Twentysomething woman reminisces...
Bath Time with My Stepfather

By billy69boy

My name is Ashley, and I am a young mother in my early 20’s. I have decided to share my story with you, because I am confused, and maybe you can help me. My stepfather has been secretly molesting me since I was seven. I didn’t even know it was a bad thing until my older sister spilled the beans to our mother several years later. That’s when there was a lot of yelling and screaming, and mom through my stepfather out of the house, and threatened to press charges if he ever had contact with my sister and me again. So, that was it: what started out as our special bath times ended up being something bad and sinful, as well as illegal, and all of a sudden I hated this man who made me feel so good. It was very confusing to me.

The thing about it is he has never stopped seeing me. Even though he moved away, he always kept showing up out of the blue throughout my life. Sometimes he would be waiting for me after school, or he would meet up with me in a local park, and sometimes he would arrange for me to go to a fabricated “sleepover” at a friend’s house for the weekend, only I ended up at his house instead.

I am now in a wonderful relationship with Peter, who is the father of our 7 month old son. Peter has a great job, and he loves me and our son. Unfortunately he works on the night shift, and he works a lot of overtime.
Well, my stepfather knows this, and he comes over a lot when Peter is at work. He just called me now, and told me he’ll be here in two hours, and that I’d better be ready. What he means by that is, I better be showered, freshly shaven, and wearing his favorite outfit, which consists of a plaid, pleated schoolgirl skirt, plain white blouse, white knees socks, cotton panties, and black shoes. So, after I get myself ready, feed the baby, and put him to bed, I’ll tell you the back story, so you know a little bit about our history.

Okay, I’m back. I admit I look like a little schoolgirl again. I put my long brown hair in pigtails, and my legs, pussy, and ass are all nice and smooth just like he likes them. My white cotton panties are already damp with anticipation, and I know he likes that too. I still have some time before he gets here, so I’ll tell you how things got started.

Back when we all lived together, my stepfather worked during the day and my mom when to college at night. My stepdad would help me and my sister with our homework, and see that we ate dinner and took a proper bath before tucking us in our beds for the night. Well, at bath time he was very thorough. He told me how important it was to make sure we washed our special body parts inside and out. He would personally see to it that I had plenty of soap suds to do the job. He would take the bar of soap and gently rub it all over between my legs, encouraging me to spread them open wide so I could get good and clean. I secretly loved this ritual, because he would glide the soap over my little button, which felt really great. I didn’t want him to know how good it felt, because I was afraid he would not approve. Little did I know at the time that all his actions were by design.

He would instruct me to use my fingers to push some of the suds into my hole, and work my fingers around inside so that I could get it nice and clean. I also loved doing this, and tried to follow his instructions in earnest, because, again, I didn’t want him to know how much I loved the feeling. He would do pretty much the same thing with my butthole, rubbing it real good with the soap, while he told me to hold my cheeks apart. Sometimes he would tell me to put my finger in my butt and move the soap around, and sometimes he would just use his own finger while I used both my hands to hold my cheeks apart for him. I really liked it when he did it. It made me all tingly hot, feeling his thick middle finger probing deeply into my rectum. It made my knees wobble, it felt so good.

After a thoroughly cleansing bath, he would dry me off with my towel, and then reach for the moisturizing cream. He explained how the soap could be real harsh on my tender insides, and how important it was to rehydrate the delicate inner tissue. He would squeeze a generous amount of the lotion on his fingertips, and gently massage my pink slit and my brown hole while he applied the creamy substance all around, and finally deep into both my holes. I was in ecstasy, but I tried to hide my real feelings from him, because I didn’t want him to scold me or to tell me what a nasty girl I was.

As I mentioned, this ritual went on for about three years, until my sister Norma told our mom, for some reason. I’m pretty sure our stepfather was also helping her with her baths too, but I don’t think she was as willing to participate as I was. Either that or maybe he wasn’t so much into her. Or, she was jealous because he paid more attention to me than to her. I really don’t know, because we never talked about it. The point is, my mom got really angry, and called him all kinds of awful names, and before I knew it, he was gone. All that did was make me feel guilty for my part. I secretly loved the attention, as well as the intense sexual feelings I experienced as a result. It didn’t dawn on me at the time that he was doing anything wrong. I thought I was the bad person, because I was getting off, even before I knew what an orgasm was. As I learned more, I came to realize that he was completely taking advantage of my innocence, and that he knew exactly what he was doing with me. So, that made me feel like a fool, and the more I thought about it, the more I hated him for what he did. He was lucky he didn’t go to prison, my mom ranted. Well, maybe he should have gone to prison, I reasoned, but he didn’t, and I hated him even more because he got away with something and he shouldn’t have. Rotten bastard!

The only problem was, when he showed up out of the blue, my whole body would shudder in anticipation, and I would notice my panties would be soaked in no time. I was still only ten years old then, but I was already totally hooked on those exciting feelings I felt between my legs. I might have hated the man, but I could not refuse his advances, and he knew it.

About once a week he would be waiting for me alongside a deserted stretch of road that I had to pass on my way home from school. He didn’t have to say one word to me. I just opened the door to his car and got in. He would utter a couple of superficial sentences toward me, but already he was reaching out to my leg and pulling it towards him, spreading my legs open in the process. He would ask me if I was keeping myself clean, and that he would have to check. The first thing he would do was to notice that my panties were soaking wet. He would order me to take them off at once, which I did. Sometimes he would tell me to stuff them into my mouth to taste the wetness. Then he would slide his beefy hand up my leg, and immediately slide a finger deep into my slippery vagina. I would gasp in surprise, and he would move it slowly in and out for a few strokes. Soon he would have two fingers going, and they would move faster and faster. I would feel my cheeks flush with redness, both from embarrassment, as well as from sheer ecstasy. OMG, it felt so good! He could tell how much pleasure I got from his crude advances, and he didn’t show any restraint.

After feeling my thighs close tightly on his intruding hand, he increased his rough handling of my cunt until my muscles down there contracted violently in the throes of intense orgasm. He would finally remove his hand, and tell me to get up on my knees and face the side window. I obeyed, as always, knowing what would come next: he would gently lift my schoolgirl skirt up over my hips, and take a long look at my bare ass. He would start to slide his hands over my butt, rubbing and squeezing as he went along. And then, in a bold move he spread my ass cheeks as wide as they would go, and plunge his face right smack into my hole. I was delirious with the naughty feeling of being “bad”, as I jumped from the shock of his hot tongue darting around my dark passage, and finally into the hole. My ass writhed around unashamedly, as I felt his fingers re-enter my throbbing pussy. This time he really let me have it, and he rammed my cunt good and hard, as he ate my ass with great enthusiasm. I was like a bitch in heat as I came and came again. Oh how good it felt! I knew I should be ashamed of myself for letting this horrible molester have his way with me, but for some reason I was powerless to stop him.

Other times, he would tell me to meet him in the woods close to where I lived. I never even considered saying no to him. When I got to the meeting spot, he would already be there, and he would take me deeper into the thick woods, farther than I had ever gone. I followed him silently until we came to a little clearing and stopped. He took his backpack off, and sat on a fallen tree. He stood me in front of him, reached up under my skirt, and yanked my panties clean off in one pull. As I stepped out of them, I could already feel my juices flowing. He told me to stoop down in front of him. Then, he reached between my legs and pushed two fingers right into my wet pussy. He finger fucked me viciously until I came all over his hand. Then he made me suck on his two slick fingers until they were clean. I didn’t mind the taste; it just turned me on more. Next, he pulled a length of rope from his backpack, and soon I was tied to a nearby tree. My hands were bound and tied to a branch above my head. Next, he tied each ankle to the same overhead branch, my legs spread wide. My body was about the same height as his chest. It made it easy for him to pull me close, holding my buttocks in his large hands, and mashing his lips into my vulnerable pussy. He flicked his tongue all over my clit, and sucked on my pussy, driving me close to another orgasm. But he stopped short, and returned to his sack. He brought out two pink objects he called “toys” and showed them to me. I was a bit confused, as I thought of toys as something to play with, and I didn’t know what he meant right away.

He introduce me to the thinner one by first pushing it into my mouth. He laughed at the confused look on my face, and pulled it back out after several strokes deep into the back of my throat. Immediately I felt it penetrating my cunt, and I was taken aback. I silently chided myself for not figuring it all out beforehand, but now I concentrated on the arousing feeling of being fucked by his “toy”. Just as I was getting into the rhythm of it, he pulled it out of my quivering pussy, and began working it into my ass. I grimaced in discomfort, as I wasn’t lubed up enough yet. Sensing this, he bent down and tongued my asshole with his saliva until I could take the full length of the pink toy into my anal canal. He fucked my ass furiously with it, and seemed to delight in watching me hanging helplessly from the tree branch, getting brutally violated. I must admit though, it felt really good.

My mouth received the other, thicker toy, and he shoved it in so deep I gagged on it. He backed off, but not because he was choking me with it. He just wanted to get it wet before he shoved it up my pussy, while I still had the other one in my ass. It went in pretty easily, because my pussy was so wet. Then he really went to work fucking both my holes with amazing vigor. I’ll never forget the evil look on his face as he pounded me good and hard until I was lurching and writhing and having the most intense orgasm ever. Here I was, not even a teenager yet, and I was being DP’d out in the deep woods by this awful man. I loathed him, but I couldn’t get enough of his depravity.

As I got a little older, my body started getting a little curvier, and my tits started to grow out. I also noticed some light hair growing in new places. He noticed too. He actually showed me how to shave my pubic hair the first time. He made it clear that I was to keep it shaved from now on, which I still do. He also finally introduced me to his cock. Thinking back, it was pretty amazing that he never once used his cock on me. He never pulled it out, or showed it to me, or even mentioned it before this. I never even thought about it, which shows how innocent I was, and how focused I was on my own pleasure.

We were sitting at a picnic table in a park during the hot summer. It was a pretty secluded spot, and he sat on the table facing the bench. He motioned for me to sit on the bench in front of him, which I did. Without saying a word, he reached under the hem of his shorts, and pulled out his formidable cock, all stiff and ready for action. My jaw dropped and my eyes got wide as saucers. He just laughed, took my hand, and wrapped my fingers around it. I was shocked into silence, but I instinctively began to stroke it and slowly pump it up and down. He sat back a little, obviously enjoying the sensation. I could feel it pulsing in my hand, and it made my pussy tingle, and I felt my panties getting even damper. He told me to kiss it, and then lick it, and then put the head in my mouth. This was all new to me, but I was fascinated, and I did whatever he suggested. Soon I was sucking his cock like a pro, and I knew I was doing something right, because he was groaning like I had never heard him groan before. He reached out and grabbed my head in his hands, and pulled me closer to his body. He increased his tempo, and before I knew it, he was pumping my mouth full of sticky stuff, and all I could hear was him telling me to swallow it, which I did. It was incredible, and it was the first time that I realized I could bring pleasure to him as well.

Once he introduced his cock into the equation, the whole game changed. After several meetings where I gave him a blow job, he finally fucked me with his cock. The first time he did it I was tied to a chair in his hotel room. He sat me backward on the chair, and tied my arms and legs to it. He proceeded to alternate between my pussy and asshole, and he would pound each hole mercilessly, then he would switch holes. I just kept on cumming. He fucked me for hours and hours during the days that I would skip school and spend the whole day with him in a hotel room. He loved to get ready to explode, and then he would hurry around in front of me and let loose into my mouth. He said it was better than taking a chance of getting me pregnant. I didn’t mind one bit. Still, after each rendezvous, I would feel guilty for enjoying all those orgasms. I knew it was wrong, but I wasn’t sure why.

As our clandestine affair progressed, he kept introducing me to new things, which I always consented to, even if I didn’t think I would like them. He was as depraved as he was creative. It made my pussy shiver just thinking about everything we did. Writing all of this down makes me even more turned on, and now that he is on his way here, the anticipation is almost unbearable. It’s also a little scary now that I have a real boyfriend and a young baby to think about. I could lose everything if we got caught.

I hear a quiet tap on my door. It’s him. He smiles knowingly when I answer the door and he sees that I’m wearing my schoolgirl outfit. He asks me if I’ve been keeping it clean, as he helps me get up onto the dining room table. I nod, as I lie on my back and stay still as he slips my cotton panties down my legs and over my knee socks and shoes. As usual, he tells me he’ll have to do an inspection, as he pushes my legs back against my chest, and motions for me to hold them in place. He sits down on a chair in front of my freshly shaven pussy and ass, and admires the view. Instantly, his rough fingers separate my pink pussy lips, and disappear completely deep inside. I moan quietly as he stands up and punishes my cunt with his sharp thrusts. Oh lord, it feels so good! My butt is bouncing around on top of the table as I strain to accept his wanton abuse. Soon he has one finger, then two, penetrating my ass as well. His entire hand is now engaged in molesting my private parts, two fingers in each hole. He is like a man possessed, and I wonder if he will ever stop, while secretly hoping that he won’t.

He finally pulls his hand away, and slides me off the table onto my knees as he sits back down on the chair in front of me. He whips his hard manhood out of his shorts, and forces it into my mouth. He instructs me to lock my fingers behind my head, and keep them there. Then, he pulls my head forward and fucks my mouth with the same intensity as his hand was fucking my pussy and asshole. He stops right before he is ready to cum, and slaps my face with his gooey cock. He pushes me into an upright position, and unbuttons my white blouse. He pulls it open, revealing my full breasts, which are engorged with baby milk. He takes a moment to admire them, as he’d never seen them so big. He cups them in his hands and tenderly squeezes them. I am happy that he seems pleased with what he sees. But then, he frowns, stands up abruptly, and undoes his belt buckle, mumbling something about how pale my tits are. He pulls his belt off, and holds the end of it in his hand, and starts to slap my tits with the leather strip. I wince, and bring my hands down, which was a mistake. He glares at me silently, and pinches my nipples really hard. I get the message, and lock my fingers behind my head once again. He grunts and tells me to stick them out farther, so I arch my back so they jut out as far as possible. Satisfied now, he proceeds to whip my sensitive tits with his belt, back and forth, top and bottom, both sides and directly on my nipples. Finally satisfied when they are glowing pink, he stops. He helps me to my feet, turns me around, and bends me over the table. As long as he has the belt in his hand, he informs me, he might as well warm up my bottom too. He whacks my ass for several minutes until the color matches my swollen boobs. As long as I’m in that position, he reasons, he might as well fuck me for a while like that. So, he does his usual routine of alternating between my ass and cunt, and it all feels wonderful, even as I realize how much I hate him for the hold he has on me.

He stops fucking me abruptly, and tells me to lie on my back on the table, with my head facing me. Once in position, he grabs me by the shoulders and pulls me toward him, until my head is no longer supported by the table. With my head hanging down now, he grabs me by my hair, and thrusts his slick cock into my mouth, and buries it down my throat. I struggle to get enough air in my lungs, as he forcibly fucks me deep down my throat. He lets my hair go, and wraps both of his hands around my neck so he can feel his cock violating my throat. Just as I’m about to pass out from lack of oxygen, I feel his cock suddenly pulsating, and his hot jizz shooting down my throat, load after spasming load. He finally let’s my neck go, and pulls his spent cock out of my mouth, leaving me gasping for breath. He rewards my efforts by squeezing my puffy tits, pinching my nipples, and slapping them back and forth, like a Wildman. Of course, I came again, right then and there.

Finally, he dragged my limp body off the table, and laid me on the floor. I began to breath normally again, only to open my eyes and discover his now naked ass stooping over my face, and settling on my mouth. Instinctively, I open my mouth as he settles down on my face, telling me to lick his ass, and to stick my tongue up in it. He grinded his ass into my mouth, and rode my face for several minutes. Luckily, he got distracted by something he saw in the kitchen, and he got off me. He pulled me to my feet, and led me into the bathroom. He told me to kneel down in the bathtub, and he would be right back. I was so exhausted by now, my head slumped down and rested in the tub, leaving my still pink ass up high and vulnerable. He came back with a large, stiff, green banana that he had seen in the kitchen. Without warning, he shoved the whole thing into my juicy pussy and stroked it back and forth in rapid fashion, getting me all worked up again. Then, he told me to reach back and spread my ass cheeks, which I did. He pulled the banana out of my pussy and jammed it headlong right up my ass. After giving me a thorough ass fucking with it, he pushed it all the way in and made me sit up on it, with my hands behind my back. He stood over my face, and told me to open my mouth, and keep it open. As he grabbed my tits hard to keep me from moving, he unloaded his bladder into my open mouth. That dirty, sick, mother fucker, I thought to myself, as I exploded with an unbelievable orgasm, even as I gulped down his nasty tasting piss. I thought about how I hated his fucking guts, as wave after wave of delicious climactic contractions washed over me.

Having completed his mission, he put his cock head in my mouth, and told me to suck it clean, which I did. In a flash, he was dressed and gone, before I could even pull myself out of the bathtub. What a thoughtless, inconsiderate, cold-hearted, no good bastard he was, I thought to myself.

I wonder when I’ll be able see him again.

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