The thunder of hooves filled the air as Rebecca raced around the ring. Her long raven black hair streamed behind her like a silk scarf. And the sun bore down on her milk chocolate skin as if it, like every guy at the track, was aching to devour her. But her eyes were firmly set on the only male in her riding class.

Rebecca was nobody's fool though. This particular man was off limits, mostly. A little teasing and a lot of ogling never hurt anyone. Besides, Rebecca saw the way Sam looked at her out of the corner of his eye and she had the feeling he didn't mind being her eye candy during their lessons.

That day was one of the good ones. The only other riders that rode with the nineteen year old beauty were Sam and his wife Diane. Unfortunately, Diane always came with her husband so Rebecca rarely got any alone time with the stud. But on the other hand, Diane wasn't too bad to look at either.

Diane and Sam both shone like Greek Gods. Riding around the ring across from her, they were both astride massive black stallions that only highlighted their shining pale skin. Diane was the complete inversion of Rebecca. The older woman's pale blonde hair and bright blue eyes contrasted starkly with Rebecca's dark coloring. But they both often stunned those holding a Y chromosome with their beauty.

In addition to admiring the beautiful woman, Rebecca was also grateful to Diane. She ran her own law firm and not too long ago gave Rebecca a shot at being her secretary slash paralegal. It didn't pay much, but in this economy a paid internship is nothing to shake a stick at. Besides tuition ain't cheap and her job kept her in school so she could be the lawyer one day. So, despite the attraction Rebecca felt for the chiseled Sam she was reluctant to make any more overt gestures towards the man than the occasional bedroom eyes.

She also had Diane to thank for introducing Rebecca to her husband. When Diane first took up horse riding she enjoyed it so much she offered to pay for Rebecca's lessons as well. Rebecca saw it as a great chance to ingratiate herself with the lovely lawyer and jumped at the opportunity. She didn't expect that meeting her boss's husband would be the icing on the cake. But, now she came to every lesson rain or shine not only to schmooze the boss but also to feast her eyes on Diane's hubby.

Besides, her gazing worked much better with a huge, warm, racing animal between her legs. Lesson after lesson she ground her clit hard against the quaking saddle as she stared at Sam with a smile on her lips. She always finished the ride with a wet spot in her crotch and a longing for that handsome man. Little did she know that that was going to be her lucky day.

As the lesson wound down the three riders pulled into the center of the ring. Rebecca flashed a sensual smile to the small crowd of men that always seemed to find their class so fascinating to watch. But after a little long distance flirting with the riffraff, she only had eyes for Sam.

She glanced at his firm ass as he slowly slid off his high horse. Just the sight of his tush was enough to produce a fresh trickle of vaginal fluid to join the dark stain on her riding pants. She didn't know if he onlookers thought her frequently wet pants were caused by sweat or if they knew it was from her dripping lips. Frankly she wished it was the latter. Thinking about all those big men, especially Sam, contemplating the viscous juices flowing in her crotch made it infinitely hotter. Knowing a half dozen men were just then fantasizing about her dripping pussy made it purr.

Snapping back to the present, Rebecca hopped down from her ride of the day Carter and guided him after Sam and Diane. She blinked into the setting sun as their evening lesson concluded. The pair looked almost regal as they led their jet black mounts into the sunset. Rebecca followed at a slower pace yearning for what came next. Diane peeled off and guided her horse to a separate area while Sam kept walking towards the same barn that housed Carter.

Rebecca's heart gave a little leap. These were some of the best times she had with the untouchable Sam. Sometimes the horse assignments didn't work out as she hoped, but often enough she rode Carter and he rode Grayson. The two horses were stabled right next to each other. And if she was extra lucky Diane was forced to the clear other side of the compound. That was one of those days and it made her cunt drool in anticipation of a little alone time.

Once she reached her destination she saw that Sam had already removed Grayson's bridle and set it aside. Rebecca pulled open Carter's stall door. The welcome creak of the heavy wooden half door tingled along her skin. The lengthening shadows followed her into the paddock. She glanced over at Sam between the slats of the horse's housing. Surprisingly, she saw his eyes gazing back into hers.

Suddenly inspiration struck her. She unstrapped the bridle from her horse and hung it on a nearby hook. Outside the stall she lifted the attached wooden arm used to hold up a saddle. Then she licked her lips and called out to her neighbor.

"Hey Sam. Could you give me a hand for a minute?"

His gorgeous face appeared from his stall. With a smile, he wandered out to join the Nubian beauty.

"What can I do for you?" he asked.

For a moment, she hesitated. One wrong move and she might be out on her ass. Not to mention without Diane paying for the lessons, there was no way she could keep riding. But one glance at Sam's winning smile and she forced those fears into the back of her mind.

"Well," she practically purred as she sidled up next to him. "I thought it would be the nice thing to do for Carter if I took down his tack since I'm his last rider. But I have no idea how to do that so I was hoping you would be of assistance."

She sauntered over real close to the tall man making sure he had a great view of her chest through her deep cut neckline. Her breasts unfettered by a bra quivered with each breath demanding his attention. A smile graced Rebecca's lips as she tracked his eyes' movement down into her cleavage.

"I suppose I could help you with that. Why don't you lead the way little lady?"

With a knowing grin, she turned and headed into the stall. Her swaying hips didn't escape Sam's gaze as he followed her into Carter's area. He moved close to the young woman in the confined space and patted Carter's flank.

"You see those straps?" he inquired indicating the buckles keeping the girth tight to the horse's belly. "You just need to remove those on both sides and lift it off."

Rebecca raised the leather flap guarding said straps and deftly slipped them from their restraints. With a smile just for herself she then bent over far enough to touch her toes and looked under the stallion's chest. She purposefully shoved her rear into Sam's crotch as she shifted back and forth against him. After a few seconds of rubbing under the auspices of getting a better look under Carter she abruptly stood up and turned to the man behind her.

"I'm so sorry about that," she lied. "There isn't a lot of room to maneuver in here. Let me get to the other side."

This time she ducked her head under Carter's belly and crawled towards the far side. Halfway there she turned to see the head of Carter's cock emerging from his hanging sheath. For a brief moment she goggled at the large instrument and wondered if Sam was hung like the proverbial horse. As she completed her journey she turned to see a distinct bulge growing down Sam's thigh and figured it must be nearly as big as his equine counterpart.

She rose up on the other side of the massive animal and looked into Sam's eyes across the saddle as she blindly unbuckled the girth. The fear over repercussions for going forward was burned away with the fire in his gaze. Rebecca realized that heat was all for her and she shivered with delight at inciting his lust.

Eager to take advantage of the close quarters for a little more 'accidental' bumping, she ducked back under Carter's massive frame. She made sure that her tits were in plain view as she crawled back towards her desire. But with her eyes on her own body and Sam's, she didn't realize she had shifted a little more towards Carter's rump. With Rebecca not watching where she was going, Carter's cock slapped her cheek in the crossing.

Startled, she pitched forward losing her balance. Luckily, Sam caught her arm and she braced her other hand against his bent knee. They both chuckled, though Rebecca hoped he didn't see the cause of her stumble. She reasoned his eyes were probably glued to her heaving breasts and surely missed the minor collision with horse dick.

But she soon had other concerns. His hand was warm and firm as it held her arm. And even better she could feel the muscles quivering in his thigh as he held her weight. With a naughty grin she slid her hand along his leg as he helped her up. As she stroked over his bulging member she quietly gasped. Her earlier estimations might have been a little too conservative. The tool between her fingers felt even bigger than the cock that had recently knocked her down.

Unfortunately she only had time for a quick squeeze of his giant organ before she made it to her feet. She quickly turned to remove Carter's saddle before Sam could see the desire blazing on her face. She pulled the girth free from the saddle and laid it carefully over the seat. Rebecca moved slowly and carefully taking extra time to regain her composure before facing him again.

But, as soon as she turned with the saddle in hand she saw an odd smile grace Sam's lips. Unnerved for reasons she didn't understand, Rebecca brushed past him to set the saddle on its post. But as she walked out of the saddle she heard Sam's voice call out to her.

"You know that wasn't a very good idea," he said. His voice was not as jovial as it was just a moment ago. Rebecca's stomach immediately twisted up into knots. And his next statement didn't help. "Groping your boss's husband isn't a very smart career move. In fact, I've known Diane to fire her secretaries for far less than what you just pulled."

Rebecca's heart thudded in her ears. The fear she had been fighting ever since she called Sam to her stall came back with a vengeance. She could see her whole life falling apart in her mind's eye. All because she was a little too frisky for her own good.

"Please don't tell Diane," she pleaded. "I will do anything to keep this job."

"I'm glad to hear that," he replied. "But I'm afraid I'll have to teach you a lesson first. Come here."

Despite her fear, Rebecca felt a small thrill go up her spine at Sam's command. She meekly but obediently came to the towering figure's side.

"Good girl. Now hold out your arms."

Unsure of what was to come but yearning to find out she stretched her arms out to the man. Almost too fast to follow, he grabbed the nearby bridle and wrapped it around her wrists. Rebecca gasped as the cool metal of the bit touched her sensitive skin, but before she knew it the leather straps tightened pulling her hands together.

With her limbs captured, Sam led her back to the stall door. He looped the loose reigns over an overhanging beam and pulled. Rebecca called out in shock as her arms were yanked upwards following the reigns until he tied them off. She found herself trapped in the open doorway and just able to keep a firm foothold on the ground without straining her arms. She tugged gently at the restraints, but they didn't budge.

She knew she should be even more terrified of what Sam was going to do with her, but instead she was getting hotter and hotter by the second. The slow tingle that ran up her spine when Sam turned on her had settled into her pussy and the stain on her pants was slowly spreading as she swung in the breeze.

She could hear and sense Sam moving behind her, but let out a small yelp of surprise when he was suddenly against her back. The electric tingles burst into little sparks of pleasure as his hand snaked around her waist and up under her shirt. He gently caressed her stomach. He brought his other hand around to join the first. His body molded itself against her back and she could feel his hardness nudging her ass.

Sam's hands trod up her body achingly slow. Every inch of her skin was open to his touch beneath the tight fabric of her t-shirt. And the fire burning in her cunt flared higher and higher with every touch. Until finally it burst from her lips as a low moan once his hands began to caress the underside of her breasts.

Taking her uttered invitation as gospel, he gripped her loose tits firmly in each hand. The metal studs strung through her nipples pressed against his palms hungry to be stroked. He pinched the cool metal between his fingers and played with them. Rebecca's moans grew louder as her tender nipples were tugged back and forth until he suddenly stopped. She mewled at the loss, but it became another gasp of shock when she felt his warm breath on her ear.

"You're full of surprises today aren't you?" he whispered in her ear.

While she sank into the husky voice filling her ear, he gripped the base of her shirt and tugged it up. It briefly caught on her nipple piercings bringing another groan of delight as the soft cotton embraced her melons. But he soon freed them from the shirt and lifted it over her head. A loose strap from the bridle secured the shirt above her head and Sam returned his attention to her belly.

Rebecca cooed as his large hands plucked at the waistband of her pants. Without preamble, he hooked his thumbs into her pants and yanked them down to her ankles. Her boots kept them from getting any further, but that was all Sam needed. He rose once more curving against her back. And Rebecca finally realized that Sam was already naked. She felt his thick sausage sliding against the crevice of her ass as he held her tightly.

"You are a naughty little minx aren't you?" he growled in her ear. "You wearing no panties does make this easier though so why don't I give you a treat?"

Deciding he needed her bottomless after all, he crouched down to her feet. Sam unlaced her riding boots and pulled them free of her shapely legs. Without the obstruction, her pants pooled around her feet and were promptly thrown aside by the horny man.

Rebecca expected him to rise once more behind her, but he remained on his knees. He grabbed her ass kneading each cheek under his spread hands. The young woman shuddered under his expert touch as he massaged each rounded globe of flesh. Unconsciously, she squirmed against the bindings as he toyed with her. The pull of his hands on her rump pulled her pussy lips apart and rubbed them together. Her already flowing juices become a torrent coating her thighs with nectar.

But he wasn't done rewarding her yet. With one more forceful tug he spread her cheeks and dove in. The vigorous assault drove the breath from her lungs. His darting tongue snaked deeply into her cunt from behind draining her juices into his mouth. His sharp nose put pressure on the tight button of her asshole bringing a secondary thrill to her already bursting body.

His tongue somehow managed to be everywhere at once. She couldn't pin down where he was at any given moment. It swooped deep into her drilling at her flesh. Then it lapped firmly at her thighs cleaning any wayward fluid from her dark flesh. Finally he would inexplicably fly over her clitoris driving her mad with lust.

And yet even though she could feel each and every stimulating stroke of his tongue and everything in between she could not keep track of its every movement. It felt like half a dozen men were all tonguing her at the same time. She squirmed and squealed and pressed her ass against the invading tongue.

She could feel the rising tide of her orgasm rapidly charging through her body. The first real tremors made standing difficult as her legs threatened to give out. But Sam's relentless attack kept building up the fires. She could feel that deep pull in her belly trying to push her over into the abyss. And after a few more good lashings her orgasm broke over and through her.

She quaked constantly, but Sam refused to relent. The magnificent tongue pushed against her for the entirety of her orgasm and aftershocks as she fell limp against the leather tying her hands. So it was little wonder that she completely missed the hard sound of boots marching down the hallway.

Rebecca floated in her own mind following her ungodly orgasm. Her fluttering eyelids were the only sign she was coming back to reality. But when a second warm body pressed against her exposed front her eyes shot open. She found herself staring into the eyes of her gorgeous boss. The terror of losing her job rose from the depths of her orgasmic lethargy like the Loch Ness monster. And she began stammering excuses even though Diane's hand caressed her hip.

Diane smiled indulgently as Rebecca tried to offer up a reasonable explanation. Rebecca didn't even notice the smile. She was so flustered that the tongue still lapping at her twitching crevice went unnoticed. However, Diane soon moved her lips to the frightened teenager's ear.

"Shhhhhh. It's all going to be okay. In fact I'm surprised you took this long to make a move on my man. He is one hell of a prime specimen."

While Diane soothed the anxious teenager, Sam had risen from his place on the floor to greet his wife. Diane's reassuring words had started to settle Rebecca's heartbeat again so he took the opportunity to share Rebecca's fluids with his wife. The sound of their amorous lips next to her ear sent fresh shivers through her body. Being between their two gyrating bodies caused her pussy to gush once more.

Diane's moans echoed in Rebecca's ear and reminded her just how skilled Sam's tongue was. As the sense memory overwhelmed her, her pussy redoubled its efforts to water the ground under her feet.

Eventually she became aware of his thick meat prodding the back of her thighs. The couples' energetic movements had freed the monster from the crack of her ass and left it free to poke at her slick fluids. The frequent penile strokes made her horny beyond measure, Rebecca twisted her ass in circles trying to catch the mushroomed tip of his cock and welcome it into her warmth. Unfortunately, her thighs were covered with too much of her flowing pleasure to allow the correct friction for it to slide home. Instead it slid between her legs and out the front to bump into his undulating wife.

Diane peeled back from the embrace far enough for Rebecca to see several inches of cock protruding from her crotch. Sensing what the two women were staring at, Sam grabbed Rebecca roughly by the waist and pushed himself hard against her ass. Rebecca was amazed to see an additional couple of inches emerge from her legs.

Diane smiled at the astonished look on her employee's face. For a moment she enjoyed watching the young beauty as her husband ground his enormous cock between her lips. Rebecca's surprise quickly morphs into lust as the stroking dick spreads her lips and strokes her clit with each thrust.

But after a few plunges, she clasped Rebecca close once more and slid her lips to the younger woman's ear.

"Don't relax yet honey. I will still fire your ass in a hot second if you fail to please my hubby. But it looks like you are more than qualified to keep your job."

Rebecca's heart began to thump wildly once more, but she couldn't be sure if it was fear for her job, desire for the cock slipping between her lips, or because of the hot wife whispering in her ear. Once Diane sucked her earlobe into her mouth and began toying with it between her teeth, Rebecca suspected it might actually be the last.

Too soon for Rebecca, Diane pulled back from her ear leaving saliva cooling in the breeze. Luckily, Rebecca had Sam's cock to focus on. And with Diane's lithe body held tight to hers, the swollen knob pressed exquisitely against her hardened clitoris. But even that was stripped from her as Diane retreated.

Instead of pressing her torso against Rebecca's bare chest she slid down and took one of the exposed pierced nipples into her mouth. The solid metal stud clicked against her teeth as she suckles the young woman's teat. Rebecca vibrated with pleasure as the couple worked her over. Sam got his hips into the action and rotated his extended lever. The large cock spread her pussy lips wide coating itself with the freely gushing liquid desire.

Diane finished working over the first nipple and moved on to her second. She kept her palm over the already mouthed breast keeping the nipple hard and taut. But her mouth worked the real magic. It seemed that Sam wasn't the only one in the family with an expert tongue. The beautiful blonde pulled and licked at the trapped tip. Her tongue took the stud and areola on a magical rollercoaster ride through her mouth. And by the time it reached the destination Rebecca came screaming like a banshee.

She desperately wanted to latch onto Diane's head and hold it to her breast until she passed out from the bliss, but before she could even strain against her bindings Diane released her and kept moving south. Thankfully, before Rebecca could even bemoan the loss, the pole twirling against her clit sent her into another orgasmic spasm.

When Rebecca returned to her senses, she looked down to see Diane kneeling before her. For a brief moment she caught the woman's eye and saw a devilish glint.

The moment passed and Diane instead turned her attention to her husband's tackle. She gripped the rigid pole bringing a gasp of surprise from Sam's lips. Her fingers slid along its length massaging Rebecca's juices into the shaft. Because of its positioning she also rubbed her knuckles against Rebecca's swollen lips. A sharp intake of breath was all Rebecca allowed herself, but inside she was begging her to continue.

Instead, the other woman pulled her husband's cock down to get a good look at the dripping crevice before her. She admired the glistening snatch for what felt like an eternity to Rebecca. After so much stimulation that evening ever since mounting Carter the sudden loss of any stroking whatsoever was striking. But Diane was lost in her examination of the young woman's genitals and couldn't spare a thought for her aching needs.

The bright pink folds glistened in the waning sunlight. And Diane felt a pang of jealousy over the delightful contrast between the sopping pink twat and the darker chocolate skin surrounding it. Entranced, she slowly pushed her finger into the tight orifice. Even with only the one finger she could feel Rebecca's hungry walls suck her in deeper into the oozing hole. The young woman was as tight as a vice and with a smile only for herself she realized what a treat she had found for her man and herself.

Introductions aside, she reluctantly pulled herself free of the grasping cunt and positioned her husband's cock at Rebecca's entrance. She lightly stroked the underside of his penis tickling him despite the dripping juices. That was one of Diane's favorite points of the conquest. She watched Sam strain with her touch and knew he was desperate to force his giant dong into the helpless girl. But this was Diane's game now. He couldn't proceed until she allowed him to.

The smell of Rebecca's pussy filled her nostrils and brought a shiver down her spine. She knew that she couldn't wait much longer than Sam, but seeing his bulbous knob gently pressing against Rebecca's hole. She knew it was taking everything he had not to thrust balls deep into the waiting cunt and the knowledge of the control she had in that instant made Diane's pussy drool like a starving man at a buffet.

Unable to resist, she slid her hand towards his swinging testicles. She would tug on them gently just to get him started, but like the commentator that rings the bell for a boxing match, she had little to no control of the event after that point. Sam was so worked up that once he felt the warm caress of Rebecca's body he wouldn't stop until one or the both of them was exhausted.

However as she was reaching out to give him the go ahead signal she licked her hand clean. The taste of Rebecca's fluids was like ambrosia to the older woman. The rich texture of Rebecca's cum coated her taste buds with pure sex. An electric arc raced down her spine and she knew that she needed more. At the last moment she pulled the dick back from its goal and sucked it in as deep as she could.

Sam's grunt of forestalled desire was immediately drowned in a sea of moans as his talented wife wrapped her tongue around his cock. She sucked the saturated member into her throat. The force of her suction pulled her mouth against Rebecca's gash. The cock and mouth met over her clitoris and ground it against her pubic bone. The sudden resurgence of sensation made Rebecca quiver, but she was completely ancillary to the married pair.

Diane's tongue worked circles around the imbedded rod questing for every drop of the hanging woman's nectar. It spilled out between her lips like a snake on the hunt. It found the hardened nub trapped near her suckling mouth and attacked it with a fury. She felt a burning need for Rebecca's molten pussy and would not stop until she gorged herself. Her husband's pole twitching in her throat served to heighten her need.

Reaching behind the pair, she grasped Sam's bare ass and pulled him forward driving him deeper. She was forced to breathe through her nose, no longer able to get air around his massive cock. But she had long ago mastered breathing with a mouth full of meat. In addition, taking everything in through her nostrils flooded her senses with the scent of Rebecca.

Her nose was smashed against the young woman's crotch and Rebecca was so over stimulated that her cum ran rivers down Diane's face. Some small part of her worried that the trio would be found. Particularly with the amount of orgasmic screaming she was doing. But that part of her brain was no longer in control. She was living only for the burning passion surging through her twat.

Diane was in a similar state. She was practically swimming in the flow of Rebecca's gushing crevice and loving every second of it. Her mouth milked Sam while her barely exposed tongue continued to drive the younger maiden wild. Eventually she needed to close her eyes before the torrential flood stewed her eyeballs. But the loss of her sight intensified the taste, touch and smell of the other woman.

By the time she felt the nectar dripping from her chin like a faucet she knew that this would never be enough. So she withdrew from Sam's insertion and guided his saliva soaked member back to Rebecca's entrance. Without even giving him the proper signal, she used her grip on his ass to pull his giant tool into Rebecca's soaking channel.

His groan of delight mixed exquisitely with Rebecca's cry of surprise and unadulterated lust. Rebecca herself felt only the slightest bit of pain as Sam surged up her hole. She was so tight and he was so large that his piston had to spread her wide as it sought her womb. But she was so wet and ready that the pain was barely a blip on her nerves before the rising tide of bliss.

Diane for her part fell back on her ass and wiped the fluid from her eyes. She watched rapt as her husband pounded the dark beauty before her eyes. But she also slowly cleaned herself of every drop of Rebecca's cum. While she cleaned herself off like a cat, she stared at her masterful husband's cock. His humps were so strong they lifted Rebecca off her feet. And as he withdrew she hung in midair for the briefest of moments before collapsing onto his rebounding organ on its next upswing.

She knew from personal experience just how amazing that felt and her pussy gave an involuntary twinge at the memory. But she needed to get ready and with her face and hands clean she had nothing holding her back beyond sitting and watching the show. A flicker of thought crossed her mind of doing just that, but the cameras they had set up should provide her with the fuck by fuck replay of anything she missed. Reluctantly, she picked herself up and wandered off to their locker in the tack room.

Rebecca didn't even notice her leave. Her eyes were screwed up in rapturous delight as Sam plowed her furrow with the force of a jackhammer. Every up thrust was as if he was launching her into space. And when she landed on his returning spear she felt like she was so full she would burst. Her unending orgasm was returning like a hurricane and it didn't take long for her whole body to give out and become a quivering wreck.

Sam took her body in his arms as soon as she lost control of her own limbs. Without missing a single thrust he held her tightly against his bare chest. But with her body now completely under his control he was able to exaggerate the rollercoaster's ups and downs. He lifted her up off of his cock after every thrust until only the very tip still touched her spread lips. And then he would let go of her almost completely letting his surging meat fill her hole.

Somewhere in the back of her endorphin soaked mind Rebecca could feel the pounding cock slam into the entrance of her womb with every stroke. But Sam's arm snaked around her waist and began to stroke her clit. Her body exploded at his touch and she lost all conscious thought to her electrified nerves.

Sam, on the other hand, felt every inch of her convulsing pussy wrapped around his shaft. It took every ounce of willpower he had not to explode right along with her. Instead he gripped her waist and plunged himself harder into her shaking cunt. His angled tip rammed against the hanging teenager's cervix. He urgently needed to reach his full penetration before her orgasm shattered his control.

Again and again he brought her up and pulled her crashing down onto his humping prick. And little by little he felt the tight orifice give way to his need. Slowly but surely, it spread for his intrusion and Sam managed to slam the last few inches home. His tight balls slapped against her clit as their bodies crashed together. But the tightening cervix slammed tight behind his head. The added pulsing of her orifice trying to suck his pole into her womb robbed him of the last vestiges of control and his balls emptied into her hungry womb.

He shuddered out the last of his orgasm but somehow managed to keep on his feet. He blinked away the sweat running into his eyes and saw his wife was ready and waiting in the center of the aisle. Her naked body was more than enough to reawaken his hard-on. But he managed to slip the tip out of Rebecca's womb and smile at his wife.

She gave him one of her patented sexy smiles and graced him with a little twirl and jiggle. In the time he took to knock Rebecca into an orgasmic coma, she had stripped completely naked. Well, almost completely naked. Her hairless pussy was currently out of view behind her favorite strap-on.

It was originally a mold of his penis, but Diane never was one for leaving well enough alone. She had their favorite toymaker extend both the length and girth of this particular monster until it was a full foot and a half of fun. And it was aimed directly at Rebecca's prone body.

While Rebecca's body recovered a bit though, Diane was more than happy to provide Sam a little show while they waited to keep him ready to go. She spun and danced and cupped her tits all the while filling her gaze with the lust she was barely restraining. Since she knew he couldn't see her pussy thanks to the giant phallus, she bent over far enough to show herself from the back.

Her twat was still soaked from his earlier show and knowing how hot her gleaming snatch made him only made it wetter. With one hand she reached under the dildo to stroke her sopping cunt. And just because she knew he loved it, she used her other hand to gently stroke the silicone strapped to her pelvis. He could clearly see her masturbating both organs between her legs and gave an involuntary hump forward shaking the snoozing Rebecca.

She groaned gently, a sleepy sound borne of waking from a satisfying dream. But as she roused, Diane turned around to face her and she felt the hard shaft still buried in her cunt. She mewled softly and snuggled her ass deeper onto Sam. But the couple had other ideas.

Rebecca hadn't noticed the enormous toy headed her way before, but when it slapped her belly she gasped in surprise. Diane took the opportunity to thrust her tongue into the teenager's mouth. Rebecca responded immediately wrapping her tongue around the offered muscle. They fenced back and forth between their lips. Rebecca could still taste her own juices on Diane's tongue and she loved it.

Sam absently gave her pussy a few final slow prods before pulling his gooey pole free from her grasp. But before his abundant cum could succumb to gravity he gripped Rebecca's thighs with both hands. He slowly lifted her up towards the beam that held her bindings. His slow progress went unnoticed by the horny woman as she sucked Diane's tongue into her maw.

Slowly, the mammoth phallus slid down her firm belly until it bumped into her clit. Sam let Diane focus on distraction as he guided the missile to its dock. The bulging cock nudged her opening spreading her lips around the insertion. But, without nerves, Diane couldn't feel the nectar dripping down the faux shaft. All she could feel was the pressure as it gave slightly between the two women's bodies.

Luckily, Sam had his own signal for just such an occasion. While keeping an arm around Rebecca to hold her steady he carefully stretched his arm down between their legs. Without warning he slid his middle two fingers into Diane's dripping pussy and pulled her half a step forward.

Diane immediately pulled her mouth from Rebecca's, but before the young woman could react, she wrapped one hand around the strap-on to keep it steady, one hand behind Rebecca's back to pull her down, and shoved the immense dick into the surprised girl. The combination of male and female cum dripping down her passageway aided the phallus as it slipped deeply into Rebecca. But the increased girth between man and silicone still spread her out almost uncomfortably.

Rebecca felt like her entire torso was filling up with the toy. Diane wiggled it deeper until it struck her cervix and stopped short. She used the hand on Rebecca's back to pull her slightly forward. After leaning forward and planting a tender kiss on Rebecca's lips, she led her gaze downward. A full eight inches of bright blue silicone was linking the two women.

"Before we're done here," Diane whispered softly. "The rest of this cock will be buried up that sopping cunt of yours. And you're going to be screaming in ecstasy."

Rebecca shuddered at her words, but she wondered just how all of that would fit without tearing her apart. She was so focused on Diane and her pussy conforming to the massive insertion that she forgot all about Sam.

Not wanting to be left out of the party, Sam grabbed the dildo connection and let her juices flow over his hand. The two women were too intent on each other to even notice, but soon his hand was slathered with fresh nectar. He pulled his hand back and slowly released his stabilizing hold on Rebecca.

She gasped and bit her lip as her full weight fell on the rising dildo. The pressure was intense, but she could feel herself loosening. Her womb wanted to invite the massive tool into her body and it seemed that Diane wasn't taking no for an answer anyway. Diane took the weight of the teenager in her own arms and gradually lifted her off of the spear in her guts. Once a few inches had slid free, she released Rebecca and let her slam back down onto the rigid pole. Each successive drop felt easier and easier to take as the silicone cock stretched her out.

Meanwhile, Sam had taken his gooey hand and slathered Rebecca's tight asshole with the mixture of their fluids. Gradually, as if worried he might break the moment his wife was having, he poked her bunghole with a slick finger. Rebecca's pussy was still getting used to the dildo as gravity ground it automatically against her womb. The twitching cunt sent ripples throughout her pelvis so her asshole vibrated against Sam's finger as he prodded her opening.

Diane lifted Rebecca up for another widening thrust, but this time Sam kept his hand rigid. Rebecca slammed down onto Diane's toy and it finally breached her defenses. Her cervix dilated enough that another three inches slid up into her womb. The fullness was so great that Rebecca didn't even notice when Sam's finger sank into her ass up to the knuckle.

Sam himself was amazed at how easily he fit into her sphincter. Her warm bowels sucked at his finger as his wife let her adjust to the additional inches. But Diane didn't want to get stuck like her husband did and she soon began moving again. She pulled Rebecca up off the giant dildo and dropped her again.

Rebecca gasped at the sudden fall before she is stopped by the impalement. A look of bliss slid over her face as Diane thrust the massive cock into her again and again. Sam let his wife do all the work. He pumped his finger in and out of Rebecca's ass using his wife's momentum. It did not take long for her orifice to stretch around his questing finger. He upped the ante by sliding in a second cum coated finger to join the first.

Every subsequent fall onto the enormous toy brought it deeper inside Rebecca. With the only major hurdle relaxed enough to take it in all it took was patience and gravity. Rebecca is so focused on the sensation of fullness it is providing her that she completely fails to notice Sam's ass play until he has four fingers inside her.

Once she realized what he was up to she couldn't believe she had missed it. Even with the dildo repeatedly sinking into her cunt, the fingers in her rump provided a completely different type of pleasure. She squirmed on both of the insertions and squealed when she felt Sam stroke the dildo through her intestinal wall.

She took to his fingers so well that Sam couldn't wait anymore. He pulled his hand free and guided his still drenched tallywhacker to the back door. Diane lifted her up for one last solo thrust and as she fell through the air she sank onto both man and wife up to the hilt.

Rebecca screamed in ecstasy as both her holes filled with two massive insertions. The loving couple hugged her between them and let her body adjust to the pair of them. When Rebecca herself started to squirm and pulse on both of them they figured she was ready enough.

They held her close to both of their bodies, but Sam took the lead in guiding the three. Just like before, his hard thrusts lifted Rebecca up off her feet. The difference was she had two prongs to land on this time and her ass provided a little more cushion for her landings. She could feel Diane's cock filling up every inch of her body and closed her eyes with pleasure.

So, she gasped in surprise when Diane took her nipple once more in her mouth. The warm mouth on her tit pushed her over the edge completely and she screeched out another bone tingling orgasm. Sam could feel her pulsating body even without the verbal cues and knew she was coming hard. And with Diane curled forward to suck on Rebecca's nipples she left an opening just for him.

His arm snuck around her waist and found her erect clit. He also kissed her back gently as if trying to meet his wife on the other side. The combination of stimulations pushed Rebecca into a long series of orgiastic delight.

Sam, despite already shooting off once could already feel himself getting close. His cock constantly rubbed against the hard silicone through Rebecca's flesh and her rippling bowel threatened to suck him into her body. Knowing he was reaching his limit he hugged Rebecca closer and extended his arm out to Diane.

Her straps were just loose enough for him to slip his fingers in to greet her pussy. She gasped in shock releasing Rebecca's nipple momentarily as Sam stroked her clit furiously. With his fingers sending arcs of pleasure through her, she returned to suckling Rebecca's other breast. Sam was able to continue thrusting into Rebecca's body, but could only manage to pull out a little before slamming home. It left Rebecca almost always full and his cock constantly stimulated, but it kept the strap-on from crushing his fingers with every touchdown.

Soon Diane gave up on her mouth work because Sam's distraction was becoming too effective. She humped his fingers and managed to drive her dildo harder against Rebecca. The only indication she even noticed was an extra loud moan whenever Diane pushed forward. Though that could also just be the result of her unending orgasm.

In no time at all, Diane came with a scream of her own. She had just enough presence of mind to unhook the dildo before her knees turned to jelly. She collapsed onto the floor shaking out her orgasm with a smile on her face. The dildo remained lodged in Rebecca and Sam with nothing better to do with his hand started fucking her with that too.

The friction between the two cocks rose to a fever pitch and Sam saw the end of the tunnel. He quickly reached up and untied the reins from the rafters. Rebecca's full limp weight fell onto him driving them both to the floor. Before his ass even hit the hay, his testicles fired their second shot deep into Rebecca's ass. Without even pulling out, he cuddled up against the young woman and they dozed off in the hay.


A few hours later, Sam awoke to Diane nudging him with a bare foot. Rebecca was still out like a light, but from the subtle pulsing his soft cock received from her ass he wondered if she wasn'4t still feeling the aftereffects of her orgasms. From the look in Diane's eyes; however, she had plans for the sleeping beauty. He gently tugged his soft cock out of her ass before it could swell up again and rose to greet his wife.

The two lovers hugged tightly and muttered quietly in each other's ears. They spoke in low tones ensuring Rebecca stayed asleep. Diane quickly laid out her idea and Sam agreed whole heartedly. With a final squeeze, she left Carter's stall and ran off to get what they needed. That left Sam with the more difficult task.

Ever so gently, he scooped his arms underneath Rebecca as she slept. He didn't want her to wake up just yet. By the time he had lifted her off the floor, Diane had returned with several layers of horse blankets and pillows. She slung what she had over Carter's door creating a nicely padded ledge.

Sam carried the dozing woman over to the door dragging the reins that were still tied to her wrists along the floor. He shifted the bundle in his arms until he could place her stomach across the freshly lain pads. The heavy lifting done, he exchanged places with Diane and they carefully shut the creaking door.

Rebecca finally started to rouse, so he quickly slid the trailing reigns under the stall door. Diane on the other side grabbed the long strips of leather and securely fastened them to Rebecca's ankles. Rebecca tried to stretch out her arms as she awoke, but the reins held tight. The unexpected restriction sent a bolt of adrenaline through her purging the last of her sleepiness.

Frightened, her head swiveled around searching the dark hallway. But her eyes quickly homed in on the erect cock closing distance towards her face. By the time it stopped, it was only an inch or two out from her nose she couldn't take her eyes off of it. It seemed like it was even larger this close to her eyes than it felt while it was filling her asshole.

"You made quite a mess young lady. And we aren't going to let you up until you clean it up."

Rebecca opened her mouth to agree to his demands, but found her tongue depressed by his thick length of meat. Sam wasn't waiting for a response, and as soon as her lips parted he stalked forward sliding his pole into her orifice. The breath she was taking to speak aided his decent and he effortlessly plunged his member in to her extended throat until her nose was nuzzled against his pubic hair.

She choked back her words and a healthy chunk of flesh as the head slipped past her uvula. Sam groaned in satisfaction as her tongue began instinctively stroking his shaft. She drew in delicate breaths through her nose while simultaneously sucking his rod as hard as she could. For a moment, Sam felt as if she would pull his whole dick out at the root and swallow him whole.

He soon regained his composure though and pulled his staff out of her vice-like lips. Rebecca gurgled happily as the inches slowly slipped from her grasp. She clamped her mouth around the hard flesh as it moved against her tongue. Finally, when just the tip was pressing against her lips in a kiss, he drove himself forward into her depths.

This time, she didn't give him the opened lips he had for his first surprise thrust. She forced him to spread her lips with his tool, keeping a tight seal the entire time. Her teeth lightly grazed his veined epidermis as it plunged forth. The tightness, the warmth, the wetness, and the barest whisper of pain all combined to elicit a moan that rattled the rafters.

After just two thrusts, Sam needed to regain his composure again. He kept his cock buried in Rebecca's neck while he wrestled with his focus. Her tongue slithering around his pole didn't help matters. Diane, on the other hand, decided to put her own part in this act into play. With her head distracted, Rebecca couldn't notice what the older woman had in store.

As soon as Sam recaptured his control, he began to hump his dong in and out of Rebecca's mouth. The young woman set to her task like a fish to water. Even without her hands to help, she slurped and sucked his rod with every stroke. And the constant sound of every wet penetration and her constant suction hummed in her ears. It was so loud it drowned out Sam's grunts and moans before they drifted down to her ears. She also failed to hear the clip-clop of hooves turning around behind her.

But the joy she found in blowing Sam did nothing to hinder her sense of touch. So when Carter pressed his lips to her ass, his slobbery lips and hot breath startled the tied woman. She froze and briefly gagged before regaining her breathing rhythm. Luckily, Sam needed a break too and buried his sword in to the hilt while he rested. The sudden quiet was deafening, but Rebecca felt Diane lean across the doorway next to her and whisper in her ear.

"I wanted to make sure you were nice and ready before using my toy on you again. And Carter was eager to make sure you got nice and wet. Don't worry, he won't bite . . . hard."

A sudden pang of fear shot through Rebecca and she struggled against her bonds. But the leather held her limbs powerfully, and the cock in her mouth prevented her head from moving either. Diane chuckled at her discomfort, but the chuckle became a sexual purr as Rebecca resigned herself to the equine attention.

The rubbery lips mouthed her ass leaving trails of thick saliva. Carter's hot breath rolled over her body. His hard teeth pressed against her flesh and she trembled in fear of his bite. Instead, his thick tongue snaked out between his flopping lips and stroked her lips.

Rebecca's trembles of fear quickly morphed into shivers of lust. The hard muscle pulsing in and out of her mouth became almost secondary to the novel sensation of Carter's tongue. Unlike Sam's quick and agile tongue, the horse was all about strength. Its organ spread her lips as easily as a hot knife through butter. It dug against her clit sending constant spasms through her body.

Sam received the secondary benefit of her gulping mouth around his pole, but Rebecca's body was burning like the sun. Every lick brought a fresh spark of pure bliss arcing across her skin. And when that long flexible tongue forced its way into her channel she came instantly.

Her mouth grasped Sam's cock and caressed it with the undulating waves of her cheeks. Unable to stand up to her assault, Sam exploded down her throat. Unconsciously, Rebecca gulped down every drop of his oozing fluid and kept on sucking. The tongue buried in her pussy drove her mad with lust and she rolled Sam over in her mouth pulling him deep into her throat and ensuring he remained hard for her.

After a few seconds to catch his breath, Sam started pumping in and out of her willing mouth. As she came down from her orgasm, she felt Carter retreat from her ass. After that bone quaking orgasm she felt ready for Diane and was hoping for that massive dildo once more.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on the pumping cock. Her ass shook with anticipation and she felt Diane pull her flesh up to provide an ideal target. Rebecca quivered and the seconds spread out like an eternity. Finally, she sensed a presence move in behind her.

Rebecca smiled around her lodged lollipop. She ached to be filled once more. Diane's hair tickled her back sending shivers straight to her crotch. The door rattled as a weight settled near her chest. She could feel the bulbous head of Diane's giant strap-on pressing against her lips urging her open.

But something was off. It took her a moment to work it out. Between the hairs tickling her back, the arms adding weight to her perch, and the huge knob seeking entrance to her cave; Diane must have been perched over her body ready to thrust her phallus home. But why could she still feel Diane's palm lifting her buttocks from beneath?

Rebecca's eyes bolted open and she turned enough to see two equine legs straddling her. Her nerves worked faster than her mind and she was suddenly terrified for her tight snatch. However, before she could manage an objection around the cock embedded in her mouth, the massive horse hunched forward driving his dick into her cunt.

Rebecca screamed into Sam's pubes. The horse wasn't much larger than the dildo just recently pried from her body, but compared to the rutting animal, Diane had the patience of a saint. And while Carter's tonguing provided extra lubrication, his cock was decidedly larger and more insistent. It barreled into her body splitting her like a lumberjack chopping wood.

One thrust and the mushroom shaped tip bumped against her cervix. The second thrust drove the head into her womb. The third slammed into her so hard the door rattled like it was possessed and Carter's swinging balls slapped Rebecca's clitoris.

As soon as he made full penetration, Carter wasted no time on letting her body adjust. He piled into her body again and again taking her like a full blooded mare. Every bone shaking plunge propelled her into Sam's body. The cock in her mouth kept her from screaming, but she had to fight to keep from biting down. Sam just had to fight to keep his footing against the raging horse's insistent thrusts.

Soon, Rebecca's pain became pleasure. After just a few jackhammer strength poundings her body began to adjust to the horse's mammoth dick. The screams of surprise and fear blurred into gurgles of bliss. The constant slap of testicles on her love button was driving her insane. And the fullness of being impaled on the two cocks made her drool.

Sam could feel his balls tighten as her mouth sucked out a second orgasm. He no longer had any control over the situation and simply rode out the sensations as the horse and woman bucked into him.

Rebecca used what little leverage she had to arch her ass back into the assaulting dick. She pushed back onto the horse spear as it repeatedly poked her womb. She was so focused on the animal behind her that Sam's ejaculate caught her by surprise. The first few shots made her gag. But she regained control and let it fill her mouth. The uncontrolled horse continued to penetrate her hole forcing Sam's cock to stir his cum in her mouth.

Exhausted, Sam slipped from her mouth trailing a thick line of his sperm. He collapsed onto the floor and Rebecca used the freedom to swallow his remaining offering. It was a good thing she had the time, because the white goo was no sooner in her stomach than her focus was pulled back to Carter. His thrusts were increasing in tempo.

Her moans vibrated out of her throat with every thumping her body received. Rebecca instinctively knew that Carter was getting close. Her own orgasm was bursting forth from every nerve. She could feel it building with every stroke. But all of the feminine moans filling the barn weren't solely hers.

Above her, Diane was riding bareback in more ways than one. Still naked, she had climbed up along the stall's woodwork and climbed onto the bucking horse. With her hands gripping the rafters, her clit ground against his withers. His every move made Diane's pussy flood his flanks. And the scent of her dripping sex spurred him to ravage Rebecca all the more.

Diane's growing orgasm burst through her. Her arms lost hold of the rafters, but she managed to wrap them around Carter's neck even though they were twitching uncontrollably. Her thighs clamped down on the horse's sides spurring him onward. His thrusts became manic as he slammed Rebecca into the door over and over.

Rebecca's own orgasmic wave broke over her body in response to Carter's driving pole. Her whole being shivered and pulsed around the rod that was busy churning her crevice. Rebecca fought to stay in the moment feeling every brutal pounding Carter was giving her. Diane came to her senses and struggled down off the humping stallion and carefully made her way to his dancing haunches.

Crawling underneath, she found the union of woman and beast and locked her lips around Rebecca's clitoris. Just one touch and Rebecca's orgasm expanded beyond her control. Her mind floated away on a sea of delight as her nerves took over. Diane drank the flood of fresh juices as they poured out of the young pussy. But the hanging testicles distracted her as they had a habit of continually smacking her cheek.

So she changed tactics and sucked one of the giant balls into her mouth. As soon as the orb sank into her wet cavity she could feel the flesh of his ball sack tighten. With a few last bone shaking humps, Carter buried himself in to the hilt. Diane pressed her palm to Rebecca's belly stroking the cock just underneath her fingertips. She could feel his seed pumping down its length.

A fresh scream from Rebecca announced the onset of Carter's burning sperm in her womb. She felt like a fire was stoked in her chest that quickly expanded to warm every inch of her flesh. It awoke her mind just long enough to make her cognizant of the flooding fire before her ecstasy burned away her consciousness once more.

Diane knew what was coming next so she released the juddering testicle and locked her lips around Rebecca's pussy once more. At first all her questing tongue found was more of Rebecca's nectar. She had no problem with that and drank it down with a passion. But she was waiting on something more.

Soon enough, the first globs of horse semen oozed out from around the concealed dick. The mixture of horse and woman thrilled Diane's taste buds. She licked all around the cylindrical plug seeking out every available drop. Under her tongue she could still feel the flowing semen pour through the horse cock.

After a few more moments and delicious drips of combined fluids, the cum stopped flowing. Carter, now done with his mare, pulled his softening prick out of Rebecca. Despite being prepared for it, the tide of sperm gushed from Rebecca's duct and covered Diane's face and breasts. Before more could be wasted, she sealed the opening with her mouth.

The remaining cum flowed over her simmering tongue and into her gullet. Diane moaned with delight at the abundant globs of cum and vaginal fluid that treated her taste buds. By the time she had emptied the teenager's snatch of all her goodies, Rebecca was beginning to show signs of waking.

Not wanting the spilled seed to go to waste, Diane circled the door and presented her breasts to the groggy woman.

"You aren't done cleaning yet, child," she purred to the bound youth. "You better not squander one drop of Carter's gift to you or you shouldn't even bother coming in on Monday."

Rebecca didn't even hear the threat. As soon as she was conscious enough to register the cum soaked breasts she attacked them with tongue and mouth. She lapped up the dripping goo before it could fall from Diane's mounds. Every movement of her tongue made the older woman's flesh jiggle and the attached cum ooze towards the ground.

Rebecca managed to keep on top of the trails of semen and even found time to suck Diane's nipples into aching points before cleaning her off. The attention only made Diane want more and she reached for the bindings at her knees. She loosened Rebecca's hands for the first time since the night before.

Astonished, Rebecca flexed her wrists to get a little of the numbness out of them. But, her own appetite had awoken and she used the new found freedom to pull Diane to her. She assaulted the older woman like a starved vampire. Her mouth latched on to Diane's neck and sucked the remaining globs of Carter's cock juice from her flesh.

Diane gasped at her ferocity, but twined her hands behind Rebecca's head holding her roughly. Rebecca pulled herself against her boss until her body slipped off the door. She collapsed onto Diane without her lips losing contact. But they did keep moving. As soon as the salty taste of cum disappeared from her tongue it sought out more to savor.

And now that her hands were free they roamed over Diane's trembling body. Her own nude form straddled Diane's and her hands reached up to cup the breasts still wet from her saliva. Diane moaned in Rebecca's ear as her nipples were tweaked. The moaning only increased as Rebecca's tongue darted into her earlobe to retrieve an errant cum drop.

When Rebecca reached the woman's saturated cheeks, she slid one hand down along the woman's flat stomach to fondle her dripping pussy. Every touch of her digits along Diane's body sent shivers through her. And when her aching clit received attention she went off like a rocket.

Rebecca took the opportunity to thrust her tongue into Diane's open mouth and taste herself on the older woman's tongue. After a brief tongue wrestle, she finished up cleaning off Diane's face.

With the taste of Carter still saturating her mouth, Rebecca needed something to quench her desire. Turning quickly, she shoved her tongue into Diane's cunt and dropped her own on the other woman's mouth.

The instant Diane's lips touched crack her tongue snaked out automatically. She licked and slurped up Rebecca's juices as they fell onto her face. Rebecca, for her part, wrapped her arms around Dian's thighs and smashed her face into the older snatch. She drilled deep into the spread hole trying desperately to quench her desire.

Eventually, Diane pulled her searching tongue out of Rebecca's pussy. Rebecca was about to turn when a hard rod was shoved in to replace it. Sam had regained his senses and upon seeing the two beautiful women locked in a sixty-nine's embrace his cock leaped to attention. Not wanting to blow his chance, he knelt over his wife's face and as soon as she retreated plunged his member back into Rebecca's hole.

With her object of affection blocked, Diane used her expert tongue to toy with Rebecca's clit instead. The younger woman was in heaven. The husband and wife team were quickly bringing her to another orgasm. She renewed her assault on Diane's exposed twat as she rode the cresting waves of bliss.

It finally broke over her body and she came alive. Her milking pussy pulled one last ejaculation from Sam as he plowed her from behind. And Diane was treated to a new mixture of cum and nectar as it burst from Rebecca's cunt. As soon as Sam's softening prick slipped from Rebecca, she rolled off Diane and off to the floor.

Diane being the only one left with any control over her legs stood up over the young sexpot. Her pussy still dripped bits of honey on Rebecca's neck as she towered over the blissful teenager.

"I suppose you still have a job," Diane said. "But Monday you better come to work without panties."

Rebecca picked a drop of glistening fluid off her neck with a finger and slid it into her mouth. As her digit popped free she mumbled, "I always do."

With a smile, Diane collected her husband and left the naked woman to doze off her exhaustion.

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