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My g/f got what she wanted
My day started like any other day.. alone and sexually frustrated. My girlfriends work hours have her getting up for work and she is gone before I even begin to think about waking. I often wondered if there was more to her schedule than met the eye and today I would find out that there was. I thought I would suprise her when she got off work and be waiting for her to take her for an early lunch. I arrived at her work somewhat early so I parked further out in the parking lot than I usually would so as not to give away the suprise. Little did I know the suprise was all mine.

As the time approached for her to get off work I started the car to go pick her up at the building and then she walked out. I started to pull up as I noticed another vehicle approaching her and she waved and smiled so I figured it was someone she knew and as I sat and watched her talk to him I saw her body language and began to understand she was out and out flirting. To my shock she entered the vehicle and hugged the man behind the wheel. They began to drive off so I carefully followed in fear of being seen.

The man driving the vehicle didn't look familiar to me but I knew that I would know of him before the end of the day. He was a black man that was clean cut and muscular but no real outstanding qualities visually from my point of view. I stayed back but followed them and they drove for what seemed like forever but in reality was about 10 minutes untill they pulled up at a home. They got out and approached the front door and as they reached the front step the door opened and another black man opened the door. I could see the look on her face was that of shock. This man was a very muscular black man who was at least 6 foot 6 inches and 260lbs. He was wearing only a towel and looked freshly showered. They stood there and talked for several minutes and she began to step back like she wanted to leave. I could only imagine the conversation and wonder at what point I needed to come to her rescue.

As she once again began to step back to leave she was grabbed by the man who she rode there with and pushed inside the house. He quickly followed and shut the door and I knew that this was my time for the rescue. I left the car and ran to the house and as I approached the front door I heard yelling inside. I heard her say "this is more than what we talked about". I wondered in fact what they had talked about. The front door wasn't latched and I could tell they were in the back of the house and opened the door enough to sneak in and began to work my way to the back as quietly and quickly as I could. As I came down the hall I could hear muffled talking and what sounded like crying. I entered a doorless hallway closet which had a perfect view of the bedroom area and as I collected myself for what I thought would be the fight of my life I peeked around the corner to see my girlfriend laying on the bed with one man at the side of the bed and the man in the towel at the foot of the bed.

It was at that moment it became clear to me that this whole situation was because of her own choices she made to put herself there and figured I might just watch and see what was about to unfold. She lay there crying saying that she couldn't do this and that she had made a terrible mistake. The tall mans voice answered back saying that her only mistake was coming there and thinking that she even had a choice. He told her to stand up and take off her clothes and she refused. He walked to the side of the bed and grabbed her arm and pulled her from the bed. He stood her up and once again told her to undress and once again she refused. He then grabbed her by the throat and repeated his instructions. She looked at him and shook her head as if to say No. He then pushed her up against the wall while still holding her throat. He grabbed her shirt with the other hand and pulled on it as buttons flew and the shirt ripped she knew there was no way out now.

As soon as her shirt hit the floor he pushed her back to the bed and told her to lay flat. She did so without refusal this time and he then unbuttoned her pants and his friend removed them from her exposing her long legs and black panties. Now she lay there in just a red bra and black panties. The tall man moved to the right side of the bed. She lay across the bed from side to side and he and his towel were now beside her head. He asked her if she was ready for what she came there for and she didnt respond to him. He asked her again and once again she didn't respond. He looked at his friend and stated that if she isn't willing than he will just force her to take it. He grabbed her hair and dropped his towel exposing roughly 11 inches of hard cock that was ready to tear her apart. He pulled her closer to him until his cock was at her mouth and pulled her hair hard till she opened her mouth and he shoved his cock in. He kept ahold of her hair and began to fuck her mouth although she couldnt take much in there. While I was watching her I began to noticed there was less and less resistence to what was happening to her. I didn't notice that the other black man had taken his clothes off and he himself was atleast 9 inches.

The driver had reached up to unclasp her bra and let her breasts free and they were free for the taking now. She has large aerolas and nipples that erect to 1.5 inches. My girlfriend is like 5'9" and weighs like 115 lbs and has 34b breasts and her aerolas are about 2.5 inches across. The driver then reached down to remove her panties and she put up no resistence at all this time. He lowered himself down on her and began to lick her shaved pussy and raised her legs to lick her asshole as well. I looked back up to her face and noticed the tall man had let go of her hair and she was actually stroking his cock while giving him a blowjob. I noticed the flushed cheeks and knew she was into it and would be cumming before long and no sooner than I thought that I began to hear her moan and her back arched and she came all over the face of the driver. The driver stood up and so did the tall man. They told her to turn on the bed and she did so willingly. The tall man laid down on top of her and positioned his cock at her pussy. She said she didn't think she could take him inside and once again she was told she had no choice and she smiled this time. With the first push of his cock he barely got his head in as it was much larger than his shaft. The second push he reached about an inch inside. He was very thick and very long and she had a look of pain and pleasure at the same time with every push into her. After a few minutes he was in as deep as she could take him which was only about 3/4 of the way in. With every thrust in and out of her she moaned with sounds I have never been able to hear from her. Within a few minutes her back arched again and she came all over him. He began to thrust harder and faster and trying to get even deeper. The driver got on the bed and postioned his cock at her mouth and she eagerly took his cock in her mouth. This woman I'm dating who wouldn't even finish a conversation about a 3some with me is having one right in front of me with 2 huge black cocks. He began to fuck her mouth while the other man was slamming her pussy with as much as she can take.

As he was cramming all he could in her pussy she began to show discomfort and began to try to stop him as he was still trying to push more into her. He motioned for his friend to hold her arms up and he then slammed all her could inside of her. Her screams of pain went unanswered. He just kept slamming into her until his complete shaft was inside of her. Her screams calmed and the fucking continued. The tall man was hammering away at her and then all of the sudden he came.. Inside of her.. Filling her with so much cum that it actually squirted out of her with every thrust he gave her. He pulled out and the cum flowed out of her like a river. It was mixed with blood as he must have torn her insides while he rammed into her. The driver moved down and lowered his cock to her pussy and slid inside of her with little resistence due to the stretching she just had. As he was fucking her I couldn't believe what I was seeing but she was kissing him and clawing at his back and within minutes she was cumming on his cock as well and almost at the same time he came inside of her filling her right back up. The taller man still covered in a blend of his cum and her cum had moved back to her mouth and she gladly opened for him. The driver also moved back up and as she blew both men her face was covered in all of their cum and I'm sure she thought they were done.

The tall man moved back to the middle of the bed and had her straddle him and lower herself down on his shaft and she began to ride him like a pro. The driver crawled in behind her and she said No because she could just not do a DP. The tall man grabbed her throat with both hands and told her she had no choice. She began to resist and he grabbed harder until her oxygen was almost cut off. She continued to resist and you could tell she was about to pass out by the grip he had on her neck. Her arms went limp and her stuggle came to an end. She had actually passed out. The driver knew this was his time apparently because he positioned his cock at her asshole and began to enter her. She had one cock in her pussy and one in her ass and she didn't even know it. As they both pounded into her she woke back up and tried to get her bearings and once she did she screamed out with pain. The driver covered her mouth and the tall man put pressure back on her throat and they continued fucking her. After a few minutes she came with such a heavy flow that the sheets of the bed got soaked. They continued fucking her and I couldn't believe what I was seeing but her orgasm didn't seem to stop it just went from wave to wave of intensity. She came again with such satisfacation that passed out on her own this time. She was being held up by the tall man as he came once again deep inside of her and almost at the same time the driver came so hard in her ass that I thought he would pass out as well.

While she lay there passed out the men talked and the tall one asked the driver why he never shared this girl before and he said that he has been fucking her for about a year now and never knew she wanted to be forced by multiple guys until she brought it up in one of their conversations about sex that they had at work. It would appear that my girlfriend works with the driver and their affair has been going on for some time. She came to and excused herself to go get cleaned up. I was at a loss and decided to sneak back out of the house. I got back to my car and drove home not knowing if I should be upset or turned on by what I witnessed. I must confess I was feeling betrayed but more turned on by what had seen. I waited at home until she arrived. Once there I asked how her day went and she said that she had a normal day. I wondered to myself that if that was normal then what was abnormal..

That night I tried to have sex with her and was told that it was "that time".. "That time" now has a new meaning to me!

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2011-09-30 07:04:53
truthfully, it wasn't that great.

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Go write gay stories

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