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Being the new girl at school is never the best. This place was so unfamiliar, I wish I had somebody to tell me where I was supposed to go. As I was roaming around the school trying to find my classroom I bumped into a pretty redhead. She had a nice, hourglass figure and a gorgeous face. "Hi, I'm new around here," I said to her, not knowing what the hell I was doing. It was like I forced myself to speak without even thinking. She smiled at me. It was one of the warmest smiles I've ever seen in my life. "Hey, welcome to our school, I'm Sylvia," she replied. I smiled back at her, thinking that this was going to be a good day for me.

"Would you mind showing me around the school? I'm kind of lost," I asked her.
"Yeah, sure." Sylvia offered me her hand to hold. "You better hold on, it's pretty crowded around here, you may get lost easily." I took her hand as she led me the way. I couldn't help but notice how soft and velvety her hand was. She said politely, "So, I didn't get your name yet." "Oh, right. My name's Brooklyn. It's nice to meet you," I replied. From there on she lead the way around the school while me and her got to know each other better.

"What class are you in?" she asked.
"I'm in 11-6, Ms. Acobas' class."
"Really? I'm in Acobas' class too." She smiled her beautiful smile again.

Sylvia lead me into our homeroom class, sat down at a desk in the back of the room and patted the seat next to her, signalling that she wants me to sit next to her. I gladly sat down where she told me to and stared at her, pretty much for the whole period. I've never been this much attracted to a girl before, I don't know what has gotten into me. She was just so beautiful, the way her eyes glimmer when they hit light, and the way her smile shows off her perfectly straight teeth. It wasn't only her face that i found appealing. Her body was a piece of artwork. She had a cute, round little ass, and her legs were long and smooth looking.

When school was over, Sylvia asked for my cell number. I was so excited, I didn't know what to say. Without hesitation, I got a pen out of my book bag and wrote down my number on the back of her hand. "Great, I'll call you tonight Brooke," she said. "See you tomorrow."

That night, when I was doing my math homework, my phone suddenly started ringing. I was eager to see who was calling me. I darted out of my desk chair and ran to my phone. I looked at the screen. I didn't recognize the number, but I picked it up anyway. "Hello?" "Hey Brooklyn, it's Sylvia. I told you I'd call you." She let out a giggle. "I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out sometime. Maybe the park or something. Like, tomorrow, after school?" I was so happy, I've only been to school for one day and already i've made a friend. And a super sexy one too. "Of course I'll go to the park with you, it'll be fun," I told her. "Awesome, catch ya later," she replied. I hung up, smiling so big my cheeks hurt.

The next day, I saw Sylvia in homeroom. I sat next to her, she looked at me and smiled. I caught her looking my breasts for a millisecond, as I was wearing a very low cut shirt that showed them off very nicely. I didn't mention about her looking at them, because i wanted her to look at them. After school was finished, we walked to the park together. When we got to the park, we sat near a cute little lake and fed some pieces of bread to the ducks. When she was all out of bread to feed, she let out a joyful sigh and said, "I love the park. It's so relaxing." She lyed down and spread her arm out. The only reaction I had to that was to lay down as well, and lay my head on her arm. She brought my face closer to her breasts, intending to pull me closer to her. I couldn't stop staring at them. They were the perfect size. Not too small and not too big. I began to wonder if I was becoming a lesbian.

I scooted closer to her, and we layed there, talking and giggling and sharing stories. We realized it was getting dark, so we stood up and headed towards home. It was a long walk, so we took rests on benches. While we were resting, I noticed her looking at my breasts again, and now this time she didn't stop. "What are you looking at?" I asked her in a friendly way. Sylvia laughed. "Sorry, but your tits are just so tempting." She sounded like she was joking, but the way she was staring at them told me that she was serious. "Are the--," before I could finish my sentence she pulled me close to her and kissed me softly. Surprisingly, I didn't want her to stop. I held onto her waist and pulled her closer to me, kissing her back softly. I felt her tongue trying to poke through my lips, and just as i let her tongue in, it was exploring every part of my mouth. She was playing with my tongue at last, which made me moan. I slid my hand up her leg, up to the back of her thigh, slowly and steadily reaching the bottom of her cute ass. I rubbed it softly as I made my way up to her full ass cheek.

I heard a tiny groan come from her as we were kissing, now passionately. She placed her hand on my breast, and flicked the tip of her finger over my now hardened nipple. As soon as she did so, I gasped and let out a big moan. My nipples are very very sensitive. She stopped kissing me. I looked at her disapprovingly. "I think I better sleep over your house tonight. My parents won't mind," she told me. I smiled immediately. We got up to walk again, and finally we were approaching my house. I led her to my room, hopped on my bed and said, "Wanna continue?" Without hesitating, Sylvia climbed over me, feeling me up as she did so. Her hand sneakily reached up my inner thigh, about a centimeter away from my pussy which was now completely soaked in my own lubricant.

She continued with her hands reaching up to my stomach, pulling my shirt up just enough to see my belly button. She started rubbing my stomach with her super smooth hands, I swear I could have her touch me like this all day if she would. I leaned my head back in pleasure and let out little moans. An unexpected wet warmness hit my stomach, it only took me half a second to realize that she was licking my stomach. Slowly, ever so slowly, she was running her tongue up my stomach until it reached my shirt. She bit the shirt and pulled it off of me, bent down and whispered in my ear, "It's so fucking sexy that you didn't wear a bra." I smiled sexily at her and licked my lips, as she started kissing and nibbling on my neck. "Let me touch you," she whispered once more. I spread my legs open just enough so that she can get her hand between then.

Sylvia reached her hand down and touched my clit, and as she did so my legs quivered. She looked at me in shock. "No panties either? You naughty girl." She ran her finger up and down my slit, and every time her finger touched the hole of my pussy, she would rub it just for a few seconds, which drove me fucking wild. I let out a loud scream. I realized i couldn't control myself as my fingers started pinching my nipples and flicking them. As Sylvia watched me, she reached up her skirt and started playing with her own pussy. Her pussy was the juiciest looking thing I've seen in my life, it was tiny and hairless, I just wanted to fuck it with my tongue. "I wanna taste you Sylvia," I said to her. She responded by turning around so that her ass was facing me. I spanked it playfully, and she giggled. She liked it. I grabbed her hips, pulled her tiny pussy close to my face and started flicking my tongue around her clitoris. She was moaning and groaning so loudly, it made me so horny.

She bent down to feel my smooth, shaven pussy. I could tell she loved my pussy because she couldn't stop playing with it. Finally, she began to lick the outer lips of my cunt, slowly working her way to the inner lips, and then the hole. She dug her tongue deep inside my tight pussy hole. Ecstasy rolled through my whole body as I pushed down on her head, forcing her tongue deeper into my little cunt. "Oh, yes baby! Eat that fucking pussy good," I shouted. I spanked her hard then rubbed her little ass cheek. It felt so smooth. I placed the tip of my finger onto her pussy hole, and slowly intserted it inside of her. I teased her g-spot and she responded by moaning loud into my pussy. "You're pussy's so fucking wet Brooke, I bet you would be able to fit a 6 inch thick cock inside you right now," she told me.

And what she said gave me an idea. went up to the closet, and came back with a sex toy. She looked at me with interest. "I want you to fuck my cunt with this toy baby," I said to Sylvia. I lyed back down on the bed, spread my legs open wide. She saw my finger rubbing my clit and said, "You're pussy is so yummy Brooklyn." She then took the toy and slid it up and down my cunt. I stopped with my clit and when back to my tits. I took them both in my hands and licked one of my nipples. She began inserting the dildo into my cunt. I was so wet that it slid right in. I had the whole length of the rubber cock inside of me. After a few seconds, she started puling and pushing the toy in and out of my cunt. Slowly at first, but then she started to get faster, harder. I was in so much pleasure, my pussy was quivering, my legs were melting, my body was tightening, my nipples were rock hard and standing out like pencil erasers.

She began licking my clit as she was fucking my pussy with the toy. She sure knew how to give head, I'm sure she's done this with other girls before. I changed my position. I was now on my hands and knees, face down,ass up, legs spread. This way she can fuck me better. And spank me. As she was fucking me with the dildo, I was screaming and shouting, which made her play with herself. Sylvia Started licking my asshole. The feeling was amazing, so amazing it was gonna make me cum all over her. "Oh shit, fucking hell, I'm gonna cum Sylvia, I'm gonna cum!" "I'm gonna cum too, oh shit yeah I'm gonna cum! I wanna cum in your mouth baby, i want you to taste my juices." She took the toy out of me, she lay on the bed, I went on top of her in the 69 position, we both started tearing up each others pussy. Finally, our lady juices started pouring out of our pussies, we came at the same time.

I plopped down beside her on the bed and kissed her. "We better get to sleep," I said. She just smiled. We both got under the covers, not bothering to get dressed, and fell asleep.

The next day, at school, I sat next to her in my usual seat. We both looked at each other with interest. She pushed her desk as close as she could to mine and scooted closer to me. Sylvia then took my hand and placed it on her pussy. She whispered the words, "Tonight. Your house." I knew exactly what she meant by that.

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