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58m, 47f, it was enjoyable
My girlfriend, Ginger and I have always had a pretty open and exciting sexual relationship, but I had no idea how exciting it was about to become.

One evening after dinner and a movie we went back to here house for an evening of fun. After a couple of drinks things started to heat up some and it wasn't long until we were both completely naked. We started off with some heavy petting and kissing, but Ginger wanted to turn things up a notch and told me that she wanted to tie me up. We had done this a few times before and the experience had always been pleasurable so I had no objections.

She proceeded to put me on my knees and pulled my arms back and tied them to my thighs. Now she had me completely at her mercy. She walked away and I heard her going through one of her drawers. I saw out of the corner of my eye that she had put on a nice size strap-on dildo. I was a little afraid at first, we had never done anything like this before. She moved in front of me and said, "Suck my dick like I've done for you." I really didn't know if I wanted to do this or not and hesitated. It was a mistake. I immediately felt the sharp pain of her riding crop on my ass. "SUCK MY DICK" she said. I immediately wrapped my lips around the plastic cock and started sucking.. She moved back and forth in my mouth and I could tell that she was getting off. She was not the only one, however, as I had a raging hard-on. "That's enough" she said, as she moved behind me. "I've got more in store for you." I felt the cool feeling of KY jelly applied to my ass and I knew what was next. "Please don't" I pleaded. Again I felt the pain of the riding crop on my ass. "Do not say another word or I will beat your ass until you can't sit down", she commanded. She lubed up the dildo and put the tip next to my quivering asshole and started to push. At first the pain was excruciating put as she continued to move back and forth it became very pleasurable. "You like that, don't you?" she asked.

"Oh, yes", please fuck me harder. "Don't worry." she said, "You're going to get fucked plenty" She then pulled out of me and left the room.

I had no idea what was next, but I heard her open the door and say to someone, "Come on in and get some." I then heard her two dogs run in. One was a huge black lab named Tar and the other was a Doberman named Spike.

Now I was a little concerned and tested the ropes that had me bound, but they were secured tightly. I started to object and was immediately given the riding crop again. "I told you once" she said. "Now, suck Spike off!" I was afraid to say no and she proceeded to lay Spike in front of me. He had not yet started to get hard but as I placed my mouth over his cock he started to grow. I couldn't use my hands since they were secured so I moved my mouth up and down on his dick. It didn't take long before he started to get really big and the bigger the harder I continued to suck. Meanwhile, Ginger moved back behind me and started to fuck with the strap-on cock again. She was there long before she said, "OK, it's your turn."

I looked up from sucking Spike and noticed that Tar had a huge hard-on. Much bigger than the cock that Ginger had been fucking me with. "He's too big", I said. Shut up and keep sucking that Dick you slut" she said and started wailing on my sore ass with the riding crop again. I wasted no time getting back to work on Spikes' cock. Tar moved behind me and reared up and so that he could fuck me like the many bitches he had fucked before. I could feel his enormous cock at my ass and he pushed in. Fortunately Ginger had prepared my ass well with the strap-on and he entered fairly easily. Still, though, I could feel how huge he was, much bigger than the cock Ginger had worked me over with and much bigger than Spike. The feeling was incredible and I just lay there a moment to enjoy the feeling. Ginger had seen that I was neglecting Spike and said. "Suck that cock. I want to see him cum in your mouth." I rushed back to the cock I had been working on while Tar pounded away on my ass and Ginger enjoyed the whole scence unfolding before her. Spikes' cock started to swell and emit a watery fluid which I delighted in sucking down. I could feel the same happening with Tar as my asshole seemed to be getting tighter and I could feel his pre-cum juices run down my legs. I knew that they were both close and just the thought of having my holes filled with this dog cock was enough to nearly make me cum. I started sucking furiously on Spike and I felt him start to spasm and he began to fill my mouth with his hot sweet cum. His cock convulsed in my mouth 5 or 6 times and I could not believe how much he had cum. The feeling and taste was wonderful but it was way to much and I could not swallow it all. What I couldn't swallow run out of my mouth and down my chin. I had taken most of it but there was still a pool of it below my face.

The whole time Tar had not let up on my ass and I knew that the time was soon. Ginger commanded that I lick up the cum that I had not swallowed and I did so just as Tar started to cum. He came so hard I could feel the jets of hot cum shooting in my ass. And just as he came so did I all over the floor without even touching myself. I thought that Tar would never stop cumming and I felt his hot cum run out of my ass and onto the floor. It was all I could do to stay in my prone position.

Now that both dogs had been satisfied they left the room and Ginger, who had watched the whole thing, walked behind me, inserted the cock and proceeded to fuck my raw, well soaked ass again. This time though, she had planned on cumming. She fucked me long and hard until she finally came. She took my bindings off and we both fell to the floor. "I told you I had plenty in store for you" she said. "And you weren't kidding" I said, relieved and happy that it was over but also that it had happened at all. I started to doze off just as she said. "If you aren't doing anything next week, I'd like to take you out to my Uncles' Farm!"

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2011-10-27 14:57:20
There's a sceert about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY


2011-10-26 14:29:34
Nice story. I will tell you of my experience with a stray farm dog some time when I have more time. The knot is huge and really does damage when the dog pulls it out forcefully.

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2011-10-20 22:29:08
Very well written, but it could have used some more detail. I realize you're not gay, but... when you're writing about taking something up your ass, it would probably be beneficial to read how some other gay authors have done it.

Anyway, that was just advice. It was a very good story.


2011-10-12 15:11:59
nice one but not my style

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2011-10-09 10:05:26
Excellent story cant wait for chapter two

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