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Bobby's second week of his summer job was coming to an end
Bobby experienced his first and last triple lay in Hyannis. The carnival was going to be his future; living in Paradise. Never in his wildest had he ever thought of doing anything like he did last night.

It was still damp and cool when he left his babe trailer; his Heaven on wheels. Weak and still a little hung over, he slogged to his tent and went back to sleep until the fog lifted. It seemed like only minutes had passed, but awakening to the heat and humidity told him it was much later; almost noon.

Friday turned into a scorcher. As soon as he had gotten up, Bobby spent most of the day at the small beach he and Andy found earlier in the week. He spent more time in the refreshing coolness of the water rather than his alternate; lying on the hot sand. He was drained before work ever got started. Even by nightfall it didn’t cool down much at all; the midway was crowded and business was brisk. In celebration of a good week, his boss invited him to an air-conditioned club after the carnival closed for the night; it was the best offer he had today gladly accepted the invitation.

Bobby was nervous at first about going to a club; what if they asked for an ID? Being with a bunch of older guys from the carnival, acted like an invisible cloak. Bobby slipped right in and sat down to enjoy a few cold ones and also a live band. The guys started ribbing Bobby about how young he looked to be drinking. Just what he didn’t need was more attention to his youth. Someone is bound to check his I.D. he thought. After several drinks they prodded him to get up and dance with one of the young ladies at a table a few away from there’s.

Being in the cool atmosphere of the club and after a couple of drinks, Bobby felt rejuvenated after his exhausting day. His confidence toward women had been growing over the pas two weeks. Most of his shyness was something of the past. Tonight he had to act like twenty one year old and not back down from his heckling party members. Bobby picked out one red-headed doll and approached her for a dance. Without any hesitation, she accepted. Bobby looked back at the carousing rummies at his table and winked. He hoped they were jealous.

Colleen was her name; tall, about five nine, long wavy red locks, cutest freckles, green eyes, a smile that lit up the room and one hundred percent pure Irish. A slow song began and she moved close pressing her firm 38 C’s into Bobby as they danced. She had been in the club longer than Bobby and already had more to drink than she realized. Bobby enjoyed every minute. His cock was getting a little rubbing as they moved around the floor. Colleen, he was sure, also felt his firm cock poking her as they danced.

The guys were mostly staring at Colleen while Bobby strode smiling back to his table.

“Jesus, Bobby, we didn’t think you had it in ya! Way to go!”

Bobby’s confidence with himself, the guys, and the babes just jumped up another notch.
Bobby had his eye on Colleen soon after he sat down and scanned the scenery. After a few drinks and prodding from the gang he got up the courage to go forth. It didn’t take him any time to make his decision as his choice for a dance partner. It seemed that this twenty four year old foreign visitor took a liking to him too. She was staying with her friend, Maura, who had the run of her parents’ cottage about a half mile or so from the club.

Maura was quieter than Colleen, she reminded Bobby of how he was just two short weeks ago. Perhaps she needed someone to pay her some attention and perhaps awaken the virgin flame within. “I bet she’d like to dance also,” Bobby thought as he sipped on a new drink, a Bloody Mary. The band started another slow song and Bobby went back to Colleen’s table and noticed the drinks were beginning to affect him. Maura looked up with a shy smile and accepted Bobby’s offer.

Not quite as tall as Colleen, but her perfume was arousing and intoxicating at the same time. Bobby nudged her toward him and she moved right in pressing her agile frame into his; so close she had to have felt a hard lump pressing into her abdomen. It wasn’t that cool in the club after a few drinks and a couple of dances, but Bobby noticed two hardened nipples under the thin fabric of Maura’s top as they separated and returned to her table. It was turning into a fun night for Bobby. After several more dances with both Irish babes, Bobby noticed they both were taking an interest in him.

Both young ladies were here alone and were out looking for a good time with drinks and
perhaps a dance or two. Bobby came to their rescue and gave them a fun evening.
The guys ceased the taunting, and left Bobby alone. There was nothing they could do to intimidate this guy. It was getting late and Bobby was finishing his third Bloody Mary and had enough. They went down smooth, but hit hard. His two new acquaintances were getting ready to leave and Bobby offered to walk them home. To his drunken surprise, they accepted his offer with a giggle, and all three left the club together. The loud drunks at his table made a few wise comments as he was leaving

The air had finally cooled a bit from earlier in the evening making it just right for a comfortable three quarter mile stroll. Maura’s parents’ house was typical of the older houses, inside and out. The outside surrounded by a privacy hedge and the house itself layered in weathered cedar shakes. Staggering toward the few stairs to the front door, Bobby caught Colleen as she tripped on the first one. Together they helped each other to the door. Maura maneuvered the steps a little better only because she was more familiar with them.

Inside, the two bedroom cape was decorated with antique dark wood, walnut or mahogany, furniture. It didn’t matter that much to Bobby, but he could tell that Maura’s parents must have been quite wealthy. Both girls said they were going to bed and said good night to Bobby. But before Bobby turned to leave, he once again offered his assistance to help them both upstairs to their rooms. After all, he wouldn’t want to see them fall and get hurt.

“A simple suggestion and they both leaped at the opportunity to be helped into bed or should I say to their bedrooms,” Bobby mused.

Maura was first to go up. She led Bobby to her room and gave him a light thank you kiss. Bobby returned it with a more seductive kiss and a full body squeeze to go with it. She reluctantly released him.

Colleen was starting up on her own when Bobby came to her rescue. She needed a firmer hold on to some one to achieve her goal of reaching the top. Bobby was there and put his arm behind her back and assisted her to her room. Because Bobby was infatuated with Red, her thank you kiss was totally sexual; no little peck on the cheek. To Bobby’s amazement, Colleen held him tightly and asked him to stay. His mind was awhirl with thoughts of ravishing this red-headed piece of Heaven.

Before Bobby could answer her request, Colleen was already removing her top. By now, Bobby was almost an expert at women’s bra sizes. Colleen was indeed a perfect 38C as her perky pink nipples pointed up to his eyes. With the dim light from the table lamp, Bobby noticed that she had very few if any freckles on parts of her skin that were normally covered with clothing.

Bobby finally got to, “Yes, I’ll be more than happy to stay the night.” As Colleen slid her shorts down and kicked them off. Standing in just panties, she leaned in for more kissing and caresses from Bobby. He already had a hard on and she easily felt his swollen member pressing into her groin through her thin panties. Colleen felt a burning urge and knew that she wanted more of Bobby. She reached down and felt the bulge through his shorts; it was engorged fully, hard and thick. Bobby was never pressed this fast into a sexual situation, but his last two weeks experience taught him how to react.

“Just go with it, stud,” he said to himself.

He started taking his shirt off while Colleen attacked his shorts. They were unbuttoned, unzipped and down to his feet before he even got his shirt off. Colleen was hungry for Bobby’s body. Her aggressiveness caught him totally off guard as he stood there in the semi darkness. Her hands caressed his balls and lightly slid up and down the length of his long thick slab of beef. He managed one succulent kiss before she dropped to her knees.

Her lips and tongue smothered the swollen tip of his throbbing tool while she still fondled his balls and shaft. Bobby softly placed his hands on her head and ran his fingers through her long red hair. Colleen seemed to like her hair played with because her mouth opened wider and engulfed more of Bobby’s turgid shaft. Bobby kept massaging her head as she bobbed up and down his pole.

Just the thought of this gorgeous babe that he just met three hours ago now sucking his dick like no tomorrow was too much. Her mouth was hot as she sucked more of him into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around his shaft as she sucked and bobbed her head. Bobby was losing control rapidly.

Bobby urgently said, “Colleen, I’m going to cum really fast.”

Thinking she would pull away, Bobby removed his hands from her head.
She reached around and grasped his butt cheeks and held him tightly as she sucked harder and took more of him into her mouth. Her finger nails dug into his butt as Bobby began to lose total control.

“Oh, Colleen!” is all Bobby was able to say before his massive tool exploded.

The first eruption shot hard into her throat almost making her gag. Bobby pulled out slightly as wave after wave of spasms and contractions shot streams of cum into her mouth. Her head continued bobbing without breaking her rhythm as she sucked and licked. Bobby’s ejaculations ebbed, but Colleen kept sucking until she milked him to empty.

His knees became weakened as he staggered to the bed and collapsed. Colleen joined him and lay spread eagled beside him. Her red trimmed mound was pronounced in the glow of the nightstand light. Bobby needed to do something for her as a reward for such a fantastic treatment to his shriveling cock. What better than to give her the same. So far he hadn’t met any woman who didn’t appreciate being licked and sucked toward orgasm.

Bobby got up and positioned himself between her open legs and began kissing his way up from her feet. It was a long journey to that furry red hump. Bobby hadn’t realized her long soft smooth legs required so many kisses to reach it. It was worth the wait. Between the kisses and the caresses, Colleen’s pussy was wet with anticipation. Her hips were shifting and grinding on the cool bedspread before Bobby’s lips ever reached her swollen lips.

“Now’s the time,” Bobby thought as he gently spread her pussy lips to begin softly licking her nectar. Her hooded little pearl was already engorged in anticipation of his lips wrapping around her nub.

Colleen went wild with the first long lick; a soft shriek and lots of appreciative moaning. Bobby rode his lips and tongue up and down her whole slit from her clit to her asshole for almost five minutes before he finally gave her several gentle kisses on her clit. Next, the intensifying treatment as Bobby locked onto her throbbing blood filled clit. He spread her lips wider as his face dove into her pussy. His hands grasped her hips while his mouth and tongue did its chores. Sucking and licking relentlessly, Bobby wasn’t going to stop until it was time.

Well, it didn’t take very long. Less than another five minutes she was moaning and shaking. Her hips were lifting trying to force more of her swollen clit into Bobby’s sucking and licking mouth. Colleen had never been sucked off like this in her life. She tensed tightly as her lower body began to convulse and shudder.

“Bobby was truly an experiences cunt lapper,” she thought.

She was about to bellow when she felt Bobby slip something into her. It felt like pressure and then she felt like she needed to pee and then she felt her mind go delirious with extreme euphoria. She twitched and screamed and Bobby continued to suck her into a coma. Bobby found her G spot and worked it to increase her pending orgasm. Sucking, licking and stimulating her G were intensifying her orgasm like she had never felt.

“Whatever you’re doing to my pussy, don’t ever stop,” she babbled between pants.
Tensing and releasing, her breathing irregular, hips bucking and writhing beneath Bobby’s face; Colleen’s body was about to erupt into a tremendous unheard of orgasm.
Bobby rode out the storm as wave after wave of bucking and grinding pleasure tortured her body. Bobby was still attached when Colleen finally said she had enough and was getting too sensitive.

Bobby totally enjoyed licking this beauty into oblivion and wished there was more. He struggled to pull his face up from between a pair of warm wet thighs.
His limp cock was beginning to come back to life after seeing what pleasure he was able to perform.

Maura had seen the whole show and was standing in the doorway. Even though the room was dimly lit, Bobby caught her left hand quickly pulling from inside her bikini panties as he turned.

Bobby let the booze do his talking and blurted, “Come on in and join the party.”

Maura was reluctant at first, but after a small amount of encouragement from Bobby and Colleen, she surrendered.

“Come in and have some fun,” was all Colleen said before rolling over to her side and passing out on the edge of the king sized bed.

Maura was still standing at the edge in front of Bobby. Bobby stood up to embrace her and give her a kiss to feel out her needs. She returned it with a consenting tongue that told she needed something also. He gave her a gentle squeeze on her firm butt and pulled her softly against his semi hard tool.

“Lie down on your back here.” as Bobby patted the bed.

Being on the lit side of the bed, Bobby was better able to observe her womanly features. He had no difficulty in helping her slide her panties down and off.

“Matching hair color, neatly trimmed. Nice!” Bobby thought. Although not quite as large as Colleens, Maura’s breasts definitely could use some manipulation and sucking treatment to get things started.

With her eyes closed, she lay next to her sleeping friend waiting for Bobby’s next move. It was only a few seconds of a wait when she felt his lips on hers. They kissed and she felt his hand move to her bare breast. His hands were soft and it felt nice as he softly squeezed and played with her nipple. Next, his mouth separated from her lips and attached to her other breast. He kissed it all over before latching on. He sucked and flicked her taut nipple with his warm tongue.

“This guy really knows how to pleasure a woman,” she thought as her tension relaxed and let Bobby do his thing.

More kisses all over her belly down to the top of her fuzzy patch of light brown pubes. Bobby got up and spread her legs. Maura was tingly all over and was now more than willing to help Bobby open her legs wide. She couldn’t wait to feel Bobby’s tender lips down on hers. She noticed that Bobby’s cock was starting to swell and a clear glossy bead of semen was forming on its tip.

“I wonder how big that thing gets when it’s fully engorged! It already looks too big for me!” she thought.

Before she knew it, her thoughts were interrupted when she felt Bobby’s hands massaging her feet.

“Oh, Heaven, already! That feels nice.”

It felt nice; maybe he’ll do more. No sooner thinking more and Bobby’s hands began on her legs. It didn’t take long before feet and lower legs were thoroughly massaged. Still glowing from her massage so far, Bobby sent new thrills up into her body when he got to her upper legs. The top, the outside and oh yes, the inner thighs were worked on. Maura was shivering and shaking each time his hands came up the inside of her thighs and grazed her few locks of hair. Each stroke came so close her pussy lips.

“When is he going to touch Me.” she thought. The anticipation was driving her wild.

And just then, they finally touched. A jolt of electricity shot through her groin each time Bobby’s fingers lightly tapped her thin pussy lips. Maura adjusted her hips as Bobby shifted. He grabbed her legs, opened them wider and settled his nude body between, kissing them from her knees to hers thighs. Finally Bobby placed his head between her legs.

“Oh, here it comes,” Maura thought.

His face was mere inches from her wet begging pussy as Bobby parted her puffy, slippery lips. She could feel his hot breath on her clit as he lowered his mouth. She braced herself for that first lick. She could hardly wait. Her cunt was already throbbing in anticipation. Her pussy hadn’t been pleasured in more than three weeks, and then it was with her own hand.

Oh, Bobby, lick me, please,” she begged silently to herself.

She was swollen and wet. She had been in an aroused state since first walking in on Colleen and Bobby to say goodnight. She didn’t mean to stay, but the sight was so erotic and hot, she couldn’t turn away. Soon she found her hand rubbing herself through her panties. She couldn’t turn away and stood there rubbing herself now with her hand inside her panties. Colleen was screaming in ecstasy. Maura couldn’t stop until she saw Bobby turning towards her. She pulled her hand out quickly and hoped Bobby didn’t see her in the dim light.

“And now after Bobby’s hands all over my lower body, my pussy is ready to explode into orgasm. Please, Bobby! Do me now, quickly. I’m gonna cum before the first lick. I’m so hot and excited.” she silently screamed.

Maura’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she felt his hot mouth cover her hooded little bud. Instantaneously his lips locked over her clit and he began sucking and licking at the same time. Not two minutes passed when Maura could feel jolts of electricity shooting through her body. She sensed a major convulsing orgasm quickly approaching...

“Oh, fuck! That feels so fucking good! Don’t stop!” speaking her thoughts out loud now.

She didn’t care if Bobby knew how she felt. She only wanted to insure that he wouldn’t stop. Her hips were writhing and her body was tensing and shaking. Bobby continued his attack. More sucking and licking and as an added treat, Maura felt Bobby playing with her lips dipping his fingers into her slippery slit.

“Oh, Bobby, mmmm,” she moaned and squirmed beneath his mouth...

Maura couldn’t hold back. After watching her friend earlier, she remained in a high state of arousal. Her climax was forming rapidly and it was going to be huge
Her breathing rapid and irregular, Maura was tensing for the first wave. Bobby’s slick fingers easily slipped into her tight wet tunnel just as her vagina contracted and clamped around them. Her bucking and squirming pulled his fingers deeper. He began fucking her with his fingers and it was driving her into another dimension.

She screamed and vocalized her pleasure. Bobby felt his cock twitch. Maura’s orgasm was formidable. Her pussy continued its contractions on Bobby’s fingers as they rhythmically drove in and out. He couldn’t believe how tight she was. His cock was rigid and it screamed the urgency to experience this tight pussy. Maura’s climax was just finishing its final spasm when Bobby told her to turn over and get up on all fours.

He told her to place her head at the foot of the bed because he wanted be better able to see what he was doing. Maura offered no resistance. Bobby really wanted to watch his thick cock stretch her tight pussy.

He briefly thought of Sammie, from the other night, his first woman of a slim and athletic build. She was tight and awesome. Maura might be the same. He looked down; Maura’s pussy was dripping hot slippery fluid waiting for his thick tool to open her wide. Colleen squirmed on the bed and turned on to her back. She was facing both Bobby and Maura, but her eyes were still closed.

“Still out cold,” Bobby thought.

Strings of semen were drooling from Bobby’s cock as he rubbed its slippery tip up and down Maura’s hot slick trench. Maura looked back at Bobby and her eyes opened wide as she saw the size of Bobby’s dick. He looked like he was a foot away from her but the end of his cock was sliding up and down her slit.

“Bobby, I’ve never seen a cock that big, let alone have one in me. I’m not sure it will fit. Please go easy,” Maura pleaded.

Bobby was as gentle as he could be as he slowly pressed his stiff cock between her lips. Rubbing it some more to get it as slippery as he could, he placed the head to her tight opening. Bobby gripped her narrow hips and pulled her back into his tool. She let out a soft moan and tried to pull away, but Bobby tugged her back spreading her wider. She squealed once more as Bobby stretched her further.

“It’s a good thing she’s so wet,” Bobby thought as the thickest part of his shaft was about to enter her tight hole.

A motion out of the corner of his eye caused Bobby to give a quick glance toward Colleen. Her eyes were wide open fixated on his thick cock trying to open Maura’s seething cunt. Colleen had her right hand between her thighs and was moving it ever so slowly. Bobby didn’t know how long she had been watching, but apparently long enough to get her pussy excited once more.

Slowly, Bobby pulled Maura’s hips toward him; his thick cock stretched her slippery cunt little by little until the thickest part was about to enter. Her wet heat felt inviting to Bobby’s cock. One more short thrust and Maura was impaled. The widest part of his weapon was now enshrouded. He just held her in place without moving to allow her pussy to accept the fact that she was now going to be fucked deeply. After a few seconds Bobby pulled her completely onto his thick shaft.

“Hot, tight, slippery and buried to the hilt,” ran through Bobby’s mind.

In and out he slowly began. Slow and deep with each thrust; Bobby was in a drunken bliss.

Maura was stretched to the max; tighter and slipperier than any Bobby ever had. Now she got into the rhythm and began rocking her tight pussy back and forth. He watched as his cock tried to turn her pussy inside out when he withdrew almost to the tip. Bobby picked up his speed. It was feeling too good; most of the time he hit bottom. He needed to cum but the more he pounded her pussy the more she enjoyed it. He had to give her more pleasure first so he stayed with her rhythm.

Maura was going to cum again. Bobby could feel her hot slippery cunt start to tighten around his pistoning rod. One, two, three, four, five strong contractions. Several more, weaker ones, and Maura was finally spent. She collapsed face down on the bed pulling Bobby’s cock from her with a loud plopping sound.

His glistening thick weapon of pleasure was throbbing and bouncing in the air. It needed to cum. He glanced at Colleen. Her eyes open and still fixed on Bobby’s huge cock. Her fingers were still rubbing; but faster this time.

He looked down at her and said, “Do you want some of this?”

Colleen only nodded and with out being told, she got up on all fours. She instinctively knew what Bobby wanted and she wanted deep penetration also. Watching him drive her friend, Maura, doggy style, Colleen saw the excitement in Bobby’s eyes as he stared at his cock going in and out. She knew he liked to watch.

She ogled Bobby’s cock inches from her face; it was engorged fully, hard and thick with engorged bulging veins. She wanted to feel those veins as they ironed the insides of her pussy.

Bobby looked down at Colleen’s firm round ass. Her slit was glistening in the weak nightstand light. She was wet but Bobby felt she needed more lubrication. Maura had more than enough and Bobby was sure she wouldn’t mind if he helped himself to a copious supply. She was out and never felt her slippery juices being harvested. There was enough to coat Bobby and more than enough to thoroughly lubricate the entrance to Colleen’s love canal.
Colleen moaned and squirmed as Bobby massaged the warm slippery juices into her slit. Shivers shot through her spine as his slick fingers nudged her clit while he lubricated her vulva. Being excited from watching Bobby and Maura, she almost came from the massage. She could hardly wait for Bobby to fill her depths.

Colleen was almost as tight as Maura. She felt hotter than Maura only because the wetness from Maura’s pussy was evaporating and cooling his tool. Bobby entered slowly, stretching her with his soft spongy head. She was dripping. Bobby gripped her round hips and just leaned into her. His cock fit tightly as he softly sank his hard member into her burning depths. Slowly he pumped in and out at one slippery pace. It didn’t take Colleen any time to adjust. Bobby held her hips and continued to drive deeply. Colleen had great muscle control and she gripped every thick inch.

Hot, tight and slippery, was the new best. Bobby pounded her seething love canal at a steady deep rhythm.

Colleen never felt anything like Bobby. He was thick and hard; he was also long as she felt him hit her cervix. She loved the way Bobby moved slowly in and out. She loved how his thick powerful love tool stretched every slippery ripple in her horny cunt. She met his hammering thrusts by pushing back as he pounded his manhood into her from behind. Her clit tingled each time his sac slapped against it.

Bobby looked down at her round firm white ass and saw that his massive dick was stretching her equally as it did her roommate. In and out of her tight pussy; Bobby watched as his excitement intensified. He gripped her butt cheeks and spread them to observe his cock drill just a bit deeper.

“How come I haven’t blown my load,” he thought as he slammed his dick in and out of this audacious red-headed miss universe.

He looked her tight puckered butt hole and wondered what it would feel like to stretch that. His reverie was quickly interrupted as he felt like someone just punched him in the groin.

Her rhythm became erratic as she slammed her ass into Bobby’s groin. Bobby held her hips tightly so he wouldn’t slip out. He could feel his balls banging against her clit as he rammed her depths Colleen was heading for another violent storm. Bobby was prepared to ride her hard. He was also going to fulfill his cock’s desire. His balls began tightening, getting ready to blow.

It was hard to focus on watching his cock burying itself into Colleen. Her vicious thrusts were blurring his vision. His massive tool felt as if it was growing. Harder and faster she pumped, riding his cock like a bucking bronco.

Colleen was tightening her grip on bobby’s cock. Shock waves were starting to propel through her groin. Way past the point of no return, she imagined her nipples being sucked and twisted. An imaginary mouth on her tits was electrifying her whole body; but it was only the ripples of thunder hammering her from behind that caused her boobs to jiggle. In combination with gravity sucking her nipples, Colleen felt if there was another person at work on her breasts.

Bobby was driving her all the way to Utopia. She slammed herself hard into Bobby as his cock hit bottom. Her entire body was shaking. He looked at Maura spread wide. Her pussy was still drooling hot slippery love fluid. The wet spot between her thighs was growing. Only moments ago he was in that hot slippery liquid. Colleen smashed her round ass into him again. Bobby tensed and let Colleen do all the thrusting. Bobby hit bottom, and knew he had to be only minutes from rupturing her cervix if she continued.

Once more a mighty backward thrust and she froze. Her cunt began clenching and spasming wildly. Bobby couldn’t hold back. Even with the numbing affect of the alcohol, his thick cock had been driven to the point of a massive eruption. He was buried completely as Colleen’s cunt squeezed and massaged his dick. His cock was about to fill her pulsing pussy with its imminent violent ejaculation.

Colleen had just finished her first powerful contraction; Bobby rocketed a hot load of potent sperm deep inside her orgasming hole. Bobby’s cock kept pumping several times; each one delivering a fresh supply of sperm. Both parties remained still. Only Colleen’s pussy continued to milk every drop from Bobby’s massive tool. Her muscles squeezed and choked him from the base to the tip draining his hollow tube. They collapsed with Bobby still inside.

Totally sated, Bobby rolled off and lay between the babes with his limp dick resting on his thigh, everyone slept in the same bed for the rest of the night. He lay awake for a couple of hours thinking of what he possesses. Bobby had discovered that his cock is something women want. He knew that all women love a good blow job. No matter what their outward physical appearance short, tall, wide, narrow, athletic or just plain average, none have refused or failed to take his cock deep inside to give them the best orgasms of their life.

It was close to noon the next day before he returned to the midway. He barely made it for the early opening of the last day in Hyannis. A few of his drinking buddies from last night gave him the thumbs up sign knowing where he had been. It was going to be a long hot day and Bobby was looking forward to the next town, Harwichport. He was prepared to apply his experience and talents in new territory.

Life at home was never like this!

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