Brenda was as good as her word. Within days of a resumption of sexual activity after the birth of twelve year old Max’s firstborn (and avoiding vaginal sex with him), she was pregnant once again – she expected this to be her last pregnancy as she approached her forty-first birthday. Unquestionably her husband Marc was the expectant father.

And again within a very few weeks of this, and following agreement at another family conference, Max impregnated both his step-sisters in an efficient night of fucking.

It was then that a complication arose. A friend of Brenda’s had noted something strange. Sharon was six years younger than Brenda, a pretty and plump vivacious girl who had grown up into a pretty vivacious but undoubtedly fat woman. Despite this, and despite having been married for over ten years, she was never short of lovers. An undiagnosed nymphomaniac, she was effective and efficient at constantly cuckolding her unsuspecting husband. Sharon had noticed the way Max looked at his stepmother at a barbecue and by accident saw him pinch her butt-cheek. She also naturally saw the bulge on his swimsuit and was intrigued. She hatched a plan to see what this boy had between his legs and sample it if possible, whilst protecting herself from any charges of abuse.

When Brenda was confronted by Sharon with her suspicions, she panicked and fell on her friend’s mercy. Sharon consoled her and told her it wasn’t that strange a situation, Max was already quite grown-up and clearly a loveable kid, and then went on to suggest a girlie party at which Max might be present. A relieved Brenda agreed and confessed everything to her best friend, an attractive woman called Gwen who was locked in a marriage with an insanely jealous guy. She guessed how the night might end but thought it would save her from problems with her friends.

The girls’ night was organised by Sharon, she had a large detached house with a garden and swimming-pool, having packed her husband and two girls away for the weekend, and consisted of herself, Brenda, a good mutual friend Maddie, an unglamorous woman of Brenda’s age who always wore glasses and was also tending towards plumpness and married to the most boring man in the world with whom she had a sixteen year old son and of course Gwen.

After a boisterous lunch lubricated with much alcohol they went to Sharon’s pool. Max was wearing small white swimsuit which left little to the imagination. The mature women were torn between cooing at his innocent pretty-boy looks, his boyish but firm body and marvelling at the bulge which disfigured his tiny pants.

Sharon decided to up the tempo. Rather than suggest skinny-dipping which would have appeared forced and might have drawn protests she suggested a sauna.

“Don’t worry”, she said to Max even as she eyed his bulge lasciviously, “you can have the shower before us, because of course you’ll need to take those off for the sauna…but make sure you cover yourself with one of the towels!”

And so it worked. The women stripped off in the garden whilst Max had a shower. Sharon was large but voluptuous, her huge sagging breasts with enormous brown areole resting on a large belly and topping a bush to rival Brenda’s complete with a treasure trail leading to her navel, Maddie was a smaller-breasted version, smaller-bellied version but between her large stolid thighs the bush was smaller and brownish in colour. Gwen’s pussy was the only trimmed one, her figure was still superb – curvier than Brenda but with no real fat on her.
Hearing the sauna door close they had a quick shower, full of squeals and horseplay and joined him in the sauna. The scent of sex was heavy in the air.

They took it in turns for the shower one more time. Shortly after Max had left for his third shower though Sharon winked at Maddie.

“I can’t wait! It’s too hot! I need to cool off! Join me, Maddie?”

The two large women exited the sauna. Max had his back to them when they reached the shower allowing them to admire his slim figure with the wonderfully firm-looking butt-cheeks.

“Sorry…couldn’t wait!”

Sharon spoke as the handsome Max turned to them in surprise. The mature women held their breath. Although at rest his penis looked huge, hanging well below his tight young balls, with still little growth of pubic hair above it.
For his part Max was confronted with the first two naked women he had seen other than his family, he gawped at Sharon’s hanging melons and thick dark forest and had a good look at the unspectacular but still nude Maddie and the inevitable happened as the great young cock started rising to the occasion.

“Well Maddie…I can see Max likes us!” quipped Sharon as Maddie just started in disbelief at a giant of a cock which, in seconds, grew to double the size and girth of her boring husband’s puny equipment which was the only she’d ever seen in real life. Sharon herself, although infinitely more experienced than the older woman, had to admit to herself she hadn’t seen anything as big as that in real life.

“Better simmer down big boy… go to the garden and we’ll see you there…and don’t put those tiny pants on or you’ll make me horny! Keep your towel!”

The other two women soon joined them and Sharon suggested a skinny-dip. Well lubricated with alcohol by now, nobody disagreed. The four towelled females went into the garden where Max was hanging about uncertainly.

“Right girls! Off with the towels!” Sharon set them off, Maddie following with Gwen and Nrenda at a slightly slower pace.

“And you too young man!”

Even as a blushing Max was removing his towel his cock was already rearing up at the sight of four naked women. Gwen held her breath, what a magnificent penis! It was much bigger than her six-foot tall husband’s!
She murmured softly to Brenda.

“Bitch! I can see why you’ve been so happy recently! It’s gigantic! Never seen anything like it…and you say Marc is BIGGER??? My…oh…my!!!”

Brenda smiled wanly and nodded.

The women and the boy jumped into the pool and for a few minutes sex was forgotten as they all splashed about and shouted like children.

Slowly they left the pool one by one, till only Max was left swimming and plunging. They all lay on the comfortable loungers watching the happy little boy until Sharon thought it was time to move things on.

“Hey Max! You’re going to shrivel up! Come out and have some fruit!”

The boy hauled himself out, shaking his hair to get rid of some of the water, and walked towards Sharon his soft penis swaying from side to side.

She was waiting for him with a banana, which sizeable as it was would soon be dwarfed by Max. She licked and pretended to nibbled at the end of it lasciviously, and as the goggle-eyed boy’s penis rose again she made as if to hand it to him then compared it to the cock.

“Look girls! Max’s banana is MUCH bigger!”

With that she started stroking Max.

“And it’s MUCH harder too….Maddie feel this…”

A crimson Maddie looked at Brenda who silently assented and swiftly joined Sharon. Fruit forgotten, the two women concentrated on Max’s rather more interesting flesh banana. The boy stood there, arms by his sides and eyes closed as the two women first touched him all over then knelt in front of him to start working on his blood-engorged penis orally.

They kissed, sucked and licked every inch of his genitals and surrounding area but Sharon was impatient to get the big thing inside her.

“Sorry, I’m going to be greedy but I demand the hostess’ prerogative of going first.”

Maddie agreed with a laugh and Sharon stood up and led Max to the large square mattress situated near the pool.

“Oh boy, am I going to enjoy this…”

She rubbed her clitoris with the boy’s stiff member and moaned then lay back, made herself comfortable and opened her legs wide. The boy lay on her and swiftly entered the sopping pussy and the audience of increasingly excited three women watched the highly erotic spectacle of a still beautiful young boy satisfying a full-grown woman with an inordinately large penis. Her groans alone told how well he was performing.

She changed positions so that Max was on his back and Sharon mounted him, careful not to put her weight on the boy, and they saw his dick disappear between her legs the cellulitis showing on her large ass-cheeks which clenched and unclenched as she fucked the youngster.

Sharon lifted herself off then remounted Max, this time facing the watching women. She started to move up and down faster on the cock, her grunts getting louder and louder every time it fully penetrated her. Moving her hips with incredible speed for such a large woman, the sweat streaming down her face, she started making a guttural noise deep in her throat. Suddenly let out a hoarse scream then started roaring as an intense orgasm coursed through her and she ejaculated fiercely her cum drenching the astonished Max’s genitals and slim thighs and making a huge wet patch on the bed.

She rolled off and lay there for a few seconds like a beached whale, her whole body heaving as she recovered her breath before picking herself up with a huge grin.

“Sorry, got the mattress a bit wet now! Come on Maddie, you next!”

Maddie looked towards Brenda and seeing no disapproval quickly mounted Max, his penis still hard and wet from Sharon’s juices and combining with Maddie’s wetness. Eyes closed in silent ecstasy Maddie was only able to accommodate the young boy thanks to childbirth, her husband’s small penis being the only one to have previously been in her love passage.

After some fucking she moved so they were sitting facing each other and she could see the penis entering and exiting her pussy, Max liked the view too. Eager for deeper penetration Maddie lay on her back and let Max assault her with his customary vigour in the missionary position, not stopping even as he ejaculated inside her until she moaned and eyes screwed tight, biting her lip to stop from shouting as she enjoyed the best orgasm of her life. Gently pushing him off she lay there panting, eyes closed sprawled arms stretched above her.

Max looked at Gwen. She eyed him coolly.

“I suppose, young man, you want to do it with me now?” exhaling cigarette smoke.

He nodded emphatically.

“Get yourself showered then! I like my men fresh and clean!”

Max returned looking young and innocent with wet hair and his midriff covered by a towel which told the tale of his lack of innocence – the half-mast penis pushing the towel out obscenely.

Gwen stood up, still wearing her towel and wearing her high heels and walked sexily towards the bed. She had the looks of a film noir actress, with an attractive somewhere between tragic and world-weary expression, hair brushed over one eye and husky voice of a smoker. She was conscious she was the most attractive woman in the room and didn’t want the boy to forget this.

“Towel off”, she gestured “I want to see you get hard for me…”

He obeyed her and she slowly opened her towel and discarded it, tossing her head and striking a pose effortlessly. Max’s eyes greedily devoured her green-eyed beautiful face, still firm breasts and trimmed brown V, her tanned skin and good legs, and his limp penis rose to its full magnificent height in a matter of seconds.
Settling down beside Max the first thing Gwen did was to start kissing him, the boy responded passionately, even as she traced her fingers lightly on his rock-hard prick.

“Goodness, you are hard! Right, let’s have a taste of this…”

She started licking and sucking on the cock, gently raking it with her teeth and teasing the balls. He gasped and closed his eyes briefly, but the mature woman kept her eyes on his throughout, challenging him.

“Ok big boy, I’m going to lie here on my side, and you’re going to lie behind me and put it into me from behind…but slowly! I like it slow to start with and you’ve got a big fellah there!”

Max did what he was told willingly, Gwen holding the root of his penis to control the speed at which he thrust and Max playing with her nipples even as they still kissed passionately.

“Right, I’m going to ride you now”

Max lay back and Gwen took the opportunity to inflame him further by spending some more time eating his cock and balls then slipping down to give his anus a good firm tonguing too.

With his arms stretched, and his fingers pinching her nipples Gwen rode the boy paying him back by squeezing his nipples too.

And suddenly the haughty Gwen was losing her self-control. A gleeful Max, seeing he was now in control started pounding her harder and harder sinking his full length deep into the woman’s cunt with fearsome strokes, her body shuddered with each thrust, her face contorted.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!!! Oh fuck, fuck FUCK ME!!!! OH CHRIST!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! AYYYYYYY!!!!”

As the tears started from her eyes from the strength of the orgasm Max whipped his cock out and straddling her face sprayed her countenance and expensive hair with his cream. He’d established his dominance even over this cool and highly-attractive woman!

“Max!” cried Brenda.

He shrugged apologetically then lay back exhausted.

Sharon lost no time in going over, there were now three women on the bed with young Max, and leaned over him, sucking the tumescent penis. Eager for more he craned his neck to lick her great pussy, she flashed a smile at him and lowered herself gratefully to give him easier access. The boy’s face was buried in the fat woman’s big hairy pussy while she gave him head. The inevitable happened, she raised her hips slightly from his face and with a heavy series of grunts released copious amounts of ejaculate onto it.

Brenda now joined them, hugging and laughing at poor Max. The women got Max to stand on the bed, shoulders back and hips proudly thrust forward to display the full size of his erect penis. Sharon tit-wanked him between her great breasts then passed the cock to Maddie:

“Don’t choke on it, be careful!”

Maddie sucked away enthusiastically if inexpertly, Gwen and Brenda caressed his back, butt and chest from behind. Gwen repaid him her loss of control. At the appropriate moment when Maddie was sucking away she wet her middle finger in her mouth and without warning stuck it straight into Max’s asshole. His body stiffened as
he sent a generous amount of sperm down the choking Maddie’s throat and onto her bespectacled face.

When the laughter subsided the inventive Sharon had an idea and whispered it to the others. They nodded and giggled, for all the world like young girls with a new toy to play with. Brenda lay herself on the bed and made herself comfortable.

Between the other three they easily picked up the light boy, Brenda lay there holding herself open with two fingers of one hand as the women lowered Max’s cock onto her gash and lifted him, lowered lifted him.

The experience for Max was astounding, It was like flying and fucking at the same time. The only point of contact between him and Brenda was his cock as it entered and exited her slurping cunt. Led by Sharon the women made sure there was no other contact and as she saw from Max’s face he approached his orgasm confirmed it with a nod plunged him in fully, allowing him with arched shoulders and up-staring face in an agonised expression to come inside his step-mum, his whole body twitching in the women’s supporting arms.

A regretful Gwen had to leave eventually but Sharon’s fortunately large marital bed was big enough to hold the three mature women and young Max. Which was just as well as the bed was kept busy all night. Brenda took a back seat but the eager Maddie was having the night of her life and Sharon kept the boy’s penis upstanding all night even as the other two women fell asleep her grunts of satisfaction, at a lower volume, punctuated the night with regularity. By the early hours of the morning, as dawn approached, even the nympho Sharon and the sex stud Max were spent.

And the night did have its consequences. Max’s mighty sperm broke through Sharon’s mini-pill defences and her two girls were delighted to have an unexpected baby brother, as for Maddie to her utter surprise a night with Max did what fifteen years of unprotected sex with hubby had failed to do and gave her teenage son a brother too. Luckily as they both lay in the maternity ward and people commented on the coincidence no-one traced back to what unusual event might have linked both women nine months before the births! Amazingly Max had fathered five kids before his 13th birthday. And he now knew he had sexual powers which pleased women outside his family too.

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