Repost of the whole Twins series. Per your requests.
Chapter 10. Emily becomes a Babysitter.

Introduction: Emily introduces Ted to the twins, Tori and Lori.
This is a two part story. It is also the first in a series.
The series continues with “Sheri & the Twins”
Then “Alisia and Sabrina” meet the twins for Sabrina’s birthday party.
Derrick has the twins for a weekend in a following “Alisia and Sabrina”.

Background: Emily and her two friends had a New Year’s Eve party where Rachel lost her cherry. It is now about three months later.

Some would say the honeymoon is over. I say thanks because Emily, Rachel, Alexi and Em’s mom Suzy kept me worn out to the point where I was losing weight and my work was suffering. When Suzy went out of town over the New Year’s holidays, the three girls stayed the nights with me and it established a pattern of coming over every day after school and spending several nights each week at my house. The parents were told they always stayed at another girl’s house for a ‘sleep-over’. In fact, we had our own sex club and the sex was non-stop.

Emily would fuck me after school because it was the only time she could get her ass fucked; her new favorite position. Then when I would visit Suzy about once a week and fuck her, Emily would either join in or get me afterwards for regular sex. Most the time I just do both of them at the same time and mom and daughter would swap my cum. Sometimes, when Suzy was in a romantic mood, she would have Em stay the night with Alexi and keep me to herself. I think she was trying to prime me to marry her. She does not know she has two more teen girls as competition.

Thirteen year old Rachel has the ‘Daddy’ fixation. She does not want to share me willingly with the other girls, but she has fun when they party together. She lost her shyness because Em invited her to the New Year’s Eve party and she had her pussy eaten the first time by a guy. Now I try to have her over to my house after school without the other girls present and we play ‘honeymoon’ with ‘Daddy’. A psychiatrist would probably have fun with the mixed messages. All the sex and joining the cheer squad has been really good for Rachel. She is losing weight and her body is becoming tight. What was a flabby tummy is getting really toned and Rachel has a lot of fun telling me about guys hitting on her now. But she tells me she will always be my ‘Daddy’s girl’.

Sexy Alexi, the third girl in our group is super sweet. She told me a secret which the other girls don’t know. She is still a virgin even after all these months in our sex group. She sucks cock like a champ and swallows, plus she eats all the other girls pussies and they have not made a point of not seeing her get fucked. I think her birthday is coming soon and I will pop her as a birthday present.

What changed is that school got in the way with exams and sports. It made the girls miss days of coming over to my house and we got into a new pattern of fewer parties. The girls have also figured out that they don’t need to get laid every day and the world would not stop rotating. Add a week of ‘girl problems’ and I am well satisfied by seeing each girl only about once a week.

Suzy still makes out of town trips and I have to watch Emily. On those nights she stays at my house so that she can do it in her ‘fav’ position. Also, Em uses me to run some errands now and then. Today I took her shopping for a new cheer team outfit because her old one does not fit. Em has had one of those spring time growth spurts and she is taller than before. Her ass has added some shape and her tits are really growing. Alexi keeps telling her it’s from swallowing tons of cum and I just laugh.

After shopping, where Em drove all the sales girls crazy by running in and out of the dressing room half naked modeling cheer pants and tops, we stop at a nearby quick food place for food and drinks. As we get ready to sit down, Em shouts: “Oh hello, Ms. Hooper”, waiving at a young mom and her two daughters at a nearby table. She grabs my hand and drags me over to the other table and introduces me: “Ms. Hooper, this is my Uncle Ted”. Ms. Hooper extends her hand and tells me: “Call me Sherri, Ted. These are my girls Tori and Lauri. Sit down and join us.”

I was about to protest but Em was already sitting and opening our food. The girls chatter at Em and giggle at me. So I sit down next to Sherri and ask how she knows Em. “We live in the same subdivision and Em did some babysitting for me last year”, Sherri tells me. She adds: “Speaking of which, Em would you be available this Friday night?” Sherri and Em finalize her baby sitting plans and Em says: “My mom will not be home ‘till late on Friday night. Is it Ok for Uncle Ted to come to your house and pick me up?” Sherri looks at me and agrees. She tells us she has some deadline work projects which have to get finished on Friday, and adds: “I should be home by 10 pm, so come over then.”

I should mention that I was trying not to stare at daughters Tori and Lauri; but they are identical twins and they are dressed alike. I can’t help but to stare. They look to be about seven years old and have long red hair and slender bodies. They are wearing short cropped tops with spaghetti straps and jeans which look really tight. But since they are sitting I can’t really tell. Not only do they look alike and are dressed alike, but they eat alike. They take one French fry into their left hand and put it daintily into their mouths with the same movement at the same time. If they were sitting on opposite sides, you would think you are looking into a mirror. It’s a bit scary actually.

Sherri and I chit chat a little more and we all finish eating about the same time. Outside by the cars we say our good-byes and “see ya’ Friday”. As the girls climb into their mom’s SUV, I do notice their very tight jeans and their asses wiggling before they slam the doors. My mind goes: “Woa boy, they are a little young.”

Inside my truck, I tell Emily: “That was really weird; the girls look like mirror images. How do you tell them apart?” Emily tells me she can’t tell them apart, so she just fakes it. Since they normally are standing side by side, she just uses both their names. The girls are used to being called by the wrong name. I ask: “So what’s the story on Sherri?” Em tells me she thinks Sherri is a lawyer and seems to be doing well as a single mom. The dad divorced her and ran off with his secretary, is what she was told by the gossip grape vine. Sherri, who is quite good looking and about twenty-eight years old, proves the point that some guys will kick any girl out of bed. Sherri is about five feet six, with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is slender with medium sized tits. She seems to have a good personality and could be interesting to the right guy.

Emily reminds me of the large amount of homework she has waiting for her. So at her house I help her haul her bags to her room, kiss her good-bye and head for my own house.

Friday evening, I take Em to Sherri’s house about 5 pm. Sherri meets us at the door and tells us to come in. The twins are in the living room and jump up and down when they see Emily. Of course, they jump at the same time doing it the same way. Scary. Somewhat more seriously, they greet me with: “Hello, Uncle Ted. Thanks for bringing Em.” Again, they speak at the same time; it’s almost like hearing an echo. Today, they have their long red hair in braids, which makes them look even younger. The hint of small boobs and perky nipples under their silky tops and shapely asses in tight blue jeans lets me know they are older than the braids make them look. Em confirms the twins will have their seventh birthday in a few weeks.

Sherri tells us she should be back from work by 10 pm as we both leave and drive off.

Friday night, after cleaning up, I drive again to Sherri’s house to pick up Em at 10 pm. Knocking on the door, instead of ringing the bell, I try to be quiet since the girls should be asleep. Em lets me in and gives me a quick kiss and we sit in the living room waiting on Sherri. About fifteen minutes later, Sherri is still not home and Em asks me if I want to see the twins’ bedroom. “Uncle Ted, wait till you see the room and you will see that ‘mirror image’ you talked about.”

Emily opens the door quietly and soft night lights show me the room. A bed is on each side of the room with identical dressers and night stands. Two open toy chests have identical toys in them. The closet door is open and identical clothes are hanging in two rows. In the beds, the girls have kicked off their blankets and I get a voyeur’s shock.

One girl is on her stomach and her naked butt cheeks reflect in the light. When I look closer I can see she is wearing a tiny thong and a short cropped top. I can’t help but sneak over to her bed for a closer look. When I see where her hand is, I whisper to Em: “See her hand, did you know?” Em looks and shakes her head yes and says: “I have seen them playing with their pussies; but I act like I don’t see it.”

The girl’s hand is in her thong and there is a small wet spot on the bed between her legs. Emily reaches for the wet spot, runs her finger through it and sniffs it. She smiles and put the wet finger under my nose and I can smell the sweet little girl pussy odor. Then Em puts her fingers on my lips and I open my mouth and suck the drops of juice off her fingers. Wow, a sweet taste hits my tongue unlike anything I have tasted before.

Em grabs my hand and we go over to the other bed. I see a name tag “Lauri” over the bed. Lauri is on her back and her hand is stuck down the front of her little thong. Her short top is pulled up on one side displaying one perky little nipple. Good grief, I am about to get hard just looking at these two foxes. Em leans over and whispers into my ear: “Dip your finger into her.” Lauri’s thong is lose in her crotch, but I can’t see her slit. Gently and carefully I slide one finger under it and hit her wet pussy. Rubbing it slowly, I collect a few drops of dewy juice and pull my hand back. This time, I put my finger into Em’s mouth and have her suck it. She smiles and whispers: “Wow, its sweet”. Em pulls the blankets back over Lauri and Tori and we quietly leave the room.

We are back in the living room a few minutes later and Sherri comes home. She pays Em for babysitting and Em heads out the door. As I get ready to walk out the door, Sherri tells us: “Thanks Ted for bringing Emily.” She leans into me and gives me a little hug and her lips are next to my ear. “Call me after you drop off Em”, she whispers and puts something into my hand. I walk out behind Em like nothing happened.

At Emily’s house I notice Suzy’s car is in the driveway, so obviously she must be home. I drop Em off with a kiss and plans to see her the following week after school. When I call Sherri, she asks: “Can you come back for a little while? I ordered Pizza.” I tell her I should be there in a few minutes, but I can’t help but think of those two sweet little pussies.

Coming into Sherri’s kitchen, I am greeted by the smell of hot Pizza. Sherri suggests we sit on the back porch so that we can talk without waking the girls. She brings a bottle of wine along. By the time we finished the wine and pizza, I know a lot more about Sherri, her ex and her job. She tells me about the twins and not being able to tell them apart. For the first couple of years, she says, they had ankle bracelets with their names on them. She is thinking of getting them new fancy ones for their birthday, but the girls are old enough now where they could switch them just for fun.

Sherri shivers as a cool blast of wind hits us and I suggest we go inside. In the living room we turn the lights down and I settle on the couch. Sherri still has her expensive business suit on from work. She stands in front of me, reaches behind her and with one swift move unzips the dress and steps out of it. “Don’t want to get it all wrinkled up”, she says as she stands in front of me in a matching silky bra and panty set. Her bra is a half bra and it barely covers her nipples and the panties are little more than a thong. In her high heels, Sherri looks super-hot and sexy.

Sherri surprises me by sitting on my lap and putting her hands around my neck. Leaning forward, I kiss her lips softly and taste the wine in her mouth. She opens her mouth and lets me explore her with my tongue. My hands glide up and down her body before I stop on her breasts. Sherri arches her back and pushes her tits against my hand. With little effort I find her nipple and massage it for a few minutes before moving to the other tit. Sherri likes the nipple massage and sighs deeply. Her tongue is inside my mouth working me hard.

When my fingers move down to her thong she spreads her legs and lets me rub her pussy. In a few minutes we are breathing hard and I say: “Come on let’s go to your bed.” Sherri smiles at me and leads the way swaying her ass in front of me.

Sherri is on her bed naked with her legs spread wide open. “Hurry Ted”, she moans as I get my clothes off and sink my cock into her tight pussy. When I hit bottom Sherri tells me: “Faster Ted, OMG I haven’t had a cock in ages.” She wants to get off fast and hard. Sherri rocks her ass faster and I push into her as hard as I can. After about ten minutes of hard fucking, Sherri gasps: “I’m cuming.” Her pussy clamps down on my cock tightly as her whole body shakes. I am about to spurt my Jizz, too.

“Don’t cum inside me. I’m not on the pill”, Sherri whimpers. So I pull out of her at the last moment and move up to her face pointing my cock at her mouth. “Sherri, open”, I say and she looks at me with big eyes; but then smiles and opens her mouth and gets three ropes of Jizz on her tongue. Sherri looks at me as she swirls the cum around her mouth and then swallows. Oh, I like this girl. Swallowing girls know how to make guys feel good.

Sherri turns the light off and says: “Thanks Ted, we’ll do it again in the morning; but slow and easy.” Oh yes, I am looking forward to waking up next to Sherri.

Being Saturday morning, Sherri does not have to go to work so we do it again and again. Slow and easy, plus Sherri gets her pussy eaten which makes her squeal like a teen girl. Best of all, every time I was ready to cum, Sherri takes me into her mouth deeper and deeper and swallows each load without spilling a drop.

Finally we get up and Sherri fixes breakfast. Then she wakes the twins, who come into the kitchen wearing their tiny tops and thongs. Lauri and Tori’s eyes go wide with understanding seeing me at the table fully dressed but their mom in a housecoat. They giggle and make eyes at each other as they sit down next to me.

In turn, I eye their little tops and see pink nipples poking through the material and their silky thongs show their pussy slits plainly. One of them catches me staring at her pussy and she spreads her legs apart. The other twin mimics her action and I can see their pussies plainly. I control myself and just talk to Sherri as we plan to meet again next Friday after Emily finishes babysitting.

The following Friday finally arrives and I drop Emily off at Sherri’s house. As Sherri is leaving to work on her special project, she tells us: “I should be home by 9 pm and I should not be late.” Em asks Sherri: “Since you won’t be gone long, can Uncle Ted just hang out here instead of having to come back?” Sherri agrees and tells Em to be sure and get the girls to bed. Behind Em’s back she winks at me.

About an hour later Em tells the twins to get their bath and asks me if I could watch them so they don’t flood the bathroom while she keeps working on her homework. I say Ok and the twin run off to get ready for their bath. A little later I hear the water running for a long time so I know I better check what they are doing.

In the bathroom it is a pedophile’s dream. Two naked nearly seven year old hotties are in the tub splashing. Their red hair flows down their back and their pink nipples stand up ever so perky. When they see me, they giggle and say in unison: “Hi Uncle Ted, are you going to wash us?”

I had not planned on doing it; but hey, the ladies asked. What’s a man going to do?

“Yes girls, I’ll wash you if you want me to”, I tell them. Giggles again, and one of them says: “You have to take your shirt and pants off or they will get all wet from the sprayer”. I say: “Ok and how do I wash you?”

They explain the procedure which is to shampoo their hair while they are sitting down and then to wash their back while they stand up. I just realize, after my clothes are off, that they are perfectly able to wash each other. I bet I have just been had by the two little foxes; but I am already down to my jockeys, so let’s play.

Using baby shampoo, I lather up first the one twin’s hair and then the other girl. They are quiet and have their eyes closed and are sitting with their back toward me. When I rub their scalps they ‘Oohh’ and ‘Aahh’ almost like my three teen lovers when I eat their pussies. My thoughts are straying to pussy eating and tasting these girls cum last night.

I use the sprayer to rinse their hair and they giggle when the spray accidently hits me and wets me. My jockey shorts are wet and one of the twins says: “If you take them off, you can dry them with the hair dryer when we finish.”

After finishing with their hair, the twins stand up to have their backs washed. Using the shampoo and a sponge I run my hands up and down their backs at first and then move on to their shapely tushies. Here I use my hands to rub their asses and they ‘Oohh’ and ‘Aahh’ again. I let my middle finger glide between their ass cheeks and when I do it a second time, Lauri, I think, bends over and spreads her ass cheeks with her hands. “Mom says to always wash our bottoms good”, she says as she looks at me from her bent over position and smiles. She bats her pretty blue eyes and I know she is flirting like crazy.

Oh goodness, here is one sweet pucker and pussy lips in front of my face and she is asking me to wash it. I use my hand and run my fingers over her puckered rosebud and down to her pussy. Her pouty pussy is hairless and closed tight. On the third stroke I stop on her pussy and insert my middle finger and rub her just a little to test her reaction. Oh she loves it and gives a big sigh. Tori does not want to be left out, bends over and whines: “Me too, Uncle Ted.”

So Tori gets my other hand and I massage and play with their asses for about five more minutes. Both girls are getting my middle finger up their little slits and I notice they are both grabbing their ankles and holding on tight. I want to get them off; but I need to stop, so I say: “Ok girls, you are clean there, let’s wash your fronts.” They whine a little but turn around and push their shoulders back so their little tits point at me. When I circle their nipples with my hands and tweak their nipples they yelp and grin. Obviously the first time a man has pinched their baby nips. Just to warm them up a little more, after I rinse the shampoo off, I lean in and kiss all four nipples and let my tongue flick over them. Both girls Oohh again and their baby blue eyes are wide open.

Their daddy, who left them, is surely missing out on a lot of fun.

Finally I get them out of the tub and dried off. They each have a hair dryer going full blast working on their red hair. Tori points the dryer at my wet jockeys; but then says: “You are going to get burned this way, take them off.” Yes, I know they can see my cock tenting my undies so I may as well show it to them. I slide my jockeys off and watch the twins mouths drop open. Now they are speechless, but they are checking my equipment. Lauri gets on her knees and is joined by Tori. They look but don’t touch. I’m not sure how far to take it the first time so I don’t ask them to suck my cock. They stand back up without touching me. I know we will do it later, guaranteed.

In their bed room, they get ready to put on their night time thongs, but I lock the door with another plan in mind. Before last Friday, I would have never thought about eating these preteen pussies. I say: “I know you play with your pussies to put you to sleep, how about if I show you something that’s more fun?” They look at each other wide eyed and ask: “What?”

I have them lie down side by side on one bed and spread their legs. Giggling starts when I kneel down before them; but stops quickly when I tongue Lauri’s pussy. I spread her sweet lips with my fingers and run my tongue down the middle of her pink pussy all the way to her rosebud pucker. When I hit her puckered hole she inhales deeply and moans. Tori is watching intently and she moans at the same time as Lauri. I think they can feel each other’s emotions and when they cum at the same time it just knocks them out.

I switch to Tori and tongue her pussy. Tori and Lauri grab each other’s hands and they both moan together as I lick and slurp Tori’s pussy. Tori starts to rock her hips in beat with my licking and then Lauri rocks her hips and humps the air. The two girls are feeding off each other’s frenzy as I switch back and forth between them.

When I suck on Lauri the next time, I search for her tiny clit and attack it with fingers and tongue. She moans loudly and I know she is close to exploding. Tori has her eyes closed and is whimpering. I move back to her and tongue her clit several times and she explodes into my mouth. Drops of sweet girl juice run from her pussy and I lap them up before moving back to Lauri and sending her over the top too. Both girls are exhausted and lie before me with glazed eyes.

When I stand up they see my rock hard cock and it may be dawning on them they are about to get fucked. I line up with Laurie’s pulsing wet pussy and push my cock into her about three inches before hitting her hymen. Lauri squeals as my cock stretches her and she holds her sister’s hand in a death grip. She is real tight; but her wetness lets me slide into her. I fuck her slowly for a few minutes and switch to Tori. Tori spreads her legs and pulls her knees up to her head, opening her pussy as wide as possible. I push into her about two or three inches also and fuck her for a few minutes.

When I switch back to Lauri, she pulls her knees up like Tori, giving me easier access to her pussy. When I enter her she starts rocking her hips hard pushing her pussy up on my cock and I can feel it hitting her hymen. Lauri rocks even harder and I think she is trying to pop her cherry on my cock. Holy shit, this is more than I had planned. “Easy Lauri or I’ll pop your cherry”, I whisper to her. She puts her hands around my neck and her legs around my middle and whispers back: “Please do it, Uncle Ted.”

I look at Tori and Lauri and they are both shaking their heads yes. “Bite the corner of the pillow”, I tell her and when she does I give it a long hard stroke and pop her cherry. Lauri clamps down on the pillow, her hands dig into my arms and her legs kick my back. Tori’s eyes are like saucers as she watches her sister lose her virginity. After resting a minute, I stroke into Lauri as deep as I can without hurting her and she groans and then grins. “OMG, I love it”, she says as Tori looks at me with a wanton look.

Tori is ready with the corner of the pillow in her mouth when I switch to her. After a few short strokes she nods her head and I push hard into her. Her cherry pops and she has the same reaction. Her finger leave red welts on my arms where she grabs me as I rest with my cock deep in her pussy. We fuck a few minutes and I am ready to cum.

Good grief, I just popped two pre-teen virgins.

“Girls put your heads together and open your mouths”, I tell them as I place my cock over their faces. They look at me with a surprised look and keep their mouths shut. Lauri looks at Tori and then Tori whispers: “Saw it on the internet. Let’s do it”, as she opens her mouth wide and sticks her tongue out. Lauri does the same and the two tongues make a great target. With a few strokes I shoot a load of Jizz first into Lauri and then Tori’s mouth. Tori pulls my cock to her lips and licks me clean with her tongue. Before they swallow my cum, the girls do something I did not expect. They roll toward each other and kiss, swapping my cum back and forth for several minutes before finally swallowing.

The girls look at each other passing unspoken secret messages between themselves and then look at me and say together: “Thanks Uncle Ted. That was way more fun.”

“Let me clean you up and make sure there is no blood”, I tell them and I go for a hot wash cloth. After I have checked them closely and cleaned them up they put their night clothes on and crawl into their own beds. I kiss each one good night and both whisper the same question to me: “When can we do it again?” “Soon”, I tell them, wondering the same question myself.

After I take a quick shower, get my clothes on and clean up the bathroom, I notice it’s almost 9 pm and Sherri should be home any minute. I hope I recover fast enough so she does not notice I already shot one load of Jizz today, plus fucked her six year old twins, while Emily is doing homework in the living room.

What a day. And the night was still young.

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