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Part three of the series, Amy turns sixteen.
*****This is a work of fiction and it not in any way based on actual people or events. Enjoy*****

Amy’s birthday was coming up quick, she’d be turning sixteen soon the sweetest of birthdays. It would be another stepping stone to growing up and being on her way to becoming an adult. Recently she’d discovered how good playing with her tender pussy could be by the river where she left her soaked panties. Also she found that her baby sister Lana was a great cunt licker and her new young lover. Since the day Lana walked in on Amy and caught her mid orgasm in the bathroom they had been experimenting at every chance. Lana’s eleven year old body would tremble and shake as her tongue worked her older sisters clit until they both flooded in orgasm. They would take turns pleasing each other then curl up and drift off to sleep together.

Today was a special day, Amy had convinced her mother to take her clothes shopping as her birthday present. Being tired of her “little girl” clothes she wanted something new and edgy. She was excited knowing she would pick new sexy bras and panties now, maybe something she would take off before she would lose her cherry later on with a boy. Smiling she thought of new tops, skirts, jeans, maybe even a few other things if she could sell the ideas to her mom. Amy rolled over in the bed to see Lana beside her still asleep with a smile on her young face, her small budding breasts rising and falling gently. Both girls slept together and always slept nude, it seemed innocent enough but it was easy that way.

Amy took in the sight before her, the soft red hair, freckles on the chest, breasts with eraser size pink nipples erect in the cool air. She could also see the tiny slit of her younger sister with the blanket partially covering her up. Pushing it back she moved down the bed lying between her legs and put her nose to the hairless pussy then slowly licked it from the bottom to top. No reaction came from Lana so Amy began softly licking more, over and over until she slid the tip of her tongue over the now enlarged clit and sucked harder. A small moan came from her lips as Amy gazed up to a still sleeping Lana as she worked her tongue quicker over her clit as she moved her hand and slid a finger inside working it in and out. Another moan came, this time louder as she began to stir still only semi conscious. Amy pushed another finger in moving fast curling them into her little sisters G-Spot as she greedily tongued her clit. Lana’s eyes now shot open moaning and placing her hands on the back of Amy’s head pulling her in. She trembled and shook at her orgasm hit flooding the hungry mouth below her with girl juices as her eyes rolled back then she collapsed. Amy swallowed the sweet nectar as if it were honey then pulled her fingers out, slow and gently she licked Lana clean. Breathing hard Lana laid back in the bed as Amy climbed back up her body. Smiling at each other Amy said “Good morning sunshine, I love you” their lips met as they kissed then Lana replied “I love you to sis, how about a shower?”

Five minutes later Amy’s back is pressed against the shower wall with Lana kneeling in front of her. “Oh fuck…Oh Lana keep doing that” she says as she pinches her erect nipples hard. Lana’s mouth is greedily latched to her older sisters pussy as her tongue laps away, she then pushes a finger into Amy’s asshole. Her body trembles as she cums in her baby sisters mouth, biting her lip trying not to scream then collapses down with Lana. Knowing she made her sister feel good she kisses her quickly then lies back and buries two of her own fingers in her excited hole. She was already so close to orgasm it only took a few hard pushes and Amy moving to take one of her nipples between her teeth and she was Cumming hard. Lana shook and jerked in the bathtub as her nipples were being worked and her fingers inside of her. After her orgasm subsided they both stood and rinsed off talking about the rest of the day ahead.

Two hours later Amy was in the Victoria secret store with her mom, they had already been to five other stores. She had shopping bags with skirts, jeans, little tank tops and everything that she’d thought was sexy. Now it was time to pick some better underwear, she toiled over lacy thongs, boy shorts and soft bras that felt so good on her breasts. She stepped into a fitting room to try on some of the bras and panties to see how she looked. While her mother wondered away looking around in the store Amy heard a knock at the door asking if she needed any help. It wasn’t her mother she thought, it must be one of the attendants…she did need some help with a bra and she could also get an opinion she thought. “Come in” she said as she unlocked the door, a blonde looking to be in her 30s followed. Amy’s breath got a little heavier as she took the woman in, about five foot ten, maybe one hundred thirty pounds, her breasts pressed against the shirt must have been a D-cup dressed in a red button up top with the skirt to match. “Hi honey, do you need some assistance?” she said as it took a moment for Amy to reply “yes, I need help with a bra that I cannot get to fasten”. The woman smiled “that’s not a problem dear, which one is it?” Amy had already switched bras and had a pair of light blue thongs on, “this one” she said holding up a bra to match the panties. “Well lets see what we can do” said the woman as she reached around and unfastened the bra now on Amy’s body. It fell to the floor as she woman looked at her and smiled, “you have beautiful breasts dear, they’re going to be much larger” Amy blushed at the woman moved her hands to touch her skin, she gently dragged her fingers along Amy’s body then took the blue bra and placed it over her breasts.

Amy’s almost sixteen year old pussy was wet, it was throbbing and she knew it as the older woman turned her around and latched the bra. “It seems to be a bit tight baby, maybe you need a bigger size?” Yes stammered Amy maybe so, “Ok I’ll just go get you one to try” as the woman quickly took the bra and was off. Amy leaned against the wall and let a hand fall to her pussy, feeling how wet it was and god she was soaked, there was a wet spot in the panties that wasn’t even paid for yet. She pushed her hand beneath cramming a finger inside as her orgasm built and her mind drifted off. “Wow you must like my service” she jumped hearing the voice as she snapped out of it turning red. The woman just smiled holding the bra in her hands “it’s ok baby I wont tell in fact I think I can help you out” she said as she moved closer to Amy and pressed her lips to the girls. Amy didn’t resist as her knees got weak as she felt the new tongue in her mouth and a strange hand pulling the thongs down to cup her pussy. “Do you like girls Honey? Do you like my hand there?” All Amy could do is smile and whisper yes as the much older woman’s fingers worked her clit. “My My you’re soaked” she said moving her hand to push a finger in her mouth “You taste good to Baby”. Then she was on her knees in front of Amy, looking up as her head moved forward and her tongue pressed on her little clit.
Amy breathed harder looking down on the woman as she licked her pussy while sliding fingers inside. Her orgasm hit suddenly shaking her body as she came hard over the woman’s mouth she lapped away at the flowing juices. She then stood and put her arms around Amy kissing her deeply then said “Let’s see if this one works” sliding the bra over her perky tits and clasping it. Amy looked in the mirror and smiled after all that had just happened and said “this ones perfect” turning from side to side. “I’m glad you’re happy, let me leave you to get dressed I’ll see you at the counter” came the woman’s reply. With that she opened the door and was gone, Amy stood there breathless thinking to herself. Five minutes later Amy and her mom were at the register checking out, twenty or so pairs of panties, eight bras, a short dress and a few other items all in bags. Her mother paid while Amy smiled at the blonde woman as she handed her the receipt telling her about a survey to win a gift card. When it was all over saying goodbyes Amy began walking away looking the piece of paper in her hands, on the back was the name “Lisa- 555-3432”.

After leaving Victoria Secret Amy’s mom declared that she was hungry and was going to the food court to grab a bite to eat. Amy told her she would meet her at the car, they agreed on a time to leave and parted ways. She knew where to go, one last stop before going home with her new things. There was a store nearby that sold adult toys and Amy was going to get herself one or maybe two to play with the birthday money she had received. As she walked inside there was a nerdy guy behind the counter that stared when he saw her then greeted her. She had already changed into a new outfit to look older and sexier, leaving out a bra and panties. She wore a short denim skirt with a red halter top showing off her chest. Walking to the back Amy found the rows of vibrators and dildos smiling to herself, there were so many she loved it all. She finally decided on one named “Rocket Ride” a water proof velvet soft multi-speed vibrator ten inches long and two inches wide. She imagined how good this was going to feel thinking about it made her pussy damp again. It was twenty dollars, with eighty more to spend she took the vibrator and browsed the store for more toys to play with.

After a few minutes a black dildo on a harness caught her eye, a strap-on twelve inches long and two inches wide. She immediately picked it up and put it under her arm after reading the price tag of thirty dollars. With fifty left she began to walk towards the counter when she passed by a stand of magazines. Stopping she browsed over the covers picking up two that she liked and moved on to the checkout. The nerdy guy looked her over as she put the items down and pulled the money out to pay. When she dropped a twenty bending over to pick it up her skirt rose above her cheeks to reveal a small pink and wet pussy to him. Standing and adjusting she smiled at him then took her receipt and change then headed towards the car after stuffing her new items into the bags of clothing.

The next day Amy left her house around noon with her backpack, inside were the two magazines, the vibrator, a towel, and her pack of cigarettes. She was headed down to her place by the river to try her new toy out and to relax. As she walked along the path in her pink tank top and tight black spandex shorts she took in the warm air, it was a beautiful day. She had decided that she would experiment alone with the toy before involving Lana but would soon introduce her baby sister to it as well. Reaching the river Amy sat her pack down taking out the towel and spreading it on the ground, then the magazines and vibrator. She then checked around and seemed to be alone so she pulled the tank top over her head exposing her beautiful breasts with no bra. They had been growing as she now wore a 38C. Her dime sized nipples were hard and aching to be touched as she pulled the shorts off exposing the pair of pink and green cotton boy shorts she wore. Long straight blonde hair fell down over the golden brown areolas surrounding her beautiful nipples. She laid back on the towel propping herself up as she reached into her bag pulling out the pack of cigarettes taking one between her lips and lighting it. She inhaled and held it for a few second then let it go, moving a hand to her panty covered pussy and began to rub over the soft cotton. Her mind drifted to the recent days as she closed her eyes thinking of the woman in the store and her phone number on the receipt. Maybe she would give her a call soon she thought as she took another long puff.

Remembering the panties from last time Amy jumped to her feet and walked over to where they were hidden. She pulled the white cotton panties out from the rocks and put them to her nose taking in the sweet scent of her own pussy as she laid back down. She took another drag from her cigarette then put it out pulling the panties to her face while she pushed a hand down into her boy shorts. Her pussy was soaking wet as she inhaled the scent and rubbed her fingers up and down her lips. Grabbing a magazine she flipped it open to the first few pages to see a big titty blonde stroking her pussy. A page later she takes in the view of a cock maybe ten inches going inside of the girl. Amy’s mind races as she pushes two fingers inside of her own dripping cunt working them fast. Imagining how that cock would feel inside of her she moves on to the next page, two girls kiss and the pictures move on to them licking each other. Her orgasm approaches fast as she hits her G-spot and closes her eyes and pinches her nipples with the other hand while sniffing her panties.

Snapping out of it quickly she remembers the vibrator and takes the hand from her pussy to grab it, it’s soft yet hard in her hands, not like a real cock but close. Amy then pushes her wet boy shorts down her legs and kicks them off beside her. She looks at the big vibrator then slowly slides in in her mouth, making it wet with saliva as she pushes it as far as it will go. She takes about six inches before she gags then puts it to her cunt and slides it around. Looking at the magazine she flips through the pages then slowly eases it inside of her, sliding in an out inch by inch. She has six of the ten inches inside of her when she lights another cigarette and presses the on button. “Oh My God” she says out loud to no one as it begins pulsating in her pussy. Pushing it harder inside of her, seven inches in she closes her eyes as her legs tremble, the cigarette between her lips. Eight inches as she pinches her nipples hard with her free hand between smoking and fucking herself. Nine inches as her orgasm is close and she begins almost gasping for breath then going for it all she pushes to take all ten inches. Eyes closed she switches the vibrators speed from low to high, the cigarette drops from her mouth to the ground as she cums violently. Amy’s sweet creamy pussy juice squirts around the vibrator she’s fucking herself with as she can’t help but to scream out in pleasure.

Her eyes still closed with the vibrator still buried inside of her Amy smiles with pleasure thinking of how Lana is going to love this. As she opens her eyes she looks to find that she is not alone, her eyes go wide seeing two guys a few feet from her. She moves to cover up getting a better look, it’s Brian and Mike from school. Both on the football team Brian is the quarterback, both are seniors while she’s a freshman, she turns red and tries to speak but can’t. Breaking the silence Brian says “we heard some noises and thought someone needed help and found you, you’re Amy right?” She nodded as both boys stroked their erect cocks, Mike was six inches or so and Brian was Nine. “Wow we didn’t know you were like this Amy, you’re so hot it’s crazy”. She smiled watching them not feeling embarrassed anymore she knew this was what she’d wanted and she had the upper hand. “So you guys like my little body then?” she asks “fuck yes” replies Mike. “Well what’s your favorite part then? My creamy pussy or my tits?” Neither guy speaks at first then Mike breaks the silence “your pussy….I want to taste it” Amy smiles and stands up motioning them to come over to her.

Amy takes another cigarette from the pack putting it between her lips and lighting it, she feels sexy, she’s horny and she’s got two guys for the taking. They move closer to her as she stands naked smoking “well what are you waiting for?” She asks “take me”. Mike is the first to move grabbing a tit to fondle it, Amy smiles and moves her free hand to grasp his hard dick, slowly stroking it. “Do you think I’m sexy Mike?” Yes is all he could reply, “do you want to fuck my little virgin pussy with this?”. Nodding Mike smiles as Amy takes a long drag of her cigarette then drops to her knees in front of him. Stroking him she looks up and asks “do you want me to suck it for you baby?” without waiting for an answer her tongue snakes out and licks the head of his cock. Brian now behind Amy begins rubbing her breasts moving his hands down to her hairless pussy. Mike nods looking down as Amy slips his cock into her mouth sucking him in. The taste wasn’t like the last guy she’d been with but it was good and Mike was bigger. As his hands went to the back of her head Brian slipped his fingers inside of her “damn she’s so wet” he told Mike as she slid his cock in and out of her small mouth.

Mikes cock was hard as a rock pushing into Amy as he leaked precum in her mouth she swirled her tongue around licking it up. “This tastes pretty good” she thought as Brian grabbed her and pushed her down on all fours then slid his tongue along her cunt. She squirmed it felt so good, a cock in her mouth a tongue on her pussy she thought could it get any better? Then Brian’s fingers moved to Amy’s puckered asshole as he licked her and slid a finger inside. Her orgasm hit sucking harder on Mike as juice flooded into Brian’s mouth and down her legs in steady streams as she cried on the cock before her. Knowing it was the time Brian stood and aimed his meat into Amy’s waiting hole sliding in easily from the cum she’d produced. He pushed deeper grabbing her hips and forcing his way into the virgin pussy gripping his cock. Amy sucked Mike harder lapping at his cock like it was an ice cream cone, he couldn’t take it any more. Pulling her head down hard his cock thrust as he shot stream after stream of sticky white cum into her throat, filling her mouth and making her gag as she pulled back.

Another orgasm hit her with the dick inside of her and cum in her mouth still swallowing she trembled dropping her body down while Brian pounded her hole with the full nine inches of his thick cock. She reached out for her pack of cigarettes, Mike saw and helped her lighting it. Taking deep puffs she pushed back hard as Brian grasp her hips and pounded her tight hole as hard as he could. She looked at Mike and almost yelled at him “suck my nipples, please, suck them” he obeyed lieing beneath her taking each nipple between his lips biting and sucking. Brian groaned over her shoulder “Amy I’m about to cum I’m going to cum” she moaned hearing this cumming again around his cock “cum in me, shoot it inside” she panted.

She didn’t have to tell him twice as she felt Brian’s cock pulsate and grow slightly inside of her he began shooting his cum. Deep inside he shot his load, it felt so hot inside of her. It seemed like it lasted for an hour as he filled her up with his seed then pulled out and sat down behind her. By now Mike was ready again and moved up and behind Amy stroking his hard cock, without hesitation he slid inside of her. Pushing with all he had as she moaned beneath him “fuck me oh fuck me hard” she cried then without warning he again shot a load this time inside of her, pumping in and out filling her to the brim she came once more then collapsed to the ground. Both guys smiled exhausted and looked at Amy as she rolled onto her back looking at them. Cum was oozing out of her pussy, dripping down her legs as she closed her eyes and sighed. “Thanks Amy, that was awesome, see you at school” they both agreed and Amy nodded “anytime you guys, we can do it again”. She laid their as the boys got dressed said goodbye and headed back through the woods. Amy lit a cigarette and let her hand fall to her well used pussy as she rubbed the cum around, pushing fingers inside. She thought to herself about what had just happened as she came once more. Licking her fingers she thought about the woman, the vibrator, Brian and Mike, Lana and how much she had to tell and show her. It had been a good weekend and a great day for Amy, she stood and jumped into the river washing herself clean. She stepped out taking the towel to dry off then instead of the boy shorts, she pulled the white cotton panties up onto her and got dressed. She placed the boy shorts under the rocks and lit a cigarette inhaling as she began her walk home. It had been a great sixteenth birthday losing her virginity.

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