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I was by myself, sitting near an ocean that I've discovered when I was roamning around the park. I had no jacket, as I came to the park in the afternoon when it was sunny and warm. I was planning to make a bonfire with my friends, but they ditched me. So I just made the bonfire for myself. I got my flashlight out from my bag, flicked the switch and began searching for twings and stones to start my fire. I went into the woods, broke off branches from trees, made sure they were dry enough, and put them in a pile nearby. I found about 5 stones. That would have definitely made a big fire. I set the stones up in a circle, then placing the branches in the center. I got out my notebook, ripped a couple of papers out and stuffed them into the spaces between the branches. I poured some lighter fluid onto the branches then quickly lit a match and threw it in. It immediately caught on fire, and I was proud of myself. On the bright side of my friends ditching me, I get the beer and the bud all to myself.

Until I heared a rustle of shredded wood behind me. I stood up quickly, shining my flashlight all over the place. All I saw was a man, about 5''9 tall, he had a stubbly beard which I liked, and he was very, very fit. "What do you want?" I asked him, trying not to sound as frightened as I was. "Nothin, just came here to relax," he replied. He walked a little closer to me and I stepped aside "What're you so afraid of lady? I won't hurt'cha," he told me. I actually didn't know what I was so afraid of. He seemed like a nice dude. "Sorry, I drank a little beer, I'm not feeling well," I said.

"You got beer?" He asked
"And bud. Wanna join me? I am feelin' a little lonely."
"I sure will join you. How could I ever pass out on sweet, sweet bud."

I sat down near the fire, which was almost completely burned out. He sat beside me. I gave him the bud and some paper so he could roll a joint. As he rolled the joint, I took another sip of the beer. I wasn't much of a drinker. Every time I drank something alcoholic I get a terrible feeling in my stomach. But I figured it would loosen me up a bit. Bad idea. I got too wasted. "I-i don't think I'll be able to g-go home like this. I feel queasy," I said. "Well, I'll take you to my house, you can spend the night," he replied. "Oh yay a sleepver, that'll be fun," I said almost passing out. "Alright, I needa get you outta here and into a comfortable bed to sleep in," he exclaimed. He picked me up in his muscular arms. I can feel them tightening under me, which turned me on slightly, but I was too drunk to pay attention to it.

I woke up in an unfamiliar room. The walls were wooden, and it smelled damp. I got up and walked around the house, trying to find where that guy was. When I walked into the kitchen, there he was making a cup of tea. He turned around and smiled. "Hey there." He handed me the cup of tea. "Peppermint. It tastes awesome," he said. I took a sip. "Thanks. You know, I didn't even get your name," I said. "The name's Ralph Genessa."
"Mine's Emma. Emma Burns." I smiled at him. I began to notice how gorgeous he was. "Well, Emma, how about a movie, since I can't fall asleep." "A movie sounds great," I said to him. He lead me over to the sofa. He sat down, and I sat down right beside him. Very, very close up to him. I could tell this guy had manners, because he didn't wrap his arm around me and try to sneak a feel of my perky, perfectly shaped breasts. So I made the first move, and rested my head on his shoulder.

"What movie are we watching, Ralph?" I asked him.
"I dunno Emma. What do you feel like watching?"
"You know what? I'm not interested in movies right now." I placed my hand on his muscular thigh, and began to stroke it softly. He gulped.
"Oh." His voice cracked. "Well, what are you interested in then?" he asked.
"You." I raised my hand to his stomach, trying to get a feel of his rock hard abs.
"Me? What about me interests you?" He giggled, nervously.
"Do you work out often? You're incredibly fit."
"Well, I lift heavy boxes and deliver them to peoples' houses." He smiled.
"And that's what gets you these muscles?" I ran my hand up and down his arm.
He nodded. It was so obvious that he knew I wanted him.
I placed my hand on his cock, really really slightly rubbing through his jeans.
"I wonder if your cock is as big as your biceps."
I saw his eyes widen. I could tell he liked the way I was talking to him.
I started undoing his belt. He didn't stop me. I unzipped his jeans, reached through to find his cock.
Once I had a grip on his manliness, I slipped it out of his jeans. It was already hard as a rock.
"Mmm, you're cock is so big Ralphie."
I rolled the tip of my finger over the extra skin that right below the head of his cock.
He quivered as soon as I did so. I placed my tongue on the tip of his 8 inch long, and 4 inch thick cock and began swirling my tongue around it.
I tasted the pre-cum as I was licking all around the head. I gripped his hard cock by the base,
and slipped the whole head into my mouth. I flicked my tongue on it as it was still in my mouth. I forced his cock deeper into my throat, until I swallowed his whole entire cock. I left it in my mouth for a couple of seconds, and then let it free.
I took the tip of his cock in my hand and started making a twisting movement with my hand. This seemed to make him go crazy. He leaned his head back and moaned in pleasure.
"Am I doing it good Ralph? Are you enjoying this?"
"Yes, baby yes. Mouthfuck my cock."
He placed his hand on my head, pushing it down onto his rock hard cock. I took the full length into my throat.
I took my hand and squeezed his shaven balls.
"Oh, your balls are fun to play with, hehe."
He pushed me off of his cock softly. "Lean back baby," he said. "It's my turn to make you feel good."
He slipped off my shirt, revealing my beautifully large breasts. My nipples were stiff and hard.
I started pinching one of my nipples, as he flicked his tongue over the other one.
I sighed in pleasure, loving his moist lips and tongue suckling on my nipples. He swirled his tongue around the areola,
and in response i began stroking the back of his neck.
Both of stood up. I took off his shirt and started wildly kissing him on the neck and chest.
He picked up my chin and started kissing me passionately. He turned me around and bent me over.
"Oh, getting a little rough with me i see," I said to him, then giggled. As i was bending over in front of him,
i wiggled my ass a little. In response he pulled down my jeans with my panties. When he got a look at my ass and pussy while i was bent over, he went wild.
He bit his lower lip and started rubbing my smooth ass cheeks. He then spanked my ass slightly.
"Yes Ralph, you wanna fuck me don't you?"
Instead of answering me, he dug his face into my pussy, eating me out furiously.
I stood up, which confused him.
"Sit on the floor," I ordered him.
He did as i said, and then i sat on his face, grinding my pussy all over his mouth.
"You're really good at this," I giggled.
I bent down, still sitting on his face, and began stroking his hard cock.
"I want you to put this gigantic thing inside me right now baby. I'm so wet for you."
I got up off his face. I turned toward him and jumped up for him to catch me.
I held on to him tightly so i won't fall, as he took his hard cock and rubbed it against my smooth, shaven pussy.
Finally, he inserted his giant cock into my cunt, and started thrusting his hips in a rhythym that made me so horny.
He cupped my ass with his hands so he could bump me up and down his cock, as my arms and legs were wrapped around him.
"Oh god ralph, you're cock is so fucking big, it feels so good." I leaned my head back, closed my eyes and bit my lower lip.
He seemed to be really turned on by that, as i noticed he started thrusting faster and harder.
"Emma I'm about to cum. I'm gonna cum inside you baby. oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!"
As I felt his hot cum shoot into my pussy, I came all over his dick. As he slowed down his thrusts, we both began to catch our breathe.
He carries me to the bed, his cock still inside me, lays me down, and lays on top of me. We fall asleep together, skin on skin.
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