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Sucking A Man's Cock Is One Of Ure Pleasure
Sucking a man's cock is one of the pure pleasures in life. It's sad to think that many women and t-girls don't appreciate just how much fun it can be. The reason for this is they don't know how to do it correctly and so it doesn't end up being much fun.

Because if you mess up, you don't get your reward. The cock doesn't get hard, the man doesn't have a good time and the woman feels like a failure.

But here's the good news: It's easy to learn how to be a terrific cock sucker. And I'm going to tell you exactly how. It doesn't matter what setting you choose, you can be home in bed or parked in some backstreet but seek whatever level of privacy you need to feel relaxed and sexy. Let’s say you're in his office and its empty you’re with a man you like and you know he'd love to have a good blow job about now. Slip down on the floor between his legs and open his fly. Reach in and touch his prick.

If he's hot for you, it will already be hard. If he's nervous, it may still be bent up inside his shorts. Grab hold of his cock and lean up to his face and kiss him. See if you can feel a response down below. Any movement is a good sign. Now pull his cock out and see how it stands. If it's straight up, you're doing great, otherwise, here's what to do: Pull his balls out. If the pants are too tight, pull them down. Now hold his balls in your left hand and his cock in your right. Squeeze it gently down toward the bottom of the shaft and get ready to suck. Run your tongue over your lips to get them good and wet and look into your man's face. He wants to watch you suck him off.
Men love to watch. Now open your mouth just slightly to tease and excite your man and come very close to his cock. Breathe on him, blow on him with your hot breath. Stick your tongue out again and reach for him, tease him.

Making sure your tongue is dripping wet, begin at the bottom of his shaft and lick upwards, slowly. Turn your head sideways and pretend to take a bite of him, gently setting your teeth into his flesh. Wet him again with your tongue and use your hand to spread the liquid around if necessary. A wet cock looks and sounds a lot sexier than a dry one. Your left had meanwhile is massaging those balls, perhaps scratching them lightly with your fingernails. You may also want to reach behind and underneath the balls to get to that ever-so-sensitive area just before the anus, or even to run your fingers over his asshole very lightly. Since the muscle that cause erection originates back there, this will produce a reaction in his cock. After you've licked his shaft lots of times and it's all wet and hard, your man is going to start squirming with frustration if you don't start getting serious. A quick look up at his face will let you know when you're taking things too far. Teasing is a point.

A little experience in cock-sucking will educate you as to just when that point has been reached.
On one of your upward swings with your tongue, from the base of his shaft to the rim of his knob, don't stop. Continue your long, wet lick over the top of his cock, lingering at the hole in the centre. Stick your tongue into it, if you can, but don't suck the head yet. Now run your tongue around the rim of his knob, all the way around, making frequent passes on the tender skin directly facing you. This is where most men are the most sensitive.

But not all men! That's one thing a good cock sucker has to learn to do, as soon as you're comfortable, that is. Ask questions. Each man is unique and so is his cock. Squeeze the shaft and see if some clear liquid pops up. If it does, dip your tongue into it and pull away. It will stretch with you and look fantastically erotic to your partner. Now, make like you love the stuff. Close in on that cockhead like it was chocolate ice-cream and take the whole knob into your hot mouth. Hold it there. Listen to him moan.

Now down quickly and take as much of his cock as you can get into your mouth.
Don't worry, you won't choke. If you bend your neck in just the right way, you can take it clear into your throat. Stay there, with the cock down your mouth, for just a moment. Feel it inside of you. This can be almost as luscious as having one in your t-pussy. It grows on you. At this point you can do several things. This is one of them: Slide back up to the tip of the cock and flick your tongue against it. Your man will be getting antsy now, wanting you to deep-throat him some more. But don't let him bully you. If he had his way, it'd be over in two minutes and what fun is that? Moving as fast as he can handle it (don't let him come yet), slide up and down on his cock as if you're fucking him. If he gets too close to coming, stop, or at least slow down. If you can't get all the way down to the bottom of his prick, you can cheat a little by using that right hand of yours to complete the sensation of deep throating him. It still looks as if you've got the whole thing in your mouth and still feels like it. You can also slide your fingers, made in an O-shape around the shaft, up and down with the rhythm of your sucking.

That's another thing. Besides just mouthing the cock, you can suck it which is quite different. There are deep-sucks and little ones and both feel damned great. Your man may have a preference, however, so watch his reactions. Taking just the knob in your mouth, suck it as if it were a nipple or a straw. This feels so good to the man; it makes my pussy hot just thinking about it. The other suck is a long, sweeping one, where you take the whole cock and suck it all the way up like you would a popsicle and then go back and do it again, sucking on the way down as well.

Here is an important thing to know: Any of these moves will feel great the first few times or more, but after a while, it's as if the cock gets immune to feeling. When you sense this, it's time to move onto your next play. You don't want the cock to go to sleep. You want it constantly stimulated, almost, but not quite, to the point of orgasm. This is just about where we are now. You've got a raging hard-on in your right hand and some tight balls in your left. Lean back and take a look at it. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Move your right hand all the way to the base of the cock and squeeze it there. This will cause the shaft to fill and thicken, and by now the knob, will be shining and smooth. Continue to take the prick into your mouth and suck and try out all your various moves until you know the man can't stand anymore and he's going to blast off.

What you do now is between you and your lover.

Personally, I like to watch it shoot. It gives me visual images for my wet dreams and besides, it's a thrill to see the spurting cum. It's amazing how much of that stuff comes out and how far it shoots. If you want to watch, you'll feel it coming with your right hand and know when to back off. You can even try to catch some on your tongue if you're fast. You might want to swallow it, some t-girls do, and lots of guys like to have it swallowed. Be careful to back up a little when it goes off though or you'll gag on it and that's not too romantic. Take it into your mouth and hold it there and then swallow it.

Another solution and this is a nice one too, unless you're making love where you can't make a mess, is to let the warm, wonderful juices gush into your mouth and then slide around the already wet cock. It makes it so slippery and delightful to touch! You'll want to run your hands through it, feeling that hard cock all the way up, smoothing the glistening cum over the knob. This makes a great sensual image too, for you and for your man.

Now you've given your man a blow job that he'll not forget. Believe me, if you follow my instructions, this guy will want to see a lot more of you.

I've heard from men that one woman in fifty knows how to give good head. The rest act like it's a big favour. This is another point I should make. If you don't like to give head and you've tried to learn to like it and it still doesn't work, don't give up. Maybe you'll like it more as you grow older. Men say older women and t-girls are much better at giving head. But I should warn you, there are a lot of out here who love to give head and we're going to be stiff competition for you shy ones. I know I can even have orgasms sucking cock.

One final note, this time for the men: Don't push it. There's nothing more deadly than having a man push your head down there.

Just wait. If your t-girls into it, she'll get around to it, sometimes not until the second time you make love. And if you give her time, she'll learn to like it. If she doesn't enjoy it, perhaps your next lover will. Now go out and get 'em!

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A ggod trick to keep from gagging until you find the angle that works best to deep throat is to put 3 sore throat lozengesin your mouth and keep the spit and lozenges as far back in your throat without swallowing as long as you can. You can swallow the spit when it gets too much and keep the lozenges back in there until they are gone. Then wait 10 minutes (tokeep him from getting numb too!) and then you'll be ready for throating him. My gf did this to me all the time and never gagged once! The best sensation was coming while she held me down her throat until I was drained. Ahh, memories!

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Works for straight girls too, no?

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