Making Marina Mine

As I’d hoped the patio doors hadn’t been locked. So many people on vacation are careless. I could see Marina’s grandmother in the kitchen. If what I’d overheard at the beach was correct, Marina would be upstairs in her bedroom with her earphones on. Grandma’s complaint was not that Marina was a teenager, but that she didn’t particularly like hanging out with her grandmother. It was probably the last summer that she’d have her granddaughter alone for a month.

I slipped into the house without being heard. Grandma was small and fragile, I disposed of her easily with no noise and slipped her body into a corner before heading quietly upstairs. The second room I looked in was Marina’s. She was lying on her side on her bed, as my luck had it, facing away from the door. She was still wearing the clothes that she’d worn back from the beach; a little tank top, old, faded blue jean shorts. I could see the straps of her bikini top where they were tied behind her neck.

Lying on her side like that I could admire the curves of her body. For two weeks I’d been watching her, lusting for the ripeness of those curves, as I’d gotten enough information to know how and when I could have her. She was like a ripe peach, round and juicy, her skin golden from the sun. In my mind I’d imagined how it would be to stroke her skin softly, feeling the golden hairs, like peach fuzz, that glowed the length of her graceful arms and legs. Now I was going to be able to do it for real.

She was quite young with a look of shy innocence on her face and braces still on her teeth but her body was that of a grown woman. As she lay on her towel on the beach in her bikini it was so obvious. Her breasts spilled over the top of her bikini, full, firm and round; the cheeks of her ass filled the bikini pants with the promise of pleasure; her tummy was smooth and round. Marina was a peach ready for plucking.

As she lay there blissfully unaware of my presence in the room; unaware of all the things I was about to do to her, I could take me time to savor the moment. She was singing to the music in her headphones reminding me of her full lips that I would so soon be tasting.

It was time to move. I slipped off my backpack, shirt and sandals; just keeping on my swim shorts. I undid the pack and made sure that the ball gag and cords were easy to reach if I needed them, then I walked over and pulled the headphones off Marina’s ears. She gave a little cry of annoyance and surprise before turning towards me. Her eyes opened wide but she was too startled to be afraid. “Who are you? What are doing here?” she demanded. I put my hands on her shoulders, pushing her flat on her back on the bed. I could see the fear begin to seep into her eyes. “You and I are going to spend the next few hours together.” I told her. “If you’re a sensible girl and do as you’re told I won’t have to hurt you.”

As I held her on the bed I could see what I said sinking into her mind. She swallowed and licked her lips before, with a trembling voice, she asked me not to hurt her. As her moist tongue passed over her lips they glistened and I knew how I wanted to start. I let go of her and told her to sit up. Obediently she did as she was told. Now I told her that she was going to kiss me. Hesitantly she leant forward and touched her lips to mine. It was exciting as a promise, but hardly satisfying. I gave her my wolfish smile and said it wasn’t good enough; if the next one wasn’t better I’d have to punish her for disobedience.

She could tell I wasn’t bluffing; trembling she pushed her lips against mine. It was clear that she hadn’t had much experience. She gave a startled cry as I pushed her back down on the bed and started to kiss her, forcing my tongue between her lips to taste the sweetness of her mouth. She lay there passively as I moved my mouth from her lips to her eyes, letting her long lashes brush my cheek as I slid my lips across the warm skin of her forehead.

Time to move on. I told her to sit up again and then to take off her shirt. Marina started to protest, to beg me not to make her undress. I pretended to agree and said that I’d not ask her to take any more off. Reluctantly she pulled the shirt up and off revealing the bra of her bikini and the warm, golden skin of her upper body. I’d looked at that bikini and that body a thousand times; but never this close and never able to let my hands follow my eyes until today.

“Put your hands behind your head and keep them there” I ordered. With tears beginning to well in her eyes, making their deep brown glisten like pools, she obeyed. I put my hands on her breasts and she gasped. Then, as I slid my fingers inside the cups of her bra she began to whimper, that wonderful sound of helplessness, which is always such a turn-on. I pulled the material down so that her nipples popped out. They were pink as roses against the snowy whiteness of her breasts where they had been hidden from the sun. I bent down and sucked one nipple and then the other; Marina moaned. They had a salty taste from her swim.

Warning her to keep her hands behind her head I reached behind her to undo the strings of her bra and pulled the cloth away, letting it drop onto the floor beside the bed. Her breasts were gorgeous, round and full. They moved gently under the pressure of my touch. I played with her nipples watching them swell as they responded. My body was responding too and it was time to get some relief.

I told the trembling girl to kneel on the floor facing me. As she did so I pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them, letting my stiff penis swing out a few inches from Marina’s face. Her shriek of surprise and fright made me grin as I anticipated the next few minutes. Following my commands she touched my shaft; the stroke of her fingers was gentle, hesitant and exciting. Next I told her to lick the tip and the touch of her trembling tongue sent electric shocks through my body. I could feel myself coming too early to a climax. I grabbed her by the back of the head and drove my prick deep into her mouth. I felt the tip touch the back of her throat. Instinctively she started to suck and then to swallow as I spurted my semen into her.

It was a huge load I dumped into her. As my muscles pumped I could feel the first wave of relaxation. I became aware that her nipples were brushing my legs as I held her close. Finally I let her go and she fell back against the side of the bed, coughing and gasping.

There was no way I was near finished with this girl. I put my hands under her armpits and lifted her limp body onto the bed and dropped her there, face up. I had thought of having her take off her shorts and bikini bottom herself but, with the state she was in, I didn’t think it worth waiting. I unzipped her shorts and slid them down her legs, feeling the swell of her hips and the smooth length of her thighs as I did. Next I undid the ties of her panties and slipped them out from under her.

I stood back to look at her as she lay there totally naked. With every inch of her body revealed she was a beautiful as I had imagined as I’d watched her lying on the beach in her little bikini. The patches of pale skin blended with the tan on her breasts, on the swell of her tummy. Now I could see the curly brown pubic hair that pointed the way to her clitoris and vagina.

Sliding her legs apart I knelt on the floor and put my face between her thighs. Her musky smell was all that I could desire. With my fingers I opened her lips and slipped my tongue into her slit, licking her greedily. I could feel her body tremble as my tongue went further, flickering like a snake’s as I tasted her. My fingers found her clitoris and began to roll it round.

Now Marina started to moan and whimper. She gave little despairing cries as I continued to explore and my fingers replaced my tongue inside her. With my fingers still in her cunt I got off my knees and slid my body on top of hers, rolling myself up and down and side to side to feel her nakedness under me. By now she had started to recover and she started to struggle, pushing against me with her hands and trying to bite. I grabbed her by the wrists and held her arms above her head, both her wrists held in one of my hands. I stretched her arms up until she cried with pain.

I stood up, dragging her to her feet. “Oh dear” I said in mock regret. “I told you not to struggle and you did. Now I have to punish you.” Marina’s eyes filled with fear, she stopped struggling and began to beg me not to hurt her as I pulled her towards my backpack. With my free hand I reached in and pulled out the cords and the ball gag. Now her pleas got more desperate as I dragged her back to the bed and forced her, face down, onto the mattress.

I held her down by kneeling on her upper back, causing her to cry out in pain and to begin to sob. I bound her wrists together and then tied them to the head of her bed. Next I forced the gag into her mouth and tied it. With another cord I tied her ankles separately to the end posts at the foot of the bed. Her gorgeous, round ass and her spread legs were incredibly exciting to see. My penis was swelling, preparing itself for another dose of pleasure.

But before that I would give Marina a session of pain. In my pack I had a squirt, one of those little whips that jockeys use on their horses. I’d heard that the soles of the feet were especially sensitive to being whipped so I decided to try and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to mark her bottom with red stripes yet. The first time I whipped her foot Marina grunted but, as I alternated between the two feet, she was shrieking so hard I was glad that I’d gagged her.

After ten blows on each foot I stopped. Marina’s body was heaving with her sobs and her struggles to get free. I spent a few minutes stroking her body, enjoying the sensation of her smooth skin under my hands as I slid them up from her tied ankles along her thighs, over the mounds of her ass into the dip of her waist, then around under her to squeeze her breasts.

As her movements slowed, I untied her gag, pulled her head back and slid the ball out of her mouth. I let her head go and it fell back limply onto the bed. I promised her that, if she ever struggled again the pain would be worse. She was too far gone to be able to answer. However I decided that I liked her tied like that. I grabbed a pillow and slipped it under her belly, lifting her up a bit so it would be easier to fuck her from behind.

It wasn’t long before I was sliding into her dry vagina, the friction every bit at satisfying as a wet ride. I felt her hymen resist for a moment and then give way against my attack. She gave a little despairing cry as her virginity was lost. Soon she was moaning, gasping, whimpering making all the sounds of pain and fear as I pushed harder and further into her.

What a wonderful feeling to have a beautiful girl totally under my control, available for me to do whatever I could want to do or dream of doing. I slowed down my thrusts to savor the moment. I normally managed a rape a summer but it wasn’t often that I got a virgin so this was something special. Finally I could wait no longer and, with a final thrust, shot another load into her.

I was beginning to feel really good as I rolled off her and got to my feet. I looked down at her quivering body as she heaved with her sobbing. I was wondering what to do to her next. I untied her ankles and pulled the pillow, stained with blood, out from under her. I turned her over. The sight of her full breasts, the sensual movement of her body and the tuft of curls quickly filled me with desire once again. As she moaned in despairing protest I spread her legs again. Climbing on her I slid my stiff rod into her vagina, still leaking from my last assault, and started a smooth rhythm in her lubricated hole.

Taking my time I could experience all the sensations of my body against hers, with my knees I spread her legs painfully wide and she whimpered. As I rode her I let my mouth taste her tits; I licked and sucked. Then, when I bit down hard, she cried out in pain. It wasn’t long before I came again ramming myself deep into her as I could feel my pulsing muscles shoot another load into her.

After two more hours of pleasure I felt it was getting time to finish up. I untied Marina’s hands from the bed and told her to kneel on the floor. She had no will to resist and did as I ordered. Next I told her to stay on her knees and put her head down. I took her arms and pulled them behind her and then tied her wrists to her ankles. Her bottom stuck up invitingly, showing the roundness of her hips and thighs. She probably thought I was going to beat her again but I wanted my last shot into her to be in her anus.

First I pulled her ass cheeks apart and rubbed the tip of my penis on her hole. As I held her I could feel her stiffen, frightened but not knowing what I had in store for her. She was really tight as I pushed my stiffening penis into her. I could feel her tense her muscles in an automatic resistance but it didn’t help her and only excited me. I could hear myself grunting as I jerked back and drove forward time after time until my last, beautifully painful orgasm of the night.

Now I needed to cover my traces. I undid the cords that I’d used to tie Marina and put them in my backpack. I looked at her body and felt some regret at having to leave such a beautiful girl. She was totally limp as I lifted her onto the bed and laid her there. I held a pillow over her face until she died. I checked around for all my stuff and packed it away and wiped down all the places that I might have touched.

Going into the garage I found a can of barbeque fuel. I got the grandmother’s body out of hiding and carried it into the bedroom and dumped her onto the bed. I splashed fuel over both bodies, the bed and most of the room. I lit a match and dropped it on the mattress which burst into flames. By the time the fire was put out there wouldn’t be much left to investigate.

I got out quickly and cut across the dunes to where I’d hidden my dirt bike and rode back home. I was in the apartment long before I heard the sirens and they’d still need time for the volunteers to get to the station.

For the next two weeks, before I finished my summer stint at lifeguarding at the beach, the horrible murder of Marina and her grandma was the major topic of conversation.

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2013-07-11 23:09:56
Dude your a good writer, but can the fucking snuff stories. They're not one bit erotic, they're just fucking sick. I hope you don't live your own fantasies. Now maybe I'm a bit sick, but my favorite story of yours is The Christmas gift, now that was a hot kidnap rape story, the good part was you didn't kill the girl.

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Oh fuck. I didn't see snuff at the end. Kinda ruined it for me. Otherwise, it was good.. just could use more descripton.

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And the word snuf means what you idiots


2011-09-07 09:36:42
sick story.. i dont like the ones that u kill the girls.. but rape and domination I do enjoy

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There r sum sick ass people in this world

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