Having informed the community that he wouldn’t be available for officiating the fights in the arena, Psly wondered, as he pulled into his garage and parked his bike, what he’d do with all this newfound free time,

Reflecting on tonight’s meeting, he noted that his speech, moreover his delivery, had brought more than a couple of laughs where they’d been needed most; particularly with the few who had been disappointed that he wouldn’t be so closely involved in arena business.

Psly had tried to complement his speech by dressing to create a good impression, hoping a smart outfit would provide the professional appearance that would show he meant business. He’d paired the silk black suit with a crisp white button down shirt and suitably conservative black leather shoes, sure that it make people see him as a professional, and not just another piece of street trash.

However, he was oblivious to the impressive breadth of his shoulders, barely restrained by the cut of his custom made suit. Nor the effect that a glimpse of his rippling muscles, through his dress shirt, would have on just about any female still with a pulse. Psly didn’t seem to realize there was no way that he could deflect attention from his body and the fact that it illustrated his experience as a professional fighter.

Not that his intentions appeared to have worked, Psly observed dryly to himself. That’s if the majority of women checking him out was anything to go by. Sometimes it was hard being taken for a sex object. Really hard on his cock, he remembered painfully, especially when he couldn’t do anything about it.

Maybe he should have tried a little harder and worn a tie and buttoned up his suit jacket a little sooner. The skin exposed by those couple of undone buttons at his throat had been on fire, it had seemed to draw their attention just as much as his speech had. It had felt as if he was being eaten alive by a Psly hungry crowd; the feel of hot searching eyes raking his body - while initially gratifying - had gotten to be far too… distracting.

Psly draped his overcoat on the peg by the door, then flipped on the light. Puttering around downstairs for a short time, he was almost disappointed to see nobody in his tub. A shame, that. Who’d have thought going to a town meeting would put him in the mood for getting hot and sweaty with a willing shebody.

Carefully removing his suit, Psly idly wondered if it would be replacing his ‘getting lucky’ outfit. Amusing as that thought was, Psly didn’t dwell on it for too long, as he got ready for bed. He had no wish to start something he couldn’t finish and get his imagination going. Hanging the suit in the laundry room, he casually tossed his boxers in the hamper’s direction, remembering to turn off the hall light on his way up to the loft.

He paused in the doorway, hearing a low, throaty chuckle. Eyes adjusting quickly, Psly scanned around the room. The same low voice called from the rumpled sheets.

"It’s about time you crawled home. . ."

Psly grinned appreciatively in response to that husky drawl, maybe he didn’t need an outfit to get lucky. Recognizing the voice, he wasn’t surprised when he saw Alicia, splayed out under the satin, clearly at home on his king-size bed. Taking up a casual lean against in the door frame, Psly watched Alicia move under the smooth fabric, an involuntary quirk of his brow, the only indication that he welcomed her presence and admired her boldness. This sure made up for his tub being empty.

"Damn 'Licia. . .ain't you tired of me yet?" Psly teased as he walked over to his bed, referring to their previous encounters.

Slipping the sheet off her, he couldn’t help but murmur “Oh my…” at the sight of her lush body. Alicia smiled seductively as she edged off the bed, turning up the light slowly.

Slowly sinking to the bed, he could only watch in silence as she stood and pirouetted. From her come hither look, she was clearly enjoying posing for him in what unmistakably was an outfit designed to drive him out of his mind. Psly was sure she appreciated the simultaneous effect seen in his painful and instant erection and rapt attention.

Light gleamed off the black leather thigh-high boots as Alicia balanced expertly on the four inch heels. The narrow band of black fabric around her thighs rode dangerously low on her hips, barely holding her to modesty by less than a half inch up or down. A silver belly chain accented the flat stomach. Her sheer top did absolutely nothing do hide her breasts underneath, and her chocolate brown hair cascading over bare shoulders and a wide leather choker completed the look that had stopped Psly dead in his tracks and rooted his feet to the floor.

"You like?" Alicia smiled, knowing the question to be rhetorical; she could easily see the effect she was having on his still growing cock..

Still speechless, Psly could only watch mutely, a dumbstruck expression his only response as she turned around to pick something up off the floor, displaying her complete lack of underwear. ‘Damn’, he thought, ‘she even took care of her hair ... ‘

"Baby, you look good enough to eat." Psly murmured, finally able to speak. Seeing her snatch had shocked him out of his trance, and got him ready for action.

"Funny," Alicia purred back, "That's exactly what I was thinking. But. . ." she trailed off as he moved towards her. Psly looked confused until Alicia put the bag she had picked up on the bed. His expression changed from confused to dawning comprehension as she smiled and pulled out various scarves.

"Lay down." Alicia said as she removed several leather straps from the bag.

Observing Psly’s amusement increase along with his cooperation as he did what he was told, she bound him hand and foot to the bed frame with those straps. Alicia slipped one of the scarves over Psly's mouth, nibbling on his ear as she tied it tightly around his head. Placing a pillow behind his head, Alicia whispered, "Enjoy the show. . ."

Stepping back, Alicia turned Psly's music player on, then began swaying her hips seductively back and forth as she moved back to the bag, and danced over to the corner of the room, where she'd already set up a small video camera on a tripod. Delicious anticipation shivered through her as she pressed the record button.

Spinning back on her heel, Alicia sauntered over to the bed, picking up several of the remaining scarves, trailing them over her body. She tied one underneath the skirt, winking at him, then turned around and unzipped the side of it, tossing it across the room.

Alicia was conscious that the scarf only just covered her hips and mound, and had no effect at all on covering her ass - that was the look she was going for after all. But she was conscious too of Psly’s intense gaze, traveling over her body as she moved. If she could get any hotter just on game play, she didn’t know how.

With her back still turned to Psly, Alicia tied another scarf underneath the top, and slowly peeled the sheer fabric off, uncaring that she tossed tossing it in the opposite direction of the skirt.

Twisting back to face him, she cupped her breasts under the scarf, and blew him a kiss. The sight of Alicia, wearing two scarves, the belly chain, those boots, and that choker, was maddeningly erotic.

Feeling awareness of Psly’s fixed gaze caused Alicia to sway her hips that little bit more as she drifted over to the telecom, turning the music up. Moving in time to the beat, she leisurely walked back to his restless body.

Crawling on to the bed, a wicked smile illuminating her intent, Alicia licked her way leisurely up Psly’s erection, rewarding his squirming patience with a thorough kiss on his oozing tip.

"I didn't get too much of a chance to do this in the sauna the last time, so I thought I'd give it more of a try tonight." Alicia smilingly informed Psly, as she took his cock in her grasp again.

Her eyes locked to his, even with her head bent, Alicia slipped a mouthful of his shaft past her very red, and very wet lips. Behind the scarf, Psly’s groans increased along with her bobbing motion. Enjoying his involuntary movements and seeking to bring him even further to climax, she slowly came back up to the head, tongue fluttering lightly along the underside of his shaft.

"I've been, practicing ... " Alicia grinned, then opened her lips again and took him halfway down her throat in one smooth motion, her tongue flicking the base of his staff as she moved her hand out of the way and swallowed around his erection. Alicia could tell by the sudden tensing of Psly's legs and stomach that her throat was doing a wonderful job of stimulating his senses to the fullest. She moved back up slowly, licking the underside of Psly’s cock again, and his hips moved up with her as he moaned in pleasure.

Alicia moved her hand around behind her, untying the lower scarf, taking it and tying it around her wrist, and reached up to untie the one around his face as she took Psly down her throat again, her tongue still fluttering down the length of his cock. She turned around to straddle Psly’s bare chest, keeping her shaved mound just out of reach of his tongue, but where he could easily see her, and feel her wetness dribbling onto his skin.

Alicia's head began bobbing with gusto, and she eased back to where Psly could just reach her with his tongue. He groaned again, and bent his head forward to lick her exposed clit. Alicia giggled around him and scooted down his body again, moving just out of reach as she fervently worked on his shaft with her mouth. She wondered how long it would take him to short circuit. Alicia reached over to the bag again, pulling out a long chain of small silver beads with loops on the ends, then slipped her mouth off of him and stood beside the bed again, holding the beads loosely in her hand.

Psly’s face was almost pitiful as he looked at her in desperation, then threatened to fly right out of their sockets as Alicia untied the scarf around her chest, tying it to the other wrist, and slipped the loops of the chain over her nipples, pulling them taut. She moaned at this new sensation, tugging at the chain lightly with one hand, as she lifted one booted leg onto the bed and slipped her other hand down to her bare mound.

Alicia’s eyes locked on his again as she circled her clit with a finger, then slipped down to plunge in between her sopping labia. Another finger soon joined in the fun, as she ground the heel of her hand against her clit, her eyes going glassy. Alicia began quivering as the first of many climaxes rolled through her as she teased Psly with her own pleasure. Moving quickly up to him, Alicia put her fingers on Psly's lips, and he licked the juices off obligingly.

"Tonight, I'm in control, Psly. To put it bluntly, I'm going to fuck the hell out of you." Alicia smiled wickedly, then moved to the foot of the bed again, bending down at the waist to display her ass and hairless pussy to the camera as her hand moved to her slit again, and took him into her mouth once more. Her fingers worked furiously as she slowly slid Psly’s erection in and out of her mouth. The excitement of having him under her control and playing for the camera soon had Alicia climaxing again, and she moaned around his erection.

She reached into the bag again, pulling out a glove which looked familiar to Psly. He soon recognized it as one of the gloves he'd used before installing the pads in his fingers. Alicia waved it at him while continuing her oral attentions on his erection. He didn't have too long to wonder about it, nor the necessary brain power to consider it. All his concentration was at this moment on desperately trying not to flood her throat just yet.

Alicia slipped the glove onto her hand, and climbed up on top of the bed. Grasping his cock with her gloved hand, she turned it on, and took him once more into her mouth, as he threw his head back and growled. Again, Alicia was only teasing him, as she let go quickly and moved up to rub her moist pussy lips against his straining erection. Alicia tugged at the chain attached to her nipples as she rubbed her crotch on Psly's cock, coating his shaft in her more than abundant slickness.

She then turned to face the camera, reaching down to guide him into her. Alicia slid down slowly onto Psly's rigid member, reveling in the feeling of control and his shaft filling her pussy to the limit. She took Psly to the hilt, then started rocking her hips on top of him, tossing him a look of lust over her shoulder. Then she leaned back, placing her bare hand on his chest for support, and pinched her own clit with the glove.

A pure animalistic scream ripped from her lungs as she writhed on top of him, pinching herself even harder in the process. Alicia’s orgasm soared through her, the juices flowing freely from within, and she let go of her engorged nub and reached over for the bag again. Taking out a small device, she grinned evilly over her shoulder at him again, and leaned forward slightly.

Reaching behind her, she touched the now buzzing metal cylinder to her rosebud, and began literally bouncing up and down his shaft. Her breathing became ragged and hoarse, as Alicia screamed out her release once more. She increased the pressure of her hand, and the vibrator slipped inside her anus, and she came again with a shriek. Moving the device in and out of her sphincter, Alicia grasped a hold of her clit again with the glove, and squirted her juices all over Psly with another powerful climax.

Being under Alicia, feeling her go wild on top of him, Psly couldn’t help but be thankful that he’d hooked up with her. His libido surely appreciated it. Her constant inventiveness; her willingness to surprise him with different positions and games amazed and gratified him; it was all that was keeping him from blowing his load now. Knowing her stamina and creativeness, he doubted that was a situation that would last for much longer.

Alicia slipped off of Psly’s shaft then, her eyes showing only lust, as she pulled the vibrator from her ass and set it aside, reaching for her dripping pussy and rubbing her juices down to her anus. She closed her eyes and lifted herself up and over Psly’s cock again, and slid the tip up and down her labia, finally placing the head of his cock onto her sphincter.

That just about did it for Psly. There seemed to be no end to what Alicia was willing to do with him, even though he was pleasantly surprised at where she'd aimed his shaft. If she was going to take him there, Alicia had been practicing indeed. Nothing she had ever done even hinted to Psly that Alicia was into that sort of thing.

Alicia settled down on his tip lightly, and very slowly pushed down, holding him steady. Her constant climaxing and her earlier manipulations had her in a very relaxed state. It was almost easy to slip him past her rosebud, and Alicia threw her head back as she sank down onto him. She laid back on his chest, and pointed to the ceiling. "Mirror. . .there. . ." she panted. "I wanna . . . see."

Alicia had remembered watching the tournament Psly had entered on a whim and won, giving him quite a bit of magical talent. She had spent a couple nights whiling away the time by thinking of fantasies of what they could do in his new tower.

It took him a bit of concentration, but Psly complied, calling a shimmering reflective circle into being so that she could watch her performance. Alicia’s hands went back down to her slit, the gloved hand pinching her clit while she slammed her fingers into her channel, Psly’s erection still buried to the hilt in her ass. She screamed, long and loud, as only a few moments of this had her literally gushing with her orgasm, her juices shooting out to just short of her knees.

Psly had been trying desperately to hold himself back, but this was simply too much stimulation for him, and he exploded deep into her bowels as he joined her in screaming out his pleasure. Wave after wave overcame them both, and Alicia collapsed on top of Psly, both of them losing consciousness from the intensity of it.

Alicia was the first to awaken this time, having been brought by both Psly and herself to this point several times over the past few days. Psly'd actually snapped the leather restraints in his release, and they simply laid there for a while, not even noticing when he softened and slipped out of her anus, their combined fluids making one serious mess on the sheets. She moved off of him on shaky legs, unbuckling the leather around his wrists and ankles, throwing them to the side.

Alicia then slowly made her way to the shower, where she she’d the boots and choker and cleaned herself quickly but thoroughly. Wincing slightly at the tender condition of her pussy and ass, she was still rather pleased with the results. For once, Psly had been the one knocked the fuck out, man.

Drying herself, Alicia put both the boots and collar back on, and walked over to where Psly laid unconscious on the bed. She brought a wash rag with her, and calmly cleaned him off. She smiled as she noticed Psly's member stirring a little under her tender ministrations.

Alicia checked the camera again, and noted it still had some tape left. Alicia felt a smile play over her face, then made her way back to the bed, where she laid on top of him, facing the camera. Reaching behind her, Alicia took one of Psly’s hands and manipulated it so that two of his fingers were inserted in her pussy, and his thumb rested on her clit. She grasped him by the wrist, and began moving his hand in slow, small circles, enjoying the slow buildup this time.

Between using his hand for the stimulation and rubbing her erect and bound nipples over his stomach, Alicia brought herself to another small climax just as the camera clicked off.
'Now,' she thought, 'I'm more than satisfied. He'll never think of me the same way again.'

Sighing, she lay laid back down on top of Psly, scooting back so that her wide open pussy would be the first thing he laid eyes on when he woke. Just before she slipped off to sleep, her last thought made her laugh softly to herself.

‘The least I can do is breakfast in bed ... ’

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