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An unexpected turn of events leads to something awesome.
This is the final part of "The best night of my life" stories. The stories will continue under a new name :3. HA. FOOLED YOU XD.

Anyway, this story will probably be LONG. You may cum and have time to recharge and cum again before it's done ;).
<3 all my supporters :)

"Morning babe!" Alex said, waking me up by kissing me. "Hey sexy! Let's get ready for school!" I responded. We exchanged blowjobs to get rid of morning wood. Then, we got dressed and ran out to the bus, skipping breakfast. We had to pretend we weren't dating on the bus, which was hard! When we got to school we went to Jake and Kevin. They were making out in the corner. I guess we all are bi, haha! I saw Sara too. "Alex...we need to dump Sara." I whispered. He nodded. We approached her. "Hey guys!" Sara said. "Hey." we said in a nervous tone. " and Alex dont think you fit us and were breaking you off of the threeway relationship. I'm sorry." She gasped, started crying, and ran away. What a fucking baby. Anyway, I asked Jake if him and Kevin were dating. "We have been for like two months in secret." Neat! Sadly the bell rang and we all went on our ways.

I won't talk about our school day because that's boring. At the end of the day, me and Alex went home and started making out nude on his bed. "Babe we can't just mindlessly fuck let's go on a date." Alex said. "Let's go see that Captain America movie!" I replied. Alex agreed and we bought tickets online. Alex knows how to start a car without keys so he turned his moms car on and drove us to the mall. I gave him roadhead on the way and he loved it. I knew he would. We went and waited 30 mins for the movie to start and we went and saw it. It's a really nice movie. Very funny! When we got out I took Alex to a public area and we started making out for show. People stopped and stared at us. One bible freak cursed us. We got home and Alex ordered pizza. We ate it and played xbox nude til 11. We were so tired we skipped having sex haha. We fell asleep holding eachothers cocks in our mouths.

The rest of the week is majorly the same and a major snoozefest. Here comes the good part.


On Friday night, Alex's parents came home while we were having sex. I tried to hide under his covers. "What the hell Alex!?" his Dad screamed. "WERE YOU JUST FUCKING JOHN?" "Yes sir. He was. His cock is hot." I responded. "Both of you GET OUT. YOU ARE FORBIDDEN FROM RETURNING ALEX. GRAB YOUR SHIT AND GO." his dad now very pissed off said. "Alex you can come home with me." We grabbed all his things and walked to my home.

"Hey John!" mom said. "What's with all the crap?" "Alex got kicked out." I responded. "Why?" she asked. I started kissing Alex. "Oh. Come in here you lover boys. You can stay with us for now Alex. I'll help you find an apartment. Take John with you!" We all laughed. "Awesome idea mom!" "Here you might need these." mom reached into her desk and tossed me a box of condoms. "Thanks Mom!" I shouted while running upstairs. I threw the condoms out in my room. I dont need em! Me and Alex stripped and fell asleep on my bed.

I woke up with Alex's cock on my lips and dry cum in front of my mouth. He Must've gotten horny. I noticed he was asleep and blew him awake. "Woah there John!" we murdered our morning woods.

"Hey John, Alex, good news!" Mom shouted. We dressed and ran downstairs.

"Nice cum stain John." mom sighed as she noticed cum on my chin. I faked a laugh.

"I found you two an apartment. Two bedrooms one bathroom large game room. Does that fit you two?" she asked. We both nodded. "Let's go then!" we filled moms car with Alex's stuff. We went to the complex and paid the person the move in fee. "I'll pay it because John is living here. Don't worry." mom assured us. Mom helped us move everything in and then left. We were on our own. Fuck. Yes. We invited Jake and Kevin over.

"Hey you sexy duo!" I said when they arrived. I kissed them both and welcomed them in. I don't believe I ever described Kevin. He looks and dresses like an emo. Emo kids are so hot. All four of us got nude and played spin the bottle / truth or dare again, the game that started it all. I was it first and it landed on Alex. "Alex I dare you to have either anal or oral sex with me for the entire game." I had made him my bitch. He started riding me. It was Jakes turn and it landed on Alex. "Alex, I dare you to blow me while Alex is fucking you from behind until we both cum. "Fuck that will feel SO FUCKING GOOD! LETS GET STARTED!!" Alex screamed in ecstasy. Alex got on all fours and I got behind him. Jake got in front. He started blowing Jake. After a couple minutes I felt Alex swallow and I came in his ass. We sure were done though! It was Kevins turn and it landed on Alex. "FOR FUCKS SAKES HAHA!" he yelled. We burst into laughter. "Alex, I dare you to fuck my ass while John is fucking yours while Jake is fucking his." Holy shit. Kevin is a porn master! We all laid on the soft carpet floor and positioned ourselves so each cock was in the appropriate ass and we all started thrusting. The feeling of thrusting one asshole while getting fucked was too much for me and Alex and we both came after a minute. Jake and Kevin soon followed.

"Happy housewarming guys! To you and your relationship!" we toasted glasses of water.

Next story will continue the love. I dont want it to be continuous mindless fucking. Should I leave it here, wrap it up with a last part, or keep going? I am litterally now out of ideas. Sorry X.X.

Author Note: If you want to speak to me personally make an account and inbox me.



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This was great. Are you still writing stories?

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This was great. Are you still writing stories?

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