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Daddy Takes Care of Her Little Problem (Chapter 1)

My daughter has an unusual condition. At her relatively young age (and not pregnant) she is lactating. Apparently, it’s not an unknown condition, but it is rare. When we discovered it, we immediately took her to a doctor who recommended a specialist. I’ll never forget sitting in the office having this young looking doctor explain to me that my little girl was producing milk from her tiny little breasts. After giving us options that included medication that would seriously screw up her hormones and possibly her development, we were at a loss as to what to do. He informed us that if we allowed her to keep producing milk without expressing it, she could get seriously ill with infection. So it was either medication, or breast pumps. We opted for the latter.

My wife Jessica, daughter Emily and I sat in the office with Doctor James as he showed us how the breast pump worked. He asked my daughter to lift her shirt and showed her how to fit the pump to her little breast over her bra. He explained to my wife that she may need to help her the first time. Jessica replied in clipped sentences that she didn’t know how to do it herself as she had been unable to breast feed our kids due to lack of milk production. He apologized, gave her a pamphlet and told us to please call him if we had any questions.

That night, my 16 year old son JJ and I sat in front of the TV trying to ignore the crying from upstairs as my wife and daughter began the nightly chore of pumping Emily’s breasts. Finally, after about 20 minutes, my wife yelled at me to come upstairs. As I knocked on the door to Emily’s room, Jessica snapped at me to get in here. Emily sat on her bed, her face red and tears streaming down her cheeks. My wife looked beyond exasperated as she explained that she had been unsuccessful with the chore. Emily sobbed out that it hurt and she didn’t want to do this anymore.

I took the manual the doctor provided and read through it. I looked at my wife and asked her if she wanted me to try.

“Why do you think I asked you to come up here?” she growled.

I asked Emily to relax and lay back against the pillows on her bed. At first, I tried fitting the pump to her breasts under her shirt.

“Oh for God’s sake” my wife snapped, lifting my daughters shirt. “You have to be able to see what you’re doing. We can’t afford modesty at this point”.

I felt very uncomfortable as I looked at my daughters little breasts and tiny nipples. My wife is very well endowed and I had always enjoyed that, but there was something about those little titties that called to me. I erased the slightly lurid thought from my brain as I fitted the pump to her breast and turned it on. Immediately, the pump began humming and I watched in horror as that perfect, tiny little nipple became stretched out beyond seeming capacity. My daughter immediately began crying again, moaning “it hurts Daddy, please stop!” and pushing my hands away from her chest and the pump.

“I know Baby, but we have to do this or you’ll get sick. Just let it go for a minute and if it doesn’t work, we’ll go back to the doctor tomorrow.”

Five minutes later and no results, we gave up. That night, my wife and I discussed what to do next. Emily would have to go back to the doctor in the morning and I was told in no uncertain terms, that my wife was “done”. I think she considered it a slap in the face that our daughter was doing something she had tried in vain to do when she was pregnant.

“I’m sorry, Jason. You’re just going to have to manage this one on your own”.

I told her how horrified I was by the scene earlier and she agreed “But I just can’t do it. Besides, I start night shifts next week and it was going to have to be you anyway”.

And with that, my wife washed her hands of it and it became my problem.

The next day, Emily and I sat in the doctor’s office once again, and explained what had occurred the night before. Doctor James was sympathetic as he asked questions regarding what we had done.

“It sounds like you did everything right. The only thing I can suggest is that I try it now here in the office so we can see what the problem is and if it works, you can see how to do it next time”.

Emily spoke up. “It really hurt. Can you do it so it doesn’t hurt?”

“We can try. The problem is that you’re young enough that it’s probably going to hurt with the pump no matter what, but we’ll see what we can do. Why don’t you go ahead and take your shirt and bra off, hop up on the table, scoot down to the end and we’ll get started.”

As Emily began undressing, the doctor took a stack of pillows and laid them half way down the table. He placed a tall stool at the end, picked up the pump and sat it down next to Emily. He instructed her to lay back on the pillows with her legs hanging off the end of the table as he sat between them and pushed up close. I moved next to him and watched as he reached up to my daughter’s breast.

“The first thing you need to do is relax, Emily” he began in a low, quiet voice. “I’m going to do a quick exam to make sure you aren’t developing any infections from missing the pumping last night”.

I watched as his big dark hands reached up to my daughter’s breasts and began softly rotating them. I was fascinated. Her tiny little breasts were being pushed and rubbed, never touching her nipples, but I could see those beautiful pink little buds getting harder between the doctor’s fingers.

“You doing okay?” he softly asked her. “Uh huhnn” she replied just as softly. “Good” he replied. He looked at me. “You should do this before every session. You’re checking to make sure her breasts aren’t too hot or hard. That would suggest infection. Why don’t you try it now” he suggested.

I had a brief thought that the only thing hot and hard was me as I reached over to my daughter’s left breast and with a shaking hand, touched her soft skin. The doctor continued manipulating her right breast as he instructed me to take it in my hand and begin softly squeezing it. My God! I was holding my young daughter’s breast! I could feel my body shaking uncontrollably.

I had never thought of myself as a pervert. I had never thought of my daughter, or any young girl, in a sexual manner before. While my wife and I had started to fizzle sexually, I still got it enough that between my marital relations and my masturbation, I had rarely even felt the need to look elsewhere. There was just something about holding that tiny little breast in my hand, watching that nipple get harder and harder, looking at my daughter who lay on the table with her eyes closed, totally relaxed and watching another man fondle her other breast. I was as hard as a rock. I could feel the precum slipping out the tip of my cock as I mentally chastised myself.

This is CRAZY. She’s your daughter you idiot! But my body didn’t care. I continued manipulating that tit and wishing I could lean over and slip that hard little nipple in my mouth. I couldn’t help myself. I let my fingers brush against the tip and I heard my daughter softly gasp. I didn’t even look away from her breast as I watched it quiver with her breathing. I surreptitiously rubbed against my cock, trapped in my pants, and wished I could feel it rubbing against her tit . I pinched her nipple again softly and realized what I was doing. I looked over at the doctor to see if he had noticed, but he was totally engrossed in the breast in his own hand. As I started to glance away, I noticed his left hand moving at the end of the table. He was rubbing his cock through his pants! God! What was happening? At that moment, Doctor James looked up and saw that I had caught him. “Sorry” he whispered. “This is an unusual situation for me too” he grimaced.

He removed his hand from under the table and placed it on Emily’s leg. “All right Emily, you still doing okay?” “Yes” she breathed. “Good. I’m going to try the pump now. Your Dad is going to keep checking your other breast so just relax and try not to move”. I watched as he plumped up her breast, tweaked her nipple once and then fit the pump against her breast. I felt Emily take a deep breath and I continued caressing her, brushing against the nipple every once in awhile. Doctor James switched on the pump and Emily immediately sat up, dislodging my hand, and began pushing against the pump.

“Ow! No! Turn it off, it hurts!” The tears were streaming down her face once again as she sobbed. “Please Daddy, make him stop”. I reached over to the pump and switched it off. “We’re just going to have to find another way” I told him. “I can’t stand to see her in that much pain”.

“Okay Emily”, the Doctor said. “Why don’t you wait here while your Dad and I have a chat in the next room. Just relax, we’ll be right back”.

As we stepped into the next room, the doctor apologized. I assured him that I didn’t have a lot of room to judge considering my own reaction. I was embarrassed and ready to move off the topic so I asked him what the next step was.

“Well, it’s rather unorthodox, but if we can’t use the pump, the only option left is manual stimulation”. I gawked at him. “What does that mean?”

“That means, you’ll have to manually express the milk. You can try manipulating the breast much like you would any other… well, like a goat or cow I suppose” he said looking embarrassed. “The problem is that you usually require some kind of suction to get the milk out, especially in someone so young. Even then, it can be difficult. If you can’t get it through manipulation, you’ll have to suck it out. And if that doesn’t work, it often helps to…” he paused, “It sounds horrible, but it will make it easier if she’s aroused”.

“Oh God” I moaned. “You’re actually giving me permission to suck my daughter’s breasts and get her aroused”.

“Or you can go back to the pump”.

I shook my head. “Okay, let’s just do this”.

As we went back into the next room, Emily jumped, quickly removing her hands from her breasts as if we had caught her doing something bad. I wondered if she had been playing with herself.

“Emily” Doctor James begin, “we’re going to try something different. Your Dad and I are going to try to get the milk out with our hands and mouths. It may seem strange at first, but it’s either this or the pump. Are you okay with that?”

“Yes, please. As long as you don’t hurt me”, she replied.

The doctor pulled out another tall stool, positioned it next to Emily on one side and moved his stool to the other. He gave me one last look and then we both reached for a breast. As I sat on my stool I tried to think of anything except that gorgeous little titty in my hand. I watched the doctor as he worked on Emily’s right breast and I mirrored his actions on my own side. I petted it, fondled it, squeezed it gently and groped it reverently. My mouth watered as I watched the little nipple pucker up and get darker. I brushed my knuckles over the tip and heard Emily moan. My eyes flew to her face and saw that she was lying there, her eyes closed, mouth open. I watched her lick her lips, then swallow heavily as Doctor James began pinching her right nipple. I took this as a sign and began tweaking the perfect little bud on my side. As I held her breast in my left hand, my right hand began rubbing her nipple, squeezing it gently, then harder. I continued milking her tit as I watched her little nip get harder and the tiny hole in the tip open and close like a little mouth. I could feel the end of my cock mirroring the action as I leaked precum into my own pants.

The Doctor began squeezing her nipple harder and as I watched, I saw a tiny little bead of white gather on the tip of her nipple. I gasped and pushed my hips into the side of the table, rubbing my groin as hard as I could as I begin rotating the nipple in my hand faster and harder. I heard Emily gasp again, “Daddy, that feels funny”. “It’s okay Baby, I’ve got you” I whispered as I continued manipulating her. I’m ashamed to admit, I was practically humping the table trying to gain some relieve for my poor hard cock. I looked over at the doctor just as he lowered his head to my Baby’s chest. Oh GOD. I couldn’t stand it. I leaned over and pressed the side of my face into her soft little breast. “You okay Baby?” I whispered. “Yessss”, she hissed as the doctor took her nipple into his mouth”. I rubbed my face against her tit, licked the end of her nipple once, twice, then took it into my mouth softly. The nipple was hard as a rock and I rubbed it with my tongue, softly suckling. I tasted a slightly tangy flavor and I lost all common sense as I begin drawing the nipple harder and harder against the roof of my mouth. My left hand held her soft tit-meat while my right hand moved to my crotch as I tried to rub my hardness away.

“Daddy! I can feel it coming” Emily cried, just as I felt a spurt of something against my tongue. I heard the doctor moan as I drew harder on the little bud. I felt another spurt as Emily bucked against me. “Daddy, it’s coming!” “Mmmm…” I acknowledged as I continued humping my hand and sucking her tit. Suddenly, my mouth was flooded with a sweet warm liquid. As I began gulping, I felt my cock jump in my pants and I came along with Emily’s milk. With each pulse of Emily’s tit juice, I felt my cock push another load of cum out. I heard the suckling sounds coming from the other side as the doctor continued to root against Emily’s nipple and I came down from the biggest cum I’d ever had. As I lifted my head, I looked at the doctor who was lying against Emily’s dripping breast. Emily herself had her head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open looking totally relaxed and I looked down at myself and wondered how I would get out of the office with the wet spot on the front of my pants.

The doctor and I stood up. I rubbed her breast softly, brushing the nipple again and again with the palm of my hand. "You doing okay Baby?" I asked. "uh hmmmm", she responded. I looked over at Dr. James. He had the same wet spot that I was sporting. "Well, that should do it" he said sheepishly. "Now you just need to make sure you do that every evening. And be sure to call me if you have any problems or need any help".

I gulped as I thought about the nights stretching before us. I could feel my cock getting harder as I imagined Emily and I in this position again and wondered how in the hell I was going to manage this without doing something unforgivable, if I hadn't crossed that line already.

Daddy Takes Care of Her Little Problem (Chapter 2)

After a quick stop in the bathroom and some judicious use of water and a hand dryer, we headed home. As my wife was getting ready for work, she asked how the doctor’s appointment had gone. I told her we had difficulties and that the pump was still hurting Emily, but we made it work. No way was I going to tell her I had fondled and sucked my daughter’s tits until she squirted her milk in my mouth as well as the doctor’s. “Great” she replied. “Then you’re on milk duty from here on out.” I protested, mostly to keep her from becoming suspicious. I really didn’t want to continue milking my daughter every night. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to handle the constant stimulation. But how would I explain the doctor’s visit the second she put that hated pump against Emily’s breast and tried to use it again.

“Look,” Jessica began. “I am just not going to do that with Emily. I can’t stand the thought or the sight. I’m sure the doctor gave you plenty of advice and you can handle it.” I gave up, grumbling.

That night, I knocked on Emily’s door. “Hey Em, can I come in?” As I entered, Emily sat up from her prone position on her bed, setting the book she was reading down beside her. “I just wanted to see how you’re doing.”

“I’m fine”

“How are your breasts? Since we took care of them earlier today, are we good skipping this evening?”

“Sure” she shrugged.

“Okay. Listen, we need to be careful what we tell Mom. She’s pretty upset with the whole deal. It really bothers her that you have milk since she wasn’t able to produce any when she was pregnant. I told her that we got the pump to work so she won’t worry so much. You okay with that?”

“No problem” Emily shrugged again.

That night I lay in bed thinking about that doctor visit. I imagined again touching my daughter’s breasts, sucking her nipples into my mouth, feeling her milk squirt as I came in my pants. It was the best cum I’d had in years. I fantasized about doing it all over again as I masturbated, cumming twice when once just wasn’t enough. When my wife rolled into bed the next morning, I rolled her over and began running my hands up and down her body. She reciprocated, rubbing my chest, sucking my neck. As soon as she headed for my cock, I headed for her breasts. They are huge, with big soft nipples. I began fondling and twisting them. They overflowed my hands with big soft tit-meat. I had always enjoyed my wife’s overly endowed breasts, but now all I could think about was my little girl’s tiny tits with the perfectly hard little nipples. As I fucked my wife, I imagined my daughter in that doctor’s office again.

Jessica drifted off to sleep and I headed to the kitchen, stopping at both Jason Jr. and Emily’s room to make sure they were up and getting ready for school. Jason was heading for the kitchen as I knocked on Emily’s door and poked my head in. I was surprised by the sight of Emily sitting on her bed in just her uniform skirt and knee socks, her breasts in her hands, rubbing them with a look of concentration. She jumped as I cleared my throat.

“Daddy, you scared me!”

“Sorry sweetheart. What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to get the milk out of my boobies before I go to school. They feel kinda full and I don’t want to start leaking, but it’s not working. Can you help?”

“Uh sure…” I stammered as I entered her room, closing her door quietly. “We have to hurry though. We don’t want JJ or Mom walking in.” I helped her situate her pillows so she could lean back with her legs hanging off the bed. I moved between her open thighs and knelt on the floor, my hands shaking as I reached for her perfect little breasts. As I began fondling her, I couldn’t help but again compare her firm titties and hard little nipples to my wife’s soft melons. God! I had just cum in my wife not 20 minutes earlier and I was already hard for my daughter. What kind of sick fuck was I? I tried not to dwell on what I was doing, but my cock was all in. I squeezed and milked her breast, running my knuckles gently over her nipples. I noticed Emily’s breathing was growing faster. I looked up to see her watching me fondle her. “You okay Baby”? “Yeah”, she replied. “It feels kinda good”.

I swallowed noisily. Great, that’s all I needed to hear. My little girl was enjoying the tit massage. THAT would help me maintain some distance. Yeah right. I continued manipulating her breasts, squeezing gently in a milking motion, rolling her tit around and around. I finally began concentrating on her nipples. As I gently pinched the hard little nubs, Emily gasped “OH!”.

“Feel good, Baby?” I asked . “Uh huh” she mumbled.

I watched as tiny little beads of white milk formed on the tip of her nipples. My mouth watered as I thought about the logistics of this. In the doctor’s office, Dr. James had taken care of one breast, while I had managed the other. This time, I was on my own. I moved both hands to Emily’s left breast and concentrated all of my attention there, squeezing gently, rolling her nipple back and forth, watching the milk start to leak down her breast. I moved up, pushing my cock against the end of the bed as I took her nipple into my mouth, sucking like a newborn. Emily arched up as the milk came gushing out. I could feel her legs rubbing up and down mine as I humped the bed, all the while nursing against my little girl’s tit. I swallowed the sweet liquid and as her breast emptied, Emily lay back down against the pillows. I couldn’t take it any longer. I reached down to my pants and removed my cock, taking it in my hand as I moved to her other breast. As I rubbed the precum against the tip of my cock, I rubbed the milk bead against the tip of her nipple. I sucked at her breast, letting the nipple pop out of my mouth with a slurp while I masturbated, one hand on her tit, one on my cock. For the first time, I played with her tit and her nipple, not just concentrating on getting to the milk, but enjoying the feel of her in my mouth and hand. I engulfed her entire little breast into my mouth, loving the feel of the firm flesh filling me with her nipple brushing against the roof of my mouth. I tongued her, feeling the puckered goose bumps as I moved back and left just the tip of her between my teeth, gently biting her.

“Daddy!” Emily cried out, arching against me.

“Shhh Baby, we don’t want to wake Mom up”.

Her only reply was a soft “ungh”. I continued playing with her nipple, rubbing my cock faster and faster as I felt myself get ready to blow. Emily was writhing uncontrollably now. Her legs once again rubbing mine, her back arched, pushing her titty into my mouth. I tasted the tangy flavor of her nipple which I had learned meant she was about to begin lactating. I sucked harder now, pulling on her nipple and sucking my saliva as my mouth watered in anticipation. I knew I was going to cum at any moment, so I moved my other hand down to the end of my cock to catch the cum and keep it from getting on Emily or the bed. I felt my balls pull up and harden and just as Emily’s tit juice burst free, my cum splattered out all over my hand. I frantically tried to capture it all as I continued sucking my daughter’s quivering breast meat.

GOD! That was so hot. I continued to empty her breasts as Emily relaxed against the pillows. I worked at surreptitiously stuffing my wet cock back into my pants while trying to decide what to do with my cummy hand. I ended up rubbing it on my underwear, knowing I was going to have to shower and change as soon as possible.

Emily smiled up at me. “Thank you Daddy, that feels much better”.

“No problem Baby” I replied as I began backing away from her.

Suddenly, Emily sat up and rubbed the top of her bare thigh. “Daddy, what’s this stuff on my leg?”

OH GOD! I had gotten some of my cum on my baby’s leg. I watched as she dipped her finger into the glob and lifted it to her nose to smell.

“Um, you know how you squirt milk out of your nipples?” I began. She nodded as she looked at me with a serious expression on her face. “Well that’s my Daddy milk. It squirts out of my penis whenever you squirt your baby milk out of your breasts. I’m sorry sweetheart. I didn’t mean to get it on you”.

“No problem, Daddy” Emily responded. I watched in fascinated horror as she brought her finger to her mouth and sucked the mess off. She wrinkled her nose slightly and smiled. “It doesn’t really taste like milk.” She sucked her finger again to remove the rest of my juices. “Do you need me to suck your penis like you suck my boobies? Maybe next time I can help you too.” Oh shit, I thought. I was never going to survive this experience.

Daddy Takes Care of Her Little Problem (Chapter 3)

That evening around the dinner table, my wife asked if I had taken care of Emily yet. My brain immediately flashed to this morning, my daughter licking my cum off her fingers as she offered to suck the milk out of my penis the next time. “Uh… no, not yet” I replied guiltily. Emily looked up from her dinner and said “I’m fine for now. Maybe later we can do it.”

“Listen Em,” my wife began. I know you don’t like the pump, but you have to keep your breasts empty or you’ll get mastitis and that is not something you mess around with.” “I know,” Emily replied, “I promise after dinner we can do it”. My son JJ shifted restlessly in his chair. “Do we have to talk about this at the dinner table?” he grumped.

“Fine, just make sure you do it”. My wife stood up from the table. “I’m heading to work. JJ, you’re in charge of cleanup. Em, you get that taken care of as soon as dinner is over. Jason,” her gaze switched to me, “I’ll see you in the morning” she said as she kissed me goodnight.

We finished dinner in silence. Afterward, Emily and I helped JJ with the dishes and then he headed to the family room to watch a game while Emily and I headed upstairs to our nightly chore. I shut Emily’s bedroom door as she began stripping off her white school blouse and bra. “Honey…” I began.

“Daddy,” she interrupted “do you want me to do you first? My boobies don’t feel that full tonight since we did it this morning”.

I choked. “Honey, it’s not appropriate for you to do me. I’m really sorry about this morning. I didn’t mean for my… milk to get on you and I promise it won’t happen again”. I wasn’t sure how I could promise that, but I was a determined man. Things were sliding down a slippery slope with my daughter and this milking business, and I needed to stop it before I was doing something that I couldn’t forgive myself for.

“Why not, Daddy? You suck my milk so it should be okay if I suck yours.” She had me there, sort of.

“Em, the only reason that I’m doing this is because you can’t stand the pump and we have to get the milk out or you’ll get sick. I can let my… milk out without you sucking me. I appreciate the offer, but I’m fine. Now let’s get this over with.” I know that didn’t sound very nice, but I needed to get the milk expressed and get out of the room before I lost any will power I had left. If things progressed like they had in the past, it shouldn’t take that long.

“Okay.” Em sighed. “But I’m going to take my uniform skirt off so you don’t get any of your Daddy milk on it, just in case”.

I gulped as she unzipped the pleated skirt and walked to her closet in nothing but her tiny pink undies and her knee socks. God, I thought. What a cliché, but really HOT. I watched as her little titties bounced with her movements as she hung her skirt in the closet and bounded back to the bed. She placed the pillows in the middle, just like before, and lay back with her legs dangling off the end. I moved between her now naked thighs and went to my knees. “Don’t forget to check for infection.” She reminded me. “I like that part”. I flashed back to yesterday morning and the sight of Dr. James fondling her breasts softly and instructing me to check for heat or hardness. I reached for both breasts and began the task I was growing familiar with.

I loved the feel of her firm mounds as I gently squeezed and milked them. I tried reciting baseball stats as I felt my dick getting hard, as usual. I tried picturing her mother’s over large breasts and soft nipples, but that did nothing to help. I pushed my covered cock against the bed, trying to get some relief as I tweaked her nipples, watching them get hard and flushed. I removed my hand from her right breast and laid it on my daughter’s tummy so I could concentrate on her left breast. As I continued to tweak and twist the tip, my daughter shifted restlessly, watching me through slitted eyes. I began using both hands, squeezing more firmly with an upward motion, willing the little white bead to appear on the crown like it had in the past. I took two fingers and rolled her nipple back and forth, watching the little milk hole open and close like a tiny mouth and imagined my cock rubbing against that little mouth. Emily groaned, but there was still no white bead. I could feel my cock starting to pulse and I tried again to stop thinking about the perfect little titties I was fondling.

“Mmmm… Daddy, I don’t think it’s working. I can feel the milk, but they’re not as full as this morning. Can you try sucking them now?” Oh God, this was a sweet torture. I leaned forward and drew the little tip into my mouth. I licked it, nipped it, sucked it. I kept rotating her boob in my left hand as my right hand went to my cock to try to relieve the pressure. “Harder Daddy, it’s still not working”. I pulled gently at her little nipple with my teeth and shook my head slightly, watching her titty jiggle. I put the whole breast in my mouth and sucked, moving back until just the nipple remained. I pursed my lips around the tiny bud and sucked until my cheeks hollowed out and Emily’s hips raised off the bed. I sat up, watching her writhe, and placed both hands on her breasts once again as I humped against the side of the mattress. Nothing was working… still no white bead. God, would this never end? I remembered Dr. James advice. If I couldn’t get the milk out from manipulation or sucking, then it would help if Emily were aroused.

“Baby, I’m going to have to try something else. I promise not to do anything you don’t want me to, but it may seem a little strange. Are you okay with me trying something Dr. James recommended?”

She looked at me dubiously. “Is it going to hurt?” I smiled. The session with the breast pump seemed to have left a lasting impression.

“No, in fact it should feel just the opposite”. I hoped to hell I could get through this without coming like a geyser all over everything.

“Okay” she agreed with total trust.

I looked at my daughter as I thought how best to do this without traumatizing her, or me. I realized that for the past two days, I had only viewed her as a set of luscious tiny breasts, but there were other aspects of her that were just as attractive.

While she was young, she was starting to get curves in the right places. Her legs were long, her waist nipped in slightly. And between her legs, under the pink cotton panties, was a nice little mound, with the panties clinging to her lips. I looked quickly away. I just couldn’t go there. I needed to stay detached. I grimaced as my cock reminded me that IT wasn’t detached at all.

I began softly running the tips of my fingers around Emily’s breasts, never touching the nipples reddened from my voracious suckling. I watched as they puckered and the skin grew tight. I ran my fingers down her rib cage as she sucked in her breath.

“That tickles, Daddy”.

I leaned forward and kissed her tummy, running my tongue around the rim of her belly button. My hands moved down to the waistband of the pink cotton and further to the covered mound. I ran my fingers softly up and down the slit, barely touching her there, just enough for her to feel through her underwear. Her breath hitched as I moved back up to her tummy, and then back down again. One hand moved back up to her breast and began rotating her nipple while the other found her little clit through the fabric. I timed the twisting of her nipples to match the touch against her little bump, both soft touches that she could barely feel. I matched the motion with my hips, pressing against the edge of the mattress and imagined rubbing myself against her.

I leaned down and kissed her belly button, moving my mouth down over the cotton. As I reached the little slit, I inhaled deeply the scent of my baby girl, never stopping the motion on her nipple or clit. As I watched, her panties began to show signs of dampness and I felt a tiny bit of wetness against her nipple. I inhaled again and watched the wet spot grow. I was beyond thought. I continued tweaking the nipple as I removed the cock from my pants, dripping juices all over my hands. It would be okay, I assured myself. Her panties would keep her covered.

I grabbed my cock and slowly, softly began rubbing it against the wet spot between her lips. I pushed a little harder until I felt the nub at the top of the slit. I placed the pee hole of my penis right on top of her clit and imagined it opening and closing just like the tiny nipple mouth on her tits. As my cock continued rubbing against her, Emily groaned.

“Daddy, I can feel it coming. It’s coming out of both boobies this time.”

I released my cock so I could grab both of her breasts. I humped against my daughter’s cunny, my cock pushing her panties deeper into her slit as I continued to bump her clit with the head of my cock. I imagined my cock was inside her as I continued to push against her, squeezing her breasts and waiting for the milk to push out of her.

“Daddy, I think I have to pee. Stop, I have to pee!”

“It’s okay Baby, it’s not pee.” I groaned. “You’re fine. Just keep going Baby, don’t stop”.

Her hips were gyrating wildly against mine now. I could feel the friction of her wet panties rubbing against me as the tip of my dick continued to kiss her clitty. I could feel the sperm boiling up my cock as I went wild against my little girl. She began a rhythmic groaning that matched the timing of my humping. As I watched, a drop of milk leaked out of her nipple, then two. Suddenly arcs of milk went flying up in the air. I wrapped one breast in my hand and the other in my mouth as I swallowed sweet milk as fast as I could. I switched from one tit geyser to the other as I felt my cock starting to blow its own milk all over my baby’s panties and belly. The cum was making the feel of her sliding against me that much more intense as I continued to pulse my juices in time with her titty milk.

As I finished emptying her breasts, I realized what I had done. I had dry humped my daughter and blew my sperm all over her. As I sat up, Emily reached down to her panty covered mound. “Daddy, you got your milk too,” she whispered as she gathered my goo up into her hands. Before I could stop her, she sucked my sperm off her fingers and went back to the puddle on her belly for more. Slowly, she began rubbing it into her skin like a moisturizer. “I’m sorry it was so hard to make my boobies give milk this time Daddy. But I really liked how it felt.”

Daddy Takes Care of Her Little Problem (Chapter 4)

For the rest of the week, we settled into a routine. Every morning and evening, I would empty my daughter’s breasts by milking and sucking them. I tried unsuccessfully to not let it affect me. Every session, I would swear it would be different this time. I wouldn’t get hard, I wouldn’t masturbate, I wouldn’t come all over my daughter, but I continuously lost the battle.

Saturday rolled around and I was concerned how we would handle the milking chore with my wife home from work. Jessica thought we were still using the breast pump and I didn’t have the guts to tell her that we weren’t. I poked my head into Emily’s room first thing in the morning. We agreed we would try skipping the morning session since she didn’t have school and see if we could get it down to once a day.

Everything went well until that evening around the dinner table. Jessica and I were chatting about work when JJ, my 16 year old son interrupted.

“Umm, Dad, Emmy is…” JJ trailed off.

I looked up to see him staring at Emily with a strange look on his face. When I switched my gaze to her, I realized why... apparently once a day wasn’t going to work. Emily was wearing a little white t-shirt and on the front were two wet spots right over her breasts. Because her shirt was so thin, her nipples where highlighted as if she had nothing on. Emily looked down and realized that she was leaking.

“I’m sorry Daddy” she wailed, covering her all but bare nipples with her hands. “I was trying to wait until after dinner like usual”.

“Dammit Jason” Jessica fumed. “I thought you were taking care of that.”

“We are.” I said in a reasonable tone. “We tried skipping it this morning to see if we could get it to once a day. Apparently we can’t. We’ll go take care of it now.” Emily jumped up and ran upstairs. I noticed JJ had one hand under the table and was shifting uncomfortably. I wondered if he was having a hard time controlling his libido as well. Like father like son, I guess.

As I followed Emily up to her room, I had to admit I was a bit relieved. We had been having problems getting the milk to let down in the evenings which meant I had to resort to Dr. James’ recommendation of getting Emily aroused. That in turn meant I was just as aroused. Since Emily was already leaking, hopefully this meant we could get the deed done with little interaction on my part and I could exit unscathed for a change.

I entered Emily’s bedroom, shut and locked the door then pulled the breast pump out of Emily’s nightstand. When I saw the look of horror on her face, I assured her we would just be turning it on and leaving it on the bed. I didn’t want Jessica wondering why she couldn’t hear the pump humming. Emily stripped her t-shirt over her head and lay down in the usual position. As I watched, I saw the milk beading up on her nipples and slowly working its way over her little breast and down towards her belly button. I knelt beside her and leaned forward to lick the milk off her tummy.

“Daddy,” she giggled, “that tickles.”

“Sorry honey, just trying to clean things up.”

I smiled down at her as I reached for her breasts. I began the now familiar motion of running my hands over her little titties, checking for heat or hardness which would be signs of infection. I cupped my palms around the firm little mounds, not really more than a palm full, and jiggled them.

I had long given up on denying the fact that I loved my daughter’s breasts. My wife was quite large in that area and I had always enjoyed them, but holding my Emily’s tiny little breasts, with their perfect nipples, was amazing. I covered her tits with my hands and pressed firmly, feeling her nipples poke the palm of my hand and watching the milk leak between my fingers. I rubbed them flat as if I was trying to push them back into her chest and then released them and watched them quiver back into their little tea cup shape. I brushed my knuckles over her nipples and watched the goose bumps lift them even higher and harder. God, I was so ready to taste her!

I leaned awkwardly over her. I had elected to sit beside her tonight, instead of between her legs, thinking that it would be less tempting to hump against her as I had taken to doing. I braced one hand on the bed and slurped at her nipple, milking the breast with my other hand. I could feel my cock getting hard in my athletic shorts, but in this position there wasn’t much I could do about it. As I continued to suckle at her breast, I moved my hand to the other nipple and began playing with it. I rubbed my palm over her and felt the milk spurt against my hand. With two fingers, I began pinching her nipple, gently at first and then harder and harder, timing each tweak of my fingers to match the pull of my mouth on her other breast. Emily began twisting restlessly on the bed and I felt her hand fall against my leg. My cock jumped in response and I imagined her taking me into her little hand and rubbing the tip of me. I felt the precum leaking out the tip of my penis and I hoped like hell I wouldn’t leave a spot on my shorts. How would I explain THAT to Jessica? Emily moaned softly and I lifted my head to look at her.

“You okay, Baby?”

“Yeah… it just feels funny tonight. Usually I can feel the milk coming, but tonight it just feels tingly all over”.

“Maybe that’s because you had already started leaking. Want me to stop?”

“No, Daddy. Just suck harder, please”.

Her wish was absolutely my command. I drew her nipple back into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could. I felt her tit begin gushing milk into my mouth and I swallowed as quickly as possible. When I had sucked that one dry, I moved to the next one and repeated my performance, all the while trying not to think about my hard dick. When I had finished, I sat up and looked at the fruits of my labor. Emily’s little nipples were beet red and standing up about an inch, like hard little pencil erasers. Her tiny little tits almost didn’t look big enough to support them. I was just congratulating myself on finishing our session without shooting my sperm all over my daughter’s belly, when I felt a hand on my cock.

“Daddy” she whispered worriedly, “your milk didn’t come and you’re hard and hot. I think you have an infection.”

I looked down to see the head of my penis poking out the leg of my shorts and my tiny little daughter’s hand brushing the precum off the tip of me. Oh GOD! “Baby…” I started before she interrupted me.

“I’ll do you now.”

Before I could move, Emily had wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and scooted forward to place her mouth around the head. I felt the most incredible sensation as she began sucking the tip of me like a Hoover.

“SHIT! Emmy, stop”. My hips pumped involuntarily once, twice and then I gushed like a fountain. Emily sucked and swallowed gamely, but there was just too much juice. I watched in horror as my semen leaked out of her mouth and then as I tried to pull away, spurted all over her chin. The next two shots hit her breast and I watched as the cum dripped off her distended nipple.

As I started to ooze, Emily put me back in her mouth and slurped noisily. My body was shaking uncontrollably. How could I have let this happen! And how could I have enjoyed it so damn much. Emily held me in one hand and continued to suck my cock. With the other hand she rubbed my sperm off her chin and then added it to the mess on her breasts. She slowly rubbed it into her titties, pushing it around and around her hard nipples until it became a white creamy lotion. As my cock bega n to soften, Emily gave it one last suck and a lick at the sensitive underside and then removed me from her mouth.

“There you go Daddy, all better. Now we don’t have to worry about infection. I’ll take care of you from now on.”

I pulled the leg of my shorts back over my now deflated cock and took a deep breath. “Emily, you can’t do that” I began.

“Why not? You do it for me. The doctor said you have to check my boobies to make sure they’re not hard or hot cuz that means infection. You said your penis has to shoot Daddy milk just like my boobies and when I felt you against my hand, you were hard and hot so I just helped you like you help me. I LIKE your Daddy milk. Do you like my baby milk?”

I had no idea how to answer that. As I searched for what to say, I heard Jessica call from the stairs asking if we were about done. “Almost” I shouted back as I began trying to put myself and Emily back together.

“Look Em, your Mom would be REALLY unhappy if she knew you had done that, just like if she found out about not using the pump.”

“Don’t worry Daddy, I won’t tell her. I hate the pump, it really hurts”.

I kind of felt like she was missing the point, but we were running out of time and I had no idea what to do or say that would make this situation any better. I decided to take the ostrich way out and just bury my head in the sand. Hopefully, I could keep this from happening again.

As we joined Jessica and JJ in the family room, all I could think about was Emily sucking my cock. As short lived as it had been, it was the best few seconds of my sexual life. I don’t know if it was the idea of my daughter, or the pent up frustration of two a day milking sessions, but whatever the case, I was a horny mess. I was semi-hard all evening and as we headed to bed, I looked forward to a good fuck session with my wife.


“Jason, you know I’m too tired on Saturday nights. I’ve been up since yesterday afternoon and I’m 10 seconds away from conking out. I’m sorry honey, I promise to make it up to you in the morning”. So saying, she pulled the covers up, turned her back to me and within minutes was lightly snoring away.

I drifted restlessly in and out of sleep for the first few hours. Sometime after 2 AM, I was jolted awake by a flash of lightening and booming thunder. In the flickering light, I saw Emily standing next to her mother.

“Mama…” she whimpered quietly. “I’m scared. Can I get in with you and Daddy?” There was no response as Emily tapped her mother’s arm. “Mama!”

“Come here, Em.” I whispered. “Your mom sleeps like the dead on Saturday nights. Crawl in on this side.”

Emily scampered around the bed and I scooted closer to Jessica to make room for her under the covers. “Thank you Daddy” she mumbled as she burrowed into me. I had a momentary thought that this probably wasn’t a good idea before I realized… this REALLY wasn’t a good idea. We were spooned together, my left arm around her tummy, my right arm under my pillow and my semi-hard cock buried in the crack of my daughter’s panty covered ass. I resigned myself to a long sleepless night and tried to relax. As I lay there, I began to feel movement from Emily. I raised my head slightly to see what she was doing and realized that she was fondling her breasts.

“Hey Sweetie, do your breasts hurt?”

“Hun uh” Emily replied. “It just makes me feel better when I rub them.” she whispered.

I lay back down on my pillow and tried not to think about that. Instead, I remembered earlier this evening. Her hot baby mouth on my cock, her little tiny hands rubbing my spunk into her nipples, the milk from her titties squirting into my mouth…

SHIT! Without even realizing it, my hand was circling Emily’s tummy, moving up her ribcage, under her nightshirt and headed to the familiar terrain of her breasts. It was late, I was so damn horny. I finally admitted to myself that I wanted my daughter unlike I had ever wanted my wife. I could either fuck the shit out of her, and ruin both of us, or I could mitigate the damage and take what I could get and learn to be happy with it. It’s amazing the things you can talk yourself into at 2 AM when your dick is hard and you’re as horny as you can get.

I reached down to Emily’s legs and lifted the top one up slightly. I scooted her up enough that I could feel my cock slip down to her thigh and I hunched up against her. Now I was wedged between her pussy lips, her cotton underpants the only thing separating me from total ruin. I lowered her leg and groaned softly as I felt my cock enveloped in my baby’s body. It wasn’t her pussy, but it would have to do. I reached up for her breast and tweaked her nipple as I pushed against her cunny with my cock.


“Shhh… Em” I whispered in her ear. “We can’t wake Mommy”.

I felt her nod as I pushed against her again and pinched her nipple to match my motion. I looked over her head and saw her working her right nipple, while I took care of the left. I doubled my pillow so I could keep my head propped and then I worked my other arm under Emily and towards her pussy mound. I snaked my fingers under the elastic band of her panties, and felt her stomach jerk as if I had tickled her. I rubbed softly around her belly button, my mouth watering at the thought that within seconds, I was going to be touching my baby’s bare cunt. I pushed against her again, the head of my cock nudging the little nob at the top of her slit through her panties. I slipped my hand down lower as I pulled my cock away and I replaced it with fingers on her clit. Emily whimpered and I moved to her ear, licked it once and whispered “shhhh – you’re okay. I’ve got you”. She nodded again as I circled her clit and then slipped my fingers down to her little cunt hole. GOD… she was dripping wet! I felt the precum pulse through the tip of my cock as it jerked uncontrollably. Emily’s left hand drifted down and I could feel her fingers rubbing the tip of me, around and around the head, smearing my juices all over, fingering the rough, sensitive patch on the underside, then wrapping her hand around my girth, her index finger plugging my piss hole.

I scooped up her pussy juice and used it rub against her clit. I nudged it softly as I pushed my cock through her fingers, and up to meet mine through the thin cotton. With my other hand, I tweaked her nipple and felt the familiar wetness seeping out of the tit mouth. I looked over Emily’s shoulder and watched as she gathered up her titty milk on one finger and sucked it. My cock jumped at the sight and Emily writhed, rubbing me even harder against her pussy. I started circling her clit in faster and harder motions and gave another hump against her. I palmed her breast and leaned down to lick her shoulder. I could feel my balls start to tighten and I knew I wasn’t going to last long. I dipped my fingers down to Emily’s pussy once again and rubbed at the hole, imagining my cock pushing into her, leaving my sperm soaking her insides. I moved back up to her clit and rubbed softly. I could tell she was going to cum. Her hips were humping against mine, her cunny was dripping and gripping at my fingers, her nipples were tight and leaking. I slowly pushed my cock against her once again, teetering on the edge. Emily softy moaned.

“Emily?” my wife mumbled. “Is that you? Are you okay?” I felt her turn over and push her breasts against my back.

“Yes Mama” Emily breathed. “I was scared of the storm, but Daddy’s taking care of me”.

“k” was Jessica’s only response as she draped her arm over my chest, her hand bumping my own distended nipple. I heard her soft snuffle as she immediately fell back to sleep. My cock pulsed once, twice and shot my sperm all over my baby girl. I felt Emily’s pussy clench and begin seeping juices, her tits squirting milk all over our hands. Emily cupped her left hand over my cock, catching the goo as it spurted and rubbing the tip softly. My hand moved frantically between her oozing pussy hole and her clit as I felt her hips hunching back against me. Every muscle in my body was stretched as tight as a rubber band as I fought through our orgasms not to dislodge my wife’s naked body from my back. As I came down from my sexual high, I wondered how in the world I was going to explain the mess all over the sheets in the morning.

Daddy Takes Care of Her Little Problem (Chapter 5)

The next morning I woke early, slipped out of bed, gathered Emily into my arms and carried her back to her bedroom while my wife slept on. I knew I had crossed a line last night. What happened had nothing to do with taking care of my daughter’s little problem. It was about desire. I was now okay with that, I just drew a new line and decided I wouldn’t cross that one. That line being actual intercourse with Emily.

In the meantime, I needed to quickly clean up my mess so to speak. Emily was not quite awake, so I stripped her night shirt off and laid her down in the middle of her bed. I closed the bedroom door, locked it and joined her, crawling up the bed and laying down between her outspread thighs. I softly rubbed her warm little pussy through her panties and sniffed at her cunt lips. I pulled down the elastic at her waist and ran my finger through her bald mound. She was dry, but that’s okay. I was going to help with that. I licked slowly across her clitty, sucking it into my mouth and rolling it like a piece of candy. I ate at her pussy hole, poking my tongue into her and fucking her in the only way I would allow myself. Emily squirmed sleepily.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”

“Morning Baby, I’m just getting you ready so I can take care of your milk quickly. I need to get back to your Mommy”

“Okay… that feels good. I think its working cuz my boobies are tingling already”.

I couldn’t wait. I humped the bed as I continued to eat at my daughter’s cunt. She tasted sweet and fresh and my mouth watered as I nibbled her pussy lips, admiring the pink flesh around the little hole. I ran my fingers in the entrance just a little, enough to tickle the rim and help me imagine my cock pushing into her. I watched the flesh part and suck at my finger. GOD… she was so tight. Even my finger would barely fit. I looked up over the tiny little mound of her belly and saw her rubbing her nipples and watching me through slitted eyes, dripping milk through her fingers. I sipped at her clit one more time then moved up her body, my chest now pressing on top of her, my finger still rubbing at her pussy. I took her left breast in my mouth and begin sucking at her nipple while she continued to play with the right one. I was rewarded immediately with a shot of breast milk and I sucked like a man dying of thirst. When I had emptied her tit, I shifted to the next one, moving her hand down to her pussy and showing her how to rub herself.

“Here baby, rub where it feels good while I finish you off”.

I was surprised to feel her hand move to her pussy hole and push inside. I drew her nipple into my mouth and played with it a bit, enjoying the feel of her hand at her cunt, my finger on her clit and her nipple in my mouth. Her hips were pushing against my hand, her little fingers rubbing inside her warm, tight pussy as I continued pulling at her clit. Finally, her breast squirted its milk and she arched her back, rubbing faster. I sped my own motions to mirror her and pulled hard on the nipple in my mouth.

“Uh uh uh uh…” Emily grunted. She was coming. I could feel her juices running out around her fingers and against my hand. I finished emptying her milk and sat up.

“Daddy, I need to take care of your milk now.”

“That’s okay Baby, I’m good. Your Mommy will take care of it. Go back to sleep”. She nodded, rubbed her eyes and rolled over, hugging her pillow. My last view of her before heading back to my marital bed was of her playing with her nipples sleepily.

I crossed my bedroom, my erection bouncing with every step. I needed to fuck and I needed to do it now. I crawled into bed, rolled my wife over and began fingering her cunt. I kissed her once and moved down to her pubic area. It was very different than where I had just come from. The hair was thick and curly, the hole slack and open. It was a playground I had been in often. I sucked and fucked her with my tongue and mouth as she groggily came awake.

“Jason, what…”

“You promised you would make it up to me this morning” I said. “I’ve been waiting all night”.

I sat up on my knees and reached for her breasts. Again, quite a different view from the one I had just left. Her melons were big and floppy, topped with large, soft nipples that sank into her tits as she lay there. I gathered them up, pushing them together and watched the tit meat overflow my hands. I squeezed them, pushing the nipples close enough to touch one another and lowered my head in between, quickly sucking one then the other. I sat back and watched the nips lazily harden, the surrounding skin puckering and the tips pushing up out of their soft beds. I moved my lower body up the bed, straddling my wife’s ribcage, dripping pre-cum in a slimy trail all the way up. I released one breast to flop back towards the side so I could grab my dick. I gathered up the juice I was dripping and rubbed it in the skin between her breasts. I spit lightly in my hand and added it to the moisture, placed my rock hard cock in its new haven and scooped her breast back up to mash it against my erection. Ahhh… I really did enjoy a good tit fuck. As I groped her breasts and pushed my cock through the valley, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to do this with Emily. She just didn’t have enough breast to accommodate. But that was okay, because they were perfect, firm, juicy, ripe, perfect… I humped madly, imagining the events of last night and this morning. Emily’s tight little pussy against my tongue, watching her fuck herself with her tiny fingers. I could feel the cum boiling in my balls just begging for release and I heard my wife grunting in time with my movements. She put up with my tit fucking often enough because she knew I would make it up to her by making her cum with my mouth after. She didn’t, however, appreciate cum in her face. As I got closer to release, I knew I was going to have to get the timing and position perfect. Just as the first spurt of my seed raced up my cock, I pulled out of Jessica’s tits, angled to the side and pumped my release into the already dry spots on the sheet. I groaned in relief as my cock emptied its contents.

“My turn” Jessica purred as I finished pumping my now soft cock.

I moved down to her bushy cunt and began my work. After giving her two good orgasms, I felt safe to come up for air.

“Wow honey, you must’ve really waited all night for that” she grinned.

Speaking of which, I lay down beside her and grimaced theatrically. “Shit, I got the wet spot” I bitched. “I’ll change the sheets when we get up.” My wife laughed and looked at the mess, her eyes trailing up to the spots that weren’t caused by me.

“What’s that?”

“Huh,” I grunted, as if this was the first time I’d seen the stains. “Emily must’ve leaked last night. Guess I REALLY need to change the sheets”.

My wife nodded, “I thought I heard her crawl into bed last night. The storm must’ve been a doozy. I slept right through it”.

I nodded back, mentally wiping my brow. It took some fancy maneuvering, but my wife was none the wiser that I had masturbated all over our daughter while she herself lay pressed naked against my back.

That night and the next morning, Emily and I hurried through our routine as quickly as possible. It was beyond my abilities to not get hard and cum on her, but I did everything possible to get her breasts emptied as perfunctorily as I was able. I was concerned that Jessica was going to become suspicious. Up to this point, she was adamant that she wanted nothing to do with taking care of Emily’s little problem and I would like to leave it that way. I serviced my wife faithfully that night and looked forward to the next evening, when she would be at work and our 16 year old son JJ would be sleeping over at a friend’s house.

I thought about it all day while Emily was at school. I imagined that I hadn’t drawn that invisible line and that Emily and I would be fucking. I fantasized about rubbing my chest against her milky breasts while my hard cock pushed inside her. I no longer kidded myself that it was just my body reacting to the sight of any old breasts… I had officially become a pervert in my own mind. Nothing would make me happier than pounding my maleness into my daughter’s tight little cunny, spurting my baby making juice as high and hard as I could get it. Sucking at her breasts and watching her wriggle on my cock while she screamed “fuck me harder, Daddy”.

But all that was just fantasy. I knew the reality was that I was going to continue to masturbate on her body as much as I could stand, but I wouldn’t be crossing that line. Mostly, I was just looking forward to my naked penis in contact with as much of her naked body as I could manage. So far, it had been furtive rubbing while both of us were semi, if not fully, clothed. With the house to ourselves this evening, I intended to indulge.

As soon as dinner was done and Jessica and JJ out of the way, by mutual agreement we headed upstairs. While Emily began removing her shirt, I sat on the edge of her bed.

“Em, I want to talk to you for a minute. I want to make sure you’re okay with all the stuff we’ve been doing.”

Emily looked confused “you mean getting the milk out of my boobies and your penis?”

“Yeah, that and the touching we did the other night while Mommy was sleeping.”

Emily nodded “That felt really good. Don’t worry, I won’t tell Mommy. I think she wouldn’t like it that I get to do that stuff with you when she’s not”.

Truer words… “The reason I ask, is because I want to try something a little different. But it you didn’t like what we were doing before, you might not like this.”

“I don’t mind. What do you wanna do?”

“Well,” I began “you know how my Daddy’s milk spurts out of my penis just like your baby milk comes out of your breasts?”

“uh huh”

“I’m thinking it might help if we tried rubbing some of my milk all over you, but that would mean we both have to get naked. Are you okay with that?”

She shrugged and began pulling the rest of her clothes off. “Sure”.

“Okay then” I gulped as I began taking my own clothes off self consciously. Once we were completely naked, I helped Emily up into the bed and began to sit down beside her. I was stopped by her hand reaching out and grabbing my already hard cock.

“Daddy, you’re hard again. PLEASE can I take care of your milk first so you don’t get sick? I really like it.”

I swallowed noisily and nodded. Emily began by rubbing both hands up and down my cock softly, nudging and squeezing me in much the same way I fondled her breasts every night. As her hand pushed down towards my groin, she brushed against my balls. “What are these?”

“Those are my balls” I answered. “It’s where my milk comes from”.

“Oh…” she breathed as she moved her gentle massage to the tight sacs “they feel kinda soft”. She rolled them around playfully while her other hand resumed stroking my cock. I was helpless to control my hips, as I began pushing against her, fucking my cock through her hand. She wasn’t really gripping me tight enough to get where I wanted to go, but it didn’t matter. It was my baby’s hand on my cock.

I watched as she leaned forward and stuck her tongue out to lick me like an ice cream cone. Up and down, around my shaft and balls, slurping as if I tasted better than chocolate. As she neared the tip, her tongue burrowed into my piss slit and her mouth surrounded the head of my penis. She wiggled her tongue in my hole until I couldn’t stand it a minute longer and then the sucking began.

SHIT! I was terrified I was going to cum too soon. She was inexperienced, had no idea what she was doing and was bringing me off quicker than a whore with a boatload of fancy tricks.

“Yeah, baby girl. Suck it. Let me push a little, just hold still”.

I reached out and cupped the back of her head gently. I began thrusting in tiny little increments, just enough to feel her mouth move further past the tip of my cock. Her tongue moved to the underside and I felt it rubbing that spot, her teeth scraping the further I pushed.

“Watch the teeth baby, don’t scrape me if you can help it” I whispered.

She nodded and even that sensation was too much. I felt the precum burbling out the end and watched helplessly as she swallowed my juices. I began pumping faster, careful not to push too far or hard but dying to feel her throat on my cock. As if my body had heard that thought, my penis bumped against an obstruction and Emily gagged slightly. That was all I needed as I felt her convulse around me. The cum barreled out of my cock and into her mouth as she tried gamely to swallow all of it. When it became too much, she pulled my cock away and aimed it at her breasts, spraying herself like a cummy firehose. I continued humping helplessly like a dog with a bitch in heat. I stepped closer and pushed my cock through the goo on her breasts, causing her titties to bounce. I grabbed my penis and used it to scoop up some more cum which I spread all over her nipples. She used one hand to support her boob as I pushed and rubbed my cum into the hard little tip. She rubbed the rest of my seed into her body and then reached for my cock to pop it back into her mouth. Without warning, she drew down HARD as if trying to draw the last of my semen out through the tip.

“Shit, Em, stop. That’s too much.” As she looked at me with a hurt expression I explained. “I’m sorry baby, but after I cum… shoot my milk… I’m really sensitive and you have to be careful.”

“I’m sorry Daddy” Emily apologized. She reached again for my cock and placed a gentle kiss on the tip. “I just wanted to get all of it out.”

I reassured her while she continued petting my cock. I had never really gone entirely flaccid and her attention was quickly bringing me back to life. I looked over her body, enjoying the sight of my totally nude daughter. Her hair was long and curly, her features elfin. Her legs were slim and athletic and her waist was beginning to show a hint of curve. As immature as she was, she had yet to grow any pussy hair but the lips of her cunt were plump and pink. Her breasts, the objects of my obsession, were tiny, barely more than a palm full. They stood straight up from her chest like little tiny tea cups with her hard little button nipples capping the tops. I had noticed over the last week that they seemed to respond quickly to stimulation, growing long, hard and red quite easily. My mouth watered as I watched a white milky bead form at the tip of one breast.

I removed my cock from my daughter’s gentle ministrations and lifted her enough to push her back on her pillows. I crawled up her body and with my elbows braced, lay down on top of her. I softly kissed her little titties, nudging them with my face and nose, watching the nipples get harder and redder and more beads of milk form. I licked all around them, never touching the swollen peaks, catching the slowly falling streams of white. Moving down in between the shallow valley and over to her other breast, I paid tribute to the perfection that was my daughter. As she began shifting restlessly, I reached out a hand and plumped the little mound, squeezing it at the base and moving gently upwards. I watched the tips get harder and the milk start streaming faster. I rubbed my palm over the top of her nipple, barely touching it, just enough to almost feel it and to wet my palm. I could feel her writhing against me, my cock was pushing into the mattress between her legs, but I could feel her pussy mound pushing against my stomach, becoming warm and moist.

“Daddy” Emily whimpered

“What’s the matter baby?”

“Please suck me.”

My cock pulsed at her demand. I softly took the peak into my mouth and rolled it around with my lips. I poked my tongue into the little nipple hole where her baby juices were leaking and used my tongue to jiggle her whole breast. I licked the tip once, twice.

“Daddy! Suck it!” Emily demanded.

I complied, pushing my cock into the bed as I opened my mouth, grabbed her nipple with my teeth and inhaled. I sucked so hard her nipple flattened against the roof of my mouth and her hips arched as she moaned. I moved to the other breast and completed the whole process again while Emily continued to wriggle and moan underneath me.

I lifted my body and moved to the side, my cock now fully hard and swinging as I shifted. I reached down to her cunny and cupped the naked little mound in my hand. I could feel moisture and heat as I rubbed softly and slowly, her hips pushing against my rhythm. As I nursed at her breast, I pushed my fingers between her pussy lips and coaxed more wetness. I gathered it up and used the lubrication to rub against the little nubbin at the top of her mound. I played there for a few more minutes before I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I sat up on my knees, moving back between Emily’s outstretched thighs and took my cock in my hand. I perched there, imagining pushing into my baby’s cunt and fucking her madly. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but it fueled my fantasies to see her laying there, open to me, watching me, now rubbing her leaking nipples in the absence of my suckling. I positioned my cock at her wet entrance and gently rubbed the head between her pussy lips, nudging the plumpness on one side, then the other. I moved up to her clitty and used the sensitive underside to tickle her there, enjoying the feel of that little nub against me.

She gasped and pumped her pussy at me as I brought us both closer to the brink. I moved slowly down to the tiny little hole between her lips. I dipped my penis in the moisture there and applied gentle pressure. I watched fascinated as the hole expanded slightly, just enough to kiss the tip of me. I moved my cock in and out, never completely pushing in, just tickling the inside rim and covering the center of the head of my cock. I knew I had to stop before I lost control. I braced my hands on the bed and repositioned my cock back between her lips and began humping rhythmically, Emily’s hips moving in concert with mine. I pushed through her soft cushiony cunt until I could no longer stand it, then I began moving my cock up past her clitty, over her belly and rubbed against her belly button. I played there for a moment as I braced myself again and began straddling her stomach with my hairy thighs. I moved my drooling cock up her ribcage, leaving a slimy trail as I used my hand to direct it back and forth across her soft skin. I moved up again and nudged the underside of her breast. I humped my hips, bumping my cock against the little mound and watched her tit jiggle, the nipple hardening impossibly more. I fucked there for a moment or two before moving to the other one. This time, I ran my cock up further, rubbing the juices all around her breast, mixing with the milk that was leaking faster and faster. I approached the nipple with my penis, and pushed the tip against the little nipple mouth. In slow motion, my cock fucked her nipple.

I was now drooling copious amounts of precum and I could feel my balls tightening. I pushed her little breasts as close together as I could get them. There wasn’t much to work with, but I just needed her nipples against my cock and I shifted my hips left and right, letting my penis swing between the two hard little nubbins.

Emily was moaning continuously now. The gentle uh, uh, uh of her exhalations was turning me on even more. I moved my hips back down to meet hers and I again placed my dick inside her pussy lips, rubbing and humping up and down, my cock bumping her clitty at the top of every stroke. Now Emily was humping back at me, her legs wrapped around mine like a clinging vine. I kept my grip on her titties as I began fucking my daughter, sandwiched between her cunt lips, never entering that forbidden hole. I was out of my mind. We moved together like two lovers straining towards orgasm.

“Oh God… I’m cumming” I shouted.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…”

At Emily’s words, my cock exploded and her tits joined in. Milk arched into the air from both titties as my cum shot all over my daughters pussy. We continued humping each other as I moved my hands to cover the tips of her breasts. The change in position changed the angle of my hips and I felt her pussy hole on the head of my cock. I couldn’t cum any harder, but my cock practically shattered as I felt it being swallowed in the shallow little hole.

“SHIT”, I pulled back before I did permanent damage but continued fucking through her cunt lips until my cock was limp and soft. I collapsed to the side of Emily and moved my mouth over her breasts, sucking up as much of the milk as I could find, emptying her spurting nipples quickly. As I finally lifted my head from her breasts, I surveyed the mess that we had made. There was milk running down her ribcage into the mattress and as I moved my gaze to her pussy, I saw the pools of cum all over her stomach. It was then that I noticed what Emily was doing. True to her usual form, she was rubbing my sperm into her skin, occasionally bringing some to her mouth to lick off her fingers. I watched as she gathered up a big glob and moved towards her pussy. She rubbed it into her clit and then moved it down to the spasming hole just below. Horrified, I realized she was pushing my cum into her cunt.

“Em!” I shouted, but it was too late. I watched as she fucked my goo into her pussy, hunching her hips up as if my dick was sliding inside her.

Emily turned her startled gaze towards me “what Daddy?”

My cock twitched as if it wanted to get hard, but just couldn’t manage it. I thought of all the urban myths of pregnancies caused by the act that my daughter had just performed, giving the idea of a virgin birth new meaning. Mentally I shrugged, she hadn't started menstruating yet and really, they were just fairy tales anyway.

“Nothing baby”, I responded. “I just wanted to say I love you.”


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