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A glimpse into my world
Hello, my name is Lamar and I will give you a brief idea of me and my life. So you all know everything I am writing is completely true. I am a 28 year old black man living, well in the eastern part of the country. I am a college graduate who saw a market open to make a great deal of money and alot of fun so I jumped at it. I run a somewhat of a resort for black men staffed by white girls that love the idea of being with black men and serving them in every way possible. I at current own four little white girls who live here, and serve black men in any and all ways. Two of them have already been bred, one of them twice the other three times. They are in order from oldest to youngest, 17, 16, 13, and 12. The place we live is a large log cabin with several rooms, 2 kitchens, a bar, a pool table, 12 1/2 acres of land, a pond, and a 42 foot swimming pool complete with outdoor bar, large plasma screen tv, patio, gazeebo, and several other things. We have parties constantly and its just a great place to enjoy yourself. My girls are extremely well taken care of. All of my girls are fucked on a very regular basis both by myself as well as guests, they will take cock anyway it is given to them. There are no limits in my resort and all of our guests are high standing and very well off. We maintain discretion and privacy is a must. All of my girls are disease free and are tested regularly to keep them that way. I do keep a doctor on staff to take care of health and any health issues that do arise. All of my girls are physically active and expected to keep their body pleasing both to the eye as well as the touch. There is no drama, fighting, or anything of the sort, this place was built to be a relaxing home away from home where mens needs are taken care of. I am always looking for more girls, the problem being most are not real, or unattractive, or just back out thinking they love the idea of it but thats just the problem, they are just in love with the "idea" and cannot bring themselves to take that leap into reality. These are not the people I am looking for or do invite to take a place here, I want real people, that know what it is like to give pleasure as well as recieve pleasure fromn the giving. My girls are respected as long as they know and maintain their place at all times. It is not always work, as I said we have fun here, I take my girls once a year on a vacation, this year it was hawaii which we just returned from. Everyone had an amazing time, great photos as well. Since this is short, and must have at least 5000 characters to post, this story will be followed by a bunch of letters to just make that 5000 mark. This has just been a glimpse into my world and will be posting stories of our adventures. Feel free to make your comments good or bad. As well feel free to make comments if you are interested in possibly attaining a position here with us or if you are a father with a younger daughter and would be interested in joining us we are not above a trade letting you have fun in return for your daughter. Let me know if you all are interested in hearing more.

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