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First let’s start with a little background. My name is Lana; I am 21 years old, 5’7”, 130lbs., and 34DD-24-35. I have naturally brown hair that I often die different colors depending on my mood. I grew up in a very sexually open family. By that I mean my parents raised us as nudists and they were swingers. They were always very open with my sister and me about sex, teaching us from an early age that sex is a natural thing and all creatures do it. They took a hands on approach to our sexual education, calling the crap they taught in schools a complete waste of time.
From an early age we were taught all the parts of the body, including the sexual ones, and what they were used for. We were shown various sexual acts as well. By the age of 10 I knew all about the sex, blowjobs, hand jobs, anal, and just about anything else you can think of. I read about them, saw them performed, and talked with my parents about it all. By the time I was 11 I was eager to try out some of what I had learned. With the help of mom and dad I gave my first blowjob, jerked my first cock, sucked my first pussy and had mine sucked in return by both a man and a woman. As I said; we are a VERY sexually open family. Nothing was ever forced, and it certainly didn't screw me up in the head. If anything I am a better lover for it. I am adventurous and willing to try new things. How can that be a bad thing?

After I started performing sexual acts my parents thought me old enough to teach me about the “other side” of sex. They showed me all the sexual acts the general population considers nasty and taboo. Having sex with my parents was incest, I knew, but I saw nothing wrong with it. No one forced me into it and I initiated everything when I felt I was ready for it, not them. They showed me pictures and videos of various acts of depravity. Their one and only rule when it came to sex was we had to try something at least twice before determining if we hated it or not. I saw pictures of people in various forms of bondage, getting peed on, fisted, and tortured with hot wax and needles, and having sex with all kinds of animals. I saw gangbangs, creampies, interracial, incest, all manner of object inserted in pussy and ass alike. I saw man on man, woman on woman, and even some shemales and hermaphrodites. Most people would think my parents are nut cases for teaching us all of that at such an early age but I think they are the smartest people on the planet. They taught us everything we need to know and allowed us to experiment as we saw fit; that way we had no reason to sneak around behind their backs or get into something we weren’t fully prepared for.

My sister Erica was born when I was 7. I had several years of “training” under my belt when she was born and aided mom and dad in her sexual training when she turned 10. This particular story takes place when I am 20 and Erica is 13 so we both have a fair knowledge of sex and what we like and don’t like.
Before I go into the details of what took place with my family today let me say that, as I sit here writing this, I am still shaking from an overload of pain and pleasure. What took place today was nothing short of pure torturous pleasure. Despite all that I have done in the past nothing could have prepared me for what I went through at the hands of my own family. And I love them deeply for it.

Part One: A date with Sampson
When I got to my parents house everyone was of course naked. I wasted no time in stripping off my clothing. As I walked into the living room I saw Sampson, my parents black lab, laying there sleeping. I looked at him somewhat nervously as he was the reason I was there. I talked with my family for a while; catching up on things and then it started turning to sex as it always does with us.
During out talks they informed me they had two HUGE secrets for me today. All the while I was sitting there talking I noticed my sister looking rather anxious. She seemed about to burst at the seams in anticipation of telling me the huge news. Finally it came out; my mom and sister Erica are pregnant. They were positively ecstatic about it. I congratulated them but I was kind of jealous my younger sister got knocked up before me.

I tried getting the other huge secret from them but they said that it would have to wait until my date with Sampson was over. I kept looking at the big dog. Although I have had sex with a dog twice in the past I have never been with Sampson. I was assured by mom and my sister that he was a very well trained lover. Unlike them I still wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing. They encouraged me to go for it and enjoy the AMAZINGLY GREAT sex only a dog can provide.
All the while I was thinking of my past encounters with the old family dog. Although it was pleasurable I could never get over the guilty feeling that came with doing something so taboo. I was close to backing out several times but they kept encouraging me to do it. “Do it this one time honey”, my mom said. “And if you don't love it we will never bring it up again.” She planted a kiss on my lips and lowered me to my knees. I got on all fours in anticipation. Within moments I could feel his fat, rough tongue licking at my pussy and ass. I had my eyes closed and when his tongue hit me I jumped in surprise. It has been a few years since I was last with a dog and I had forgotten how skilled they were at licking a pussy.
As he licked away I kept trying to imagine it was my girlfriend licking me but it was no use. Even as good as she is she has nothing on a dog. I started getting that guilt feeling and told them to make him stop. I wanted to stop. They of course wanted me to go to the end. With their encouragement I allowed the dog to continue licking both holes. Within minutes my pussy was dripping wet from the dog’s saliva and my own juices. His tongue was pushing into me further than any human tongue could reach. Despite my brain telling me this was utterly perverted and wrong my pussy was telling me to get more. Against my will I started pushing back on his snout trying to take his tongue deeper in me. Soon after, my mouth betrayed me as well and I started moaning.
Just as I was getting into the act it stopped. I actually sighed when his tongue left my pussy. As he was being dragged back I was pushing back in the hopes of one more lick. Then the BIG moment came. I felt his weight on my back. I looked back to see Erica guide his big red cock to my pussy. He slammed into me like a jackhammer. I had forgotten how fast and hard dogs can fuck but he quickly reminded me. He was fucking me so forcefully he was pushing me forwards, his paws wrapped around my waist scratched my sides and hips as he rammed in deeper and harder. My brain finally revolted on me as well and all I could think about was taking his cock in me. I wanted him to make me his bitch and, to my embarrassment, I voiced it. I was moaning and begging him to fuck me forever.
When I felt his knot swelling huge in me I knew in the back of my mind I was his. I knew that this was not going to be the last time he took me as his mate. Twenty minutes and 4 orgasms later he finally pulled out of me with a pop. My parents and sister sat there watching it all. They all said how proud they were of me for getting over my fears of doing it with a dog and just knew I would love what else was planned for me today.

Part Two: Gang Bang Initiations
After my “date” with Sampson I was licked clean by Erica and then fucked by dad as I ate mom’s pussy. We then all got cleaned up and piled in the car to grab a late lunch. All the while all I could think about was Sampson fucking me. Unlike in the past, I had no feelings of guilt. I was actually shaking from excitement as I thought of the next time I would take his cock in me. I even thought of it going in my ass and that sent shivers down my spine.
After lunch I figured we would head home and spend the rest of the day having sex of one sort or another. I was hoping to have another go at Sampson at least one more time. I was wrong. We headed out of the city and out into the middle of nowhere. I kept asking where the hell we were going but no one would tell me. “It’s a surprise” Erica said. I could tell she wanted to tell me but she kept her mouth shut.
We arrived about two hours later at some farm in the middle of nowhere. We drove up to the house where there were about 20 other cars parked in the driveway and yard. I could hear music playing in the house. I was actually getting worried when mom put her arm around me and pulled me close. “You did so great with Sampson that we all just knew you were ready” she said to me smiling. Ready for what, I asked? “Today you are going to join our little club” she said. And with that she walked on to the house alongside dad and Erica.

When I entered the house I knew at once I was in for some serious shit. Inside, fully naked, were nearly twenty guys and half a dozen women. Some were talking but most were engaged in sexual acts. When I walked in they cleared a circle in the middle of the room. I was placed on all fours without a word and within moments I had a cock pushing in my mouth and down my throat. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK I jumped forward taking the cock fully down my throat as someone behind me started smacking my ass with what felt like a belt. I moved to protest but the man fucking my face pulled me back to his cock and the spanking continued. The man came down my throat and moved off to other things. Another man took his place. I felt hands on my ass and I braced myself for another round of brutal spanking. It never came. The hands on my ass rubbed my ass gently and moved to my pussy. Soon I felt fingers spreading my lips open and a tongue start licking me. It felt good and took my mind off the pain in my ass.
With a cock in my mouth and tongue and fingers in my pussy I was soon squirting my juices all over the woman’s face as I exploded in orgasm. I lay there a moment still on all fours, head resting in my arms on the floor. I felt fingers on my pussy again and them something cold. OUCH! I yelped as the cold object snapped tightly shut on one pussy lip. FUCK! I screamed as another closed on the other side. I looked back under me to see two metallic objects hanging from my pussy lips. At first I thought they had pierced me but I soon realized they were clamps. The woman hung small weights on them and I could feel and see my pussy lips stretching down. The moved to my tits and did the same thing there. Then I was made to walk on all fours around the room offering myself to whoever wanted me. My tits swaying back and forth from the clamps, my nipples and pussy stretching with every movement I made.

I looked around the room to find my family. I saw Erica laying face up on one guy, his cock in her ass as another was over her with his cock buried in her now pregnant pussy. I could not find mom or dad anywhere and assumed they were in another room. I was wrong on that account as well.

For the better part of 3 hours I was fucked in every hole in every way imaginable. I was double and triple penetrated, took two cocks in pussy at same time, two cocks in ass at same time, fisted in both holes, pissed on and made to drink it, and took load after load in all my holes. After all of this I was finally allowed a short rest. I showered to get the dried cum off of me and out of my hair, grabbed a drink and talked with Erica about what the hell was going on. She told me very little and it was starting to piss me off. All she would say was to be strong. The hardest part is yet to come. I had no idea what she was talking about but she sure as hell wasn’t kidding.

Part Three: Gang Bang 2, Animal style
While talking with my sister about what was going on I heard several dogs barking in the next room. I visibly shivered and my pussy tingled at what I knew was about to happen. In front of a crowd I was going to be fucked by dogs. It sounded like several dogs and I figured the other women would be joining me in this humiliation. I am glad this wasn’t a test as I have been wrong all damn day.
We entered the party room and the furniture had been moved to the back walls. Being held at bay by the guys were six large dogs; two labs, a Dalmatian, a German Sheppard, a St Bernard, and a boxer. GREAT! I thought; six dogs for six girls. This wasn’t going to be so bad. At least we would all suffer the humiliation together. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
Some woman I didn’t know led me to the clearing and lowered me to all fours. She kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear, “Enjoy your doggy gang bang dear.” OH SHIT! It suddenly dawned on me that the humiliation was all mine. I hung my head and prepared for it to begin. One after the other the dogs took me. They fucked their new bitch like I was the last one on the planet. While one fucked into my pussy or ass I sucked on another. I was never big on sucking dog cock but I was lost. I had abandoned all shame and modesty and just said the hell with it. I did whatever they wanted of me. I took those big red cocks in my mouth and throat and swallowed all of the cum they shot at me. All around me I heard cheers.
Finally it was over. I collapsed to the floor completely exhausted. It was then I saw my parents had returned to the party. I have never seen them look so happy in all my life. I was stood up, blindfolded and, with the help of my mom, taken outside. We were well off the road so I didn’t really worry about cars seeing me naked. I was taken into another building. I heard a large door sliding closed behind me. I was placed in some sort of bench. I could feel the wood on my naked skin. My legs were raised, pulled apart, and strapped in place. My arms got the same treatment. I was still blindfolded and could see nothing around me. I knew I was in a barn since I could hear the horses neighing. I heard the clopping sound of a horse walking around. I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I knew what was coming next but I hoped I was just being paranoid. Although I couldn’t feel the horse touching me I got the sudden feeling one was standing over me.
PLEASE, I begged. Don’t do this to me. He is too big. He will rip me open. I started crying at the thought of a horse fucking me. Dogs were one thing. I have never seen a horse cock but I imagined it had to be fucking huge and would split me open. I tried thrashing about but the straps holding me in place were secured tightly and I was going nowhere. Suddenly a bright light hit my eyes as the blindfold was removed. I was still crying and pleading with them not to do this. My mom appeared at my side. She wiped the tears from my face and kissed my cheek.
“You have taken many cocks tonight.” She said “you have been opened up more and more as the day went on to prepare you for this moment. Your holes are ready to take the ultimate cock.” “I am proud of you honey”, she said kissing me on the lips this time. She took a few steps back and started stroking the horses cock. I looked on in surprise as it grew and grew and grew. Two feet of horse cock hung there. It looked thicker than my arm. As mom stroked and licked the horse cock I looked around the room. I was on some kind of bench. My legs were strapped open wide to give the horse easy access to my holes. I noticed it was also adjustable and there were pieces on it I had no idea what their purpose.
The moment finally came. Mom led the horse further over my body. His cock was in line with my pussy. I heard several clanks and the bench jerked as I was raised a little to better meet the huge cock. Erica started rubbing the huge cock on my pussy. It gave a thrust and everything went black for a moment. Although I had taken a LOT of cocks and been stretched open I was not prepared for the horse ramming into me. When I came to I thought the horse rammed all two feet into me. I could feel him still thrusting deep in me. His cock had pushed past my cervix and he was fucking into my womb. It was then I realized what a few of the pieces were for. They prevented the horse from ramming all two feet of cock in me and possibly killing me with it.
Seeing how I wasn’t dead and in no apparently danger of being so, I tried to relax and enjoy my first horse cock. Again there was cheering all around me as the crowd watched my degradation. I felt a sudden pain in my guts and something shooting deep in me. The horse had just come in my womb. It felt like a fire hose going off in me. It withdrew and it’s cum gushed from my ruined hole.
The horse was taken away and another brought out. The process was repeated again only this time it was aimed at my ass. After the second horse fucked my ass and his cum leaked out of me I was left there to rest for a while. All around me I heard people saying things like “What a good slut” and “good show”. My mind was swimming. My body ached from all the sex but my mind wanted more. I heard myself tell someone, anyone, to put another horse in my cunt. They quickly obliged and I was filled yet again. I felt it shoot off in me and once again my holes gaped empty. I just knew my holes were forever ruined by all of this.

I was left lying there again and I looked about as several guys moved things around and brought in tables and trays and all kinds of equipment. I took this moment to talk to mom again. “This is the last part of your initiation” she told me. “After this you are one of the group.” I had no idea what she was talking about but I was glad to hear this was all going to be over soon.

Part Four: Exquisite Torture
I was finally untied from the bench and allowed to stretch and walk around some. My arms and legs were numb from being in the same position all that time and it took me a moment to get my footing. I sat back down on the bench watching everything going on. My dad came over to me and told me to stand. I did so without question. He placed leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and led me to the center of the barn. It was then I saw hooks on the floor and rafters above. My legs were spread about two feet apart and secured to the hooks by padlocks. My wrists were secured to the hooks above by what looked like a metal cable used for bike locks. A small table to my right was uncovered revealing a ball gag, crops, floggers, paddles, and several other instruments.
My dad picked up the ball gag and placed it in my mouth, strapping to securely in place. He then picked up a flogger and started lightly hitting my body with it. Although hitting all over, he concentrated on my tits, pussy, and ass; hitting harder and harder with each stroke. I could see my tits turning red with each hit. He laid that one down and picked up a crop. He swatted my tits and pussy with it with some force and I screamed into the gag. Bored with the crop he picked up what looked like a thin bamboo stick and without warning brought it across my tits. I screamed bloody murder into the gag. My tits burned but he wasn’t done yet. WHACK! WHACK! Two more strikes to my tits. I could see the welts rising big and red. WHACK! My pussy erupted in pain and orgasm. As he landed a second hit to my pussy I could feel the juiced squirting from my. Once again my body betrayed me. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK he struck my sides. Large, nasty red welts appeared almost at once. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I tried moving away from the pain in my ass bit there was no use. Although I couldn’t see it I knew my ass was covered in welts as well.
He walked in front of me once again and removed the gag. I was sobbing hysterically. He picked up what looked like a long, thin leather paddle. “I am going to give you four swats to the tits, two on the pussy, and ten on that sweet ass of yours” he said. I started crying even harder. “After every swat you will count the swat and thank me do you understand?” he said. I nodded my head while begging him to please stop.
He walked around me several times; sliding the paddle along my shaking body the whole time. I tried to anticipate where he was going to strike but it was useless. He brought it down on my ass. I screamed out and sobbed even more. “You forgot to count and thank me slut” I heard him say. “That one doesn’t count.”
After what seemed an eternity he finally stopped. My body was in so much pain I felt like passing out but couldn’t.
One of the women that fisted me earlier took his place in front of me. She was beautiful and if she wasn’t about to torture me I would probably like her a lot. She took some thin black rope from a table and started tying it around me. She tightly bound my breasts with it and brought it down between my pussy lips and up my back. She made sure to pull it hard so it dug in my pussy deep. My tits were stuck out and turning purple from being tied so tight. She uncovered another tray and my heart skipped a beat. She lit a long, thin candle and once it started melting dripped the hot wax all over my throbbing tits and down my body. Several times she moved the flame close to the skin and I screamed out as I felt my skin getting really hot. It was never enough to actually cause a burn but it hurt like hell none the less. She slowly peeled the wax from my body and I felt a little relief. She unbound my tits and pussy next and pain shot though them as the blood returned. She sucked my nipples and slid her fist in my pussy. It slid in with ease and she smiled at that. I screamed out again as I felt a pain in my nipple. She just bit me; AND HARD.
She uncovered a small tray and I shook my head and begged them to just let me go. She placed the gag back in my mouth and kissed my nipples. From the tray she picked up one of about fifty needles. She scraped it across my tits and then tapped it in place in my left tit. Over and over she continued placing the needles in my tits. Two were placed through each nipple; one vertical and the other horizontal. It looked like thin metal crosses in each nipple. Next she knelt down in front of me. She pulled my pussy lips hard and the pain flooded my pussy as a needle was pushed thru. Again and again my pussy was stuck with the needles. In the end I had about a dozen needles in each tit and at least a dozen in my pussy.
Slowly she removed the needles and swabbed all the holes with rubbing alcohol. It burned like hell and I had yet another orgasm. “Only one last thing before you are done and can finally rest” she said. A man rolled a cart over it looked like a small BBQ and it had hot coals in it. He took an implement out of it and I knew what was going to happen. I couldn’t tell what it was going to be but I knew I was about to be branded. He placed the hot metal on my left hip and I blacked out for the third or fourth time today. When I awoke I was lying on a soft bed. My entire body ached. I went to look at the brand but it was covered up. My mom, who was sitting in the room with me, said not to bother it for a few days. She told me it was a small rose and she was jealous I got it. “Only the biggest pain sluts get branded” she said. “You were AMAZING today and we are all proud of you.” I started crying again and hugged her tight.
I knew she was right. I was a fucking pain slut. Although I cried and fought it I loved everything they did to me today and deep down I wanted more. On the way back to my parent’s house I decided to get a dog of my own.

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