Fireman Derrick meets the twins
Alisia & Sabrina

Chapter 8. Sabrina’s birthday.

Introduction: The Tori and Lori series continues in this two part story; Chap 8 & 9.

Later Derrick has the twins for a weekend in a new following “Alisia and Sabrina” story.

She is on her back with her head hanging almost over the edge of my bed. Her blonde hair hangs down over the edge and her blue eyes sparkle as she looks up at me. When she opens her mouth and sticks her pink tongue out, I push my hard cock down her throat slowly.

Her hands come back around me, grab my ass and pull me in tight. She holds my cock in her throat for a five count and then pushes on my legs for me to back out enough so she can take a big breath through her nose and mouth. Then we do it again and again for about ten minutes.

She has her new favorite way of letting me deep throat her. She is in control of the pace and she likes it slow till almost to the end. Then she pulls me into her even deeper and rocks her head back so her throat opens wide and is in a straight line for my cock to go to the very limits of her throat. Spit runs down her face from her mouth into her blue eyes and beauty queen blonde hair. She does not care once she is in her orgasmic frenzy.

I fuck her now, hard and deep and her fingernail dig into my ass and I can feel blood running down my ass cheeks. Her knees are bent and her body rocks in beat with her face fuck. One hand leaves my ass and she inserts it in her pussy and rubs herself hard. I can see her rubbing her clit, hunting and hurting it to bring herself to a hot climax.

When she cums her whole body shakes and she yelps and squeals with my cock still deep in her mouth and throat. I pull back and shoot Jizz into her mouth and fill her so she can savor the taste on her tongue. She opens her mouth as wide as possible so her starved lungs can get some lifesaving air as she inhales deeply. Before she closes her mouth she sticks her tongue out and shows me the big load of Jizz on her tongue and in her mouth. It looks wonderful creamy white and it makes my cock hard again. Then she swirls my cum around with her tongue before she swallows the big load. When she smiles at me wide with a happy grin it makes my day.

Her hand which was in her cunt is now covered with her pussy juices and she stretches it upward toward my face. I take the offering and lick and suck one finger at a time gently into my mouth. Slowly I clean her juices off each digit and tickle her palm with my tongue. It makes her giggle uncontrollably. With her face still in my crotch, I lean forward and kiss her perky nipples, sucking each one for a minute and gently nibbling each one with my teeth.

She retaliates by licking my balls and sucking them into her mouth. Her hand is on my cock stroking it gently and her lips alternate back to my cock head. The pain on my cock tip is exquisite but I am not ready to cum yet again. So I lie down on the bed next to her and roll her on top of me so her legs straddle my head.

Her pussy is above my mouth, glistening pink and wet. Running my tongue down the center of her pussy to her puckered ass makes her squirm and shimmy. I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and run my tongue over her clit. By the fourth time she not only squirms mightily but finally jumps up from the bed and squeals: “Daddy, no more. I’ve already cum three times.”

I spread my arms out to embrace her in a sweet embrace and she cuddles into me as we roll back on the bed. “I love you baby, I just want to give you all the pleasure you want”, I whisper to her. “Daddy Derrick, you are so bad, you made me your little cock sucking cum slut”, she whispers back.

I have to agree, with six months of training, my little Sabrina has turned into a super slut in my bedroom. However, the little beauty queen is still a virgin since I have kept my promise to Alisia of not fucking her daughter. Of course, we will not count that Sabrina uses my cock as a dildo rubbing her clit and pussy and getting herself off. I hope to fix the virginity problem this weekend after Sabrina’s twelfth birthday party. There is no way I am waiting for her thirteenth birthday, like I had told her mom.

And so goes another night where Sabrina is with me at my house instead of at a girl friend’s house. I hate lying to her mom Alisia, but without these night time training sessions, Sabrina would never have a chance to experience all the different sex positions she has seen on the internet and wants to try out. Some of which make her scream in pleasure and pain.

Of course at the same time, we have to be careful before Alisia notes that I was not with her whenever Sabrina supposedly spends a night elsewhere. In fact, we made a point of Sabrina spending some nights with Cissy so that I could spend a night with Alisia. Alisia likes it when Sabrina is not there because she too can play out some fantasies without Sabrina coming into her bedroom and joining in.

All this stuff started about one month after I had met Alisia and Sabrina in the big box store while they were shopping for a new lawn mower. By the end of that day daughter Sabrina had seen me naked and had my cock in her mouth. Mom Alisia had fucked me senseless and caught up on a years without sex. I can’t believe such a beautiful woman has gone without; but she says all the guys who hit on her probably can’t keep their mouths shut and not blab about it. I did not hit on her and won the prize. Little Sabrina took advantage of the situation, seeing a naked guy in the house and now has me as her sex teacher.

So this is the weekend of Sabrina’s twelfth birthday party. She has invited several girls from school and she and Cissy were texting back and forth on whom to invite. Sabrina showed me the Facegirl social network pages from her school and I noticed that no boys were invited. Alisia has told me I could be here but had to pose as a lifeguard at the pool and not a family friend.

It is a nice hot afternoon and I am wearing khaki shorts and my fire department golf shirt. I have cleaned the pool and set up the area around it with tables and chairs where the girls can soak up some sun. I put up several windbreaks which are low colorful cotton barriers. My “lifeguard” chair has a cartoon life guard poster and a megaphone.

Several cars have come and gone and dropped off a few girls who are all in the big den room. Alisia is in the kitchen with two of the moms who are helping to run the party. When I was in the kitchen earlier Alisia introduced me to Debbie and Annie, the two moms. Of the two, Annie is pixie like, slim and trim, short dark hair and with a big wedding ring on her hand. Debbie is an average looking mom with a bit more weight on her and no visible wedding ring. Her tight low cut blouse hides a nice pair of DDs. Both are wearing white shorts, but Debbie’s are tight and very short, actually making her ass look inviting. Debbie smiles at me and her hand shake has a little extra pressure before she finally releases me.

I think Debbie is getting ready to hit on me and Alisia and I both play dumb like we don’t see anything. I am sure before the party is over, Debbie will slip me a phone number.

Alisia asks me to go out front and make sure that there is still room to park for the other guests. Out front, I notice a nice pickup truck stop and park behind mine. A guy gets out and two teens follow. While the girls at the party are more in the eleven to thirteen age bracket these two new girls look a lot younger even though they are slender and tall.

“Hi, I’m Derrick”, I introduce myself and he answers that he is Ted and the girls are Lori and Tori. “Hi, Mr. Derrick”, the girls answer back in unison with big grins on their faces. Two sets of beautiful blue eyes bat their lashes twice. Obviously identical twins, the girls are dressed alike in skin tight jeans and yellow tops. They carry presents and beach bags and of course like every teen, have an i-phone in their hands.

As they walk in front of me toward the house, I can’t help but notice their tight asses swaying. Their jean pockets have a glittery design on them and they move up and down like a boat on a stormy lake. Now, they are way too young for me and I try not to smile as I watch. The twins have long red hair and like other girls they wear it through the hole in their pink caps. The red hair sways and bounces in synch with their hips.

“So, how is it raising identical twins?” I ask Ted. And he tells me he is not their dad, but is dating the mom of the eight year old girls and he is just the designated driver. I tell him, I’m the only guy here and he can keep me company if he wants to stay a bit.

When Ted gets introduced to Alisia and the other moms, it becomes evident that Debbie likes what she sees. Her handshake is even longer than with me. Ted and I go out to the pool and sip ice tea and shoot the breeze. A few minutes later to back door flies open and the girls come out giggling and screaming headed for the water. Ted and I watch as they spread their beach blankets with a lot of ass shaking and giggling. Sabrina turns the music up even louder and is the first to jump into the water.

One girl, who must be Debbie’s daughter, is wearing a full, white swimsuit. She is a little pudgy like her mom. As she comes out of the water, you know what happens to white swim suits, they become translucent. Her big tits are topped by dark nipples which are standing up hard and trying to poke through the swim suit. Her black pussy hair is fully visible and the suit is up tight in her crotch creating a super camel toe. One or two of the other girls giggle and Ted and I look at each other and grin.

Ted says: “Yes, I would”, with a wink. Meanwhile, the twins come running by and show us their bare asses. They are wearing thongs. I look at Ted with a questioning look and ask, “Don’t tell me mom bought those suits?” Ted laughs and says no he let them order on-line with his credit card. As I stare at the twins, he adds “Nice, would you agree?” I’m not comfortable talking about it so I just nod and Ted laughs, “Yes, I do.”

I’m not sure he just admitted to what I think. The twins are tall enough to pass for about thirteen, are beautiful and I am sure they get hit on by older teenagers.

Sabrina comes over and introduces herself to Ted. She is wearing a bright blue bikini and fortunately it has a more sensible cut than the band-aid size she and her mom usually wear. As she goes back to the girls, Ted says, “Wow, that is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.” I agree and tell him about her trophy wall. “So you and mom are really good friends?” he asks and I tell him hubby travels a whole lot. Ted grins and says: “You dog, the daughter, too?” “Not technically”, I answer, with a smirk on my face. I think we have established what we do with the girls.

After a while, Ted asks if he could have a beer and I tell him to ask Alisia. I give him a warning that Alisia really hates guys who hit on her. No sooner had he gone into the kitchen and the twins were on me. One on each side of me. they are rubbing against my legs like cats in heat and say in unison. “Uncle Derrick, will you put sun block on our backs?” Grabbing my hands they drag me out of the chair and behind one of the wind screens. Lori and Tori lie down on towels side by side and hand me their lotion. OK, I don’t mind looking at these two sweet bare asses, so I squirt sun screen on their backs.

The cold lotion makes them giggle and I work their shoulders rubbing first one and then the other twin. I notice they have thin ankle bracelets on with tiny engraved name tags. From this close I can really tell they were identical - red hair, blue eyes and slender muscular arms and legs. Their bellies and asses are teen tight and their skin is flawless. As I work from their shoulders down to their waist, Lori and Tori grin at each other.

Rubbing their legs, I almost feel like a masseuse. When I stop after about five minutes, Tori looks at me, smiles and says: “Don’t forget our buns, don’t want to get burned.” All right, you asked for it. I squirt more lotion into my hands and massage their buns. Both girls moan in appreciation and I move my body around so the other girls can’t see where my hands are. Lori raises her ass up and spreads her legs giving my fingers access to her pussy area. I let one finger slide down along her thong and when its right over her pussy, Lori gives a push back making it obvious she wants a little more.

“Ok girls, how far do you want me to go”, I think as I double check to make sure we are not being watched. The other girls are all in the pool and chatting. This time I let my hand go under her thong and my fingers are directly over her naked pussy, when she pushes back again, I push my middle finger directly into her pussy up to my first knuckle. Lori gasps and turns her head towards me and says, “OMG, yes Derrick.” She pushes hard against my hand and I push my middle finger into her as far as I can. One thing is certain, she is no virgin. Lori puts her face down into the towel; but her ass is moving up and down and she fucks my finger. Good grief, I think she is going to get off on a manual massage.

I let her fuck my finger for about two minutes and when I start to pull out she yelps, “No Derrick, just a little more. Go deeper, harder.” I help her by doing just that, two fingers go into her pussy deep and hard and a minute later a climax ripples over her from head to toes. She clinches my hand tight and I feel juices running through my fingers before she finally relaxes. Lori rolls onto her back, gives me a big grin and takes my wet hand to her mouth. Her tongue slowly cleans each finger. When she finishes she says. “Thanks Uncle Derrick”. Sister Tori has been watching the whole time and ads with a grin, “And you owe me the same treatment later!” The little foxes jump up and run back to the pool, leaving me with a hard on and frustrated.

Ted comes back from the kitchen a few minutes later with two beers and we settle back in our chairs. “So, how did it go in the kitchen?” I ask. “Interesting”, says Ted, “let me tell you.” Ted tells me he played it cool in the kitchen, not giving out any vibes that he was willing to play or hit on the moms. It got better when Debbie found out that the twins are not his daughters and he is just the driver. She made a couple of moves which got him interested, maybe for a “quickie” some time; but he kept his cool. “What got better was the more I did not respond to Debbie, Alisia seemed to get more interested in me. She started asking me a lot of questions and by the time I came back out here she was smiling at me a whole lot.”

“Ted, that’s great”, I say, “Do you think Alisia would want to try you out?” Ted looks at me with a grin and replies, “Wow she sure is a sex machine, and I sure would love it. Best of all, I can keep secrets better than dead people.” We both laugh, and I add: “That’s exactly what we would be if someone talks.”

We are watching the girls now stretching on the lawn chairs and getting some sun. The twins’ ass cheeks glisten in the sun. I add, “By the way, I met the twins up close and personal. They had me put lotion on their backs.” Ted looks at me and then laughs, “So what did they end up having you do?” I smile at the memory and say, “Lori got off on my finger, and Tori says I owe her one.” Ted laughs and says, “She will collect, bet on it.” I sure hope so.

So I tell Ted, that there is an after party where Sabrina will get her very special birthday present from me. I will talk to Alisia and see if she wants to invite him and the twins, also.

With the sun moving toward the horizon, Alisia comes out of the kitchen and tells the girls it’s time for cake. Debbie’s daughter leads the pack of girls running back to the house. Her big tits are bouncing mightily and Ted is staring like a hungry wolf. I bet Debbie and daughter will get to know him sooner than later.

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