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Pure fantasy...
Well it was 15 minutes after 8 pm and that little weasel Max was no where in sight. I must admit that I am a little surprised. I thought he was telling me the truth about his new girlfriend. He sure wanted that hundred I promised him if he could get her to come over to my place. But I guess not. Just then I could see some headlights in the driveway. It sure sounded like Max’s Honda Civic with the bad muffler. I looked out and it was his wreck! I was getting a little excited. I sure hope his girlfriend is as tasty as he said she was. It was hard for me to believe that this skinny 16 year old black boy had a hot white girlfriend that was only 13. Max was cute and had a big uncut cock but a hot 13 year old white chick?

Max got out of the car and walked up to the porch. I opened the front door and turned on the porch light.

He said “We still on?”

“Hell yah” I remarked “but where’s the hottie you promised?”

“Dat bitch is in da car. Now you ain’t bull shittin me about the cash...right?” he said cautiously. “Don’t say nothin to her about no cash...kool?”

“Nah stud” I said, “If this chick is as fine as you say I am good to go with the cash and my lips are sealed”

“She fine as fuck...just like I say.” he taunted.

“Yo baby” he yelled towards the car and motioned her to get out with his hand.

She opened the passenger door and got out of the car. The light wasn’t very good but she looked alright to me. She walked up to the porch. The light from the porch illuminated her and I almost came in my shorts. This little hottie was fine as fuck. Pretty face and long blonde hair. OMG she was a knock out. She had nice titties for a 13 year old, too. She was dressed to kill!

“Yo baby, This my man I was tellin you bout. He got this awesome crib.” Max said.

“Hello Leslie and welcome to my home.” I said and opened the door so we could all go inside.

“You are certainly a lovely young women. Do you do any modeling?” I asked.

“Oh no, my mother would never let me do anything like that.” she said quietly.

“Why don’t you two have a seat on the sofa and let me get you something to drink?” I said.

“You know me man, I be wantin some Ciroc and OJ.” Max belted out.

“Max I don’t have any Ciroc. You’ll have to make due with some Grey Goose.” I said rather disgusted with his tone.

“Dats kool.” he murmured.

“Leslie what would you like to drink?” I asked.

“No alcohol for me. What kind of juice do you have?” she asked.

“The OJ was fresh squeezed this afternoon and I have some Pomegranate I squeezed this afternoon too. I had some OJ with a splash of Pomegranate this afternoon and it was very delicious.” I said

“That sounds really good.” she said.

No alcohol my ass, I thought. I fixed Max’s drink in a very tall glass. I put in a splash of Vodka and 4 oz of grain alcohol and topped it up with OJ. This mother fucker will be out like a light in no time and I can have that sweet Leslie all for myself. I fixed Leslie’s drink with an oz of grain alcohol, a splash of Pomegranate juice and the rest OJ. I put it in a smaller glass with a slice of lime. She will never taste the alcohol and she might not drink much. I want her to relax not pass out. Max...I want him out! I fixed myself a Grey Goose and OJ.

“Here we go.” I said as I came into the living room. They were both already sitting on the leather sofa. I handed them their drinks and sat down next to them.

“Your house is so beautiful.” Leslie said.

She took a sip of her drink and said “You are right this drink is awesome.”

“Mine is really strong.” Max interjected, “Just da way I likes it.” he said as he guzzled it down.

“Plenty more where that came from.” I said

I turned on some island music and Max started dancing around. He was getting crazy and I knew that alcohol was going to work on the boy.

Out of the blue Max started dancing right in front of Leslie. Grinding his hips and shaking his ass. He unzipped his zipper and pulled out his semi hard black cock and wiggled it in Leslie’s face.”

“Show my man here how good you suck dis big black dick, baby!” he blurted out.

“Max...stop it and put that thing away! You are such a show off. No one wants to see your dick now. Put it away!” Leslie said to Max in an annoyed tone.

“Yo baby you know you wants dis big black dick.” he said still dancing around. “Come on baby just a little lick.” he said as he waived his hard cock in her face.

“Max you are such a jerk! Put it away! This man doesn’t want to see me suck your dick. You are so rude.” she said.

“I don’t mind Leslie.” I said. “Max told me you were a really good little cock sucker and Max’s cock is already so long and hard. He said you could deep throat his entire cock. I have never seen that before...could you try?” I asked.

“No!” she said.

“Leslie if you are that talented I would really love to see. He also told me you love him to nut in your mouth. Please can I see your talents? I begged.

“Max you are so bad. I can’t believe you tell people about what we do.” she scolded.

“Leslie, Max never would have told me unless he was so proud of your skills. It is a rare find to find a little hottie like you that loves to suck cock and swallow the nut. Please let me see.” I begged again.

“You really like the way I suck your dick?” she asked Max.

“Baby you gots da sweetest mouf I ever came in. Serious baby. You da best!” he belted out.

“I better be the only mouth you ever nutted in” she scolded

“You the only one baby. I promise” he lied.

“I don’t know.” she said.

“Baby please. I gots dis big nut here fo you. You know you love dis big nut. Come on Baaaabbbbyyyy.” he said as he rubbed his hard cock on her closed lips.

“Is it that good.” she dared?

“You are the best!” he said as he rubbed his hard cock on her lips.

Her lips parted and out came her tongue. She licked the head if his hard uncut cock. She licked all around the head and shaft. She pulled back his foreskin and exposed the engorged purple head of his hard cock. Several inches disappeared into her eager little mouth. This little slut was a natural born cock sucker. She went to work on that long cock.

I saw her look over my way to see my reaction. I gave her a thumbs up and she went back to work on his long black cock. I could see she was getting that big dick all wet and slobbery. She took his cock to the end of her mouth and had about 5 inches to go. I saw Max grab the back of her head by the hair. That must have been her signal. She started down on that long hard dick. Inch after inch until she had every inch of Max’s hard cock down here slippery slobbery throat.

Max held her head gently but firmly and humped her face several times. She came up off that long cock. It was slick and slippery. She caught a breath and went all the way down again. This time she backed off about 2 inches and slammed her head down, Up and down 6 or 8 times then back up for a breath.

My cock was rock hard as I watched this beautiful little hottie devour Max’s long black cock. Max was totally right. This little hottie was a star. She had the looks and she had some mad oral skills. Max said she was a little cum slut too. She would gobble down every drop of his monster nut.

I had sucked off Max several times and knew of his special talent. When Max would nut, he would squirt a normal sized load of 3 or 4 nice squirts. Then he would back off and jack his dick for 20 to 30 seconds and would unleash the monster load. 7 to 10 huge squirts of steamy hot jizz. He would drown you with jizz. I never knew anyone like that. I wasn’t sure if it was one nut or two and never cared as long as I got every drop.

This time was no exception. Max was humping Leslie’s hot little mouth like a freight train. I knew he was close because he was on his tip toes fucking her face. Leslie knew he was close too. She swallowed every inch of his long cock, all the way down to the base of his cock. He humped her face like a jack hammer all the way to the fuzz and exploded.

“That’s it baby. Get that nut you little slut, That’s it. Oh yea you little cum eating slut. Eat that black seed.” He said as he shook.

Leslie came off that long black cock and the vacuum in her throat pulled the nut up to into her hot little mouth. When she opened her mouth it was filled with his hot seed.

Max jerked his rock hard cock. Leslie had just caught a breath and swallowed the mouthful of steamy hot jizz when Max exploded again. This load was monstrous. The first two squirts hit her hot lips. She opened her mouth and caught the next 6 or 7 squirts. She swallowed a couple of times and then slipped his cock back down her throat to the fuzz. She stayed there for 10 or 20 seconds with her throat totally filled with hard black dick. Then his cock slipped out of her mouth. Both Max’s semi erect cock and her face were covered with slobber and cum. Max collapsed on the couch.

Leslie looked over to see my reaction. Her lips was covered with hot sticky jizz. I scooted over close to her and put my hands on either side of her head and licked the jizz off her upper lip and cheek. I felt her tongue touch mine several times. She had a dazed and confused look on her face.

“I’m sorry. I just couldn’t resist the temptation.” I blurted out.

“Wow! That was soooo kool?” she said. “Do you like the taste of cum too?”

“I am afraid so. I have a big thirst for steamy hot jizz. I am a little cum slut just like you!” I said.

“That is soooo funny.” she said.

I knew right then and there that this little hottie was a stone cold freak. I was going to show this little hottie a whole new world.

“Are you ready for some big fun?” I said to Leslie?

“Always” she said in a seductive tone

Continued in Part two...
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