A fiction story about a guy and his daughter's best friend, but what will his daughter think.
My name is Derrick. I am a happily married man to my wife of 17 years. We have two kids, a daughter and a son. My daughter Britney is 16 years, and Josh is 13. I stand about 6’ tall with brown hair, brown eyes, and weigh about 180lbs.

My wife was out of town for the weekend on a business trip, and my son went to stay at a friend of his house. My daughter asked me if her friend Sarah could come stay the night with her. I didn’t think too much about it and said sure, since there wasn’t anything going on tonight. My daughter looks just like her mother, but with a darker complexion, thanks to me. She stands about 5’ 4” with long wavy brown hair, brown eyes. The last bra size we had to buy for her was 38C. She is a little on the chunky side, not real fat, but not very skinny, weighing about 150lbs.

Britney called Sarah and asked her come over to stay. A short time later the doorbell rang and my daughter answered it. I turned around on the couch to see Sarah walk in. She was a little taller than my daughter. I would guess about 5’6” or 5’7”. She had long auburn hair, brown eyes, and was built a little bigger than my daughter. Her chest looked about the same as my daughters in her tight shirt. “Hi Mr. Roberts,” Sarah said, smiling at me. I waved at her and turned back to the television. They both began to walk down the hall to Britney’s room. Sarah tagging along behind her, carrying a small duffle bag with her, which I guessed was her clothes bag.

I continued to watch TV for a while longer until I decided to head off for bed. I could hear giggling coming from behind the door and lightly knocked on the door. “Yeah dad? Come in.” My daughter said. I turned the handle and pushed the door open. They were both sitting on the bed looking at me. But they had changed clothes. They were both wearing some pretty revealing outfits. My daughter’s outfit I recognized, because my wife had gotten it for her and I had seen her wear it before. It was a tight purple see through teddy with tight matching boy shorts. She usually always wears a bra underneath of it, but tonight she wasn’t and I could make out her dark areolas and nipples poking at her top. I felt my dick twinge a little, this isn’t right, she’s my own daughter.

Sarah was wearing a sheer mesh black baby doll outfit with matching panties. Her panties were so tight against her I could make out the camel toe of her young pussy lips. I groaned lightly at the sight as I looked back up at them both. Sarah’s nipples were erect, poking at her see-through top. I felt my 8” dick beginning to rise in my pants, forming a slight bulge against it. Unable to speak at first, I cleared my throat, “ok Brit I am off to bed.” Britney smiled lightly, “ok goodnight dad.”

I closed the door and turned towards my room, my dick was raging hard now in my pants. I couldn’t believe I was getting excited from looking at the two young girls in their nighties. But Sarah’s pussy lips looked so inviting against her panties, I guess that is what really got me going. I walked into my room and proceeded to undress. I stripped down to my boxers, my dick still hard against them and climbed into bed. I tried to think of other things, hoping my erection would go away, but I couldn’t get the sight of Sarah’s pussy lips out of my mind.

I rolled to my side and closed my eyes trying to go sleep. I don’t know how long I lay there, but I still couldn’t fall asleep, my mind was racing with the images of both my daughter and her friend in those outfits. I said fuck it to myself and grabbed my wife’s hand lotion. I decide I should relieve myself, hoping that would help me get them out of my mind. I squeezed a liberal amount on my hand and slid my boxers down to my knees. I grabbed my erection and slowly began stroking from the base to head. Imaging Sarah was standing over me showing me her tight young snatch. I tried to imagine her spreading her tight lips apart, showing me her pink insides as I stroked my dick a little faster. I began groaning to myself, “oh yeah Sarah, that pussy looks so tight. I want to be inside of it so bad Sarah.” I don’t know what had gotten into me, but I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I tried to imagine Sarah lowering herself down to my dick as I squeezed my dick hard, imagining it was her real tight pussy sliding down on to my dick. “Oh my god Sarah your pussy is so tight, fuck yes.” I groaned as I squeezed my dick even harder. “Yes ride my big dick Sarah, fuck your pussy feels so good.” I stroked my dick even faster, feeling my balls beginning to tingle for my impending orgasm. I closed my eyes as my dick throbbed harder in my hand. I stroked my dick as fast as I could, groaning, “oh yes Sarah I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum in your tight young pussy.” Just before I started to cum there was a knock on my door. I froze in my place, holding my dick in my hand.

“Mr. Roberts, are you ok?” A young voice asked from behind the door. “Um yes I’m fine Sarah, go back to bed.” I heard her grab the door handle and turn it. I quickly pulled the blanket over me as she pushed the door open. “Are you sure Mr. Roberts? I thought you were saying my name.” She said walking into the dark room, from the lighted hallway. “I said, I’m fine Sarah, now go back to bed.” She walked up next to the bed and stood next to me, looking down at me. “Then why were you saying my name?”
I was dumbfounded, I didn’t think I said it loud enough, but evidently she had heard me. “I think you were hearing things.” I smiled at her, wanting her to leave now, as I looked up at her, her nipples still erect. She bit her lower lip, “um no I’m pretty sure I heard you saying my name, and other stuff about my pussy.” Oh shit, she actually heard all of it. “Where’s Britney?” I asked, trying to get her mind of it. “She’s sleeping.” She answered quickly as she looked down at me. “Why were you saying my name and talking about my pussy Mr. Roberts?” She asked. “I… I wasn’t, I swear Sarah, unless I was talking in my sleep.” Hoping she would buy it.

She still stood there looking down at me, “it doesn’t look like you were sleeping to me.” Damn this girl wasn’t gullible and didn’t buy my lies. She reached down at my blanket and grabbed the edge of it, “I don’t think you were sleeping at all Mr. Roberts.” She said throwing the blanket off of me. My dick had softened since she walked into the room, but the evidence was still there, with my boxers still down at my knees. I heard her gasp and she quickly covered her mouth. I looked at her trying to see what she was thinking, “Sarah I said go back to bed.” She just stood there looking at my dick lying on my stomach.

“That thing is huge,” she whispered as she just stared. “Sarah now go back to bed please.” I pleaded with her. She slowly shook her head as she just stood there. “This is the first I have ever seen a penis in real life Mr. Roberts.” She mumbled as she stood biting her lower lip. I really didn’t know what to say, here this girl was standing next to my bed staring at my limp dick and I just looked up at her. I mean yes I was imaging it was her with me bed, but I didn’t think this would really happen. “You were masturbating weren’t you Mr. Roberts?” She asked looking at me. I slowly nodded as the tip of dick was glistening with a hint of pre-cum that had leaked out and onto my stomach.

She smiled at me, “can I touch it Mr. Roberts?” I slowly shook my head, wanting to say yes out loud, but still unsure of what I wanted. “Oh come on Mr. Roberts, I won’t tell anyone I promise.” She pleaded as knelt next to the bed just concentrating on my limp member. “I have seen penis’ before in my daddy’s porno magazines, but always thought they blew them up with photo shop, but this penis is huge.” She exclaimed as she slowly slid her hand across my thigh towards my crotch. I started to slightly protest, trying to move away from her, but still wanting this more than anything. I felt her tiny hand slide up my inner thigh, her fingers brushing against my ball sack. As her hand got closer to my dick it started to twitch from the attention it was about to get. I just laid there as her hand lightly ran across the shaft of lubed dick from the lotion. “So soft and smooth,” she cooed as her fingers ran across the head of my dick, causing me to lightly jump in surprise.

Her finger ran across the slit of my penis, collecting some of the pre-cum on it. She pulled her hand away and studied the pre-cum on her finger. “So is this the white stuff that shoots out when you orgasm Mr. Roberts.” I softly shook my head, “no Sarah that is just pre-cum.” She looked at me confused, “pre-cum? What is that?” I chuckled lightly at her reaction, “it’s fluid that comes out when I am about ready to cum.” She still had a look of confusion on her face as she looked up at me. “Before I have my orgasm, or cum, that fluid will be produced to provide lubrication for my semen.”

“Oh ok I see.” She responded nodding her head slowly. She moved her hand back to my dick and wrapped her tiny fingers around the shaft as it started to slowly grow again. She cooed to herself as she lightly began to stroke my dick up and down. My dick began to throb in her hand as it grew harder. “Wow Mr. Roberts how big does this thing get?” She asked as started to stroke my dick a little faster. “It’s about 8” long Sarah, but it’s just about as thick.” I responded as I started rubbing her back getting more into this. “So you’ve never done anything before with a boy Sarah?” I asked as I started slowly moving my hips to her strokes. She shook her head, “no sir most of the boys at school hardly look at me.” I nod in response as I start moaning in pleasure, “you better stop before I do cum though Sarah.”

She stops stroking my dick, still holding it in her hand, looking up at me, “you’re getting ready to orgasm already Mr. Roberts?” I lightly laugh, “well yeah, before you disrupted me I was about to cum then. Please let’s calling it cum or coming, orgasm is what women do.” She nods as she releases my dick standing up. Feeling brave now I asked, “can I see what you have under that outfit of yours now?” She looks at me now a little scared in her eyes, “I don’t know Mr. Roberts.”

“Come on now Sarah you walked in on me and uncovered me. Then you played with my dick, getting it hard again, why don’t you let me just have a look at you naked.” I said looking at her, her nipples poking harder at her mesh top, her areolas darkened behind them. She still looked at me with a worried look in her eyes. “I won’t bite Sarah. I just want a quick peek.” She kind of reluctantly grabbed the bottom of her baby doll top and slowly began to lift it up. I watched as it came up over the chubby stomach to bottom of her tits. I slowly stroked my dick as I watched her pull it up further, her tits clinging to it as she got it up to her head. She pulled it over her head and her tits bounced back down free from the top. I groaned at the sight before me as she just stood there in black thong. “There are you happy Mr. Roberts.” She scoffed at me with her hand on her hip. “What about your pussy, I want to see that too?” She shook her head at me, “no way Mr. Roberts.”
I was started to get a little agitated now at this girl as she was being reluctant now. She didn’t have a problem touching my dick, but she won’t show me what she has to offer, “Why not Sarah?” “Because you’re my friends dad, and my mom says that it’s not right show myself off to any guys like that.” She quickly answered. “Well is your mom here right now?” She shook her head. “What do you think she will say when I tell her that you saw me naked and even touched my dick?” She looked at me, “I could get you in trouble if you did, tell her you made me do it.” Now she was playing a game with me, “not if I tell her you woke me up while playing with it.” She began to pout a little, “ok fine Mr. Roberts, but you can’t tell anyone.” I smiled, “you have my word Sarah, and please call me Derrick.”

She grabbed the waist band of her thong and pushed it down, bending over and she slid it down to her ankles and off. She stood back up dropping her thong onto her baby doll. Her tight pussy lips were slightly hidden by her pubic hair. “I can see anything, you have all that hair down there.” She looked at me scornfully, “well what do you expect, I am a girl after all.” I grabbed her hand, pulling her closer to the bed, “are you getting mouthy with me missy?” I slid my other hand between her legs as I held her next to the bed. I quickly slid my hand up her thigh to her bushy covered pussy lips. I could feel the heat coming from her young snatch as pushed my hand into her pussy. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing Mr. Roberts?” She yelled trying to pull away from me.

“Getting a closer look,” I said as I put my forefinger and middle finger on her pussy lips, spreading them apart. Her pink insides were moist and juicy as I looked at her opening. “Mmm you look so tasty Sarah.” I said as I moved down the bed closer to her crotch. I held her arm in my one hand as held her pussy open to me. I move my faces closer to her pussy as I stuck my tongue out, roughly running it across her open slit. Her body trembled as my tongue grazed across her young, budding, clit. She let out a soft moan as she just looked down to see what I was doing. I roughly ran my tongue across her pussy again, this time stopping her tiny clit and flicking my tongue across it a few times. “What are you doing Mr. Roberts?” She moan out as her whole body shook against the bed. “Doesn’t it feel good Sarah?” I asked looking up at her. “It feels weird when you do that, what are you doing?”

I chuckled as I again ran my tongue across her quickly moistening pussy, finding her clit was getting a little bigger as flicked my tongue across it again. She moaned louder she tried to push her hips into my face. “Why do you lay on the bed before you fall Sarah.” I said as moved away from the edge of the bed. She slowly climbed onto the bed laid down next to me on her back. I moved over her, spreading her legs apart as I knelt between them. “Have you ever masturbated before Sarah?” I asked as I started rubbing her moistening pussy lips up and down. She nodded, “but that felt a lot different than when I do it.” I laughed as I lower my face back between her legs and spread her lips apart again. I stick my tongue out and drive it into her pussy as far as I can, my nose rubbing against her clit. Her hips lift up off of the bed as I rub my nose hard against her clit, moving my tongue around inside of her extremely tight pussy.

She moans loudly as grabs the back of my head, “oh my god Mr. Roberts, whatever you’re doing, please don’t stop.” I kind of laugh to myself as slide my tongue out of her pussy and work on of my fingers into her. I start sucking and nibbling at her clit as I feel her pussy muscle contract around and release my finger. I didn’t know if I was even going to be able to get my thick member into her, but I sure as hell was going to try. Her breathing started to get heavier as I sucked harder on her clit. I tried to slide a second finger into her pussy, but it was almost too tight. I started moving my one finger around inside of her, trying to loosen her some until I could get the second finger into her. She was thrashing her head back and forth on the bed as she arched her back into me, “please don’t stop, please don’t stop, oh my god yes.” She moaned as her whole was trembling, shaking the whole bed below us. I flicked my tongue across her clit as fast as I could as I felt her pussy getting even tighter around my fingers. I knew she was getting ready to cum, as her body bucked harder against me. All of a sudden her whole body tensed up as she let out a low scream, “holy shit yes, oh my fucking god.” Her body shook hard below me as her pussy squeezed hard against my fingers. Pussy juice came rushing out around my fingers, running down her ass, soiling the sheet below her. Her body continued to buck against me as her orgasm to over her body.

Finally her orgasm slowly began to subside as her ass feel back on the bed, her breathing extremely heavy. Her pussy finally released its grip on my fingers and I pulled them out. I knelt up between her legs, looking up at her. Her eyes were closed as she tried to catch her breath. “So Sarah?” I asked smiling. “Oh my god Mr. Roberts that was way better than any time I have masturbated.” She finally said, opening her eyes, smiling at me.

I moved up the bed until my dick was hovering over her stomach. I looked down at her as I grabbed my dick and started to lower my hips down. “Are you ready to become a woman now?” I asked, not even thinking about the consequences, but just wanting to be inside a young, tight pussy. The head of my dick brushed up against her pussy lips as she quickly moved her hands down to my hips, trying to push me away, “no Mr. Roberts. You can’t do that.” My dick was throbbing in my hand, wanting inside this tight pussy. “What? Why not?” I asked.

“Because that’s wrong, your married, and plus I am way too young for you.” She said looking up at me scared again. “But you want it too Sarah.” I said almost pleading for my release. “No I don’t Mr. Roberts, you’re too big to fit inside of me anyways.” I kept trying to push into her, the tip of my dick splitting her tight lips open slightly until she pushed harder against my hips, “it will fit, trust me Sarah.”
She still had the scared look in her eyes, “please get off of me Mr. Roberts.” She tried to move out from under me. “I just want to put it inside of you a little, I won’t break your hymen.” She looked up at in fear, “I don’t have that anymore anyways, I lost that doing sports. But you can’t put it in me because I will get pregnant.”

“You won’t get pregnant from me just sliding my dick into you Sarah, that’s just nonsense, I have to cum in you, to get you pregnant.” I smiled as I continued to trying to push into her, but she held me back. “Plus if it hurts you, I will pull it out right away, I promise.” I pleaded more with her. The look of fear was very slowly started to fade as she looked at me. “Besides don’t you want to at least know what it feels like?” She looked at me with a slight pleading look still on her face, “well yes, but my mom said it will hurt the first time, and you are much bigger that my vibrator.” I chuckled, “like I said if it hurts you I will pull it out right away ok?” She slowly moved her hands away from hips as she looked in my eyes, “ok, but please go slow, and don’t cum inside of me.”

“Ok I will.” I smiled at her as I rubbed my dick up and down her slit, getting it wet with her juices. When I felt it was wet enough I lined it up with her opening and began to push it in. She closed her eyes tight as the head began to slide into her. Her breathing coming rapidly as I tried to consul her. “Just relax Sarah, take deep breaths and try to relax yourself.” Her eyes were still closed tight as I pushed more of my dick into her, her tight pussy making very difficult for me to move into her. Her breathing was still very rapid as I lay on top of her holding her tight, trying to help her through this. I tried to push a little further into her tight hole, but could only move slightly further. It had been so long since I have ever felt a pussy like this, and knew it wasn’t going to take me very long to cum in this pussy.

I was beginning to think that Sarah was right, that I wasn’t going to be able to get my dick into her pussy. I pushed myself up and off of her as I looked down at our coupling. Her pussy was stretched tight around my invading member as I looked back up at her. Her eyes were slightly open now as she looked up at me, “holy shit you’re big Mr. Roberts.” I smiled at her, “does it hurt at all Sarah?” She slowly shook her head, “well a little, but not bad, I can’t believe your penis fits inside of me.”

“Well I’m not all the way inside of you yet, but damn your pussy has got to be the tightest I have ever been in.” I smiled as I grabbed her hips and tried to push a little more into her. Her pussy was finally beginning to relax a little as I was able to slide another inch into her. I continued to try pushing into her as she closed her eyes tight again, breathing rapidly again, biting her lower lip. I knew she was experiencing some pain, but she didn’t tell me to stop or anything so I proceed to push further into her tight crevice. I pushed in until I felt the head dick bottom out inside of her, I only had about an inch left go in, so I figured that was good enough. I stopped there. Feeling her pussy contract and relax around the shaft of my dick was intense. “Ok Sarah, I am finally all the way inside of you.” I said as I looked down at her, still biting her lower lip and breathing rapidly.

“I can’t believe it went all the way into me Mr. Roberts.” She finally said, opening her eyes to look at me. I looked back at my dick buried inside of this young girl and slowly began to withdraw my dick back out. It glistened with her pussy juices as it looked like I was turning her pussy inside out as I pulled back. Her pussy clinging tight to my shaft as it slowly moved it back out. I pulled out until I still had about an inch of my dick inside of her, then slowly pushed back into her, this time it slid in easier, until I bottomed out in her again. “Fuck your pussy feels so good Sarah.” I groaned as started to pull back out again. “Please fuck me Mr. Roberts, it still hurts a little, but it also feels really good at the same time, it’s hard to explain.” She said looking in my eyes.

I started a steady rhythm, pulling back until I was almost out of her tight pussy, and then pushing back in, with a little more force each time. Her hands began rubbing my back and as she started lifting her hips to meet my downward thrusts. As I started to move faster in and out of this young tart, she started moaning a little louder, as I felt her pussy begin to get wetter. “Oh my god Sarah, I love being inside you.” I groaned louder as I felt my balls beginning to churn already for my ejaculation. Her hips started moving into my thrusts with more force as we moved faster and harder together. “Yes Mr. Roberts, make me orgasm again, I want to orgasm with you inside of me, like I do with my vibrator.”

With her talking like, I knew it wouldn’t be long and I would be coming myself as well. Her pussy squeezed harder at my dick, the head of my dick brushing against her g-spot each time I drove into her. “Yes Mr. Roberts, I’m going to cum, please me cum.” She yelled out as her body began to tremble with her impending orgasm. She arch her back off of the bed as she drove her hips into me hard and a scream escaped her mouth, “Holy shit, yes, I’m cumming yes. Oh fuck!” Her body thrashed under harder than the last time she came, as her pussy squeezed my dick hard, making it almost impossible for me to move in her. Her pussy juice leaked out around my dick, and down my ball sack, soaking it as she came hard. I could feel myself getting even closer as well as I tried to move inside of her pussy.

Her orgasm overtook her whole body as I felt my cum beginning to rush up the shaft of my dick. I buried my dick as far as I could into her as I grunted loud. My first shot of cum shot out of my dick splashing against her cervix. I tried pull back out a little, but could barely move as her pussy squeezed harder against my throbbing dick. I felt the second shot come up shooting deep into her as well. I grunted with each shot of my cum as it filled her tight pussy to max. It began leaking out around my shaft as I collapsed on top of her. Both of us breathing heavily as my dick continued to throbbed in her contracting pussy, trying to get all of the cum it could out of it.

Sarah was the first to recover as she tried to push my dead weight off of her, “what are you doing Mr. Roberts, why did you stop and collapse on me?” She yelled trying to force me up. I could only groan, “I came Sarah, oh god did that feel so good.” She punched at me shoulder, “you what? You came inside of me? No!” She began to cry, “how could you, I told you that you couldn’t do that. Now I’m going to get pregnant.” She punched at me more and I tried to push myself up. I looked down at her, my softening dick still deep inside of her, “oh you won’t get pregnant.”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes, “how do you know that?” I smiled, “you don’t always get pregnant from sex, it depends on your ovulation cycle.” She began to cry, “I hope your right, but why didn’t you pull out before you came?” I laughed, “because your pussy wouldn’t let me pull out.” I knelt up and pulled my dick out of her gaping pussy, a river of my cum flowing out and down her ass crack to the bed, joining her juices there. “Oh my god, I can feel it coming out of me now. No.” She cried more. I had cum so much inside. I didn’t know I could cum that much. Her pussy was still contracting, trying to push more of my cum out of it as I sat there smiling. Relieved from the release I had just had.

I collapsed onto the bed next to her and close my eyes starting to drift off to sleep. Sarah was still lying there, crying. I was quickly awakened by my bedroom door being swung open. I looked up to see my daughter standing in the doorway.

Shall I continue this one? The sequel may surprise you if you want me to continue. Constructive criticism please.


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