Ted spends a second weekend with the Twins. Continued
Chapter 2. The Twins and Mom.

Background: Emily introduced me to Sherri and the twins. Read Emily and her Mom, Chap 10 to find out what happened.

What a weekend.

Emily introduced me to Sherri and her twins about three weeks ago when we ran into the family at a fast food spot. Sherri asked Em to babysit the girls that Friday. After I took Em home after babysitting, I spent the night with Sherri and found out to my delight she really loves swallowing cum.

A week later, Emily babysat again. While she was doing homework she had me check on the twins in the bathroom. Sometimes they splash too much water while in the tub and soak the whole room. The twins had me help them wash their long red hair and then put lotion on their backs. In their bedroom the lotion rubbing led to pussy rubbing and the twins had a nice orgasm.

I tried out their pussies by giving them a little mini-fuck which was a lot of fun. However, the girls surprised me by begging me to pop their cherries. Wow, seven year olds are a bit young to have their cherries popped, but the girls are mature and tall for their age. So what’s a guy going to do when two hotties have you by the balls?

You push that extra inch and see what happens. Both girls bit into their pillows to keep the groans quiet, beat their legs against me and left welts on my arms. But wow again, they both loved it and wanted a repeat soon. Plus, I kept their pain low by just pushing far enough to pop them.

Lucky for me the repeat came the next morning when Lauri and Tori found their mom Sherri and me naked in Sherri’s bed. They told mom that they just wanted to see a naked guy since they had seen everything on the internet already. You can imagine what happened next. Before mom could stop them, they had my cock in hand and were giving me a great blowjob.

When Sherri went to the bathroom, I dove into Lauri and Tori’s pussies. Sherri came back and watched both girls have another great orgasm. Then both girls got another mini-fuck and solved the problem of ever having to explain that their cherries were popped.

To top it off, Sherri and the girls shared several ropes of my Jizz. What a picture, mom and her two daughters holding their heads together and Jizz hitting all three tongues. The daughters licked my Jizz off their moms face and boobs. All three swallowed; I know what I want to do with all three every day.

For a finale, Sherri got my cock up her ass and after she had orgasmed too, she swallowed my cum for a second time this morning.

And the day is this young.

Now it’s just after noon and I am driving back to my house to pick up fresh clothes and some tools to make some small repairs at Sherri’s house. The twins let us know over breakfast what they want for their birthday. They want their bedroom updated and repainted to get away from the “baby pink”; as they called it. So this afternoon I will take them to the big box store to get some fresh paint.

Meanwhile my situation is running through my head. I really don’t know Sherri that well, other than I found out she really loves to swallow. I also put her in a bad position with her girls, having her tongue clean their tight little pussies. And I already told her about my other teen girlfriends; but most important I asked her to marry me.

This may change my whole sex club line up. I’m thinking of Emily, Rachel and Alexi; plus Emily’s mom Suzy.

Emily fucks me after school because it was the only time she can get her ass fucked; her favorite position. I am fucking her mom less because Suzy seems to travel more. It makes me wonder if she is getting some cock while away. I have to treat Suzy carefully because she is the only adult who knows about Carmen.

Thirteen year old Rachel has the ‘Daddy’ fixation. She does not want to share me willingly with the other girls, but she has fun when they party together. Now I try to have her over to my house after school without the other girls present and we play ‘honeymoon’ with ‘Daddy’. Rachel is maturing nicely and her body is getting sexier and tighter since she joined the cheer squad.

Sexy Alexi, the third girl in our group is super sweet. She told me a secret which the other girls don’t know. She is still a virgin even after all these months in our sex group. She sucks cock like a champ and swallows, plus she eats all the other girls’ pussies.

An idea just hit me. I will invite Alexi to come babysit tonight and help with the girls and Sherri, too.

When I return to Sherri’s house the twins are ready to go shopping for paint. They jump into the back seat of my pickup truck and have me crank up the music. Seems they have a taste for girl country singers. Cool. Sherri is agreeable about having Alexi come over to help out.

At the big box store we go to the paint department and they start looking at the several hundred different color chips while I fill my cart with brushes and rollers and other painting supplies. When I finish filling my cart I come around the corner and watch the twins from a little ways off.

Lori and Tori have glammed up for this trip like they were going to the mall or some other special place. Of course they are wearing identical outfits consisting of very short pleated skirts like cheerleaders wear. The short skirts are white and set off the girls long legs really nicely. On the lower edge of the skirts are a band of blue and gold colors similar to school colors. On their feet are white sneakers with the same blue and gold stripes. Since the skirts are so short, they just barely cover their nearly naked ass cheeks. When the girls got into my truck I saw that their blue underwear consisted of really small panties. The back part is a strip that can’t be more than an inch wide. So when they bend over someone will get a great view.

They are wearing white tops which look like modified sports bras. Again like cheer squads wear. The tops stop below their breasts and show a lot of flat, tight belly. The bottoms of these tops have the same blue and gold stripes. The curve of their small breasts is enhanced by the built in bra and perky nipples poke up through the material. Very nice. Each girl has a small monogram on her left breast. Lauri has an L and Tori has a T. Well at least I know who is who.

Over their shoulder, each girl has a small blue purse on a long gold chain. Probably just has some lip gloss in it.

The girls have curled their red hair into fiery waterfalls of curls. Blue and gold ribbons are intertwined in their hair and fall down over their left side. And they must have been in Sherri’s makeup because their eyelashes are elongated with makeup. Both are wearing identical pale blue eye makeup which makes their blue eyes sparkle. Their lips shine with a lip glosser which just adds more sex appeal.

And I notice that they have blushed their cleavage with makeup which has little sparkles in it. So when the store’s spotlights hit them, it really draws your eyes to their pre-teen tits.

My two foxes are total sex machines.

I see several fatherly types giving them the eye and smiling while they probably think of what they would like to do with them, especially when Tori bends over to pick out some color chips and flashes her nearly naked ass.

After watching a few minutes, I notice three teenage boys approaching the girls. The ring leader looks like a gang-banger ‘wanna-be’. You know what that is. Young white suburban boy who wears his baggy jeans low on his ass and his baseball cap sideways. He is a stocky guy of about fourteen. His two sidekicks are much younger and skinny.

The guys chat up the twins and ‘wanna-be’ boy struts around them. The girls giggle at him and play it cool. In a little while he whips out his cell phone and it looks like he wants phone numbers. The girls shake their head turning him down. When he pulls the phone up to take their picture the twins hold the color chips in front of their faces and spoil the fun.

Looks like it’s time to stop this from going too far. I wheel my shopping cart over to them and Tori chirps up: “Oh Daddy, we found the perfect color”, as she holds up a pale lavender color chip. “Oh, very nice”, I reply, “if that’s you final decision, let’s get some paint.”

All this time I am ignoring the three boys, waiting to see if they will say something. If one of them tells me “Good afternoon, Sir”, I will excuse their stupid outfits. But right on cue, the leader puffs up his chest like he will make a smart remark. The girls have turned their backs on the boys and are ignoring them. I give the leader a look and say: “Good bye boys.” He looks up at me since I am a head taller and says: “We was talking to the chicks.” I smile at him and say: “No chicks here to talk to”, as I slowly slide my jacket back. The two sidekicks see the big Glock pistol riding on my hip and start backing up even before the wise guy sees it. They grab their leader’s arm and point at the Glock. Three pairs of eyes go wide.

Last I saw of them, they were heading out the door at a near run. Lauri and Tori look at me and laugh. Giggling they say: “Thanks Daddy; that was cool. All they wanted was to see if we would text with them. You know what they want next, naked pictures.” I laugh and tell them the invention of the internet and cell phones sure makes all girls a target.

On the way back to Sherri’s house the girls have me stop at a fast food place. They know some of the guys working there and flirt shamelessly. While picking up stuff, Lauri and Tori do a lot of bending over and flashing their nearly naked buns and cleavage at all the guys. A couple of dads with little kids get to enjoy the show too and they all grin at me. Cool way to spend Saturday afternoon; but I hope it will get better that night.

We head out and pick up sexy Alexi. As Alexi gets into the front seat of my truck, she looks first at one twin, then the other and back to the first. She turns to me and says: “Wow Uncle Ted, they are fantastic.” She says to the girls: “Hi, I’m Alexi and I have come to help your mom clean up the house.” The twins reply in unison: “Hi there Alexi.” Alexi looks at me with a questioning look and I laugh and tell her: “Yea, it’s scary. They talk at the same time and say the same thing.” Lauri and Tori grin at us and giggle. We have the country music cranked up and head back to Sherri’s house.

After unloading the truck, I take Alexi into the kitchen and introduce her to Sherri. They start talking and getting acquainted. Meanwhile, Lauri and Tori ask me to help them in their room. We go up to their room and Tori locks the door behind us. They turn to me and say: “Thanks for taking us shopping. We had a fun time and have a present for you.” I say: “Oh, what’s that?”

They answer: “Just watch.” Lauri turns on some music and the girls start dancing. Stretching their arms above their heads lifts the short skirts up and exposes their ass cheeks as they twirl around. They turn their back to me and slowly bend over. Their red hair cascades down as they look back at me and smile. When they rotate back to me they pull their short skirts off and show me their blue panties.

I am having fun watching the strip show and already have some ideas what to do next. As I told Sherri, they will want sex all the time for about two weeks before it gets old.

Lori and Tori twirl around again and pull their tops off. Next they turn away again, bend over pushing their asses up and pull their panties off. Two sweet pussies are facing me and the girls wiggle their butts at me. They are in perfect position for me to fuck them standing up; but first I will teach them a new lesson.

“Alright girls”, I say, “excellent show. Now let me show you something too. Go pull all the comforters out of the closet and let’s lay them down in the middle of the floor.” We spread the comforters on top of each other and make a soft bed in the middle of the floor. I tell the naked girls to kneel down in the middle of this bed facing each other. I had noticed that the twins don’t play with each other except when they were slurping my cum.

“Lauri, I want you to kiss Tori”, I tell her as I kneel with them and put a hand behind each girls head. A little pressure brings their faces near each other and I notice their eyes getting big. “But Daddy”, says Tori, “we are not lezzies.” “I know you are not”, I answer, “technically you are the same person. Coming from one egg, you are kissing your other half.” Both girls look at me and I can see the wheels turning in their heads.

A little more pressure pushes their faces together and their lips lock on each other. They stay still for a moment and then their arms encircle each other. Their lips start moving as they feast on each other. I see their mouths open and tongues working. A slow moan escapes their lips and their hands tighten on each other’s back. After a minute or two they break apart and inhale deeply. A big smile spreads across their lips and they come back together to do it again; but with passion.

I think to myself: “Yes, Daddy is right again. They have never thought about getting each other off.” When they break apart again, I have them lay down on the comforter and I kiss Tori’s nipple. “Come on Lauri, work on her other nipple”, I say as I pull her head toward her sister’s small boob. Lauri does not hesitate and kisses and licks Tori’s nipple. Our ministrations not only make Tori’s nipple hard as it pops up; but I can see Lauri’s nipples having the same effect. Again, I think they feed of each other somehow.

With Tori on her back, I move down to her pussy and spread her legs apart. Her pink pussy is open just barely and I enjoy the view. Tori is getting turned on and I can see her pussy pulsing. I reach down and spread her juice lips wide apart and hunt for her nubbin. Peeling the skin back her small clit pops up all nice and red hot. I want the girls to get each other off, so I say: “Lauri come on down.” Lauri scrambles down and gets between Tori’s legs and watches her open pussy for a minute. I keep her spread open and her clit uncovered. It’s the first time Lauri has kissed a pussy, but she knows what makes it feel good. She attacks Tori’s clit with her tongue using long strokes. She varies the long strokes with tongue flicks right on the clit. Tori is moaning like she is in agony. Her finger clutch the blanket and her hips are rocking up and down.

Oh yes, I have made a good decision. The twins can now get each other off at any time and will be ever so grateful for the lesson. Knowing what will happen in a moment; I get a pillow and push a corner into Tori’s mouth. She clamps down on it just as a rippling orgasm hits her. Her back arches up like in convulsions and she grabs Lauri by the head and pushes her hard into her pussy. She shakes for several moments and finally falls back spent. Lauri watches her sister shake and moan and grins widely at me. Her face is covered in pussy juice and I move in and lick her face. Lauri grabs my head as we kiss and she shoves her tongue down my throat. Oh I love it when little girls take the initiative. We kiss a little more; but I know Lauri wants to get off too.

Tori looks totally spent and in no shape to help Lauri. So I lay Lauri on her back and spread her legs. She grabs her knees and pulls them up to her head, opening her pussy for my tongue. Her pussy is pulsing and she looks like she is about to explode if she does not get relief. Instead of being gentle, I go for her clit, expose it and work my tongue all around it. It only takes Lauri about two minutes to reach her crest. She grabs the pillow and bites down on it. I pull back for a moment and run my tongue deep into her pussy searching for her sweet juices. She does not disappoint. As her climax rocks her body, juices flow from her and I slurp them gratefully. Lauri shakes all over for a minute and then also fall back on the comforter. I take my time and lick her pussy and ass for a few minutes before Lauri cries: “OMG Daddy please stop, I can’t take any more.”

Both girls look totally beat, so I cover them with a blanket and tell them to rest. Nice way to wrap up a shopping trip.

Back in the kitchen, Sherri and Alexi are hard at work preparing food for an evening cook-out. It seems they get along great. “Alexi is helping me get the food ready and we will put it in the fridge. Then we will do a quick clean up in the house”, says Sherri. I tell her that the twins are taking a nap after a hard day of shopping. We all laugh because they probably spent more time getting ready for the trip then the time spent at the store.

Sherri tells me to check out the grill and patio and make sure I have everything to grill the steaks and shrimp. Seems the twins like seafood but not steaks. Good more for me, I think. As I check stuff I find that sure enough the grill has no gas. Another trip back to the big store for a replacement tank of gas.

Finally, late evening arrives and we all settle down around the patio. Sherri and Alexi have out-done themselves and the food is delicious. The adults, including Alexi, are eating steak and shrimp while the twins have a gigantic bowl of shrimp each. They are peeling, dipping and eating. Lauri and Tori have changed into casual clothes with short sleeve tops and short shorts. May I say very short shorts. I am surprised they are not cool; but the electric heaters which I sat up are keeping everyone warm.

I volunteer to help Alexi clean up; but since everything was pre-prepped it only takes minutes to throw everything into the trash. Sherri brings out a bottle of wine for after dinner. As I pour a quarter of a glass for each twin, I ask them: “Do you remember Rule #1?” When they say: “Yes, Daddy”, I remind them it also includes things like having a sip of wine. Other people may misunderstand because there are intolerant people out there.

After a while, Sherri suggests to the twins that they should get ready for bed and Alexi will come up and check on them. Alexi goes up and checks on them when we hear lots of giggling and yelling from the bathroom.

Sherri and I talk about repainting the twins bedroom and about converting one of her spare rooms for my use. I will stay most of the day time at my house where my office is; but would like to set up some stuff here.

After about an hour, Alexi comes back down and she has changed into a baby doll night gown. Sherri looks at her and I can see she likes what she sees. I say: “So did the girls get you all wet?” Alexi laughs and tells us that she helped them wash their long hair and got sprayed with water. Since she was ready to call it a night she went ahead and changed. Alexi asks: “What’s with the cocoon in the middle of their room?” I explain that they may want to change to a bigger bed and they are trying the comforters to see what it would be like. Alexi grins and says: “Well, they are all snuggled in and seem to like it.”

Meanwhile Sherri seems to like Alexi’s outfit. You remember what Alexi looks like. She is nearly fourteen years old now. She is of medium height, about five feet and six with brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is pulled back in a short ponytail. Her oval face is teenage pretty and some may say she looks better than average.

Her body, however, is very attractive and athletic. She has been on the cheer team for several years and it shows. Her belly is tight and toned and visible through her nighty. Her tits have grown this past year and look to be a good B-cup. Without her jeans and sweatshirt, we can see her legs are both toned and tanned.

“Well Sheri”, I say “we can head for bed too.” I take Sherri’s hand and head for the steps. As I pass Alexi, I take her hand also and push her up the steps in front of me. By the master bedroom, I guide Alexi into it and close the door after Sherri comes in. Sherri looks at Alexi and then me and raises an eyebrow. I grin and say to Sherri: “You didn’t expect the poor girl to have to sleep all alone?” Alexi comes over to Sherri and gives her a hug and their cheeks rub against each other. She holds her for a moment and then Alexi whispers into Sherri ear. Sherri looks at me and says: “Never?” Since I have an idea of what Alexi said, I just nod and say: “Never.” I have never fucked Alexi.

Alexi steps back and reaches for the buttons on Sherri’s blouse, slowly unbuttoning her from the bottom up to the top. I stand behind Sherri and pull her blouse off. Today she is wearing a white regular bra. Alexi embraces her again and rubs her tits across Sherri’s. I suspect having a girl rub her tits is a new experience for Sherri because she stands quietly and lets it happen. When Alexi moves back, I unhook Sherri’s bra and her tits come free. Sherri’s tits are full but stand up with perky nipples. I can see that her nipples are already reacting and popping up.

From behind I reach around and put my hands under Sherri’s breasts pushing them up and offering them to Alexi. Alexi reaches forward and slowly caresses each breast. She leans forward and puts her lips on one nipple and gently sucks it into her mouth. Sherri moans like she just got an electric charge. She leans her head back against me and her hair tickles my face. Alexi and I are both rubbing her tits from front and back. Alexi moves to the other breast and suckles it gently. I can feel Sherri’s legs are about to give out so I move her to the bed.

Alexi keeps on sucking and licking Sheri, while I unzip her jeans and strip her naked. When Alexi stops for a moment I pull her nightgown off. Both girls are totally naked. After I dim the lights a bit, I get naked too and join the party on the bed.

Sherri has her eyes closed as Alexi strokes her slender body and runs her tongue down toward her belly. Sherri’s legs spread apart and her pussy seems to magically open waiting for Alexi’s tongue. I kiss Sherri and we let our tongues go deeper and deeper. When Alexi reaches Sherri’s pussy, Sherri gasps loudly and grabs my hair and pulls me hard against her lips.

When Alexi gets between Sherri’s legs, her ass is high in the air and her tits sway invitingly. I almost break the kiss with Sherri just to get behind Alexi and to tongue her teen pussy. But I keep my mind on the priorities, which is for the girls to get each other off. Then I can fuck either these two or the twins sleeping in their cocoon. Four pussies, oh the agony of making a choice.

I move back down to Sherri’s breasts and massage them gently while watching Alexi’s tongue deep in Sherri’s pussy. Sherri now has her hands in Alexi’s hair, slowly stroking her and guiding her face to where she wants to be licked. I have to get out of the way and let them play. Alexi pushes Sherri’s legs up and has her grab her knees and pull them up towards her head. It opens her pussy even wider and exposes her puckered ass.

Alexi runs her tongue down to Sherri’s ass and plays with her pucker. It gives me a chance to come in from the side and push two fingers into Sherri’s pussy and massage her deeply. Moving from deep inside her up to her clit, I pull the skin back and expose her to Alexi’s tongue. Alexi pushes my hand aside and locks her lips on the big clit. Her tongue ravishes it and Sherri’s body quivers like crazy.

I can tell she will not take but a few more minutes before she explodes. Alexi is getting hot too and her ass is rocking in tune with her tongue on Sherri’s clit. I move behind Alexi and run my tongue between her ass cheeks down to her exposed pussy. Alexi rewards me with moaning and rotating her ass as my tongue goes as deep as it can.

Sherri shakes all over and grabs Alexi’s face hard and holds her against her pussy as she explodes. Her back arches up and her legs come back down and she clamps Alexi down hard. Alexi keeps slurping girl juices as Sherri comes down from her high. When the two girls break apart, Sherri rolls onto her knees and her ass is high in the air at the edge of the bed. “Ted baby, do me hard”, she whines and shakes her wet pussy at me.

I move in and push my hard cock into her pussy and stroke into her as deep as I can. Her wet pussy lets me into her down to my root. When I bottom out Sherri flexes her muscles and her pussy massages my cock. We fuck hard for several minutes as Alexi watches. Alexi moves up onto the bed next to us and puts her head on Sherri’s back with her mouth next to my stroking cock. Alexi looks up at me wantonly and I know she is waiting for me to cum. Her open mouth is my target.

Alexi knows me well and as she sees my leg muscles quiver she moves closer and opens her mouth. Just at the last moment I pull out of Sherri’s pussy and go deep into Alexi’s mouth. She locks her lips around my cock and deep throats me as I shoot a couple of blasts of Jizz down her throat. Alexi has one hand behind me grabbing my ass and holding me tight so I cannot back up. My cock is down her throat and I can see her neck expanding as she swallows both my cock and all the Jizz. She holds for about two minutes before she finally lets me loose, pulls away and takes a gigantic breath.

Sherri has her head down on the pillow but she is watching Alexi in the mirror. She can see Alexi deep throat me and hold me. Sherri opens her mouth in amazement as Alexi finally turns me loose. “No wonder you never fucked her. Her throat is probably better than any pussy you ever had”, Sherri says. I look at her and grin and answer: “I can’t argue with that, she is amazing. And she doesn’t choke anymore, either.”

Sherri rolls on her side and Alexi climbs into her embrace. Sherri is no longer shocked by cum swapping and her mouth opens eagerly as Alexi kisses her and swaps the remaining cum. They kiss for a few minutes and I can see their eyes closing. I watch as they fall asleep. I decide to take a shower since sweat is dripping off me. After the shower I check on the twins.

When I open their door I can see them in the cocoon on the floor. The aroma of sex is in the air. A sheet covers them, but is partially off exposing their legs. One girl is on her back with her legs spread wide. Since this is the way I have seen Lauri sleep, I assume it is her. Tori is lying on her side facing Lauri. Of course both girls are naked and had probably licked each other’s pussies to a fantastic climax. Without their glam makeup and having freshly bathed they look like two innocent preteens. It makes me wonder if they can handle their new found play times.

I should just close the door, but Lauri’s open pussy is too inviting, so I kneel down between her legs and use my tongue to slurp up a few drops of her pussy juices. The sweet taste hits me again and my cock twitches hard. Of course I will not wake her up; but I think I will cuddle for a bit.

I cover both girls with a blanket instead of the sheet and get behind Tori and spoon into her. I am thinking that tomorrow would be a good day to teach them their whole body is a sexual instrument. I think of kissing their ears and necks and massaging their backs. So as I spoon into Tori, I kiss her neck and reach a hand around her front and run my fingers around her nipple. Her preteen nipples are standing up and hard. It makes my cock hard too and it pokes into Tori’s ass.

The only thing to do is to lift her leg up and let my cock rest between them. It naturally glides into the folds of her pussy which is still damp from their sex play. When I let her leg down my cock is captured and I relax and just enjoy spooning into Tori. Well, except my cock twitches with a mind of its own. I stroke into Tori a little and pull back. It is like a mini-hand job and feels good. Slowly, I stroke forwards and back in a fucking motion and my cock gets hard.

After doing this for about five minutes it hits me that if I don’t stop I will shoot Jizz all over the girls and they will wake up with dry cum on them. Not good. As I am about to stop, I feel a little hand on my cock head and it pushes my cock into Tori’s pussy. Tori rocks back hard and my cock is in her pussy about two inches deep. Shocked, I stop moving and Tori’s hand moves back and grabs my ass and pushes me forward. I stroke into her and I am now fucking my Tori with slow strokes.

I wonder how long she has been awake; but right this second my cock head is doing the thinking as it dives into sweet Tori.

Tori’s hand is on my ass and when I stroke into her she pushes me hard to go deeper. At the same time she rocks back on me to make sure I keep going ever deeper. Her pussy has my cock in a vice and it actually hurts. Tori turns her head toward me and with her eyes closed whispers: “Deeper Daddy, do me harder, please.”

There is only one way to get into her deeper. I grab her and roll on my back. At the same time I grab her knees and pull them up toward her head. It spears my cock as deep as it can go as Tori’s whole weight pushes her down on my cock. As she now lays on top of me, I am into her past her pussy and probably in her cervix. My cock head is squeezed hard and I make slow up and down motions fucking Tori.

When her weight comes down on my cock, Tori inhales sharply as she is penetrated deeper than she ever thought possible. She whimpers quietly and her hands grab my arms and hold tight. I know she must me getting near a climax because she rocks her ass on my cock in a quiver.

Reaching around her, I find her pussy and her clit. Spreading her lips with my fingers, I attack her clit and massage it hard. Tori’s moans and whimpers are reaching a crest and her whole body shakes as her climax ripples through her from head to toes. It sets me off too and I shoot ropes of Jizz deep inside her. I hold us together for a few minutes as we both catch our breath.

Still locked together like dogs, I roll us on our side and keep my cock buried in Tori. “I love you Tori”, I tell her as she smiles and says: “Good night, Daddy.” When I wake up a couple of hours later, we are still spooned together. The sun will be coming up soon since I see light coming through the curtains.

What a glorious morning. I wonder what Sherri and Alexi are doing.

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No kidding. Good story but weird that Christians would proudly post that they are on a porn site and that by screwing 6 year olds they can convert one of them to Jeus?

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great story send them my way

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My dear friend and tecehar,I can't remember the woman I was when we met just some unformed, wretched, possible human in whom you could see beauty.And because you saw beauty in me, and continue to see it in me, I have become beautiful.I will always be part of your life because of that.I will watch you dance with your red lipstick on your lovely and perfectly proportioned lips WWouldn't miss it!I want to know what you know and I want to study what/where you study.

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I have never seen you or tghuoht of you as manipulative. I thank you for including me on your blog. I will pray for you as God begins to work out the things you feel He needs to work on in you. That is what makes you so special-you are always changing to become more like Christ and you want to be the best hubby and spiritual leader to Tori! I believe you will be because of the place you give King Jesus in your life! You are always a work in progress striving on to be more like Jesus, until all we see is Jesus and not even Adam so much anymore. I love you!

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