Derrick experiences the Twins
Alisia & Sabrina

Chapter 9. Sabrina’s birthday (Part II)

With the sun moving toward the horizon, Alisia comes out of the kitchen and tells the girls it’s time for cake.

After the girls are back in the house, Ted and I clean up the pool area. We put the chairs and tables into the back of my truck, so I can return them to the rental center. Bunches of towels go into the laundry room. Ted and I return to the kitchen and talk to the moms. I get Alisia alone by having her come out to the pool to make sure everything is like she wants it. I ask her about inviting Ted to the after party and she agrees.

“Do you want to try out Ted”, I ask her and she laughs. “Yes, I will wear him out like no one ever has. But I think it will be a onetime event only. Are you going to watch?” Now I laugh, “I don’t think I want to watch, but the twins have already hit on me.” Alisia’s eyebrows raise and she says seriously, “Aren’t they a bit young?” I answer, “It seems they are way more experienced than you would think.” Alisia thinks for a while and asks, “Are you still thinking of Sabrina tonight?”

I look into her eyes and say, “I promised you that I would not fuck Sabrina, but I think if I don’t pop her for her birthday, she will find some boy to do it. She is getting more aggressive about it all the time.” Alisia sighs and says, “OK, give her a birthday present tonight.” I want to hug her, but I play my role of life guard and stay away from her.

Back in house, Alisia and the two moms have the birthday cake all set up in the dining room. The room is decorated with a banner and just waiting on the girls. The girls, meanwhile, are still in the den and the bathrooms. A dozen hair dryers are going full blast and it sounds like a crew of lumberjacks is in there cutting wood. Finally the girls start coming out and head for the dining room.

Debbie stands next to me in the kitchen and as the girls come by she grabs one and introduces me to her daughter, Diana. Sure enough, it’s the pudgy girl we ogled in the pool. Diana is nearly as tall as mom Debbie and she has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is now in a ponytail and she has on some light make-up which enhances her pretty face. Like her mom she is wearing tight white shorts and a blouse which barely hides her big tits. My brain goes, “Well, I have already seen you nearly naked, babe.” It brings a smile to my lips and Debbie likes it, not knowing why I grin. Debbie’s hand is on my lower back and she is slowly rubbing me. Oh yea, I am definitely being hit on.

The girls do the whole cake ceremony with candles being blown out, wishes made and gifts opened. When Sabrina blows out the birthday candles she gives me a sly look and I nod my head. She is definitely getting a birthday fuck present. Lots of oohs and ahs sound as each present is opened. Afterwards the girls gather back in the den room and crank up the music. Soon some of the parents arrive and the party winds down. Moms Debbie and Annie clean up the mess in the dining room. I notice when Debbie stacks dishes into the dishwasher there is a lot of bending over and ass wiggling. Ted and I grin at each other and play it cool.

Finally most everyone has left and while I am standing outside of the front door Debbie and her daughter Diana come out. Debbie tells me it was nice to meet me and I smile at her, “Oh Debbie, the pleasure was all mine. It was nice to meet you and your pretty daughter.” Debbie’s face lights up and she stretches up on her toes and gives me a kiss on the cheek. It looks real innocent, but Debbie has her arms around me and rubs her DD tits against me hard. One hand goes for mine and I feel a card being passed. “Thanks Debbie”, I say as I squeeze her hand, “I’ll put it to good use.”

As Debbie turns lose, I get a big surprise. Daughter Diana comes up and mimics her mom. She gives me a big hug rubbing her big tits against me, too. No kiss, but her hands go around me and my ass gets a nice grope. It is not an accident. I look down into her face and she gives me a knowing look. “Thanks Diana, hope to see you again”, I say. Diana nods her head and skips off. Wow, I’m not sure, but I think I just got a mother and daughter combo proposal.

I make sure Ted knows at which restaurant to meet us and to make sure the twin’s mom knows that they will be at a sleep over. Alisia and Sabrina already have their overnight bags in my truck. We head out for the restaurant and have a family dinner.

When we get to my house, Sabrina shows the twins, Lori and Tori, the second bedroom. I have upgraded it with a new double bed and other furniture. Taking a hint from Alisia’s fancy house, I also upgraded the showers in both bathrooms with fancy shower heads and heat lamp systems.

Alisia disappears into the master bedroom and I have Ted help me mix drinks in the kitchen. The girls get fruity, sweet tasting drinks with “easy on the booze”. The adults get more serious drinks. Ted and I relax in the living room and wait on the girls. After about thirty minutes the bedroom door opens and Sabrina comes out first. She has fixed her blond hair in curls like she does for the beauty pageants. Her blue eyes sparkle and glitter makeup makes her skin sparkle also. Her lipstick is a dark hot red. She poses by the door in a “come get me” pose. Her pale red short nightie hides nothing. Hard youthful breasts stand up proudly and her pink nipples are erect. She sucks her belly in and pushes her pelvis forward in a hard thrust. Her clean shaved pussy peaks out under the hem of her nightie.

Ted and I both catch our breath. Of course I have seen her naked many times, but it’s a first for Ted. Sabrina has the hooker look down to a fine art. We almost drop our drinks and I know two guys are getting hard. Oh yes, someone is going to get fucked hard in a minute.

Sabrina sees us stare and she catwalks through the room and stands in front of us. Doing a slow pirouette she raises her arms above her head displaying her cunt up close. She turns her back to Ted and bends over slowly running her hands down her legs to her toes. Ted has his eyes fixed on her ass and pussy and swallows hard. The hardcore tease is working just great. Sabrina stands up and says in a little girl Bo-beep voice, “Derrick, do I get my present now?” “Oh yes baby, you sure do. In just a minute. Where are the twins?”

Sabrina jumps on my lap and makes herself comfortable and calls out, “Oh girls!” Ah, here we go again. Lori and Tori slink out of the bedroom and stand on either side of the door. It’s obvious that Sabrina helped them from her makeup bag. Both girls have their long red hair curled and hanging down in front hiding their boobs. Their lips are hidden under bright pink lipstick which matches their eye shadow. Most dramatic is their whole bodies are covered in glitter makeup. When the light hits them they sparkle from head to toe. Lori and Tori are wearing their thong bathing suits from this afternoon, but it seems someone has made some good improvements.

The girls sweep their curls aside and their nipples pop up through holes cut in the bikini tops. The bikini bottoms have the front panel almost totally cut away so you get a peek-a-boo effect as they walk across the room. The girls over dramatize their catwalk, lifting their knees high as they strut with one hand on their hips. It lets their pussies wink at us as they move. Lori and Tori stop in front of us and do the same bend-over move as Sabrina. Ted and I both laugh and clap. Wow, great show.

Finally I notice that Alisia is standing beside the master bedroom door. I expect her to have a similar outfit on, but she is hidden under her granny housedress. Bummer. Alisia comes into the room and says, “What are you guys staring at?” Ted looks perplexed but I know Alisia and answer, “We are looking at the best looking daughters in America.” I guess it must have been the right answer because Alisia says, “And how about her mom?” as she whips off her housecoat and stands in front of us in a blue baby doll nightie with a matching blue thong. Her huge boobs stretch the material to the breaking point and it’s obvious she has not tan lines. Her skin is a beautiful light tan from top to bottom. When she bends over to pick up a drink from the side table, she makes a big production of showing us that very bottom. Alisia hands the girls their drinks and says, “OK everybody bottoms up!”

Six glasses go up and we all down our drinks. Ted and I gather up the glasses and refill the drinks before Ted, Alisia, Sabrina and I head for the master bedroom. The twins wait in the living room until after Sabrina gets her birthday present.

In the master bedroom Alisia turns to Ted and unbuttons his shirt and from the bulge in his pants it’s obvious he wants her. Alisia tells him to sit in a chair and watch the show. Meanwhile, Sabrina is working on my shirt and pants. Since I cannot wait any longer either, I strip quickly. Sabrina holds her arms up and I pull the flimsy nightgown over her head. Next I lift Alisia’s baby doll over her head. Mom and daughter get on the bed and Alisia holds Sabrina’s hand for the big event.

“Mom I have to do something first to get warmed up”, Sabrina tells her mom. She rotates on her back and hangs her head over the edge. “Derrick fuck my mouth”, she instructs me and Alisia’s eyeballs nearly pop out of her head. Mom obviously did not think that Sabrina did more than have me lick her cunt. “Derrick, I didn’t know”, Alisia whines. “I told you she has become aggressive”, I answer and push my cock into Sabrina’s mouth. Sabrina goes into overdrive and sucks my cock like a piston. Her hands are on my ass and she pulls me hard into her throat. Instead of her normal pace of deep throating me slowly to start, she rams me down her throat as hard as she can. The pain on my cock is exquisite and I figure her throat is hurting also. We do this for about four minutes and Sabrina pushes me back. I am rock hard.

Sabrina rotates back around and spreads her legs to welcome my cock. Her pussy is open, wet and pink. Alisia has a bottle of lube ready, but I don’t think we need any more lubrication. Sabrina squirts a few drops of lube on her hands and grabs my cock. She rubs the lube up and down my cock like a hand job. Standing next to the bed, I pull Sabrina to me and spread her legs up to my shoulders. Alisia grabs her hand and smiles as I enter Sabrina’s pussy.

Gently I push in for about two inches like we usually do and set up a nice slow fucking motion. It is not only for me and Sabrina, but also to make Alisia feel better about what is happening. Sabrina smiles at me and rocks her hips like a professional. I hope it does not become obvious that she has been doing this a whole lot. After a few minutes Sabrina nods her head and says, “Now Derrick!” She rocks forward hard and I drive deep into her.

I feel her membrane hold me for an instance and then give way to my invading cock. When I am all the way into her hot pussy, I pause and wait for Sabrina. When her membrane broke Sabrina sucked in a big gasp of air and her fingernails dug into my arm. We hold this position for about a half a minute and Sabrina says, “Wow Derrick, we did it finally!” “Yes babe and you are worth the wait!” Alisia grins and gives Sabrina a kiss on her cheeks. “Happy birthday baby, from me and Derrick”, she laughs.

Sabrina pushes her pelvic up against me and I start a slow deep fuck. She moans hard every time I bottom and I know I can’t last much longer. I try to pace my long strokes to make it last but Sabrina is starting to rock faster, I will cum in just another minute. Alisia is on her knees next to me and whispers into my ear, “We have a secret too, Derrick. Sabrina is on the pill. We don’t want you to be a daddy, yet.” My brain hears the “yet” and it sets me off. I pull Sabrina’s hips tight against me and shoot Jizz deep into her womb. I count about four loads and then fall onto the bed out of breath. Sabrina cuddles next to me, puts her mouth against my ear and says, “It’s the best present ever.” “For me too”, I tell her. Sabrina rolls over and looks like she has fallen asleep.

I hear a groan behind me and when I look, Ted is slowly stroking his big cock. Alisia looks at Sabrina, sees her asleep and tells me to put her into the basement bedroom. Alisia gets off the bed and walks to Ted on her knees. She puts his big cock into her mouth and sucks it in deep. I watch for a minute trying to recover some strength to carry Sabrina out of the room. When I close the door, all I hear is Ted’s cry, “Oh God, Oh God.” I believe Alisia will do what she promised, exhaust him to near death.

In the living room, the twins are on the floor under a comforter. Both have ear buds in and their asses are going up and down to music I cannot hear. They look to be playing games on their i-phones or they are texting someone. Maybe even each other just for fun. When they see me with Sabrina in my arms they jump up with an alarmed look. “She is just asleep”, I say and their mouths turn into an Oh and then a smile. I ask, “Help me put her to bed downstairs.” The girls open the door for me and I take Sabrina to the bedroom and put her into the bed. Sabrina’s eyes open and she smiles at me. “Go to sleep baby, you had a long day”, I say. Sabrina lifts her arms and we kiss. She closes her eyes and goes back to sleep as the twins watch from the door.

“Can you play with us now, Derrick?” one girl asks when we are back in the living room. “Sure, but first we need fresh drinks and you have to do something for me.” I head for the kitchen and start mixing three new drinks. Lori and Tori are next to me and as we sip our drinks and they put their arms around me. OK, standing in my kitchen naked with two hot, naked pre-teens is a dream. Their hands are rubbing up and down on my back before they move down to my ass. The bright kitchen lights make their bodies sparkle from the sparkle makeup. “Girls, you need to jump into the shower and wash the sparkle off before we play.” They giggle, “OK Derrick.” I kiss both girls and spank their bottoms lightly as they run to the bedroom. I think about joining them in the shower, but I better rest a few minutes more.

I slip on my jockeys and use the time to pick up the drinks in the living room, put stuff in the dishwasher, and make a tour through the house turning off lights. The girls are out of the shower and I take their place and grab a shower. “Derrick, we are ready”, I hear as I dry off. When I walk into the bedroom, the twins are on the bed on their knees with their heads down. Two naked pussies point at me in invitation. Oh, thank you.

Sliding in between the girls, I hug them to me, one on each side. I checked their ankle bracelets so I know which one is Lori and Tori. “I remember that I owe you one”, I say to Tori and we kiss. Tori slides her tongue deep into my mouth and her hand gropes my cock. Seems like she want to get the party started fast. I pull Tori up on me and kiss her breast. She pushes first one nipple and then the other one into my mouth and I suck on them hard. Tori moans and grabs my head. Lori gets up next to us and points her nipples at me. She moans while I nibble on Tori’s nipples and it makes me wonder if she is experiencing the same feelings as her sister.

Pulling Lori to me, I nibble on her tits also. Both girls are above me and four nipples keep me busy sucking, licking and kissing. I think the girls are having fun because they suddenly start giggling uncontrollably. This is the kind of foreplay I like; I want it to be fun because it makes the sex even better, not just mechanical.

I pull Tori up even further and her belly is over my face. I stick my tongue into her belly button and it makes her laugh and giggle even harder. Yea girl you are about to get a surprise. Pulling her up some more, my tongue moves down her belly and onto her mons. Tori grasps the idea, spreads her legs on each side of my face and plants her pussy on my mouth. My tongue goes into her and she yelps. Her pussy tastes sweet, young and clean. She moans several “Ohs” as I feel for her clit with my tongue. Tori helps me by moving herself up and down on my tongue and rocking against me harder. I can feel the hard pencil tip of her clit rubbing against my tongue. So I relax and let her rock on my tongue building up to her climax.

Sister Lori is watching Tori rubbing herself on my tongue and she grins knowing and feeling the tension building as Tori’s climax nears. Lori leans forward and sucks one of Tori’s nipples into her mouth and runs her tongue over it repeatedly. It helps set Tori off and with a muffled scream Tori cums hard. Sweet pussy juice streams out of her and into my mouth. Tori’s legs close tight over my head as she shakes hard. With a groan she collapses on top of me and then rolls to the side. Lori whispers to her, “Was it good?” “Better than ever”, is the reply.

The three of us lay there for a few minutes recovering when Lori says, “All right, time for you to fuck us like real women, Derrick.” She gets on her knees by the edge of the bed and puts her head down on the blanket. Her head turns toward me and her blue eyes sparkle and her red hair fans out over her back and the bed. Twin Tori joins her and it’s like a mirror image again. Two pussies are up in the air on top of their long legs, just waiting for me. This time I do not hesitate. I stand behind Lori and spread her legs some more so that her butt is at the right height and I slowly push my cock into her.

There is no hymen to keep me out and she is already wet. I push into her as far as I can and it feels like I’m in her womb. When I hit bottom, I relax and Lori flexes her muscles giving my cock a massage. Wow, I know adult women who cannot do this. “Oh Lori, that’s nice”, I complement her and she rocks against me in appreciation. Instead of fucking her with hard long strokes I decide to stay in her as deep as I can and just move back and forth about an inch or two. It keeps us locked together.

Lori seems to like it and she flexes her cunt muscles faster. One of her hands reaches back and pulls on my leg to keep me in her tight. Tori moves next to us and kisses first Lori’s back and then my lips. She moves behind us and wraps her arms around me and pushes against me as if she was fucking her sister. I am pinned between them, but then Tori slides down my back and suddenly a hand grabs my balls. I almost cum that instance.

Lori must have felt the hand too and she says. “No Tori, not yet. We need to switch first.” Lori looks at me and says, “Can we switch?” Tori scrambles back up on the bed, gets on her knees and spreads her legs wide. I say, “Just one minute, I have a treat for you.” I pull two surprises out of the night stand and get back behind the girls. I tell the girls to hold still because it may be cold. Their eyes are question marks but they are quiet and still. I put a large gob of lube on each girls butt and they twitch when the cool jell hits them. “Now grab the sheets”, I say and rub the jell into their tiny puckered butt hole. With my other hand I grab the first pencil thin vibrator and insert it into Lori. Tori gets the second one. The vibrators are set on max speed and a low hum results.

Lori and Tori look at each other and grab each other’s hand. They giggle as their asses start rotating and moving in synch with the vibrators. Oh yea, I think they like it. Big grins are on their faces as I line up behind Tori and push my cock deep into her wet pussy. Tori yelps, “OMG, it feels like he is up to my throat.” Lori adds, “Derrick fuck her so she’ll shut up.” I say, “Tori, I bet you can vibrate your cunt muscles even better. Let me feel you.” Pulling her tight against me; Tori steps up to the challenge. She squeezes her cunt so hard against me it actually hurts. She massages my cock as I make small fucking moves. Lori is next to us and moans so I reach over to her and press two fingers into her pussy and massage her clit. We play like this for about five minutes and I pull out of Tori and move back to Lori.

She gladly accepts my cock, but now I give her long hard strokes to make her cum. Lori moves back against me and our flesh slaps together. She is panting hard and says, “Don’t cum inside us Derrick. We have to slurp your cum.” “Ok, in a few minutes you both need to get on your back and give me your mouth.” The girls know what I want as I keep driving into Lori.

A few minutes later I shout, “Now girls” and both roll onto their backs with their heads hanging over the edge. Two streams of long red hair hang down and two mouths are open. Blue eyes look at me in anticipation as I line up my cock with their faces. The first load of Jizz goes down Lori tongue and leaves a white smear. The second load is for Tori and then I move back twice more for shot three and four. The girls turn to each other and kiss, swapping cum. The room is quiet except for the buzz of the vibrators as I watch in amazement. Tongues are flicking in and out as they wash each other’s lips. I kneel down and turn their faces to me and kiss them both. They open their mouths for deep kisses and I can taste my cum on their tongues.

It is definitely a special moment. The twins give off vibes this experience is special for them and of course I never had twins before. Doing a mother-daughter combo is fun but this is out of the world. I don’t want the night to end and I know I still have to bring the girls to a climax again.

I run into the kitchen and mix three more drinks and we clink glasses and sip our drinks and relax on the bed. The girls are hot and horny and the drinks are helping. They are not drunk because we paced the drinks and they are weak. “What do you want to do next”, I ask them to just get an idea where their minds are at. Both lean against the headboard, spread their knees apart and say “Oh Derrick, eat my pussy.” Echo effect when they say it at the same time. Weird.

Switching back and forth between the two girls has become confusing, so Lori gets a tongue treatment first. “Let me get you into a better position”, I tell them as I pull Lori to the edge of the bed. I cock her knees up and put a pillow under her ass. Her pussy is now wide open and I can kneel next to the bed and lick her. “Spread your lips as wide as you can, Lori”, I tell her and she pulls her pussy lips apart with her fingers. Without being told, Tori does all the same next to Lori. Now I am in front of two bright pink pussies. Some may say, “Lunch is served.”

Running my tongue around the outer lips and over the fingers holding herself open makes Lori moan. She inhales deeply when I get near her clit and just barely run my tongue across it. “Oh don’t tease Derrick. I need you bad”, she moans. Tori, next to her, moans also and I see her running a finger around her own clit. I give Lori a break and stop teasing. Using the tip of my tongue I caress her clit and slide my tongue deep into her pussy. The vibrator is still humming in her ass and I give it a little push to go deeper into her ass. Lori lifts and rotates her ass in synch with the vibrator and I move back to her clit.

When I hit her clit about the fourth time she reaches down, grabs my head and rubs her clit with my tongue. Her breathing is labored and she is panting like a dog. Her climax is about to hit and I rub her as hard as I can. With a deep shudder she peaks and convulses her whole body. “OMG, OMG”, escapes in a deep moan and she collapses on the bed. I pull the vibrator from her ass.

Tori grabs me and pulls me between her legs and pushes my head into her pussy. I think she cannot last long either. My tongue hits her clit and Tori jumps as sparks fly. Her legs lock around my head and shoulders and she pulls my hair as I attack her clit. Juices are already oozing from her and run down my tongue as I lick deep into her cunt. She rocks and moans and meows like a cat. Tori lasts for about two more minutes and she explodes. Like Lori she convulses and collapses back onto the bed. I remove her vibrator also. The two ass holes present a great target for an ass fuck; but it will have to wait.

The girls crawl towards each other and hug. In two minutes they are asleep. I cover them with a blanket and turn out the lights. Another quick shower gets me clean and a little refreshed. A quick trip to the basement lets me check on Sabrina who is sleeping soundly. I fix three fresh adult drinks and wonder what Alisia and Ted are doing. I want to sleep in my master bed; not out here in the living room.

When I open the door quietly I see Alisia relaxing on the bed and smiling at me. Ted looks like he is asleep next to her. “Oh you bad girl”, I say, “did you kill him already or just wear him out?” Alisia says, “I don’t think he has had to work so hard in months.” We both laugh as I hand her a drink. I pull on Ted’s toes and he opens an eye. “Wake up Ted, you have more work to do.” Ted answers, “Have mercy, I’m beat.” I hand a drink to Ted and suggest he go sleep with the twins. “They are out for the night”, I tell him. He gets up and goes to the other bedroom.

Alisia looks at me and I say, “Well it’s been a wonderful birthday. Don’t you agree?” Alisia smiles and puts her drink on the nightstand. She bats her eyes at me and says, “Not yet Derrick, mommy wants a birthday present also.” She opens her legs and spreads her pussy open wide with her fingers. Good grief, it’s what I had the twins do just an hour ago. As I move up on the bed and between her legs, she whispers, “Well you pedophile, you had Sabrina, Lori and Tori. And Debbie tells me you are going to pop her daughter’s virgin pussy. You just don’t know it yet. Just don’t forget I own your cock.”

“Yes Alisia, Derrick will not forget”, I mumble as my cock sinks deep into her pussy.

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Sounds like you tried to work tihngs out.Your wife has a lot of emotional and mental issues.If she has forgiven you but not going to forget, then tell her she has not forgiven you if she is going to hold on to tihngs and punish you for the rest of your life.If she intends to punish you the rest of your life, then leave,but let her know she is the one who pushed you away.Tell her she hurt you by telling you she does not want physical closeness with you and that has been the hurt of rejection you have experienced for yrs and you have gotten a belly full.Tell her you love her but you are not going to be her toilet paper the rest of your life.She does not love or respect you and tell her "You do not love or respect me and you do NOT take your marriage vows seriously at all or you would".I think I’d move on,because unless you are both willing to make some changes, then it will never work out.Sounds like you have tried but she is not willing to change at all.You can not chang

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