The alarm buzzed loudly, interrupting yet another dream, and Psly nearly swatted it across the room before he groggily got out of bed.

One blasting hot shower and a huge mug of coffee later, and he almost felt human again. Psly had taken very good care to dry off every inch of his 6’3” frame, including his long jet-black hair. He’d put a lot of effort, not to mention money, into that frame. From the necessities to keep him active after his “accident”, to the basics that just made him look good. Enhancements like his didn’t come cheap.

It was a rather cold morning, and catching cold definitely wasn’t on Psly’s agenda. Besides, he’d had a very long night. Psly even went so far as to ride one of his bikes into work that morning, as he wasn’t up to walking. As an afterthought, though, he trailed one of the scooters behind him via remote. Psly didn't like to think of Alicia walking home in the cold tonight.

His motorcycles were the first thing most people associated with him, as Psly had been custom making them for quite some time. Now a good percentage of the folks in the realm rode his creations, and he could afford to give away presents; in this case, a small token of his esteem to a new friend. He'd even painted it in gray, to match her eyes.

He made sure to hide it around back until the time was right to give it to her. Satisfied that he'd hidden it so that nobody would find it and ruin the surprise, Psly walked around the building and in through the door.

"Howdy, y'all," He said to the two ladies sitting there and apparently chatting. Both of them hushed quickly, but Psly could see by the giggles in their eyes that told him what they'd been discussing.

Watching them Psly was amazed that two women with nothing physically in common could be such good friends. Kindred spirits came in all packages, Psly mused to himself as he swept an appreciative gaze over the pair.

Akasha Annabella Adair, known to the world as Kaja, with her lean but lush figure. Easily close to six feet tall in her knee high boots, hers was a body that made men weak, and quite a few ladies drool. Her long blond hair flowing over cafe au lait skin was a study in contrast, and most everyone studied that form as if his or her final grades depended on it.

Alicia Mulland was a study of a different sort. Smaller than Kaja at 5’4”, her chocolate brown hair and smoky gray eyes did little to distract from looking at her petite body. Especially when one noticed that her breasts were almost never restricted by any sort of bra. Being stuck between a B and a C cup limited her selection was the excuse she’d given him, not that there were any complaints, not from him, at least.

Reminiscing at the thought of her breasts, in particular the feel of them, he sighed in anticipation, in the hope of further opportunities. Chuckling softly to himself, with various scenarios playing through out his mind like a vid, Psly checked his appointment book, copying it into his memory, and grinned to the pair as he made his way back to his studio to change.

"My god, Kaja," Alicia said with barely restrained glee once Psly had left the room, "That boy knows his stuff. What he can do to a girl with those fingers . . .” She trailed off, grinning at her memories.

"Can it, sugar." Kaja replied tersely, trying but failing to cover her jealousy with a weak grin. "Ah told y'all before, no hanky panky durin' business hours. After hours, you're on your own." She took another sip of her chardonnay. "An' Ah don' know about y'all using the salon for your sexcapades."

Kaja shifted in her seat slightly, and hoped her nipples weren’t betraying her own excitement through her T-shirt. She loved to tease men. She loved to see the hot look in their eyes and the way it made her feel - attractive, sexy… aroused, and almost always dressed for just that effect, but this time, Kaja almost wished she hadn’t. Pslyder, while definitely one to attract scores of new customers, was almost too much temptation for her to resist.

Alicia turned quickly to face Kaja, a blush creeping up from her neck all the way to her forehead. "How did you know?” she hissed. Alicia did some fidgeting of her own, not even noticing Kaja’s furtive movements or tense body language.

"Cause y'all forgot how paranoid Ah am when it comes to this place." A wider grin spread over Kaja's face.

If Alicia and Psly had forgotten about the full closed-circuit security camera system Kaja had installed, that was their fault. But the fact that Kaja had purloined said recording and getting a rather voyeuristic kick out of it was something she would keep secret. Kaja didn't see any reason to mention anything about her new ‘collection’.

"But Ah will say this much. Psly's eager to please, thaht's for sure."

Alicia turned to look down the hall at his studio door again, sighing. "You got that right..." She trailed off again. Kaja remained silent, but continued to shift slightly, and wondered for herself exactly what it felt like to have been there. Seeing it was one thing, but... They both sat quietly for a while, lost in their respective fantasies.

Meanwhile, Psly had changed into a white tank top and blue jeans and was waiting for his first appointment. All three of them soon lost themselves in the general business of the day. Considering that each customer usually bought the full treatment, they were all rather busy. Between Kaja's talent for make-up, Alicia's wizardry with hair, and word of mouth about his massaging skills, most of the clients were new customers.

A few of the braver souls dared pinching or patting his ass, but Psly didn’t notice. Thanks to a nasty incident in his distant past, Psly had gone in for a very specialized procedure. Now you could not only bounce a quarter off his chest (among other places), but chances are not even a nine-millimeter round would get through. Implanted Kevlar plating was just one of the many enhancements he kept under his skin. So he let them cop a feel from time to time. To him, it was just part of the biz.

Truth be told, though, the business of pampering spoiled princesses, polishing frumpy housewives, and smoothing the ruffled feathers of female society was tiring. Even Psly's "magic touch" seemed a little off by closing time. All three of them were definitely in the mood for relaxation by the time six o' clock rolled around. Kaja and Alicia wandered off to the back of the building, towards the locker room, while Psly tidied up around his studio.

The two ladies stood for a while in the women's showers, letting the hot spray slough some of the tension off of them as they wearily traded horror stories about the customers they'd worked on that day. This was something of an evening ritual for them, and the ladies took their rituals very seriously.

Meanwhile, Psly had stripped down to his skin and ventured into the sauna, skipping the showers completely. He respected the ladies' privacy enough not to barge in unannounced, though he'd fantasized many times about the possible receptions he might receive. With these thoughts in mind, he settled in on one of the benches, reveling in the steam.

Between the feel of the steam, the smoothness of the wood and the sensual images of a naked Alicia and Kaja floating through his mind, the sound of the sauna door opening didn’t even register. Psly was too concerned with his substantial growing erection and trying not to doze off before he could think of something to do with it.

Kaja raced back to the showers, wrapped up in a towel that almost seemed too small for her frame. Alicia looked up from where she was folding her clothing, getting prepared to do some relaxing in the sauna. "Jaysus!" Kaja gasped.

After seeing Kaja struggling for words and almost bursting out the hand towel that was barely covering her, Alicia asked with some concern, “What’s wrong?”

"Two things," Kaja growled as she started throwing on her clothes again in frustration. "One, that boy needs a warning sign, and Two," she chuckled slightly at this, "Psly really needs to wear at least a towel when he's dreaming like thaht..."

She turned to Alicia, but the girl was already looking at the door, licking her lips slightly, and she had that mischievous gleam in her gray eyes again. Not to mention sporting a pair of nipples so hard they looked like they could cut glass. Seeing that, Kaja choked down her laughter and quietly left, figuring that it would be best if she weren't here for this.

"Lead me not into temptation, Ah can find it myself..." Kaja muttered as she rode off for home. She did her utmost to ignore the tingling in her crotch.

“Dammit, Tic better either be home or on his way.” She muttered aloud.

She tried hard not to think of the fun that Psly and Alicia would probably be having, but then remembered her surveillance system with a grin. She didn't have to think about that fun, she could watch it whenever she wanted to. With that, she gunned the throttle and sped off into the night.

Alicia had by then slipped in through the sauna door, and was sitting across from Psly, who seemed to be dozing. She dropped the towel she had been wearing and slowly walked over to him, her eyes on his sizable erection. She was already hot and moist, and it had nothing to do with the beneficial effects of the sauna.

She sat beside his legs, simply looking over every last inch of his body, as her hands traveled of their own accord, one to her chest to caress her nipples, the other down to her mound, slipping a finger inside her slick folds. Her hyperactive imagination and fond memories had been keeping her in a constant state of raging hormones all day now, and Alicia could even smell her excitement over the steam. She toyed with herself for a moment, then on impulse leaned in down between his legs. Keeping her one hand busy with her own pleasure, she grasped him lightly with the other and teasingly kissed the tip.

Psly shifted slightly, grinning in his sleep. Growing bolder, she ran her tongue up his shaft, and he responded with a soft groan. Alicia’s fingers were dancing over her clit now, as she took the tip into her mouth, moving in tandem with Psly as his hips rose up slightly. She took a firmer grasp on him as she moved her head up and down, and groaned some herself. Alicia had never had anyone under her complete control before, and she found herself rather enjoying the experience. Relishing her power, She took another long lick up his erection, savoring the taste a little.

Carefully crawling above him, Alicia slowly sank down on to his shaft, thinking it would be a shame to waste so impressive an erection on her mouth, when she had a much more deserving destination in mind.

Her whole body felt like it was humming as she settled onto him. This was definitely a feeling she could get used to.

Taking her time, she languidly rolled her hips, simply enjoying the feel of his shaft inside of her. The feel of Psly’s hair on her clit only heightened Alicia’s pleasure, and she began breathing more raggedly in the steamy air. She continued to slowly ride him, her hands cupping her breasts as her fingers danced across her erect nipples. Alicia bit her lip lightly to silence the moaning as she quickly brought herself to a pleasurable climax.

"Oooohh... god..." she shuddered and moaned, "I wish I had a picture of this..." Alicia knew that nobody in the whole of Rhy’Din would believe her if she told them about this. Never mind that just the day before, she’d had her dreams come true in a much different way on his massage table. A picture, in fact any physical evidence would be a better advocate than her bumbling tries to explain of her adventure with Psly.

"Ask an' ye shall receive, petit,” came the smiling reply. Psly had been mostly awake since Alicia had stood up and dropped her towel. He’d simply lain there; enjoying how aroused Alicia had been just by playing with his body. To know she got off on his body was exciting. In fact it was too stimulating.

Not giving her time to react to his sudden awakening, Psly sat up quickly and covered her mouth with his, and slowly began to move under her, taking up where Alicia had left off in surprise at his being awake. Trailing his hands up and down Alicia’s back, Psly moved his lips down to her nipple, until all she could do was moan aloud, her fingers moving through his long black hair. Psly could tell when she was getting close, and thrust bodily up into her.

"Oh god. . .oh god. . .oh god. . ." she moaned in pleasure. Psly could feel her tightening around him as he lay back, and with a grin, reached in between them to pinch her engorged clit between his rapidly vibrating fingers.

"OhhgoOAHHHHHHH!!!" Alicia screamed as her orgasm ripped through her like a tornado. Her hands shot up to her breasts again and tugged at her nipples as the scream evolved into a long gurgling, and Alicia collapsed, twitching in exctasy on top of Psly’s chest, panting for breath. Her skin shimmered with perspiration, and her channel clenched and rippled around him with the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Still deep inside her, Psly felt Alicia collapse on him. He waited for a moment, until she pushed off of his chest weakly, her eyes glazed and chest heaving. Psly grinned even wider as he lifted her up off of him, and Alicia stood on wobbly legs for a moment. She looked at him in some confusion as Psly led her out of the sauna and into the darkened waiting room.

The relative cool of the air hit Alicia like a brick, and her nipples hardened accordingly. Psly pulled her behind the reception desk, lifting her on top of it and setting her down. He started kissing his way from her neck to her breasts, flicking his tongue over her erect nipples as she leaned back, resting her weight on her hands against the desk. Psly's tongue continued it's journey down Alicia's body, circling around her navel and down through her tuft of trimmed pubic hair. Alicia hissed as Psly dodged around her swollen nub, and trailed along her outer labia down to her dripping core.

Psly paused a moment, then flattened his tongue and slowly licked up to her button, wrapping his lips around it as Alicia's back arched, and her juices flowed from her onto the desk. He stood up, cupping her mound with his hand, his fingers vibrating against her sex, and whispered in her ear. Stepping back with another grin, he moved the chair against the wall.

In Alicia’s heightened sexual state, it only took a seconds worth of contemplation before she grinned wickedly and bent over the desk, arching her back slightly as Psly had told her to.

Alicia kept her eyes on the front display window as Psly moved behind her and placed his hands on her hips. Entering her in one slow stroke, she began yipping and grunting as he took a firm grip and slammed into her dripping pussy. Laying her head down on the desk, Alicia slipped her hand down to fondle her clit. A low moan formed in her throat, increasing in pitch and volume as Psly thrust ever faster and harder into her.

"Oh dear god, FUCK ME!!!" Alicia screamed at him as her climax overtook her. His own explosion wasn't far behind as he took a moment to wink at the overhead security camera and sped up even more. The whole desk shook in time with their rhythm.

The writing pad on top of the desk rubbed against Alicia’s nipples, adding that little bit of sensation to her senses. Psly’s climax came over him like a freight train as he felt his knees buckle, making him sit back into the chair, pulling Alicia back with him, and she all but fell into his grasp. The motion made Alicia gasp and yip as it set her off all over again, with him sunk all the way to the hilt inside her vagina. Psly stayed perfectly still until her tremors stopped, and then held her against his chest as his cock softened and slid from her.

Softly stroking her hair, Psly gradually felt her coming down from her high.

On hearing her breathing change from ragged and heavy to a more regular rhythm, Psly picked Alicia up and carried her to the showers after calling both bikes around to the front of the Bella Sera Salon. They could both do with getting cleaned up from the sweat and such.

She didn't complain, as her legs felt like wet noodles and her brain was like mush. Alicia was glad that he realized how wasted she was and welcomed his help in getting her showered and dressed. She could have kissed him, if she had the energy to when he went as far as laying her prone on a bench while he got dried off and quickly dressed.

Alicia was nearly asleep again when Psly picked her up and carried her out the front door, locking it behind him. He could see she barely noticed when he placed her down in the seat on the scooter. Psly chuckled to himself as he programmed the directions to her house into the onboard autopilot and set the alarm to wake her when it arrived. Alicia was soundly asleep before Psly closed the canopy.

Psly watched the small scooter putter off into the distance before hopping on his own bike, and with a grin made a mental note to have that front chair cleaned and dried before Kaja showed up in the morning. Psly figured Kaja would leave enough of a wet spot after viewing that tape of his most recent performance.


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