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I was 15, a sophomore and had absolutely no one close. My father overdosed on heroin three years before and died. My mother was also a drug addict. She would leave me by myself for months at a time and would only come back to steal money from me. I was the kid your mother warned you about. I smoke, drank, did drugs, fought, broke into stores for money. I was a fuck up.

My friends and I had a fort we made in the woods. No one knew about it. We would walk a different way each day so we didn't make a trail. We would drink and smoke and do any drug we could get inside the fort. It was a simple fort. Just some pieces of plywood nailed together. We had a couch, some lawn chairs and a battery powered radio inside. I skipped school a lot and would go hang out there. My teachers would call my house (when I was able to pay the electricity bill) and leave messages for my mother saying I wasn't in school and I am failing my classes.

One day I actually went to school. One of my teachers, Ms. Cook asked where I had been. I told her my mother had been sick and I had to take care of her. I could tell right then she didn't believe me but she accepted my answer without anymore questions. Ms. Cook was my favorite teacher. She was the only one happy to see me when my other teachers treated me like the scum I was and knew I should be in a juvenile prison somewhere. She had straight dirty blonde hair that flowed down to her shoulders. Bright blue eyes, a cute little nose and luscious lips made up her beautiful face. She was a very young looking lady for her age. She was about 37 when this took place. She was slim. Her breasts weren't exactly the biggest but they were always very perky and nice. She had a cute little ass. One that you just couldn't help but stare at which was extremely hard to stop on fridays when she was able to wear jeans.

I went to her classroom after school to see if she would lend me a dollar for a drink. She did and we had a small conversation for awhile about my dog Kona, a brown and white pit bull puppy. When we finished talking I walked to the store and got a drink. As I made my way home I felt as if I was being followed. I turned around at one point and only saw two men working in a yard and a white car driving by. Nothing strange. When I got home there was a white car sitting in front of my house. I figured it was just someone at my neighbors house. I fed Kona and went to the fort. I kept feeling like I was being followed but couldn't see anything. I got to the edge of the woods and looked back. A white car drove past.

"Fuck that is weird" I thought as I went in.

I got about 30 feet into the woods and I heard a car horn. Like it was being locked.

"Who the fuck drove?" I said quietly to myself. "Oh shit I bet it was Ryan!"

When I got to the fort my friends were already there.

"Yo! what's up dude?!" all my friends said as I walked in.

"Hey guys. Who is coming?" I said as I sat on the couch.

"Uhh, just you, me, Chris and Jacob" my friend Dakotah said while rolling a joint.

"So no one drove?"

" Nah bro, not unless you rode your motorcycle." He said still rolling.

"Damn thats weird. I heard a car lock like at the edge of the woods. You know, like where we go in at." I said.

"Eh it's nothing bro. Here hit this" He handed me the joint. I took two hits and passed it around the circle.

As we smoked and drank we discussed our lives, who got out of jail recently, who recently went to jail, girls, and just random shit. It was just another normal day in the fort. Until I looked down. I saw a lady walking straight towards the fort with an angry look on her face. It was Ms. Cook. She saw me and yelled my name. She said we might as well all come down. We decided to all jump out and run. She couldn't recognize all of us. We all jumped down and started running. Ms. Cook caught me. She told me she was disappointed in me. She told me I could be doing better things. For about 5 minutes she made me feel like shit and sorry for what I had done. Then she said she should call the cops. I begged her not too. I told her I would do anything for her not to. After I begged she looked at me and said she wanted to go inside the fort.

We went inside and she asked me if I really meant I would do anything for her not to call. I said yes. She told me to masturbate. She wanted to watch. So here I am, 15, high and slightly drunk, alone in a fort with a gorgeous woman who is blackmailing into masturbating for her. I pulled my cock out and could not get hard. I told her I was having trouble and she said she could help. She pulled off her shirt exposing her beautiful breasts inside a small pink lace bra. She then unhooked the bra. As it fell to the floor my cock got rock hard. Her nipples were small and hard. Her tits stayed just as perky as when the bra was on. She tickled her nipples with her finger for a minute and then sat down in a lawn chair. I continued stroked my cock for a while and she stuck her hand down her pants. She fingered herself while watching me and would let out small little moans every few seconds which drove me wild. I told her when I could feel the cum coming. She knelt down and told me to cum on her face and tits. I got up and shot my hot load all over her. She swallowed all that was in her mouth and wiped the rest off with her fingers and licked them clean.

"Now, lets get you home. I need to talk to your mother." she said as she put her bra and shirt back on. "Oh by the way, do you have a towel in here?"

I wiped my cock off and threw her a towel. She said thank you and wiped the last of the cum off.

"How about a kiss baby?" She asked me.

"Rinse your mouth out first." I threw her a bottle of water and she rinsed her mouth out.

I walked over to her and we kissed. We fell on the couch. She laid on top of me as I tickled the roof of her mouth and we tongue wrestled. Once she had enough she got up.

"Okay. NOW, we need to get you home and i must speak with your mother."

"Well umm..." I said hesitantly. "She's not really home. Last time I've seen her was about 3 months ago. She came in for about 2 hours to take money from me. She does this a lot actually. I've been on my own since my dad died. I guess that was 3 years ago. I don't even have electricity in my house. Couldn't pay the bill. I do have running water though. Luckily the house is paid for so I don't have to worry about it being repossessed. I steal just to get food or money to pay bills. I never steal from people I know. I just couldn't do that to someone. I want to change but I honestly can't if things continue like this." As I said these words I saw tears form in Ms. Cook's eyes.

"Oh my god baby. I knew you had some family issues but I didn't know it was that bad! I believe you are really a good kid inside. Tell you what. You come live with me and my daughter for at least one week. If you like it you can stay as long as you need to or want to. If you don't you can leave whenever you want.

Chapter 2 coming soon featuring Ms. Cook's daughter!

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2012-07-24 06:19:50
julia / What beautifully wrteitn agony! My god, what an ordeal. I could feel your hurt. I thought this line exquisitely described what women weave :The fiction writer in me can envision living with you, having love, requited, as well as humor, loads of highly erotic sex, and being giddy about the successes of business we launch, manage and sell.A nice fantasy.This is a woman at the peak of weaving, like the magically optimistic feeling right after orgasm!I also found the emphasis on rhetoric in some of the last emails very potent. Rhetoric is hard to avoid when trying to communicate that youb4ve been hurt, but how else to convey how youb4re feeling than through words? I find the most possibility of non verbal communication is in a place very far from feeling hurt. So, until we can telecommunicate, i guess rhetoric will have to be used, and carefully chosen as not to cloud the situation further.Brilliant brilliant revision of this story. I love it!a1Me encanta!

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2011-09-06 02:16:38
anxiously waiting for the next part

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2011-09-06 00:41:32
Interesting start, this has potential, but it could turn out to be absolute shit if ur not careful


2011-09-05 20:29:04
wow a great start hope the next part is a bit longer and a bit more detail about the people in the story . what she look like . other wise well done

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