All of us move in
Authors Note*…..I don’t really have an Authors note for this chapter….Uh fine I still want the fans to be involved so instead of naming people to be in it because I have a lot of people lined up for the series Why don’t u tell me what you would like to happen in the series. Like 3 ways with the characters or any unexpected twists.

The sun peered through the old curtains in the room. With my eyes closed I knew I had Amy in my arms as I slept. It felt good to finally have her in my arms again. I woke up and crept out of bed trying not to wake Amy up in the process. I walked down the hall to the bathroom and closed the door. Turning on the faucet nothing happened. “Damn…Water bill.” I said with a frown. I looked at myself in the mirror. Dirty green and blue hair. Greasy face. Wrinkled clothes….I needed a fucking shower. I walked out of the bathroom and went downstairs. Picking my phone up off the table I checked my dad’s old phone book. “Rita…Rita…Rita…AH there she is. Let’s hope she still has the same number.” I said to myself. Punching in the number I was relieved when I heard it ringing. After a few rings I heard a groggy voice on the other end of the phone. “H…Hello?” “Hey Aunt Rita…It’s little Johnny.” I said with a smile. “JOHNNY!” Rita said surprised. “How you been?” She asked. “Ive been better.” I answered honestly. “Why what’s wrong?” She asked concerned. “Nothing I can’t Handle. I uh…I just needa know do I own dads house?” I asked. “Well he put you down as the owner in his will why?” Rita asked. “And how would I get the 50 thousand? Do I just go and get it out of the bank?” I asked. “No I think you need to be 18…But Little Georgie got a job at the Eastern bank near your dads. Maybe he can help. Now tell me why you’re asking these questions. I thought you were with Miss May.” Rita demanded. “Well…She did…but she sorta found out I was in a relationship with her daughter an she sorta kicked me out.” I said. “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME JOHNNY!” Rita said surprised. “So she let you wander the streets alone?” Rita asked. “Not really…She also sorta disowned her daughter and put me her and a few others out on the streets.” I said. “A few others?” “Ya three girls. Im gunna let them move in to dads house but I needa fix it up…Hence the money.” I said a little nervously. “I’ll call Georgie just get down to the bank now. I’ll see what he can do.” Rita said reassuringly. “Thanks Aunt. I owe you one.” I said hanging up the phone. I put on my beat up DC sneakers and walked out of the door onto the street.

The sun hit my eyes making me squint as I walked up the street to the center. I felt dirty as hell the sooner I get this money the sooner I shower. I walked up noticing all the old spots me and my dad use to go. I still missed my parents. I always will. I walked into the Eastern bank and looked for the office that said Rivera. I knocked on it hoping to see Georgie. “Come in.” I heard the same familiar voice. I opened the door and laughed. “Jesus is that you?” I said with a smile. “Ya man moving up in the world. Now ma called me and told me your problem. It sucks but you can always count on family to help you out.” Georgie said with a smile he sat up trying not to wrinkle his black suite as he grabbed a suitcase from under his desk. “Here.” He said opening it up. “29,000 dollars in cash and 1,000 dollars on this credit card. That should help you get on your feet.” Georgie said giving me the card and the suite case. “Thank you so much you helped me out a lot.” I said smiling shaking his hand. I grabbed the case and put the card in my pocket and left the bank running straight to my house.

I opened the door and closed it running to the kitchen looking at the old bills. “First power…than Water…than Heat….than TV….All together….that’s 140 plus 200 plus 40 plus 50 so 430 dollars…Done.” I said grabbing my phone and calling each company getting each appliance turned on. After an hour on the phone I shook off my clothes and headed for the shower. It felt good to hear running water as I stepped in the shower letting the water run over me.

“Hey when did the water get turned on?” I heard Amy said as she yawned. “Like 10 minutes ago I got all the appliances turned on.” “Mind if I step in with you?” Amy asked. “Fine but I need to think about things right now so can we just sorta shower?” I asked. Amy stepped into the shower facing me. It was hard to look at her body and not want to fuck her but instead I just kissed her and turned around to face the shower. “Your passing up a good time?” Amy asked “Ya I mean I got to think. How are we all gunna live here?” I asked. Things where silent for a few minutes as I shampooed my hair. “Simple.” Amy said. “You, Me, And Lilith in your dads old room. “Jessica and Vampira in the second room and we can rent out the other room for two people.” She said. I turned around and looked at her. “You’re a genius.” I laughed as I hugged her kissing her deeply and cupping her ass pressing her against me.

I finished showering and put on my old clothes. I grabbed my phone and called Vampira. Since she was the only one who had a car I thought she could get the rest of the girls and come over here. After a few rings Vampira picked up. “Hey what’s up?” She asked. “Nothing did you find a place to sleep last night.” I asked. “Ya I went back to Sydney’s…Kemaine can fuck just as good as you…maybe better.” She said laughing. “Ignoring that, Listen. I found a place to live all of us can crash can you gather Lilith and Jessica?” I asked. “WHAT YES!!! Are you sure we can all live there?” She asked. “Ya it used to be my dad’s house. Just grab whatever you can for clothes and tell them to do the same.” I said. “Ok Sure where is the house?” She asked. “Its 5 minutes away from The J.F.K Train station. Just bang a left and go down the street it should be the first Black house on the left.” I said. “Ok see you then.” She said hanging up.

Amy walked downstairs in a towel as I turned on the TV in the living room and sat in my dad’s old Recliner. “So did you talk to Vampira?” She asked. “Ya I did, Shes bringing the girls over soon.” Amy walked up to the window and pulled the shades down. She stood in front of the TV and looked at me with a smile. “So after they come by We can go grab my stuff at my house…I guess I’ll just tell my mom the truth. But until than…” She said dropping her towel and walked towards me. “You’ve been dealing with a lot of stress…let me help you out.” Amy said dropping to her knees and unbuckling my belt. I really needed to get off and this was as good a time as ever. I sat up a little bit pulling my shorts and boxers down. My cock sprang up and hit Amy in the nose making her giggle. She took her soft delicate hand and wrapped it around my cock slowly stroking it up and down. I sat back in the chair and looked down at Amy. She bent forward and slowly planted a kiss right on the head of my cock making me shudder. “You like that?” She asked. “You know it.” I said between breaths. Amy jerked my cock and stopped as she bent forward and rubbed her tongue around my head breathing her hot breath on it sending tingles up my spine. She stopped and looked me in the eyes as she took her hand off my dick and slowly sank her mouth onto my cock. “Aaaahhhhhhh.” I sighed. Amy went to work on my dick slowly going deeper and deeper until the head of my dick was poking the back of her throat. Amy started to make gagging noises as spit dripped out of her mouth onto my balls. She knew gagging noises got me off. Amy sucked in as she brought up her head letting my cock pop out of her mouth with a little plopping noise. “Did you like that mister?” She said in an innocent voice. I looked down at her. “Damn straight I do sweetheart. “Want me to suck it some more sir?” She said looking at me sweetly stroking my cock and biting her lip. “Will you?” I said. “I don’t think I can take it deep.” She said disappointed . “Don’t worry baby I’ll help you out.” I said chuckling. It was cute to see her act innocent. “OH YOU WILL!!! THANK YOU!” she said with a huge smile on her face. She looked down at my cock and smiled “Yay.” She said quietly as she slowly sucked on the head going deeper until my cock hit the back of her throat an inch away from deep throating. “Want some help?” I asked. “Mmmmhmmm” She said making a gagging noise. I put my hand on her head and pressed down getting the last inch into her mouth. After 20 seconds of pure heaven I let her head up. “Strings of spit where still attached to her mouth and the head of my cock. Amy took a few deep breaths and looked at me. “Wow can we do more?” She asked in her fake innocent accent. I picked her up and put her on top of me on the recliner. I positioned her cunt right over my cock. “Ready babe?” I said. She bit her lower lip and nodded with a fake worried look on her face.

I let her sink herself down on to my cock. I picked her up and got off the recliner. “M-Mis-ister….Th-this feels SOOO G-good.” Amy said as she buried her head into my neck as I thrusted into her. I started humping up into her nice soft ass. I carried her over to the black leather sofa and laid her down getting in between her legs and fucking her tight hot pussy. Amy had her eyes closed and started moving around a lot. I pinned her legs up and started to sink my cock deeper into her tight twat. “M…Mister I T-think im gu-gu-gunna C-C…CUM!!!” Amy screamed as her cunt clamped on my cock and started to gush pussy juice pooling on the sofa and some falling to the floor. I dipped my fingers in a small pool of her pussy juice and put them in her mouth to taste them. I felt myself getting close. “Im gunna cum soon baby.” I said panting and sweating. “Cum in my pussy mister.” She said grinning and stretching. I kept thrusting into her all the while shes saying these sexy things making me get closer and closer. “Please I’ll feel better with a belly full of cum.” She said sweetly. I couldn’t take it anymore I let loose as all the cum in my balls flew into my cock and into her womb. I flew down and shoved my tongue into her mouth as I painted her walls white.

After I was drained I broke the kiss and kissed her on the nose. “I love you Amy.” I said smiling. “I love you more mister.” She said breaking her grin and laughing hysterically. “Your innocent voice sucks.” I said laughing. “Fine I guess I’ll go back to being a bitch.” Amy said getting up. And grabbing the towel. “So I was thinking…Since there really isn’t anything in the basement wanna like turn it into another room?” I asked. “….I have a better Idea.” Amy said laughing. “Why not let it be our fantasy room.” She said smiling at me. “Fantasy room?” I asked puzzled. “Ya…In the basement we can do whatever, whenever, and however we want.” She said kissing my neck. “I like the sound of that.” I said eyes closed.

“HELLO ANYONE HOME?!!” My eyes flew open to see Jessica walk in with Vampira. Vampira turned around to see me naked and Amy naked with a towel. “Ya there home.” She said laughing tapping Jessica on the shoulder. “Where’s Lilith?” I asked. “She’s getting our shit.” Jessica said walking over to the sofa an sitting next to Amy as I sat up and moved over to the recliner. Lilith walked in and dumped 3 traveling bags on the floor and walked in to see me naked. “H-HI.” She said smiling bending down and hugging me. “MHM MHM!” Amy cleared her throat loudly making Lilith pull back from the hug. “Ok…So is this where we’re staying?” Jessica asked. “Ya but something’s have too change….first….We don’t get everything for free anymore. I have a money and Vampira has a job…You guys are gunna have to get jobs. Each one of you will pay a bill. Lilith has heating. Jessica you take Electricity. Vampira you take heating. Amy gets water and I’ll take the TV bill….all agreed?” I asked. They all nodded. “Next thing is the rooming situation. Amy, Lilith and I will stay in one room. Jessica and Vampira you two can share a room and we’re gunna rent out the other room for another person. I said. They all agreed. “I’ll pay for the food and for anything you guys need for your rooms. Like beds an wall paper an shit.” I said “I’ll do Lilith’s shopping.” Amy said. Lilith took her head down. “Oh and I want you guys to make a list of food to get…Everything in that damn fridge is like a year old….Disgusting. So just make a list I’ll go food shopping just one of you guys clean out the fridge.” They all nodded in agreement. “And finally I’ll give you guy’s 10,000 dollars right now to buy what you need for your room and clothes.” I said walking up to the kitchen table and taking out 10 stacks of twenty dollar bills. I walked back and handed them to Vampira. “Go get your shopping done now. I’ll take care of some shit now. But uh Vampira can you get my bag from your car?” I asked. “Sure.” She said. “Amy go with them and get some things for our room.” I said. “Sure baby.” She said getting up and going upstairs to put on her old clothes. “Lilith stay here and help me out.” I said. She smiled and nodded her head. She honestly looked amazing Gray ripped short shorts and a tight black Ozzy Osbourne crazy train t-shirt with her bleached white hair barley touching the shirt. I looked over at Vampira who looked the same with her spiked hair tight black and red pentagram t-shirt with a skirt and combat boots. Jessica…..however looked different. Her long black hair was cut short and…and she had a black eye. “Hey Vampira could you get my bag now?” I asked standing up. “Sure.” Vampira said walking out the front door.

I sat down near Jessica and she had her head down. “What happened to your eye?” I asked. “nothing.” She said looking down. “You’re a bullshit liar tell me what happened.” I said. “M-moms boyfriend punched me and cut my hair….He said no one would want a girl who looked like a boy.” She said trying not to cry. “Hey look your living here now. Your safe…and I’ll let Amy fix your hair. You’ll be looking punk scene in no time. I said laughing making her smile as she got up. Amy walked down the stairs. “Ready to go.” She said. “Ready.” Vampira said walking in and tossing my bag at me. “Im ready too lets go.” Jessica said as they walked out the door. “Wanna help me clean out the fridge?” I asked putting on a clean shirt and boxers. “Sure.” Lilith said smiling. She grabbed a bag and I opened the door. The fridge was filled with old milk and Pepsi and beer and a bunch of old shit that was starting to smell. I just grabbed everything and dumped it in the trash bag. After the fridge was empty I sprayed the inside of it with Fabreeze. I sat down on the couch with Lilith sitting next to me. “Im glad I get to room with you and Amy.” She said looking at me smiling. She was cute a little innocent and naive but at the same time new what she was doing and was aware of everything that was going on. “Me to.” I said smiling putting my arm around her. “I-I got something last night and I thought you would like it.” She said sitting up. “You did? What is it?” I asked. She lifted up her shirt and revealed her chest to me. Lilith wasn’t wearing a bra and her creamy white flesh was on display for me. Her boobs where the same but she had hoops through her nipples. “Like em?” she asked me like her world depended on my approval. “I love them.” I said. “I got them for you.” She said blushing. “I love them.” I repeated as I bent down and took one of her hooped nipples in my mouth gently and lightly sucking on it no teeth just lights suckling it making her moan. “My…My boobs are really sen-sensitive.” She said with her eyes closed. I let her nipple fall out of my mouth and I blew on it making her nipple stiff. “Oh.” She moaned. “I know they are.” I said smiling as I took the other nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it. “J-John that feels reallllly good.” She said with eyes closed. She thrusted her back forward sticking her chest out more for me.

My phone rang making me have to take her nipple out of my mouth to answer the phone. “Hey Amy.” I said. “Hey Im getting a bigger bed for us. And new shades. So what do you want to do with your dads bed?” She asked. “Uh Wanna put it in the fantasy room?” I asked. “Sounds great she said with a bit of a slutty tone. Oh and I got some things for Lilith. Like her bed and a few other things. She likes to buy her clothes online so she can do that herself.” Amy said on the other end of the line. “Ok sounds good.” I said looking at Lilith who was busy tweaking her nipples I think trying to ease the pain. But she was making my cock harder. “Oh baby….I also got KY His and Hers.” She said in the phone. “Nice sexy.” I said into the phone. “Im going to go by Moms to grab my things and I guess to tell her im moving out…” Amy said kind of quietly. “Listen if you want to stay at your home you can.” I said. “No…No I want to be with you. And after what mom did I’d rather live with you and my friends.” She said with a hint of confidence. “Ok than take care of that and come home soon babe.” I said. “Ok…I love you.” Amy said. “I love you too.” I said disconnecting the call. “Im going out back. Care to join me?” I asked Lilith. “I’d like that.” She said smiling.

We walked out to the backyard and memory after memory of me and my dad hanging out here hit me in the face. It wasn’t a huge backyard but it was pretty big. Wood’s occupied the rest of the backyard after the fence ends. I walked towards the back fence and just quietly took it all in. “Your hard.” Lilith said giggling as she pointed at my cock through my jeans. I guess I haven’t really paid attention to it but she was right. “Hey John is that you?” I looked over the fence to see my neighbor Adam. I remember playing with Adam when I was like 4 and he was like 13. “Hey Adam how you been?” I asked. I tried to concentrate on Adam but out of the corner of my eye I noticed Lilith sinking to her knees and unzipping my pants. “Ive been great man. How about you I haven’t seen you in a while.” He said laughing. “Ya Well….Well….I decided to move back into my dad’s house and just continue living there with…My friends…” I said. I felt Lilith’s ice cold hand on my cock jerking it up and down. My knees buckled and I grabbed onto the fence for support. “You ok?” Adam asked. “Ya just felt a bug on my leg.” I said trying to sound normal. “Oh well ya I just got back from college and ya know OH I HAD MY BABY GIRL!” Adam said excitedly. “Oh that’s…that’s awesome.” I said with a grin. I felt Lilith’s hot breath on my dick as she let the head sink into her mouth. “OH GOD!” I said out loud. “What?” Adam asked. “Nothing…I Just remembered I wanted dad to be around when I had a kid.” I said. “Oh Im sorry…Hey lets catch up later.” Adam said as he walked away. I looked down at Lilith who was happily bobbing her head down on my cock. “Just like that.” I said closing my eyes and putting my hand on her head guiding her mouth on my cock. She took my cock out of her mouth and started to suck my balls taking one into her mouth at a time sucking it making sure her teeth had no contact with my skin. I jerked off my cock getting real close “Lilith im getting close. Open up.” I said as the head of my dick was an inch away from her mouth. I closed my eyes and grunted as I blew a healthy load into her mouth as it dribble onto her chin. She giggled as she swallowed and fingered the rest of the cum into her mouth like a good girl.

We walked back in the house and I grabbed the mattress from my dad’s room and through it down into the basement. “Hey you wanna go shopping?” I asked. “Sure…what can I get?” Lilith asked. “Haha Get anything you want for clothes. Here.” I said giving her my credit card. I grabbed my laptop looking for a signal I got one right in the living room. Lilith looked at me for a minute before pressing her lips to mine giving me a big kiss. “Your amazing.” She said with a smile. Lilith sat down and used my computer while I watched TV. A few hours passed before Amy, Jessica and Vampira walked in. “We need help with the beds. Vampira said. “I kept my coffin. Jessica got an air mattress I guess to save money and Amy got this big ass bed I guess for the three of you.” Vampira said smiling. Jessica grabbed her air mattress and walked up to her room. Amy walked directly up stairs into our room and closed the door. Vampira helped me with her coffin. “John we need to talk.” Vampira said. “What about?” I asked. “Well…Amy told her mom she was going to live with you.” Vampira said. “Ok and what happened?” I asked. “Miss May Disowned Amy. She kicked her out of the house and threw all her clothes out of the window repeating I don’t have a daughter over and over.” I was shocked. “You’re kidding!” I said. No Im telling the truth.” She said. I looked over at Lilith. “Lilith get the bags in the car I’ll get my mattress.” Lilith nodded and walked outside too the car. I helped Vampira with her coffin up to her room. I set it down near the window. I walked outside and grabbed my mattress and walked up the stairs with it on my back. I opened the door and set it where the old mattress use to be. I looked over at Amy staring out the window. “You ok?” I asked. “I heard about what happened.” “Im fine.” Amy said quietly. I turned Amy around and hugged her. “Im sorry babe. But everything will be all right. I promise.” I said. She put her head down and in a soft voice she whispered. “I know.” I looked at the love of my life and I realized I wanted to make her happy so I made a snap decision. “Hey Amy do me a favor.” I said. “What’s that?” She asked. “Marry me.” I said to her. She looked at me in the eyes. “Excuse me?” She said. “You heard me. I love you and where living together. I wanna show you how much I love you…Marry me.” I said again. “Maybe you want to think about this…” Amy began. “No I don’t. I put enough thought into this to tell you I love you and want to be with you always.” I said. “You sure?” She asked me. “Im positive.” I said smiling. Amy looked at me with a huge smile before jumping on me and kissing me all over. “Yes. I’ll marry you John.” She said laughing. “Nice.” I said looking at her.

Just then Lilith walked in on us with 4 bags and said those where Amy’s. Amy walked up and kissed Lilith on the mouth and told her and me to get out. We walked down the stairs and ordered Pizza for dinner. We all ate except for Amy who was upstairs trying to get the room to her liking. We all relaxed and talked until around 11. I felt tired so I said I was gunna go to bed. Lilith looked at Vampira and Jessica before saying she also felt tired and followed me. We all laughed. It was cute it really was. I opened the door and was surprised. The room was a total make over. The wall paper was stripped and replaced with Dark purple paint. Our bed was set up with black silk sheets and black pillows and you guessed it black blankets. Amy turned around and looked at me with a towel around her. “You like it?” she asked. “I love it.” I said. “I also got this for you.” Amy said dropping the towel and looking at me Amy had on Pink and Black Alice and wonderland type Lingerie. “How do I look?” She asked biting her lip. “Amazing as hell.” I said. “What do you think Lilith?” I asked. “Beautiful” Lilith said smiling. “Uh Amy where is my bed?” Lilith asked. “Over here.” Amy said pointing to a little dog bed in the corner. Amy walked up and grabbed Lilith by the back of the head. “Now Be A Little good bitch AND GO TO BED!” Amy demanded pushing Lilith to the floor and grabbed a chain that she chained to the furnace in the room with a dog collar attached to it. She attached it to Lilith’s neck as Lilith sat there obedient but a little disappointed.

“Are you sure that’s a good Idea?” I asked pointing to Lilith. “Who cares about her. Just let your bride to be help you break this bed in.” Amy said pushing me onto the bed. “BRIDE?” Lilith said in shock. Amy turned around. “Shut up.” She said before walked up to Lilith and ripping her shirt off and unbuttoning her shorts and yanking them off her body leaving her in her panties. The AC was on full blast and I was starting to get cold. Amy walked back and yanked down my shorts and boxers and took off my shirt. “Your gunna love this.” Amy said with a seductive smile before she bent down and kissed me passionately. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths while my hands roamed her body grabbing her juicy thick ass and squeezing it. Amy broke the kiss and planted little kisses down my chin and down my neck she started to lightly suck and bite my neck as she did this she snaked her right hand into my shorts and started to stroke my cock lightly. After she gave me a hicky on my neck she traced her tongue down to my chest and stopped on top of my boxers. She bit the waistband and pulled them down pulling them all the way off my feet leaving my stiff dick in the air. While she was doing this I noticed Lilith’s hand was disappearing into her panties to rub her wet little pussy as her other hand tweaked her pierced nipple. Amy pulled off my boxers and started to stroke my cock. I looked at her lingerie black corset type that ended right below the nipples with pink Gothic type hearts all over it and Black and pink lacy panties with fishnet stockings. God I already had pre cum dripping from my head. Amy looked over at Lilith who was fingering herself looking at us. Amy looked at her in the eyes and snarled “Pathetic… Just fucking pathetic.” Amy said giggling before looking at me and sinking to her knees. “I’ll make this the best fucking blow job you ever fucking had.” Amy said to me before she closed her eyes and started licking from my balls to the tip of my cock a few times. Amy did a good job of giving my cock a tongue bath. My dick was dripping with pre cum and saliva. Amy licked all around the head of my cock sending tingles up my spine. Amy lifted her head up at me and smiled “Here it goes.” She said before she took the head into her mouth and started to suck on it lightly licking on it up and down. Amy took my cock deeper into her mouth slowly sucking it sending little electric shocks up my spine. Amy took my cock outta my mouth. “Face fuck me baby.” Amy said smiling. I replied with putting both hands on her head and shoving my dick straight down her throat. She started sucking and deep throating like a champion. A shoved my cock as deep as it would go and she responded by taking my dick out of her mouth and kissing me deeply and passionately. She removed her panties. I got fully on the bed and Amy got on top of my looking at me in the eyes. “I Do.” She said. “I Do.” I repeated after her as she sank all the way down on my dick. “Ahhhhhhhhh.” We both moaned at the same time as she started to rock back and forth on my dick her big jiggly ass made the sexiest noise as it made contact with my pelvis. I pulled her boobs fully out of her corset making her bend forward slightly to let me take her nipple in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around it biting it slightly. “Ah Baby Pound my pussy.” Amy said as she moaned in delight. I grabbed her hips and held her still as I thrusted up shoving my cock into her twat as fast and as hard as I could. “ I moved my head to see Lilith with her panties around her ankles and two fingers in her asshole. God that was hot. “Babe I want your sweet juicy ass.” I said “Anything for you.” She said with a smile as hopped off my cock. I looked at the nightstand which had the new tube of KY. I squirted some on my dick and I slowly spread her juicy ass cheeks apart kissing them both. Before I rubbed my greasy lubed cock up and down her crack a few times making her coo in pleasure. I put my head at the entrance of her nice tight puckered asshole before slowly applying pressure. I guess she got over zealous as she thrusted her ass back burying 4 inches of my cock in her ass. “UGHH!!!” She said out of a mixture of pain and pleasure. I buried the rest of my cock into her ass as I started to thrust in and out of her smacking her ass making her moan and groan. I pounded her tight ass for all it was worth. Amy couldn’t even talk she was panting and breathing to hard. I felt the cum rising in my balls as I was about to cum I heard Amy scream “IM CUMMING!!!!!!!” She screamed the loudest I ever heard her scream as she started to convulse and shake. Her orgasm was so powerful that she passed out on the bed.

“Amy….Amy….You awake?....Shit.” I said a little disappointed as I walked out into the hallway and into the bathroom hard dick and all to rub one out before going to bed. But as I was walking I realized….Im in a house full of girls….fuck rubbing one out. I walked into the bathroom and Jessica was in there finishing brushing her teeth as she turned off the faucet. She turned around to me and my hard cock. “Wow…you and Amy going at it?” She asked. “Not anymore. She passed out.” I said. “Ahhh poor baby let me help you.” Jessica said kissing me on the mouth as she pulled down her shorts and turned around. “I want it in my ass. It’s the least I can do for you since you let me stay here.” Jessica said wiggling her ass. I parted her tanned ass as I thrusted back and then forward ramming my lubed hard cock into her ass. “YA BABY!!!” Jessica screamed as I started to thrust into her. I only got a few thrusts before I got that familiar feeling in my balls. I smacked her yellow tank top up grabbing her tan tit in my hand and squeezing it with her thrusting her ass back at me. Her mouth open with her moaning and breathing heavy and her eyes closed. I kept thrusting up into her tight hot ass until I felt the cum rising into my cock. “IM GUNNA CUM!” I yelled as All my cum ran up into her asshole. I started to thrust more trying to get all of my cum into her tight ass. After I was done I pulled out and Jessica sank to her knees taking my cock in her mouth cleaning it off. “Any time you want my ass my pussy or my mouth just let me know.” She said kissing my cheek and going into her room. I walked back into my room with Amy tucked in and sleeping. I noticed Lilith huddled up in the corner shivering sleeping. I grabbed the key off the nightstand and took off the dog collar taking Lilith in my arms and putting her in the bed with us. Lilith woke up and looked at me smiling. “Thank you.” She said before snuggling up to me and passing out. I snaked my hand over to Amy and pulled her next to me as I smiled and passed out thinking of the great life I had.


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