Derrick gets ready for a date with Debbie & teen Diana
Alisia & Sabrina

Chapter 10. Derrick meets Debbie & Diana (Part I)

It’s been about two month since little Sabrina had her twelfth birthday party and became a woman in every sense. It was a great party. Sabrina and her friend Cissy had narrowed the list of girls down to less than a dozen for the party. No boys were invited. As usual, Sabrina’s dad was out of state on business, so it fell to me to be the designated life guard at Alisia’s pool.

The bunch of young girls had a good time splashing in the pool. All of them wore bikinis and were fun to watch. Most where in the eleven to fourteen age range where they are just budding out and love showing their young skinny bodies and new found tits. Particularly noteworthy was a set of identical twins who turned out to be only eight years old. Ted, who is dating their mom, brought them and joined me at the pool. Yes, we ogled the girls and I got my hands on the twin vixens’ asses as they had me put sun tan lotion on their backs.

Ted and I took notice of one other girl. She looked about thirteen and was a little bit overweight with large tits. What made her noticeable was her full length white bathing suit. When she came out of the water it turned transparent and exposed her big tits and dark pussy hair. Ted and I grinned at each other and he said, “Yes, I would.” It turned out she is Diana, Debbie’s daughter.

Acting as lifeguard fooled most of the other parents since I really am a firefighter and had my fire gear lying around. One single mom, Debbie took more interest in me and Ted; but since he had the twins along she finally dismissed him as being “taken”.

When the girls had cleaned themselves up after the pool party, the cake ceremony was in the dining room. As the girls came through the kitchen, Debbie grabbed one and introduced me to her daughter, Diana. Sure enough, it’s the pudgy girl we ogled at the pool. Diana is nearly as tall as mom Debbie and she has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is now in a ponytail and she has on some light make-up which enhances her pretty face. Like her mom she is wearing tight white shorts and a blouse which barely hides her big tits. My brain goes, “Well, I have already seen you nearly naked, babe.” It brings a smile to my lips and Debbie likes it, not knowing why I grin. Mom Debbie’s hand is on my lower back and she is slowly rubbing me. Oh yea, I am definitely being hit on.

About two hours later as the last girls were being picked up by their parents; I am standing outside as Debbie and her daughter Diana come out. Debbie tells me it was nice to meet me and I smile at her, “Oh Debbie, the pleasure is all mine. It was nice to meet you and your pretty daughter.” Debbie’s face lights up and she stretches up on her toes and gives me a kiss on the cheek. It looks real innocent, but Debbie has her arms around me and rubs her DD tits against me hard. One hand goes for mine and I feel a card being passed. “Thanks Debbie”, I say as I squeeze her hand, “I’ll put it to good use.”

As Debbie turns lose, I get a big surprise. Daughter Diana comes up and mimics her mom. She gives me a big hug rubbing her big tits against me, too. No kiss, but her hands go around me and my ass gets a nice grope. It is not an accident. I look down into her face and she gives me a knowing look. “Thanks Diana, hope to see you again”, I say. Diana nods her head and skips off. Wow, I’m not sure, but I think I just got a mother and daughter combo proposal.

So today, Wednesday afternoon, I finally make use of the calling card Debbie had passed to me and set up a date.

Debbie suggests I visit her house and I tell her I would bring dinner. I also let slip that I had a long weekend off. “Well Derrick maybe we can put it to good use”, Debbie says and I imagine her blushing while talking on the phone. We are set for Saturday afternoon.

During the last thirty days I have actually been real busy putting in a maximum effort at my work and staying my weekly shifts at the firehouse. At the fire station we are into heavy practice for the bi-annual certification exams. Climbing ropes and running up several flights of stairs carrying heavy hose has worn me out on a number of days. The good side effect is that my body is more toned and the summer sun has tanned me.

As I think about my date with Debbie and her daughter for this weekend my cellphone rings. When I answer I hear, “Hey Derrick, its Ted. What ’ya up to?” He and I talk about once every two weeks where he laments that his great love affair with Sherri may be a problem. He has told me he should have never proposed marriage because he was thinking with the little head instead of the one on his shoulders.

Ted, do you remember Debbie from the birthday party?” I ask and he laughs. “Ms. Big Tits and her daughter in the white swim suit?” he asks. I tell him I just made a date for the weekend and my girlfriend Alisia actually prodded me to call. “Why, does Alisia need me to come over there?” he rubs it in because Alisia told him it was a one night stand when she fucked him at my house. I tell him, “No, she and Sabrina are going to New York for a photo shoot for one week.”

Ted asks me, “Can you do me a favor Friday morning?” I ask, “What’s up?” He tells me that he just lucked into free tickets for a trip to Las Vegas and Sherri and he are leaving Friday morning and not returning until Sunday eve. He needs a baby sitter for Tori and Lori. “None of our regular baby sitters are available and Sherri thinks you are OK.”

That makes me chuckle.

“Ted, I told you I just set up the date with Debbie”, I groan while my cock is already half hard just thinking back to the night I had with the incredible twins. “Let me call Debbie back and I’ll send you a text in a couple of minutes.” When Debbie answers, I ask her if she remembers the twins from the party and she tells me that Diana really liked them. “Debbie, I don’t want to break our date; but I just got pushed into watching them this weekend.” Debbie interrupts and says, “No problem, just bring them along and they can play with Diana.” “Ok Debbie, I’ll talk to you later and we’ll work out the details”, I thank her.

A few minutes after I send the text to Ted, I get a response. Tori and Lori’s grinning faces appear on the screen and they do their ‘talking at the same time’ thing. “Thanks Derrick, we’ll see you Friday morning.” “Oh yes, this text is a keeper”, I think as my cock twitches some more. Now what; I have plans to make.

Friday morning rolls around and I meet Ted and the twins at Sherri’s house. Sherri has suggested it makes sense for me to stay at her house instead of dragging the twins over to my house. She also agreed that the twins could visit Diana and her mom. When she talked to Debbie she heard all about the kids splashing in the pool under the supervision of a real life fireman. Sherri is impressed; good for me.

Sherri takes a few minutes to tell me about the house and where things are. She gives me the alarm code and her cell phone number.

When Tori and Lori come down the steps from their bedroom I hardly recognize them. They look like they have grown another three inches until I see the killer high heels on their feet. Instead of blue jeans which I expected, they are wearing silver-gray dress pants. The sharp creases in the front look like they would slice your fingers. On top they have on pale pink blouses with frilly edging showing a bit of cleavage.

Mommy has turned her girls into junior account executives. Their red hair is up in a bun with one bright red chopstick through it. To finish the look, they are wearing rectangular small glasses. My mouth hangs open and I’m speechless. Sherri watches from the sidelines and laughs when she sees my face. “I guess it’s working”, she says “They have to do a presentation in school.”

The first twin comes over to me and gives me a little hug and says quietly, “Hi Derrick, I’m Tori.” Of course I know about the ankle bracelets; but obviously cannot see them. Tori holds up her left arm and shows me the small “T” monogram on her cuff. Cool. Lori comes over also and hugs my other side and also says, “Hi Derrick.” Both girls have a wide grin on their faces and I’m guessing they are not disappointed at having me as a baby sitter. Cool.

Sherri is pleased and asks the girls if they have their homework and presentation. Lori reaches into a tiny purse and pulls out a flash drive. “We’re all set, mom”, she says. Both girls hug their mom and she tells them again that she will be back on Sunday evening. Sherri comes over and gives me a hug and says, “Treat my babies nice”. When she looks up to me and rubs her large tits against my arm and chest I’m speechless for a second time. Is she just that friendly or did she just hit on me? Wow.

By my truck Lori asks, “What have you done with your truck; it looks brand new?” I tell them to jump in and I will tell them all about it. I open the back door and watch them climb in. As they lean over to get in, their pants stretch tight across the asses. First Lori’s shapely little ass disappears into the truck and then Tori’s. Nice view, thank you. I put their two book bags on the front seat.

“Ladies, I spent most of Thursday getting ready for you. I cleaned my house and detailed the truck. Can’t have my beauties show up in school in a dirty pickup. By the way, your outfits are so hot. Tell me about your project.

Lori and Tori look at each other and nod. Lori says, “We have to do a class presentation for our economics class. We are doing a business plan for our modeling agency.” Wow again. I ask them, “What are third graders doing making business plans?” Tori answers, “We are in advanced classes and they are heavy into computers and life lessons. For example we know how to balance checkbooks and do spreadsheets. The business plan is simple but we have to hit all the concepts correctly to pass.”

It seems like third grade has come a long way from a box of crayons and stories. I tell the twins what my plans are for them. After school we will go swimming in Alisia’s pool. On Saturday we will go to the movies with Debbie and daughter Diana. Sunday is open for whatever they and Diana decide. The twins snicker and say, “Does this mean we have Friday night and Saturday night with you all alone in our house?”

I was ready for the question and tease them. “Of course not, you have to have better supervision to keep out of trouble.” Looking at them in the rearview mirror I can see their happy faces turn into a frown. I let them stew for two minutes before I add, “We will spend Saturday night at Debbie’s house with Diana.” They look at each other for a minute and then grin again, “OMG, are you’re going to fuck Diana?” I smile into the mirror and say, “Lets everybody keep their mouth shut about it because it may not happen.”

A few minutes later Lori asks, “You did not mention Friday night, Derrick.” I grin into the mirror and say, “OMG, how could it have escaped me. I guess I’m stuck sleeping in the recliner at your house.” Both girls giggle and Tori reaches across the seat and hugs my neck. Her face is next to mine and she says real quietly, “Don’t plan on sleeping.”

As I pull up to the elementary school they make a big production of exiting the truck and swishing up the long walkway to the door. A bunch of girls are hanging around and they all have their little mouths hanging open. Oh yea, what an entrance the little asses make in their tight business pants. A male teacher stands by the door and he pulls it open. I swear I can see his pants tenting with a hard on. Good grief.

I’m behind them watching the whole thing as we go to the principal’s office to hand in Sherri’s form allowing me to pick up the girls after school. I hand them their book bags and they head down the hall causing a commotion as they go. I wish Sherri could see the whole thing.

After school Lori and Tori come out of the building laughing and waving. Their red hair is now hanging down and waving in the wind. “Looks like you did well with your presentation”, I greet them. Tori pulls out a report from her book bag and hands it to me. “Printed it on the school’s high speed color printer”, she tells me. The report looks very professional and I’m guessing mommy helped. On the front page is a big A+ with a note, “Best presentation this year. Please call me. Mr. Jackson”.

“So, has Mr. Jackson met your mom before?” I ask and both shake their head. “No he has not; he is a young stud, a former college football player.” Oh yea, bet he likes the twins and wants to see how mommy looks. I just laugh.

At Sherri’s house I tell the girls to change into something comfortable while I fix a snack in their kitchen. It takes them about twenty minutes to reappear in tight short cheer pants and bikini tops. Oh yes, looks like we may have fun at the pool. While they eat their snacks I take a quick look through the house making sure everything looks secure.

At Alisia’s house, I park in the back and open the kitchen door so we can use the bathroom. The girls head for the pool and spread out their beach blankets. When they strip off their shorts I see they have similar thongs on as last time. Their tight asses have a nice tan. It hits me that the bikini tops and thongs they had on last time were a different color; plus they got destroyed the night of Sabrina’s party. Sabrina had cut the front panel out of their thongs so their pussies would peek out while they walked. Oh yea, memories of that night flood my mind.

As they stand looking up at the sun, I take a real close look at them. They obviously do not look like eight year olds. Tori and Lori are about five foot five tall and slender. Their arms and legs are not skinny like some girls; but are toned and tanned. Their red hair cascades down their back not reaching their shapely butts. I notice they have their nails and toenails painted in the same shade of light pink. Lip gloss makes their lips sparkly in the sun. Their flat bellies show a bit of muscle from gymnastics. All in all they are hot, hot, hot.

I realize they have not embraced the current fad of belly jewelry which makes me happy. It makes me think it’s a fad invented by the fashion industry to sell stuff to teens and young adult girls.

Tori and Lori sit on their blankets and push their ear buds in to listen to music. One of them pulls out a bottle of lotion and shakes it in my direction. “Please Derrick”, is all she says with a smile and I’m hooked. I tell them to stretch out on their back. They get next to each other and I drop a gob of lotion on their bellies. The cold lotion makes them jerk and giggle. I laugh too and say, “Gotcha!”

We have done this before at Sabrina’s birthday party; but then I put lotion on their backs and let my fingers wander over their pussies. Now I’m starting on their fronts. I gently rub the lotion in small circles across their bellies going down to the top of the bikini bottoms. From there my hand glides up to the bottom of the bikini top. I alternate between Tori and Lauri and give them about five minutes each of massaging their bellies. Both have their eyes closed under their sun glasses and are relaxing more and more.

I already know they will not get fucked out here in the open; it will come later. But I sure can help them have a nice orgasm before they jump into the pool and cool off. More lotion goes on their legs and I work each foot, massaging and tweaking their toes. When my hands glide across the soft instep they giggle because it tickles. I check their ankle bracelets and try to figure out a way to tell them apart. No such luck; but, oh, we’re having fun. Working up their legs I smooth the lotion in with long strokes. My hand gets near Lori’s pussy and she spreads her legs apart. The little triangle bikini bottom just barely covers her pussy as it narrows into the string going up the rear.

Being a bit mean, I stay away from her pussy and move back up to her front. Two more dabs of lotion just north of her breasts make her jump again. Taking time I slowly spread the lotion across her chest and down her arms. Her arms get a nice massage and I do the same for Tori.

However now I move my hand back to her chest and slide two fingers under her bra. My fingertips touch Tori’s nipple and I rub it. She has a nice reaction. Inhaling deeply she pushes her ‘A’ cups up at me. I put my other hand under the second bra cup and play with both nipples at the same time. Tori breathes hard and her hand reaches out for sister Lori who is watching me closely. A few minutes later I switch back to Lori.

I notice Lori reaching behind her back and loosening her bra strap. She leans back and when I put my hand on her belly she pulls it up to her tits. So she gets both hands on her nipples massaging gently and tweaking. When she also starts breathing heavier I put one hand into her crotch and finger her pussy. Lori’s arms go around my head and she pulls me to her and kisses me hard. As we hold the kiss I rub her clit and she throws her head back and meows, “OMG, don’t stop”. I don’t plan to stop. From rubbing her clit I push two fingers deep into her tiny wet pussy. She expands and grabs my fingers with her cunt muscles.

Tori watches as I finger Lori and she moves even closer to her sister. She is definitely absorbing Lori’s vibes and I see her hand disappearing in her bikini bottom. Lori is getting close to her orgasm and I shift around to put one hand into Tori’s pussy at the same time as I’m getting Lori over the edge. When two fingers glide into Tori’s pussy she grabs my arm and pulls me into her even harder. My fingers are deep into Tori and she pulls and pushes my arm to finger fuck her hard.

Lori suddenly shudders and lets out a big yelp as she climaxes. Her legs lock my hand into her pussy and I feel pussy juices on my hand. She rocks for a few minutes and falls back breathing hard. Her chest and belly move in and out hard as she tries to catch her breath.

Tori is set off by her sister’s climax and she yelps also. She sits up and holds on to my arm as she shivers all over. Finally she too falls back and curls up with Lori. Their arms go around each other and they hug and lay there quietly.

I think I did a good job getting two eight year old hotties off. I let them rest while I go into the kitchen and fix drinks; just cola today.

When I come back out and serve the drinks both girls have big smiles on their faces. I hand each of them a cold glass and they smile and say together, “Oh thank you Derrick. That was so nice.” I lean down and give each girl a gentle kiss, “Thank you girls. Go jump into the pool and cool down.” They laugh and run and jump into the water. Last thing I see is two naked asses. Life is fun. I never did put lotion on their backs. Oh, well.

The girls spend about twenty minutes swimming laps and splashing in the pool. They tried to get me to come into the water; but I stayed dry. With all the sex play, we have been here over an hour. When they come out, they lie back on their blankets and let the sun dry them. I refresh their drinks and just enjoy watching them relax.

“Derrick, can we look at Sabrina’s room?” one of them asks. Knowing how paranoid Alisia is about leaving signs of men, I tell them some of her rules. We need to leave the pool and kitchen spotless and they can see Sabrina’s room but not touch stuff. In the kitchen we wash and dry our glasses and make sure everything is ship shape. Then I let the girls go up to see Sabrina’s room. Their eyes get big when they see the latest glamour photos of Sabrina next to her trophies.

On the way back to their house they ask a couple of questions about how Sabrina gets so many trophies. I tell them how hard she has to work for them and add as a joke, “You should sign her up as your first model.” When I look in the mirror I see two serious faces. On no, I hope I haven’t put that thought into their heads. Lori says quietly, “Derrick what do you think of us modeling?” “Baby, you two could write your own ticket; I’m surprised your mom has not signed you up with some talent agency”, I answer truthfully. When I look back again, I catch the twins looking at each other and smiling. OK, it’s going to be entirely my fault if they end up in Hollywood.

It’s nearing dinner time and I’m too lazy to cook, so I tell the girls to put on jeans and get ready to go out to dinner. Of course it takes them an hour to shower and get ready. It’s worth it. Their red hair is curled around their faces and just a touch of makeup makes their blue eyes stand out. They are wearing light green low cut tops and tight jeans. It’s one of those mysteries of life how girls get into jeans. White sneakers complete the outfit.

The girls wanted shrimp so we hit a local seafood place. Our waitress treats us nicely and I notice several waiters keep cruising by to take a look, too. When Tori leans back in the seat and stretches it’s quickly apparent the twins are not wearing bras. Her nipples poke the material of her top. Nice pokies, girls. This time I notice a dad with two young boys about to drop his fork. Lori and Tori act like they didn’t see it but their sly grins give them away. I gently kick them under the table and say, “Behave!” They bat their eyes at me and give me an innocent look. Yea, right.

Back at their house we settle into the living room and the girls turn on the TV to watch a movie. I cool it in the recliner and wait to see who makes the first move. It does not take long. After watching for about a half hour I can tell the girls are getting restless and losing interest in the show. Tori looks up, comes over and jumps into my lap. Her arms go around my head and she kisses me gently. “Derrick, can we have a real drink; no school in the morning?” she asks. I say, “Don’t lie, what would your mom say?” Tori grins and says, “She lets us sip some wine but no hard stuff.”

“So I’m going to be in trouble if I give you hard stuff?” I answer. Both girls giggle and say, “We’ll never tell.” Tori adds, “Besides you gave us hard stuff at your house before you fucked our brains out. Can you make margaritas?” At the bar I mix up a pitcher of margaritas and serve up the first three glasses. Lori and Tori clink glasses with me and I say, “I hope a repeat of that night is even better for you.” We sip the frozen drinks. Tori grabs my hand and pulls me toward the stairs. Lori grabs the pitcher and we head off to the girls bedroom.

In their bedroom is a surprise. I had thought they had their individual beds from the stories Ted had told me; but a nice queen size bed stands against one wall with two adjacent night stands. All the furniture in the room looks new. There is no sign of toy boxes. The lavender walls and matching curtains give it a sophisticated look. Two desks with laptops are against the other longer wall. There is a shelf with charger stands for i-phones and other electronics. The room looks more like belonging to college girls; not elementary school kids. I’m impressed.

Lori and Tori turn to me and unbutton my shirt and peel it off. While one of them hangs it up the other one kneels in front of me and unbuckles my jeans. Then both of them pull them down and have me step out. Down to my jockeys they push me to sit on the bed and admonish, “Watch this.”

I’m not sure they can top the sexy catwalk they did before; wearing bikinis with their nipples pocking out and sparkling from head to toe. Although from feeling their breasts this afternoon, I’m convinced they added an inch to their bust line since then.

They turn off the overhead light and the room is lit by two soft table lamps. Soft music comes from a stereo and the girls take a long sip of their margaritas before meeting in the middle of the room right in front of me. Lori and Tori embrace and slowly bring their lips together in a gentle kiss. They hold the kiss for a minute playing with each other’s tongues just a little. It’s not a sisterly kiss. Two lovers are kissing each other. I remember Ted telling me about saying to them they are kissing their other half. They have obviously taken it to a higher level.

Their hands reach down to each other’s hem of their low cut tops and they gently pull them upward over their heads making sure not to entangle their long red hair. As I expected they are not wearing bras. Two sets of nice white A-cup tits appear as the tops glide over their heads. And yes, they are definitely bigger than I remember. Pink nipples top the sweet mounds. When the tops hit the floor, Lori and Tori kiss again but with a bit more passion. More tongue play is involved. It goes on for several minutes before they reach down and wiggle out of their tight jeans. They are both wearing bright red thongs. They come back together for kiss number three. Tongues are in each other’s mouths and they embrace hard.

My eyes are glued to them; but I jump up and pick up their clothes and get them out of the way. I move to them and embrace them and they break their kiss. They both kiss my cheek and push me back onto the bed. I guess the show continues and I can feel my cock twitch. The girls smile at me and whisper, “Not yet, Derrick.”

Now they move even closer to me and kiss for just a second before Tori gets on her knees and pulls Lori’s thong off. Lori rotates slowly and shows me her clean pussy and butt. While she kneels down, Tori stands up and lets Lori strip her also. Then they both kneel and spread their legs apart. When they kiss again one hand goes into each other’s pussy. They rub each other gently and little moans escape their lips. The show is getting me hot and my jockeys are tenting. Little bitches are getting me worked up.

Lori and Tori turn to me and smile, knowing well what they are doing to me. In a minute I may just put them on their hands and knees and ass fuck them to no end. “Do you like the show, Derrick?” they ask in unison. “Yes, you little vixens”, I stammer. They ask, “Do you want to watch us sixty-nine or are you about to pop?” Ah, a challenge from girls. So I answer, “Bring on the show!”

The girls giggle, “Good choice” and jump up on the bed. One of them gets on her back and the other one straddles her in a sixty-nine position. There is a bit of adjusting of pillows before they dive into each other. I check the ankle bracelets and figure out Lori, the elder by two minutes, is on the bottom. Sister Tori is on top with her mouth in Lori’s pussy. I reach over and move Tori’s long hair out of the way so I can see her tongue stroking Lori’s clit. Lori’s pink pussy has a sheen of wetness as she gets stroked. Tori tongues her hard and her fingers have pulled Lori’s pussy wide open to expose her tiny clit. Tori pulls the skin back from Lori’s clit and make the small nubbin pop up to its full length. Then her tongue goes back to work.

I move to the other side of the bed and watch the mirror image action. Lori has a pillow under her head so she can reach Tori’s pussy easier. She pushed Tori’s legs apart and pulled her pussy down into her face. I see Lori’s tongue reaching up and sliding across Tori’s open lips and into its pink center. She tongues her for several minutes before mimicking her sister and uncovering Tori’s clit with her fingers. Lori dips one finger into Tori’s pussy and then strokes the clit with the wet finger. It makes Tori groans hard and her little ass shakes.

It hits me they seem to like the action just a little bit different and I assume it developed over months of practice. It makes me wonder if they are taking care of each other without Mr. Ted.

Lori pulls her finger back and her tongue goes up to Tori’s clit. Both girls are tonguing each other hard and I watch them for about five minutes. I can see their leg muscles quivering and I expect them to explode in minutes. Lori pulls back and says, “Derrick get ready; you are going to make us cum.”

The girls roll apart and get on their backs and cock their knees up and apart. Two wet pussies are staring at me and Lori and Tori pull their pussy lips wide apart showing me their clits. Good grief; nothing to do but dive in.

My head goes between Tori’s legs and she grabs me and pulls me into her. Since they are both about to pop, I go straight for her clit. My tongue hits her clit and Tori jumps as sparks fly again. Her legs lock around my head and shoulders while juices are seeping from her and running down my tongue. She rocks and moans and meows like a kitten. Tori lasts for about another minute and she convulses. She shakes hard for a few minute before finally turning me loose.

As usual the girls are holding hands and feeding vibes from each other. I move to Lori and she grabs my hair eagerly and points me right to her clit. She is ready and rocks her pelvic up into my face. When my tongue hits her clit she groans hard and pulls me into her even harder. Her pussy tastes sweet, young and clean. She moans several “Ohs” as I hit her clit. Lori doesn’t even last a minute. She explodes into my mouth hard and she holds me as she rocks to finish her climax.

Now that was different. I expected her to last a little longer. When she finally turns me loose, I expect the girls to curl up and rest; but they surprise me again. “Come lay down between us, Derrick.” I slip my jockeys off and climb onto the bed between them and the girls sandwich me tightly. Lori is on one side and Tori on the other. Their arms go around me and they squeeze me hard. “Thanks Derrick, you are the best”, they whisper to me as they cool down. “Thanks girls, I enjoyed the show”, I grin and we laugh. Tori says, “I guess you can tell we do it a lot.” Lori adds, “We wish you were here to finish us off like that every time.” It makes my cock twitch and the girls grin.

“What else do you vixens want to do”, I ask to see if there are any other surprises. They do it again, they look at each other and nod their heads. Lori says quietly, “We want you to be a sweet lover. Love us and be gentle. No pain.” It makes me wonder what Ted has been doing to them. “Has someone been hurting you?” I ask. They shake their heads and Tori says, “We think Ted wants to try some rough stuff; but we won’t let him. Besides we don’t let him fuck us anymore.”

Wow, that’s a surprise. I thought he was getting their pussies daily. Lori and Tori snuggle up against me even tighter and Lori says, “I guess it got old fast and I think mom is ready to dump him. She told us this trip is his last chance.” So I ask the silly question, “Does mom know he was having sex with you?” They both giggle and Tori says, “We caught them in bed naked and he fucked us and mom at the same time.” Holy shit, I didn’t know that. It makes me wonder what Sherri really meant when she said to treat her babies nice.

The giggling and short conversation has revived the girls and Lori jumps up and pours three more glasses of margaritas. She hands them to us and we sip sitting in bed. Tori puts her glass down and grabs my cock. I can’t help it and shriek and push her ice cold hand off my cock. Tori looks at Lori and says deadpan, “He doesn’t love me anymore.” Lori laughs and says, “I can fix it.” She bends over and pulls my cock into her warm mouth. Her tongue massages my cock and her blue eyes look up at me. OK, I’m not mad anymore.

Tori gets on her knees and says, “Sorry, Derrick.” Before I can answer she leans forward and sticks a nipple against my mouth. Of course I open my lips and suck her pink nipple like a baby. Except a little harder maybe. Tori puts her arms around my head and lets me suck her for several minutes before switching to her other nipple. My arms go around her and we hold each other tight. Tori and I are both humming “Mmm’s”.

Lori has gotten my cock hard and is pushing herself down on it nearly to the root. I know I’m hitting her throat and she pulls back before she gags. Finally she comes up for air and says, “Tori switch.” Lori takes Tori’s place and her nipple is in my mouth. I suck her a bit more gently than Tori and she seems to love it. She moans quietly and strokes my hair. After a few minutes she pulls her nipple out of my mouth and leans over and kisses me hard. “I love you Derrick” Lori whispers into my ear when we break apart. Meanwhile Tori is gently stroking my cock, pulling the skin down and sucking me into her mouth. She alternates between sucking, licking and stroking. I know I can’t last a lot longer without a break.

Lori notices me twitching hard and says, “Can you fuck me before you shoot into Tori’s mouth?” I say, “If you give me a break for a minute, I’ll do you both.” More giggling ensues and I jump out of bed. Tori disappears into the girls’ bathroom so I go down the hall to Sherri’s master bedroom and bath. Before I get to the commode I get another interesting surprise. A very lacy, sexy black bra and matching thong are hanging over the bathtub curtain rod. Well now, did Sherri leave it here by accident or on purpose for me to play with? Something to think about.

Back in the twin’s bedroom the girls are laying on their backs with pillows under their heads and their legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Their sweet pussies are pouty and ready for me. When I get next to them they pull their knees up to their heads and smile. “We want to see your cock going in”, they say quietly in unison. I laugh and say, “Who first?” Lori says, “Me Derrick” and grins even wider.

Remembering to be gentle I push my cock into her for about three inches and hold it. Lori’s face gets serious for a second and she says, “OMG, I forgot how big you get. Go deeper.” And I do it; pulling back first and stroking into her several times. Going about an inch deeper into her with each stroke, I finally hit bottom. Then I remember how Lori massaged my cock the first time I fucked her. “Lori, give me a massage”, I tell her and she flexes her muscles and makes my cock hard as a rock. Lori rocks her pelvic against me and I stroke into her as we set up a nice slow rhythm.

“Do you like it like this, baby or do you want it harder?” I ask. Lori looks up at me and groans, “Just like this; don’t stop.” Every time when I hit bottom, I relax and Lori flexes her muscles for an instant squeezing my cock. It almost makes me laugh. It feels wonderful. Tori is next to us watching and waiting. I ask, “Lori how about Tori?” The girls look at each other and Tori leans over and kisses Lori. “Keep going, I’ll wait a few more minutes.” Little did I know the girls already had a plan.

Lori and I were steady fucking for more than ten minutes and her massaging my cock was having an effect. I know I was going to cum in another minute. Lori and Tori could tell that I was probably getting close. Lori locks her legs around my back and says, “Derrick, please cum inside me. I want to feel you all the way.” Now what, I had not planned on cuming in their pussies; their mouths were my favorite target. On the other hand; why not.

“Get ready baby”, I tell Lori and stroke as deep into her as I can. I can feel my cock head hitting something tight and on the third stroke I cum into her. I hold her tight against me and shoot ropes of Jizz into her womb. Lori’s eyes are wide open and she moans, “OMG, OMG it’s hot.” I sure hope so, because I worked hard to make her happy. Her legs are squeezing me tight and we stay locked together for several minutes before she relaxes and falls back on the bed. My cock is still deep inside her and I don’t want to pull out until I shrink a bit.

Tori is next to us also wide eyed. “I think it’s Lori’s first cum in her pussy”, she says. Lori nods her head as I roll her onto her side and pull her tight against me with my cock still in her. Tori says, “You guys rest, I’m getting some fresh colas.” I didn’t know Tori had already experienced Jizz in her pussy when Ted fucked her in the middle of the night.

After we drink the cold colas and nibble some cookies which Tori brought up from the kitchen, I can’t help but to notice it is long after midnight. If the girls don’t get worn out soon this party will be an all-nighter. Good grief.

Tori and Lori slide up on the bed on either side of me and sandwich me again. Tori says, “I know you got to rest some more; but you remember how you let me ride your tongue, last time?” Well, of course I remember her getting herself off straddling my face and cuming into my mouth. It was one of the best experiences in my life. My smile says, “Of course, I can’t forget it.”

When I nod my head, Tori smiles and asks, “Are you good to go?” The girls move apart and push my shoulders down flat and Tori straddles my head. As she spreads her legs apart her pussy is right over my face and she slowly lowers herself to my mouth. When my tongue touches her outer lips she sighs a loud, “OMG, yes.” Well, well. Having her sister tongue her may be great but it seems like she loves a man’s tongue even better.

I open her pussy lips with my tongue and push the tip into her center. Moisture is in her pussy and it helps to lubricate her full cunt. Tori hold still for a few minutes as I explore her pussy from top to bottom. I stay away from her clit on purpose, savoring it for when she get ready to cum.

Sister Lori also remembers how Tori loved getting herself off on my tongue. Lori leans forward and sucks one of Tori’s nipples into her mouth and runs her tongue over it repeatedly. She moves to the other nipple and repeats it. Tori has her fingers in Lori’s long red hair and guides her from one nipple to the other.

We have been in this position for over ten minutes and Tori is rocking on my tongue in a gently motion just enjoying herself when I hear her say, “Lori, get him hard now.” Lori switches from nibbling on her nipples to my cock. She pulls me into her mouth and starts a nice fresh blow job. Her fingers are on my balls rubbing and massaging. It will not take long to get me rock hard.

While Lori is working on my cock, I explore Tori’s pussy and hunt for her clit. Tori helps me by moving herself up and down on my tongue and rocking against me harder. I can feel the hard pencil tip of her clit rubbing against my tongue. So I relax and let her rock on my tongue building up to her climax. In a few more minutes Tori is close to her climax; but instead of cuming into my mouth she jumps up and straddles my cock facing me.

Lori holds my cock and guides it into Tori’s pussy and she sink down on it to the root. Her face is above me and her hair falls over me like a curtain. Tori leans down and kisses me and then whispers into my ear, “I love you Derrick; even more than Lori does. Cum inside me and I’ll be yours forever.” As she says it she rocks back and I push into her hard. I don’t even want to think about “forever”; just stay in the moment with my cock deep in her pre-teen pussy.

Tori sets a fast pace fucking herself on my cock by rocking up and down. When she bottoms out, like her sister she squeezes my cock with her muscles. The fantastic feeling can’t last much longer because we are both panting like race horses. Tori sits up as her climax hits and she yelps and sticks a hand over her mouth. It sets me off and I pull her down on me hard and shoot Jizz into her as deep as I can. We stay like that for a few minutes as we both shake and then Tori collapses on top of me. Her hands go around my head and she holds me tight as my face is covered under her hair.

I hear her whimper and I can feel wetness on my face as tears run down her cheek. OMG, I hope I didn’t pop something in her belly. Tori’s lips search for mine and she locks a hard kiss on me and holds it for a minute before she whispers, “Yes, that’s what I want you to do to me every time. You are mine forever.” My cock is still inside her and certainly does not want to leave its warm wet home. So I cuddle Tori to me and just hang on.

I see Lori sitting on the bed watching with big eyes. After a few minutes she says, “OK break it up or I’m going to throw cold water on you two horny dogs.” She laughs as she says it knowing that her reaction to having hot cum shoot up into her pussy was about the same. It makes us all laugh and gives a nice comedic ending to a fun day.

Or at least I hope it’s the end because I’m worn out. I say, “Seriously my darlings, we need to talk about Saturday night with Debbie and Diana. I think mom wants me to pop Diana’s cherry. Can you handle it?” Lori looks at Tori and answers, “It will be just like Sabrina’s birthday. You get to fuck Diana and then us later.” I answer, “Well, let me give you a ‘worse case’ which is that mom and daughter don’t realize you eight year olds are already having sex and they put you into a different bedroom alone. You may have to be without me all night. Matter of fact it may be best if we keep it a secret from them and not have Diana blabbing in school.”

Lori and Tori look at each other somewhat disappointed; but finally shake their heads ‘Yes’. “We’ll do what you tell us, promise”, they say in unison. I kiss each one of them and promise, “There is always Sunday.” They giggle and give me a hug. Lori says, “Derrick is there anything you want us to do now?” She has an expectant look on her face; but honestly I’m worn out.

“I think you vixens have worn me out for the night. We need to get some sleep” is my answer. The girls turn off the lights and get on each side of me. They pull a comforter over us and snuggle in tight. Tori says loud enough for Lori to hear, “Remember you are mine forever.” Lori snickers in reply, “You wish.”

As I drift off to sleep I can’t help but think of teen Diana who is thirteen with her large tits. If I shoot as much Jizz into her as I did the twins I’m going to be a daddy. I’m not sure if it scares me or makes me smile.


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Writing stories about girls age 13 having sex is Kiddie Porn. In Canada the safe age is 18. The criminal maximum sentence is 10 years. Do not do the crime unless you do the time.

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I think Tori is a ptrtey name. At 8 years old it’s probably the best choice for her since she already understands what it means. I should have kept reading and found this post before I commented on a previous one, oooops. Oh, the “nudge”. Yes, I think it’s a Dane signature trait. I am very good at keeping the rubs, and massages coming with a well timed and placed nudge Welcome to blogville Tori. It’s nice to meet you.Emma

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