Relatives That Fuck II

Part 2 of Relatives That Fuck

Supposed to be a quick read. This is my second creation so I appreciate all criticism.

I would recommend reading part I first, because this has very little background

Aunt Terry put the three girls back to bed after telling them that she will talk to them in the morning. After all three fell asleep, she went back into the bedroom and grabbed Jessica (13) and quietly led her out into the hall. She came into view in the living room while my mother, father, and Uncle sat on the couch still completely naked and recovering.

“Alex, I need you to do something for me, and for Jessica”, said Aunt Terry
“What’s that?”
“I need you to fuck my girls. As you’ve learned tonight, we are a sexually intertwined family, which is beautiful as you can tell. I don’t see a more perfect time to involve the rest of our family than tonight. So, I’m going to ask you to not worry, and just do as we say.”

Adrenaline shot through my heart, my pulse escalated to an even higher rate as my eyes darted to Jennifer’s blue, doe-eyes standing in her pajamas in front of me. She was adorable, an image of her Mother’s beauty in her youth. She stood only 5 foot and weighed no more than 85 pounds, skinny as a rail and with only the smallest signs of womanhood. Being 16 years old, of course my cock was rock hard even though I had shot my load into my Aunt’s bowels only minutes earlier. Jennifer eyed me up and down and looked shy, but curious.

“Jennifer has been waiting for this Alex. She knows what to do, we’ve talked and discussed what we want you two to do, so don’t be worried” Aunt Terry claimed.

With that, Jessica knelt down in front of my standing dick and grabbed it gently with one hand. Then, slowly, she brought her tiny lips to the head of throbbing member. She plunged every inch of it into her warm mouth as I groaned in ecstasy. Immediately she drew back and grimaced. I totally forgot that my penis was inside her mother’s bowels only minutes ago.

“It tastes bad Mommy!”
“Its okay sweetie, just a little longer.”

Her wet, warm mouth sank back onto my waiting cock and I felt my tip tickle the back of her throat. Then, she immediately began to suck and throat-fuck me like a pro! I was shocked by her speed and I nearly came only thirty seconds into the glorious blowjob. Seeing this, my mother began to suck off both my father and uncle. Aunt Terry was standing behind Jessica the entire time holding her hair out of her face.

“Okay honey, time to take it.” Moaned my Aunt Terry

With a look of fear, but anticipation, Jessica followed as her mother guided her to the armchair next to the couch. Before sitting down, Aunt Terry unbuttoned and pulled off Jessica’s pajamas, revealing her pale, youthful body. Her pink nipples were surrounded by just the beginnings of beautiful breasts. I stood in awe of her beauty as my mother, father, and uncle also feasted upon her image. Aunt Terry laid Jessica back into the chair and pulled me to her. Not wasting any time, I leaned down and aimed my penis at her beautiful pink, virgin pussy and was about to enter it when Aunt Terry said

“Ah ah ah! Alex, this is an all anal family. And that includes with my daughters!”

Aunt Terry flipped Jessica over onto her stomach so her legs were hanging off the edge of the chair. Her pink anus looked up at her as I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me. Her beautiful face turned onto its side and looked back at me through one blue eye. A tiny smile eased its way onto her lips as I pulled apart her butt cheeks. Right as I was about to enter her tiny ass, Aunt Terry grabbed my hips and spun me around, grabbing my dick. She deepthroated me for a few seconds, spitting onto Jessica’s puckering anus every once in a while to get us both lubed. During this, I turned around to realize my mother was on her back getting hammered in the ass by my dad while my uncle played with her bouncing tits and got beat off by my mom’s hand.

“You’re ready now baby” cooed Aunt Terry

In glorious anticipation, I lowered my penis onto Jessica’s sphincter. Feeling the pressure, Jessica sucked in a large final breath, knowing what was coming. That being my cue, I grabbed her ass and spread it apart. My knees bent and the head of my throbbing dick eased its way into Jessica’s petite anus with her screaming at the top of her lungs. I looked back to Aunt Terry who was standing right behind me with her hands on my ass, she told me to just do it. And I did. Her sphincter relaxed and I dropped in, inch by inch with Jessica moaning and groaning with my added pressure. It took three minutes for me to get my entire length into her precious anus. She screamed all the way down. Jessica turned her head back to look at me and I saw the dried tears under her eyes. I reached up and grasped her soft blonde hair, trying to reassure her.

“Everything will be okay sweetie” said Aunt Terry in her sweet motherly voice.

With my penis still buried in Jessica’s pinching sphincter, I felt pressure on my own anus as Aunt Terry wiggled her middle finger into my ass. The double feeling of being anally stimulated and fucking a preteenaged girl in her tight ass was unreal, intoxicating even. Aunt Terry began to finger-fuck my ass which signaled me to begin pounding Jessica’s now accepting anus. I grabbed her tiny body by her waist and stood up, bringing her hips off the chair and in the air touching my hips. I began to slide in and out of her still tight butt. Her delicate body shook in sensation and she cried with every impact of my inches entering her anus. My tempo increased as Aunt Terry increased hers while massaging my balls from in-between my legs with her other hand.

I realized that Jessica was so light, that she was barely even resting on the armchair. So, I decided to pick up her legs and spin her around so she was facing me. I then grabbed her back and lifted her body up so I was carrying her, facing me. She grabbed onto my back and pulled me tight like a bear hug. She looked up at me into my eyes and I gave her a little kiss on her forehead. She showed me a tiny smile and looked back down. I proceeded to bounce her on my cock and she clawed into my back, finally starting to feel some pleasure in the beautiful act. While I was fucking her tiny daughter, Aunt Terry knelt down under me and spread my cheeks apart, and proceeded to lick my sphincter. The sensation was incredible and I closed my eyes in amazing sensation. When I opened them, I looked over to see my uncle on his hands and knees on the couch getting pounded by my dads cock. My mom was just behind my dad, eating his ass wildly.

“I’m gonna cum!!!” I hollered.
“Not so fast Alex! Put her down!” yelled Aunt Terry

Obediently, I gently set Jessica down on the chair and slowly slid my slippery penis out of her sphincter.

“Give it to her, she needs it.” Instructed Aunt Terry
“I’m ready Alex, I can’t wait.” Jessica whispered to me with a smile on her face.

With that, I stroked my already throbbing penis for only five seconds and felt my insides tighten up in a stupendous orgasm. White cum erupted from my cock and impacted onto Jessica’s pale neck. The next rope hit her just below her bottom lip and splashed onto her right cheek. Then, the remainder fell onto her stomach as she cooed and watched me in awe. Aunt Terry still had a finger deep inside my ass and she slid it out and stuck it in her mouth, moaning.

“Now, do what Mommy told you to Jessy”
“Okay mommy”

With that, Jessica began to scrape the cum off her stomach with her finger and stick it in her mouth, swallowing every drop of my sticky white semen. I was entranced, under me was a 13 year old girl eating my cum off her body. Aunt Terry stepped around me and grabbed my dick, she then leaned over her daughter and slowly licked cum off of Jessica’s cheek. Immediately she went to my cock and sucked all the excess semen off of it. She then looked at me, showed me her full mouth and swallowed. Jessica smiled and giggled. Aunt Terry flipped her over and stuck a finger in her still gaping anus.

“Looks like Alex really did a number on you baby girl!”
“It hurt really bad Mommy, but I had fun, especially eating his cum.” Said Jessica
“You did an excellent job Jessica, thanks baby” I said to her

Aunt Terry stuck her tongue into Jessica’s recovering sphincter and made her giggle.

“That tickles! Haha!”

I looked over to watch the three on the couch fucking like crazy and grunting. The scene was amazing, gorgeous, and unbridled. Aunt Terry walked to the couch and joined in the sexual act. My father pulled out of my uncle and sat on the couch, pulling Aunt Terry’s anus onto his still hard cock. My mom looked at me, and called me over. I walked over to her and she pushed me head first onto the couch. She stood up behind me and smacked me on the ass.

“I haven’t spanked you in years!” she giggled.

She then spread my cheeks apart and began to wiggle her pointer finger into my accepting sphincter. The taboo was so stimulating that my erection appeared once again. Without waiting, she stuck another finger into me and pounded me with them both as fast as possible. My anus was burning in seconds from the friction. After a few minutes of my mother fingering my ass and jerking off my cock with her other hand, she suddenly yanked them both out. Then, another finger entered my hole. But it was much much smaller.

Jessica was fingering my ass. She stuck two more fingers in to my waiting anus and reached around my legs to grab my penis. She fucked me and fucked me for five minutes while my mom gently fingered her anus standing behind her. I loved it, it was driving me crazy with lust. I was almost over the edge again!

“Alex, get ready” said my mother

With my eyes still closed, I felt something much larger touching the entrance to my ass. I looked back in time to see my uncle’s hips behind my butt. A glob of spit hit my anus and Uncle Chris began to add pressure to cock. I forced myself to try and relax, and my sphincter finally allowed the huge member in. Uncle Chris wasn’t as gentle with me as I was with his daughter. He immediately pressed in his entire length, a shocking eight inches with considerable girth. I screamed in pain and pleasure, it felt so wrong but so right. Waiting a few seconds, Uncle Chris picked me up and he sat on the couch, placing me on top of him. I waited for him to start pounding me, but he didn’t.

“Try this” said my dad

My dad, who was about the same size as me, climbed onto the couch. He then straddled me, still sitting on my uncle’s huge penis. I looked at my mother who had a giant grin on her face, she approved. So, I was set too. My father’s ass accepted my now dry dick with no problem. Now in place, Uncle Chris began to buck his hips and smash me onto his waiting penis. The movement resonated between all three of us. I was clearly the rookie of the group because I was grunting and screaming the entire ride, whereas the older men were taking it like pros. Aunt Terry stood up and began to suck on my dad’s dick while it moved up and down with us three.

Mom had made her way to the kitchen next to the living room and found a plastic spatula from our drawers. She walked back over to Jessica and flipped her over so she was upside down on the ground, but leaning on the front of the armchair. She unforgivingly shoved the handle of the spatula into Jessica’s mouth and immediately transferred it into her waiting anus. The handle was only an inch or two in girth but was at least ten inches long. Jessica took every inch of the utensil and was screaming from my mother’s abuse. My mother hammered Jessica with the spatula at a gruesome rate, rocking the tiny girl’s body with every repetition. During this, my mother was tearing at her own pussy with three fingers and moaned uncontrollably. In climax, she shoved the spatula as deep as the shape would allow and screamed with Jessica. She squirted directly into Jessica’s screaming mouth below her, only sexually charging the rest of us even further.

All of the men were about to finish in each other, but decided to let the girls handle their cum. All the women knelt down in front of the couch while all the men stood in front of them. We all jerked ourselves like madmen for about thirty seconds. Right as we were about to come, mom and my aunt sucked on the other mens’ cocks. Jessica followed them and sucked me off. We all three came in their mouths and filled them full of our sticky semen. Jessica looked over to the other women and they were both looking back at her. My mother then leaned over my kneeling aunt and slowly spit my dad’s cum into her open mouth. Aunt Terry then did the same into Jessica’s waiting mouth. Jessica then tried to swallow the giant load, but choked midway down. Eventually, the tiny girl got down all that cum and smiled to prove it to all of us.

“You are gonna make all of us so happy Jessica!” said Aunt Terry
“What about my sisters?”

what about her sisters everybody?

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2011-09-05 02:30:36
i think the sisters should join and why does the uncle never have anything enter his as he seems like the alfa male or something. but it is a good series and i think you should have the guys be able to have sex with the gils pussy also but the way you wrote this one i doubt that is going to happen.

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