This past Halloween, I volunteered to take my brother?s two daughters Trick or Treating. I had plans for them that deviated more than slightly away from Trick or Treating-- I was determined to treat my cock to their pussies!
Part 1

At the tender ages of 13 and 14, my nieces Susie and Cindy had already become young cock teases with the slutty way they were dressing. Skirts and dresses barely went mid-thigh. Bikinis hardly covered the sexy, young, developing bodies. Tight pants with words like “Juicy” sewn on the ass always drawing attention to their pert backsides. My cock throbbed every time I saw the two girls; as a single, sex-starved man in his 30s, the advertisement of their asses as “juicy” had been driving me wild. I’d always been affectionate with my them, hugging and massaging them, and they showered me with hugs and kisses and sat in my lap, teasing the cock stirring in my pants.

The older girl, Susie, once bounced in my lap to the point where I came inside my trousers, my hands on her developing breasts while I imagined my cock inside her tight holes. One time I coaxed the younger daughter, Cindy, to rub my cock and balls through my jeans, making me cum in my pants. I had told her the area was sore and I needed her to massage me. She was happy to help her uncle!

Last year I began babysitting the girls every so often while their parents visited country bed & breakfasts or enjoyed dinner dates, and I actually began encouraging them to do sexual acts with each other while they were staying with me. I taught them how to kiss each other, and how to use their fingers to play with the others' tiny nipples or little slit. They definitely enjoyed the vibrators I got for them, using them on each other for hours while I pretended to read a newspaper but was really just rubbing my dick. I’d encourage one of the girls to sit on the others' face after bath time when they were nude, letting them derive sexual stimulation from their young body while I watched. They eagerly began sixty-nineing each other in no time.

I had always kept my cock in my pants when I was around them (no small feat, believe me), but a few months ago I couldn’t resist any longer and pulled it out while the girls were eating each other out on my bedroom floor. Their bodies were so slender, bellies hard, pussy mounds covered with fine golden hairs… They were both blond with fair complexions, pretty hazel colored eyes, freckles, and big smiles.

Watching the sight before me, I unzipped my pants and stroked my cock through my boxers. It was hard as a rock watching the beautiful little girls playing around. I let my pants fall to my ankles and stepped out of them, and then stood in my boxers before the girls.

“Uncle Jim,” said Cindy with her sweet voice. “Why don’t you get naked, too? It feels so good not having any clothes on.” The girls giggled. I took a deep breath, trying not to let all the blood in my body go to my dick.

“Okay Cindy, well, if you’re sure you two don’t mind, and if you promise not to tell anyone…” I said, my pulse quickening and cock straining in my boxer shorts.

“We don’t mind if you don’t mind, Uncle Jim. We won’t tell!” said Susie. “It’s time you get naked and free of your clothes for once like we do!”

With that I pushed my boxers down and my raging cock sprang forth. The little girls stopped what they were doing to each others' pussies to observe my hard meat, the first time these curious girls saw a man's cock. My balls rested against my thigh, and I smiled as the girls’ gaze moved from my hard 7” cock down to my huge nut sack covered in soft, dark hair.

“Uncle Jim, why are you so different from me and Susie?” said Cindy, innocently. She had to be playing with me! Didn't their school teach sexual education in Health class? I took a deep breath.

“Because Cindy, I am a man. This is the difference between man and woman,” I said as I gestured at my engorged genitals. I walked over to the girls; they were hypnotized by my cock bouncing with each step.

“Why so different from us, though?” asked Susie with a mischievous grin.

“Well, Susie, this,” I said slowly, gesturing at my cock, “is meant to go inside of a female.”

“A female like me or Cindy?” said Susie with a mischievous smile. My cock jumped at her question.

“Well, yes, um, I mean no… I mean…” I trailed off.

“What does it do when it’s inside a female, Uncle Jim?” asked Cindy. This was unreal!

“Um…” I was breathless, hyper aroused, and very unprepared for their questions. “Well, um, it goes inside a female for the purpose of pleasuring the female. It is very pleasurable for both man and woman when a man puts this inside a woman,” I said, holding my cock. “It’s also how babies are made when a female is older.” I was quite proud of my response.

“Can I touch it?” said Susie.

“Sure,” I said without hesitation. Her small hand reached out and wrapped partly around my large shaft.

“It’s really hard!” she said with a laugh. Cindy reached out and touched it too, agreeing with Susie. I threw my head back with the touch of the small hands on my engorged prick.

“See, it even feels good with you two just touching it,” I said with a gasp and they rubbed and touched my shaft. “Be careful around the tip of it, that’s called the head. Rub a little gentler around there, it’s very sensitive. It also feels good when my balls are softly touched,” I said, rubbing my nut sack.

They moved their small hands down to my balls and I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. Both girls broke out in broad grins as they realized the effect they were having on me. Susie reached up and ran a hand over my hard stomach, feeling my muscles. It appeared she was enjoying touching my strong, manly body. She ran her hands lightly through my chest hair, making me shudder. Cindy continued caressing my balls.

“Your hair is so soft, Uncle Jim,” said Cindy, admiring the pubic hair that lightly covered my balls. “What is this called?” she said to me, focusing her attention on my erection.

“That is my cock, Cindy. Also called a penis, dick, prick, and so on,” I replied. She giggled at my response. “You two should also know that it feels really good for a male when a female kisses his cock and in between his legs. These are my balls,” I said, caressing my testicles. “It feels good when those are kissed too, but they’re very sensitive. It also feels extremely good for a female when a male kisses her down in between her legs.”

Cindy and Susie looked up at me, their small hands caressing my strong body, and both of them put their faces very close to my cock. My balls tightened with their warm breath. Cindy reached out and stroked my balls softly and then reached out and kissed the tip of my cock head. I gasped. Pleased at the effect she was having on me, she began kissing my cock all over. Susie bent down and started doing the same.

“Like that, Uncle Jim?” said Susie.

“Yes, baby, that’s great…” I groaned. “Now Cindy, go ahead and use your hand around my cock, yes, like that, perfect, grab hold firmly and start doing this,” I covered her hand with mine and showed her how to jack off my cock. Susie bent her head under my package and started licking my balls. Their hands and tongues felt incredible. “Keep doing that with your hands, Cindy, and put your mouth around the tip of my cock.” She followed my instructions perfectly while her older sister nuzzled her face in my ball sack, and I couldn’t help but moan loudly. “Oh, you guys are great!” I exclaimed. They looked pleased that they were pleasing me so well. I didn’t let myself cum, and instead gently pulled away from them. They looked disappointed when I took my dick and balls away from them.

“I’d like to show you girls some of the ways a male can please a female,” I said, cock still raging hard.

“Yay! Okay, Uncle Jim!” said the girls in unison.

“Okay, go ahead and lay down on my bed,” I said. I figured I’d start there. I wasn’t exactly sure how far I’d go…

Running my hands over their small, smooth bodies, I felt them shiver at my touch. They squirmed as I rubbed down over their firm bellies and down to their hairless pubic mounds, pausing right over their slits. I could feel them hold their breath a little when my hand grazed their sensitive young vulvae. I massaged their growing breasts, paying particular care to their small nipples, holding the tiny buds gently in between my strong fingertips. They started moaning and writhing a little more as I bent over them and kissed their small nipples, feeling like tiny rocks in my mouth. My hard cock rubbed on their thin, smooth legs. I started kissing their bellies and necks, and they squirmed even more with my efforts.

Kissing my way down their bellies in turns, I made my way to each delectable hairless slit. Each girl had a perfectly flawless pussy mound, each pussy covered in golden peach fuzz. The slits looked so inviting… I focused on Susie first, kissing down from her bellybutton to her pubic mound, savoring the deliciously taut young skin. She moaned as I kissed her slit from top to bottom, stopping near her asshole.

“You’re right, Uncle Jim, it does feel really good!” cried Susie. I imagined I was a little better at eating cunt than her 13yr old sister.

“I’m glad,” I said, my face buried in her young cunt. Probing the inside of her slit with my tongue made her moan even more. I inhaled the smell of her sex, cock still stiff and straight as an arrow. Cindy was watching me intently as I ate her sister’s cunt.

My tongue stretched in and licked all over inside Susie’s pussy walls. I pulled my tongue of her and started licking on her delicate little clit. My lips closed around the hard nub, gently sucking it, and then I ran my tongue all over it and around it, making her cry out. As I sucked her clit, I raised a finger to her young cunt hole. She was wet from my tongue and her own arousal so my finger slipped easily inside, swallowed by delicious folds of little girl pussy. She moaned and started grinding on my finger while I continued licking her clit. I slowly entered a second finger and began penetrating her while devouring the small clitoris.

“Oh, Uncle Jim, oh, I feel so strange, like a big shock is going through my body… ohhhhhhh what are you doing, oh it feels so good, what is going on? Ahhhh oooohhh ohhhhhhhh ohh ohh…” Susie was crying out with all of my oral and manual attention.

“It’s okay Susie,” I said after she calmed down. “That’s called an orgasm. It’s also called ‘cumming.’ I can make you do that with my cock, too. Your sister can make you feel that way using her fingers and tongue, with a little more practice and guidance from me.”

“Oh, you were great with your big, strong, manly fingers! Wow, I bet it’d be awesome with your cock making me orgasm like that!” I shuddered, my cock was so hard.

“Maybe one day,” I chuckled, and turned my attention to Cindy.

Kneeling with my head between Cindy’s legs, I began kissing on her little vulva and slit as I had done to Susie. She squirmed and moaned softly when I cupped her mound with my big hand, my finger gently rubbing along her moist little slit. The peach fuzz on her cunt was so soft to my touch. I started kissing her clit and probing my fingers inside her as I’d done to her sister. She moaned as I reached up with my other hand to play with her hard nipples. I felt her grinding her pussy in my face while panting heavily.

“You feel great, Uncle Jim! Oh, I love when you kiss me all over…” Her moans intensified as I picked up my finger fucking pace. I began rhythmically penetrating her and licking her clit hard. It took a few minutes longer, but eventually she began moaning and crying out in orgasm like her sister did under my tongue and manual penetration.

I looked down at the two naked young girls; they looked spent and breathless on my bed. My cock was still raging, cockhead so hard it was an angry purple color. I rubbed my balls and groaned. I kissed the little girls’ nipples and firm bellies again while they squirmed beneath me.

“Okay girls, can you make me orgasm now?” I said, my cock standing straight at attention in their pretty faces. They eagerly got to their knees as I laid down, and both began kissing my thighs and groin and cock and balls. I closed my eyes and moaned at the feeling of tiny lips encircling my cockhead, with small hands tight on my shaft. Simultaneously I felt warm breath and a tongue on my balls.

I opened an eye to see who was jacking my cock-- “Cindy,” I said. “Use your hands like that, just like that, but go a little faster now…” I said with a gasp. She picked up her pace. “Perfect, yeah, put as much of my cock into your mouth, oh, you are amazing!” I said as she followed my instructions. “Oh, Susie, your mouth feels great on my balls, oh, your hands, too! Ohhhhh girls, you’re doing so well, okay, I’m about to cum, orgasm, explode, whatever you wanna call it! Cindy, get ready, okay? You’re gonna feel me fill up your mouth with my cock juice!” I grunted loud and gasped as I my balls tightened in Susie’s hands and I exploded sperm into Cindy’s cute little mouth. She sputtered a little on my cock but didn’t pull away. “Okay, Cindy! You can swallow now or spit, whatever you wanna do!”

To my delight she pushed Susie down on the bed and started kissing Susie’s cunt as she had watched me do, slathering Susie’s cunt with my sperm! I shuddered -- they were sexy young girls. Susie moaned as her sister licked and fingered her cunt. Cindy was inserting my sperm into her sister with her fingers -- it was a hot sight! I made the girls swear to secrecy with the promise of pleasuring them whenever they wanted or answering any questions they may have about their bodies or sex.

Meanwhile my brain was racing with how I would enjoy the girls next…

Part 2

The vision of eating out and finger fucking my sexy young nieces had been permanently burned into my mind; I began thinking of their pretty young faces whenever I jerked off, which turned into several times a day. I became obsessed with the though of my cock in their young pussies; I knew I had to have them soon. Since Halloween was approaching, I mentioned to my brother John that I wouldn’t mind taking his girls Trick or Treating in my neighborhood, which was larger than my brother’s neighborhood so the girls would get more candy. John agreed to the idea, and even asked if I’d keep the girls overnight so he could have some sexy Halloween alone time with their mom. My heart soared and I tried not to sound too enthusiastic as I agreed.

When Halloween night came, John rang the doorbell at my house and I was greeted by enthusiastic young girl voices shouting, “Trick or Treat!” They both looked good enough to eat… Cindy was a little angel, complete with a short white dress, white pantyhose (which I wanted to tear off her delectable thighs with my teeth), and glittering white wings and halo. Susie was an Arabian princess, with a light blue silky bandeau around her budding chest, a completely bare and tantalizing midriff, and diaphanous light blue pants and gold slippers.

I welcomed the girls in and John left shortly thereafter. The girls were happy and excited to go Trick or Treating. I followed them as they walked around my neighborhood from house to house, accumulating a huge bagful of candy each. Finally, as we reached the end of the neighborhood and the bags could hold no more, we began walking back to my house. I walked between the girls, holding their hands.

“Uncle Jim?” asked Cindy.

“Yes, darling?” I asked.

“Can Susie and I see your cock again tonight?” I swallowed hard. They had the same plans as I did!

“Cindy, we can talk about that once we’re inside. Let’s not talk about that outside of my house,” I said. Meanwhile I could feel my cock stirring in my pants at her shocking words!

The girls happily ate some candy bars on the way back to my house, where we immediately kicked our shoes off of our tired feet. Since the girls’ feet were sore, I told them that they should take a nice, hot bath together and then I’d give them a massage. They both loved the idea, and eagerly headed off towards my bathroom.

I followed them in, helping each girl out of her Halloween costume. I started with Susie first, pulling off the silky, billowy pants, exposing her thin, smooth legs. She had a pair of blue cotton panties on which I tore down to her ankles with a swish while she giggled. Naked except for the small silky bandeau around her breasts, I took in the sight of her beautiful smooth belly and cunt. I helped her untie the top, setting her tiny tits free, my hands grazing her nipples as the fabric fell away, leaving her body naked for me to admire. She stepped into the tub and sat down, beginning to lather herself up.

Cindy stood for me to undress. First I started with the pantyhose. As I prepared to yank her pantyhose off, I realized she didn’t have any underwear on. I smiled, rubbing my hand on her cunt through the sheer pantyhose fabric as she moaned and grinded her cunt against my hand. I proceeded to tear the pantyhose from her legs and expose her delicious cunt, my nose perking up at the smell of it. My hands stretched up to her chest and I grabbed hold of her dress and pulled it over her head.

She wriggled free of the angel costume, and I picked up her petite, naked body to place her in the tub. My cock had grown in my pants, and I rubbed my erection against her butt as I carried her. Susie was lathering up her little tits while waiting for her younger sister to join her in the tub. I stood Cindy in the water, my hand trailing up her exposed ass crack. They playfully lathered each other up while I watched, cock raging by now in my jeans.

I reached over and helped soap up each girl, my hands running over each body, savoring the warm skin beneath my fingers. My fingers grazed over their hard nipples, down their backs to their firm asses and around to stroke the peach fuzz of their pubic mounds. Even though my cock was yearning to break free, I didn’t want to cum yet. I told the girls to meet me downstairs when they were done with their baths, and left them to finish cleaning off without me.

Downstairs, I turned the TV on and got out some blankets and massage oils. I went over to my movie collection and decided to choose a porno to play for the girls-- but which one to pick? Wanting to introduce them to sex, I didn’t want them to get scared or scarred from it. I decided to pick one that featured beautiful, big-chested porn stars fucking men with big, perfect dicks having pretty much straight vanilla sex. Pausing the movie, I set the mood by dimming the lights and firing up some candles.

The girls came down about a half hour later, yawning and stretching their naked bodies before me. I looked at them with lust and invited them over to the couch. Each girl smiled and ran over to sit aside me on the couch. My cock, which had gradually deflated when I left the bathroom, began stirring again as the nude youths settled next to me. They warmed their bodies up by pressing close to me.

“What are you watching, Uncle Jim?” asked Susie, her eyes drawn to the screen. I clicked Play and the movie resumed where I had paused it, mid blow-job. The girls’ eyes widened at the sight of a large male dick being sucked on my big-screen TV. I let them watch the dick sucking, transfixed, for several minutes. Eventually another female porn star joined the scene, and the two sexy blond women both began sucking the man’s cock and balls.

“See, that’s what you two were doing to me a few months ago. I loved it!” I said as my nieces watched the porn, infatuated.

“Did we look that sexy, Uncle Jim?” asked Cindy.

“You bet! Even sexier!” I said enthusiastically, and with that I began rubbing each of their pussies simultaneously. It felt like two handfuls of heaven, the young fuzz covered cunts! I pressed a finger along each slit, and each girl grinded against my hand as it pressed their pubic mounds. The male porn star began eating the pussy of his female co-stars, alternating between each woman’s beautiful waxed cunt.

“Uncle Jim, can you do that to us?” asked Susie.

“With pleasure!” I said, and got to my feet. The girls laid back on the couch, eyes still glued to the TV, and I got down on my knees in front of the couch. I had each girl scoot to the end of the couch, and began sucking one clit while rubbing the other, penetrating the two cunts at a time with fingers from both hands, licking and probing my tongue inside their holes, and French kissing all over their cunts, clits, nipples, and asses while they moaned and cried out.

I continued devouring each girl until they had both cum in my mouth and around my fingers. Sweet female juices trickled out onto my tongue. In the porno movie, the male actor had stopped licking cunts and rose to his feet. He pushed one of the women down on a bed and raised his cockhead to her smooth pussy. I got up and sat back down on the couch between the girls who were breathing heavily after I sucked their cunts clean. Their hazel eyes were still focused on the TV. The male porn star raised his cock to his partner’s pussy while she spread her legs wide. My entire big-screen TV focused on her cunt and the man stuffing his cock into it. Her pussy was slick and smooth, and she grunted as the man pushed his large meat inside her cuntlips.

Once within her pussy walls, the male porn star thrust his big cock deep into her, making her scream and moan with each pump of his meat. The girls were open-mouthed while watching the woman get penetrated. Sounds of the man’s balls lewdly slapping the woman’s ass filled my house. He was thrusting into her at a steady pace while the other female porn star was rubbing his balls. After a few minutes, he pulled out of the woman he’d been fucking and started fucking the other woman who’d been rubbing his balls.

I could tell my nieces were aroused-- I could smell their hot pussies. My cock bulged in my jeans; I needed to get the pants off now and stood to do so. Pulling my pants and boxers off, my dick sprang forth into my nieces’ faces. I groaned as the girls took turns sucking my cock and rubbing my balls. A little glob of pre-cum dribbled from my cockhead and worked as pleasurable lubrication while my young nieces stroked me. The male porn star continued alternating between fucking each of his female co-stars until he pulled out of one of their cunts and brought his cock to their faces, jerking his dick to cum in their mouths. My nieces stopped sucking on my cock to resume their full attention on the movie.

The girls gasped as the male porn star’s huge cock erupted with cum. It sprayed everywhere-- into the females’ mouths, on their breasts, in their hair, their eyes. The female porn stars began swapping cum with each other, French kissing while grabbing each other’s tits, licking cum of each other’s nipples to add to the loads in their mouths until both of them swallowed hard and then showed their clean tongues, indicating all the cum was swallowed. They cleaned the man’s cock off, and the scene ended and faded to black.

My nieces stirred when the next scene came on, of a guy plowing into a teen from behind with no foreplay or introduction whatsoever. The teen porn star was on her hands and knees, with a tight body and pert little titties, while an older looking black man with a massive hard-on fucked her pussy hard. He’d withdraw his cock, showing his raging meat until just the cock head was left inside her, then plowing hard into her again while she screamed and writhed on a mattress. Large black balls bounced against the teen’s firm buttocks with a slapping sound. The sound of her pussy being stuffed was like music to my ears-- it was a hot, squelching, sucking sound.

While in between the girls on the couch, I started rubbing their little cunts again with each of my hands. Their cunts were wet with little girl cunt juices. In the porno, the male continued fucking his female co-star passionately while she grunted beneath his heavy body. My nieces gasped wide when they saw him pull his thick, veiny meat out of the woman’s cunt, showing it at full length from base to fat mushroom head. It was slick with pussy juice. The girls gasped when the man placed his cock to the woman’s asshole and started forcing his prickhead into her rectum while she cried out. He grunted as he stuffed his meat into her hole one inch at a time.

“Oh my goodness! I didn’t even know that was possible!” exclaimed Susie.

“Some women like it, some don’t. I understand it can be pleasurable for both man and woman,” I said calmly. I still hadn’t cum yet; my balls were starting to ache.

The scene ended when the black man pulled his massive cock from the teen’s ass and raised it to her lips, making her clean his ass-flavored cock. My nieces groaned and gasped when they saw this, shocked. He fucked her face with great abandon, balls smashing into her chin while she choked and sputtered. The face fucking continued until the big black stud groaned, balls tightening, and unloaded his cum deep down in the teen’s throat. She proudly showed her cum coated tongue and then swallowed.

Susie reached over and started rubbing my cock with her hand as the next scene of the porno came on. I had to tell her not to rub me too fast, I still didn’t want to cum yet. In the movie, a schoolgirl with big tits was about to get nailed by the principal’s big dick for misbehaving. My nieces particularly liked this scene, both of them grinding onto my hands as I rubbed their little pussies to orgasm again. I loved watching them cum and grind their cunts in my face or on my hands.

The schoolgirl was bent over a desk and the principal’s bulging cock was placed up to her cunt while she moaned and whimpered. Before he plunged his cock into her, he administered a spanking to her pert ass, reddening her ass cheeks with handprints. Then he plunged his cock into her pussy hard and started fucking her fast. He ripped her buttoned white shirt open from behind to expose her perfect, large titties, which began bouncing with his thrusts. The schoolgirl moaned that she was cumming on the principal’s cock. Groaning, the principal came soon thereafter, spurting his cum in the girl’s pussy. My nieces gasped again when they saw the girl spread her cuntlips to show the load of cum up in her cunt.

After the principal was done with the female student, a line of male teachers began forming to fuck the schoolgirl’s holes. My nieces watched as a man fucked the girl’s ass, depositing his load in her asshole. She sucked off three men while others fucked her cunt or her ass, cum beginning to ooze from her holes. At this point I needed to cum badly. I slipped my fingers into my nieces’ cunts and confirmed they were completed soaked from arousal.

“Okay girls… You’ve seen a few cocks now in the video and what they are capable of doing. Do you want me to put my cock inside of you?” They each looked at me, eyes wide, and both nodded slowly. I swallowed hard, getting to my feet. There was an old futon bed in the room, and I carried the girls over to it, scooping one up in each arm. I spanked their naked asses lightly and playfully with my hand as I laid them on the bed. There was still a great view of the TV from the futon bed; the schoolgirl was still getting fucked by a bunch of older men.

“Cindy, I am going to put my cock inside of your sister first; you can watch us and be prepared… I’ll take a quick break after I put my cock in Susie, and then it will be your turn,” I said as calmly as possible while feeling nearly delirious with lust. Cindy smiled back at me.

I was so aroused, I didn’t waste anytime once the girls were on their backs on the bed. Parting Susie’s thighs, I rubbed my cockhead along her pussy slit, making her moan. My cock became wettened by her pussy juices, and slipped beyond her engorged pussy lips. Her velvety hot vaginal folds sucked at my cockhead, making me gasp with pleasure. I pushed myself in a little further, feeling the resistance of her tight virgin cunt. The tightness became almost painful around my hard shaft as I pushed up against her hymen. Susie began moaning and whimpering a little below me.

Looking down at her tiny body, I felt so enormous in comparison. My body towered over her, and for a moment I was concerned I might hurt her. The overwhelming desire to fuck her virgin pussy outweighed any concerns, though, as I observed the amazingly sexy sight of my dickhead poking into her little hole. My balls were aching to get the rest of my shaft inside her. I caressed her forming breasts and said, “Okay, Susie, it may hurt for just a second since it’s your first time but it won’t be too bad, I promise. It’ll start to feel really good after that initial bit of pain.” She nodded at me, biting her lip.

After a moment, I pulled out till only my cockhead was inside her and then pushed hard back into her, tearing her virginity away. She cried out, tears welling up in her little hazel eyes, chest heaving. I kept my dick motionless inside of her, almost completely buried inside of her. The feeling was amazing; she was so fucking tight. To my delight, Cindy started licking Susie’s nipples, making Susie start moaning softly with pleasure while my dick stayed still inside her snug hole.

Cindy had been watching my cock spear her sister’s little pussy, enthralled between watching the hot porno movie and observing her uncle and sister fucking. Susie wrapped her legs tight around my back as I pulled out of her almost completely and then pushed myself inside of her again gently. I told Cindy to rub Susie’s clit while I slowly started fucking Susie’s cunt and Cindy happily obeyed. Susie’s cunt started lubricating itself more as she adjusted to the cock invasion, making me slide easier into her. The tears went away, soon replaced by a smile and breathless moans of pleasure.

Susie was moaning louder as I slowly fucked her 14yr old cunt. Cindy continued licking and rubbing Susie’s clit. I reached out and started fingering Cindy’s tight hole, getting her ready for me. To my delight, her pussy was nice and wet around my fingers. She grinded her wet gash on my hand and moaned. I picked up my pace fucking Susie’s perfect pre-teen cunt, my mouth open as I gasped with pleasure. My balls bounced against her ass, and I squeezed her hips while grinding as much of myself into her as I could. Susie was moaning as my cock penetrated her young hole and her younger sister teased her clit. I reached down and began pinching Susie’s nipples and she moaned even louder. Cindy strummed Susie’s clit with a rapid pace as my hard prick thrust steadily into Susie’s cunt hole.

I could feel Susie’s muscles tightening around my cock, making me shudder in ecstasy. She cried out that she was orgasming, and she dug her fingers hard into my back as my cock rammed in and out of her. Feeling her young cunt spasming around my prick was too much for me, and I couldn’t hold back my orgasm any longer. My balls tightened and I pushed myself deep up into her womb and groaned, becoming still. I held her body close as my cock throbbed and erupted spurts of semen inside her tight hole. She was breathing hard and sweating below me, looking dazed. I stayed still until my cock stopped pulsating, then I thrust into her several more times for good measure. It felt like I unloaded a copious amount of sperm in her pussy. Slowly, I pulled my soaked cock from Susie’s hole and it emerged with a sucking sound. Susie and Cindy both smiled up at me.

“Susie, you felt great,” I said honestly.

“You felt great, too, Uncle Jim!” said Susie. I was relieved that she had enjoyed the experience; I was glad her first time was with me and not some other asshole.

Leaving the room to clean my cock off, I came back to see Cindy eating my cum out of her sister’s pussy on the futon. Susie was moaning and writhing as her sister ate out her fucked cunt. I shuddered, loving my slutty young nieces. Noticing the porno movie was over, I walked over to my porn collection to select another one to play. I didn’t want them to see anything too wild or intense, so I decided to avoid my BDSM movies for now-- maybe when they’re older, I thought to myself with a smile. Maybe when they’re older I can fuck the while they’re all tied up and gagged!

I decided on one of my own homemade sex tapes, a tape that was a compilation of some of my previous sexual adventures with prostitutes, friends, strangers, girlfriends, friends’ mothers, some footage of me just jerking off, etc. The girls continued to play with each other on the futon. Cindy licked my cum out of Susie’s cunt hole and began French kissing Susie’s mouth, and they swapped my cum around on each others’ tongues and licked my cum off each others' nipples. I brought a vibrator over to them and told Susie to use it on Cindy’s clit and tease her pussy with it. I wanted Cindy’s tiny virgin hole to be as ready as possible for me.

Cindy was moaning steadily as Susie used the vibrator on her sister’s clit. Their attention became focused on the sex scene displayed on the big screen TV. This scene was filmed in my living room and featured one of my off again, on again fuck partners, Lita. She was a petite, buxom, long-haired brunette with a toned, tanned body. She was wearing a feathery mask and nothing else. Her two male co-stars were also masked, wearing nothing else: They were me and my brother, John. I couldn’t tell if the girls recognized their dad in the video or not.

I settled in on the couch and my nude nieces came and cuddled up next to me. We watched Lita alternately suck my cock and John’s while we fondled her large, natural tits and her round ass. The camera man was one of our other siblings, Tommy, also masked. He focused in on her glistening cuntlips while she sucked me and John. For several moments, the entire TV screen was full of Lita’s moist cunt. Her pubic hair was a well trimmed patch over her slit. The camera was pulled back and my nieces and I watched Lita’s enthusiastic cock-sucking. John’s meat was as big as mine, 7” if not larger. He and I could be heard moaning in pleasure while getting our cocks swallowed. Lita really loved deep throating. My nieces were taking note of the slut burying her nose in pubes while choking cocks down her gullet.

The camera focused on John’s bulging purple cockhead and veiny shaft and Lita coating his balls with her saliva. She sucked his throbbing dickhead a little more, then pulled her mouth away. Then she got up and straddled him, inserting John’s thick cock to her sopping cunt. She bent over and rode his dick while he slapped her ass hard. I watched my masked self step up to her face so she could suck my cock while my brother fucked her. Her tits bounced with John’s eager pounding.

In the video, Lita was moaning loudly on John’s big dick. My nieces were loving the sex scene-- I noticed Cindy was sitting spread eagle, rubbing her own clit as she watched the big TV. Their avid attention was on masked me in the sex video, pulling my cock out of Lita’s mouth and stepping up behind her asshole while she sat on John’s cock. Susie and Cindy’s eyes open wide when they saw Lita about to get double penetrated.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Susie.

“Wow! No way!” exclaimed Cindy, still rubbing her little clit. Tommy, the brother shooting the scene, focused in on Lita’s holes as they became overstuffed with meat. John was still under Lita, holding her close as I entered her asshole with my cockhead. Lita could be heard whimpering while my cock delved further into her bowels. I kept pushing hard into her ass until I was balls deep-- she loved a good fucking! Once I reached deep inside her, John and I started rhythmically sawing our cocks in and out of her holes while she screamed and moaned. John bit her nipples hard and she cried out. My nieces were hypnotized by the depraved double penetration sex scene.

My cock had stirred back to life and I rubbed it to get it even harder. I walked over to the futon mattress and invited the girls to join me. Cindy swallowed hard, knowing her own deflowering was imminent, and both girls rose to their feet. They laid down with me on the futon and sucked and licked me while keeping an eye on the movie. I closed my eyes and moaned with their attention on my cock and balls. I felt a tiny wet mouth around my prickhead and warm hands caressing my balls. Not wanting to cum, I had to pull them away. I laid Cindy on her back and kissed all over her thin young body. She shivered as I gently prodded her cunthole with my fingers. I was delighted at how wet she was, and my erection was stabbing her in the thigh.

My cock was wet from my nieces’ oral attention, and I slid it up and down Cindy’s slit, making her squirm. Susie was rubbing her own slit, intently watching the obscene double penetration on my TV. My cockhead slipped in between Cindy’s cuntlips, and I knew I had to fuck her right that second. I pushed my cockhead in a little further and felt the resistance of her hymen. Drawing my dick back out till only the head was inside her, she braced herself. I took a deep breath and plunged forward, my cock pushing almost completely into her little cunt. Her hole was so tight, it was incredible. It felt like her pussy was swallowing my cock in its warmth depths. She and I moaned together as I slowly began to stroke in and out of her.

Susie came over and started kissing Cindy and playing with her nipples and clit. She’d rub my balls, too, making me shudder in ecstasy. I was overwhelmed by the feeling of the cunt I was inside and was trying hard not to explode just yet. Susie grabbed the vibrator and started using it on Cindy’s clit, making Cindy cry out. Cindy clutched hard at my back as I quickened my pace in and out of her young hole and her sister teased her hard clit. She was cumming on my cock moments later, her nails digging into me while my cock continued to pump her hole. It wasn’t long after when I came inside Cindy’s 13yr old pussy, shooting my load into her tender womb. Her cunt squeezed all the cum from my prick, and I grunted like an animal as I drained my balls in my niece.

Afterward, we all laid together on the futon mattress and cuddled together while watching the homemade sex video go on. At this point in the movie, Tommy had passed the camera to me and was now fucking Lita in the ass while John’s prick stabbed into her cunthole. After Tommy unloaded his sperm in Lita’s oozing asshole, John fucked her cunt a few moments and then blew his own load in her womb. Lita rose unsteadily to her feet, scooping cum from her cunt and licking it from her finger. Both of my nieces’ jaws dropped at what happened next-- a large Golden Retriever was brought into the room. I forgot about this part of the movie when I had chosen to play it…

“Oh my gosh, is that Skippy?” cried Susie. It was John’s dog, my nieces’ beloved pet. With mouths agape, the girls watched as Lita spread a blanket on the floor and got on her hands and knees. Skippy jumped up on her back and began humping at Lita’s ass in no time. My nieces had no idea that their own mother had been the one to train that dog how to fuck human bitches. John, still wearing the mask, stepped over to insert the dog prick into Lita’s cunt while the camera zoomed in. Lita grinded on the dog prick as the animal secured its front legs tight around Lita’s waist and began thrusting. The dog was jack-hammering into Lita’s pussy in no time while she screamed and moaned about how its prick was growing inside her twat.

“Uncle Jim, is that Skippy?” asked Cindy.

“Um, no, no that’s not Skippy…” I lied, swallowing hard. Just then, as if on cue, the room was filled with cries of Lita in the video exclaiming, “Oh yeah! Fuck me Skippy! Yeah, oh yeah, fuck you’re the best, I love taking Skippy’s cock and knot!” I had made my way over to the VCR to shut it off but didn’t get to it in time. And so my nieces became aware of what their dog was capable of...

I massaged the girls as I promised I would do, letting them relax on the futon as I caressed and rubbed their entire bodies from head to toe. My hands rubbed Cindy’s lower back and I smiled when I noticed some of my cum leaking from her oozing cunt. They were drifting in and out of sleep when Susie asked me, “So Uncle Jim, do you think I’ll get pregnant with your baby?”

“No, honey,” I said. “You’re too young to get pregnant.” She smiled.

“I love you, Uncle Jim,” she said softly with her eyes closed.

“Me too,” said Cindy, falling asleep with her sister as they lie naked on my futon.

“I love you, too,” I whispered, getting up to fetch them a blanket.

Part 3

Several weeks after the Halloween fun, my brother John showed up at my house, my nieces standing shyly behind him. I began to greet them warmly when John unexpectedly cocked his arm and punched me in the face with all his might, sending me reeling backwards. He walked inside with his daughters, closing the door, and spat in my face while I was lying on my back on the floor.

“You fucking bastard!” he shouted at me, his face red with rage. The girls huddled together on my couch.

“What the fuck, John?!” I shouted back.

“You motherfucker, you got my 14yr old daughter pregnant!” he screamed, pointing at Susie, who lowered her head. “Fucking asshole! And now Cindy is trying to fuck my dog!”

“John, I--” I tried to sputter, but my brother kicked me hard in the ribs.

“Fuck you, Jim!”

“John, I’m so---”

“Shut up, fucker!” John roared. I silenced. “And…” John paused awhile. “And Susie told me she wants to get double penetrated… She wants me and you to double penetrate her,” he said, his voice lowering with that last part. I was holding my ribs, trying to catch my breath and digest what my brother was saying. I couldn’t even collect my breath before John kicked me again, enraged about me fucking his daughters. He wouldn’t even let me apologize, he just kept kicking me viciously in the gut.

“I’m sorry, John!” I managed to gasp, clutching my stomach.

“So, listen up, asshole,” he said with a punctuating kick, “I’m gonna come back in a few weeks, and that’s what we’re gonna do,” John said, calming his voice.

“What? Do what in a few weeks?” I said, confused.

“We’re gonna fuck them together. We’re going to double penetrate my young daughters. Susie’s gonna get her pregnant cunt stuffed and her ass drilled simultaneously, right honey?” he said to Susie.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said sweetly.

“Alright then,” John said, spitting at me one final time before turning around and walking to the door. “That's what they want, and it sounds like that's what these little sluts deserve. Look, if you're gonna fuck my daughters, Jim, I just ask you to include me, okay? I’ll see you in a few weeks so we can fuck my girls, then.”

He walked out and my nieces followed suit, leaving me on the floor with my head spinning. Obviously, John was pissed I fucked his daughters, but he knew I did him a favor and awakened them to the realm of sexual pleasure, and John being John, he wanted to have depraved fun with them now, too. Laying on the floor, head swelling, I could also feel my cock stirring at all the things I wanted to do to them, too…

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