with all off our stuff in the front lawn. I turned off the car and jumped out of it running up to the guy in the suite “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?!” I yelled. “We got a tip from a miss Corey May that a few under aged youths where living in this condemned apartment building. Just be lucky we’re kicking you out and not pressing charges.” The man in the suit said. The man and the cops got into the cop car and sped off.

We all stood there in disbelief. Not knowing where to go or what to do. I had to be the one to break the silence. “…Does everyone have a place to stay tonight?” I asked. “I can always go back to Sydney’s.” Vampira said. “Mom and her boyfriend.” Jessica said with her head down not trying to shed a tear. “Grandma’s.” Lilith said nervously. “Do you have a place to stay?” Amy asked me. “I’ll find a place don’t worry.” I said. “Ok everyone grab what you can and go to the place you need to stay at. I’ll find another option.” I said with an unsure look. Jessica and Lilith and Vampira cleared the yard of most things besides the beds and the chest’s. I put my head down and walked around Green View trying to get ahold of everything. “You ok?” Amy asked me as we sat down in the park. I looked at Amy and couldn’t help but to smile at her. She was beautiful. Black hair, Green eyes and pale. Wearing a black Ramones deep V shirt and black skinny jeans. Light green streaks in her and a back pack too top it off. I loved her. I pressed my lips to hers and smiled as I pulled back. “I’ll be fine.” I said with a smile. “Do you have a place to stay? Because maybe I can talk to Mom and see-“I cut her off. “She won’t let me stay and you know it.” I said falling to the grass behind the bench and closing my eyes. “Wanna beer?” She asked me. “Sure.” I said. I heard the beer open and I felt Amy tap me on the shoulder. I sat up opening my eyes and taking the beer in my hand. I tilted my head back and let the Budweiser fall down my throat. I looked at Amy who was just lying on the grass with me. “This SUCKS.” I said falling on the grass. I felt Amy lie next to me and rest her head on my chest.

I dunno why I fell asleep but I did and when I woke up the moonlight was pouring into my eyes. I looked at a passed out Amy lying on my chest. I checked my cellphone. 12:32 A.M I shook Amy awake. “Hey you might want to get home.” I said with a halfhearted smile. “Do…Do you have a place to stay?” Amy asked. I patted the ground. “I guess here.” I said with a laugh. “I just think it sucks you don’t have a place to stay tonight.” Amy said getting up. I lied my head back trying to go to sleep when something in my mind snapped and I suddenly remembered a place to stay. “I GOT IT!!!” I said standing up. “What?” Amy asked. “Simple when my dad died he left the house to me…that and 50,000 dollars. I remember because when my aunt came by she got him liquored up and he changed his will…she said she made him throw those things in for me.” I said with a smile. “Well do you think everything’s the same as when you left?” Amy asked. “Should be. I mean I own the house and didn’t touch it when I left.” I said smiling. “Where is it?” Amy asked. “Like two towns over. Im sure we could take the Red line to Randolph and walk to the house. I smiled as I took her hand and we walked to the train. I guess morning wood hit me as I was sitting on the platform I watched Amy walk back and forth. I stared at her nice juicy ass. I walked up behind her and grabbed her ass kissing her neck. “God I missed you.” Amy said biting her lip and moaning. “I missed you too baby.” I said looking around to see if anyone was watching. Turns out no one was on the platform. I dragged her behind the bench as unbuttoned her pants. “Let’s make it quick.” I said. “Start now finish later.” Amy said with a seductive smile. I slipped her skinny jeans around her ankles and moved her grey lacy thong aside. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out of my boxers. I spit on my cock lubing it up and resting my dick at the entrance of her pussy. Without hesitation she thrusted back stuffing my hard cock into her tight well fuck hole. I started thrusting to meet her thrusts. “I love y-you.” I said between thrusts. “SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!!!” She screamed as I picked her up and pinned her against the wall hammering away at her pussy. I lifted up her shirt to see her Pink and black and white Zebra bra. I lifted up one of the cups to take her nipple into my mouth. “Oh Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” She moaned as I thrusted up into her cunt and swirled my tongue around her nipple. “ATTENTION PASSENGERS THE TRAIN TO J.F.K UMASS IS NOW APPROACHING. “DAMN!!!” I yelled as I pulled out and put my cock back into my pants. Amy squeezed my cock and kissed my neck. “Later.” She said laughing straightening herself out.

The train pulled up and Amy and I got on sitting on the train. I wanted to make a move on her then and there but there was some creepy asshole staring at us. What? You never seen a Goth and a punk on the train relaxing? Fuckin Nazi. Anyway we took the train to J.F.K and hopped off. “I think it’s about two streets over.” I said with a smile as we walked. I kept looking at all the places I use to hang out. We stopped in front of this Black and blue house. “This is it.” I said with a hopeful smile. “Let’s hope its unlocked.” She said with a smile. “No need I think I can just crawl through the front window. I said with a laugh as I walked up the steps and fidgeted with the front window until it opened. I stepped through and opened the door. “Come on it.” I said as Amy stepped in. I flipped the light switch. No lights. But in the dark I looked at all the old pictures of my dad and I. Everything was the same as when I left. “There are 3 bedrooms and a basement. I think we can all live here with room for another roommate.” I said looking at Amy. “All of us?” Amy asked. “I want you to live with me Amy.” I said smiling. “Your retarded.” She said with a laugh “But your my retard. Fine I’ll live with you.” Amy said giving me a hug. “Hey wanna crash in my dad’s bed?” I asked her. “You want to fuck in a dead guys bed?.....Awesome let’s go!” Amy said. I grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs. With her free hand she unbuttoned her pants and kicked off her shoes. I led her into the left bedroom and opened it. An old bed with a big TV. I threw her on the bed and got onto of her. She slid off her panties and her pants as she kicked them off.

I lifted up her shirt and unsnapped her bra. A fully beautifully naked Amy was right in front of me. I grabbed both her tits in each hand and shoved my tongue down her throat. I slid off my short and pulled down my boxers as my hard cock hit Amy in the clit making her moan. I kissed her one last time on the mouth as I sank to my knees and licked up and down her slit making her writhe in pleasure. I sucked on the clit swirling around it with my tongue. I grabbed both of her tits and started to hum my favorite song sending vibrations up her spine. She was moaning and groaning and humping my face “I…I want you i-insid-de me.” Amy said between pants and gasps. I got out from between her legs and rubbed my cock up and down her slit. “IN ME NOW!!” She said in a fake temper tantrum voice. I kissed her lightly biting her lower lip and shoving my cock into her snatch. “AHH Psycho.” Amy gasped. I bucked into her making her tits jiggle hitting her in the bottom of her chin. “Ya Ya Ya Baby ya fuck me Fuck Me!!!” Amy kept repeating. I thrusted into her like a piston jack hammering into her battered and well fucked pussy. I flipped her over with my cock still in her wet cunt. I started to shove my pierced cock deep into her womb. “Psycho…Psycho….Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Psychoooo” Hearing her moan my name and seeing her fat juicy ass jiggle as our pelvises met. I couldn’t hold it anymore. Amy let out a high pierced scream and I grunted as wave after wave of my cum painted her inner walls white. I came deep into my baby so much that a little seeped out. I rolled off of her and Lied on the cold side of the bed with Amy resting her head on my chest. “Everything’s gunna be alright. And I’ll help you out all the way. Cause if you fail I’ll kick your ass when your down.” Amy said kissing the bottom of my chin. “We’ll track the girls down tomorrow. And Im glad to know your with me.” I said laughing as I pulled the cover over us and I gently passed out.

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The whole house and $50,000 thing is probably the biggest blatant deus ex machina I've ever seen.

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Here are a couple of tghnis I have done that seem to help Have a home for certain items. I'd have my kids put all their sports items in a certain color plastic bin. Ditto, cub scouts tghnis. Also, they know that certain tghnis have to be packed and ready to go right by the door, so they can grab their tghnis as we rush out the door (we are always rushing). Lastly, compartmentalize tghnis. Choose what you want your kid to do and have them only do one or two actvities at a time. For example, my daughter may want to play basketball and do track, but she doesn't do them simultaneously in the same chunk of time. She'll play basketball for 3 months, then she'll do track. The same thing with my son. He takes Karate, has scouts and CCD. He can't do anything more than that, plus his homework, so he just doesn't do the activities after school. After CCD is over for the year, he may be able to do something else.

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I would love to see more incest in the story

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