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my first story
This is my first story and if ya'all like it I will post more,

I moved into my dads house when I was 11, I lived with my brother step brother and parents. Things were all good for awhile then I started catching my step brother
peeking at me in the shower and while I was getting dressed I didnt think anything about this so I just brushed it off, he always told me I was pretty and had a
nice body, I thought he was telling me this cause he always seen me in a T-shirt and panties hell I was with family I didnt think it mattered what I wore.
We decided one night while our parents were asleep to go get thier beer and have some fun and drink a little and play some cards,
I was young and the only thing I knew how to play was go fish, they tried to teach me to play strip poker but i always lost and was the only one that had to
get naked everytime I would lose and get naked my step brother would get this look on his face and I knew he wanted what he was looking at when I was naked
I didnt think he would ever do anything cause he was my step brother and he was two years older then me.

After awhile of playing cards every night he finally started asking if I thought he was hot and ever wanted to play around with him alone in the room,
I told him no cause family dont play like that. One night that we were playing cards I started to feel bad and went to lay down and passed smooth the hell out
when I woke up the next morning I had a headache and my panties were nowhere to be found, I thought I got so drunk I just missed placed them, this went on for
about 2 to 3 weeks then I started waking up hurting I thought I may have gotten a yeast infection for all the beer I had been drinkin, but turns out thats not
what it was at all. I woke up one night and found my step brother on top of me having sex with my limp asleep body. after I noticed what he was doing I tried to
get him off me but he was biggier then me and I was over powered by him I knew I would never be able to stop him so I just up and laid there with tears running
down my face thinking what I had done to deserve this. I started thinking about all the times I woke sore and hurting and realized that he had been having sex
with me for awhile. I was doing my daily chores and went into his room to put something in there and thats when I found the bottle of codine syurp under his bed
and put two and two together and quit drinking with them all together and stayed to myself.

About 4 or 5 weeks went by and I still hadnt started my period so I walked down to the quick stop and bought a test I was scared as hell cause I was only
13 and was possiblely pergnant by my step brother, then when I got home I went into my room and sat there thought about what was going on I finally went
into the bathroom and took the test I sat on the floor by the sink and waited for what seem like forever and finally got up the nerve to look at the test and
seen that my biggest fear was true that my step brother had raped me and gotten me pregnant. After i found out I tried to figure out what i was gonna do with my
little problem, I moved away for a year and while I was gone I had time to think about how much I really like fucking my brother, so I decided to go ahead and move
back and be with him on a daily basis, and see what it would be like if I was awake and not druged. We continued our affair under the rader at my dads house for
about another year until one night we were in the middle of hot passionate love making and my older brother walked in a cought us, I tried to play it off as if I
didnt know he was there but I noticed him out of the corner of my eye sitting in the rocking chair enjoying what he was watching a little to much, But the story
involing him is a completely different fun story. My step brother and I got Dressed and left so we could finish in privite, it is now 17 years later and I still
see him in my mind while im fucking my husband wondering what would have come of us if we continued our little affair. I sit and wonder how many for my 5 kids are
my husbands or my brothers????? I look forward to every family get together cause I get to carry my secert of my love affair with both my brothers, He brought up the last time we had sex if I every would be willing to have his baby, So I had to tell him that there is a huge chance that some of my kids may be his as well.
I hope u enjoyed my story I know I enjoyed writing it and putting back in play in my mind!!!!!!

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2015-11-09 10:14:25
Bullshit. Why lie? You moved away for a year? Really? What happened to yor baby?

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2013-10-21 20:12:05
incest vs birth defects? chance is minimal if both are healthy. However if heart trouble runs in the family or mental instability, those traits are amplified in the babies concieved.

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2013-03-06 18:12:56
It is a good storey post more

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2011-09-08 22:46:50
personally i think that true incest is not smart because of the increased chance of genetic defects in the children.but step siblings shouldn't be a problem but many think it is still wrong.

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2011-09-06 20:40:24
Tell more about the details of the sex and I wish you would've stated what happened after you found out you were preggo at 13? you just said you went away for a year after that? What happened? Parents flip? baby came? where'd you go? That's the only reason this sounds fake to me, because stuff doesn't add up

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