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Hello.... I'm really happy to find this site where I can share my amazing stories about my sex life. This is my first story and it's a true story about my dad and me.

I'm a 15 boy who just hit the puberty a couple years ago. My mom and my dad are divorce a few years ago. I live with my mom that's why I don't see my dad often because he lives in another state. Last week, I went to visit my dad at his house in another state for a few days. I was really happy to see him because my dad and I haven't met each other for over 3 years. The first thing he did when he see me is hug me really hard. He was really happy to see when he knew I was gonna go to visit him. He's still a great guy. My dad is a handsome man with great body, personality and charming. But he's still single nowadays.

The first day I spend with my dad is pretty great. We went shopping, movie and restaurant. He's still a great dad ever to me. After we arrived home, I went to my room to take a shower and my dad was in the living room watching TV. My room is on second floor as my dad's. When I started to shower I realized that my bathroom has no shampoo so I yelled to my dad from my bathroom to get some sham for me. But there was no answers. I though he was watching TV so he couldn't hear me. So I got out of the shower wet and naked and headed to my dad's room to get some shampoo from his bathroom. I opened my dad's room door as I thought there was nobody in the room. As I expected, there is nobody in the room so I run to get the shampoo as quick as possible from his bathroom. But when I reached the bathroom :eek: I saw my dad was in the shower naked from behind. I totally freaked out. I never saw his naked body before. He has really great big muscle body. I totally so proud of him to be my dad. As soon as I saw my dad, he turn to me that I could see his whole body especially his 8 inches penis. I thought he was freak out when he saw me standing naked right in front of him but he wasn't surprise at all. All he did was asked me:
"Hey son, what's up! Do you need something?"

I was surprise that he didn't afraid for me to see his nude body. I just replied:
"I need some shampoo cuz my bathroom don't have some."

and he replied: "Oh! Really? It's ok, just join me here."

I was like hooo.... he just asked me to join him for a shower and I did. I jumped into the shower and started to wash my body. I couldn't help not to look at his body and his huge penis. And he noticed me. He smiled and said:
"Son, you grew up a lot. You were just a little boy a few year ago. but now you're a man now."

I felt so embarrass cuz he saw my whole naked body and the worst thing is that my penis started to get hard. I tried to hide it but I can't and he saw it. He smiled and said:
"Don't be shy son. We are father and son. I used to be your age too."

I was pretty comfortable after that but I was freak out again when he said:
"You have a great body son. I'm so proud of you." and he looked at my body especially my erected 6 inches penis.

I noticed that his penis started to get hard too. This is so weird because we are father. I couldn't tell how I felt about this. I couldn't control my feeling. How can I like my own father like this. But his body is pretty attractive. He looked really sexy in the shower like that. The water flew through his big muscle body make me feel so strange. I could felt hot air from my body. My face was blushing and my penis was erected really hard as well as his. His 8 inches penis was really make me crazy. I was dying to feel his penis. All I could think was to taste it. I couldn't help not to stare at my dad penis until he noticed it. "What's up son. Is there anything you want? Just tell me whatever you want son" he said with a smile. This make me feel so relief. I don't know what come in my mind but I suddenly asked him:
"I just wonder why you're still a single. Living my yourself must be hard I think. Why don't you remarried?"

"I don't know. I felt a bit lonely actually. I hooked up with some girls too but no one make me feel good as our family" he replied.

"Isn't anyone interesting in you? There is no way there is no one interesting in you. You have a great body and charming too. Do you have a girlfriend?" I said.

"Not really. I hooked up with some girls before, but I don't really interested. Living by myself is pretty good. What about you? Do you have one?" he replied.

"No. I never have one." I said.

"Do you masturbate?" he asked.

I was freaked out with this question. I replied awkwardly:
"Y......Yeah, sooometimmes."
"What about you?" I asked :eek: .

"Yeah, Like everday" he replied.

"Wow..... You're great, dad." I replied while almost finishing shower.

"Well, do you want to try one with me?" he said.

I was like what the fuck did I just hear...... My dad just asked me to masturbate with him. All I could think is what a surprise.
"Great! I'd love to" I said with a smile.

This is really great. I'd never though of it. This really fucked me off. After we finished showering. My dad got out of the bathroom and walk to the living room naked and said:
"I'll be in the living room wait for you."

What the fuck. It must be a wet dream or something. I never thought that I'm gonna masturbate with my handsome dad. I was really happy about this. He was downstair naked sitting on the couch watching porn and masturbating while I was walking down the stairs naked too. He saw me and asked me to join. This was the best thing I ever do with my dad. He was sitting by my side while my hand was jerking my penis up and down. We both are sitting and masturbating to gay porn. He stared at me and my penis and said:

"You're pretty good son. Your penis almost big as mine"

I smiled and said:

"Not great as you dad. You have a great penis dad. I'm so proud of you."

I did't know how I felt back then. But my head was full of my dad. I was dying to feel my dad penis. I couldn't help not to stare at my dad penis for a second. And suddenly he said:

"You could touch me if you want to"

What the fuck. He just let me touch him. I was happy like crazy. This must be the most lucky day of my life. I approached him and touch is penis awkwardly.

"It's ok son, do all you want. We're dad and son"

I was really happy. I grabbed and jerked my dad 8 inches penis like there is no tomorrow. He was moaning so loudly as his hand was jerking my hard 6 inches penis at the same time. We both felt so good. After a while I asked him:

"can I taste it?"'

I must be out of my mind that I want to taste my dad. But his reply was:

"Of course! son. Do all you want. Make your dad proud."

I quickly grabbed his super hard penis and put it into my hungry mouth. His penis was really great. I sucked it like crazy. I could felt his per-cum in my mouth. He was moaning so loud. Then we both went to continue our great business together in his bedroom. We did 69 position. It was really great. This is the first time anyone suck my penis. My dad was a great sucker. He sucked my penis while moaning. Suddenly I feel that I was going to cum soon. I yelled:

"Dad, I'm gonna cum."

"Yeah, that good son. Explode your hot fucking cum in your dad mouth. Make your dad proud." he said as he jerked my penis like crazy.

"Yeah dad, yeaaaaah, yeaaaaah yeaaaaaaahhhh........." I scream as I cum into my dad mouth. That was the best cum I ever had. It was so plenty but my dad drink every drop of my cum. I felt so wonderful. I relax a bit then started to suck my dad penis more. he was sitting on his bed, spread his legs where I can sit in the middle between his legs and suck his hard rocking penis. I sucked it really bad. He was moaning and sweat all over his body. He yelled:

"Yeah son, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah son, make your dad proud."

His body was started to shake and I knew what he was going to.

"I'm going to cum son." he said as I was sucking his penis up and down very hard.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah................" His cum finally exploded all over my face and mouth. I licked all his hot cum on his penis and body as he was moaning really bad. His whole body was all sweat. and he said:

"You know son. You're the best gift of my life that god ever give me. I love you son. I'm so proud of you."

"I love you too dad. You're the best dad ever." I replied.

My dad and I both were lying on the bed with cum all over the body all the rest of the night....
.............. thanks for reading............

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This is pretty bad, this "boy" doesnt have any grammar i mean damn, my 6 niece has better grammar than he does. That is just sad. SMH

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2014-06-09 20:03:48
Beutiful story see,there are some kids that don`t have parent loved it.The grammar was pretty bad

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i want to touch both of your dicks

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I'm a girl and even I want to touch your penis... And your dad's

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