Since the age of 15 I have always fantasised about my aunt Carol and cousin Louise but I never thought they would come true
Intro: My cousin Louise was always one and a half years older than me. When we were little,about five or six we used to see each other alot and the age diffrence didn't seem to matter that much. But when she was seven or eight her mum,who had just got divorced took her up to the countryside near are nan and grandads. As time went by we saw each other less and less. She sometimes came down to the city to get her hair done and came to visit for a day or so. We played and watched films and so on just like any other normal cousins really. Except we used to talk alot about sex and I used to boast how I wasn't a virgin and how me and girls had sex in the Ischool bathrooms,of course that wasn't true but she believed me. But as we got older even thoe
I got even more horny than ever we stopped talking about that stough and just watched films, listened to music and went to the cinema. For my early teens I didn't notice her magnificent body and concentrated on getting a girlfreind at school. But as I reached 14 and 15 I started to fantasise alot more and even brought her and my aunt Carol who was her mum into these fantasies. And when I did visit I appreciated her body alot more. She had light brown skin,blue eyes,firm but large tits and a firm round ass supported by long sexy legs. My aunty her mum who also came into my fanatasies had long brown hair,light tanned skin,small firm tits and sexy little ass. Anyway Im gonna take you back to when I was at the tender age of 15 when my hormones were at their peak and when I was finally proud of my large cock. Enjoy........

It was hot a summers day when me,my dad and my sister arrived in a taxi at my nans house. My nan and grandad came out to greet us.
'So how was your trip?' my nan asked as we stepped out of the taxi.
My dad was busy paying the driver so I answered
'It was alright, the flight was delayed by ten minutes which was annoying but otherwise it was ok'
'Good good' my nan replied with a huge smile on her face.
She gave me and my sister a hug and a kiss on the cheek and invited us into the house with my grandad and dad following with the luggage. As I got in I sat on the chair and yawned, it was so nice to relax after all of that.
'Before you get settled in i'll show you two to your rooms' my nan said laughing.
My sister who was ten years old at the time went running into the her room.
'It's even more bigger than I remembered' I said to my nan as she led me to my room.
And I wasn't lieing the whole house was huge and my room was five times bigger than my room in the city. When she left to show my sister about her room I jumped on the bed and relaxed, it was so comfortable.

I slept till late afternoon when I was awakened by a soft warm hand on my cheek.
'Dinners ready' my cousin said with a smile.
I wiped my eyes and watched her bum cheeks bounce up and down as she exited the room door.
Wow she was even more sexier than last year. After about a few moments I got up and walked to the kitchen to see the table covered with diffrent foods all with steam floating of of them into the air. It smelt terrific and I sat down straight away. Everyone was just coming through from the living room and taking their seats. My aunt Carol sat next to me, I could tell without even looking cause she was covered with perfume like every year.
'How you doing Jamie?' she said with a smile while she poured some wine into her glass.
'Im alright' I said shyly.
I couldn't help but notice her sexy chest and quickly looked away and started to eat my food. Louise came through a couple of minutes after everyone else and sat next to me. She was wearing a small sports top which brought out her large chest into plain view and tracksuit bottoms wich showed how truly wonderful her ass really was. We talked throughout dinner of what we had done this year and so on.

Later that afternoon everyone was in the living room drinking wine and joking except for me and Louise. We were laying on the bed watching shrek 2 talking and joking.
'So, have you got a boyfreind?' I said laughing
'yeah, and what?' she replied slapping me on the back
'are you sure he's real' I said still laughing.
She jumped on me and I felt her warm pussy rubbing against my now nearly full arect cock.
'Say sorry!' she shouted and burst out laughing as I threw her over and got on top of her.
In that moment something took over me and and I reached for a kiss and to my suprise she received it in full embrace. I took of her t-shirt and bra and started to lick at her now hard nipples. As I did so she curessed the bulge in my shorts where my fully erect cock was waiting to be unleashed.
'Jamie' she said moaning
'Jamie this is this is wro.....'
But before she could finish I slowly undid the button on her jeans and pulled them down. I was amazed to see that she was wearing red silk pantys. I went to pull them down when to our shock and suprise we heard footsteps coming down the hallway. My heart jumped a beat and I nearly froze but Louise on the other had no time for that,she was near anough butt naked and was putting her clothes on as fast as she could and the footsteps were getting closer and closer.

Louise was ready just in time as the door opened and Carol walked in
'so, did you guys have fun?'
'yeah,we did' I said quickly and nervously.
The addreleline was still pumping in my my body and I couldn't sit still.
'Good good, but we've got to go now honey. Maybe you could stay the night or something this week.' Carol said smiling.
Natalie gave me a quick smile and walked out the room. As my aunt Carol was just about to follow her she said with a grin looking at the bulge in my shorts
'you've grown up Jamie,in more ways the one'
She then walked out into the hallway. I quickly closed the door,jumped on the bed and wanked two or three times in a row which was new for me. I normally wanked once and then stopped but the addreleline pushed me on this time.

I didn't hear anything from them for a couple of days and wondered if I would see Natalie again before I left to the city. Each night I wanked harder and harder picturing Carol and Natalie licking and playing with my cock and every night my warm spunk flew everywhere. As it drew to the last couple of days of my holiday I realised that I probaly wasn't going to see my cousin Natalie again this year when late in the afternoon on sunday the phone rang and my nan called me from my room saying that Carol wants to speak with me. Natalie stripping and rubbing her silk red pantys popped into my head as I picked up the phone.
'Hi Jamie its you aunt Carol. How would you like to stay over ours tonight?'
'yeah that would be brilliant' I answered
'good,well get nan to drop you of about six ok?'
'Ok I will'
'oh and Jamie bring some swimming trunks were going to test are new swimming pool today.'
Ok I will,bye'
'cya later'
with that I put the phone down and walked to my room to pick what clothes I was gonna wear.

Around six my nan dropped me of outside their house.
'Have a good time honey, dont stay up to late'
'Yes nan' I replied as I closed the door.
Their house was a bit bigger than my nans and grandads and it was real upper class. Swimming pool,sauna,tennis court and more. It was a diffrent world all together. As I pressed the doorbell the door opened and Carol who was in herbathing suit answered. She looked incredibly sexy and I was overwhelmed when I saw Natalie in hers. They invited me in and as I closed the door behind me I and walked into the living room I saw sheets,pillows and a matress on the floor. As I turned round to face Carol and Natalie Carol pushed on the self made bed. I landed on my back and as I did so Natalie layed on top of me. She then undid my tracksuits and pulled them down revealing my now fully erect cock. She then pulled my t-shirt of and began to feel my legs up and down with her soft hands. As she was doing so to my supprise and utter delight Carol took of her bathing suit and slowly pulled Natalies of. As Natalies suit came of she layed on top of me,placed her soft wet pussy into my cock and started to push up and down. Carol meanwhile sat on an arm chair and started to rub her pussy and lick her fingers with her lips. With each push my sperm came closer and closer to splirting out. Just as I couldn't hold it in any more Natalie rolled of and Carol got on top of me placing her wider and hairier pussy on my rock hard cock. She leaned back and pushed up and down as I licked Natalies wet pussy.
'Oh yeah!' Carol moaned as she pushed harder.
When suddenly my warm sperm accelerated out of my cock and into Carols pussy. She let out a few more moans and sat back down on the chair as Natalie turned on her back. I got up now filled with confidence and sat frontwards on my aunt Carol. She let out a slight moan as my throbbing cock reentered her pussy. I felt on her small sexy little tits as I ravaged her, fucking with all my might. As I was doing so I felt Natalies big hard and firm breasts on my back and her legs wrapped round my waist. I instantly turned round and started to fuck her pushing my cock once again with all my might. Carol stood up and rubbed herself against my back as I did so and it felt wonderful. After of what I thought five of six orgasems we lay down next to each other,huddled up and fell asleep.

The End...

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2013-04-11 02:11:11
Lol, people criticize the grammar, while their own grammar sucks as well, hahaha.

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2013-04-11 02:09:09
Lol, people criticize the grammar, while their own grammar sucks as well, hahaha.


2008-03-27 08:42:41
tht um storey plot was gud but it waz tu shirt and um YOU NEED TO LEARN HOW TO FUCKING SPELL YOU RIDICULOUS FUCKING CUNT


2007-11-24 18:35:12
u get 1/10 but i woudl give u a 0, there are spelling mistakes and the name issue and this didnt even ge tme hard -_-


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