Getting proof that this little angel wasn't such a good girl was easier than I thought
My Daughter-In- Law Annie had now been in our family for 8 years. Her and my son Dan were married right after high school, and have two boys, ages 7 and 5. Other than her constantly trying to convince me that she was so perfect as a child, and as an adult, I never paid much attention to what she did. She claims that she never snuck out of the house, cheated on a boyfriend, or did anything we would consider bad. Although I would disagree with her on that subject all of the time, we got along okay.
Annie is a good looking girl. She stands about 5”3”, has long black hair, and had a nice, shapely figure. Her pouty lips would want to make any guy stick his cock between them, and her boobs were above average size, I always guessed 36C. Although she never “intentionally” tried to show her body, I had gotten an eyeful of her breasts on more than one occasion. She would be bent over to change the kids, or whatever, and made no bones about showing her boobs. Although she always wore a bra, I had seen all of her boobs, except the nipples, which stood out proudly from time to time She would sometimes wear as skirt, and was not very good at closing her thighs, which would give me a peek at her panties. Her thighs were on the thicker side, but her ass was absolutely nice and round. I often made a point of walking behind her, to watch her cheeks wiggle. Again, Annie never let it all hang out. More times than not, she covered up. When she would wear a dress, I would always compliment her on being “pretty.” Once in a while she would catch me staring at her body parts, but never did more than shoot me a shy grin.
I am 46, and have been married to my wife forever. Needless to say, our sex life wasn’t much to talk about, and I spend a lot of time checking out naked females on the web. I also like to read sex stories. Needless to say, I never thought I’d write one. You see, Annie and I were about to get to know each other on a lot more intimate level.
Annie and my son lived down the road from my wife and me. It was a quiet road, with no traffic, and in the middle of some wooded lots. We liked being close to the grandkids, as they would often visit. Both kids were in school, and my wife at work, and I decided to pop in on Annie, to see what their weekend plans were. I walked down the driveway, and around the back of the house. It was a nice warm summer day, and I secretly hoped I might catch her in a summer dress, or something less. Her Dad’s car was in the driveway, which dashed my hopes of checking her out. Annie And her Dad were very close, and he was constantly over for a visit. What I heard next made me realize why.
“Oh yeah Dad, you know how to do that to me, don’t stop!” It was Annie! The windows were open, so it was easy for me to hear her clearly. I didn’t usually pop in, so they were probably not expecting any company. I scooted quietly toward the window, and stooped down below it so I wouldn’t be seen. Even though it certainly sounded like something fun was going on, I still didn’t believe my ears. “Yeah Daddy, you know how to eat my pussy,” Annie squealed, “Show your baby how much you love her juicy cunt!”
I was dumbfounded. Annie never so much as swore around us. And here she was moaning to her Dad how much she likes her cunt licked? I wasn’t quite sure what to do. My cock was already straining my shorts, and I was shaking. “Mmmmm Daddy, bury your hot tongue in my pussy!” my Daughter-In-Law urged her Dad. “”Lick all my juice, and I’ll give you a nice treat!” She was going to give him a treat? What would be a better treat than licking the juices out of little miss innocent, I thought. But now I had to look. I wasn’t sure if I should take the chance, but I peeked up over the window sill, and got one of the hottest sights I had ever seen. There was Annie, lying with her back toward me, legs spread, skirt around her waist, as her Dad Stan kneeled at the edge of her bed. I could see his gray hair bobbing in between her spread legs, and I think I actually heard sucking sounds. She was rubbing his head, and bucking her spread legs up and down on the bed. Although I couldn’t see her pussy, because her Dad was all over it, I did get a peak of her nice round ass cheeks, as they bounced away.
I was disappointed that her tits were still covered by the top of her dress, but I was still enjoying the view. My cock was about to rip my shorts, so I quickly pulled them down, along with my underwear, releasing my throbbing cock from its prison. While pulling my shorts down, I hit my cell phone in my pocket, and then got my next good idea. Although this scene would never stop replaying in my mind, I got the idea to put it on video. I was worried about any reflection, and wondered how bold I could be. The last thing I wanted right now was for the show to come to a halt. But Annie made my thoughts go away. “Daddy, I’m almost ready to cum, so get up here for your treat!” As my eyes and the cell barely peeked, I saw Stan get up, and climb on the bed. Stan was years older than me, and not in very good shape. He was so fixed on her body; he never so much as glanced up.
Annie grabbed the top of his pants, and unbuttoned them. ‘You won’t need these Daddy,” Annie purred, as she quickly pulled his pants and shorts down. As she turned to help him, I got my first look at her pussy. It was completely shaven, and looking hot as hell. Her pussy lips were puckered, and smooth as a baby’s ass. When she rolled sideways, I saw the back of her ass, which begged to be grabbed and played with. It was perfect. My eyes shot up to Stan, as he seemed to be enjoying himself. As Annie got his cock out, I was again shocked. His dick was small. Maybe 5 inched fully erect. “The little slut likes small dicks?” I wondered. I expected Annie to wrap her pouty lips around his cock, but there was something else going on. Annie quickly pulled her dress down, revealing the tits I had almost seen in full. I was not disappointed. Like her ass and pussy, her tits were perfect! Nice firm round mounds, with a half inch nipples standing straight out, fully erect.

I wanted to do two things at that time. I wanted to stroke my cock, to ease the pressure, and I wanted to climb in the window to take over with that hot bitch. I did neither. Instead, I steadied my cell phone, and watched as Stan climbed on top of Annie’s chest, sticking his little dick in between those gorgeous mounds of flesh. Annie immediately grabbed her tits, and began massaging them around Stan’s cock. “You like your little girl’s titties, don’t you Daddy?” Stan could only groan an answer. “Yes, I love your tits, keep rubbing.” Annie picked up the pace, as Stan rocked back and forth between her boobs. I wasn’t sure who would lose their load first, me or Stan.
“Okay Daddy, you know what comes next,” Annie moaned, “Fuck your baby Daddy, and fuck her hard!” Stan quickly rolled off his daughter, and I ducked, afraid of getting caught. At this point though, what if I did? What would they do, invite me in to finish the job? I wanted more video though. I quickly hoped my phone was fully charged. When my view returned to the bedroom, I forgot all of that. Annie was now on all fours, her boobs hanging down, swaying perfectly, as Stan grabbed her ass, waving at him, and buried himself in his daughter’s hot cunt. Annie went wild. Her hips began pushing back, almost knocking Stan backward. “Give me that cock, you asshole,” Annie yelled, “Give it to me like you did when I was little. I want that cock to cum deep inside me. I want your cum Daddy, give me it!” I briefly thought “Like when I was little?” but continued to enjoy the show. Annie was wild. Her boobs were now bouncing all around, and her ass slapping Stan. Stan had all he could take. He erupted into his daughter’s hot box. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. My cock was dripping precum like never before. Annie now got pissed. “That’s all you got for me? What the fuck Daddy? You used to last a lot longer. Now finish me you ass!” Finish her?
She rolled on her back, and spread her legs wide in front of Stan. He quickly buried his fingers in her throbbing cunt, and began to lick again. I couldn’t take this any longer. As much as I wanted to watch her abuse Stan’s face with her cunt, I needed some relief. As I pulled my shorts up, and backed away, I heard Annie again. “That’s right you fucking pervert, make me cum. You better make me cum!” As I exited the driveway, I laughed at her calling him the pervert. She was the animal in that scene.
I almost ran home, hoping all to hell that my phone had caught at least some of that incredible scene. As I got home, it was straight to the bathroom, where it took about ten seconds for me to relieve my cock. As the ropes of cum shot out, I never remembered Cuming so much in my life.
After cleaning up my explosion, I quickly went to my room, and stared at my phone. When I hit video, my cock sprang right back up. On the screed was Annie and her Dad, and I had caught every minute of all of the action. I uploaded every frame on my computer, and clicked on the video. Not only did I stroke my meat 3 more times watching it, my mind came up with a plan, a very good plan.
I had a nice video of little miss innocent Annie. The prim and proper Annie She was always so lady like around us all. Little did anyone know she and her dear old Daddy had been fucking for years. My first thought was that I guess my Son didn’t keep her satisfied, but after watching her show, I don’t think anyone could do that. This girl was a horny bitch, who needed her Dad’s 5 inch pecker to help ease her itch. I would never have hurt my Son by spilling the beans on Annie’s little secret, but I certainly wasn’t going to be shy about letting her know. And, while I was at it, I wonder what Stan’s wife would think of all this. Stan’s wife Mary was always a bitch. She wasn’t a bad looker, but she didn’t have any use for anybody, never mind me. I quickly formulated my plan, and put it into action.
The following week, at the very same time that I witnessed their union, I called Annie. “Hi Dad, what’s up? Annie answered. She always called me Dad, which fit my new plan just fine. ‘What’s up Annie, what are you doing today?” “Not much, my Dad is visiting, and later I’m cooking supper for the kids. “ Her Dad was visiting, I quickly thought. Which part of your body is he visiting right now? I snapped back to attention, and told Annie I was going to stop by real quick. “’Well, me and my Dad are visiting right now, can you come over later?” As much as I wanted to spy on them again, I had a better idea. “Well, I don’t want to interrupt anything, but I do have something I wanted to show you guys. I’m glad Stan is there, I’d like to show him too.” Annie was confused. “Can’t it wait until later Dad?” she asked, sounding a little disgruntled. “It will only take a minute Annie, I’ll be right over.” I didn’t wait for her answer, and hung up the phone. I grabbed my favorite CD and headed to Annie’s.
Stan met me at the back door. ‘What’s up with you Dave?” Stan bristled at me. “Annie says you just hung up on her. What is that?” “Don’t worry about it,” I replied, as I pushed past him. There sat Annie, in the same dress as she wore last week. I had seen her wear it before, only now she had no bra on, and her luscious tits stood out proudly. I almost shot my load right there. “Dad, what’s going on, why did you just hang up on me? That was rude!” The last thing I wanted right now was a lecture from this hot bitch. “I’ll explain in a minute. First, put this in the DVR player, I have to show you this cool video I want you and Stan to check out. “Can’t this wait?” Annie shot back at me. “Nope, you need to see this, now put it in and hit play.”
Annie shrugged, and put my CD in. “Sit down you two, you’re going to like this!” I instructed. As they reluctantly sat down, the first image of Stan eating his daughter’s cunt flashed on the screen. “What the fuck!” Stan yelled; where the fuck did you get this?” Stan stood up and moved toward the TV. “Sit down Stan, the show’s just starting!” I told the pissed off daughter fucker. Stan spun toward me. “Don’t be shy Daddy, you need to sit and watch. I especially like the part when you titty fuck your little girl. If not, I hit this button right here,” holding up my cell, “And the whole world watches.” Stan stopped in his tracks, and realized I was in charge here. He sat, and hung his head.
For her part, Annie sat mortified at was now playing. Stan was now giving her tits a good fuck. “Please turn it off Dad, please!” Annie pleaded. I grabbed the remote and hit stop. “What do you want, you son of a bitch?” Stan growled at me. “Do you want some money? I’ve got plenty. How much do you want asshole?” I wasn’t happy with Stan’s attitude. “First of all Stan, shut the fuck up! I am calling the shots right now. I don’t want your money shit head; I have something else in mind. And, unless you want everyone on the internet watching you fuck you daughter, you should listen to me.
Annie still sat quietly. She was shifting in her chair. I quickly wondered if the scene she just saw made her horny. “So Annie, did you enjoy the video?” “Dad, you don’t understand. How did you get that? What are you going to do with it? You’re not going to show your Son are you? That would kill him. And my Mom would freak!” “Relax Annie,” I told her, nobody needs to ever see this. “That’s all you and Daddy need to do is to listen to what I say, and this will all go away.” This seemed to calm Annie, but Stan shot up. ‘What the fuck do you want?” As he came toward me, I again held up the phone. He stopped in his tracks. “Well Stan, I’m all done talking to you right now, so it’s time for you to leave. Unless you want to be the next internet porn star.” Stan looked at me bewildered for the first time. “What are you going to do?” “Well Stan, I’m going to watch you leave, and then Annie and I will figure that out. And Stan, in case you think you are smarter than me, which I know you do, don’t try to stop any of this. If anything happens to stop me, the video is set for release in 4 hours. Only I can stop it, so go home.”
Stan shot a glance at his daughter, and then looked at me. I could see the anger in his eyes. ‘This isn’t over Dan,” Stan told me, “And you better not do anything to hurt her.” Don’t you worry Stan; I’ll take real good care of your little girl. Now leave!” I waited to hear his car leave, and returned my attention to Annie. “So, miss perfect, I guess being fucked by your Dad gets rid of the perfect thing, huh??” Annie glanced down and again repeated “Dad, you don’t understand.”” Well Annie, why don’t you explain this to me. But first, just to show you what I have in store for you, spread your legs.” “What? Did you just tell me to spread my fucking legs,” Annie yelled. “Nope, I said spread your legs, not your fucking legs. And Annie, please don’t yell at me again. I’m not going to hurt you, but I still can push this button at any time.”
Annie looked at me, and sat back in her chair. She slowly spread her legs, and I got a perfect view of her light pink panties. “Is this what you want Dave? I guess you’re not any better than my dear old Dad.” Although it was good enough for now, I cautioned Annie. “Listen Annie, this can go two ways. I get up and leave right now, and show everyone this video, or, you do what you’re told, without any insults, or hesitation. Besides, I think you’ll find I’m a lot better than good old Daddy. How long have you been fucking him anyway?” Annie, sitting spread eagled in her chair, looked down as she answered. “It started when I was eleven. He used to come into the room after Mom went to sleep. It hasn’t stopped since. I can’t help it Dad, he makes me feel good. He loves me, and I love him. I’ve never cheated on Dan; I just love the feeling of my Dad. And now, you could wreck all of this. Are you going to fuck me Dave?”
Annie slumped a little more in her chair, her legs still wide open. This was going well. “Well Annie that was quite the speech. You’ve been fucking Stan for over a decade, and now you’re worried that I’m going to wreck it. I’m not sure if fucking you’re Dad a few times a week counts as cheating, but I’m pretty sure Dan and Mary wouldn’t be happy about it. And now you want to know if I’m going to fuck you? Let’s see, I already have you sitting there with your legs spread, so what do you think?” Before she answered, I continued. Let’s just say that I see a good chance to fuck a beautiful girl, but I wouldn’t want to wreck anything. So, here’s the deal. Before we keep going, either take those pretty panties off, or I leave, and we’ll see what happens.”
Annie had the look at defeat on her face. “Well Dad, I guess we have no choice here. That video would kill Mom and Dan. So, I’ll behave, but I’m not going to like this you piece of shit!” Annie reached under the hem of her dress, and began sliding her panties off. As she bent to remove them, I got an eyeful of her boobs again. This girl was truly hot, and I was about to get a much better look.
As she sat back up, I now had a perfect view of her hot cunt. She made no attempt to close her wide spread legs. As I stared at her pussy lips, I answered. “No need for name calling Annie. I’m not a piece of shit. I’m a guy, you’re a hot bitch, and I only want what your Daddy has been getting for years.” Now be a good little girl, and come over here. Annie looked puzzled, but stood up. As she did, her pussy was once again covered by her dress. “Put your arms on the back of my chair, and bend over, so I can look down your top,” I instructed. Annie sighed, but followed my instructions As she bent over, I got the all too familiar look at her tits, only this time I got a full view, nipples and all. Her nipples were rock hard, and I almost buried my face in them right then and there. I also got the whiff of a girl in heat. I could smell her female juices. This bitch was liking this.
As her breast hung in front of my eyes, I told Annie “Now that is a nice rack. I don’t blame Daddy for wanting a titty fuck. And I can see those hard nipples Annie; I think you are enjoying this.” Now keep being a good girl. Turn around, and take off your dress. I want to see that hot ass of yours.” As she stood up, Annie growled. “Don’t kid yourself Dave, I hate this. You’re treating me like a piece of meat, and I hate it. You’re the big man though, so let’s get this over with. You make my skin crawl.” Annie stood up, turned around, and dropped her dress to the floor. Her ass was even more perfect close up. “Oh Annie, tell yourself what you want. I bet if I touched your pretty slit right now, you would be soak and wet. But for now, why don’t you give that hot ass of yours a wiggle. After all, you’ve wiggled it for me before” Annie looked back at me with a scowl. ‘What? Do you think I was coming on to you? No fucking way Dave, I never even gave you a thought, you bastard.” ‘You know Annie, for such a hot bitch; you are getting on my nerves. Just for the record, you are standing in front of me naked, and I could care less what you think of me. Now, less talk, and make that ass wiggle." Annie sighed again, and reluctantly wiggled her ass cheeks. She hated every second of this, or so I thought. I could not get over how smooth her hot body was. After having two kids, nothing was sagging, or out of place. She was perfect. Now it was show time. My cock was harder than I could ever remember. “Now Annie, turn around and look at me. I want to see the rest of your body.
Annie hung her head, and slowly turned around. My eyes were torn between her tits and pussy. Her boobs were very full, and her nipples still standing erect. Her pussy was absolutely incredible. Her pussy lips flared out a little, and her perfect slit was just begging to be eaten. Annie just stood there in front of me, almost looking embarrassed by her body. I stood up, and moved in front of her. She flinched as I palmed her boobs, simply weighing them with my hands. I flicked her nipples with my thumbs, and Annie trembled. “I don’t blame Daddy for loving these Annie. Your boobs are perfect. But let’s see what is going on down here.”
I slowly let my hand travel down over her flat stomach, and slid my middle finger into her perfect slit. Much to my surprise, she was soaked. I quickly flicked her hard clit. ‘Looks like Daddy’s little girl is a little liar,” I laughed. It looks like somebody is all hot and bothered.” But we’ll see. Right now, I need you to take a look at my offering. Get on your knees, and take my cock out Annie.”
For the first time, Annie looked me in the eyes. “Don’t kid yourself moron, I hate this. You’re nothing but an asshole. Why don’t you just fuck me, and get this shit over with.” Every time Annie swore, my dick seemed to get even harder. But now she was annoying me. “Oh Annie, I’m going to fuck you all right. Why not, Daddy has been for years. Now on your knees, and take a look at what I’m going to be sticking in your hot cunt real soon,” Annie didn’t reply, and sank to her knees. She unbuttoned my jean shorts, and began pulling then down. “Don’t forget the undies Annie,” I instructed. She sighed again, and began pulling my undies down too. As my cock released, it almost hit her in the face. It sprang up, and she quickly glanced at it, before finishing the removal of my shorts. As I stepped out of them, Annie’s eyes went back to my eight inch member.
“See what you did to me Annie?” I laughed. Now wrap that pretty hand of yours around it, and feel what will be pounding you very soon. Annie didn’t move. Her eyes were still staring at my rock hard cock. “Come on little girls, give it a squeeze.” Slowly, Annie reached her right hand up, and wrapped her smooth cold fingers around my shaft. I almost shot my load in her face. Seeing this girl, on her knees, boobs exposed, holding my cock was incredible.
“I know it’s not Daddy’s cock Annie, but what do you think? Don’t be shy; give it a nice big kiss. “Stop talking about my Dad asshole,” Annie muttered, and I’m not kissing that. I hate the taste of it.” Well, well, well, I thought. That’s why Daddy didn’t get some head. “I don’t give three shits what you don’t like Annie. I’m calling the shots now. So now, because you can’t seem to listen, put those pretty lips of yours around the head. And Annie, if you can’t listen, I’ll be fucking your face. “
Annie looked at my cock, and slowly wrapped her pouty lips around the head of my shaft. As quickly as she did, she pulled her lips off, and spit. “That’s disgusting,” she said. “Oh, I see Annie. Daddy can lick your pussy, where you piss out of, and that’s not disgusting, but a cock is. That doesn’t seem fair now, does it?” Annie got angry. “I said stop talking about my Dad. What is your problem? Let’s get this shit over with.” So, here was Annie, stark naked, on her knees, with my cock in her hand. And talking like a trucker. I was quite proud about not blowing my load yet.
“Oh, I’m so sorry sweetie,” I mocked. “I didn’t mean to offend you. I want talk about Daddy any more. I’ll just give you something he can’t. Now get your pretty little ass up, get over there on the couch, and spread your legs. It’s show time bitch.” “I fucking doubt it,” Annie mumbled, as I watched her ass sway over to the couch. She plopped herself down, and spread her legs, exposing her hot gash to my view. She closed her eyes, and said, “Okay Dave, come fuck me and get the fuck out!”
As sexy as the sight before me was, and how much I just wanted to plow her hot box, I wasn’t done yet. “I walked over to the couch, got on my knees, and grabbed her right tit. Without a word, I stuck her nipple in my mouth, and began flicking it with my tongue. Annie shifted her pose. She spread her legs even wider, putting one leg on the top of the couch. I was finally getting a response. I quickly reached over, and gave her left tit a squeeze and a lick, and began working my way down her stomach. My left hand kept squeezing her tits, and my right hand found its way to her slit. Even before I dipped my finger in, Annie moved her hips up, trying to hurry my touch. I made her Wit. Instead, I let my mouth reach her slit, and softly kissed each thigh on either side. This only made her hips gyrate more. I was amused.
I reached under her ass cheek, gave it a hard squeeze, and drove my tongue into her gash. Annie almost exploded. Her clit was hard, and sticking out like a small cock. I quickly sucked it in with my lips, and Annie let out her first moan. I had her, and now it was time for some fun. Her pussy was gushing fluid, and her thighs were already soaked. This bitch was in heat. I took my face out of her gash, and stood up.
“Now Annie, that’s not so bad is it?” Before she answered, I continued. “Your cunt is on fire, and that’s okay. You taste great, by the way. Do you want me to keep going, or should I leave?” Annie looked at me with pleading eyes. “Come on big boy, finish what you started!” As she spoke, her hand moved down between her legs, and she fingered her cunt. “Oh, I will, don’t you worry,” I assured her, “Would you like me to eat you some more? Or should we just fuck?” Annie was growing more frustrated. “Eat me asshole.” “I’m sorry Annie, what did you say? Where are your manners? I think it’s please eat me asshole.” “Come on,” Annie almost shouted, now moving her hand faster between her legs. “Please eat me!” I laughed, and again knelt in front of the couch. I removed her hand, and again gave her clit a long lick. Annie shuttered. I was quite happy I had this hot cunt turned on. But I wasn’t done. I moved back up her stomach, licked both nipples, and moved my lips to hers. “Kiss me Annie. I want to you to see what you taste like.” She was beyond arguing, and our lips locked. I stuck my tongue in her parted lips, and she met it with hers. I again stood up. “Good girl. How did that taste? Do you like how your cunt tastes?” “Yes Daddy, don’t stop, please lick me some more.” Annie called me Daddy. I so had her.
“I’ll let you cum on my face, little girl, as long as you suck my dick. Show Daddy with your mouth how much your pussy wants it.” Annie was out of control. She didn’t even fight it when I positioned myself between her legs, with my cock in her face. She grabbed my cock, and plunged it deep inside her mouth. As I began licking her box, she began sucking my cock for all it was worth. For somebody that hated the taste, she seemed to be a pro. My cock was almost hitting the back of her throat. I grabbed her by both ass cheeks, and buried my tongue even deeper in her cunt. I took a hand from her ass, and plunged two fingers in her hole. She was now gone, and so was I.
We both exploded. Her juices filled my mouth, and I shot a full load down her throat. As she ground her hips into my face, she began coughing. After a few seconds, she pulled my cock out. “You asshole,” she screamed, as she continued grinding her hips. I laughed into her cunt, and removed my mouth. When I looked up at her, she had cum dripping out of her lips, running down her chin. She was franticly wiping her hands on her mouth. Before I could say anything, she then surprised me again. She licked some of my cum off the corner of her mouth.
“Looks to me that you like the taste, little girl. That’s good though, maybe Dan can have your mouth some more. Fuck Stan, I don’t blame you for not sucking that little cock.” Annie didn’t say a word. Her body relaxed, and she gave me a shy look. “Are you done now Dad?” she softly asked. “Well Annie, I don’t think so just yet. And judging from how much your cunt liked my mouth, I don’t think you are either. “Annie gave me a coy smile, and stood up off the couch.
To be continued….

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