Waking up somewhat on the early side, grumbling with frustration, and with the taste of several different flavors of alcohol on the tongue was never a good way to start off the day. After a strong cup of coffee and a very long hot shower, Pslyder left a note for PJ on the door to her room and headed off to the salon, deciding a walk might do him some good. Work some of the kinks of last night's fist-fighting tournament out and such.

He arrived at the salon where he was starting his first day as a masseur in relatively short order, and noticed Kaja Adair, his boss, just getting ready to lock up. "Hoi, Kaj'”, he mumbled with just a hint of frustration in his voice, "leavin' already?"

"Yeah," she said, noting his frustration but too busy to comment on it, "Tic's still sore'n such, so I'm gonna take tha day off ta take care of 'im. I left a note fer Alicia an' you, but if yer already here, I guess you c'n take a few clients t'day. Up ta y'all." Ticallion Carter was Kaja's fiancé, and Alicia Mulland was her aide de camp in terms of making women feel better about how they looked. Her talents with hair-styling were rapidly becoming legendary.

Muttering something bordering on an apology while on her way out the door, Pslyder watched Kaja ride off on her bike, and then went inside to prepare for whatever clients might happen to come his way. He made a couple of phone calls to acquire more furniture for his studio, and was just about ready to wait for customers to arrive when the door swung slowly open.

Hearing a female voice call out, "Anybody here?” with some concern, made him believe the opportunity to meet Alicia would be happening sooner than he’d thought.

Psly knew that Alicia was a huge fan of his from all the televised tournaments and such, and went along with Kaja’s plan to shock the living hell out of her by working here at Bella Sera’s Salon. He wondered just how shocked she would be. Hearing footsteps, he guessed he wouldn’t have to wait long to find out.

Psly chuckled softly under his breath, and changed his voice slightly to reply. "Yeah, 'm here."

"That you, Tommy? The worrying tone was becoming increasingly evident in her voice. “Where's Kaja? What's going on?" Looking around the waiting room, Alicia started to search for something, anything to possibly defend herself with. Things were looking pretty strange: Kaja’s bike wasn’t in its usual parking space and it wasn’t like her to leave the door unlocked like that. What the hell was going on?

When Psly slowly walked out of his office, dressed in his 'uniform', white tank top, tight blue jeans, soft boots, and hair down, he struggled manfully to reply to the stunned female in standing in the waiting room, holding what appeared to be a bottle of …wine. It took a lot for him not to laugh at Alicia, who looked, now she’d given him the once over, like she was going to faint. And what was with the bottle she was clutching like a club?

“She's gone home ta take care'a Tical,” he said trying hard to hold in the emerging grin. “He's still a might sore after tha tournament las' night. Looks like it's just you'n me, chica." His southern roots were evident in his speech, but his pointed ears spoke volumes about his heritage.

Psly was a study in male eye candy, standing a good 6'5" tall with even skin tone, long black hair, and piercing eyes just this side of sky blue. Alicia was a complete contrast: 5'4", maybe 100 lbs., chocolate brown hair and smoky gray eyes, which were quick to take in everything around her.

"Tom…? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed. "You're not Tommy! You’re . . .you’re . . .AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

Wincing somewhat from the assault on his ears, he took up a lean against the wall. "Y'know. . .yer gon' go hoarse screamin' like thaht. . .Yes, Ah'm 'Tommy'. Part'a mah middle name, y'scan? Kaj' thought it'd be a right fun joke. Ah'm tha new masseur here." he said with a wry smirk.

Pslyder: a.k.a. Frederick Thomas Alexander. Former enforcer and bodyguard, with several cybernetic enhancements, that although mainly intended for combat, were serving a much more relaxing purpose here in this world he'd found himself working in.

"Oh. . .my. . .GOD!!!! No way! No way in hell! YOU'RE working HERE????"

Chuckling softly, he said, "Yup. Ah guess ya ain't heard yet 'bout tha 'company employee benefit program.'…"


With an exasperated sigh, he slid a chair over to her. "Spirits, toots, cop'a squat before you pass out or somethin'. . .You're actin' like Ah'm some kind of big shot or somethin'. . .makin' me nervous. . ." Psly couldn’t help but smile at that: him as Mr Bigshot, a guy who could stun women into silence..

With Alicia slumped down into the seat, eyes wide and staring. Psly noted, even for a half-fairy, that wasn't healthy, and to cap it all off, she was starting to hyperventilate. Taking the bottle she’d been holding, he stepped over to the mini-fridge, asking her if a glass of wine would help settle her Somewhat. Taking her lack of response as an affirmative and the evidence of several similar cold bottles, he poured her a large glass of Chardonnay. He actually had to place it into her hand; she appeared to be still in that much shock.

"Here. Drink. Be calm. Ah don’ bite…much."

After another chuckle at his last comment, Psly went back into his studio, so that Alicia could recuperate And relax. Hoping that some time alone would give her a chance to become accustomed to his presence. It was clear that he flustered her…a lot. He didn’t want to be impressed by that, or become big-headed, but it felt good to know that he could make a girl speechless. Okay, he conceded to himself, so maybe he was big-headed and that being the case, was it really a bad thing. Whistling to himself, he got down to work.

"Ok, get a grip, girl. Yes, he's working here. You're working here. You get to stare at that ass all.. .gah…" It had taken Alicia about ten minutes and frequent gulps of the wine Psly had poured her, before she felt coherent enough and steady enough to stand. Shakily, she got herself another glass of wine, gulping that down too, certain that the alcohol was helping her calm down.

What didn’t help her stress levels, was reading the note she’d just found whilst walking back to her chair. Kaja’s cheery note stating the new masseur had started, and if it wasn't busy, employees got free massages. That set off a whole new level of giddiness, and a touch of tingling to boot.

"I've gotta be dreaming”, she muttered absentmindedly to herself. I could hang up the 'Closed' sign and let him rub me down all damn day. . .there is no way on earth I'm this lucky. Ok, get a grip, damnit! I don't NEED to think of him running those hands, oils, shirtless, eep!"

She was glad that he had left the room, it was clear that being in the same room, did things to her mind and her libido. In fact, if she were honest, it didn’t take being in his presence to make her fantasize like mad about Psly. Having met him was enough: she now had ample material to get her imagination going. Knowing that he was in the next room was sending her over the edge.

Even half-fairies needed release sometimes, and she dashed to the bathroom just for that purpose. Thoughts of what he'd do during a massage and being that close to her had her biting her jacket as she slipped her hand underneath her skirt, and down to her clit, rubbing away that itch furiously. It only took her a couple of minutes, but she had to fight to keep from screaming; damn, he was good. Her head was still spinning minutes after her orgasm. Alicia wondered if he was this good in her fantasies, what would it be like if they really got it on.

Meanwhile, Psly was simply setting up for the day, making sure he had plenty of oil bottles in the warmer, towels in the steamer, and incense stocked and ready to go. A quick check over his inventory and a couple of phone calls to suppliers ensured he wouldn't be running out any time soon. He stepped out onto the porch to smoke a cigarette, and try desperately not to think about some of the women he hadn't been able to hook up with due to the tournament.

Alicia carefully made her way out of the bathroom, keeping a hand on the wall to hold herself steady, and noticed him standing on the porch, cigarette in hand, looking off into the distance. Quickly hiding around the corner of her studio, she peeked out to take in the full view. Her eyes traveled from his boots all they way up to that hair, not wanting to blink for fear of it being a dream and she'd wake up.

She felt that tingle start up again, and thought "Oh god… please let this not be a dream…and please don't let him think I'm weird for spending the day in the bathroom…". Without thinking too much about it, her hand had trailed down again, and she let out a soft whimper as she watched him, her fingers sliding in and out of her hole with unsurprising ease.

Dragging on his cigarette, Psly sighed "Today's gonna be slow, Ah'm guessin'…" Blowing out a plume of smoke, he thought about how to kill some time. Eventually settling on eating; eating was always good.

"Ah think Ah'll order some pizza or somethin' to that effect," he decided aloud, trying to fill the silence of what looked like being a long, long day.

Before a quick call to the local pizza joint, he called out to Alicia to find out what she wanted on hers.

"Eep! Anything's fine! Oh god…" she murmured the last as she shrank back into her studio, hoping he didn't see what she was doing to herself, but unable to stop. She was sooooo close again; her fingers circling her clit as she kneaded her breasts with her free hand.

"A'ight, two meat lovers an' a veggie. Pier 24. Cash. Thanks, chummer." Having a phone in one's arm definitely had its advantages. He finished his cigarette and quietly walked back to his studio.

He paused before opening his door, eyebrows quirked, upon hearing little moans of pleasure from her studio. Laughing quietly he closed the door behind himself. Alicia had the right idea- they weren’t busy after all - and it had a lot more merit than food. He wouldn’t mind being ‘relaxed’ too, however, knowing that the pizza would soon be arriving, he settled for turning on an ambient CD. He couldn’t help but notice how much he was compromising.

"Oooooohhh God…" Alicia shuddered, coming back down slowly in uneven breaths. Hearing the music, she almost choked on an involuntary “Oh shit”. Had he heard her? She’d been pretty vocal and the music wasn’t that loud.

Checking her appearance over quickly in the mirror, she hoped it would be possible to hide what a mess she felt like. Her shirt was quite crumpled where she'd been clutching it, and she was downright soaked with sweat, and in one place, with fluids that had nothing to do with sweat….

"Oh fuck!” She groaned. “He's gonna see this! He's gonna think I'm nuts or something!"

She snuck into the bathroom again to try and get cleaned up. A few splashes of water over her face had her feeling a little less flushed, but there was no real way to hide the arousal. She sighed, and made her way back to the waiting room, taking a seat behind the desk, and tried desperately not to think about the elf in the back room…with the muscles…and the ass…and the hair.

Psly came out to pay for the pizza, observing her sitting at the desk in reception, staring off into space, half a bottle of wine in front of her. Smiling to himself, he guessed she needed a little help with her relaxation. He wondered if she’d be open to options other than alcohol; it would sure solve some of his own problems. Softly chuckling at the thought, he went outside and waited the few minutes it would take for the delivery boy to arrive.

After paying, with a hefty tip to ensure rapid service in the future, he brought the pizzas back inside, setting the veggie one in front of her.

He got himself a beer from the fridge, and sat in one of the other chairs, chuckling as he saw her still sat motionless, apart from her eyes slowly blinking blankly at the pizza box. Popping the top on the bottle and grabbing a slice, he said "Better eat b'fore it gets cold…cold pizza's only good fer breakfast, y'know."

It took Alicia just a little while to realize Pslyder was talking to her. Distractedly, she took a slice out of the box, frowning at the olives, and picking them off before taking a bite.

As she chewed mechanically, random thought ran through her mind. ‘He works here. He's sitting right over there. He bought me pizza. He's looking at me. He's looking at me! He's talking to me! ‘

Realizing she hadn’t replied to his comment, Alicia looked up, finally giving him the eye contact she dreaded. Maybe it was too soon: her mind went completely blank, leaving her desperate to think of anything to say. Freezing totally, all she could cleverly utter was "Huh?"

"Ah said, Ah'm jus' a reg'lar fella, y'know. Normal guy. Ah gots mah faults'n stuff, jus' like ev'rybody else. Put mah pants on one leg at a time, jus' like ev'rybody else,. . .when Ah wear 'em. . ." the last mumbled under his breath with a grin.

He looked her over with an appraising glance: short, but not bad and good hair. Nice body. . .must be a little chilly over there, 'cause she was about to poke holes in that shirt of hers. . .nothing too big, nothing too small. . .everything in just about the right proportions.

Finishing the pizzas, and working their way through some small talk and wine, Alicia gradually started to relax Slightly and laugh at some of his jokes. She really started to giggle when she looked at the tabloids he set in front of her.

She'd finished the bottle of wine and had just started on another, when he excused himself to go to the restroom. Sipping on the Chardonnay, Alicia couldn’t help but check out his ass as he walked down the hall. ‘Buns of perfection’, she mused admiringly.

Whether or not it was the wine, she didn't know, but a mischievous grin illuminated her face as she flipped over the ‘Closed’ sign on her way to Psly’s studio.

Hiding nervously behind the privacy screen, she knew it had to be the wine. Normally she wouldn’t go to such lengths: creeping silently, hiding even, to try and jump a guy. Who was she kidding, she admitted to herself. She hadn’t drunk enough to quench her thirst, let alone get stupid drunk. Alicia had to acknowledge that Pslyder wasn’t just any guy.

Drying off his hands, Psly looked himself over in the mirror, thinking that he really needed to have someone in here, or preferably horizontal, so he could just concentrate and stop thinking about missed opportunities and body parts with minds of their own.

Contemplating the fickleness of fate, he left the restroom and walked down the hallway into the waiting room. Not seeing Alicia anywhere, he grinned, thinking she must have had the same idea as him; she’d had a lot of wine after all. Lunch had been good and getting to know Alicia was great, but what the hell was he going to do all day if they didn’t get any customers.

Listening to the sounds of him clearing away their meal and his occasional laugh, Alicia knew she had only a few minutes. On hearing the lighter, she knew it was now or never.

Quickly using his absence as an opportunity, she stripped off her clothes and lay on the table, pulling a towel over her torso murmuring to herself “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Awaiting his arrival, she only hoped that Pslyder would fall in with her plans.

About halfway through the cigarette, he noticed the ‘Closed’ sign. Seeing that, his increasing boredom began to gradually change into a hopeful assumption. He quickly stubbed out the cig and stepped back inside.

"Alicia? You a'ight?"

Another stifled giggle and her voice playfully called out, "Lock the door, will you? And come in here and fill me in on this employee benefit thing you were talking about!"

Psly briefly wondered what Kaja would think but it was her rule and he was a stickler for rules worth following. Anticipating a pleasant interlude, he closed the door behind him, locking it, his smile growing increasingly wider as images played in his mind.

Alicia was a big girl, and could make her own decisions, by gum. Anyway, it wasn’t as if there were any customers, and they had already been open a while today. He didn't think anyone would be out on a cold day like this. He hadn't had enough advertising yet. Which was perhaps just as well, seeing as the thing in his pants needed several uninterrupted hours alone with Alicia.

He stepped into his studio and saw her on the table.

"Well, looks like ya already got tha basic idea there, chica. . ."

He grinned again as she smiled provocatively. Lighting some incense and candles, he drew the shades closed and grabbed a bottle of warm oil. He pulled the towel back, folding it over her hips, exposing her entire back and just a hint of ass cleavage, then chuckled softly as she wriggled her ass.

"Relax, chica. Ah ain't gonna bite you."

He poured some oil onto his hands and rubbed them together, then began to gently massage her shoulders, noting how pale her skin looked in the subdued light of the candles.

Once again, he was glad he'd had the foresight to have those "relaxation aids" installed in his fingertips. There wasn't a female alive he couldn't reduce to butter with ten vibrating fingers at his disposal. Variable speed control didn't hurt either. And oh, the tricks he could play.

Alicia shivered slightly, coming to grips with the reality that this wasn't a dream. Finally, she began to relax as he worked the oil into her shoulders and her neck. She sighed as he found some old tension and a whole lot of new knots she'd worked up just from this morning.

Then he started the pulsing on the knots, and she just opened her eyes, gripping the table slightly. Every damn pulse just seemed to travel right to that spot, and the tingling in her crotch was coming back with a vengeance. He moved down to her lower back, and that just made it even stronger.

She gasped a little, and he paused. "Relax," he said quietly. "Empty yer mind. Let the tension flow outta ya." Flow. Damn straight it was flowing out of her. Every touch just seemed to send a jolt straight down to her clit, and she was well on her way to exploding.

Psly went back to concentrating on loosening her up, but unlike PJ, she was no problem at all. He shifted to her feet and calves, folding the other half of the towel up so she was only covered at her butt. It took him a while to realize that every time he worked the outer thighs, she'd arch her ass slightly. He knew right then what would happen, and that Kaja would probably kill him for it, but he decided to do some teasing, just to see how she would react.

Putting more oil on his hands, he started working from her heels and traveling further up along the backs of her legs, stopping just short of the globes of her ass. She arched again, just like he thought she would, and even in the scant light of the candles, he could see what he was doing to her - through the fluff of brown hair he caught a glimpse of glistening lips. Being able to see in the dark had a lot of good points.

Alicia didn't know how much more of this she could take. She was fighting to keep her breathing steady and even, but when he got that high up near her ass, she moaned slightly, closing her eyes and almost having another orgasm right there.

Then, she felt his hands on the inside of her calves, and felt the pads in his fingers begin to vibrate continuously. Her eyes opened wide again, along with her mouth, as those hands slowly worked their way up …closer, closer…right to the point they almost touched her and she swore she could almost feel the vibrations on her soaking pussy. She whimpered softly as his hands retreated once more. She was almost shaking; she was so close! She longed to reach a hand down there to take care of the ache herself, but she just…just…couldn’t. She only wanted Pslyder’s touch now.

He was teasing her mercilessly, and he knew it. He had one last bit of fun, and while his hands were busy kneading her calves, he puckered his lips and blew slightly into the cleft between her legs.

Her eyes opened as wide as possible as her back arched and her hands clenched the table. And that did it. The sudden shock of cold air hitting her swollen clit, sent her right over the edge, and her muscles convulsed and twitched as she rode the waves of orgasm.

"Oh . . .Oh . . .OH!!" she gasped, and then relaxed once more, falling forward onto the table. "Oh my God..." she sighed, shuddering slightly.

Hiding his chuckle and a grin, Psly murmured, "It's alright. Thaht happens sometimes with massage. Releasing of body tension results in physical release." He was trying to sound knowledgeable, but he was just having too much fun at this point.

He applied more oil to his hands again, and started working up from the top, standing in front of her this time as he worked her shoulders again, the pads going up to medium speed.

Alicia opened her eyes at the increase in the vibrations, and had the additional pleasure of being eye level with his crotch. She stared longingly at the bulging denim, an involuntary moan escaping her lips.

She could tell he was more than a little excited, and this just turned her on even more; the tingling was rapidly becoming a blazing inferno, blocking out all thought but that what she wanted was right in front of her; and she wanted it badly. Her fingers flexed on the table as he just kept on finding those pressure points that sent shivers right to her core, and she licked her lips as she kept on staring at that layer of denim separating her from her desire.

He smiled to himself, enjoying being the teaser for once, as he carefully made his way down to the towel, and very slowly made his way under it, working the outside of her hips first, and inching up until he was massaging a handful of cheek in each vibrating hand. He even slipped a finger down to where the hip joined the thigh, scant centimeters from her labia, and grinned again as she gasped and rolled her hips up at him.

Alicia was no longer coherent as she felt the vibrating pass so close to where she desperate for his touch. She was just reaching a hand up to feel him when he moved out of her sight and worked down her legs again. Something akin to a whine and a purr escaped her lips as those hands went up her calves, and kneaded the backs of her thighs.

Seeing her unconsciously spread her legs wider, Psly, could tell what effect he was having on her; he didn’t need his special optics to see that ... simply put, she was drenched.

He chuckled one more time, then murmured "Hmm…need more oil…" Turning the pads off, he stopped massaging with one hand, and reached up to feel what he was so enjoying viewing. Spotting her engorged clit with ease, he quickly but carefully pinched it between his finger and thumb, turning those pads on to pulse, which switched them between ‘Low’ and ‘Hello God’ in time with his heartbeat.

"Oh nyyyuuurrGGGGHHHH!!!" she screamed as her orgasm hit her like a midtown express bus. Finally, he’d touched where she’d been dying for him to and as she’d imagined, it was sheer intense ecstasy. Wave upon wave of electricity coursed through her in time with the pulsing. Held in thrall to this electrifying sensation, she continued to convulse and twitch.

Eventually, slowly, she came down from her high.

When Alicia eventually became aware of her surroundings, she guessed that she must have blacked out momentarily - an occasional reward of having a truly mind-blowing orgasm - and thrashed around a lot too: she had awakened on her back.

Sensing Psly’s proximity, she looked up to see him holding out yet another glass of the wine which she’d spent most of the afternoon drinking.

What was it with him; was he trying to get her drunk? Firstly he couldn’t -it would take a vineyard or two and anyway he didn’t need any help at all to get into her panties, or get her out of them. Just being Pslyder was good enough.

Sitting up slowly, still a little disorientated, she gratefully reached for the glass, and began to sip from it steadily, eyeing him as she did so.

Appearing comfortable with her nudity, Alicia began to leisurely run her fingertips randomly over her breasts, paying particular attentions to her hardened nipples. She noted Psly’s approval in his intense gaze, which followed her every movement; his increasingly rapid and jerky breathing, and the impressive erection threatening to burst out of his pants.

Draining the glass, and tossing it to one side, she turned to look at him, an expression of sheer feral desire on her face. Facing him on her hands and knees, she watched him take a couple of steps back whilst continuing to smile: to take pleasure in her arousal. Unwilling to let him get too far away, she pounced, wrapping her legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders. Alicia took him to the floor and began tearing at his clothes in her haste to get them off, and run her hands over his bare skin.

Invigorated by her passion, Psly picked her up bodily, by the hips and slid his shoulders in under her ass, eager to show her one of the fringe benefits of his implanted air tank. The ability to hold ones breath - even when not underwater - for over ten minutes at a time was perfect for this and other assorted pleasures. He buried his face in her moist slit, licking slowly from her anus to her clit, taking time, every so often, to dip his tongue inside her pussy to get a good taste of her juices.

She began writhing on top of him, moans and gasps escaping from her lungs as he administered to her with his talented tongue. Orgasm after orgasm ripped through her, making time seem endless: seemingly like hours, until she couldn't take it anymore.

She reached behind her and grabbed a firm hold upon his cock. Her other hand worked furiously at the button, almost ripping it from the jeans as she finally got it undone and worked the zipper down. Setting his shaft free from the confines, she kept that hand wrapped around him as she shifted her way down his body, at last spearing herself upon him. Loud screams of pleasure erupted from her as she thrust herself upon him again and again, her vaginal muscles rippling around him with each movement.

Her animal passion proved to be the last straw in a long stretch of sexual tension, and even with every trick he used to calm himself, he was soon roaring out his own pleasure as his climax overcame him swiftly, coating her channel thickly with his seed. She finally collapsed on top of him, totally spent and exhausted, as he came down from his sexual high.

They lay there for a few moments while he caught his breath, slipping from her as his penis softened. Neither said a word. Nothing could top that experience

Carefully carrying Alicia to her studio, Psly placed her in a reclining chair before returning to bring her clothes.

She opened her eyes, smiling wearily at him. "That. Was. Incredible." Psly smiled back, a hint of amusement in his eyes.

After placing her bedraggled clothes over the back of her desk chair, he glanced over to see her slumped in the seat. She looked almost comatose: eyes closed, no movement, but breathing steadily. Smiling again, he covered her with one of his sheets, and closed her door behind him.

Sweeping up the remains of her glass and cleaning up the rest of the mess kept him occupied for a while. But it wasn’t long before he was finished and out in the waiting room, observing that no one had come by - no phone messages or angry notes pushed under the door - in the few hours they'd been busy. He’d been right about the weather. Taking that as an indication that it was pointless to stay open, he gathered his jacket and locked the front door behind him.

A quick phone call to Kaja’s bike phone, would let her know that no one had stopped by and he had closed up for the day. Anyway it wouldn’t be too much of a problem as Alicia was probably going to be there all night - she looked wasted enough to sleep the whole night through.

Walking through town, he was acutely aware that the day definitely looked brighter now than it did when he woke up. At least now his mind wasn’t wondering about how and who to get laid.

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