The body count climbs as the blonde and her friend cut a swathe through the college boys partying at the Mansion
The blonde also has two studs in tow as she finds yet another empty bedroom in the Mansion. Double penetration is nothing new to her, and she has selected two strapping studs, also with brown hair and brown eyes, to furnish her with this carnal treat. The blonde gets on her knees, and gives some brief, obligatory oral worship to the studs’ tools, before getting up and handing a tube of lubricant to one of her men. “Make sure you’re good and slippery, babe,” she orders the stud as she leads her other man over to the bed. She pushes the stud down onto the bed and mounts him. Cowgirl is the blonde’s favorite position because the woman is dominant, and she teaches this stud who his carnal mistress is. She slams herself up and down with a vengeance on the stud’s pole, her beautiful tits bouncing, her ass cheeks undulating, with each thrust of her hips. She cries out in ecstasy as she increases her tempo. Working herself up to a frenzy, she slowly begins to moderate the speed of her pelvic thrusts, knowing full well that this stud cannot be allowed to shoot his load before the other stud penetrates her ass. The second stud is now ready and inserts his tool into the blonde’s ass. Soon both studs are rhythmically thrusting into the blonde. She delights in the sensation of both of her holes being penetrated as well as the sensual ecstasy of being sandwiched between two sweaty male bodies. Just two more of the uncounted many that she has known. Just two more of the many tonight who will bring her ultimate fulfillment. “Come on, fuck me up the ass harder! Harder!” she commands. The back door stud complies, slamming his massive tool into her anal canal with brutal force and at a frenzied tempo. The blonde screams in ecstasy as she achieves orgasm. All three are now bathed in oceans of sweat, as to the blonde’s amazement both studs continue their heroic thrusting without any sign of fatigue. The blonde surrenders herself to sheer animal passion, crying out loudly in ecstasy over and over again. Finally, the back door stud, gasping “holy fuck!” shoots his load deep into the blonde’s quivering asshole. Completely spent, he flops down on the far side of the massive bed as the blonde, with undiminished fervor, rides the other stud to climax. To her awed amazement, the stud shows no sign of being ready to shoot his load. The minutes go by as the blonde determinedly rides him, looking into his eyes with animal passion. Finally, she implores the stud, “cum for me, baby, cum for me.” The stud finally complies, shooting a massive load of sperm upwards, deep into the blonde’s well fucked pussy.

The sheets of the bed are drenched in sweat, and the very air in the room is heavy with perspiration as the three lie for a moment on the bed, the blonde in the middle, with a stud on either side of her. “That was so fucking good,” she tells her studs, even as she reaches for her purse on the nightstand. One of the studs allows her to roll him over onto his stomach on the bed, and before he knows what’s happening, plastic handcuffs are snapped into place, securing his hands behind his back. The blonde accomplishes the same with the other, similarly unresisting stud. “All part of our Halloween surprise,” she cheerfully reassures them as she leads them from the bedroom and out into the hall.

In the hall outside the bedroom, the blonde and her two prisoners meet the girl. “Are the others in there?” the blonde asks, and the girl replies, “Yes, they are.” “How many?” “Three, so with these two guys, we’ll have 5.” “Five is a good number,” says the blonde. The two women open the door to the bedroom and usher the 2 new studs in to join their friends. They gag them like all of the others, and the blonde says “Don’t worry, we’ll be right back with your surprise. I promise,” as she and the girl close the door behind them and step back out into the hall.

So far, the blonde has killed two studs tonight, both strictly for pleasure. There are many more who must perish, and the night will not last forever. It is time to begin mass killing. Silently, the blonde hands the girl the combat knife with its 10 inch blade. On the other side of the closed door are 5 young males, bound and gagged. No words need to be exchanged; the girl knows exactly what she must do. The blonde returns to the front parlor, where the party is still in progress. It is now time for her to take the twins and their brother. The girl, clutching the combat knife, walks into the room containing the 5 studs and shuts the door.

This is the girl’s first real test. She has already killed two men, on that night in the woods a year ago, but her motive had been fear for her own safety. Was she really capable of mercilessly snuffing out 5 innocent lives? The studs are all naked and gagged with their hands secured behind their backs. The girl orders them to line up and then get on their knees in the middle of the room. The girl gets on her knees behind one of the studs and begins running her fingernails seductively up and down his back. He had been her very first lover of the night. The stud’s tool, already brought to orgasm once tonight, begins to stiffen again. The girl moves her hands up and begins to massage the stud’s shoulders. The stud is now once again fully erect. Looking down the line of bodies, the girl can see the other penises begin to awaken, in anticipation of more pleasure to be experienced imminently. She now has all 5 exactly where she wants them. She remembers the orgasm she had experienced earlier as she thought about the prospect of killing her man, and realizes that the thrill will be multiplied by destroying 5 men.

There is now no hesitation. With the stud now fully erect, the girl stops her shoulder massage and quickly reaches across the stud’s chest with her left arm, placing her left hand firmly on his right shoulder. The 10 inch combat knife is now firmly gripped in her right hand. Using all her force, and with an upward thrust, the girl slams the blade into the stud up to the hilt. Just as instructed by the blonde, the blade strikes home between the 7th and 8th ribs, biting deep into the stud’s liver. Not enough to kill instantly, the purpose of this thrust is to deliver an excruciatingly painful, and ultimately fatal wound to the stud. The girl can hear the stud’s muffled cry of agony as the razor sharp blade penetrates his vitals. The girl’s grip on the stud’s shoulder arrests some of the recoil of the stud’s body as he is propelled backward by the force of her deadly thrust. Quickly pulling out the blade, she sees the jet of blood spring from the deep, angry wound; exactly why she had gotten behind him to deliver the fatal thrust. Quickly withdrawing her arm, she places the palm of her hand on the stud’s back and gives him a brutal push forward. The stud thumps face down onto the carpet, as his cries of pain are stifled by his gag, and as his blood begins to saturate the carpet. The girl is thrilled by this first taste of innocent blood, and by the direct contact with the male flesh that she is destroying, but she knows she must move quickly. Before the second stud can comprehend what’s happening the girl is behind him, her knife wet with the first stud’s blood. The second stud had been in the girl’s pussy during double penetration. Like the first stud, he feels the girl’s grip on his shoulder, and then feels himself propelled backward by the thump on his ribcage. At first it feels no worse than having been punched, but almost instantly, the stud experiences the searing pain inflicted by the blade. He too, cries out in agony, a cry that is also stifled by his gag. He watches in disbelief as blood, his blood, shoots out from him and sprays the carpet in front of him. He feels the hand on his back, and then feels himself propelled forward, and experiences the brutal impact as he hits the floor, face down with a thud. He can feel the warmth of his own blood as it drains out of him and begins soaking the carpet all around him. Groaning and gasping for breath, he can see the first stud, lying beside him but facing away from him. He can hear the other boy making spasmodic efforts to breathe, even as their blood begins to mingle in the saturated carpet. On his opposite side, he hears another agonized, muffled gasp, and then the sound of another thud on the floor and then another muffled cry of agony and another thud.

The girl moves so quickly that 4 studs are dispatched before the shock wears off, and it is only the 5th stud who makes an effort to get to his feet. The effort is more difficult than he could have imagined, being unbalanced by having his hands tightly secured behind his back. The girl puts a firm hand on his shoulder, pushing him back down to his knees and then, her blade dripping with blood, delivers her fifth and final knife thrust. The second stud hears yet another thump on the carpet, and knows that they are all down now. Groaning softly through his gag, suffering excruciating pain, he can hear the first stud sobbing in agony. The girl looks with satisfaction at her work. It was much easier than she thought it would have had been. She had brought the cycle full circle. The living phallus made of flesh had been delivered by the male to the female. The cold steel phallus of death had been delivered by the female to the male. The girl wipes the bloody knife off on the bed sheets. She steps carefully around the prone male bodies, trying to avoid the massive and ever expanding dark stain on the carpet. She looks back at them with a deep sense of satisfaction, listening as their tormented gasping and groaning mingle in a symphony of agony. She turns off the lights in the room, and locking the door, shuts it behind her. The second stud now lies in the dark with his friends all around him, knowing full well that they have been left to die. One by one, the others fall silent. Soon, for the second stud, like all the others, the darkness will be total.

As she shuts the door to the bedroom where the 5 butchered studs lay, the full realization of what she has done dawns on the girl. “Five guys. Five guys!” she thinks to herself, and to her own surprise, the thought that she had just slaughtered five young men in the most brutal way imaginable does not trouble her in the least. In fact, the thought brings her to orgasm! She has just exercised the ultimate power over five human lives. This is what the blonde was talking about, the girl realizes with joy. Now, having tasted this sublime fulfillment she hungers for more. This hunger can only be satisfied with the young male flesh teeming so abundantly in the front parlor of the Mansion. The girl, like the blonde, will devour this flesh with a ravenous appetite.

The blonde is with another pair of studs; they are her ultimate prize for the evening. Her new partners are the twin brothers whose flesh she has been lusting for all night. She has taken them into the bedroom where she had experienced her double penetration earlier that evening. At least there aren’t any dead bodies in here…yet, “ the blonde smiles wickedly to herself. The twins are both tall, with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. They look so young, the blonde thinks, and she especially likes the look of almost innocent shyness that they both have. “How old are you guys?” she asks. “We just turned 18 two weeks ago,” responds one of the twins. The blonde is thrilled. So young, not even my age, she thinks. And I’m going to see to it that they don’t make it to my age. “You guys have girlfriends?” “Yeah, but they’re not here,” one of the twins responds with just a trace of cockiness, as the blonde briefly feels up their packages through their jeans. “Ok, get naked,” the blonde commands them, standing in her beautiful black dress and high heels. The twins strip, revealing tight red briefs bulging with the well developed packages that they strain to contain. The blonde giggles at the red briefs. “You guys really are twins,” she says. “Ok, lose those skivvies,” she demands, and the twins strip off their briefs. One of the boys has a full erection; the other is semi-erect. To the blonde’s delight, the semi-erect penis grows and stiffens in front of her eyes, and soon she has 2 fully erect 18 year old tools to play with. Still in her dress and high heels, the blonde walks up to the twins and takes a stiff tool in each hand. “You’re big boys,” she purrs, slowly stroking the rigid poles of flesh. “Which one of you is older?” “He popped out first,” replies one of the twins. “Ok,” says the blonde. “Since you’re older, you get my pussy.” Still stroking the twin cocks, she turns her head to the younger twin and says, “And I’m going to give you the blow job of your life.” Releasing her grip on the stiffened tools, she steps back, and slipping out of her dress, lets it drop to the floor, revealing her voluptuous body, in all its glorious nakedness, to these two young boys. Their sexual experiences thus far had been limited to their high school girlfriends; tonight they were going to experience the pussy and mouth of a stunningly beautiful young woman well versed in the carnal arts, who would take from them any last remaining vestiges of innocence. The twins are eager for the opportunity.

Soon, the younger twin is sitting up in bed, legs folded up in front of him. The blonde is on all fours facing him, with one hand flat on the bed to brace herself, and the other with a firm grip on the young stud’s tool. She takes the head of the penis into her mouth and starts teasing the slit with her tongue. Soon, she is rewarded with precum seeping from the slit. She slowly begins lowering her lips down the shaft, even as the older twin positions himself on his knees behind her. I’m going to fuck this bitch doggy style while she sucks off my little bro, the lust consumed stud thinks to himself enthusiastically. To assist him, the blonde thrusts up her beautifully rounded ass cheeks, providing a wonderful rear view of her pussy lips and easy access to the wet, eager mouth of love framed by those lips. The young stud slides his tool into the blonde and begins pumping. The blonde delights in feeling the large tool penetrating her from behind, and the stud’s torso slamming into her ass cheeks with a steady rhythm. She focuses all of her efforts on her other stud, sliding her mouth up and down his young, stiff pole, making constant eye contact with him as she does so. “You like that, baby?” she asks. “Oh, yeah,” replies the enraptured stud, thrilled with the talents of this oral artist who is thousands of times more skilled than any of his high school girlfriends. The blonde places her hand under the stud’s swollen balls, and lowers her mouth all the way down to the root of his manhood. The stud moans in gratitude for the deep throat. The blonde is thrilled that the stud is deriving so much pleasure from her oral efforts. I really want him to enjoy every minute of this, because I’m going to enjoy every minute of what’s going to follow, she thinks. The other twin, meanwhile, continues to pound the blonde steadily from behind. He’s young, but he’s big and good, the blonde thinks to herself as she tries to remain focused on her oral work. This becomes impossible as the relentless pounding drives her to orgasm. Still gripping the younger stud’s cock, she takes her mouth off the swollen tool and lets out a passionate moan. Damn, he is good, she thinks delightedly to herself, and then gets back to sucking the younger twin. Finally, the older twin realizes he can last no longer. He gives the blonde several furious final thrusts, and his balls explode, spewing his family’s genetic product deep into the blonde’s pussy. His balls aching blissfully from the joy of release, he sits down, still naked, in a chair and watches as the blonde works to extract more of the family seed from his younger twin. “Come on, bro, hold out. The longer you hold out the better it’ll be. Make her work for it, “ the stud exhorts his brother.

Briefly, the blonde considers finishing off the younger twin (sexually) by fucking him, but quickly changes her mind. I want to see what this family tastes like, she decides. She continues to suck the young stud while massaging his balls, and he continues to withhold his seed. Continuing her oral assault, the blonde slams her mouth down on the stud’s tool, deep throating him to the root. She holds her mouth in place, cock inserted in her throat, for a long moment. She can feel the stud’s hand on the back of her head, and his deep, gasping moan tells her that he is finally on the verge of surrender. Twice more, the blonde deep throats the boy. The young stud lets out a deep moan as his balls spasm. The flood gates open as hundreds of millions of sperm cells, forming the hot, thick white paste of the stud’s love offering, are blasted at high velocity up through the rigid pipeline of flesh, and come spewing out in a thick jet. The blonde’s mouth is wide open and waiting, and she can feel most of the heated lava of lust splash onto her tongue. She can also hear some of if splashing onto the sheets, making a small thumping sound. The stud’s balls contract again; another jet of sperm, not as thick or massive as the first comes spurting out. Again and again the stud’s tool spurts as his balls continue to pump; the pool of white fluid that the blonde holds in her open mouth becomes larger and larger. The blonde counts twelve separate spurts of sperm, the last two being only a few small drops rather feebly ejected from the slit, as the male orgasm finally expends its force. This is a big load, and I’m going to swallow every drop of it the blonde exults lustfully as she savors the taste of the young stud’s love product. Looking her man straight in the eyes, she closes her mouth. The stud can see her beautiful neck contracting as she dispatches his sperm to her belly. Still looking him in the eye, she opens her now empty mouth and displays her tongue to him. “Yummy!” says the blonde. “I really got my protein for today!” She then grabs the stud’s still erect tool, and strokes it into her open mouth, milking out the last few drops of sperm that had not been expelled from the shaft by ejaculation. She runs her fingers on the side of her face, scooping up cum that had landed there, licks her fingers off, and swallows again. She looks mournfully at the wet spots on the sheet; these are the sperm cells that went to waste because they didn’t end up in her belly. The blonde has just given these two boys the greatest night of their young lives; it is now time for them to pay the price. Their extreme youth and good looks make the thought of annihilating them even more appealing to the blonde. Two perfect copies of the same human being and I am destroying both, she enthuses.

“Ok, guys, don’t get dressed yet. I’m going to tie both of you up.” “What for?” asks the cocky older stud, not sensing any danger. “It’s for the Halloween party, of course. You guys are going to get a big surprise!” Good naturedly, they allow her to snap plastic handcuffs on their wrists, pinioning their hands firmly in place behind their backs. They are now standing in front of the bed, and the blonde positions herself behind them. A shudder passes through her body as she caresses the shoulders of each of them one last time, anticipating with joy what she is about to do. The two nylon cords, knotted with exquisite care, are ready and in her hand. Moving quickly, she slips the nooses around the necks of both of the twins. “What the fuck is this?” asks the older twin. The blonde replies “This is your surprise,” as she draws the noose tight. Before the younger twin can react, he too, feels his breathing constricted by his own swiftly tightened noose. Stepping out in front of the twins, the blonde watches gleefully as both boys contort, eyes bulging as they gasp for breath. She watches as the older twin takes two staggering steps forward and then collapses heavily to the floor. The younger twin, wheezing desperately, also crumples in a heap beside his brother. Moving quickly, the blonde is soon on her knees at their side. It is far too soon for the game to end. The blonde loosens the nooses on both boys, and slowly, painfully they begin to regain consciousness. “What, what’s going on?” the younger twin gasps plaintively as he looks up into the ice cold eyes staring down at him. “Everything’s going to be alright,” the blonde consoles him. “Your brother is going to be joining you soon.” “You fucking bitch,” the older twin starts to swear, but the blonde clamps one hand over his mouth, while she yanks the noose tight again with her other hand. As the older twin blacks out yet again, she turns to the younger boy and starts slowly tightening his noose. She very carefully adjusts the tightness of the cord so that it applies a low level, yet constant and steady pressure on the young stud’s throat. The stud’s airway is now constricted, as are the arteries carrying vital oxygenated blood to the brain. As the brain continues to receive a diminished supply of oxygen, it will begin to shut down. The blonde’s method of slow strangulation is cruel, and its outcome is certain. She turns to the older twin and quickly loosens his noose. As he slowly begins to drift back to consciousness, she once again tightens the noose to a level comparable to that on the other twin. She stretches the two bodies out on their backs, side by side , on the floor. They must die, as will their older brother, slowly and painfully, because they are male and she is female, and they have only been put on this earth and in her path to do with as she pleases, just like all other males. She has granted them the greatest pleasure they could ever hope to experience, that of carnal union with her, and now they must pay the price for the privilege. They must provide her with her ultimate pleasure, and their lives are a very cheap price to pay for her fulfillment. Looking with satisfaction at the two bodies on the floor, and delighting in the sound of their labored attempts to breathe, the blonde locks the door to the bedroom behind her and goes in search of the twins’ older brother.

The girl is now entertaining her own pair of brothers. They are both tall and both have brown hair and blue eyes. The older brother is a junior at the U and the younger is a freshman at the same school. The girl is excited; she’s never fucked brothers before. The two studs strip naked; she gets on her knees and begins oral worship of the two large erect phalluses that confront her. After brief fellatio, the girl gets to her feet, strips and asks the two brothers, “Ok, so who gets my pussy and who gets my ass?” “Have you ever done a girl up the ass before?” the older stud asks his brother. “No.” “Ok, then you can have her ass.” The girl hands the younger stud the tube of lubricant, and walks over to the bed with the older brother. This is the same bedroom where the girl had experienced her first double penetration earlier in the evening, and she was going to perform the same act in the same bed in mere moments with yet another pair of men. Sex with four guys in the same bed in the same night, she thinks to herself, and the thought thrills her. The older stud positions himself in bed, and the girl lowers herself onto his rigid, upright manhood. She slowly begins bouncing herself up and down on the stud, even as she anticipates the new found pleasure of taking a hardened cock in her ass. Before tonight, the very thought of anal sex had been frightening to her, and at first the experience itself had not been a particularly pleasant one, but the steady pounding she had taken in her first DP had gradually loosened up her sphincter muscles, making the experience more and more enjoyable. Besides, being penetrated by two men at the same time was inherently enjoyable. Now, she is eager to feel that second tool entering her back door. Soon, her wish is transformed into reality as she feels the younger stud’s well lubed tool push into her anal canal. Deeper and deeper the fleshy intruder penetrates, and the girl gasps in ecstasy as she feels more and more of her asshole being filled with the stud’s rock hard tool. Soon, the stud’s tool is in motion, sliding in and out of her asshole with increasing speed and force. His older brother keeps pace by thrusting upward into the girl’s saturated pussy. The girl screams in ecstasy as multiple orgasms rock her body. The pounding reaches a frenzied climax, and both brothers shoot their loads almost simultaneously, depositing their sperm in both of the girl’s openings.

Sexual fulfillment now achieved, the two studs are ready to get dressed and leave the room when the girl says “close your eyes, both of you.” “Why?” “Because I’ve got a surprise for you.” The surprise turns out to be plastic handcuffs securing their hands behind their backs. “Some surprise,” comments the older stud. “Ok, now get on your knees, both of you,” the girl commands. “Why?” asks the increasingly querulous stud. “Just do it. It’s all part of the fun,” responds the girl. The studs reluctantly comply and get on their knees in front of the bed. “What kind of music do you guys like?” she asks. Before they can respond, she says “I’m an old school heavy metal fan myself,” as she walks behind the kneeling studs to the nightstand and turns on the portable CD player she has brought into the room. Playing at full volume, the thrashing sound of heavy metal will drown out the other sounds that will be soon be emanating from this room. Once again, the 10 inch combat knife is in the girl’s hand. The first time, the cries of the five studs she had killed had been muffled by their gags. Now, the girl will experience the pleasure of hearing men cry out in full throated agony. Getting down on her knees behind the two studs, she positions herself behind the older brother, places her left hand on his shoulder and with her right, thrusts upward, between the 7th and 8th ribs, just as she had done with her first five studs. The blade slams into the stud up to the hilt. To the girl’s joy, the stud lets out an anguished cry of pain as the blade sears deep into his liver. She quickly pulls out the blade, and blood shoots from the wound onto the carpet. Leaving the stud kneeling, his body now sagging, the blonde quickly gets behind the younger brother who is struggling to get to his feet. The girl puts her left hand on his shoulder and firmly pushes him back down, while with her right hand, she savagely slams her knife into the younger stud’s rib cage. The younger stud lets out an anguished cry of “oh, god!” as he receives his death blow and watches in disbelief as a spray of his own blood joins that of his brother on the carpet. The girl gets up and walks around to face the two mortally wounded studs, the heavy metal music providing a bizarre backdrop to the whole scene. The older brother is now gasping in agony, and sinks back onto his haunches as the blood continues to run out of him in rivers. The younger brother, blood also pouring out of him, struggles to get to his feet. He sinks back to his knees, moaning in pain. He then drops face down onto the carpet, murmuring to himself in agony as the dark stain surrounding him continues to expand. The older brother, now literally sobbing in agony, keels over sideways. Now, lying on his side on the floor, he gasps and wheezes painfully, as his lifeblood drains from his body. The girl watches the two large dark stains on the carpet unite into one, as the blood of the two brothers mingles. Both studs continue to gasp in pain, but they are no longer capable of crying out. The girl walks over to the CD player and silences the heavy metal. She skirts the edges of the massive dark stain on the carpet, turns off the light and locks the door behind her. Pausing briefly at the door, she can still hear gasping sounds of pain, but now much weaker. Soon, the silence in the room will be total.
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