Catching my little angel in the act, and using it!
Nobody’s perfect. My Daughter-in-law Annie had long maintained that she was a perfect child growing up. She claims to have never snuck out of the house, or to have argued with her parents. I didn’t buy any of that for a minute. Little did I know, I would finally get some proof, and use it to my advantage.
My Son had married Annie 4 or 5 years ago, and was totally in love with her. They had two kids together, both boys, and lived a very normal life. I never paid too much attention to Annie, except for the fact she maintained her perfect story. “Nobody is perfect,” I’d tell her, which she would reply, “Except me.”
Annie is a good looking girl. She stood about 5”3”, had long black hair, and had a nice, shapely figure. Although she never “intentionally” flaunt her body, I had gotten an eyeful of her breasts on more than one occasion. She would be bent over to change the kids, or whatever, and made no bones about showing her boobs. Although she always wore a bra, I had seen all of her boobs, except the nipples, which stood out proudly from time to time. She would sometimes wear as skirt, and was not very good at not closing her thighs, and would give us a peek at her panties. None of this was done on purpose, but she always had a shy grin when she caught me checking her out.
At 52, I’m not am very attractive male, so it wasn’t a surprise to me when she never flirted, except for the boob displays. I had fantasized about her on several occasions, but never thought anything would ever happen. Until last week, that is.
Annie and my son lived down the road from my wife and me. A not very traveled road, and in the middle of some wooded lots. We liked being close to the grandkids, as they would often visit. Both kids were in school, and my wife at work, and I decided to pop in on Annie, to see what their weekend plans were. I walked down the driveway, and around the back of the house. Her Dad’s car was there, but that was nothing new. What I heard next almost floored me.
“Oh yeah Dad, you know how to do that to me, don’t stop!” It was Annie! The windows were open, and they probably didn’t expect company, so my hearing her was easy. I stopped dead in my tracks. Rather than continue to the back door, I thought I’d try to get a peek at what her Daddy was doing. I quietly approached the bedroom window, and took a peak in. There was my daughter-in-law, skirt pulled up to her waist, and her pussy being eaten by her Dad, who was on his knees at the edge of the bed. I couldn’t see her pussy, as she was turned away, but he was going full steam on her bush. She was grinding her hips into her face, and holding his head against her hot box.
I had a good view of the bed, and was stunned at the sight before me. She and her Dad Stan were always close, but I would have never guessed this close. Annie had a skimpy summer dress on, and I was disappointed that her top half was still covered. That was about to change. As Stan licked her pussy, Annie lowered the straps to her dress, exposing two perfect globes to my view. Her nipples were standing straight out, almost a half an inch long. She began playing with her tits, and I thought my shorts were going to rip from the strain of my now fully erect cock pushing against them. I don’t remember when my dick was that hard.

My mind was whirling from the sight before me, and I quickly let my dick out of its restraint. No neighbors could see the yard, so I was safe. As I released my cock, the back of my hand hit my cell phone, which gave me my next idea. With my cock standing fully erect, I aimed the cell at the scene before me, and began recording. I had no idea why, but I thought this would be a sight I’d like to revisit in the future. As my attention returned to Annie and her dad, he had now stopped eating her, and had his cock between her perfect tits. His dick was small, compared to mine, only 5” or so, but Annie seemed to be enjoying him titty fucking her.
She wrapped her tits around his boner, and he was rocking back and forth like a wild man. It looked like he wouldn’t last much longer, and Annie sensed that, so she went to work. Annie rolled her dad onto his back, quickly removed what was left of her dress, and mounted her dad. I now had a perfect view of her dripping pussy, which, to my surprise, was cleanly shaved. She quickly stuffed her dad’s hot pecker into her soaked pussy, and began riding him for all he was worth. As she did, her perfect 36C tits bounced up and down like they were the tits of a 16 year old. I was in heaven.

As she rode her dad, she began talking dirty to him. My so called Angel had the mouth of a hooker. “That’s right Daddy, fuck me with your hard dick. Give me that rock hard cock of your, and squirt your cum deep inside me! You know how much I like that. Fuck your baby girl good, make me scream! As her Dad emptied his juice into her, Annie went wild, making sure she milked his cock for every last drop. This was my cue to exit the situation. I didn’t want to get busted, and quickly pulled my shorts up, and back tracked up the driveway. As I walked back to my house, I quickly scanned the video I had just made, and aside from being a little shaking, I had caught the whole encounter perfectly.
I rushed up to my computer, and uploaded the video. As opened it on my screen, not only was I happy with my handy work, I stroked my cock as I watched. Her body was a work of art. Perfect tits, nice wide hips, a smoothly rounded pussy, and from what I could see, a nice handful of an ass. “Good little girl, my ass,” I snickered; you certainly are daddy’s little girls all right!”
Then the thought hit me. Through all of my excitement of seeing her hot body, I hadn’t thought about what I now owned. A perfect blackmail video. Certainly, Stan’s prudish wife, and my Son would not approve of seeing what Daddy and daughter were sharing. Hmm, I thought, what to do, what to do? “She likes older cock,” I thought, “Maybe she would like a bigger one!”
continued in part 2.

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