It was just one of those mornings. Clear blue sky, crisp air, not too cold. . .nobody could wake up in a bad mood with such a great start to the day facing them, and Psly was no exception. He even decided to take his morning coffee out on his small back porch to enjoy the sunrise. Having a house on the outskirts of the city made for very peaceful mornings.

Psly spent some time running through recent memories while lighting a morning cigarette, a process made all the easier by the cameras hidden in his eyes linked to storage chips near the back of his skull. It was also a very handy system for smuggling information, but in this instance it stayed a means of entertainment. Besides, Psly sometimes wondered if Kaja might want to augment her video collection. That was one of the excuses that he used for recording his exploits with Alicia. The thought of Kaja having videos of his sexual exploits never failed to make him smile.

Psly finished his coffee and morning cigarette with no real hurry, and was feeling rather refreshed when he checked the clock display in the corner of his eye. A quick shower and change later, and Psly was out on the road to the Bella Sera Salon, whistling cheerfully as he walked. The distance was just about perfect, to his way of thinking. Far enough to drive and get a good head of steam going, but not too far for a pleasant walk to clear his mind.

On the other side of town, a different morning routine was being enacted. Alicia had woken up rather abruptly with the alarm, and almost smashed the sucker before realizing what she'd thought she'd been dreaming about, had actually happened over the past couple days ... yesterday had seemed quite surreal after waking up at her front door, sitting on a brand new scooter. It was a good thing Alicia was half-fairy; otherwise she'd still be sore.

Alicia's own morning ritual consisted of a full pot of Irish coffee and a nasty cold shower to jump start her system, followed by a hasty throwing on of clothes so she wouldn't be late. This time, however, she finished her coffee with a wicked gleam in her eye. Psly wasn't there yesterday, due to some prior engagement at his shop, but she knew he'd be there today. And it was most certainly time for a little ... payback on her part. Selecting her outfit with more care than usual that morning, Alicia set out on her mission.

Fortunately for her plans, Alicia lived somewhat closer to the salon than Psly did, so she got there first. She had dressed very businesslike, choosing a dark gray casual suit over her normal shirt and skirt combination, with a pale cream chemise sporting spaghetti straps, just to show a little sass. Alicia’s hair was neatly up off her neck in a bun, and the suit did a wonderful job of matching her eyes. Settling in quickly behind the desk, Alicia quickly got everything in order, lining up the appointments for the day with a brisk efficiency normally unheard of in her case. ‘Yes’, she thought, ‘let him see me as very mature and businesslike, and then we'll test his ability to think when it's closing time...’

Walking up the steps quickly, Psly almost didn't recognize Alicia behind the desk, seeing as how her usual clutter was nowhere to be seen. wasn't evident. After a quick double take, he finally spoke. "Um, mornin', 'Licia. How's the day lookin'?"

"Somewhat busy today, Psly. You've got three appointments, for ninety minutes each before lunch. Your first two are simply here for the full beauty treatment, but your third client needs a good session of physical therapy." Alicia stated briskly, pausing to look up at Psly before continuing.

"I’ve already penciled in your lunch break, but you’ve got one last appointment after that. I believe she's here for tension relief. I've got a few hair appointments as well, including your two socialites, and Kaja won't be here until this afternoon. They're putting on the additions to the salon today, so she'll be tied up until closing time. Looks like a full day, that's for sure."

Alicia didn't lie to him; there were quite a few appointments. But she knew hers would take up much less of her time, and give her that much more to set her plans into motion. Alicia also knew Kaja had hired contractors who worked very, very fast, and they did quality work. The hot tub would be installed and ready halfway through his last appointment. She barely kept the grin off her face, as Psly nodded and went into his studio to prepare for his long day.

‘Alicia must be mad at me fer ditchin’ her like thaht,’ Psly thought, ‘Ah guess a scooter ain’t a good "thank you fer some mind blowing sex" present. Well, so much for thaht idea ...’ Psly sighed to himself as he changed into one of his work outfits, loose silk pants of a bronze hue, and sandals, with a few silver ornaments in his ears and around his neck. Psly went for the shirtless look, he liked to show off the tattoos on his back.

The largest one ran across his shoulders, and at first looked like gibberish, but in reality was the first letters of a very famous quote. TWDNKUOMUS. “That which does not kill us only makes us stronger.” Even the lettering was very ornate, in a neo-gothic way. Very few of Psly’s acquaintances knew what that one meant, even fewer what it meant to Psly. The other tattoo sat at the small of his back, and by goodness, everybody knew what “Man Ho” meant. Even though, to date, no one had ever needed to pay for his services ...

As an added afterthought, Psly quickly twisted a few small braids in his hair, placing silver beads at the ends, and tying the rest back in a loose ponytail. He figured it made him look more like some kind of old world healer, and sexy to boot. And in this line of work, appearance mattered just as much as ability.

He made his way through his first couple of appointments, both of them prominent people in the community, but definitely not pleasing figures. Too much soft living, not enough exercise. They didn’t even feel particularly tense under Psly’s fingertips. He figured they just wanted someone’s hands rubbing on them. Lucky for him. And people wondered why he never hung out with the socialite crowd. He kept that smile on his face, though. Something about these two made Psly think the sarcasm would be wasted.

Besides, even though they sported such elaborate dresses he could use them as motorcycle covers, Psly was in the business of making even these ladies feel like spring blossoms. And Psly took all things in the realm of business very seriously. Even such tedious business as these two had been.

Psly’s third appointment was a touch more difficult, the lady had been under severe stress and sorely needed extra special treatment to relieve the tension along her spine. Something to do with keeping the peace in this fair city Psly found himself calling home. He kept it cool and impersonal, however, simply taking his time and doing everything just right. It always made sense to be on the good side of local law enforcement.

That one definitely left with a smile on her face, and it had nothing to do with staring at Psly’s body for nearly two hours. After that workout though, Psly was more than ready for his lunch break. He made a quick call for some Chinese this time, and asked Alicia what she'd want for lunch between drags of his cigarette out on the porch. Having a lighter as a part of one's thumb meant never having to search one's pockets for flame. And in this case, it was a very good thing. Few of Psly's work outfits had pockets.

"Lo Mien, with a side of rice, if you please." Alicia said calmly, the thought of eating her lunch off of that body of his, and Psly doing the same off of her before getting all sorts of sweaty and ... Alicia put that thought out of her mind quickly, otherwise, she'd have to use the bathroom again, and she wanted Psly to be completely clueless about her plans.

Finishing his smoke break and lunch quickly, Psly barely noticed when Kaja rushed out of her office and rode off out of sight. He chalked it up to nerves and got everything ready for his last appointment of the day. This one was a dancer, and it showed. Toned in all the right places, but sadly, she seemed to have no interest in him whatsoever. Not too much in the tension category, either. ‘Ah well’, Psly thought to himself, ‘it's just the job. At least Ah get to relax with this one and take in some scenery.’

Alicia quickly went to work, setting up the candles she'd brought in the new hot tub room, again not noticing the security camera hidden in the corner. A bucket of ice, a bottle of wine, two glasses, and a quick twist of the control knob on the tub got things mostly in motion. Alicia then went back to her desk, knowing that both the soundproofing in the tub room and his studio would mask the noise from the pumps.

Alicia knew that the dancer would get at least get Psly's blood flowing, and she most definitely wanted him to get all fired up. She made it back to her desk just in time to meet with the woman on her way out.

As Alicia let the dancer out, she barely noticed the glance of approval and desire from the woman. Normally, Alicia wouldn't even consider the notion, but that look did set a few ideas percolating in the back of her brain. She briefly wondered if there was another dancing girl waiting for this woman, then shook her head and closed the door.

After making sure all the outer doors were locked tight, Alicia went back to check on Psly quickly, peeking through the cracked door, as he was changing clothes. She grinned to herself as she thought of the dancer again, then went and flipped the closed sign into place, double-checking the door. Even these nebulous thoughts of having someone join in on the fun she had planned was driving Alicia wild with excitement.

Moving swiftly into her own studio, Alicia completed the rest of her preparations, grabbed the flowers in from her vase on the table, and laid them one by one in the hallway, all of them pointing towards the tub room. She then stripped quickly, lit all the candles she had placed around the hot tub, and eased into the tub to wait for him. Alicia knew Psly didn't have a clue in the world. She pondered again for a moment on that last look from the dancer, and relaxed as her mind wandered through the potential possibilities. For now, Alicia would remain mildly curious. That didn't stop her hands meandering over her body as she imagined how it would feel.

Psly had just finished changing and opened his door when he noticed the lights were off in the salon. Looking around with a puzzled expression on his face, Psly went up to the front door and noticed it was locked and the closed sign was on it. That's when the scent of the flowers caught him. Psly’s emerging grin grew wider as he noticed that they were lined up to point down the hall to a new door, and followed the path before him. He had a basic idea what he would find, and this little mystery was doing a very good job of improving his formerly foul mood in a big hurry.

Opening the door quietly, he noted Alicia in the tub, head laid back and eyes closed, as only one hand was visible above the waterline, caressing her own breast, as she moaned slightly. Gone was the icy demeanor, the business suit, and the matronly hairstyle. Instead, her chocolate brown hair flowed gently over her shoulders, and her tongue ran over her full lush lips as he watched. Psly slipped back, and quickly shed his own clothing in the hallway, before quietly entering the room and silently slipping into the water across from her.

Alicia brought her head back down, not surprised to see Psly across from her. She didn't stop what she was doing to herself, but simply begged him to come closer with a look in her gray eyes. She watched him smile and slip under the water, then laid her head back. Alicia felt a slight nip at her thigh, and scooted closer to the edge of her seat, spreading her legs wider in anticipation.

Alicia wasn't disappointed, as she felt Psly’s tongue flick over and up her inner thighs, circling her mound. Alicia moved her other hand up her body to play with the other nipple, as he slowly began at her base and lazily trailed his tongue along her labia, teasingly circling her clit. Alicia’s back arched as Psly repeated the motion, and she moaned louder as she played with her breasts.

Psly was rather pleased of his foresight as he teased her pussy with his tongue. Having that air tank in his lungs was a definite bonus when it came to lovin’ in the tub action. Another gasp from Alicia as his lips locked onto her swollen clit and began lightly sucking on it. As Psly’s tongue fluttered over the top of her button, he felt her shudder while he teased it and her even more.

Alicia felt her orgasm building as Psly slipped a finger into her, and the feeling increased exponentially as he crooked that finger and touched her g-spot, turning the vibrating pad in his fingertip on. She moaned long and loud, increasing in volume as waves of pleasure washed over her, making her pinch and pull on her nipples roughly. Alicia screamed Psly’s name as she felt another finger slip in, and her orgasm exploded inside her, her stomach rippling as she dragged her feet up his back under the bubbling water.

Psly was gentle as he eased Alicia down from her climax, but he wasn't quite done under here yet ... he began again, licking slowly from the bottom of her slit up to her thatch, making slow, teasing circles around her clit. Psly felt, rather than heard, her whimpering as Alicia reached her hands down to tangle in his hair. He grinned to himself under the water, and dove into her pussy like a starving man at an all you can eat buffet, running the length of his tongue up, down, and across her clit as he slid his fingers in and out of her.

Alicia’s breath was coming in rapid gasps now, as another more powerful orgasm was quickly overtaking her senses. Groans ripped from her lungs as Psly slid yet another finger in, and he kept all of them on different random pulses, until it seemed like Alicia’s whole body was humming. Her hands flew out of the water to grasp the sides of the tub as another climax slammed into her.

Then Psly broke the surface, water streaming off his hair, and grinned as he slid forward and placed his erection at the slick entrance of her vagina, causing Alicia to gasp and moan again. Psly kept the first thrust slow, but deep, and she shivered as he entered her fully, hissing for breath as he began to draw out again, this time to the very tip of his cock.

Psly thrust in a bit faster, making her yip slightly in pleasure, then settled into a nice rhythm, increasing his tempo with each movement, until Alicia was howling in ecstasy. He moved his hand behind her for support, cupping her breast with the other hand, and squeezed slightly. Psly’s own crescendo was slowly approaching, and he began slamming into her, enjoying the low groan straining through her clenched teeth.

Psly could tell Alicia was close to orgasm again, feeling her insides tense and ripple as her hands came up to clench in his hair. Her breath was coming in gasps now, keeping with the tempo of his motions. Psly sped up just a little more to bring Alicia there that much faster. A low, long growl emerged from deep inside him, indicating that his release was building up just as rapidly as hers was.

They both reached and shot straight past the point of no return at almost the same moment, and they drowned out the sounds of the tub in a symphonic duet when the resulting orgasm came upon them.

Psly looked back down at Alicia after a moment’s rest, grinning when he saw she'd stayed conscious this time. She smiled back to him, and sighed when he eased out of her and sat next to her. Taking Alicia in his arms, Psly nipped playfully at her ear and whispered.

"We ain't done yet ..."

Alicia looked at Psly in surprise then dawning comprehension as his fingers buzzed their path up her thigh. The shiver became a gasp as she felt two fingers slide into her with ease and his thumb circled around her clit. She was quivering like a harp string as Psly’s mouth closed over her breast, and hissed when he lightly caught her nipple in his teeth. His nimble fingers found her g-spot again quickly.

“Oh Psly, oh Psly, oh, oh God.” she panted out in ecstasy as waves of pleasure rippled through her.

Psly was fully erect again in mere moments, and he didn’t have to thank his enhancements for that. Easing around Alicia, he plunged deeply into her again. Lifting her ankles up over his shoulders, he began a slow rhythm of thrusting inward and upward, lifting her from her seat. Psly could feel Alicia’s erect clit bump into his pelvis with each upward motion, and gathered from her groans that he was at least doing something right. He watched her hands grip the sides of the tub as she laid her head back, her eyes clamping shut as Psly found new levels of pleasure to give her.

Alicia began wailing in time with Psly’s movements, as her climax raged like a blazing inferno inside her. The combination of his erection rubbing both her clit and her inner button was sending her into overload. Alicia’s eyes popped open, staring off into the distance without focus as the storm building within her loins reached hurricane proportions.

"AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaooooooooooooooooooGgggooooood!!!!" she screamed out as a monstrous orgasm smashed through her, spots of light flashing in her vision from the intensity. Alicia didn't even feel him come inside her a second time, and simply floated on the waves of bliss for a while.

She was barely conscious of being lifted from the tub by Psly’s powerful arms and being set down on something soft. Psly’s gentle movements, toweling her dry, and his soft touch to her lips were as if in a dream.

Alicia awoke some time later, wrapped in a towel and blanket on his massage table. The light coming in from the window told her it was sometime close to dawn. Alicia lay back down on the table, grinning from ear to ear, until the sound of the lock startled her. She was still trying to stand on wobbly legs when Kaja strode in. Even the look of shocked fury on Kaja's face couldn't stop Alicia from grinning.

Psly smiled as he walked home, thinking he could almost hear Kaja’s voice ringing out in the morning air. “Aw hell, not again?!?!?!”
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