Ted spends a second weekend with the Twins
Chapter 10.1 Sequel – Emily becomes a Babysitter II

Introduction: Emily introduces Ted to the twins, Tori and Lori.
This is the second part of the introductory story.
The series continues with “Sheri & the Twins”
Then “Alisia and Sabrina” meet the twins for Sabrina’s birthday party.
Derrick has the twins for a weekend in a following “Alisia and Sabrina”.

What a day. And the night was still young.

In Sherri’s bedroom, after I had taken Emily home, she put the wine bottle next to the bed. We did not bother with a talk on the porch but moved right to the bedroom. When I took Em home I had to be really careful not to make it seem like I was rushing her, so we necked in the truck a little bit before I put her out.

Sherri is ready for a repeat from last week and she is stripping her dress off quickly. Today she wears a pink satin bra and thong. They look new and I hope she bought the outfit to impress me. I am impressed. Her boobs are about to spill over the top and Sherri bends over making a big production of stripping her thong down her legs. Her tits jiggle and I stop and stare. Sherri likes it and laughs.

In bed Sherri crawls on top of me and puts her face next to my ear. She whispers: “I’m back on the pill so I am safe; but your cum tastes good so don’t waste it in my pussy.” Well that almost had me shoot my load right then and there. Plus, have you noticed, when women want to tell you something very personal they always whisper. Like someone could hear?

So I feed Sherri all my cum. Several times; deep into her throat. Again, she swallows each load with a big smile. We finally fall asleep totally exhausted.

Like last week, we plan to sleep late; but this time it does not work. About 8 o’clock in the morning giggling wakes me up as Lauri and Tori stand next to our bed and go: “Mommy we are up.” Sherri cracks an eyelid and looks at her daughters mortified. I wonder what she will say to get them out of the room without yelling. But before she can speak the two girls dive under the blanket between Sherri and me.

Sherri and I are naked of course. We were too tired to shower and put our undies on. Two heads pop up from the blanket and the girls have big grins on their faces. One girl looks at the other and says in a stage whisper: “There are naked people here. What’s going on?”

Sherri looks at her daughters and says: “Nothing that you two ladies need to worry about.” The girls giggle and say to their mom: “It’s Ok mommy, we have seen it on the internet.”

Sherri looks at me and says quietly: “Good grief, they are only seven.” Lauri, I think, says: “In a few weeks, mommy. And we need nice present, please.” Nothing like blackmailing your naked mom and her new stud; because I am hoping the girls will keep their mouths shut about being fucked last night. Tori, I think, looks at me and says sweetly: “Did you have a good night, Uncle Ted?” At the same time I feel a hand on my cock squeezing gently. I look at the girls and answer with a big smile: “I had a great time and I think you are going to get really nice presents.” The hand gives me another quick squeeze.

Sherri says: “Girls, you should let us get dressed and we’ll meet in the kitchen.” Tori looks at me and says in a mock whiny tone: “But mommy, it’s only fair that we see you naked because Uncle Ted saw us naked last night. Fair is fair.” Sherri looks at me and I’m not sure if she is going to stroke. Quickly I say: “It’s Ok Sherry, Em asked me to make sure they were not flooding the bathroom and I saw them naked in the tub splashing away.” Lauri adds: “So mommy, we need to see him too.”

Lauri grabs the blanket and pulls it off me quickly and three of the four of us gasp loudly. The forth one, Tori, I think, is happily stroking my cock and not turning loose. Sherri says loudly: “Tori, what are you doing. Stop it.” Tori keeps stroking and shakes her head no and says: “Mommy, I saw it on the internet. I bet Uncle Ted likes it.” I can’t help but smile as our six year old Tori gives me a hand-job with her mom watching.

I can see the wheels turning in Sherri’s head. If she does not stop it, I am going to get hard and give them a real show. But if she yells and carries on it may traumatize the girls. What to do?

“Sherri, I know they are young; but they have already told you they watch porn. So let them play and get it out of their system. Plus you are here to teach them and correct all the BS they see on the porn tapes”, I add, hoping to win Sherri over. She leans back on her pillow and closes her eyes, thinking.

Meanwhile, Lauri joins in on the hand-job action and she switches with Tori. Lauri strokes me a little harder and my cock is rising to the occasion. The girls switch around about every minute and after a few minutes I notice that Sherri seems to have zoned out with her eyes closed to what’s going on. I point to the girls night shirts and mouth quietly: “Get naked.” They both strip and come back to stroke me some more.

I pull Tori close to me and motion for her to use her tongue on me. Tori smiles, nods her head and her eyes light up. In a second she has my cock head in her mouth and is swirling her tongue around it. I can feel pre-cum leaking out and Tori stops and smacks her lips. Lauri moves in and takes over. She has obviously seen some cock sucking porn because she tries to swallow me down her throat. It makes her gag and cough and she pulls off me to recover.

The coughing makes Sherri sit up to see what’s going on. She has been hearing the slurping noises but can’t ignore the coughing. “Baby, what’s wrong”, she asks with a worried look on her face. Lauri looks at her mom and coughs again. I add: “She went all the way down before I could stop her.”

Sherri’s mother instincts kick in and she says: “Oh baby, get a sip of water and mommy will show you how to do it right.” Good grief, are all three of them going to suck me off?

When Lauri comes back with a glass of water, Sherri says: “Ok girls, you are way too young for this, so Rule #1: We do not talk about sex outside this house. Never ever tell anyone what we do at home.” She looks at the girls and they shake their heads up and down with a big yes. I can’t help it and shake my head too, which makes all three laugh.

Sherri grabs my cock and pulls my skin down and explains the finer points of cock sucking to the girls. It includes not sticking it down your throat until you are much bigger and can handle a big cock. She mentions cum spurting from the cock head and that some women really love the taste and swallow it. The twins look at each other; roll their eyes and just smile.

“Can Uncle Ted put his cock into our pussies, mommy?” Lauri wants to know. Sherri looks at me and I say: “I would be real gentle.” Tori pipes in: “We’re too small to get pregnant. We learned that in health class.”

“I don’t think so, maybe later”, says Sherri, but I can tell she is losing the battle and these foxes are going to get fucked while mommy watches. It sure would take care of the ‘cherry popping’ situation.

Lauri and Tori don’t say anything and come back to sucking my cock. They are more aggressive and stroke me with their hands and mouths harder and faster. Each girl has positioned herself so their pussies are right in reach of my hands and I start to pleasure them by rubbing their little pussies for them. I know that I can’t last too much longer before I am going to cum into their mouths.

Sherri is watching and she says: “I’ll be right back. Going to the bathroom.”

Tori is smarter than me because she grabs Lauri and says: “Get on your back.” Lauri grins and the girls get on their back spreading their legs wide for me. “Come on Uncle Ted. Do us like last night.” I kneel before them and suck their pretty pussies going back and forth between Lauri and Tori. The girls are already wet and pussy juices are weeping from their cunts. When I attack their little clits; they Oohh and Aahh for me. Tori reaches down, grabs my hair and holds me tight against her clit as the first shivers of her orgasm hit her hard. Lauri lays beside her moaning like she is in pain, waiting on her own release.

Sherri comes back into the room, sees the action and says: “Holy shit, did she just get off?” We are too busy to answer as I move to Lauri and bury my face in her pussy. I try something new for her and just as her orgasm hits her I put one finger into her little puckered ass hole. Lauri rewards me by clamping my head into her pussy and pulling my hair hard. We both gasp, me in pain and she in joy as she cums.

When I stand up pussy juice runs down my chin and I move in to fuck the girls. Lauri and Tori have pulled their legs up to their head and opened themselves wide.

Sherri stands beside me and does not stop me from fucking her daughters. In fact one of her hands is in her own pussy rubbing it hard. So I drive into Tori and fuck her gently and not too deep. When I switch to Lauri, both girls start moaning and groaning hard. I give each girl about three minutes of steady strokes. Their hands are intertwined as I fuck them harder.

Both girls blue eyes are wide and their red hair is spread over the bed making a flaming background to their heaving chests. Their flat bellies are going in and out as they breathe hard as my cock goes into their pussies. They watch both my cock and their mom’s hand in her own pussy.

I am reaching critical mass and will cum soon. Sherri is still watching and rubbing herself, so I say: “Sherri get ready for my cum.” She kneels down beside me and her face is just inches from my cock going into Lauri and Tori.

In the last second I pull out of the girls and put my cock in front of Sherri spraying her face with my cum. “Girls, cum and get it”, I shout as I pinch my cock to save the last salvo of Jizz for them. The girls scramble off the bed and get on their knees next to Sherri. When they open their mouths, I blast them both with two more loads of Jizz.

I stumble back to the bed and watch the most amazing show. Six year old Lauri and Tori lick each other’s faces, kiss and swap cum. It takes several minutes and then they attack Sheri’s face. Both lick her cheeks and then kiss her with mouth’s full of cum. Sherri is shocked but does not pull away. In seconds she joins in and all three are swapping cum, kissing and licking.

A few drops of cum have fallen down on the tops of Sherri’s tits and Lauri and Tori both go down and lick her breasts clean of cum. Tori takes the initiative and she clamps her lips to Sheri’s nipple and sucks hard. Lauri joins in and sucks on the other nipple. Sherri holds their heads and closes her eyes.

I take a chance and say: “Sherri, their pussies need cleaning too.” Sherri shakes her head no as she looks at me, but the girls get the idea right away. They jump back on the bed next to me and spread their legs. I tell them to pull their pussies open. They both look at Sherri and say: “Mommy, please”.

Sherry shakes her head no, but she is on her knees moving to the bed. Her face moves into Lauri’s pussy and her tongue snakes out and makes contact with the pussy’s pink inside. Lauri jerks and groans. Yes, it is probably true that only women know how to eat pussy. She works on Lauri for several minutes and it is clear she is going to get off a second time. When Sherri’s tongue works on Lauri’s clit, she blasts off and I can see more girl juice seep out of her. Lauri locks her legs closed over Sherri’s head as she screams her release.

Tori lies next to her with wide eyes and an expectant look at this new experience. Getting fucked twice and pussy eaten in two days was enough; but now her own mom was about to get her off. She is quivering with excitement and when Sherri tongues her clit for less than a minute, she explodes with the same screams as Lauri. Both girls crawl into the middle of the bed and pull the covers over themselves and whimper quietly after all the excitement.

Sherri is still on her knees with her ass up in the air. She looks at me and quietly says: “Please Ted.” As she puts her head down on the floor I can see tears running down her face. I approach her from behind and figure to give her a new experience also. May as well go for broke. I may never set foot into this house again.

I line my cock up with her puckered ass hole and firmly push into her. Sherri’s anal ring grabs me and squeezes like a vise. With more pressure I finally get my cock all the way into her down to the root. Waiting a few minutes, I can feel Sherri finally relax as I set up a fucking rhythm. Sherri moans and does not complain about getting ass fucked.

I wonder if her ex-husband would ream her ass. In a few minutes Sherri seems to get with the program and her ass is rocking back on me in unison to my hard strokes. Her moaning gets louder as she approaches her own climax after eating her daughters’ pussies. Her orgasm hits and she shakes all over. I am close too, so I hold her hips hard against me and shoot my Jizz deep into her throbbing ass.

We crawl back into the bed next to the twins and I cuddle Sherri. Her tears have dried and she asks: “What are we going to do with the girls?”

“Sherri, they will want to do it every day for about two weeks and then it will get old. They will go back to sports or school will interfere. I call it the “teen honeymoon””, I answer. Sherri looks at me and asks: “How do you know?”

“From Emily, what do you think of her?” Sherri grins and says: “Oh, I like Em.” Sherri is quiet for a moment and then looks at me and asks: “Oh no, is that why you treat her like a daughter? Are you fucking her? And who else?”

I say: “Sherri how do you feel about me fucking your daughters?” “Well, I haven’t cut off your balls yet”, she answers with a grin. “Plus, I was right here watching you do it, so I guess I am Ok with it.”

I grin back and say: “The first time with Em was almost accidental. She was sunning by the pool and I put lotion on her back and it got out of hand. That’s how I discovered the “teen honeymoon””. Sherri raises and eyebrow and says: “Anyone else?” “Yes, her mom and her friend, Rachel.”

“Good grief, Ted. Are you fucking every teen in the school?”

I look at Sherri seriously and say: “No baby, I am over hunting teens. I am totally over it.” My mind goes: “Sure, since you met the twins and you have a two-for-one package in this house.”

I give Sherri a long kiss and say: “Sherri, I know I love you more than anyone I know. You are the only woman I want. Emily and Rachel are my un-official daughters.”

Sherri reaches up grabs my head and kisses me deeply. Her tongue is in my mouth working its way down my throat. When she comes up for air, she says: “I love you Ted and my girls can be your daughters also.”

I look forward to fucking them every day until they get tired of it. Maybe in five years or so.

I look at Sherri and hug her tight and answer: “Sherri, will you marry me?”

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